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And I am back... just as promised...Embarrassed

Wow, a week back, it looked like we were stuck with little to no response but what a fab job KTLKians with the enthusiastic participation in the OS contest. Clap A huge round of thanks to all who sent in their entries.

Now without further Ado.. lets start the contest shall we Embarrassed


 You have to vote for 2 (TWO) Entries 

 Participants CANNOT vote for their own entry

 Participants cannot create Multiple IDs to vote for their entry. If such a case is reported... MODs will take over...

 Participants are NOT supposed to advertise their OSs through PMs/Twitter/FB/Blogs/Mobile..etc. If complaints are received, the MODs will take necessary action

 The OS Entries are below distributed in 5 individual posts... Read each Post carefully and then VOTE!

 Votings Close on 5th November, 2014



 Type ENTRY Numbers in the reply to this thread


-: NOTE :-

Participants, in case of any issue with any entry please PM me
Do NOT post in this thread 


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KTLK - Kuch Khwab Kuch Haqeqat

Tick  Tok! Tick  Tok !The  Clock  was  showing  the  time  as  11:45 pm .There  were just  15  minutes  left  for  Ashutosh  and  Nidhi's   10th Wedding  Anniversary  to  start .At  last  the  clock  struck 12:00.Nidhi  slowly  kissed  Her  beloved  Husband on his  forehead .Ashutosh  woke  up  all   of  a  sudden  To see his beautiful wife

 .Nidhi-Happy Anniversary Sweetheart 
.Ashutosh -Nidhi tumhari yeh adaat kabhi bhi nahi jaayegi .tum mujhe har saal pehale Wish kar leti ho.Main har saal decide karta hoon ki main tumhe pehale wish karoonga par tum har saal mujse aage rehati ho.
Nidhi-Abb app meri shikayat  hi karte rahoge mujhe wish nahi  karoge .
Ashutosh-Aare sorry .Happy Anniversary Darling (kissing her on her lips )
Nidhi -Happy anniversary Dr.Ashutosh .Chaliye jaldi ham hamri Anniversary wo cake kaat ke celebrate karte hain.

Ashutosh and nidhi go to the table in their room .There was kept a large chocolate cake written on top of that Happy anniversary Ashutosh And Nidhi.Ashutosh and Nidhi cut the cake And feed it to each Other .

Nidhi -Mere Anniversary Gifts kaha hain .
Ashutosh -Haan ek minute deta hoon .Ashutosh took out a small box which contained a pair of Diamond Earring with a  red ruby in the middle . 
Nidhi-Yeh kitne sundar hain .thank you so much Dr .Ashutosh .nidhi takes out ht earrings she is wearing and puts the earings given by ashutosh instead .
Nidhi -kaise  hain .
Ashutosh  -bahot aache .Abb mere gift kaun dega .Nidhi goes to the cupboard takes out a box and gives it to Ashutosh .Ashutosh -opens the box to find a Rolex Watch .
Ashutosh -Kitna Sundar hain yeh. Thank  you so much .
Ashutosh and Nidhi Hug Each other Tight .Ashutosh leaves Nidhi and kisses her on her forhead .
Ashutosh -chalo abb soote  Hain.

Next Morning 

Nidhi Gets ready In a Red saari with a black border  and wears the earings given by Ashutosh.She is just going to put her mangalsutra and apply sindhoor when Ashutosh comes to her .he asks her to give him the mangalsutra and sindhoor .First he opens the clasp and tightens the Mangalsutra around her neck .Later he takes a pinch of sindhoor and applies it in her maang.

Ashutosh- you are looking very very  beautiful .Bilkul koi Apsara jaise .
Nidhi -App bhi bhoot handsome lag rahe hain.Abb bahar chaliye sab hamara intejaar kar rahe hoge.

Ashutosh and Nidhi come into the hall .Everbody is sitting there .They take Ashirwad from Bade baba ,chote baba ,Dadi bua ,shyama aunty and kapil uncle.Suddenly AshNi's two daughters Kavya and Pari come running from inside .They give Ashutosh Nidhi a card and scream Happy Anniversary Mumma  and Pappa.Ashutosh and nidhi both sit on their knees and say Thank you babies .

Nidhi -Yeh card app dono ne banaya .
Pari-Haan Mumma maine Aur Kavya didi ne raat bhar  jaag kar yeh card banaya .Aapdono ko yeh pasnad aya 
.Ashni -haan bahoot

At the same time Anji and ranganath walk in with their son Harsh

Anji -Happy anniversary Nidhi and Jijaji.
Ashni -thank you Anji.
Ranganath -Happy Anniversary to you Both 
.Ashni -thank you .
Pari -Anji maasi hum Harsh ke saath khel sakte hain .
Anji -ha jaao beta .
Anji -Aaj tera kya plan hain .
Nidhi-kuch nahi bas hum charo lunch karange phir hum kavya aur pari ko lekar  park jayenge  bus

At lunch -

Ashutosh -To bolo kavya pari tum dono kya khaooge  .
Kavya and pari -Hum na burger khaange .
Ashutosh -Burger laga hi tha dono ki dono apni ma par gayi hain.Soon the lunch comes and The family starts eating .They all the an nice family lunch.

In  the evening, Ashni Take pari and kavya  to the Park .Ashutosh and nidhi are sitting on a bench while kavya and pari are playing.

Nidhi-Kitna kuch balda na in dus saalo main .haame do betiyaan hui abb MD ban gaaye main bhi ek senior Dr ban gayi.Baba ne Annath bacho ke liya ek anath ashram khola kitna kuch hua badla.
Ashutosh -haan bahut kuch badla sivaay ek cheej ke .
Nidhi -kya .
Ashutosh - Hamara Pyaar nahi Badla hamara Pyaar to Waisa hi hain .

Par Time kitne jaldi gujar gaya na .abhi bhi mujhe wo holi ka din yaad hain jab hame bata chala kit um pregnant ho .Phir Hamre Zindgi me Kavya aayi.Aur Us ne hamari zindagi  mai khushiyaan bhar di .Phir Paach Saal baad hamari Nanhi pari bhi to aayi Wo bhi ab badi ho rahi hain,Yakeen nahi hota ki abb Kavya 8 saal ki ho gayi aur pari 3 saal ki .

Nidhi -Haan time bahut jaldi beet gaya abhi bhi mujhe hamari woh peheli mulakhat wo din jab hamne dargah me hamra pyaar qubool kiya hamari shadi mere aakhon ke samne aate hain.Abhi aage bhi bhoot kuch karna hain .hamari betiyoon ki zindagi set karni hain unki shaadi karvani hain .
Ashutosh -haan bahut kuch karna hain .par saach kaho agar tum meri zindagi main nahi hoti  to mera kya hota main soch bhi nahi sakta .I LOVE YOU NIDHI.
Nidhi-I LOVE YOU TOO DR ASHUTOSH .Chaliya bahut der ho gayi hain ghar chalet hain .main pari aur kavya ko bulati hoon .Pari Kavya chalo Gar jana hain .pari and kavya come and hold hand of ashni .
Nidhi-chalo .They all sit in their car and drive home.

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KTLK - Diwali Dilon ki

Dadi bua stood in the inner temple...She came here for thanks giving...DB prayed God that she would get her great grand daughter Meeta married in Madhurai Meenakshi's presence in the temple... Though, Meeta's parents Ashutosh and Nidhi were doctors, DB trusted more on God's blessings than in doctors.

'Meeta! you did not wear the dress yet? It is nearly the time for Jaymala!'... DB's voice was anxious nearing to fretting.. She looked at Anji  with a meaningful look..

'Meeta! we kept that peacock blue lehanga for Jayamala right? please do fast with the dress.. I will call  makeup lady in the mean while for your hair-do'

'Anji aunty! I cannot.. My self and Akash decided to wear matching dresses throughout this ceremony... I am not sure he got a blue shirt'

'Call him fast and ask then'

'His phone is not connecting'

'That means baaraat is on the way.. you must hurry'

'Aunty! please let me do exactly as planned..' Meeta was dreamy..

'wait..let me call his mom...may be her phone is available'...Anji started dialling Mrs. Mehta...but got her husband on the line.

Anji connected to Mr.Mehta and spoke ... She dashed to the other room to Ashutosh and Nidhi... leaving...Meeta and DB shouting questions behind..

'Nidhi! talk to Akash's dad... fast...'

'What happened?' Ashutosh in the middle of wearing his pink turban.. DB came running behind and took the phone into her hand...she collapsed on to the chair  dropping phone from her hand...

'DB.. what happened?? tell me.. let me talk to him'...Ashutosh tried to pick up the phone.

'No need for it Ashutosh! Akash  turned cold feet from this wedding... His dad Mr.Jagan Mehta says... they are not coming...Ashutosh!!! they have planned it all... Jagan had planned this all the way... he is taking revenge even after these many years'... DB is in tears...

'I will go to them and somehow make them come here..even if takes me to touch his feet...'... everyone turned to see Mallika in the door way...Mallika was almost in tears..

' I have never expected Jagan to take such a nasty step...' her voice was quivering at the proceedings in the marriage mandap... 

Though, Ashutosh and Nidhi were against the proposal from Akash to their daughter at first, they had to give in for their daughter's love. They never liked this Jagan but, thought whatever happened in the past should not come in the way of their children.

**** ***** **** *****

'Mona! I dont know how this happened...do you think he met with an accident?' (Mona is Ranganath and Anji's daughter and best friend to Meeta)

'What illusion you want to put yourself in Meeta? Didnt you hear what his father said?? Such a fool that Jagan is... Chalo.. we will go from here before guests get to know about this...'

'No.. Mona.. I want to wait here...Akash will surely come.. He is not like his father'

But Mona firmly put a hand over her friend's shoulders and almost pushed her towards the door... 

There was another marriage going on in the teple... Meeta's feet stopped at the sight of that bride and groom pair... 'This groom turned out for his marriage... not like Akash...' mumbled to herself... 

Meeta met Akash at the medical college in US. They started as junior doctors at a hospital in US... But later, Akash wanted to go to New Delhi to be with his ailing mother. He insisted that Meeta too should go  to India with him. Meeta applied at AIIMS in New Delhi and was about to join soon after this wedding...

At the moment, Mona took her hand and marched towards the parked car. She opened the door for Meeta... Meeta was still looking at the other bride and groom pair...

'Meeta.. please get inside the car'

'Mona.. what if..what if Akash comes..and I am not there...'

'Meeta... stop helucinating... let us go home first'

'I dont want to go home...'

'OK.. let us go to some other place..'

Still, Meeta could not believe that Akash could do this to her...They talked about their future plans so many  times.. many promises were made... many promises were unspoken but conveyed through eyes... His eyes... the most expressive eyes in the world... How could those eyes lie??? What will she do when she meets him at AIIMS... She wants to go to Delhi at all?... what if he is repenting now for whatever his father's evil plan was...

**** ***** **** ***** 

'Meeta, you know you need not go to Delhi... Your parents can  make arrangements for you  to be in Lucknow it self'

'No Mona.. let me go to Delhi...let me have some time alone. I am confused here... mom and dad are not saying anything..but I feel like I have betrayed their trust... I went against them and see how it turned out to be... Dadibua makes me feel nervous...she is next to kill entire Mehta parivaar with my grandfather's gun..'

Whatever Meeta was saying outwardly... she knows..she was hoping to see Akash again in Delhi...even after all this... If she could fall in love with someone again, it will be Akash only.. nobody else.. Has she misread Akash??  Was there a mistake?..how could she?!!

After all, she cannot be wrong with the love she had seen in Akash... She was sure that he would come back to her...

'Meeta, whatever happens donot get into Akash's trap again.. I wish I could come with you'

'No Mona... Once I had this humiliation for life time... I cannot afford twice'...

Mona fell silent... she knew all that Meeta needed is one proffered hand from Akash.

**** ***** **** ***** 

'Dr. Ashutosh! Do you think I should go with Meeta for few days?' Nidhi was uncertain..

'Nidhi! Meeta is not young... you were younger than her when you went against your parents' wish to marry Rohan and announced your love for me...she will be OK'

'She is my daughter... I hope she will be OK'

Both turned around at the door knock..  Mallika was there...

'Nidhi and Ashutosh, I feel I am responsible for all this fiasco... I dont know what I can do to correct also... had I not walked out of Jagan that time, he wouldnt have done all this.. '

'Please stop feeling guilty Dr.Mallika... Jagan not only had spoiled your life .. haath dhoke padha hai Dr. Ashutosh ke peeche bhi...he is just as disgusting as he was before'

'Mallika...dont you worry about Meeta... She is a modern girl.. and stop feeling responsible for all this'

'No Ashutosh.. donot underestimate Jagan'

Only next day did Ashutosh and Nidhi come to know about Mallika's resignation from KGH. Rumour was, she is offered a place at AIIMS in Delhi. Ashutosh felt that Mallika was serious about repaying for her wrong deeds in the past... She is going there to protect Meeta.. This gesture of hers may be sweet ...but totally unnecessary... Meeta is Nidhi's daughter. She can handle her self.

Though, Nidhi seemed tough externally, her heart filled with concern for Meeta as in "mother's-only" kind of way. She forgave Mallika long ago... but never could become bosom chums... but now Mallika leaving her secured life in Lucknow at this age for Meeta has only brought tears in Nidhi's eyes.

**** ***** **** *****

'Hello Dr.Mallika, please come to Mathurs' place for Diwali celebrations... You should be there for all five days of festival with us... we have invited your brother Aditya to visit us for Bhaiduj...and asked your own son too come to our place directly'

'Thank you so much Nidhi... It feels like after a long time I will be enjoying Diwali with my familymembers... and Nidhi, a small request.. can I bring guests with me?'

'Oh sure Dr. Mallika... please feel free'

**** ***** **** ***** 

Two days before Diwali, everyone were shocked, and then surpised and then pleased to see Mallika with her ex-husband's son Dr.Akash Mehta...

Akash walked straight to Meeta... Meeta was too dumbfounded and mesmerised all at the same time... Mona  reached Meeta in two long strides...

'Meeta...' ... his eyes were pleading... he held out his hand...But Mona's presence literally brought Meeta to the reality...

'Meeta... I am too ashamed about whatever I did... I am here to correct it... please believe me'

'Why you did all this Akash?... and is this your new plan?'

'Meeta I dont know how I can prove my self... I lost your trust... I am feeling very very ashamed... my mother was literally on death bed... still my dad gave importance to play games for all those things of his youth... I had to be at my  mom's side... I could not come out... yesterday, Dr. Mallika came to me... we spoke for long...'

Mallika walked towards Ashutosh and Nidhi... 'Just believe me Ashutosh and Nidhi!! all is well... Main hoon na..'

Meeta and Akash broke from their hug only when CS whistled loudly... 

Iss saal ke Diwali sach mein dilon ka milan hogaya hai... Hard feelings if any were there  before, they all evaporated into thin air between Nidhi and Mallika... They hugged each other just like hard and fast friends...

**** ***** **** ***** 

'Pandit ji... kal shadi hai hamare ghar mein.. aap aajayiye... ji.. nahi.. Madurai mein nahi ho paaya... Meeta ki beti ka shadi waha karwayenge jaroor'... DB is all hyper once again with  preparations for a wedding on Diwali day...

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KTLK - Kuch Khwab Kuch Haqeqat [PARCHHAYEE]

It was late evening at Mathur Nivas. Nidhi was winding up the kitchen, and planning the next day's menu, especially for the kids Nisha (15 ) and  Anish (13) , when the door bell rang. Nidhi opened the door and was surprised to see Anjie and Ranganath with their 12 year-old daughter Raagini. Nevertheless, she welcomed them and hugged Raagini whose "Hi Maasi" did not sound as enthusiastic as it usually was. It was then that she noticed than both her parents too looked somewhat disturbed.By then, Ashutosh too came to the drawing room, "Arre Anjie, Dr. Ranganath, what a pleasant surprise!" He lovingly patted Raagini's cheek in response to her "Good Evening Mausaji":

As the elders settled down, Nidhi said, "Raags beta, jaa, Nisha is in her room". Just like Nidhi and Anjie in theirchildhood and adolescence, the two young girls were inseparable. So Nidhi was somewhat surprised when Raagini did not rush in instantly to Nisha's room.

Raagini said somewhat sullenly "Nahi Maasi, I'm fine here"

At that, Nidhi laughed indulgently, "Don't tell me! Tum dono ne phir jhagda kiya?!" Then she got up to go to Nisha, "main abhi Nisha ko leke aayi" but Anji held her hand, "Koi zarurat nahi Nidhi, I need to talk to you". She then says softly to her daughter, "Go to Anish's room" which her daughter immediately does.

 Ashutosh says, "baat kya hai Dr, Ranganath?"

Ranganath hesitates, "Sir woh, Nisha.." and is unable to say a further word.

Anjie says, "main bataati hoon. Nidhi tu toh jaanti haina aaj Raagini ko ek important assignment submit karni thi?"

 "Of course Anji! Woh Nisha ki help lene bhi aayi thi"

Anji nodded and then added, "Lekin Nisha refused to help her"

"I see now. So, ye dono isiliye ek doosre se baat nahi kar rahe?"

 "Nahi Nidhi bat yahin khatam nahi hoti.. dekh tu bura mat maanna, I am saying this to so that you can nip this in the bud. You know yaar I care too much for you , right?"

Nidhi is thoroughly confused by now. Ashutosh butts in, "Anjie khul ke baat karogi please?"

Anji begins in a helpless tone, "Jijaji, Raagini ne poora week mehnat karke assignment likha tha, aur mere saamne hi usne apne bag me notebook daali thi. (Ashutosh and Nidhi waited patiently for her to continue) Phir woh yahan aayi thi aur teeno bachche school gaye the. School me jab usne apna schoolbag khola toh usme woh assignment wali notebook nahi thi"

The couple exchange a confused glance before Nidhi says, "tune sab jagah dhoondi? Kahin gir vir gayi hogi.. tu toh jaanti haina Raags kitni careless hai?"

 "itni bhi careless nahi hai yaar. Can't you understand?"

 "Understand what Anji? Tu kehna kya chaahti hai?"

Anji mentally braces herself before venturing, "main sirf ye keh rahi hoon Nidhi ke Nisha is responsible for all this!"

This confuses her even more, "Nisha?.. Responsible?.. How?"

Anji is slightly exasperated now, "I mean Nisha took her notebook, jaan boojhke"

As understanding dawns on AshNi, they are indignant. Ashutosh is the first to react.

Barely controlling his rage, he says, "are you out of your mind Anji? Kitna ghatiya ilzaam laga rahi ho tum hamari Nisha pe!"

Nidhi too supports her husband, "Anji tu aisa kaise bol sakti hai? Tu toh mere dono bachchon ko itni achchhi tarah se jaanti hai!"

 "Haan Nidhi jaanti hoon, tabhi toh tujhe aagaah kar rahi hoon.. ab bhi waqt hai.. Be strict with Nisha, iske pahle ke uska khoon teri parvarish pe haavi ho jaaye"

Now Nidhi loses it completely, "Anji!! Ab tu apni hadd se aage badh rahi hai."

Ranganath who sees Ashutosh getting more enraged, tries to signal Anji to keep quiet. But Anji is in no mood to listen. "Nidhi isme bura maanne ki koi baat nahi. You can't erase the fact that Nisha has inherited DNA from Dr. Mallika and Jagan. And I have always felt that she is jealous of Raagini - woh hamesha apni class me top karti hai, jab ke Nisha herself is never even in the top 5 of her class! (AshNi are getting more and more stunned with each word) Nidhi tu apne dil pe haath rakhke bol, doesn't this remind you of the incident when her mother did the same to you? She hid an important patient file and.. "

Nidhi could not believe her ears! Granted that conceiving Raagini was nothing short of a medical miracle for Anji and hence she had always been oversensitive and overprotective of her, but this was totally unacceptable, "Stop it Anji! I don't know whether to get angry or laugh at your stupid thinking! You.."

"Okay Nidhi, toh phir ek kaam karte haina! Chal Nisha ke room me book dhoondhte hain."

 "NO! You hear that? N.O. Nisha ka kal exam hai, and I cant disturb her just because you have some stupid ideas!

Anji looks totally pissed off but Ashutosh says, "Nidhi, let her clear her doubt. Koi aur hota toh I too would not have allowed, but Anji.. she is.."

  "But Ashutosh, Nisha pe iska kya asar padega? Aap ne socha hai?

"Leave it all to me Nidhi"

Nidhi acquiesced and all went to the child's room. Ashutosh very tactfully sent Nisha to the kitchen saying they all wanted to have the strawberry milkshake she made so well. They searched the room carefully and suddenly Nidhi went all quiet! All saw her holding the notebook in shock. Seeing raagini's book in her hand, something snapped inside Ashutosh and he shouted angrily, "NISHA! COME HERE THIS MOMENT!" The sound of his angry voice was quite rare in the house so the little girl must have been scared, for a sharp sound of something dropping ensued from the kitchen a moment before she came running.

"Ji papa?" she asked in a little voice.

"Nisha, ye book tumhare room me kya kar rahi hai?"

Confused, the child checked the book, and said innocently, "ye toh Raags ki book hai Papa. Ye mere room me kyun hogi?"

 "EXACTLY WHAT I AM ASKING! Dekho Nisha, agar tum se koi galti hui hai or you have srolen it, just admit it now! You know well, mujhse jhoot bardasht nahi hota!"

Nisha is completely stunned, "Papa.., galti?, steal? Jhoot... ye sab.."

Nidhi comes out of her shock, and rushes to protectively hug her daughter, "AAP SAB IS ROOM KE BAHAR NIKALIYE.. MERI BETI AISA KAR HI NAHI SAKTI .. YOU GET THAT?! Ashutosh aap bhi? I am shocked!"

"So am I!!" said Ashutosh. He had lost his temper too. He muttered under his breath, "itni andhi mamta bhi theek nahi"

Just then, CS comes with the milkshake Nisha had made for everyone just before she was called in. Seeing the book he said, "Arre Nisha baby aaj aap school chali gayi na tab humein ye book darwaaze ke paas giri hui mili. Aap ko school me taqleef toh nahi hui na beta?"

All were stunned as the reality became crystal clear! Raagini had drooped the book while the kids were leaving for school that day from Mathur Nivas.  All filed out silently from the room. Ranganath family left shamefacedly. Ashutosh silently walked to Nisha's room, where Nidhi was still consoling a crying Nisha in her enveloping hug. The mother's eyes held anger and accusations as they met his.

 He ventured, "my dear? Please look here?"

Nisha slowly looked up from where she had hidden her face in Nidhi's bosom, and looks up at him wearily. She was shocked to see her otherwise stoic and strong father, her hero, holding his ears silently while tears flowed down his cheeks. She got up from the bed and hugs him tight, saying softly "Papa!" Ashutosh too hugs her tight and says "Aapke papa bahut bure hai Nisha, bahut kharab hai". He feels her shaking her head vigorously while still in his hug, she sobs, "No! You are the bestest Papa, you are my one and only hero .I love you" "I love you too my princess!"

That night in bed, Ashutosh nudged his wife as she lay facing away from him. "baat bhi nahi karogi?" When she did not respond, he used sheer force to turn her around. He held her face and looked into her eyes he said sincerely, "I am sorry!". Nidhi said just three words in response, "How could you?" He said with trepidation, "sach kahoon? I let my medical knowledge rule over me. I could not listen to my heart. Aaj ek pal ke liye mujhe laga ki Mallika is back before us! You had to bear so much just because you loved me. Meri dosti ki bahut bhaari keemat chukai tumne Nidhi! I mean, I understand she could never accept our relationship but.."

 "agar unhone hamara rishta nahi accept kiya hota, toh woh apni beti ka  naam Nisha kabhi nahi rakhti! Aur ek baat - we cannot let the past cloud our judgement! NISHA IS NOT MALLIKA!"

He looked at her almost reverently as understanding dawned on him. He whispers softly, "haan woh sirf tumhari parchhaayi hai!".

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KTLK - Kuch Khwab Kuch Haqeqat 
[Ek Pyaar ka Nagma Hain..]

A fifteen year old boy of about five feet six inches of height with a lanky stature ran pell-mell across the huge playground, his gaze frantically searching for someone. There! His face showed relief as he changed his direction and ran towards the basketball court screaming at the top of his lungs, "Aryan! Oye Aryan Ashutosh Mathur!"

Aryan threw the ball in a perfect bank shot and his friends whooped as it bounced off the backboard at such an angle that it dropped into the basket. He thumped his fist in the air before exchanging high fives with his friends. At fifteen, he was already six feet tall and had the shoulders fit for a line backer. His dark piercing eyes held a hint of mischief and despite the intense game going on, he had a relaxed air about him. As if he found the life to be full of joy and exciting possibilities that he didn't find anything to worry about.

"Aryan mere baap!"

Aryan frowned and turned towards the boy who was waving his arms in frenzy and running towards him. He swiped a towel over his face and went to meet his friend with a lop-sided grin that looked like he had plucked it right out of his father's mouth. "Pavan! Pavan! Aaram se aaram se," he held out his hand to stop Pavan from ploughing right into him. "Bhaagna band kar aur bata hua kya?"

Pavan huffed and puffed before saying on a panting breath, "Mera bhaagna khatam. Ab tera bhaagna shuru. Ja. Bhaag."

Aryan frowned. "Kyu? Kya hua?"

"Teri behen..Anisha.."

If there was one thing destined to raise his protective instincts, it was the mere mention of his twin sister, Anisha. Aryan's entire body stiffened. "Kya hua Anisha ko?"

Pavan sighed tiredly. "Her? What could happen to her? Apparently one of our senior wrote her a love letter. She is gone to kill him. If you don't go and stop her, she will succeed too."

Aryan slapped his forehead before signalling his friends that he was out of the practice match. "Where is she?"

"Near the library. I saw that poor guy sitting under the tree."

Aryan scowled. "He gives a love letter to a fifteen year old girl and you are sympathizing with him?"

"Anyone on the receiving end of Anisha has my unending sympathy. Ladki hain ki gunda hain yaar teri behen?"

"Shut up! Nahi toh Anji mausi ko boldoonga ki koi Anisha ko ched raha tha aur tu waha se bhaag gaya."

"Yaar don't drag my mom into this. And go now before the cops come and arrest her."

Aryan chuckled but nevertheless ran in the direction of the library without bothering to change out of his team shorts and sleeveless t-shirt.


"Saala! Mere ko love letter deta hain? Jaanta hain ki mein kaun hoon?"

"A-Anisha A-Ashutosh M-M-Mathur!" The poor guy pinned between the hard bark of the tree and a ferocious female stammered.

"Idiot. I didn't ask you my full name. I'm a karate black belt. Gave my final test just last week. Ek doongi na.." The brown black eyes of the fifteen year old Anisha were spitting fire and fury. She looked thin but every inch of her five feet five inches sleek frame was well toned muscle and her thick straight black hair was pulled into a tight ponytail at the back of her head.

Before her fist could connect with the guy's cheek, hard arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her away giving the guy a chance to breath and run like hell in the other direction. Facing the girl after giving that letter had been a nightmarish experience. He most definitely didn't want to tangle with her twin brother.

"Ani..Ani ruk! Mat maar usse, chod! Jaane de Ani!"

Anisha pushed her brother's arms away and freed herself. "Chod Ari! Kaisa bhai hain tu! Usse marne ke bajai tu mere ko rok raha hain?"

"You really want mom to know about this? If the principal sees you hitting someone again, she is going to call mom. And you know all hell will break loose after that." Anisha scowled but nodded in agreement. "Now let's go. Dad called. Today is their anniversary and he wants to surprise mom with something."


Nidhi came out of the OT, pushing away her face mask. "Congratulations, beti hue hain."

"Thank you so much Dr Nidhi," Presumably the patient's mother said with gratitude. "What people say is true. You indeed do have a golden touch."

Nidhi smiled and patted her shoulder. "Aisa kuch nahi hain. I'm no different from other OBGs here. Your daughter will be shifted to the ward in a few minutes then you can see her and also your granddaughter." And walked towards her cabin. Just as she entered, she felt her phone vibrating madly on the table. A glance at the caller id and her face lit up in a tired smile. She answered it. "Haan Anji! Bol!"

"Hey Nidhi..Happy anniversary yaar."

That wiped the smile off Nidhi's face. Her startled eyes fell on the calendar and groaning, she plopped down in her chair. "Oh God! I totally forgot about that! Shit yaar!"

"You have gotten so busy in your profession these days..no wonder you don't remember anything. Do you even get to spend enough time with your kids?"

Nidhi smiled at that. "I do actually. We went to that picnic last weekend na. It was fun. You saw the pictures?"

"Yup. Jeejaji is looking so relaxed re."

"I know. He says he is living his childhood through his children. Now that he has opted out of surgeries and shifted to teaching, he is bonding with them big time. All three of them went to some movie too last night."

"Can't believe jeejaji watching movies and eating burgers. And can't believe you have become a strict no-nonsense type of a mom." Both of them giggled like two young girls talking about their favourite hot actor instead of two middle aged women.

"Achcha chal, rakhti hoon. I need to go home as soon as I can. Say my hi to Ranganath and Pavan. Oh and your in-laws too."

"Yeah ok. And you say my hi to Yog uncle and jeejaji. Kissie kissie to kids." They laughed and ended the call.

Nidhi quickly wrapped up the OPD and handed over a couple of emergency deliveries to her colleague before driving herself home, stopping on the way to buy a huge bouquet of red roses for her husband. As soon as her car stopped in front of their two storied bungalow, her son came running and opened her door. She took the flowers and got out only to have him close both her eyes with his palms. She felt her daughter's hand guiding her through the front porch steps and then she was inside the house. Her son removed his hands slowly and she blinked her eyes open.  She saw the grinning face of her baba first and then looked around. The hall was full of balloons and streamers and in the centre table sat a huge cake, alight with candles. And near the huge bay window, stood her husband, with one foot propped against the wall behind him and with his violin in his hand. He smiled that special smile of his as soon as her eyes met his and started playing the song that had become their song through the years.  

Ek pyaar ka nagma hain..Maujon ki ravani hain..

Zindagi aur kuch bhi nahi..Teri meri kahaani hain..

Tu dhaar hai nadiya ki, main tera kinaara hoon

Tu mera sahaara hai, main tera sahaara hoon

Aankhon mein samandar hai, aashaaon ka paani hai

Zindagi aur kuch bhi nahin

Teri meri kahaani hai

Ek pyar ka nagma hai

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KTLK - Diwali Dilon ki

"I'm so sorry Ashutosh, Nidhi. I had filed your application for divorce. But it couldn't be forwarded because of the Diwali break at the Court... You both have to wait for the next one or two weeks", Anji, the close friend of Ashutosh and Nidhi said sighing and leaning against the backrest of the office chair in her law chamber...

Ashutosh, who had with an anticipation to hear his divorce with Nidhi get forward, looked at Nidhi plainly. She was quietly listening to what her best friend was saying... On hearing what Anji had to say, Ashutosh nodded his head as a response to what she said, stood up and quietly went out to his car to leave for his office, not even looking behind at the lady who still is his wife.

Ashutosh Mathur, a businessman at profession, running a fairly well IT Software business in Ahmedabad, with his business partner, Ranganath, his old time friend and their lawyer Anji's husband... Things were all running smoothly in his Bachelor personal and professional life, until the new Intern, and later one of the Junior Software Engineers in his firm; Nidhi came into his life. From an Employer-Employee relationship, he never knew when this bubbly intern in his firm changed his atmosphere and turned into a dear friend, and slowly a beloved for him... His small family of Father, mother, and younger brother Armaan did not take much time to accept her into their family and was married to him in a high profile affair...

Things couldn't have been better for them; every little hurdle was crossed beautifully in the initial stages of their nuptiallife, until after a few years the patience and tolerance among both of them start losing... A happy and supporting family,successful business were just not enough, the sense of independence and busyness was slowly taking toll... Even an entry of a little child was not a factor to resolve the issues, but to add on to the quarrels... With Nidhi managing both office and home and the little baby, Ashutosh started getting even busier...  And there started the parting of ways... Nidhi couldn't give time to Ashutosh, and Ashutosh couldn't to his family... And here they were sitting in a law chamber to know the progress at their divorce case...

Ashutosh came out of the alley of memories as his sub-conscious mind by itself put brakes on his car in front of his office... Handing over the keys of his car to the valet he hopped over the stairs quickly to get immersed into the flood of his work to forget for some time that his divorce has still not happened, and he still has a quarrelling wife...


Nidhi who sat quietly on the visitor chairs in front of Anji in her chamber, with her head bowed with her fingers entwining and detangling with each other every now and then...

She had nothing to say or any strength to stand up and walk away, coz the sympathising eyes of her best friend told she cannot walk away today without having a talk with her... And within a few seconds Anji came around the table, and occupied the chair that a few minutes back Ashutosh sat on... Putting her hand on Nidhi's she softly spoke- "Nidhi... Yaar tujhe ek baat frankly bataaoon? Teri ye shaaditere aur jeejaji ke alaawa aur koi nahi solve kar sakta... Kaise karna hai solve wo tum dekho... Try to indulge him in the family, and see if things improve... Tum aise kaise haar maan sakti ho?"... Hearing Anji, Nidhi looked up with tear filled eyes, yet nodded... Clearly she did not wanted to separate with her husband, but circumstances are forcing her to... But on some encouragement by her bestie, she stood up with a resolution to whole heartedly try once to solve the grieveances...

After Nidhi left, Anji picked her phone and dialled to Ranganath- "Hello, Ranga... I need your help baby."


"Ye kya hai Ashutosh???" Ranga threw a set of papers on Ashutosh's desk... Ashutosh picked them up to see some mistakes from his side that could have caused some consequences for the firm... Though Ranganath knew about how disturbed Ashu was, and always made sure to recheck the work done by him to ensure that not much damage is caused... But this time it was an order from his wife, and he too could not see his old friend so lost and sad... Deep inside he knew however the stress is between both of them, Ashutosh still loved his wife somehow, but couldn't muster up courage to stop the divorce that was coming their way...

Ashutosh just stood up bowing his head in shame that he had been so distracted that he was going to cause harme to his firm... And Ranganath too wasn't leaving any stone unturned to act before him how angry he is... And continued with his rant- "Yaar agar kaam nahi ho raha hai toh break kyu nahi le lete thoda kaam se... (Running his hand in his hair) Ek kaam karo Ashutosh... Please Diwali tak tum ghar par hee raho... Main sambhaal loonga... Please..."

Ashutosh who was already feeling bad quietly walked off the office, not risking to further angry his old friend... And since there was no other option, he went to his house...

It was the eve before Diwali... On the door itself he could hear his baby daughter's giggles... He went in and after freshening up, sat on a chair in the hall... His little baby was trying to crawl over the carpeted floor... He kept watching her for many minutes, when he unknowingly started smiling at his daughter's antics, and opened his arms for her, and his baby crawled up to him and sat my his feet, asking to be picked up in her father's arms... Ashutosh suddenly felt a sense of so much belonging that his little baby loves her father so much... Amidst playing with his daughter, he looked at the house with the corner of his eyes... Nidhi was busy instructing the maids to clean the house for Diwali... And sometime later, he could smell Gujiyaas being prepared in the kitchen... The more he smelled it, the more his stomach grumbled... Nidhi was preparing one of his favourite sweets... How many times a year did Nidhi made this and he unthankfully ate them, not realising how much love was put into it...

His daughter wriggled out of his hold to again start crawling, and he left her to play, while he walked up to the kitchen, where Nidhi was busy preparing many of his favourites, all smiling, talking to his family along... Ashutosh couldn't help a rueful smile... However he had made their lives stressful, Nidhi hadn't made the home stressed that they have made with so much love... He just stood leaning against the threshold witnessing the love filled home they lived in...


It was the eve of Diwali, Nidhi wearing a beautiful Orange and Golden saree sat on the steps of his home lighting the dias all over his home... The last two days have made him so overwhelmed to see his wife spreading so much love inspite of them thinking over divorce, and moreover whenever she caught him looking at her, her eyes held such love that was far away from the wife he thought she had become, Pestering, nagging or something... He really was cherishing the family time he was spending, and starting to realise what he had been missing for so many days, and months... This is all she had wanted him to... To spend some of his precious time with his family... What more had she asked...?

Ashutosh came and sat with Nidhi on the stairs, and started lighting more of lamps with her... Nidhi looked at him with a pleasantly surprised look... but he just bent and kissed her forehead, and with an apologetic look muttered a sincere- "I am sorry Nidhi... It's so hard to imagine our lives without you...", and Nidhi too did not know  when her eyes welled up too... "I too am sorry... I cannot live without you Ashutosh... Even if we divorce our ways, It's impossible to divorce our hearts..."... Ashutosh hugged her tight to him and told- "Toh lets bot divorce!!! HAPPY DIWALI" "Happy Diwali Ashutosh!!!"

And the festival of lights brought lights in the lives of our beloved ASHNI!

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* * * * * *
* * *
* *


* *
* * *
* * * * *

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Entry 4 and 5

Edited by deepali.rock - 31 October 2014 at 9:31am

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