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OCTOBER 24, 2006

*Seebo has second thoughts
*Sharab and Preeto call it off forever
*Preeto asks for new company or divorce
*Guddhi got a new plan

Some random room..bikram house
Guddhi thinking how Preeto thinks she is so smart, tells kuljit not to let her get out of our hands

Seebo comes and informs them how she met p&s at the mundir and heard them talking about "revealing the true robber" G&K are shocked. Seebo asks what it is Kuljit says that long before preeto stole money and now she will try to make it look like we did. Seebo rolls her eyes and then says i left before i could hear more

Family room..bikram house
Kuljits dad calls kuljit..
Kuljit asks sharab why he looks tense. Sharab tells kuljit how could he hide the fact he was in the hospital for 2 days. Everyone shocked. Kuljit says it wasn't importtant.

Preeto comes and says he was just dihydrated so he was gone for that, we didn't tell anyone because we didn't want to worry anyone. Kuljit looks shocked. He then leaves.

Preeto and K;s room...bikram singh house
Preeto comes and asks if he is wondering why she saved hum. He tells her not to give pity as only friends do and we are enemies. Preeto says well i guess i shouldn't have felt bad for treating u as a enemy. Well Kuljit if u don't do as i say now, i will take every day and turn it to living hell for u. Kuljit shocked.
Preeto says the new company that he is getting she want it under her name. Kuljit saays no!..Preeto says u better do as i say, i said i want ti means i want it!!!
Preeto tells kuljit actually i will give u another option..either do the first one of give me a divorice. Kuljit shocked, says u want a divorce so u can stay with ur old loveR? Preeto tells him this is not the time for him to ask anything, but to think of his options. Either become her slave or free her. Kuljit shocked. She says he has to tell her soon.

Preeto and Sharab were outside.
Sharab says how he wont maryr seebo until she is fine. preeto says no he will marry her. Sharab says i can't stop thinkin of what it would have been if kuljit... Preeto says that she is doing all this for him. He looks surprised she then says and seebo, my whole family. She then tells him the shaadi date is coming out!! Sharab looks disturbed hearing this.

Vir singh house
Dadi comes and says the marriage date came. seebo blushes her mom congratualtes her. Seebo goes to her room looks at the moon and day dreams of her marriage, sharab putting sindoor and mangulsutra and taking the 7 sacred rounds. She then gets a shiver and thinks about what the pundit says to preeto and sharab (from the mundir) "may there jodi last forever" she thinks i need to know about sharab

Seebo calls sharab and tells her she is having second thought. He jus thinks. She tells him she wants to meet him now. She agrees.
Guddhi angry thinking how dare she thinking they can't let preeto make them there slave and rule the house. And can't let her free
Kuljit says he sees they are trapped either way
Guddhi tells him to let her think, she thinks and syas that now its time for this game to end!

Sharab and preeto are walking.
Sharab tells preeto he is having second thoughts. Preeto shocked says that it was him who had agreed. He said then times were different. His cel rings its seebo. Sharab says he is comign and to wait.

Seebo is thinking..
episode ends.

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OCTOBER 25 2006


*Kuljit tries kill Preeto
*Preeto tells truth
*Guddhi&Kuljit tell "truth"
*Sharab gets slapped

Preeto tells sharab to promise her he will marry seebo. Sharab holds preetos hand and promises.

Seebo and Sharab meet.
Seebo says she wants to know his past, he said before she didn't but now she doeS? She says she just thinks its necesarry. He tells her everything, about him meeting preeto, putting there love Smile Seebo asks if he can foget her? He asks her if she could ever forget him. She says never, he says noone can forget there first love. Thinks about the promise he just made with preeto and says However, i will try my best to make any relationship with u work because u are my friend first. THey hold hands and walk off
Preeto brings almond milk and tells kuljit to drink it as his mind will work better. He taunts her telling her to stop acting big. She asks him if he had picked an option. He says give me 24 hours, preeto puts the milk down and leaves. Kuljit thinks how stupid preeto is she doesn't know that in 14 hours she will be dead.

Kuljit pours poison capsules in the milk. Preeto comes and takes the milk she smells it and it smells weird, she asks him what he added. Kuljit is soo scared (looks like he is going to wet his pants LOL ) says nothing. Preeto says then take a sip. Kuljit grabs the dirnk and says pick do u want to die from me choaking u..or die from this drink full of poison. Preeto pushes the drink and it falls on the floor she pushes kuljit runs out of the room and locks it.

Preeto runs straight to her ma's house. THey ask her what happened. Seebo tells preeto to tell the truth now. Preeto tells them all (we cannot hear) Dadi and her mom are shocked. Dadi says she will go talk. Preeto says not to because vir singh isn't here. Dadi says thank god he sin't..but i will talk, because i cannot let my neice sacrfice her own life for our happiness. We cannot be happy like that. THey leave Preeto and Seebo hug
Guddhi tells Kuljit that he is a fool to have let preeto run off.

Preeto calls sharab and tells him all, seebo is just standing next to preeto. Sharab tells preeto to come back. Preeto says she is afraid but sharab says kuljit cant do anything. Seebo says she will also come

Dadi says why are u guys acting as if u don't know. How could u do this to my preeto. She tells guddhi mother-in-law is supposed to be like mother, but u.. GUddhi says what the hell did i do?. Dadi gets mad and They narrate the story. Kuljit and GUddhi look scared. Sharab's dad asks kuljit if it is true. Preeto Seebo And sharab come in. KUljit says u just listen to them, u don't know what i ahve been through. Preeto and Sharab made this plan! Everyday she would go meet sharab. Preeto is shocked. Sharab yells they are lying. Kuljit tells Bikram to ask sharab is he loves Preeto, ask him to swear on his mom. Sharab is speechless. Seebo is shocked. Bikram tells Sharab not to test his patience and speak. Sharab syas..Hann yeh. and BAMMM Bikram slaps Sharab not even letting him finish

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thnkU Clap
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if anyone wants to type out the actual update feel free.

Recap: kuljit tires to kill preeto by forcing to give her piosin milk. preeto escapes goes to her grandparents house tells everyone kuljit n his mother's plans. preeto's granmother, her mom, seebo, preeto n the servant to kuljit's house confronts them. preeto dada wasn't in the village her was out for some work. guddi n kuljit blame everything on preeto n sarab, sarab tells he n preeto liked each other then he gets slapped by his dad.


1. Preeto goes back to her granparents house, sarab leaves the house tells his mother he will prove himself innocent.

2. Sarab, preeto n seebo meet to discuss what they will do, sarab takes out a gun.

3. kuljit comes to the garden he n sarab have an argument they fight for the gun, sarab gets shot, he is dead

4. seebo n preeto come see's what happened, kuljit is scared seebo runs to the police station.

5. kuljit tells preeto to help him he will do anything to stop seebo from going to the police, preeto tells him to tell his folks n her folks the truth about him, he agrees.

6. preeto helps kuljit to hide sarab's dead body, afther they leave sarab opens his eyes n smiles

7. everyone is at kuljit's house except for preeto's dadji casue he is out of town, kuljit tells everyone the truth, guddi to confesses. she gets slapped by her husband.

overall: sarab, preeto, seebo basically did an act to make kuljit believe he killed sarab. I loved it, you guys should have seen kuljit's expressions
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OCTOBER 30, 2006

*Kuljit gone crazy(not mentally)
*Sharab ALIVE
*Preeto shot
*Seebo says no to marriage
*____ marries _____

Everyone shocked. Bikram and his wife say they want to apologize to sharab. Kuljits dad says no he will first. Seebo comes in and says it is not possible since sharab has died. All family members have dead face. Kuljit is shocked. Preeto says it is true he died, and kuljit killed him. kultji gets angry tells her she promised not to tell. He grabs a knife and grabs preeto and says because of her everyone he loves hates him, and are standing before him as there enemy! Preeto scared everyone tells kuljit to leave preeto. Preeto tries to leave but he holding her tight. Kuljit tells her she turned out to be worse than him. Seebo is scared. Preeto yells sharab is alive. Everyone shocked. Kuljit says no she is just asying it to save her life. But i will kill her. Sharab walks in saying he is alive. Bikram and his wife cry with happiness. Sharab tells kuljit to leave Preeto. Sharab is happy kuljit alived but says since he didn't kill him, he will kill preeto. He tells his mom to get ready to run. GUddhi says no "she just felt her mistake and will not commint another" kuljti shocked tries to tell his mom they were a team. She tells him to let go of preeto. Everyone shouts to kuljit. Bikram leaves. Comes back with a gun. He tells kuljit he will shoot him. Kuljit says u will shoot ur own kuljit? Bikram says he will do anything to save family honour!! Kuljit shocked and says no he wil kill preeto. Preeto yells please don't shoot kuljit! Kuljit shocked. PReeto tells him to run off. Kuljit tells her whats the point in running awya from his family which now because of her hate him!. Bikram has enough tells kuljit to let go once again. Kuljit doesn't listen bikram shoots and preeto comes forward, and slowly falls down and kuljit brings her down in his arms..everyone FINALLLLLLLY comes running towards preeto shocked and crying.
Preeto was just skinned on her arm, and is resting on the sofa. Bikram tells kuljit he is only here and alive because of preeto. Kuljit says he know will change even though no one will believe him. He wants to change for preeto. Preeto shocked. Everyone has disgust written on their faces. Everyone asks preeto if she will accept him? Kuljit says he is willing to give divorce if not. Bikram moves his face in total disgust. Preeto looks and seebo and sharab and then looks down and says she believes kuljit has changed and is willing to start over. Kuljit happy.

Sharab asks Preeto she wanted to meeT?
Preeot says yes she knows he hasn't got over her, but she hasn't either. THey need to let go and move on. SHe says promise me u will. Sharab holds preeto's hand and says i already promised ur sister the same thing. Preeto happy and sharab says i also promise u. They hold hands and look at each other..

Seebo is listening to all with tears .
Seebo family comes. Dadi says this wedding cannot happen. Seebo says yes it cannot. Preeto and sharab shocked. Sharab says Seebo? Preeto like seebo why? Seebo tells sharab to remember how i said before ur wife im ur friend and to tell me every little thing that hits ur mouth, but u never accepted this, so how will u accept me as ur wife? Sharab confused and shocked. preeto is just crazy shocked. Seebo says i want u to speak to ur lips today. Thats kuljit's que and he tells preeto that he also agress with preeto and i want a divorce. He takes out divorce paper. Preeto is shocked to her bones. Kuljit says not to be shocked, who cares what other outside people think they have nothing better to do, but please don't ruin ur life. You forgiving me made my respect for u GROW. Guddhi comes in and watches all this with a littleee smile. Seebo takes sharab hands in preeto;s and then takes her hand out leaving preeto and sharab holding hands.


Preeto in a RED wedding dress Sharab in a black suit with RED tie (looking too cute together) smiling. Mahive song is playing, and they zoom out showing the WHOLE FAMILY EVEN SERVANT (MINUS VIR SINGH who btw was the main character b4) Then zoom into everyone's smiling faces. And zoom back to sharab and preeto. With the theme mahive still playing.
and it ends on the whole family "picture"

EPISODE ENDS...forever Clap


PREETO- wow great acting..i would give u an award. But
        honestly u did consummate ur marriage...stay
        with kuljit! i thought she should have stayed

SHARAB-can u speak? like he was silent for so many
       scenes. Stop being shy like a girl and talk
       you mAN! how could u hurt seebo after she told
       you she can never love after u Ouch

SEEBO-My brave cutie..both sisters sacrficed soo much
      Believe me i thought u should have gotten married
      kiddo. BTW seebo has white hair...and is fully
      wearing fake hair at the back LIKE HER MOM

KULJIT-can u say crazy? WOW some scense was like..buddy
       acting..u know? ahah but honestly i think kuljit
       should have died..or SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE..wasn't
       that big of a happy ending because 2 hearts broke

GUDDHI&&HUSBAND-Guddhi shouldn't have been forgiven THAT
                AND HEY mr, guddhi learn some acting..i
                thought u weren't paralysed anymore
                have to give u props for knocking
                Guddhi down Clap Clap

BIKRAM&&WIFE-Bikram u loser, u shot him LOL ..o well
              it hit preeeto. Btw i like how he uses his
              eyes when he is angry almost scared me
              Bikram give ur wife some lines, all she
              said during the whole 28 minutes was..

VIRSINGH&&WIFE-Vir singh...Vir singh..hey wait he is
                But his wife is here. Love u..made
                everythign good.I love ur character in

PREETO'S MOM-Ummm lets see, your daughter is going to
              be killled yet not even a word from ur
              nice fake hair LOL

THATS ALL...bye all...great writting updates and thanks to those who helped me when i couldn't Smile
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Wow! so finally it ended.Thanks for ur patient updates. Clap
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I thought that was a pretty lame and rushed ending. IT was so unbelievable!!

Shaddi gudda guddi ka khel nahi hain. aj ek bhai to kal doosra....

They just totally messed up the show by showing that Kuljeet is a psycho. they should'vve just showed that he has serisouly changed...and that he helps preeto bring sarap and seebo together...

confused ppls!! anyways, thanks to all the updaters...great job!!


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