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ladies and gents...i shall be posting mahi ve updates for the month of october here.. Smile
thats all..

thanks for ur sweet messages Tongue

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OCTOBER 2, 2006

*Preeto shows guddhi off
*Preeto calls sharab
*Kuljit stick up for preeto
*Sharab and seebo..getting a bit to friendly

Seebo and Sharab are questioned by Mr.Chopra he asks who saw vijay singhabiya..seebo says she did. Mr.Chopra says then only seebo is the eye witness. He asks seebo wat license plate number she saw she says she saw :mh o2 6o6o: he says she is lying since they changed there plates a while ago and now it is :mh o2 5555: He shows the paper. JUdge says seebo has one day to bring proof Otherwise he will have to make a decision

Bikram family watching case. Guddhi says seebo doing this on purpse and tells preeto to call seebo and tell her to take the case back and apologize to singhaniya family. Preto says her sister is fighting for truth and she cannot. Guddhi says she will call then.

Guddhi calls seebo picks up. Guddhi puts it on speaker. Everyone hears seebo. She asks for sharab and tels sharab to take his name away from the case. Sharab asks to speak to his dad. HE tels him if he is bikram signh's son then he will prove this by fighting for rigt like his dad does. Bikram feels proud and tells him he shoudl caryr on. Guddhi gets mad

Sharab introduces seebo to his friend. They discuss this license plate issue. His friend says he can take them to the guy that switched the license plate and made the fake report.
PReeto calls seebo, her mom pciks up saying seebo isn't home and try to call sharab cell
PReeto calls sharab cel. He sees her number takes a deep breath and picks it up
He tells her seebo isn't here after she asks. He says she just left.
Preeto tells him to take care of himself. HE taunts her and then disconnects.

Kuljit tells Preeto he believes she will win because she is fighting for the truth then he leaves. Preeto feels happy.

Everyone is waiting in court. Judge says he will give 10 more minutes..WHen 10 min is up judge decides he wil make a decision. Seebo comes and says wait 5 min..they got evidence.

Sharab walks in and bring a guy. He syas if the guy says nothing doesn't matter because they got evidence.

meet that guy and seebo and sharab pretend they got into a car crash and they guy tells thme not to worry and he will make it look like ti isn't there fault and he has practice...and he mentions vijay singhaniya's case.

judge plays it so everyone can hear. Seebo is happy. Judge says Bikjay singhaniya gets 3 years prision. and every month has to pay them 15 000 rps.

Poor lady is happy and blesses seebo and says may her and sharab jodi stay forever. Seebo looks embarassed. Sharab thanks her.

Seebo goes to Mr. Chopra and taunts him saying..u were right in the ends truth always wins.

EPisode ends.

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*Preet seeks her revenge on Guddhi
*Seebo mom asks sharab for seebo!!
*Preeto makes Guddhi look like a fool LOL

Kuljit is sitting looking upset. Preeto questions him. He tells her to look at the newspaper and leaves. Preeto face lights up when she sees seebo has won the case. Kuljit comes back smiling and tells her he knew she would win then leaves. Preeto thinks kuljit acting weird.

Preeto runs to show Guddhi and sharab's mom the newspaper. Guddhi is in shock and gets mad. Preeto says she knows this happened because of Guddhi, Guddhi went to teh temple and promised if seebo won she would fast. Guddhi shocked. Preeto and sharab's mom says she should fast today. GUddhi left speechless

Preeto sits with the whole bikram family eating pokoras. She offers GUddhi but says sorry she forgot she was fasting. Preeto asks the family if she can go meet her dadaji and dadi *Guddhi says GOOD GO..but quietly..* preeto then say also invite them tonight for dinner. THey say she may. PReeto says since last time she made dinner, it got ruined that if Guddhi can make it, it would be better.

Guddhi resists, but family makes her. Kuljit laughs (=O kuljit..all nice..HHmm..i don't know guys..he was just too! Confused )
Seebo mom is cleaning seebos mess.and taunting her as she does. SHarab sees this and is amused tells her..its good a mother should always do this for there kids. THey share a mother-son?..son-in-law Smile moment. She thanks him for supporting seebo.. She asks him if he will hold seebo's hand forever.. Seebo overhears

Sharab is confused as to what she actually means. Seebo comes and says OFCOURSE MAMA..sharab is such a great friend i know he will always be by my side. Sharab still confused..his cell rings and he says he has to go meet someone

Seebo tells her mom she knows what she was trying to do..and she doesn't want her to ask sharab right nnow..She will tel her mom when to ask sharab this question

Guddhi is making food she says that she will make sure preeto is punished for what she is making her do.. COOK FOR HER ENEMIES, preeto comes in and asks who will be punished. She then asks guddhi if she is feelin okay, since she is talking to herself. Guddhi gets angry, she says ohh you must be so hungry that know your acting like this, but now you cannot break your fast as goddess will get angry. ANDDD you must cook this food, otherwise everyone will laugh at you the way they did when you ruined the food i made. Guddhi is shocked PReeto sayas yeah she knows she was they one that ruined it. She then says kuljit is calling her. Guddhi leaves
PReeto syas she will take her revenge by going as low as guddhi
Guddhi goes to kuljit, he says he never called her GUddhi realizes preeto is sabatoging her food, and runs back. Kuljit is confused but continues to comb his hair

PReeto is standing over the pot with two empty containers. GUddhi yells. PReeto says she didn't do anything, just did what she did.

Guddhi gets angry and runs to sharab's parents and narrates the story on how preeto ruined the food. Sharabs mom calls preeto, Preeto enters with the servant and asks what heppened. They question her on the food. PReeot says she was with the servant getting the clothes, the servant backs her up. Guddhi gets angry sayin u lie sooo much. Kuljit enters asking what happened. PReeto says your mom is accusing my of ruining her food, which she is feeding to my family. Guddhi says if they don't belive her then try the food, and we will see who is lying. PReeto says fine she will bring it

Preeto comes with a container filled with the food Bikram adnd his wife try it. KUljit asks how it is. They said it taste even better then how guddhi makes it. GUddhi is shocked.

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*Guddhi accuses Preeto having affair
*Sharab and seebo to be married
*kuljit leaves his mom
*kuljit catches preeto on the phone with sharab

Kuljit is angry because the food is good which means his mom was lying. He says he has to leave..will try to come early for preeto's family. Bikram and his wife tell Guddhi to stop this nice to preeto. End this santo revenge!

Dadi and dadaji come compliment the food. Preeto says guddhi made it and even fasted today. GUddhi get angry

Bikram and Vir talk about sharab and seebo. Bikram says y dont we get them married. Everyone gets happy. Guddhi gets angry. SHarab's mom tells seebo to get sharab's *kundli* horoscope

Preeto goes to his room she finds a love note she sent shrab and gets sad thinking he still kept it. SHe crumpled it up and threw it.(WHAT AN IDIOT..RIP IT UP..SHRED AND BURNNN) guddhi sees this

Preeto gives the horoscope. GUddhi comees with the paper and asks preeto if its hers. Preeto is shcoked
Kuljits dad says who cares its just a letter. GUddhi says its a love letter and reads it

"i looked for you at college i wait..u never came..i miss u miss me..yours -preeto" (guiys it was something like that* Everyone shocked.

GUddhi asks whos ur lover..who did u send this to..She says its our bad luck first her father now..
sharab's mom tells guddhi to shut up. SHe tells her to listen before she talks. Everyone asks preeto who the letter is for

Kuljit comes and guddhi tells him about the letter. He says he knew preeto had an affair b4 they got married. Everyone is shocked. He tells preeto to tell everyone now. Preeto is lookin at the ground with her eyes full with tears. He then says if she wont say i will...she wrote theese letter for me=)..(OMG KULJIT UR SUCH A SWEETIE) preeto all happy ..(guys u shud have seen guddhi face) He says you all knew we loved each other b4 i don't think its wrong that u find these letter AFTER marriage. SHe is my wife now.

Bikram apologizes on guddhi behalf. Vir singh says not to worry anyone could have misunderstood. Vir singh left..said sat sir akar to guddhi. And dadi jus walked passed.
GUddhi yells at kuljit saying if u don't want to be on my side.. He tells her that if we ratted out preeto now then we would have been caught. SHe tells him to stop making lies and that she doesn't need him to help her.and leaves

Preeto comes up..guddhi brushes past her.

Preeto thanks kuljit. he syas he did it only for the family. She tells him to look into her eyse and say that. He can't (aww very very cute scene) he leaves

Phone rings preeto picks up ITs sharab!! bat timing bro. Preeto asks him how he is..he says u will be sad to know i am doing fine...i am living my life..preeto says when will u stop being so rude to me. He says u started it. Preeto says SHARAB..then kuljit walks in.

PReeto looks scared. Kuljit angry

episode ends. on kuljits face
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Kuljit takes the phone from preeto tells sharab its him tells him everyone is good, and him and preeto are very good. Sharab acts happy and kuljit says bye.

Preeto tells kuljit to come from work early tomorrow for she will keep kc for him. Kuljit soo happy he gets tears in his eyes and says he will try and walks away Preeto feels happy.

Vir singh tells his wife not to do kc because he too old and can't just not eat for a day nemore. She says who asked you, its for ladies, he says u know i always do it with u..(vERY SWEET GUYS..OLDER PEOPLE STILL CARRY ON THEIR LOVE)

bIKRAM singh and his wife are getting ready to go. Preeto comes takes their blessings and gives them food for their journey.

GUddhi says preeto should take some responsibilities and says to give her the keys to the locker. Preeto hesitates but they said elders made the decision so she should take it. Preeto takes it. Everyone leaves

Preeto says shes confused to guddhi as to what her next plan is her the keys? She tells preeto she has no plan. Preeto (being stupid) walks away

Guddhi says now i will take revenge.
GUdhi calls vir singh and tells them to come a bit late because preeto is gone shopping, and there is no point in coming early. THEY SAID OKAy and will come later. GUddhi then says ..TO HERSELF...u have to come when the drama starts

Sharab is becoming devdas again. Seebo comes and taunts him for drinking, He is drunk so yells back tells her who the hell is she to tell him what to do..who is she. WHy does she care. Seebo gets fusturated and says she can't see him like this because (okay guys ready) I LOVE YOU. Sharab is shocked. She says she can't see him in so much pain, she cares to much. She gives him back his drink takes her purse and leaves. Sharab stood shocked

Guddhi husband asks for money she calls preeto to get it. Preeto looks and can't find the 10 lakh. GUddhi searches making a HUGE deal, kuljit comes and asks what happened guddhi tells him. GUdhi says to call the police, and they do.

Police said they searched everywhere and can't find it. Just then some random guys comes and tells preeto he is sorry but he can't take the money to his sister because his daughter is sick, so he can't leave. Preeto asks what money? He says preeto gave me 10 lakh to give to her sister seebo.

Preeto shocked says i don't know him! guDDHI SAYS left it, she made a mistake police u can go. Police siad since they posted F.I.R he has to take preeto in. Preeto yells saying no she didn't do anything she tells kuljit to believe her..he just looks shocked. Vir singh and his wife come in..preeto stands there with the police holding her
Preeto runs to vir singh and crys, he hugs her and asks what happened she said they calling her a thief and taking her to jail. Vir singh gets mad taunts the family saying i give u my daughter and this is what u do. he says NO ONE WILL TOUCH HER.

Preeto continues to cry on him. GUddhi says police has to take her for F.I.R Preeto shocked, police takes her...vir singh looks on ..completely shattered. Everyone looks depressed

Seebo is standing sharab comes. He tells her he never knew she liked him or when she started but he always thought of her as a friend. And she shouldn't think this way (GUYS THIS WAS SOOOO SAD...i swear how can sharab be soo she poured her heart at..and he like OHH no sorry dont like u) seebo says how can u tell me i can't feel this way for u..u can't just do this, didn't u think once about me..y can't u love me?>
SHarab turns and yells I DON'T LOVE U AND I NEVER CAN


GUYS DO U THINK HE WILL TELL HER THAT HE CAN'T BECAUSE HE LOVES PREETO Ouch ..hope not..preeto getting well with kuljit..well now that shes in jail..not..but still

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Sharab tells Seebo he doesn't love her
Kuljit meet preeto in JAIL
Kuljit trick his mom
Preeto got bailed Clap

Sharab takes his hand out and tells seebo to promise him she will forget him. Seebo is shcoked and syas she can't. She wont force him to love her, and he can't force her to stop loving him. She says she will always love him and he should understand that. He says she should understand that he dosn't love her.

Preeto is in jail. THe other women ask why shes here did she steal..or is it because she got caught for something (there accusing her of being a prostitute.)

Sharab says he can't love her. Seebo says she can't force him, but he can't force her to not love him. Sharab tells her to do whatever she wants because she knows he doesn't love she can't expect anything from hhim.

Dadi is all sad, servant says not to worry as he also knows preeto cannot do this. Vir singh comes, and says he got a lawyer, and lawyer working on bail. Dadi is tense.

Jailor brings in food, everyone asks preeto why she is not eating she said because she has fast. Lady asks for what. Other lady said for KC. Lady said..with who..or should i say WHOM?..Preeto gets disturbed. Jailor says someone here to meet preeto. Ladies say must be one of your husbandS. Preeto leaves disgusted.

Kuljit is sitting there. Preeto comes and straight up starts crying saying she never stole the money someone is framing her. Kuljit just stood there with watery eyes. Preeto holds his hand and begs him to believe her.
She says she is willing to swear on anyone
Doctor checking dadi, doctor tells vir singh she is fine but to run some tests just in case. Doctor leaves. Vir singh says he will bring preeto backk.(we all hope you will)

Kuljit goes to guddhi and she taunts him saying she doesn't want to speak with him. He says he was stupid to leave her and his sister. She says he lost the right to call santo his sister. Kuljit says he was wrong to listen and support preeto (WHOA okay for a bit i believed him..but i know he loves her) Guddhi taunts him. He says he should have never turned his back and tells her when they were taking preeto away and she was pleading infront of him he felt SOO happy, it was the best feeling. GUddhi happy and says good, im glad He says he feels happy and guilty. SHe says he shouldn't feel guilty as this is what they are supposed to do

Kuljit asks her how she pulled it off since the keys were with preeto. She says that i never put the money, the police officer came because he a famiuly friend and that the guy that "knows" preeto was payed off by me. KUljit claps his hand, and Guddhi takes in the praise. He then tells her it was a good plan but 2 mistakes. GUddhi confused.
He says NUMBER 2 U forgot walls have ears too. they both turn and preeto walks in with a tape recorder.
GUddhi says what is this kuljit (OMG I WISH THERE WAS A PICTURE OF GUDDHI I COULD SHOW she looks soo scared) Kuljit tells her to take the case back or he will have to show the tape. He then says to tell Dad that the guy was vir singh enemey and wanted to break preeto and my marriage so that is why he did it. GUddhi shocked..speechless Kuljit says and i want you to apologize to Vir singh and if u can't follow these simple rules, i will be forced to ..*point to tape* then he says oh yeah ..preeto already got her bail. GUddhi says all i want to say is WHY ARE YOU MY SON!! Kuljti says because i am your son i am not turing u in. Because i am human i did this. Because i am ehr husband i helped her. Kuljit leaves. Preeto goes to guddhi and says BYE MOMMYJI

Preeto calls Vir singh house and tells them shes okay, dadi takes the phone and crys preeto tells her she got bailed..THEY ARE ALL HAPPY AND JOYFUL. Preeto says she will try to come today or tomorrow and disconnects the phone.

Preeto is getting her thali ready for KC guddhi walks in Preeto tells her that she is all happy today and Guddhi tells her not to be so happy from this small victory againt ME. Preeto asks her how it feels to not be able to see eye-to-eye with your own son



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thanx Clap Angry Ouch
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I MISSED MOST OF THIS EPISODE..can someone update today for ..everyone

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