ETF/CID Case SS : Restored Innocence. *Ch 2 - pg 4*

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Hola People, okay I know I have 4, okay 5... emm 6 running stories and I started off with this one, but hey this would be short and purely a case short story,
Though I can go offtrack with romance and humour!

Jokes apart, this case deals with one of the core corrupted systems and how the two best teams in Mumbai put their sweat and blood to destroy the biggest rackets in India. 

I would personally want to thank Heli for she has really helped me in the formation of the case... 

Heli... *muah* Hug

Okay, I guess that is enough of my bakbak as of now!

*Incidents, names and plot is entirely fictional, I have limited knowledge about the racket background, hence if you have any suggestions while the story develops, please do tell me so, I would be glad to incorporate that in my story. 

And yes, this story is dedicated to birthday girl EashaYousufzai. Big smile Big smile Big smile

Do wish her here : Birthday Thread


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Chapter 1 (below)

Note : Pm rule, comment & like, it becomes easier for me to send the stories to those who are interested Smile 

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ETF Office - Mumbai

"Bye Guys!" Sakshi smiled and hugged her team. "Really Sakshi you can come with us, yeh Liza beech main aa jayegi, main tujhe scooty se drop kardunga!" Shree smiled. "Oh No way, please tum sab chale jao... main Arjun ke saath chali javungi!" Sakshi gave a cheeky grin to her fellow mates who shook their heads at her Arjun' craze.

Truth be told, she was too thrilled on the fact that Shree and Liza were going home together, so were Ayesha and Sameer, ab kabaab main haddi kyun bane Sakshi madam? Thus entrusted of being the mini Cupid she bid them off with teasing smiles, while Sameer and Ayesha scratched their heads - posing to be indifferent to her smiles, Liza and Shree were oblivious to those.

Chotu was out at Pune and would return tomorrow, so unfortunately the only person that Sakshi could now turn to, was Arjun. "Bappa... thou saveth me..." she whispered and knocked on the glass door, to find Arjun Rawte smiling...

Wait.. smiling! Breaking news!

"Arjun tum smile kar rahe ho!" His mental peace was broken by the lady bestowed with loud speakers instead of vocal cords. He grunted and replaced the smile on his face with a smug look. "So?" he snapped at her. Sakshi shrugged her shoulders and stood near him, her fingers tapping on the wooden desk. "Sakshi agar kuch usual nonsensical general knowledge baatna hai - then the door is right behind you." he muttered.

"Akdu khadoos... piye sirf karele ka juice!" She blew her hair upwards. "Listen, mujhe ghar jaana hai..." she said. "Toh jao? Maine kab kaha mere cabin main haziri do?" he stared at her. "Woh chorne ke liye koi nahi hai..." she said. "Woh Ayesha Sameer ke saath aur Shree Liza ke saath, aur mujhe kisi ke bhi kabaab ka haddi nahi banna manzoor!" She chirped and he shook his head.

"Chalo, waise aaj drive thora lamba rahega, I have a job to do..." Arjun muttered. "No issues!!" Sakshi smiled and walked beside him. Something was special in this man, from his no nonsense behaviour to the little touches of humanity. Well it was a laughable fact that he never spared a second glance at her side. But then, he had a very valid reason to do so.

As she settled in his car, her gaze went towards the little lines of his forehead, his face appeared more calmer. Maybe it was the fact that his arch enemy had been dead for the past three years, in fact he suffered a fate much terrible than that of Roshni's...

Sakshi sighed, he hadn't moved an inch from where he was though. But it seemed to have brought his temper down. Does avenging your loved ones bring in such peace? A knot formed in the heart of Sakshi's. She checked the date - 10th December 2014, 11.53 pm. A deep sigh reverberated from her chest. It had been five years, one month, twenty one days and one hour thirteen minutes since Sakshi had done the biggest mistake of life. And till now it hadn't been rectified.

Arjun's attention turned towards the lady on his left when he noticed an unusual longing in her face and a pain so severe that it frightened him for a second. His gut instincts told him that the lady who had fallen for him was carrying her own baggage of troubles, masked pretty well with her infectious smiles. She affected him, he knew that. 

The exact reason why he chose to be away from her, before the dormant feelings in their hearts culminated into something that neither would be able to stay away from.

"All okay Sakshi?" he couldn't help but voice out his concern. He saw her freeze for a minute, then she pouted "Kab se drive kar rahe ho aur ek baat bhi nahi! Kitne bore ho tum Arjun!" she chuckled. Arjun shook his head at her antics when his SUV stopped before a particular slum. "Ruko." Arjun said and hopped out of his car, and this dame would listen to him, that is impossible, very soon he found her trotting behind him.

This girl would bring the end of him someday!

"Jhumpi" Arjun called out, Sakshi was staring at man before her "Yeh Jhumpi kaun hai bhai?" her mind started to think of various possibilities when she heard a squeaky voice "Arjun Baba?" Sakshi was highly amused.. "Baba?" when a frail eight year old girl ran out of her house, wearing a pink colored floral dress, her hair seemed messy, clutching a worn out teddy in her tanned arms.

Sakshi was thrown into an abyss of memories.

A twenty one year old Sakshi grinned through the corridor of her apartment... "Kishmish..." she peered here and there... she heard the chuckle of her sixteen year old sister at some corner and before Sakshi knew her little sister came running into her arms and hugged her tight... "Didu..."

Tears formed in her eyes which she hastily wiped off... "Baba!" the little girl shrieked and ran into Arjun's arms, hugging him tightly. Arjun fondled with the little strands of hair and hugged the girl as if his life was to depend on it. "Baba... tu kaisa hai?" she smiled at him. Arjun settled her on his lap and spoke about various things. 

Sakshi just smiled at them. "Baba, yeh ladki kaun hai?" Jhumpi asked. "Hi, main Sakshi hoon!" Sakshi extended her palm as Jhumpi alternated looks between Arjun and the extended palm. "Meri dost hai... toh teri bhi dost..." he smiled and enclasped the tiny palm in Sakshi's.

"Arjun... yeh tumhe Baba kyun bulaati hai?" Sakshi pulled the girl's cheeks slightly. "Pata nahi, case ke dauran isse mulaakat ho gayi, bohot dari hui thi... And after that woh mujhe Baba bulaati hai, acha lagta hai. Toh bas, tabse yeh meri gudiya aur main iska baba." Arjun ruffled Jhumpi's hair who was busy examining the bangles in Sakshi's wrist. She picked up the little child and swung her in air. 

Very soon she and Sakshi developed a little friendship. Sakshi started to comb Jhumpi's hair when she noticed Arjun looking at the duo. "Kya hua?" Sakshi asked, annoyed. "Nahi, aakhir main tumhari umar ke koi mil gaya tumhe.." he chuckled. "Acha Sakshi, tum meri gudiya ke saath khelo, tab tak main kuch laata hoon..." he smiled and left...

Sakshi nodded and played with the child when flashes of her past haunted her. Had she not left her, had she... a fear gripped around Sakshi and she hugged Jhumpi tighter. 

"Kyun ro rahe ho?" Jhumpi asked and pulled Sakshi's face to a smile. "Kuch nahi! Pata nahi yeh Arjun kaha reh gaya?" she muttered... "Tum baba ki best friend ho kya?" she asked. "Pata nahi." Sakshi muttered. "Acha..." Jhumpi said and started fiddling with Sakshi's scarf. "Yeh tujhe pasand aaya?" Sakshi smiled, Jhumpi returned a sheepish one. Sakshi removed her scarf and placed it on a happy Jhumpi when Arjun returned with a box.

"Kya hai Baba?" she asked. "Aaj tera birthday hai, toh tere liye kuch laaya hai. Yeh kuch kapde aur kitaab. Aur sun, kuch biscuits ka packet bhi aur medicines bhi. Aur haan, ek cake tere liye aur ek teddy bear!" Arjun smiled while an excited Jhumpi jumped and kissed his cheeks, when he noticed that she is wearing Sakshi's dupatta like a saree.

"Yeh kya? Saree?" Arjun raised his eyebrows while Jhumpi's mouth turned o' and she hid her face in her palms. Sakshi took the little girl next to her and taunted Arjun "Kya Arjun! Apni bachi ko shy bana diya... chi chi!" Sakshi sneered. They spent a few more minutes with Jhumpi and ushered her to go back to her house.

A content Arjun sat in the SUV along with a happier Sakshi. "Kitna bak bak karti hai na Jhumpi! Par kitna pyaari bhi hai! Woh school jaati hai kya? What about food?" Sakshi started off with a volley of questions.

"Aur tum kehti ho ki Jhumpi zyaada baat karti hai?" Arjun smirked and Sakshi scowled. "Yep, have been supporting her family for some time now, aur Jhumpi ek achi school main padhai bhi kar rahi hai..." Arjun smiled and started the car. When he noticed that the respect in Sakshi's eyes for him glittered... "Aisa kya dekh rahe ho?" he asked, uncomfortable by her gaze. "Kuch nahi Arjun... bas... yehi... ki... zindagi main aage badna mushkil hota hai na?" she almost whispered. Arjun remained quiet. He didn't want to answer that question. For...

He left the words unfinished. He dropped her to her house and smiled looking at her waving at him. Sometimes by looking at Sakshi he had an urge to speak and confide in her, but he left those emotions aside...

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Next Day

CID - Mumbai

"Kal ka khaana acha tha..." Tarika smiled the minute Abhijeet came into view. "Arrey yeh to kuch bhi nahi, bas aise kuch seekha tha, aur bas pesh kiya." he replied.

"Haan, maan na padega, Mughal Darbar main kya khaana milta hai, ha Abhijeet? Woh paneer pasanda, naan aur boondi..." Daya started off...

"Raita?" Tarika looked at Abhijeet in shock... "Phirse bahar ka hi khaana apna banake pesh kiya?" she muttered and walked into the forensic lab.

Daya chuckled seeing Abhijeet's embarrassed face when the smile was wiped off his face the minute Abhijeet started glaring at him. "Daya!" Abhijeet snarled while Daya burst into peals of laughter. "Arrey, kya hua? Mujhe bhi batau, kalse ghar pe itna tension ho raha hai! Mujhe pata nahi meri wife ko kya pasand hai?" Freddy whined and sat on the chair.

"Isliye bol raha hoon, Tarika se baat karne se pehle soch le." Daya whispered to an angrier Abhijeet and patted Freddy's back. "Chalo Freddy, chinta mat karo, bhabi ji ko kaise manate hai, yeh Abhijeet Sir sikha denge!" Daya smiled.

"Kya baat hai! Aaj aap toh bada khush hai!" Freddy asked.

"Haan bhai, suna hai Shreya ki engagement nahi ho rahi hai, aur voh kal kisi ke saath dinner karne gayi thi." Abhijeet quipped back and gave a "sweet revenge" look to a red Daya. Shreya fumbled with her files and continued working, her gaze stuck to those files.

"Bas karo! Office main sabko kaam karna chahiye! Warna Sir kahenge, kuch toh baat hai Daya!" Daya grimaced.

"Haan Daya, zara humain bhi bata ki main kaunsi baat ki ke baare main soch raha hoon!" A man said from behind.

"Sir!" Daya gulped looking at an amused ACP Pradyuman.

"Sir, woh Abhijeet ne shart lagayi thi ki agar main aapke jaise acting karunga toh woh mujhe bas dus hazaar dega." Daya smiled and Abhijeet gave a "what the hell!" look.

"Daya, sharam karo, bechare Abhijeet ko aur kitna tang karoge?" ACP Pradyuman laughed out. Waise bhi uske Mughal Darbar ka khaane pe pani fer diya..." Pradyuman chuckled.

Abhijeet gave an embarrassed smile and swore to kill Daya whenever time would permit. "Pradyuman, dusre pe hasna toh achi baat hai, par zyaada mat hasso, pata nahi khud kab aise mauko pe gir javo!" a snide remark came in through the door.

Pradyuman gritted, there was always this one man who would always bring in snide remarks before a Good Morning "Good Morning Salunkhe sahab..."

"Arrey wah, itni izzat! Good Morning! Waise ... arrey Good Morning Commissioner Sir!" Salunkhe said and Pradyuman turned back, to find no one.

"This man surely knows how to get on his nerves" Pradyuman thought.

"Good Morning Sir!" A young voice came into the room, "Inspector Kavin, aao. Kaafi jaldi aa gaye!" ACP Pradyuman said.

Inspector Kavin coloured a bit. "Hmm... woh Sir, actually Purvi ko pick up karne gaya tha..." he started.

ACP Pradyuman chuckled. "Pata nahi yeh hawa pe kya aagaya hai... Daya aur uska dinner, Abhijeet aur Tarika, ab Kavin bhi line main lag gaya... " his thoughts were disturbed by a phone call... "Haan... kya? Hum abhi aa rahe hai!"

"Kya hua sir?" Freddy asked.

"Andheri area main ek lash mili hai!" Pradyuman said.



"Good Morning Guys!" Sakshi walked in waving at her team mates. Arjun was sitting in his usual position and briefly looked at her, while the rest wished her.

"Kal ka drive kaisa tha?" Sakshi teased them. Sameer started coughing and choked on his coffee for a second while Shree kept his gaze away from everyone. "Wow... bada reactions mil raha hai!" Sakshi chuckled.

"Miss Sakshi Anand?" Arjun looked at her...

Sakshi raised an eyebrow and smiled at him "Aapko toh amnesia hai na... baar baar bhool jaate hai ki yeh Emergency Task Force hai aur tumhara koi Bharat Matrimonials nahi... right?" Arjun snapped at Sakshi while Shree burst into laughter...

"Toh ACP Sahab, aapke hisaab se, ETF ke ander koi pyaar aur shadi nahi karta right?" Sakshi answered back.

"Karte toh hai, par kuch log ya toh coffee pilaake romance chalu rakhte hai aur kuch log jhagda karke, oh wait, now I see your point ki tumhe Cupidgiri karna itna accha kyun lagta hai!" Arjun smirked at Sakshi... however Rathore and Shree were like how did Rawte know!!!

"See I knew it! Mere nazariye se dekho toh point dikh hi jayega!" Sakshi gave a triumph smile when Arjun spoke "Of course, iss kaam main toh Brains ki zarurat hi nahi padti!" Arjun's words poured like cold ice over Sakshi. She pouted and sat on the desk, mumbling a few profanities at him...

"Agar gaali maarne ka shauq hai toh zor se maaro." Arjun freaked out Sakshi.

"Meh! Acha suno, woh..." her voice was interrupted with a call... "Kavin!!!!" Sakshi cheered through the phone sending everyone to a heart attack...

"Haan yaar main theek toh hoon hi... yeah, waise how is my chocolate Hero?" she spoke as if no one else existed in the room, for a momentary second the glass in Arjun's hand stilled...

Chocolate Hero?

My chocolate Hero, Arjun's glared at the woman in front while Ayesha passed a "see, I told you" look to Sameer. But the smile on Sakshi's face disappeared immediately.

"What, par achanak mujhe aur Arjun kyun?" Sakshi asked. "Wait, Kav, tell me... poora bata kya hua... laash? Kiski? Wait, main team ke saath aati hoon..." Sakshi cut the call...

"Guys, Andheri main ek laash mili hai, CID has called us, specifically Arjun and I..." Sakshi said, her face sombre.

"Theek hai, tum dono jao, hum aate hai." Sameer instructed.


"Yeh Kavin hai kaun?" Arjun asked suddenly, out of the blue.

Someone's jealous... Sakshi half smiled "Kav was my ex..." she found Arjun gaping at her for a millisecond.

"Ex batchmate ACP sir... not that waala ex." Sakshi smirked while Arjun smacked himself.

"Pata hai hum dono ko kyun bulaaya hai?" Sakshi asked, Arjun replied with a smug look on his face "Main antaryami dikhta hoon? Waha pohochke pata chalega!" he shrugged his shoulders.

"Arjun, main soch rahi thi, why not we adopt Jhumpi and let her stay with us!" Sakshi smiled, Arjun looked at her "We? Us?" he asked.

Sakshi bit her tongue, control! "I mean, you obviously, and yep better she stays with you, I am pretty incapable and irresponsible of handling kids..." Sakshi said "Chalo you accepted a universal fact!" Arjun said but found her face to be sunken and grave.

"Yeah, never been lucky for people... jo saath hote hai, woh jaan kho beithte hai..." her voice had turned throaty. Arjun looked at her for half a second. "That line applies for me Sakshi... nothing worse can there be from witnessing..." he kept the words within himself and drew in a breath. "Oh yes ACP... there are... you just don't know it..." she said and walked out of the car, leaving Arjun in a trail of thoughts.



"Pata nahi iss duniya main rehem bolke kuch baaki hai ya nahi..." Shreya grimaced at the sight in front... "Hmm..." the rest answered... "Sir, maine abhi Sakshi se baat ki hai and asked her to bring along ACP Arjun, according to my sources..." Inspector Kavin started...

"Theek hai, ek baar un dono ko aane do, phir hum unse baat karenge iske baare main. Waise poora ETF aa raha hai kya?" ACP Pradyuman asked. "Haan... shayad..." Inspector Kavin said.

"Lo, woh log aa gaye..." Kavin smiled and went to Sakshi.

He greeted her with a hug, causing Purvi and Arjun to stiffen a little. "Hey Kav, baat kya hai? Aur achanak humain? By the way Arjun, Kavin, Kavin, Arjun." Sakshi said.

"Actually sutro se pata chala hai you two..." his words were stopped as a beastly roar erupted from Arjun... shocking the team out of their wits...

A blood curdling cry left his throat "NO!" he yelled with an intensity that could shake the heavens and  ran towards the body of


Please do give me ur comments! And tell me whether I should continue or not :)

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me first

Nice start
Quite intriguing
Sakshi seems to have a painful past
Loved Jhumpi
The CID part was nice and funny
ETF office ya Bharat matrimonyLOLLOLLOL
Arjun ne Sam aur Shree ko shock de diya
Loved the team time
Jhumpi deadShockedCryCry
Poor Arjun and Sakshi
they will be shattered especially Arjun
waiting for the next part
continue soon

P.S:: last one finallyWinkLOLLOLfor commenting first Big smile

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man kya combo hain CID and ETF cool
waise haven't watched CID for long time so don't know who is kavin will have to see Smile
so arjun has killed sikki and has mellowed down a bit and is even civil to sakshi nice
and has accepted atleast to himself ki he is attracted to this female and so he keeps his distance from her Wink chalo gaadi aage toh badi
and sakshi is her usual self being a match maker but then there is something in her past as well which still haunts her and pains her but being sakshi she hides it well behind her smiles
so arjun is connected to a little girl nice name jhumpi and brought sakshi to her and is happy to see sakshi connected to jhumpi
CID is having there own little fun Smile
 sakshi ko kavin se aise baat karte dekh aur usse mera chocolate hero bulate sunke becahre arjun ka dil dhadkna bandh kar de tha Wink ACP pratyuman ki language main kuch toh chutt rah hain daya WinkLOL  aur phir ex sunke toh and then woh hug Wink
shit jhumpi died Shocked how why oh no it is going to affect arjun and sakshi big time Ouch as it is they both r fighting with there losses from there past and now this new loss
thanks for pm   

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OMG...Jhumpi ki laash... ab kya hoga.????... Sikander is no more.. toh phir kisne kiya???? update soon

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updated my commentEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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