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Arshi TS: Useless Regret Pt 3(LAST) Pg 14 23/Oct/14

sankadevi_lg Goldie

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Posted: 09 October 2014 at 10:57am | IP Logged
I hope you guys remember me. I'm came back with a new TS. I know It's useless TS. But I can't stop myself from posting it. IF you guys don't like this then tell me, I will stop posting later parts. It will reduce my work. IF anyone is there waiting for me... thank you guys... and sorry for making you guys. I will post AKL in two to three days...

Once again Thank you so much for your support. Love you guys...


TS - Useless Regret

Part 1

"Come on NK... it kills us. Don't do this. Please for my sake" he didn't pay any attention to her words.

"Please at least you listen to me Arnav Ji. Please don't do this. It kills us. It's not good for health. Please..." she pleaded them, but like always they smiled at her worried face and left from there.

"Please don't" she whispered at their back


Her words kept sounding in his eyes. NK closed his eyes in pain and whispered "Sorry kuku... I'm really sorry for not listening to you. I'm sorry. Please come back" Few tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes.


He slowly opened his eyes to adjust with the light coming from the window. For few seconds he couldn't understand where he is lying. He blinked his eyes to clear his vision. He looked around to see his best buddy/cousin stood near the window looking out in the garden. He looks tensed, his looks are unstable, and his eyes are moistened. Arnav chuckled seeing his take-it-easy cousin all worried. It won't suit him.

"Don't worry buddy, I'm fine and alive. I won't leave you easily. I will be fine. We can go for ride again today night sneaking from hospital staff. We will go back to our life again. Don't worry buddy. Actually we have to worry about the ass we kissed with our vehicle yesterday night. Is that person okay? How is he?" said Arnav smiling at his cousin brother's face

"It's Khushi" said NK with expressionless face

"Khushi? OH hell... Khushi came here? Did she know about our accident? Did she see us here? Did she see our injuries? Who told her about the accident? Hell... she is not going to spare us. Is she angry on us? Is she cursing us? Will she forgive us?" panicked Arnav.

"First let her wake up from her situation, then we will see whether she will forgive us or not"

"What does that mean? What happened to her? What situation you are talking about?" a small fear came into Arnav's heart.

"That means... the ass we kissed yesterday night was Khushi" NK blurted back with irritation.

Arnav couldn't understand what he is listening.

"Are you crazy NK? How it will be Khushi? She went to some competition to attend right? Then?" asked Arnav praying for that person not to turn into Khushi.

"WE almost killed her Arnav. We all most killed her yesterday night" said NK as he is in a trance, not giving any answer to Arnav's question. "She is fighting for her life" his words left unhearing as Arnav zoomed into corridor towards ICU to see Khushi, his best friend


"Khushi" he whispered while tears ran through his cheeks. He touched the glass as he is feeling her fully bandaged face. He felt his world came crushing down. He looked the nurse, who came out from ICU.

"How is she?" he asked in his low voice

"Extremely serious. She flew in air when the bike hit her hard with such a force and speed. Her head had hit the ground really hard and making blood clot in her brain. She had a several fractures in her hands and legs. One of her legs twisted back at knee."

Arnav saw doctor coming from the ICU after checking with Khushi. He ran to doctor and asked

"How is she? Can I see her? Is she awake? Why aren't you talking damn it?" Arnav shouted in frustration.

"She is still unconscious. And we can't say how she is. Once she comes to conscious then only we can clear our doubts. And if you stay calm without disturbing her, yes, you can see her" saying that Doctor went from there

Arnav looked at doctor's retreating figure murmuring a thank you' absorbing his words. He went inside ICU and sat beside Khushi. Seeing her almost lifeless body, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. Unable to control his inner feelings he rushed outside the room.

He sat on the chair, completely broken. Tears rolled down from his eyes making his cheeks wet. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He lifted his head to look at completely devastated face of his best friend.

"NK..." he hugged NK

"Shh... we need to be in control Arnav. Doctor called us to talk about Kuku. Come..." Arnav was surprised to see his friend behaving so bravely. He sighed and followed NK to Doctor's room.


"What? Why? How?"

"When she fell on the ground, one vehicle went on her leg which we operated. The bone completely damaged and not having any option, we used rods to fix the leg. She has to use cane for support to walk. IF she is manages walking without using the cane also for sure she will limp throughout her life. It's really a miracle that she lived after this major accident" informed the Doctor.

NK and Arnav couldn't believe what they are hearing about their best friend. The image limping Khushi came in front of their eyes, making them shudder with pain. They don't know how to react. They looked at Doctor for further guidance from him to take care of Khushi. After talking with doctor, both the friends came to ICU.

Arnav looked at Khushi's almost lifeless body through the glass window. He sat on the chair with a thud, holding his head in his palms while resting his hands on his knees. Tears rolled down from his eyes. He lifted his head to look at almost on verge of crying face of his best friend. He stood up immediately and hugged him tightly

"NK... I almost killed her NK. I tried to kill my best friend, my Khushi. Please ask her to come back. Please ask her to wake up. I can't live without her NK. Please ask her to come back to me"

NK hugged Arnav back tightly, allowing his pain to come out in form of tears. They both cried their heart out. After few minutes of the grief, they composed themselves and sat on the chairs holding each other hands giving support to each other and sharing their fears silently.

Arnav closed his eyes resting his head on the wall while NK sat resting his head on his palms. Only one memory came in front of their eyes. Khushi's plead and worried face when she requested them to take care


"Come on NK... it kills us. Don't do this. Please for my sake" but he didn't pay any attention to her words.

"NK please... drinking is not good for your health. I don't want you to spoil your health. I don't want you to regret for anything later. Please don't do this" she said this to NK, but her eyes on Arnav, who is looking at her intently.

"Oh... stop it Kuku... we are not drunkards. We are just enjoying our life. Don't be jealous, okay? If you want you can also join us" said NK, making her feel embarrassed.

"Please NK, it's not about me. It's about you. It's not good for your health. As drinking is not enough you are driving by yourself? This is really dangerous. Please... don't go" she looked at Arnav once again and continued "I care for your life. I want you in my life safe and sound. I don't want anything to happen to you. Please try to understand me, don't do this"

NK clearly knows where her words are being directed. He shrugged his shoulders and said "See Kuku, if you don't want then tell him directly, but don't stop me or don't use me as a post man. Come on, grow up. If you love you have to dare. Don't drag me into this love game of yours. And Arnav, you also, come on man... being a man you couldn't be like that. Come on dare..."

"Stop it NK, don't change the topic. Please I'm not having any good feeling today please... don't go. Please NK..."

NK rolled his eyes and moved from there towards their bike. Khushi looked at Arnav and said

"Please at least you listen to me Arnav Ji. Please don't do this. It kills us. Don't drink and drive. It's not good for health. Please..." she pleaded him, Arnav pattered her cheek lovingly

"Nothing will happen to us, Khushi. Don't worry... I will call you once we are in home. Okay? Relax..." he went from there. Like always they turned back and smiled at her worried face and left from there.

"Please don't" she whispered at their back


They both laughed remembering Khushi's words and worried face. They both stopped laughing and looked at each other and burst into laughter. They again stopped laughing and looked at each other and again burst into laughter. It continued several times.

"She is completely crazy man. She is really a scared soul yaar. For everything she will get scared and gets panic. I don't know how you will manage with her. She is completely a pagal ladki" said NK, swaying with alcohol effect.

"But she loves us NK. She is cute..." said Arnav following NK towards their bike. After finding, they both hoped the bike and Arnav started driving. Arnav raced his bike towards their house. Getting irritated with the speed, NK asked Arnav to stop the bike.

"Arnav stop the bike. I said stop the bike"

"What the hell NK? Why are you...? What are you?"

Swaying left to right NK said "Is this the speed we use to ride bike at this hour of night? Come on dude... we are youngsters... we should enjoy the life... let me drive the bike and let me show you..." He sat on the oil tank of the bike, not leaving any other chance to Arnav than moving back.

"Come on NK... don't make it too fast. We can't control the speed"

Not listening to Arnav's words, NK raced the bike in higher speed. Suddenly, Arnav found NK not able to control the bike as his eyes closing with alcohol effect. Sitting backside Arnav tried hard to control the bike while trying to open his closing eyes. Suddenly when NK open his eyes, he saw the heavy vehicle coming towards them. Realising what he did, he suddenly turned the bike and heard a scream. They felt their bike jerked with sudden contact to something - may be person. When they finally understand what has happened, it's already late. They sensed themselves loosing conscious with slight scratches, wounds and hit on head. They also heard very less people running towards the person they hit. They lost consciousness.

When NK opened his eyes, he found himself on hospital bed with minor injuries. He remembered what had happened previous night. He looked around to see Arnav. Not finding him there, he ran outside the room, only to bump the nurse. Seeing his flushed face she said

"Your friend is fine. He is taking rest in next room"

Sighing in relief, NK walked through next room. When he entered in the room, suddenly his mobile started ringing with Khushi's name.

"Not now..." cursing under his breath he answered the call "Tell me Kuku..."

"Sorry sir...Am I talking with Mr. NK?" a male voice came on that side

"Yes, you are and who are you?" asked NK frowing, feeling little uneasy inside his heart.

"Sir, I'm inspector Ajay, we found this mobile near the person, who met with a major accident yesterday night. As we tried to inform her family, we only found two numbers in her mobile which are one is yours and another name Arnav. As that Mr. Arnav is not answering the phone, I was forced to call you. Sorry for disturbing you this morning. But sir, can you come to the hospital? We needed her family here as her condition is very critical" the other person stopped talking to hear NK's words.

Part 2

Part 3


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Sona257 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 October 2014 at 11:07am | IP Logged
Sounds really interesting,, 
So arnav and nk has hit khushi! 
That's really a worst feeling when u literally hurt ur loved ones ! 
You will regret it for the rest of ur life,, 
and now that khushi will be limping,, hope she will be fine 
awesome shot dear,, cant wait for the next part

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tanu_15 Senior Member

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w8ng 4 nxt part
liked it

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Arshisarunfan IF-Dazzler

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Res Smile
swtsam Goldie

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awesome. ..waiting for the next part eagerly. ..

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pup03 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 October 2014 at 11:27am | IP Logged
very good topic.. drink and drive.. youngsters don't understand the importance of life till something like this happens with them.. what will one get from regrets when they didn't heard what their friend was telling them.. loved the start of Ts.. 

thanks for pm 

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Very nice topic you have chosen dear ...
really young poeple dont care that with there one mistake they can ruin someone else life.

while reading the first 2, 3 lines i thought that NK is going to kill Khushi and Arnav as NK probably love Khushi ... LOL ..!! LOL

but then i read the hospital scene i realize that it is something else ...

both Arnav and NK at fault for not listening to Khushi but i think NK is more at fault for speeding up the bike.
poor khushi, due to their mistake she will suffer ... Confused

eagerly waiting to know what will happen next ... specially i wana see Khushi punishing NK and Arnav...
lets what have u planned for those two stupids.

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