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OCTOBER 12, 2006

*Sharab proposes to Seebo!!!!! Clap Embarrassed
*Kuljit tries to force himself on preeto Dead
*Preeto hits kuljit AND RUNS AWAY Clap
*Guddhi tells Kuljit to kill preeto Angry
*Kuljit taunts Sharab for being with preeto Ouch

Seebo comes to meet sharab
SHarab tells seebo that shouldn't let things ruin lives. Seebo says she doesn't understand. Sharab says he doesn't want to loose her love. Seebo shocked Sharab *takes hand out* asks seebo is she will always be with him. Big smile Seebo puts her hand in Sharab says "Love is not a busniess propersition it's aout giving without any expectations" Clap well said. Sharab and seebo walk awya holding hands (sharab is also going back with seebo) Embarrassed

Kuljit and GUddhi go infront of Santo's pic..saying they completed there revenge.
KUljit scared if preeto tells anyone. GUddhi says she wont be able to say anything..this is your right upon your wife. Plus who will believe her..against YOU

Preeto crying. She goes to Bikram family to tell what kuljit did. Kuljit yells TELL THEM..COME ON..Guddhi also says YEAH TELL THEM. Family tells her they are behidn her..tell them. Preeto stressed and faints.

Kuljit comes starts touch preeto Dead she tells him to never touch her..she explains what a husband is supposed to make a wife feel "secured" but instead beig her husband he scares her. he ignores all this..and He says for her to if he tells her to DO anything she must listen. Preeto scared. He grabs her face to kiss her. Preeto grabs *statue* and hits him on the head. Kuljit lies on the bed in pain Preeto runs off Clap

Guddhi comes in and is shocked to see blood on his forehead. She cleans it fof while cursing preeto. Both are suddenly afraid if preeto tells vir singh he will leave line of dead bodies from his house to ehre. She tells him to find preeto, and if he has to kill her. Some how get rid of her so she is taken off our backs. Ouch Angry
Kuljit runs to get preeto Angry

Preeto runs right inside Vir singh house surprised to see her mom sis and sharab.
They tell preeto good news about seebo and sharab. PReeto thinks she came to tell about kuljit but here is happiness. She then thinks kuljit will make her life hell.
Preeto tells seebo to give tea. Preeto thinks here seebo wants to marry sharab whom she loves, and here i want to insult there family. I can't ..i have to keep my mouth shut now. (PREETO haven't you heard the saying :keeping wounds open will on make it worse: TELL TEHM Angry )

Seebo tells preeto she will stay here tonight. They tell preeto to inform her family
phone rings its GUddhi Dead Vir singh tells her preeto wants to stay here for the night
She says kuljit got hurt so preeto has to come back
He syas okay. GUddhi hangs up

They tell preeto and she is VERY sad. Dadi tells sharab to drop preeto. Preeto hugs seebo takes blessing from everyone then leaves (wow she hardly talks to her MOM Confused )

Preeto tells sharab she is very happy with his decision. He asks her how she is. How is she with kuljit. PReeto moves her face ..has watery eyes. Sharab stops the car. Preeto asks y..he says kuljti there

Get out. Kuljit tells sharab how its funny that his wife is always first to know when u are around. Sharab is confused. HE tells Sharab preeto not ur friend or studnet..Relationships change..he should learn this quick.

Preeto is shocked. Sharab asks why he is talking rudely. K says be happy i am only talking. K tells preeto to leave


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OCTOBER 16, 2006

*Kuljit tries to kill preeto..
*Sharab knows the truth..well kind of
*Sharab starts his feeling again for preeto?
*Preeto sacrifices again..for seebo

in kuljit's car
Kuljit tells preeto he will kill her, and send her pieces to her mom..he continues to scare her. She shouts to stop the car..he finally does and pulls her hair telling her that she better listen to everything he say. She asks what she did to him..she gave him her love when she says that kuljits evil smile goes awya and then He says your dad did a mistake and then u ddi another mistake by rejecting my love.

bikram house.
Sharab comes home..He asks where kuljit is. Guddhi says he gone out with preeto. Sharab says i thought kuljit got heard. GUddhi shocked to know sharab was at vir singh house.

Kuljit walks in with preeto
bikram house.
Kuljit tells sharab not to worry about him or HIS WIFE preeto, ask now she is not your student or responsibilitiy, everything has changed. Sharab looks confused. Kuljit forces preeto to smile, or they family think something wrong. Bikram says lets all eat now. Kuljti says he and preeto already ate. Preeto looks at him with a sad shocked look.

kuljit and preeto's room
Kuljit says poor preeto hasn't eaten since i can go eat right now..but u can't. He grabs her hand. She tells him not to touch her and pushes him off. She says try to touch me again and see what happens. He grabs her and says SHOW ME WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Preeto grabs a knife. He grabs her hand, both fighting for the knife he says knife doesn't look good in her beautiful hand. She slices his hand. He grabs his hand and she tells him to leave and shows the knife yelling. Kuljit tells her to calm down adn leaves.

sharab;'s room
Sharab is thinking there must be something wrong. Remembers all the flashbacks of Kuljit telling him to stay away from preeto. He then thinks why he cares, preeto should be punished for what she did to him.JUst then he sees preeto outside crying. He sees her and all his hatred melts away and he runs to her.

Preeto shocked. Sharab asks her if her and kuljit relationship all good? She smiles, and tries to laugh it off saying of coruse. Sharab tells her to swear on him Preeto is shocked and says what are u saying.

Sharab phone rings its seebo, he rudely tells her he will call back and disconnects before she can say a word. Preeto then says one day i will tell u the truth not today. Sharab grabs preeto and tels her..TELL ME
Kuljit walks in. sharab lets go of preeto and moves a step back.
Kuljit says didn't i warn u to stay away from my wife, why can't u keep ur distance. Preeto and sharab are shocked. Kuljti says he will call the whole family and show them the two old lovers reunited. Sharab is shocked. Preeto gets mad and says if u say that then i will tel everyone u tricked me to marry you. Sharab is shoscked and yells TRICKED? Kuljit says wow, reuinted with your old lover for a bit, and your love comes pouring out.

He tells preeto to go and tell everyone. Sharab takes his hand out adn tell preeto to come. Preeto has a flashback of seebo and her ..where seebo tells preeot she loves sharab so much, and it was his name that was in her diary. Preeto gets upset and refuses sharab hand and takes kuljit and walks off. KUljit stops and syas preeto ur going to break sharab's heart AGAIN. rpeeto grabs kuljit and both leave. Sharab thinks something is DEFINTELY WRONG!

preeto's room...seebo's room
Preeto is sitting in her room alone. Seebo sees the time its 2 in the morning/..she calls preeto. Preeto thinks something is wrong because ITS 2 IN THE MORNING
seebo says no, she asks about sharab .. Preeto gets emotional and asks if she really loves him. Seebo says she loves him A LOT. Preeto smiles and him agian he will pick up. Seebo disconnects and goes to call sahrab

sharabo room..seebo's room
Sharab apologizes for being rude and says he was with his dad. Seebo says so your embarassed to talk to me infront of your dad. What will happen after we get married. Sharab is shocked at the fact taht he forgot he was supposed to get married to seebo ..same time he gets all his love back for preeto.

episode ends.
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thank u Clap
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OCTOBER 17, 2006

*Kuljit locks preeto away
*Kuljit takes "wrong" pictues of P&S
*Seebo calls of marriage

(Sharab and Seebo phone convo never finished)
Seebo's mom does arti on sharab. Bikram singh family at Vir singh's house. SHarab takes blessing from everyone (not preeto.don't worry guys) and hugs kuljit (funny..both had mad faces). They talk how they are happy seebo coming..and already happy preeto here.

Seebo calls sharab and says since u will never ask me..i will ask u.."tonight we will go on a date" sharab agrees. Seebo says at 8

Kuljit and Preeto are driving..preeto asks why they are at the farm house. Kuljit tells her to come..
Preeto walks infront, kuljit pushes her in and locks the door from outside (SOO..uhh how come it can't open from inside..there wasn't any locks) KUljit says "Goodbye preeto u will get what you deserve. Preeto yells for him..he leaves her alone
Preeto (smart one) runs and calls...SHARAB (not police..not HER family Angry )Preeto tells him kuljit took her to the farmhouse..while preeto saying this a man dressed in all black, even face covered comes behind preeto
Guys swings preeto and hits her on the head. Preeto shouts and sharab hears on the phone and runs towards farm house..well not run DRIVES. SHarab comes and starts kicking the door..
Seebo is trying to call left in his car. Seebo thinks she will just go to his house and meet him.
SHarab kicks the door open sees preeto, and shes unconcious he goes and turns the light on(OKAY why didn't preeto think of that) and spashes water on her face. Preeto regains concious and hugs sharab and cries..and says kuljit took her here and hugs him again and says a man hit her. SHarab gets angry and says COME.
Sharab and Preeto were in the car..seebo sees them and is shocked and jealous. Sharab takes preeto and puts his arms around her shoulder and they walk off leaving seebo soo angry that her eyes aare watery.
Sharab threatens kuljit. He tells them to cool it and before they do anything to look at this. He tells preeto to look to as she is equally involved in this drama. They both look and pictures are of them at the farmhouse and P&S are hugggin and he is over her while she is on the sofa, and starring at each other and hugging again. Both are shocked. Kuljit says he has to admit they make a great couple, 2 old lovers reunited. Kuljit says he will show this to everyone if they say anything and the best part is that no one will believe them because he has some kind of proof and they dont have ANYTHING. (hello 2 against one LOL )
Kuljit tells sharab he has no dushman with him, however he was a threat and now he isn't he says this was alwasy about preeto, but he just came in the way. Preeto sharab shocked. Sharab says these pictures are fake this didn't happen. Kuljit says the thing about that is only i know..and i wont tell anyone so u guys are stuck. Kuljit tells them both now to sit quietly and watch the show. GUddhi comes and asks sharab what he is doing.he says nothing and leaves. Preeto follows but guddhi says preeto cannot leave at night especially when kuljit is with her in the room Preeto gives a shocked angry look. Kuljit said its okay now as he has fixed their situation so well that they wouldn't dare do anything else to him. Kuljit asks preeto."right"? very rudely.. Guddhi tells preeto to agree with kuljit and laughs and leaves.
Seebo sits with flashbacks of sharab and preeto and is all depressed. Her mom comes and asks what is wrong. Seebo says she doesn't want to marry sharab anymore. Mom shocked but says its okay if u guys fought..but u should react like this. Seebo says i don't want to marry him. SHe says okay, but don't tell anyone YET. seebo agrees.
MOm calls preeto and tells her seebo is having second thoughts. Preeto shocked and tells her mom to tell seebo not to..and that seebo happiness means the world to her.
Preeto leaves and bumps into sharab. Preeto asks sharab if he is okay with seebo. He tells her how he left her at dinner. She gets shocked and tells him to go talk to her RIGHT NOW!..he agrees and she says we will discuss kuljit's matter later on..

episode ends on preeto's serious face

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OCTOBER 18, 2006

*Guddhi overhears p&s convo
*Seebo knows about S&P
*Preeto taunts Guddhi

SHarab comes to Vir singh house, talk to seebo. They say its against rules, but mom says that they were in a fight so let them.

Sharab goes..seebo walks off. Sharab says sorry for not coming preeto got sick kuljit wasn't there so i took her to doctor Seebo immediately hugs sharab apologizing. Sharab says to himself sorry for lying

Sharab calls preeto and says he got seebos negative thoughts out..he says he wants to meet preeto to talk about kuljit
Guddhi is hearing all this on other line
Sharab says meet me at college. Preeto agrees

Preeto leaves meets kuljit he asks where she going to SHARAB? he then says im joking. Kuljit says he knows she going to see her dadi since she is ill. Preeto says yes and leaves. Guddhi comes and says preeto thinks shes going to relieve her life, but doesn't know the storm that will come in her life.
Sharab and Preeto meet he tells her to divorce kuljit only way to be free. She says she can never do that as that would make both families hate each other AGAIN..and all her sacrfices will go to waste. He holds her hands and says i can't see u dying so slowly like this.

Seebo comes and says YEAH. both turn and are shocked. Seebo says she can't believe preeto her own blood one person she loved the most would do this. Preeto syas let me explain . Seebo smacks her then runs off crying. (AFTER ..ALLL...LLLL..LLL THIS) shrab says SEEBO!..preeto gets sad and runs off.

Seebo running on the road crying and crying (noo noo she doesn't get hit by a car) preeto crys and runs to a tree. SHarab comes and holds her hands telling her not to loose hope. She said noo seebo must think such bad stuff. Sharab caresses preeto cheek and says i will talk to her. Preeto smiles a bit then runs home.

Guddhi doing pooja and says may god keep my family happy
Preeto comes and says how could u ask for u families happiness and then ruin it?
GUddhi tells her not to dare interfere with her pooja or even enter the room.
Preeto walks in and says what do u think u can pray with a clean head? Nooo u have soo much hatred inside of u god wont listen to anything. What did u gain by making 2 sisters fight? GUddhi says revenge. Preeto says u will never know how this feels, how all this pain feels. Guddhi says I KNOW! how do u think santo's death was on me? her own mother!! G says shes happy preeto is suffereing and this is only the beginning

Seebo goes to Kuljit's office. ANd is all red eyes from cryign kuljit asks what happened and then stops and says let me guess u witnessed what i was trying to tell u?
Seebo says she wants everyone to see preeto's truth!
kULJIT SAYs not to worry as so does he and he has such proof that will show everyone
seebo listens. (seebo has a confused and shocked look)

episode ends.!!!!


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After the recap of last episode they show....
Preeto and Sarab in Preeto's house. Preetos Mom is telling her she looks weak, also her face is not lightened up up as it should be. She tells her to speak out to her if she has any problem. Sarab all the time has a lachar look on his face. Sheebo enters with the pictures she got from Kuljeet. She says she wants to talk to preeto and sarab in private. Her Mom asks what is it ? she can say it in front of her. Seebo says that she would if things were something that would allow her to tell it to her. But it is not the case.

Then Preeto Sarab and seebo talking.... Seebo gives the pictures to preeto and tells here are the pictures that
kuljeet was using to trouble you. Preeto and Sarab are happy that the misunderstanding is clearing... it shifts to flashback when they show Preeto and Sarab telling seebo the whole story right from kuljeet marrying preeto to take badla, guddi auntie involved...chori episode and preeto tells that there is only dosti betn sarab and her and nothing else. And sarab is trying to just help her from them.Sarab says whatever preeto is telling is true.Seebo just walks away from there and goes to kuljeet's office for pictures. Scene shifts back to current... seebo and preetos misunderstanding is cleared... Seebo says she is withe preeto... Preeto and seebo hug... Sarab says only these pictures are not sufficient... we must destroy the negatives with kuljeet.

Kuljeet's house - Tauaji, Tayiji guddi , kuljeets dad and kuljeet are eating lunch. Tayaji ...comments food is good .. Did Preeto make it? to which Guddi replies...Ithas not been very long Preeto has come that he should forget her cooked food... All laugh...meanwhile he asks where is preeto... Guddi replies ...she has gone out ..don't know where and ..and like she never always let them know where she goes... Preeto commes there all insist she must eat....she says she is not hungry and goes to her room. She keeps searching for the negatives... Kuljeet comes and tells her she is looking for the negtives.?..blablavla....I have the locker keys with me.....Then again he joins back for lunch......Here preeto comes running saying that she was trying to lite agarbatti and accidentally the whole cupboard got on fire...All rush to the room...also kuljeet who gets a scared look on his face... Preeto stops him and says... the fire that got on the cupboard....much more is in my heart...which you have started... I have accepted the war with you my dear husband..... ...Offf also the negatives must have been destroyed.... ooh....

Next morning Kuljeet calls Seebo.....Seebo says she was just about to call you and tells him the pictures she was just about to show them to dadaji but she can't find them... Kuljeet tell her to look for them properly. Seebo says.. she will ... but chances are less that she will find them...meanwhile why doesn't he reprint and give her new copies....Kuljeet is all upset and tells her how they got burnt... and how she has flopped his plan down.... Seebo says anyway we must think of something new...Kuljeet says he will... Seebo asks him to be careful and that Preeto is a very clever gal....Kuljeet says he is no less.... preeto is standing, listening and smiling away...Kuljeet keeps the phone down ..turns and sees preeto and has a worried look on his face....episode ends...
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Thnk u very much for these wonderful updates.
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OCTOBER 23 2006

*Preeto gets back at kuljit
*Kuljit speaks truth!!!!
*Kuljits dad yells at kuljit
*"Preeto Sharab jodi last forever"

Preeto tells kuljit his days are over.. Kuljit gives back sarcastic comments. Preeto tells him he will have to pay for everything he said she did.. She tells him first thing. That "family" jewler who "i" told to make the necklace, was actually u and ur mom. Kuljit looks shocked. Preeto says she payed him off to tell everyone. Kuljit angry. Preeto says she has learned how to make people talk and how not to make them talk from u. She then bids him farewell and leaves.

Sharab is leaving..he tells Guddhi he likes her earrings. Guddhi confused. Sharab says he wants to make his mom some..whats our family jewler's name. Guddhi shocked, she manages to say Prakash. Sharab smiles and walks off. Guddhi thinks i know he wants to talk to him..and is confused and scared.

Kuljti is yelling and prakash about why he took money from preeto and accepted the bribe. He says he never met preeto till the day he told him to act as if he knew her and tell everyone that she payed me off and lost the necklace, but in real life u lost the necklace
Kuljit calls him a liar.

Preeto walks in and says he isn't lying. She walks up to the table and takes the voice recorder off. SHe tells him she recorded everything. Kuljit shocked then gives a smug smile and u think i will just let u leave after u told me? my darling wife u are very stupid. Preeto says to stop me u need guts which u don't have. He grabs preeto pushes her and goes to smack her. Hand curls around kuljit's wrist. its..SHARAB!!! Sharab laughs and says ay kuljit why do u want to hit a sweet wife like preeto. He tells preeto to give him the voice recorder and both leave. Preeto bids her farewell to prakash and they both leave.
Bikram singh and kuljits dad are talking. Bikram says he wants to put kuljits name under our new company. Kuljits dad says no that not necessary and to put it under sharab's name. Bikram argues and syas no..i think we should put it under kuljit, sharab is busy with his schooling.

Kuljit sharab and preeto walk in. Preeto leaves and hides behind a wall. Bikram tells kuljit that he wants his name under the new company. Kuljit gives a small smile. Sharab congrats kuljit then tells them kuljit wants to say something. KUljit nervous they tell him to tell them. Kuljit says that it was him who lost the necklace and payed the jewler not preeto.

Both are shocked. Kuljits dad yells saying how could u!!, then if it was u y did u deny it! Kuljit says he was afraid. His dad cuts him off and syas how can we face preeto, how dare u blame ashamed of calling u my son!..and he leaves. Kuljit gives one cold stare at sharab and leaves

Preeto walks in their bed room(which is changed now Confused ..better now LOL ) Preeto says im so glad first time u told the truh..see im only thanking u so next time u wont hesitate thinking no one appreciated this. Here shake my hand for telling the truth.He shrugs her off she laughs sayin ur this mad?..Good i have proved my point. She tells him that if he wants to cry when she leaves he can take this tissue. Kuljit says she is passing her limits now. Preeto snaps saying the day i pass my limit ur voice will be stuck in ur throat to say anything. Kuljit is shocked. Preeto says wait what is that that u always say..oh yeah..just wait and watch. With that she walks off.
Sharab tells te family he is bored.
GUddhi tells him young men shouldn't be saying this go out with friends.
Sharab looks at kuljit and says i have no friends..i mean all my friends are busy.
Preeto says she going to the mundir asks kuljit to accompany her. Kuljit says no he is busy.
Sharab says he will accompany her.
K&G are shocked.
Guddhi says no worries kuljit will.
Kuljit says he is busy.
So sharab and preeto leave.
They pray and then the priest says may there jodi last forever.
Sharab sees that seebo heard it all.
Preeto and sharab feel uncomfortable
Seebo breaks the silence and apologizes for coming late.
She says today we should make guddhi shocked ..because yesterday we made kuljit.
Preeto says she has a plan and tells them..ofcourse we cannot hear.
At the end of her plan seebo looks shocked.

Episode ends. on ms. Seebos face

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