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Fairytale#1-In Love with a Devil.Prince/Pg.11-NeW

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<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="5">Have u ever Wondered?

<font color="#990000"> What If Cinderella dare to stay when da clock strike 12?</font>



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Intro Chapter

If da charming prince always not possessed a golden heart...Lets wonder
     She was Cinderella.She was aware of dis fact from childhood.Her lovely eyes,pink mouth,long hairs was proof of it.Her maa always called her "My Cinderella" whenever she made her finish da whole glass of milk,brought her back to home from the playground or took her to bed against her will for early school.It was her love for her maa or da joy of hearing her pet name from her favourite story which made her accept every command wid a grin & blush.She loved Cinderella,it was her most favourite tale.She want to be her...who does not?Fairy God mother,speaking rats,lovely gown,magical carriage,glass slippers & dancing under moon with a Prince of your own.
But da sweet fantasy turned into a nightmare for her,when her own maa died in da year she just turned six & in da same year her papa re-married.

   And u know,her new mummy too turned out cruel just like da tale but not only with her but her papa too.She expected two step sisters but she was rewarded with three devilish little siblings.No doubt progress is sure,even for stories.

"mujhe apne pass bula lo maa"Her words followed by a soft sob.She was usually patient,a sweet girl.Her mother always told her to behave like one.But tonight when after her toys,her clothes,her things her new mummy brought da little devils in her bedroom & ordered her to shift in attic bedroom she lose all control on herself.The pain of losing her room,her memories became unbareable.She cried & cried but maybe da night was too long because she became tired but da darkness remain da same.
She got up dusting her old frock,her legs shaky because of empty stomach & after a long moment reached to her book,her old companion,her memory,a gift from her ma.She picked up da coloured book up,feeling wrong for her cruel behaviour to leave it untouched for years She stared at da open page,a handsome daring prince on a white horse.13 years old Arohi looked up in sky,her teary eyes hopeful:I am waiting for u.

9 years Later----

   "I have to go",She whispered.But he tightened his grip on her waist,staring in her eyes he requested:please dont.
His brown eyes became more beauiful in milky moon light.His handsome face with straight nose & perfect jaws was looking so angelic,so perfect.It took all her will to protest:but I.
He kept his long,strong finger on her lips & in husky voice commanded:dont.
And than she just stared him,drinking his handsome sight as he leaned closer to claim her lips.


The sight instantly vanished & her eyes flew open on hearing da loud noise.And like always she was in her bedroom.Her face turned in da direction of her dresser & as expected she found Millie standing there.Her skinny step-sister of 15 moved away from da broken glass & asusual lied with confidence:mein to hair band lene aai thi bs,ye sb hath lgne se gir gya..mein utha kr leke nhi ja rhi thi.
Pushing away da cover she sat up & jumped out in horror in seeing her perfume bottle broken & lotion glosses spread out on floor.On Arohi approached she abruptly moved:galti tumhari hai..kese phela kr cheeze rkhti ho.
Millie screamed as one of da broken piece struck in her foot:ouch..mummy mummy.
Before Arohi could help her,her step mom walked inside:kya hogya meri bchi?
In horror she hold her arm & made her sit on Arohi old single bed,making her cover fall on floor.Amrit:dikha mujhe kya hua...kitni baar kaha hai.koi kaam ho to Arohi ko neeche bula lya kro,khud yahan mt aaya kro.paoo rkhne ki jga bhi nhi hai is kamre mein.haal kr rkha is kmre kaa.
She stared at Arohi:aur tum kya khdi khdi dekh rhi ho,jao aid box lao..dekha nhi kitni zyada chot lg gai.. tumhari vja se.
Arohi quietly went to fetch da aid box,without pointing out it was just an inch scratch.She brought it to her,while her step mom was busy in consoling her dramebaz daughter,9 years mottu walked in:sb yahan ho,mere school ka time ho rha hai,nashta kahan hai?
He warned:mein sch keh rha hun mein nashta key bger school nhi jaunga.
His twin Jullie too walked in with a threat:mera uniform kyun press nhi hai.mujhe late ho rha hai.
Millie too worked to gt back her attention:mein ab college kese jaungi?papa ko bole mujhe chod k aaeyn.
Amrit(her mom):haan haan chod k aeynge..Arohi ja kr bolo unhe.unhe wese bhi newspaper padhne k elawa kaam hi kya hai..meri to kismat hi phuth gai jo.

Arohi tieing her silky hairs in a rough bun,declared her daily line,which was always expected from her:bs 5 minute.

It was a usual morning.


After 3 hours

Changing in a long grey sikrt & blue lose t-shirt quickly,Arohi came out of her room.Hearing Arohi steps on narrow stairs Amrit started rain of questions:lunnch box rkh dey the naa unke bag mein?
Before Arohi appeared in view her "jii" came.Amrit:nashte k sb brtan dho dey naa?
She finally stepped down in small but tiddy living room:saman ki shi list bna di naa,nokar nhi hun tumhari jo baar baar chkar lgaun.
Arohi uttered"jii" keeping papers in her old-fashioned leather bag.She took out her black frame glasses to wear but Amrit voice stopped her in track:dudh wale ka hisab tumne dhyan se kya naa?agr ek paisa bhi uski traf faltu gya to tumhari pocket money se kte ga.
As Arohi innocent eyes lifted to met her,Amrit face turned red finally remembering:it was not Amrit who gv her money,she never did.It was Arohi who was giving her salary to her because her papa pension was not enough to support their house.
Arohi didnt remind her aloud.Maa always teached her"good girls never give sharp replies" but somehow Amrit gt angry,picking up her tea cup,ordered:mujhe naa bhi dubara kehna yaad rhe to bhi shaam ko drawing room k parde utar kr dho lena..parso Chicko jii ki family aaeygi.
Arohi turned cold but her voice was heated with emotion:mene aap se kaha tha mujhe abhi shadi nhi krni.
Amrit dramatically:ab nhi to kb?jb sare baal sfeyd hojaeynge?tum farig hogi to phir mein apni Millie ka sochungi.
Arohi knuckles had turned white as she tried to behave polite:par mein abhi shadi k lye tyar nhi hun.
Amrit:tumhe kya krna hai tyar ho kr...itna acha rishta hai,umar 35 k kareeb hai,smjhdar hai.itna acha hai,itni achi dukan chlti hai,saman bhi udhar de dta hai,aur kya chahey?uski maa ne agr tumhe pasand krlya to bs..

To their surprise Sudheer finally spoke from behind da paper:jb wo keh rhi hai..wo tyar nhi hai to bs rehne do.
Arohi lips which were trembling from sorrow,stretched in happy smile"yes she is right...darpok hein,thode se ignorant hein pr ab bhi papa hein"

Than she chosed to walk out nearly on speed of flying but her step-mom tone successed in reaching her ear:kese nakhre dikha rhe hein baa beti,jese koi Shehzada aaeyga aasman se.
Arohi smiled,according to her maa smile is remdey for all troubles.And a pinky blush appeared on her soft cheeks as her heart whispered:Wo aa chuka hai.

Flashback----(1 year,3 months,2 week,5 days,3hours)

After her papa sudden retirement she was desperate to find job.With each passing day her step-mom taunting increased.She was feeling dazed after spending whole sunny day wandering on da roads of Mumbai.She was waiting for bus stop when her eyes caught a banner for accountant job.Her limbs were aching terribly but she chosed to try her luck one more time.

She finally reached da destination"Life-Its all about U",da most popular radio channel of Mumbai.She entered inside & asked da guard:mene banner dekha,accoutant ki job ka interview abhi chl rha hai?
Sleepy guard signaled her to elevator:2nd floor pr left.
She hugged file to her bosoms,recieting prayer she went there.Just like da builiding da staff looked stunning.The male staff was beating eachother in their look & fashion.All da girls were dressed in short but so stylish dresses,opppsite to her plain attire.Arohi hesitately interrupted da group of three people:yahan interview?

The girl seemed more in hurry than her,grabbing her wrist she took her to da corner room.Arohi walked inside but dn jumped in shock as da girl closed da door & shut her inside.

SHUT her?

When finally da odd realization hit Arohi,she turned white in horror,her heart beat wildly.She bang on da door:ye kya hai?darwaza kholo..mujhe yahan kyun bnd krdya.kholo.
But there was no one in sight.In panic she turned to look around for finding a way.The interior of room was quite strange,wid da desk full of mics & buttons.She looked through one of da glass wall & and her eyes captured sight of da man sitting in da other room.

Dressed in a stylish white suit he was sitting there with his eyes closed.Black head phone was covering his ears.Even with his ruffled hairs,few unbutton he was looking very picture of perfection.His two smooth fingers were resting against his temple,perhaps sleeping.So waving or banging had no advantage.She walked near to da set micks & taking a deep breath spoke:Hello.

   It was not her doubt,da headphone was connected with these mics.She sensed a sudden change in him,maybe disappearence of few frowns from his forehead or a hint of relaxation on his hard jaw.What a handsome sight! But quickly pushing away da stupid thougth she concentrated on more important thought:darwaza kholo.darwaza kyun bnd kya hai?
She explained:mein yahan job k lye aai thi,I think koi confusion hogai hai.

No Response

She added with confidence:dekhey its truly against da human right law.mein police k pass ja skti hun.

On getting No Response she again spoke with louder voice:aap sun rhe hein k nhi?mjhe pta hai aap sun rhe da door.
She warned:mein last time keh rhi hun..baad men mt kahi ga alert nhi kya.
Panic rosed inside & she took da final step.Closing her eyes she screamed on top of her voice,as long as could possible.She opened her eyes & met his shocked gaze.And by God dy were da most beautiful eyes.Her remaining sense flew away & she fall on da chair behind when his sexy lips stretched in "Selected".

   The door opened few people walked inside.Purvi put form in front of her:ye fill kr do.
Jay spoke from da other side:phir yahan bhi sign krdo.
Tina from da left offered her papers:y tumhare programme ka schedule hai..dont be late.
Shefali from behind:send me list of da selected songs.
After adding 2+2 in her delicate mind she stood up from chair & her one sentence spread da hush:mujhe ye programme nhi krna.
As soon as possible she took hold of her bag & reached da door but stooped.Her throat turned dry on finding him standing at the door.He was handsome,of course, but from such closeness he seemed breathtakingly & heart-stoppingly so.His hair was dark like midnight & their wildness was proof he was in the habit of rakishly running his fingers through them.His eyes were something between brown & golden wid da intense gaze of cruel intelligence:What's da problem?
His stare was so intense,she gulped down:mein ye programme nhi kr skti.
She had to take back steps as he started walking in her:Why?
She repeated:Why?
He waved his hand in air & da people slipped out of from room in matter of seconds.His determined approached make her to take continue back steps:aap smjh nhi accoutant k job k lye aai thi.meri cv dekhein,mere grades se aap ko yakeen aa jaeyga mein bs accoutant hi hun.

"You have beautiful voice" In reply of his compliment she took one unsteady step back & fall back on da chair.How silly.The heated
embarassment broke da bubble of spell.
She tried to get up,Her heart refused to beat when he kept his hands on both side of da chair,caging her like a hunt.He leaned down meeting her gaze & made her understand like she was a stupid child:your voice has life,it has purity,music, da sweet vibes...dt I was looking for months.

She felt..She felt,oh God how could she explain when she had never felt anything like this before.His husky tone seeped inside her,spreading pool of warmth in every inch of her.
He straightened,thrusting his hands in pocket,his action caused da muscles of his chest more prominent.He spoke wid a royal pride:"Life" it is da most famous radio station.Buisness,sports,fashion,bollywood..da programmes almost cover station krta hai.But it is best because ye sunne wale ko wo sunata hai jo wo sunna chahta hai.
He took out his one hand & thoughtfully rubbed his jaw.The man has ridiculously lovely hands:success ka formula hai us pr khush hone pr time waste krne k bjaey,jo nhi hai use hassil krne ki koshish kro.So I want da remaining people.
this programme will be for da shadowed one..shy teenagers,depressed sprinster,alone oldies etc.You just have to receive their calls & give soultion of their problems.Simple?

His tone was so achingly soothing,da longing in hearts felt awake.but she answered in shaky voice:yes..No,I cant.
All da patience vanished & he spoke in his arrogant style:you Can.
And with that he turned her chair in a swift move making her gasp.His tall broad figure hugging her from behind as pressing da record button he pointed on da paper spread in front of her.She stared at da words without a blink & dn his hot breath made her shiver:you can.In all situation it only "you" dt mattered.dt should only.
There was such great confidence in his voice,so much pride & some how she wanted to protect it.Her lips parted as she read da words,from her heart:Welcome to Dil ki Awaz..ek nya din ek new shurvad.phir shaam hogi,phir raat hogi buht kuch milega..buht kuch kho bhi jaeyga pr nhi bdle ga bs ek sch "aap".so trust urself aur jo bhi dil mein hai bs kehdo..yours..
"yours"? His sudden question raised gose bumps a over her.So he was perfectly aware of his charms & seemed always ready to use them if it was worth da bother.She turned her face which reduced da distance between them to mere inches.Her voice was so breathless:Arohi.

She let out her breath which she was holding for long.After moments of silence Arohi recorded voice played back & yes it was foolish,it was utterly foolish but she brust into tears of joy.The noise gt her attention & she realized da early people were back inside,congrating her on her first success.Making her excited about to make contact wid thousand people at a time.And between da crowd her eyes roamed for him.She finally caught him,standing at da far corner of corridor,busy on phone.

He cut da call & his eyes moved in her direction.Even from da distance she sensed bossy air of him.His posture,his style,so threatening but her lips stretched in full childish smile.His serious cold eyes twinkled,even from da distance she sensed it.da sparks made da chocolately ocean more delicious.He walked away while she kept staring at da empty spot.The realization dazed him:She finally get her prince!

   Earth rotates around the sun,Monday follows Sunday & Arohi had been in love with her Mr.Arjun since 1 year,3 months,2 weeks,5 days,3 hours. Arjun Singhani,owner of da radio channel was her prince.There were all da symptoms,he was dashing & wickedly handsome.He made her heart beat faster,feel her beautiful like princess.Just like a prince he rescuse her,give her spirit,give her chance to proof herself.And like a real prince he is Out of her reach.

In that 1 year,3 months,2 weeeks,5 days,3 hours & 2 minutes he seemed utterly unaware of her undying affection.She sighed every time he entered in office,gazed longingly,blushed furiously if out of blue he happen to speak to her.She displayed all da signs of love & by all accounts,these did not register to him.It seemed an unwritten law of nature dt Mr. Arjun Singhania didn't spare a thought for her at all,gv her no attention.But still she hopes...


    "Janab k itne ache mood ki khaas vja?" Saleel teased as he marched inside his best friend bedroom .The bedroom was masterpiece,its furniture style reflecting his wealth & fame.Saleel looked around in disappointment & met Arjun eyes through mirror who was dressed in a branded black suit,busy in fixing his tie:itni jaldi bhejh dya?mujhse milvaya bhi nhi?
Arjun looked keenly at himself in mirror,unsatisfied with da outcome he pulled it out & selected another,imported one:mein apne ache mood k "object" bedroom tk nhi lata.Infact mere bedroom tk koi bhi nhi aata.
Ignoring his lifetime bestriend indirect taunt Saleel walked further & picked a fresh apple from his basket:tumhare koi bhi stupid laws mujh pr nhi lgte..tumhare servants ko bhi pta hai tbhi to mujhe rokte nhi.
Arjun looked through expensive collection of styish wrist watch.His tone so arrogant:phir to unhe yaad dilana pde ga,unhe salary kon deta hai.

Saleel in filmy style:mere dost kitni baar yaad dilaya hai,paise se wafa khridi nhi jati.
Arjun finally picked one watch:is ghar ki dunya mein tumhare dailouges failed hein.
Saleel rolled his eyes hearing "ghar",where he lives alone with army of servant.Noticing scattered papers on his king size bed he went to pick them up:bedroom mein bhi kaam..24 ghante bhaagta rehta hai,sb kuch hai tere pass ab tujhe aur kya chaey?

He kept down bottle of perfume & stared his reflection with pride:Sb kuch.
Saleel collected da papers but paused noticing a girl picture on one of it.Saleel grinned:ye kya hai?
Arjun finally turned & met his friend eyes wid vibrating confidence:Natasha Mittal.
Saleel grinned vanished,his spoiled mood was visible in his frown:Aur?
His sexy lips turned in a very devilish smile:My soon to be bride.

Saleel face turned red in fury:Arjun? cant possible.It is not necessary.tu ise janta bhi hai?
Arjun:jo janna zruri tha..wo pta hai.
Saleel irritated:U are talking about marriage.rishte dil k...
Arjun raised finger interrupted him,his eyes twinkled wid dangerous glint:aur Dil Arjun Singhania k pass nhi hai.Kyunke jo dil ki sunte hein wo harte hein..aur mujhe bs jeetna hai.

    This story is not entirely based on Cinderella.There is so much in store.I love fairytales,a idea strike to play along with them.There are also Fairytale#2 & 3 in store.

I want only honest opinion.All da readers..silent,old,new MUST comment if u want me to continue it.You have only time till da end of Falling for My Wife.

If I dont get da satisfied response,da SS will be automatically discontinue.Than kindly Dont blame me for it.

Once again..honest opinions are most welcomed.

thank u so much for reading.and thank u so much for all da love & trust u show to show my writing.

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aurpatel Senior Member

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Awesome awesome awezome ...
This is horribly gud
Arohi wid her dreams
arjun wid his arrogant style ..
Wat a deadly combo ..
Mahi u nailed it every time
Cant wait for d next part

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--Anjali-- IF-Rockerz

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I love fairytale and what an amazing start Clap
I am lazy but I can't help myself today... So here I am Cool
This is something different from your side and it looks like interesting so please continue this

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Rimpi_kmh IF-Dazzler

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Wow amazing concept mahi Heart i love fairytale
Arohi believe in Cinderella fairytale...
bt her prince cherming is aroggent...only want to win by anycost.. lovely! this two r totally oppsite pole..
Want to read how their story goes in feature.. Heart
Mahi...u bang on again.. Big smile 'Queen of concept' Wink
Plzz counti.. This soon.. Day Dreaming
MyshaAlvi007 Goldie

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Fairytale Day Dreaming As in sachchi muchchi
omg me loving it...bring it on yr Thumbs Up
nd dis Arohi will surely need a prince charming
nd ye prince charming kahi or kyu setting krne me laga hai Ouch
i wonder hw d hell he dint fell in luv wid her in 1 year,3 months,2 week,5
days,3hours period huh so slow chhe Geek

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