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ishq bina kya jeena FF final part pg 10

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sorry guys it did not come on page one so i posted it again


Jai walia: a 31 yr old  business tycoon who has practically booked the front page of the newspaper and without whom page 3 is incomplete. Jai looked like a greek god and was a gentleman.  He is a to-die-for man and was also one of the most desirable men in the world. But to him love is just a game and he had no time for such juvenile matters.

Bani dixit: a 20 yr old girl, orphaned at the young age of 10. she had lived 5 yrs of her life with her aunt who had passed away when Bani was just 15, leaving her to live her own life independently. She had worked her way up to earn a scholarship to london and had gained a MBA from manchester university,london.

Pushkar Shukla: a 30 yr old guy who worked for Jai walia. He was the son of jigyasa and aditya who had seperated from his family to live his life independently. Jai had given him a job in his company so's he can start off a career. His wife was Pia who was Bani's cousin (Bani's aunts only daughter) and was the reason Bani came to mumbai.


Ishq bina kya marna yaara , ishq bina kya jeena…

Gud se meeta ishq ishq, imli se khata ishq

Vaada ye pakka ishq ishq, dhaga ye kacha ishq


Radio city 91 FM…

Hmph ishq???… ishq sirf ek khel hai jo logon ke feelings ke saath khilvad karta hai. Mere liye ye sab kuch koi maiyne nahin rakta…

The handsome face of Jai walia comes into focus.

Jai: DRIVER  band karo ye bakwas..mujhe der ho rahi hai tumne gadi kyon rok di?

Driver: sir.. aage ka rasta band ho chuka hai…teez baarish ke vajar se landslide hua hai…hume doosre raste se jaana padega magr us raste se jaane se do ghante zyada lagenge..

Jai: DO GHANTE?? Mujhe office ke liye der ho jayegi…ek baar phirse poochlo ki ise clear hone mein kitni deer lagegi..

Driver: theek hai…

Jai was looking out of the window when it started drizzling slightly. He saw a girl of 20-21 passing by. The rain started geiing heavier. The girl looked at the rain and Jai saw a glint of happiness in her eyes. She looked around to see if anyone was watching, seeing only a single car which was probably empty( or was it? Jai is inside remember) she closed her umbrella and started dancing in the rain like a little teenager. Jai was mesmerised by just one look at her… her yellow suit was clinging to her body…the rain drops were like diamonds on her perfect face…which was as pale as a lily…then suddenly a young lady of about 29-30 came out of the nearby house and when the girl saw the woman she stopped dancing and a look of culpability crept across her face..

The woman: Bani…ye tum kya kar rahi ho? Ye koi umar hai baarish mein naachne ki? Tumhe sardi ho jaayegi…aur tumhe yaad hai na? Tumhe aaj interview ke liye jaana hai? Aise jaaogi interview ke liye?

Bani: sorry Pia di I couldn't resist…main andar jaake change kar leti hoon..

And both of them  go inside the house…

Jai keeps staring at their direction when the door opens and the driver returns bringing Jai out of his reverie.

Driver: sir thankfully it has been cleared up faster than expected, looks like they were at work for the past 4 hours.

And they drive off to Jai's office.



At the walia group of industries head office Jai walia is seen sitting in his cabin (which by itself is as huge as a ballroom). He thinks back to about two hours when he saw that girl dancing in the rain…her clothes clinging to her petite body. Her beauty was her simplicity and infantile behavior. It reminded him of his childhood days…when his parents were alive…he also used to play in the rain…

At that moment his P.A  Roshni who had a secret crush on him  came in w/o knocking and brought him out of his trance.

Roshni: sir have you forgotten we have interviews to do for the post of the new office manager as rohan has got transferred to another branch….

Jai cuts her off in mid sentence

Jai: roshni… is this the way a p.a should behave? How dare you enter my cabin without knocking?

Roshni: sorry sir… it won't happen again

Jai: it better not…or it would cost you your job…

Suddenly the phone rings

Jai : hello Jai walia speaking..

Aditya: are Jai tu kahan hai? Tujhe yaad nahin aaj valentines day hai aur humare ghar mein party hai? Jigyasa ne pushkar ko bhi bulaya hai. Aaj hum humare nayi bahu se milenge…pushkar ne kaha tha ki wo aaj humari bahu ko bhi saath mein le kar aayega…

Jai: oh god..main to bhool hi gaya …main abhi aata hoon…bye.

Jai: roshni saare interviews cancel kar do aaj mujhe ghar jaldi jaana hai…

Jai gets another call and he gets busy talking .

Roshni goes and informs the ppl who had come for the interview that it has been cancelled.

After 5 minutes Jai comes out of his cabin and it starts raining…

Jai to himself: aaj main usi raste se jaa raha hoon kyaa aaj bhi wo rain dance karne aayegi??? and he laughs at himself for harbouring such thoughts..

But at that moment his eyes fall on a young lady who was obviously crying. Her hands were shilding her face from the rest of the world and she seemed to be in her own world not noticing that she was sitting in one of the biggest offices of mumbai and that almost every passerby was staring at her.Jai calls roshni.

Jai: roshni us ladki ko kya hua? Wo ro kyon rahi hai?

Roshni: hmph wo middle class ladki is liye ro rahi hai kyon ki maine use bataya ki yahan bacchon ke liye koi kaam nahin hai. Wo MUJHSE puch rahi thi ki aaj ka iterview kyon cancel hua..maine usse poocha ki wo hoti kaun hai aise sawal poochne wali…main..

Jai: ye kya tareeka hai kisi se baat karne ka? Tumhe kisne haak diya hai kisi ko dukh pahoonchane ka? Get back to your work…

Jai goes and sits near the crying girl…The girl doesn't notice and continues to cry silently with one or two audible sobs.

Jai: hey tum ro kyon rahi ho? Wo roshni bhi na logon se baat karne ka tareeka bhi nahin jaanti…

He sees her resume on the small coffee table and picks it up and opens it… he looks at her name..Bani Dixit…age: 20 yrs

Jai: ab rona band karo…batao to sahi tum ro kyon rahi ho…

Bani (between sobs): us  khadoos Jai walia ne saare interviews cancel kar diye…ek baar mera resume to pad lete…maine pata nahin kitne job interviews diye hai..magar har baar mujhe nirash hoke ghar jaana padta hai…sab kehte hain ki main bahut choti hoon lekin main kehti hoon ki kabhi kabhi chote bhi bade kaam kar dikhate hai ek baar unhein chance to dena chahiye naa? (sobbing) magar high and mighty Jai walia ko time hi nahin hai kisi ko ek baar chance dene mein unhein to sirf parties attend karne ka time hai…

Jai to himself: ise pata nahin ki wo kis se baat kar rahi hai  ise dekhkar mujhe us ladki ki yaad aati hai jo baarish mein naach rahi thi…dono ke harkaton mein se  bachpana jhalak ta hai.. at that moment Bani removes her hand to face Jai.

Jai: think of the devil….

Bani: what?

Jai: nothing…hmm so you want to give the interview??

Bani: whats the use Mr.party animal has already cancelled it (tears well up in her eyes)

Jai: well I can take your interview..

Bani (looks happy for a moment): you can ?? oh thank you so much you don't know how grateful I am to you…by the way I am Bani..Bani Dixit..

Jai: well I am Jai…Jai walia…but you can call me Mr. PARTY ANIMAL

Bani stares at Jai and she faints…


should i cont?Wink

ok here goes..


Jai walia is found running to take a jug of water from the nearby table and sprinkling it on the face of a young girl. Bani revives and slowly opens her eyes and sees Jai walia's smiling face.

Bani: oh…Mr.walia I am so sorry I didn't know it was you….please forgive me….me and my big mouth….Mr.walia I didn't mean it I was just angry…no irritated….no omg ….

Jai: confused? Or too lost for words?

Bani (in an undertone): meri naukri ab gayi bhad mein…ye bhi haath se choot gayi..Bani Dixit control your mouth next time….

Jai: excuse me….

Bani: no..nothing…so …I'll get going…

Jai: where are you going? Don't you want to give an interview? Or are you still confused?

Bani: ……….

Jai: what happenned ? cat got your tongue? Or you don't want this job?

Bani: oh no no no I want it….

Jai: then come along… I can spare a few minutes…..

Bani just follows him silently….

(ok now I'll skip the interview part)

Jai is sitting in his cabin looking at Bani's resume….she had answered all of his questions promptly and all of the were answered wittily. He looked at her iq reports…which she had written there…it showed her as a genius…einstein to be apt…she was the best for the job..

Jai to himself: she has already got the job at such a young age…

Jai: Ms. Dixit

Bani: Bani sir….

Jai: ok…Bani I feel sorry…

Bani looks at him sadly…tears well up in her eyes and a drop was treatning to fall any time…

Bani: itz alright sir I can understand.

Jai: let me finish (Jai walks towards her)… I feel sorry for the other ppl who came for the interview coz we have found our new office manager…congratulations

Bani jumps and skips around the room astonishing Jai and the she goes and hugs him….

Bani: thank you sir thank you……I'll never be able to show my appreciation…..

Jai is stunned. Bani then realises what she's doing and quickly lets go of him… and reaches for the door when..

Jai: Bani…

Bani: yes sir….

Jai: I would like to invite you to our valentines party at Walia mansion….all my other EMPLOYEES  will be present there(*cough* LIE *cough* )

Bani: sure sir…

I'll drop you home and you can get changed fast and we can leave together…

Bani: sir…aap kyon ….

Jai: I don't wanna hear another word chalo…

And he pulls her towards the exit and she finally agrees…

About ten-fifteen minutes later Bani gets into Jai's car in a dashing red saree with matching jewelry.

Jai: ( mouth open for a minute or so then) you…look…you look very beautiful…

Bani: thank you…

ok guys now the rest will be posted ASAP (after its being written.he he he ok don't lathi charge me for the real stupid jokes added OuchLOLWink)




Its night time and a huge white mansion is to be seen light up with thousands of lights. It seems as if all the stars in the sky had come down to the earth.

Jai  Walia's black ferrari drives up till the red carpet. Jai Walia comes out of the car in a dashing white suit with white shirt and no tie..(I know guys he looks good in black but in white he looks like an angel  J aww I love him in white and black) he then helps Bani out like a true gentleman…he gives the keys to his vallet and both of them walk inside over the red carpet( I know it sounds like they are attending the academy awards or something but parties at Walia mansion are no less than a academy awards function)

Every one keeps greeting Jai and Bani. Bani spots pushkar amongst the crowd.

Bani waving to pushkar: hey….pj

Jai: why are you waving to pushkar? Do you know him? And btw whats pj?

Bani: oh…yes I do know pushkar….and pj means pushkar jiju….

Jai: jiju? Means your sister is married to pushkar?

Bani: ya Pia di and pushkar got married last year….they also have a daughter called nidhi.

Jai: oh so that woman who was scolding you is your sister???

Bani: scolding me??? What are you talking bout?

Jai: no… nothing…itz nothing…he he he..K

Bani: shes my cousin sister….my parents and my 2 sisters died in a plane crash…

Jai: can I have a dance with this young lady? (giving his hand to Bani)

Bani: me??? And dance????

Jai: oh come on one dance won't make a difference….

Bani: ummm…….ok….

And jai and Bani dance with the song


hamesha tumko chaha aur chaha kuch bhi nahin

tumhe dil ne hai puja  puja puja

aur puja kuch bhi nahin

from devdas playing in the background

then suddenly the lights go off and a voice is heard announcing "ok guys now listen up there are 20 mistletoes hanging around over this dance floor and the couples underneath them have to ….you know what I mean don't you? Ok lights on in five…….four.three.two.one" and the lights come  on Jai looks up and sees a tiny branch of mistletoe over him Bani doesn't even notice she is looking the other way ,he bends down to kiss her cheek but right at that moment she turns her face to look at him and their lips meet only for a brief moment but for Bani it seems to last forever….

Flashs of camera are seen at least a dozen photographers and reporters are traking pictures of Jai and Bani….

Flashback to what had happened a while ago….

A letter had arrivered to the editor of the best selling newspapers of mumbai saying that Jai Walia has secretly got married and he will be kissing his bride in the valentines day party at the Walia mansion…

At another place

Roshni to herself: Mr. Jai Walia ab aap ko mujhe kiss karna hin padega….ha ha ha…kal ki headlines roshni chopra weds Jai Walia…….ha ha ha

well whats gonna happen next?

well you ppl gotta wait till maybe tommorow (i'm not sureWink)

love suppi



Jai Walia was sleeping peacefully in his room. He was not exactly a morning person. But if circumstances considered necessary then maybe he would switch on his military alarm.

Yes military alarm with was custom made (guys he is Jai Walia impossible is nothing for him). This alarm woke him up with a resounding cannon detonation which even his neighbours complained of..(neighbours in the sense neighbours to his room which were jigyasa and aditya) but today he didn't need to wake up as it was a Sunday…but maybe destiny did not want him to sleep for long as his butler Tony, was forced to spray water on him to make him attend his mobile which was ringing continuously for the last half and hour…

Jai sleepily: are kaun kabakt mujhe ab phone kar raha hai? Mujhe sone bhi nahin deta ye good for nothing phone..hello.


Jai: mujhe brush karne do…


Jai: are ye yahan subha subha?

In about five minutes..Jai is seen running to the outhouse…Bani clearly seemed to be pissed off with him….maybe she got out of the wrong side of the bed…

He reaches the outhouse…Bani is standing outside clearly in a bad mood…her eyes flaring at him she looks as if she is gonna eat him alive…

Jai: what the hell….

Bani: I have to say the same…(she throws the morning paper at his face) WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

Jai looks at the paper. On the front page is a photo of him kissing Bani….and the headlines?

Famous business tycoon Jai Walia married to his employee Bani Dixit…news confirmed by the Mr. Walia himself…

Jai is gets the shock of his life. In another part of mumbai roshni is also in the same state…

Roshni: ye kya ho gaya? Yahan to mera naam hona chahiye tha….nooooooooooooooooo

Back to Jai. Bani still glaring at him Jai is lost for words…

Jai: ye…main………mujhe……nahin………kaise………..pata nahin……..Omg…main us editor ki dhajiyan udaunga….use chodunga nahin……

Suddenly his cell rings.

Jai: hello…

Maasi: Jai main tumhari maasi bol rahi hoon….main bahut khush hoon beta…par bataya kyon nahin…meri bahu se kab milaoge?

Jai: maasi wo…..

Maasi: mujhe koi excuse nahin sunna pata hai ki tu kya bolega…meri shaadi nahin hui…main aur shaadi… ab koi bhi bahana nahin chalega mujhe meri bahu se milna hai bas…

And the call gets disconnected…..

Jai looks at Bani….

Jai: Bani…….will you marry me?

Bani: what in the name of …..

And she faints………..LOL

what will happen why id jai asking bani to marry him?Embarrassed

find out in chapter 6





It became like a routine for Jai to be running for water. He sprinkled it on Bani's face.

She began to revive…

Jai: Bani….kitni baar behosh ho jaogi? Abhi mujhe har waqt hoshiyar rehna padega ki kab ms. Dixit mere baahon mein behosh hogi…

Bani: very funny….bahut accha joke mara hai aapne..

Jai: tumne abhitak jawab nahin diya….will you marry me?

Bani: ye kya bakwas hai? Main aur tumse shaadi? Aap apne hosh mein to ho?

Jai: hey hey….koi galatphehmi mein mat rehna  I don't love you or anything…(or do you?) I'm doing this only for my maasi. See shes a heart patient and she thinks we are married…she'll be heart broken if she hears the truth…don't worry I'll divorce you in a year or so….plz…

Bani: aapne mujhe samaj kya rakha hai? Koi khilona ki jab chaha shaadi ki aur jab chaha divorce de diya…sorry main aap se shaadi nahin kar sakti …

Just then the gate opens and a cars comes in and stops infront of Jai and Bani…

A lady in her late 60's gets out of the car…

Jai: maasi aap?

Maasi: munna….kaisa hai tu? Bani bahu kaisi hai?

Bani goes and touches her feet.

Maasi: jeeti reh…mere munna ne kya heera chuna hai…kitne aache sanskar hain…bahu tu mere munna ko sada khush rakna…

Jai: maasi aap andar jaake aaram kijiye…aap abhi lambe safar se ayin hain…

Maasi: theek hai Jai….

And maasi turns to go inside the house….

Jai looks at Bani with a pleading look on his face…

Bani: don't give me that puppy dog face…ok I'll Ma ….mar…marry you.

Jai: thank you so much Bani tumne meri ek badi pareshani door kardi.. chalo mere saath

Bani: kahan?

Jai: court mein…shaadi karne…

Bani: kya???

After an hour or so Jai and Bani come out of the registar office as a MARRIED couple. Maang mein sindoor, gale mangalsutra Bani looks like an angel send from heaven…

Jai: Bani maine aaj ek press conference bulayi hai tumhe pata hai na kya kehna hai?

Bani: kya mein tumhe gavar dikhti hoon?

Jai to himself: nahin tum to mujhe sexy dikhti ho….hmmm hmm what am I thinking? Jai control yourself….

Jai: Bani I have send my driver to get all your stuff from your house and have also given a letter to him for Pia explaining to her the circumstances…well not all but just that we are married…anyway come with me the press conference must have started.

In the conference Jai and Bani answer all the questions properly then a newsreporter asks Bani.

Maam where did you meet Mr. Walia? How did you get married?

What will be Bani's answer find out in chapter 7

 sorry if I bored you today…

love suppiWink



Reporter:Maam where did you meet Mr. Walia? How did you get married?

Bani looks at Mr.Walia with a naughty look in her eyes.

Bani: oh I met Mr. Walia when I was on a holiday in switzerland. He was there in some sking resort named avalance. I had accidentally spilled hot chocolate on his clothes at the first meeting…one meeting led to another and we started seeing each other often and as all of you know now we are married and very much in love.

Saying this Bani planted a peck on Jai's cheek making his eyes pop out in surprise. He had never expected her to do this…

Reporter: mrs.Walia what bout the age difference ? your about 11yrs younger than Mr.Walia.

Jai: how do you get all this information? Have you media ppl been spying on us?

Bani: shh. Age doesn't make any difference. What matters is your relationship and how much you love each other….and I love my husband a lot…..and he does the same…don't you HONEY?

Jai almost spilled his drink.

Jai: hm..umm…yes …I love you too…

After the press conference….

Jai : wasn't that a bit too much? You got a bit carried away……

Bani: I had to convince the press…

Jai: you can act very well

Bani: I used to act in plays in college

Jai: well now lets go back home…my family may be wondering what happened to the both of us….

At Walia mansion…maasi performs the aarti ritual and all the other rituals before Bani enters. Jai and Bani touch maasi's feet.

Maasi: sada suhagan raho(to Bani) aur Jai beta meri bahu ko tang mat karna(pulling his ears). Tum dono apne kamre mein jao aur aaram karo…

Jai and Bani make their way to their bedroom. Bani sees that all her luggage has been sent to Jai's room…

Bani: Mr. Walia main sofe pe so jaati hoon aap bistar pe so jayiye…

Jai: Bani….

At that moment maasi knocks and enters the room…seeing the bedding on the sofa she is surprised…

Maasi: Jai beta ye kya? Tum dono alag alag so rahe ho? Saath mein sone se pyar badta hai Jai chalo chalo ye bistara hatao is sofe se….are Jai tu sharmata kyon hai? Bani tumhari patni hai…

Jai: theek hai maasi…(and he looks at Bani)

At that moment sahil and anu enter the room….

Both: maamiji…..aap humare saath ayiye….(and they literally pull Bani out of the room )

Bani: kya hua?

Sahil: main sahil hoon aur ye meri behen anu….aap ko pata hai humare ghar mein ek parampara hai..(and he shows Bani a bowl full of folded chits) aap in mein se koi ek parchi uthayiye…

Bani picks out one.

Anu: aur is mein jo likha hai aapko wo karna padega…..ye is ghar ki parampara hai….

Bani slowly opens the chit and her eyes open wide by reading what is written in the chit…

Bani: OMG main ye nahin kar sakti….

What was written in the chit?

Kya karegi Bani ab?

Love suppiWink


Bani: OMG main ye nahin kar sakti

Anu and sahil: aap ko karna hi padega….(grinning as they saw what was written in the chit)

Bani: no no not this anythng other than this…

Sahil: mami this is the easiest of them all if you're hesistant on doing this then you'll faint when you read the others(smirking away to glory).

Bani: theek hai…and the camera comes on to the chit….

               "KISS YOUR HUSBAND(FRENCH)"

anu and sahil nudge Bani towards Jai's room…

Bani hesistantly opens the door and sees Jai standing near the window and reading a file from his office(are Jai tujhe pata nahin ki kya hone wala hai)

Bani goes near him a bit nervous..


hearing her words jai understands that someone is outside listening to them.

Jai: ji kahiye.(turns to face Bani)

Bani wraps her hands around his neck and pulls him into a kiss. Jai is shocked at what Bani was doing…but it felt so good…no…someone was watching…..

Bani then breaks the kiss and runs to the bathroom covering her face with embarrassment. Outside anu and sahil had been joined by maasi and dadi whose eyes had popped out looking at their dear munna and bahu…(naughty naughty maasi and dadi…peeping toms….spying on Jai and Bani like that…)

Jai was still standing like a statue…Bani meanwhile was embarrassed to the core…..and she didn't feel like comin out as she was sure Jai was still there…

After 5 mins or so Bani comes out of the bathroom, she sees that Jai was still standing there in the same position she had left him…SHOCKED she doesn't make eye contact buit as soon as Jai sees Bani come out of the bathroom he snaps out  and goes to her..

Jai: what was that? I know someone was outside….

Bani: its your own houses parampara….anu and sahil told me….

And Bani narrates the whole conversation between her , anu and sahil…

Jai: there is no such PARAMPARA whatsoever that anu and sahil…chodunga nahin unheein

Looks like someones in trouble….MAJOR..

Sorry guys that I couldn't update…I had school from now on I'll be able to write only on weekendsCry…I promise a long update next time….





 guys this episode is gonna knock you off your seats i put in xtra effort for you guys...love you all and a very happy diwali best wishes to all if members and their families...


Bani: I'm really sorry Mr.Walia I did'nt know……

Jai: its ok(ok? Its great isn't it Mr.Walia?) and he smirks at her…

You're a damn good kisser MRS. Walia….

Bani hearing the last comment turns beet red and runs off out of the room mumbling sumthin really inaudible…

Downstairs maasi and dadi were congratulating anu and sahil…

Anu: maasi humne sabhi chits mein ek hi cheez likhi thi jo bhi chit Bani maami uthati sirf wo hi hota jo hum sab chahte hain(*cough* hum bhi? *cough *)

Maasi: anu muje kabhi bhi pata nahin tha ki tum mein bhi itna dimaag hoga…

Dadi: haan mujhe laga ki tu aapni maa jigyasa pe jayegi magar tu to aditya ke jaise banti jaa rahi hai…intelligent…

At that moment Bani comes down the stairs seeing anu,sahil,masi and dadi there she blushes and runs up again…(tu niiche kyon ayi agar upar hi jaana tha Jai ke paas?)

Maasi sees Bani running up again: aree dekh biji nayi bahu kitni sharma rahi hai…

Bani goes into Jai's room …THEIR room she notices that the lights are off and no nightlamps are on and in the darknees she can't see where shes going…

She trips and falls on top of something on the bed….it was warm and had jerked when she fell….

Jai had heard Bani coming in (it had been his habit of sleeping with all the lights off) but he was too tired to getup and then he heard her gasp, trip over the carpet and land right in his arms(awwwwwww).

Bani noticed the strong arms that held her now…they felt so protective and comfortable the kind of warmth which she never had experienced before a feeling which she had never felt before….why did it feel so nice to be in those arms ….

Jai: Bani….       

Bani comes out of her reviere

Bani: I'm so sorry  …..I….I tripped

Jai: its ok Bani it was actually my fault I switched off the light…

Bani: no that's not the prob I wasn't used to the room and I am usually clumsy….

Bani was still in Jai's arms and he was not even close of letting go of her  he was still holding her tightly..Bani noticed this

Bani: erm Mr.Walia main ……uth jaoon?

Jai was embarrassed and he immediately letgo of her and she fell down…

Jai: oh Bani I'm sooooo sorry I …I

Bani: its ok Mr.Walia…

Jai offers her his hand and helps her getup  she suddenly loses her balance (she had jumped up so suddenly) and she catches him to stop herself from falling down and Jai's hand automatically to her waist to stabilize her.

Bani: wo main..

Jai: pata hai Bani that you lost your balance..

Bani: umm…mujhe bahut need aa rahi hai Mr.Walia and she runs to her side of the bed and gets in…

Jai also gets in bed..they both have their back towards each other.

Jai thinking: what is happening to me?….

Bani thinking: ye mujhe ho kya raha hai?…..

 At about midnight Jai started rolling(not what you guys think . He IS asleep)

Bani was a very sound sleeper so she didn't notice that Jai had rolled over to her side of the bed…


Bani slowly opens her eyes….sunlight was streaming into the room….she looked at the clock on her bedside table.. 7:00 am….

Bani then feels something heavy on her waist…it felt so warn and cozy….she looked down and saw a perfectly tanned arm on her waist…it had an extremely expensive black rolex watch with jewels embedded in it. She turned her head to see Jai fast asleep…he was holding her as if she was a pillow.

Bani to herself: he looks sooo cute when he's asleep I don't have the mind to wake him up…

But looks like Jai's alarm had other plans….


Bani almost jumped out of her skin Jai was slowly stirring up…(are itna bada cannon bhi use jagane mein itni deer lagata hai)

Jai(eyes still closed): f*****g alarm….office awwwwwwwww godamnit

He slowly opens his eyes and sees Bani looking at him shocked at his vocabulary…

Jai sees that his hands are on her waist…. The alarm was still ringing….

At that moment aditya,maasi,dadi and jigyasa run in to see what the commotion was…(usually he switched the alarm off) but seeing Jai and Bani in this position the start laughing…

Maasi: are Jai Bani ke aate hi alarm band karna bhool gaya?

Jai quickly takes his hands off Bani's waist. Both Bani and Jai turn crimson and both mumble something inaudible every one then goes out of the room

Bani comes out of the bathroom after her bath and sees Jai waiting to go to the bathroom…Jai goes into the bathroom to have his bath,shave and other stuff…

Bani seeing that Jai will be taking some time in the bathroom changes into a really lovely pale blue saree….she tied up her hair in a bun with a hairclip(the one that looks like a chopstick )she put on sindoor and her mangalsutra and applied a little makeup…usually she did not use too much makeup or she would look like a "clown" as she called roshni who practically bathed herself in foundation probably to impress Jai….but he's mine now thought Bani…

Bani was shocked at her own thoughts

Bani: what am I thinking?

Bani was as usual struggling to tie up her trademark dories when as usual as if on cue Jai came out of the bathroom. He was wearing just a pair of trousers …Bani didn't see him as he was not anywhere near the mirror.

Bani: these damn dories….i'll never wear these types of blouses again….grrr….damn it get tied..

Jai seeing her struggling with her dories grins to himself…throwing the towel on the bed he starts walkin towards her….Bani still not aware of him coming towards her starts swearing out loud at her stubborn dories…then she keeps her hands on her mouth and says out loud " why am I acting like Mr.Walia? (and she smiles at his name) the way he was swearing at the alarm …alarm? Was that an alarm ? it sounded like a atom bomb…hmm must be a VERY sound sleeper……

At that moment she feels cold wet hands on her back she looks in the mirror and sees Jai tieing up her dories …topless and water dripping from his spiked hair…..

Jai: you know Bani you look cute when you are angry…. And by the way I hope you wear these blouses everytime ….(adding  very softly almost a whisper) "sos I can tie em up every day…" (but Bani hears the last comment and blushes…his hands go to her hair and he removes the hair clip and her silky hair falls down ) you look lovely if you leave your hair open…(all this time he was dripping water on the marble floor and so making a kind of puddle on the smooth clean floor of his room)

Jai then takes a few steps back to look at her in the mirror at that same time Bani turns around and puts out her leg to walk and slips in the puddle and lands right onto Jai's chest. He grabs her waist and she catches his shoulder….

Jai: is it me or are you falling everytime I am with you…

Bani lets go of him and trys to walk away but she almost falls down as she had sprained her leg after slipping in the puddle but Jai catches her just in time to save her from falling. At that moment a lady who was looking very snooty and sophisticated just walks in without even knocking.

see i told you it'll be a long one this time and thak you all for the wonderfull comments i won't have time to say something in reply to all (exams coming up after 5 days so gotta study hard and don't worry i'll give a long one after my exams promise....)

who is the lady who walked in ?

well find out soon enough




(Plz note that Jai's age has been changed to 31 yrs..)

Jai and Bani were lost in their own world and didn't notice the lady coming in . both were looking into each others eyes….

Ehem… ehem

Both Jai and Bani snap out and Jai looks at the lady and his expression changes to happiness.

Bani: sonali di????? Aap aur yahan??

Sonali grins lookin at Bani: are Bani...tumne mujhe bataya nahin ki tumne mere bhai se shaadi karli?…. is nalayak se??

Jai: (in an undertone)  "ye Bani mere saare relatives ka list le kar ghoomti hai kya? Pehle pushkar aur ab sonali di?" are Bani tum sonali di ko jaanti ho?

Bani: haan wo…

Sonali: Jai…ye meri best friend Pia ki cousin hai….tumhe Pia to pata hogi naa? Pushkar ki wife?

Jai: haan haan….magar aap aaj yahan? Aap to kal aane wali thi na?

Sonali: oh wo.. maine socha ki main sab ko surprise karungi magar yahan aakar to sab ne mujhe hi surprise kiya….mera bhai aur shaadi??….aur wo bhi Bani jaisi ladki se??? I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it with my own eyes…warna main sochti ki tum hum sab ko bewakoof bana rahe the….

Bani and Jai go uneasy  at this remark…

Jai: umm sonali di mujhe office ke liye der ho rahi hai…main dress karke aata hoon..

Sonali: lage raho munna bhai……..he he he…and goes out of the room…

Bani to herself:  lagta hai sonali di ko shak ho gaya hai…. Chalo chodo…mujhe to neeche jaakar nasta taiyaar karna hai…omg its already 7:45 shit…

She was trying to get down as fast as possible but she couldn't due to the sprain in her leg so she was practically limping to the kitchen…(Jai had already shown her around the mansion…)

There was absolutely noone in the house…Jai had told her that they usually got up by 8:30 and breakfast by 9:00…(I know a whole house of sleepy bones….)

In the kitchen(If you can call it a kitchen it looked like a pantry house…2 microwaves….granite work place and three fridges to mention a few..) Bani saw that tony the butler was slowly getting things ready to prepare breakfast…

Bani: tony do you know what kind of food everyone here eats?

Tony goes on and on with the favourite dishes of each and every family member…Bani practically faints just hearing the list so much to do and so less time…Bani gives a huge list of cutting and other stuff to do to the horde of cooks in the kitchen…then does the main cookin herself… by 8:50 everything was ready…

Bani to herself: ye breakfast hai ya koi feast…inta khanna maine pehli baar ek saath banaya hai…agar tony aur ye saare cooks nahin hote to main to ye sab lunch time tak hi complete kar paati…

Bani had got along very well with tony and the rest of the cooks…at least she didn't shout at them like jigyasa usually did and she was a master chef…she should have tried out for "hell's kitchen"  the tv cooking challenge..she would have surely won…well it wasn't  wrong to call this kitchen hell's kitchen too if jigyasa was cooking…everyone would fall sick if they ate the food cooked by jigs…bechara aditya pata nahin kya kya sehna pada use…

By 9:00 everyone was down for breakfast…..

Tony ordered the servents to serve the breakfast.

For maasi it was low cholestrol food and for jigyasa low calorie food…Jai was given aloo ke parathes and coffee(strong and with only a tad bit of cream) like that everyone got their favourite food….no one knew that Bani had made breakfast.

And by the time Bani came for breakfast she was dog tired and her leg was paining like hell and on top of that she was limping….

Maasi: are Bani beta tere pair ko kya hua? Tu aise kyon chal rahi hai?

Bani: wo kuch nahin maasi  choti si moch ayi hain…aur kuch nahin….

Dadi: are tony aaj to khana bahut accha bana hai? Maine mere zindagi mein itne achha parata nahin taste kiya hai…

Jai: haan tony kahin bahar se mangvaya hai kya? Ya phir koi naya chef rakha hai?

All the family members start praising the food…

Tony: wo aaj Bani maam ne breakfast banaya tha…

All are shocked…

Maasi: are Jai tune mere liye kitni achi bahu layi hai…iske haathon mein to jaadu hai…Bani tumne itna achha khana banana kahan se sikha…

Bani: wo maasi mujhe pehle se khana banane ka bahut shok tha….

Sonali: haan maasi…ye to tab se khana banati ayi hai jab se wo 15 saal ki thi…main hamesha kehti thi ki wo jis ghar ki bahu banegi wo sabse khusnaseeb ghar hoga…phir pata chala ki wo ghar to humara hi hai….

Bani blushes at this and catches Jai staring at her with a shocked expression…..

After breakfast everyone goes about doing their business…Jai is about to leave and so is Bani…

Maasi: are Bani beta tu kahan jaa rahi hai?

Bani: umm maasi mujhe office jaana hai…mujhe bahut kaam karna hai…

Maasi: Bani tumhe aaj office jaane ki koi zaroorat nahin hai pehle to tumhare pair mein moch ayi hai aur agar tum aise kaam karogi to dard bad jaayega…kyon Jai? Tu hi Bani ko samjha ki aaj office jaane ki zaroorat nahin hai…

Jai: umm…haan Bani maasi thik kehrahi hai tum aaj aaram karo…

Maasi: aur Jai aaj jaldi ghar aa jana..thik hai?

Jai: par kyon maasi?
maasi: tu sirf ghar jaldi aa thik hai? Zyada sawal mat pooch…


Ok guys I know it wasn't the long one I  promised but due to the exams I couldn't think much up…english exam was the best and geography was the worst..(I can't remember all those maps..all names of manufacturing industries is like french and latin to me…) and hindi wasn't bad…maths was moderate….(hope I pass in everything….i was only dreaming bout IF during the exams…he he he..It was a right thing they did by putting up that notice on page one saying that this was an addictive forum) and I hope I keep up my rep in English the teach just cuts marks off like that's the only thing she knows how to do…highest in our class was just 85 %(me he he he) any ways I won't bore you guys with all this blabbering…ILOL'll update soon..



part 1-10 :page 1

part 11: page 5

part 12: page 6

part 13: page 7


final part: page 10

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LoranMaddiLee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2006 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
OMG sw33ty! that was really CUTE! i loved it!!! Cant wait fer ur next update!!! Clap
freak2 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 October 2006 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
awesome start plz continue soon
jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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haye...how cute...yay she got the job...lekin jai bhi na...bohot badmash hai...jhoot kuyn bola bani ko...sumthing fishy... Wink
Tazmanian_Devil Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2006 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
omg that was awesome!!
yay she got the job!
aww bani is soo sweet, just like a kid
no lathi charge but i am waiting, update super fast

Luv taz
black current Senior Member
black current
black current

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Clap so now update as soon as possible
goldie_ever Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 7:26am | IP Logged
can't stop laughing the whole scene where she he tells her im mr.party animal ...lol
valentines party...all employees LOL LOL
can't wait for the next part
pls cont soon
first three were awesome
SIKinLoVE IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 7:29am | IP Logged
that was gr88888.. mr party animals takin her partying .. ok bad joke.. but that was gr88 can't wait fo d nxt part Clap

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