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Hello all you G a u r a v  K h a n n a fans

Its that time of the year, when we laugh, make merry, party hard and celebrate the most joyous and special event...

 Its time for Gaurav's

 h a p p y wala b i r t h d a y

happy birthday
Gaurav Khanna
...celebrating thirty three years
of awesomeness...

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the awesome and lovely person that
Gaurav Khanna is...

...born in Kanpur on the 11th of December 1981, Gaurav has always been a mumma's boy with a falir to make hearts smile...
an artist, a sportsperson, a foodie...
talented, good-looking, versatile, hot, cute, witty and the list goes on and one and on...

...master of expressions

Man of a few words but can portray a million emotions with those scintillatingly expressive eyes

...hotness overload

a stunningly chiseled physique makes for an excellent model that he is, with looks to die for

...brilliantly creative

an excellent painter, an impressive photographer and a superb cook, these are a few of his
many talents...

...a true friend indeed

yaaro ka yaar, never a dushman... he shares an admirable and awe worthy bond with his close friends

...the king
of ro

this is what he does best and makes us fall in love with him everytime

Here's a list of trivia about the star, put together from his various interviews. Thanks to all those interviewers who haggled out the information, because when GK says he's a private person, he means it!

Favorite Food: Mughlai and Punjabi cuisine.
Favorite Sport: Cricket..He says he can play it really decent. He also also likes pro-bodybuilding.
Favorite Colour: Pastel shades, Black and White
Favorite Outfit: Basically an easy going outfit.(Once said he likes the brands Benetton and Levi's)
Favorite Perfume: Issey Miyaki
Favorite Car: Hummer, and Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Favorite Pastime: Would be sleeping or watching movies (comedies and action..sometimes romantic also)..
Favorite Holiday Spot: Australia and New Zealand
Favorite Singer: Kishore Kumar
Favorite Hollywood Actresses: Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johanson & Angelina Jolie
Favorite Bollywood Actresses: Madhuri Dixit, Katrina Kaif
Favorite Bollywood Actors: Aamir Khan, Big B, Pankaj Kapoor, Hussein, Juhi Parmar and Irfan Khan
Favorite Movies: Andaz Apna Apna, Mask, Terminator 2, Superman series, Godfather, Padosan (old).

Prefers: Coffee to Tea, Pepsi to Coke.
Mantra in Life: KISS (Keep It Short and Simple!)

Humble, down-to-earth and a truly multi-talented guy ..

Gaurav Khanna is every woman's dream come true...

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celebrating  a decade of  0n-screen excellence

Gaurav has carved a niche for himself in the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide! Young or old, the audience love Gaurav for his powerhouse performances and his ability to be 'someone to everyone' with every role he plays.


 Born and brought up in Kanpur, Gaurav came to Mumbai to pursue an MBA degree, but destiny had other plans for him. While working out at the gym, he was mistaken to be a model and was offered a lucrative ad campaign. More modelling assignments followed .. one thing led to another and he landed his first cameo role on television...

Sunny ( One Night Stand Series)

Sunny Sir - a cameo of a young college going guy who takes tutions. It was an eight second role, and his debut.

Tanmay Bakshi (Siddhant)

Gaurav Played the role of Tanmay Bakshi in Siddhant, a teleseries aired on star one.

Bhuvan Sareen (Bhabhi )

Bhuvan was a 26-year-old handsome man who's most redeeming quality was that he was good-natured and compassionate,". It is love at first sight for Bhuvan when he spoted Alpa. After a considerable amount of wooing, Alpa finally consented to marry him. But like most serials, it took a couple of months before the storyunfolded.

Ruhaan Oberoi (Meri Doli Tere Angna)

Ruhaan loves Suhana but gets married to Simran becuase of his parents. He finds out that his love Suhana is alive on his wedding day after all the rituals have taken place and tells Simran he can't accept her as his wife so she should not expect any such thing from him. Ruhaan expects Simran to tell everyone and refuse going with him to his home. Ruhaan is shocked by Simran's decision but they go to his house. but Simran doesn't as she doesn't want to make his Chachu (uncle) or any of her family member sad.
Ruhaan is shocked by Simran's decision but they go to his house. Ruhaan and Simran leave for their honeymoon to Goa (everyone else thinks they are going abroad, I think). Simran, while following Ruhaan, ends up in a lonely car park where another man tries to misbehave but Ruhaan reaches there on time and saves her. Simran's Chachu gets to know about Ruhaan and Simran's relationship and is hospitalised.
In Goa, Ruhaan meets his love Suhana who is already married to someone else.The Jodi of Ruhaan and Simran was quite adored by people.

Nivaan (Ardhangani )

 Nivaan is Priyam's childhood friend who lives in America, was in love with Kangana but returned to America when he came to know that Kangana and Priyam were in love for 14 years.

Shubh Dixit (Santaan )
 Shubh is a misunderstood boy, always overshadowed by Kartik and his success, but is also very protective of the ones he loves.

Neil (Jeevan Saathi - Humsafar Zindagi Ke)
 Gaurav got back to playing a romantic role akin to Sharman in KumKum by playing Neil, a christian guy who's  very fun loving, outgoing character. Jeevan Saathi was basically a love story which dealt with inter-religion marriage and his role is of a flamboyant fun loving and happy go lucky fellow till he falls in love with a girl with a conservative background. His life changes when this girl comes in his life. Both of them face many problems in their lives when their family comes to know about their love. His chemisrty with the actress Vani Sharma was received well by the audience. His lover-boy image was also a huge hit with his female audiences. So much, that when his character was killed, there was a huge dip in the TRPs and the CVs of the show decided to bring back Neil's character in the latter part of the show, due to popular demand.


Prithvi Saxena (Love Ne Milla Di Jodi)

a Small town simple man with simple wishes in life. Prithvi was the oldest of his three brothers.Tall, Muscular and full of arrogance at first glance. However Shy, reserved and economical in expressing himself when closely observed. Prithvi was a man of gestures. Prithvi was defined by his ironclad principles, his love for his family and most of all his impleccable sense of honor. He was a man with a clear sense of his own limits and boundaries. He was responsible, determined and extremely thorough in any job he did. Prithvi led a simple life and was content with small joys in life. But destiny had something else in store, which led Prithvi on the dreaded path of revenge along with his brothers. On the Journey of Vengeance, Prithvi was confronted numerous times with Moral dillema of what is wrong and what is right. In this very path, he encountered a remote beauty, Damini, Played by the classy Chandana Sharma, whose strength, elegance and arrogance irritated and enticed Prithvi at the same time. He fell in love, fast and hard. However, The Potion of Revenge and Love mixed together is a liquid to be wary of. Prithvi fell in this escalating battle of heart and mind and journeyed through webs of deciet and lies to finally prevail in living a happy life with his love. The chemistry between Gaurav and Chandana was greatly admired amongst the youth. However, the show's Trps plummeted during the saas-bahu track running in the show which later became the reason for a hasty conclusion. Prithvi however has created a place in the hearts and minds of the viewers as a strong and admirable character.

Abeer Bajpayee (Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam)

A conservative boy from a very conservative Brahmin family residing in a Picturisic city of Lucknow. From afar, Abeer is an ordinary college going kid from an ordinary family. Only son of a rich Lawyer, only brother to his loving younger sister and "Lalla" to his Parents and Grandmother. However, a diamond resides within an ordinary piece of coal. Abeer has a heart of gold, courage, trust beyond imagination, forgiveness and most of all, Love in abundance for everyone surrounding him. He is a broadminded, cultured and grounded human being despite being from a rich family. He is popular amongst his friends as the "Raunaq Singh". A very ligh hearted man, kind and guy with a killer sense of humor . Apart from all these qualities Abeer also loves life and aspires to enjoy it to the fullest. Abeer was a Romantic hero through and through and so he fell in love with a beautiful Kayastha Girl named Leher, played by Yami Gautam. Despite the wishes of his very orthodox Brahmin family, Abeer married Leher. In the process of acquiring his love, Abeer was brutally betrayed by his own Father and Grandmother in the form of severe public humiliation of his Beloved and her family. However, The rough experiences and numerous betrayal's in Abeer's life never diminshed his zest for living life to the fullest. His character strength and admirable courage allowed him to face all the adversities thrown his way with level-headed dignity. Abeer was sometimes a little irresponsible and impulsive but his this very human nature endeared him to the viewers. In short, Abeer Bajpayee is a character craved out of real life which no one can help but love.


Prem Rajadhyaksha (Dil Se Diya Vachan)

The second son of Gautam and Kalyani Rajadhyaksha, Prem (24) is a stubborn, loud and mischievous young man albeit with a heart of gold. Prem is the apple pie of his mother's eye. When he isn't playing out door games and riding his bike, Prem plays pranks on the women in his family. Prem wears his heart on his sleeve and believes in telling people exactly how he feels even if it hurts them.A software engineer by profession, this GenX guy is firmly rooted in the diktats of customs and traditions and is fairly conservative in his thinking. He wants his life partner to be calm, loving and understanding like his mother but unlike his mother he wants his spouse to be good housewife who can devote her time to him.He wants to be the first man in his wife's life and she will be the first in his. Re-marriage and pre-marital sex are sins according to him



 Gaurav Khanna (Ritz Jee Le Ye Pal)

As one of the six contestants on the auto adventure reality television show where celebrities were paired with young Indians from across India to experience the great outdoors across Rajasthan...Gaurav was one among the top three...

Host (Nach le Ve with Saroj Khan Season 3)

As a host Gaurav showcased his anchoring talent as Saroj Khan Malaika Arora Khan mentored and judged celebrity dancers.

Krish (Byaah Hamari Bahoo Ka)

  An enterprising businessman who has worked efficiently to take his family's milk business (Krishna dairy) to an international level. He is very impulsive in nature and follows his instincts in work and 9 out of 10 times his instincts are proven right, however the same does not prove true in matters of love. He considers Paulomi as his best friend and partner for life as she understands him best but he mistakes that for love and get engaged to her only to fall head over heels in love with Rajnibala when he first sets eyes on her.

Kavin( CID)

As senior inspector Kavin, Gaurav won hearts of many with his unique and meticulous crime solving technique proving an asset to the team.

Mumbai Warrior(Box Cricket League)

Gaurav is getting to play his favourite sport  this year by being a part of BCL where he belongs to the Mumbai Warriors

In Conclusion, Gaurav has played characters who have touched viewers all across the nation.

People adored him as Sharman, were Smitten by Ruhaan, Charmed by Nivaan, felt Compassion for Shubh, Jovial with Neil, Mesmerized by Prithvi and Swept off their feet by Abeer. Prem was Adored by all, Krish left everyone Awestruck while Kavin's aura Impressed like no other...

Apart from TV soaps, he's also starred in commercials such as the Zaroor Condoms, Yamaha moterbike, Windows Mobile, Lux, White Toen Face Powder Tata Automobile, Aircel pocket Apps, Gilette, Dinesh suits etc

Gaurav has stolen millions of hearts across the globe with his excellent acting skills and humble, loving persona.

Happy Birthday Gaurav!!!!

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Happy Happy Happy Birthday,Many Many happy returns of the day for you!:D


Happy birthday Gaurav! Party
Many many happy returns of the day! God Bless You! Big smile



In beautiful moments,In wonderful waysSmile       may life's little pleasure, bring joys to your daysParty 


Happy birthday Gaurav SirParty.. Wish you many many happy returns of the day..


Happy Birthday Gaurav...You've had quite a journey from Kumkum to now with Nachle Ve...and you've always excelled in every role...You are such a fabulous painter too...May you always be successful in every field that you take up and in every phase of your life..Wish you all the best as you turn thirty... Neelu


Happy Birthday dearest Gaurav!!

Wish you good health and lots of happiness & success

May God bless you always

Love you loads


wishing you the best for his special day and hoping to see him back on screen soon



You are always thought of
in a very special way,
And you're wished for
the finest things in life
Today and every day!
Happy Birthday!!!
Lots of Love from Maryam


Hey Gaurav! wish you a very very very happy birthday!Heart hope you have an amazing day and are enjoying your break to the fullest! but pleaseee be back soon coz missing you sooo sooo much and really wanna see your brilliant acting and your hot self on our screens againDay Dreaming

Love You Gaurav; please be back soonBig smile


from ur cute fan 

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Gauravism at a glance

Wadhwa Sharman Wadhwa

     I just want to say that I want to choose an actress as my mom who will not be playing my love interest in any of my serials in future (smiles).

Aap ko kahi dekha hai... Haan radio pe

  All the mothers in this world love me. So my mom could not be angry with me for long.

B for bistar

  I have always done the fun loving chirpy characters so far, but this is one character which is totally different. Prithvi is a man of action, rather than words.

we're the towns freshest bakers...subah shoot karo,shaam ko dikhao

   I now know to ride a horse so well, that many in my unit once commented that the name of the show should have been 'Love Ne Mila Di Ghodi', because I love my horse a lot (smiles). Her name is Sania and few even think there is something brewing between us (laughs)".

After infatuation comes love and after love comes life. For me, my life is my work, my acting career.

   "Television is a sticky place" - Gaurav Khanna

Chandana: Avni is pregnant

Gaurav: I swear isme mera koi haath nahi hai

   Acting is something that comes from within and is not dependent on any substitutes to give it the feel of reality"

   It is because of such blessed fans that I keep getting good roles.

      I wish I could work on every birthday and party all night.

jahaan tak tumhari nazrein jaa sakti hain, woh zameen tumhari nahi hai"

  Hosting has always been my passion since childhood.

Shrenu: Kahan hai aansoo dikhao

Gaurav: Kashmiri aaloo mein Kashmir dikhai deta hai kabhi?

   Everything that my fans do for me is strange.I never expected so much love from people,because at the end of the day I am an ordinary guy.

koi batteeswi shadi hai meri

   I am impatient: Gaurav Khanna

   I always see my fans doing some of the craziest things on India Forums

   Being a moody person is my strength as well as my weakness

Favourite color Shrenu: mera yellow aur black

Gaurav:taxi-auto bhi

  Gifts are very special to me, no matter how small they are.

  The girl of my life will be the one who impresses me in 5 minutes!

   "I work out and play lots of games to remain fit and healthy" - Gaurav Khanna

yeh sehra meri khopdi ki size ka nahi hai

   "I cook very tasty food" - Gaurav Khanna

Choker bali tere back hain khali

     Gaurav Khanna: Ever since I came to Mumbai I am single

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Layout & Compilation: Hina(hinz)

Write-Up: Hina(hinz) and Tanu(Thinker_Belle)

Tags& Banners: Hina(hinz)

Messages: Hina(hinz) and .Tanya.

Siggies: Hina(hinz), .Tanya., -Subbiha-

Quotes and One-liners compilation: .Tanya. and Hina(hinz)

Birthday Contest
s: .Tanya.

Caption Contest:

Siggy Contest:

Hope you like this humble effort from us Gaurav...

We Love You!

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