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Maaneet OS: Remembrance

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Hello everyone! 
I am reposting this OS from the Geet forum here as the thread has been closed there. For all those who missed this or want to read it again, here it is LOL

Daddy, if all the fathers
Had lined up one by one,
And God told me to pick,
I'd still choose to be your daughter.
Anyone can be a father
But it takes a special someone 
to be my daddy...

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The loud shrill of the baby echoed through the empty corridor of the hospital. He immediately stood up from the bench to run to the source of sound only to meet the doctor walking out. 
"Doctor?" he asked hesitantly.
"Congratulations Mr. Khurana, it's a girl," the doctor announced, smiling. 
His chest swelled in pride at her announcement but the next second a frown creased his forehead, "Geet?" he asked his question laced with worry.
"Your wife is doing absolutely fine and would like to meet you," she said. "Give us a few moments, we'll have the baby cleaned and you'll be good to go."
"Thank you," he said gratefully shaking her hand and thanking the lord for a safe delivery of his child and strode into the room to meet the woman who had captured his heart and soul. He walked into the room to be greeted by his exhausted but smiling wife. He smiled back, "Thank you Geet," he said kissing her forehead. She was about to say something when the nurse brought a little pink bundle into the room. They turned to receive their little angel and the nurse carefully placed the baby in Geet's waiting arms. 
Geet steadied herself and cocooned the little one in her arms while he peeked at the tiny little rosy face sleeping peacefully with her eyes tightly shut. And that one look had given him a new meaning to life. He looked awed at the tiny life while a lone tear escaped from his eye to fall on Geet's hand. She looked up to see him staring at their daughter, almost dazed. She reached up to caress his cheek and smiled when he tore his eyes off their daughter. She moved a bit to give him room to settle down beside her and gestured him to take their baby. He eagerly put his hands forward to take her but quickly recoiled them. She looked at him in confusion, scrunching her eyebrows. He shook his head in the negative, fear evident in his eyes. 
"Kya hua Maan?" she asked in confusion. 
"Voh I'm scared Geet," he said hesitantly. "I don't know if I can hold her properly. Tum pakdo I'll just look," he offered looking back at his angel.
Maan reached forward to softly touch the baby's tender cheek when the baby slightly shook her legs as if on cue. They chuckled while Maan delicately held her little pink feet and reverentially placed them near his eyes and kissed them. 
"Daddy!" a loud voice squeaked across a very quiet room filled with people who were intensely concentrating on the video presentation in front of them. Maan instantly stopped talking and his eyes grew wide in shock and anger. Who had dared interrupt him in the middle of his very important discussion? He glared furiously at Adhi who was sitting on to his right, nervously shifting in his chair. Before he could open his mouth, the voice called out again. "Daddy," her voice nearing him. His gaze shifted to look down at the most delicate pair of hands wrapping around his legs, her brown and silky hair bouncing with her every move. "I missed you," she said with a hint of pain in her voice. He looked around the room uncomfortably while the curious clients looked at the scene unfolding before them. He smiled nervously before hissing, "Adhi what's all this?" Before Adhi could concoct a comprehensible reply, he turned towards the crowd, "I am sorry ladies and gentlemen, I am going to call that a wrap and shall see you all tonight at the party," he said smiling. The people in the room reluctantly filed out dejected they couldn't get a whiff of the happenings. 
Maan Singh Khurana, a name people shivered even to utter, was for the first time tongue-tied. Orphaned at a tender age of five and abandoned by his aunt in the slums of Bombay, grew with the only aim, to be successful. He managed to slough through his childhood doing odd jobs while getting some education through an orphanage that sponsored his studies. He had grown to become a ruthless and successful businessman gaining every material wealth in this world yet lacking any kind of emotion. His abhorrence towards women as a repercussion of his bitter childhood was well known to everyone so they hadn't dared to interfere. He stayed away from women rejecting them as mere creatures only fit to accompany the weak and even hated children for they were only annoying little twits who were good for nothing. And yet here was this child claiming to be his daughter. He was sure he was having a nightmare!   
As soon as the people were out, Maan unbuckled her arms off his leg and stepped back, looking quite annoyed. Before he could give a piece of his mind, the little girl continued, "Daddy guess what? I sneaked out of school and mamma ko batana mat," she smiled cheekily. "You don't come back home early nowadays and I miss you lot," she offered an explanation to a confused Maan. She continued to chatter while Maan looked at her incredulously wondering if he was dreaming. His expression changed from shock to annoyance to finally anger as the little one continued to blabber on. 
"Listen kiddo, who are you? And why are you calling me daddy?" he asked finally, scrunching his eyebrows. 
"Are you angry on me daddy?" she asked her hazel orbs widening. He gave her a confused look. "How could you forget your little principesa* Riya? Are you kidding with me daddy?" she grinned knowing his tactics of fooling her.
"Do I look like I am kidding?" he scoffed. "Adhi! Yeh kya ho raha hai?" he growled looking around the room for his confidante but only to find it empty except for him and the little girl who claimed to be his daughter. 
"Dadd'" she began only to be harshly interrupted by Maan.
"Stop the nonsense!" he hollered. "I am not your daddy! Do not call me daddy, samjhi tum?" he said shaking her a bit. A fat teardrop formed in the corner of her beautiful doe-shaped eyes. She stared back at him as the drop slid down her rosy cheek. "Samjhi?" he asked, as if the tear had no effect on him. She nodded her head reluctantly as she was unable to figure why her father was behaving strangely. He had never raised his voice at her and now he was literally venting his anger on her. She wondered where she had gone wrong. 
Maan was sure this was a drama set to extract money from him and thus he wanted to end the drama before it even began. The girl looked earnest but he knew looks could be deceiving and he was not going to fall for those innocent looks. He shoved away any bits of sympathy residing in his heart before glaring at her. "Listen, we are going to find your mamma, until then go sit in the corner couch there," he ordered, without flinching a nerve. 
"Please don't call mamma, I'll go back da'" she began only to cringe her shoulders in fear, "I'll go back to school," she whispered, her eyes cast down in sorrow and pain. Anybody seeing the plight of the child would have melted but Maan Singh Khurana didn't even bat an eye. Emotions were for the weak and nothing could melt his ironclad metal shield he had built around himself. 
"Mohan!" he roared calling his driver. "I want you in my cabin in the next two minutes."
"Ji saab," Mohan replied meekly before rushing to fulfill his master's order or receive the pink slip. 
"It's alright you don't have to call Mohan uncle, I'll go back myself," Riya whispered, pain and hurt evident in her voice. 
Mohan uncle? Why was she addressing him as though she knew him for ages? His thoughts were interrupted with Mohan's entrance as he stood meekly, removing his cap. "Mohan, iss bacchi ko uski school main drop kardo," he commanded pointing to the cowering Riya. 
Mohan turned to look and his face beamed. "Arre Riya bitiya!" he said forgetting he was standing in front of his boss. Maan was appalled and stared at the scene wondering if he missed the invitation for reality show drama. Riya looked up to Mohan and smiled weakly. 
"You know her?" Maan asked surprised. 
"Saab yeh aap'" he began enthusiastically but stopped suddenly as though lightning struck him. "Ji saab, yeh mera padausan ka mallik ki beti," he whispered. 
Maan sensed something fishy but soon brushed it off. "Anyways, just do the job given," he dismissed before turning around to study the file at hand. 
"Ayiye bitiya," Mohan called, filing out of the room. 
Tears flowed freely from Riya's eyes, clouding her vision. Her daddy would always play around with her and never shout or make her cry. Even before a teardrop left her eye by chance, he would run to her aide but now he stood like a statue, unmoved by her pain and tears. As she saw her daddy bark orders to Mohan and refuse to recognize her, she knew something was wrong. She had sneaked out the school to catch a glimpse of her daddy, as it had been almost a year since she saw him or talked to him. Her mother had always found an excuse when she asked about her father citing business trip or meeting. They had even moved to a different house in a different part of the city as her mother had told their old home was under construction and her daddy was going to surprise her with a new room. But today's events seemed completely new and shocking for her. Her own father had shouted at her for addressing him daddy and had refused to recognize her. She followed Mohan like a zombie and the tears clouding her vision prevented her from seeing an obstruction on her way out causing her to trip. And as she was about to fall, she heard him scream. 
"Riya!" Maan screamed lunging and catching her before she fell on the ground. "Are you alright?" he asked frantically checking to see any physical wounds. The lost sparkle in her eyes seemed to ignite seeing her daddy save her and she began to smile when he cleared his throat, "Can't you walk properly?" he asked icily, "look ahead and walk carefully." He turned her around and urged her to move forward almost shoving her away annoyed at his own caring action. 
Maan had seen her walk away gingerly without another word, her shoulders slumped and her head down. But before she made her way out of the door, she tripped by the small table at the corner of the doorway. Almost instantly he lunged to catch her before she could hurt herself. His brain ceased to work as he went ahead to catch her, without his knowledge and anxiously began checking her face and arms for any visible wounds. As he turned her face side-to-side holding her chin, he saw the twinkle return in her eyes and her lips began to curve into a smile. It was then he realized his foolish act of panicking and chided himself. He hardly knew the girl yet he had mindlessly lunged to save her, if there was anybody worse than a fool, it would be him. Before the girl could read into his action as a gesture of kindness, he pushed her away. 
Maan had got back to his work, pouring himself into the files and putting the incident behind. He chided Adhi for leaving him stranded with a strange child and yelled at the other staff members for digressing in their work and indulging in gossip. 
The evening was fast approaching and he looked at his watch that showed it was nearly quarter to four. He had to leave early as he had a party in the evening and he had to finish some work back home. Maan left the office informing Adhi to report at the party to make sure everything was set right for the clients. He called Mohan to bring the car to the front while he exited the building. He slid into the seat as Mohan held the door for him and to his curiosity he saw something clinging to his waistcoat. He scrunched his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes to take a closer look only to find a greenish-red clip stuck to his waistcoat button. He wondered how the clip ended up with him when the morning events came rushing back. The familiarity of the clip that stemmed not only from today's event nagged some corner of his heart. Suppressing the emerging emotions, he put a straight face and asked, "Mohan did you leave that girl in the school in the morning?" 
Mohan's eyes widened in fear before he fumbled, "Ji, voh saab."
Irritated by his wishy-washy answering, "Spit it out Mohan!" he commanded harshly. 
"Voh saab, Riya bitiya ne zidd ki, ki use uss park mein chod dein," he spilled before looking fearfully at his boss. 
"Kya!" Maan yelled, anger simmering through his bloody red eyes. "Mohan tume pata bhi hai tum kya keh rahe ho? Maine tumhe saaf saaf bataya ki uss bacchi ko school mein chod do, aur tum!"
"Magar saab ussne," he paused.
"Agar uss bacchi keh rahi thi toh tumhara dimaag kahan tha? Agar usse kuch hua toh?" he yelled on top of his lungs. "I cannot believe you would be so careless," he said gritting his teeth. "Abhi isi waqt uss park leke chalo jahaan tum chod ke aaye," he ordered, anxiety written over his face. Without another word Mohan slid into the driver seat and rushed to the park. 
Maan's heart tugged at the thought of the little one in trouble but masked his compassion with anger for Mohan and the fact that he may land in unnecessary media attention in case the matter leaked. Throughout the ride he tightly clenched his fists secretly hoping the little girl was fine. 
Mohan hurried through the busy streets of Delhi, not wanting to enrage his master anymore. He had insisted he would drop Riya in her school before her mother found she had sneaked out but that little girl was stubborn on her decision. It had not surprised Riya took after her father in her personal characteristics and the stubbornness gene had been royally passed down to her. No amount of cajoling worked and without an option he left her in her favorite park, few blocks away from her school, praying her mother would soon find her for it was common place where Riya visited with him.  
The car drove to the outskirts of the park. Seeing the car halt, he thought he would get down only to find his boss through the rearview mirror deeply engrossed, worry etched on his face. "Saab,"he called softly, "hum pahunch gaye."
"Huh?" Maan broke out of his revere and looked out of the window as the park spanned the huge space through the wired gate. It oddly looked familiar yet nothing eminent flashed to remind him of this place. He got out of the car and walked slowly to the gate. He tried hard to scramble his brain to find why he found this park so familiar. It was nowhere enroute to his office or house. He definitely could not remember riding through this area even for the sites he had to visit yet he felt a sense of calm settle as he walked through the grassy pathway. He brushed away all the thoughts and began to look out for the girl. He looked around the common children's area only to not find her. Tiny tots were scattered around the playground area scuttling hither and thither, their peals of laughter echoing through the park. He scanned the crowd to find the face that had been quite evidently registered in his mind by now. "Damn it!" he cursed mentally. He walked towards a group of people chatting, asking whether they had seen a little girl with her backpack roaming alone through the park. Seeing them shrug their shoulders he rushed through the park, on his way enquiring about the little girl and describing her to the best of his abilities, hoping to locate her, but luck was not on his side. What was the need to get himself involved in searching for a strange child, his mind chided while his heart felt guilty for losing the little one. He coursed through the playground, around the lake, and even the little fountain on the north end of the park only to return empty handed. He clutched his temple before running his hand through his hair in frustration. He kicked sending a small stone flying across the lonely grassy patch and began walking into what seemed like a wooded area. He didn't realize he had gone quite far into the woods until he heard a faint sobbing. He quickly walked towards the noise and was surprised to find a clearing with a tree house and a small artificial stream to it's left. A large wooden bench lay right opposite to the tree house and the source of the sobbing also seemed to come from the same bench. He inched forward a familiar figure crouched in the corner of the bench and sobbing softly. A big wave of relief passed through him and he lunged forward crying, "Tumhe pata hai where all I searched for you?" He kneeled in front of the bench and touched her shoulder. 
Riya slightly peeped through her fingers and her joy knew no bounds when she found him staring intently at her, worry creased on his forehead. "You found me da'" she began, her face lighting up with pure happiness only to be abruptly stopped as though she feared something. "Voh, voh," she stumbled in between her hiccups. 
"Don't you dare scare me like this, samjhi?" he said a bit harshly, trying hard to mask his concern. 
"J-ji," she stammered, shaking her head vigorously. 
"Now get up and get moving. I shall drop you at your house and after I need to attend an important party," he said ushering Riya to get going.  
"Party?" Riya wondered a bit loudly. "But you hate loud music and parties. And Mumma also hates those micro-minis who come and stick to you," she blurted forgetting her fear for the man who stood in front of her. 
Maan stood rooted at her comment wondering how Riya knew he hated parties but the second half of her statement got him more curious. "Kya?" he asked. 
"Nothing," she tried to brush away realizing he had heard her. She tried to pick her bag and struggled because the bag was heavy for her. Maan came forward to pick it up on her behalf and headed out of the clearing when he heard her speak again. "Nahi it's alright, aap chali jayiyega. Main, main hi chali jaungi," she said her voice nothing above than a whisper. 
"Ab aur nahi, just come along will you," he resigned not wanting to go through another searching spree. 
"Fine, I won't trouble you but just give me a minute I need to pick up something,"saying she rushed to climb the tree house. Before he could object Riya had climbed up the tree house and disappeared into it. It was a few moments before she emerged again but with a little package in her hand. She stood a few moments contemplating on how to get down with her hands holding package tightly. She tucked the package under her chin and holding the sides of the ladder she began to climb down slowly. 
Maan held his breath watching her wobble a few times, trying to juggle the package along. He quickly went forward and stood near the ladder. "Riya stop right there," he ordered. "Don't you dare take another step; hold the package tightly and let go of the ladder, I shall catch you, okay?" he instructed her. 
"But," she hesitated. 
"Trust me Riya. I am here for you," he said calmly before positioning himself right beside the ladder and stretching his arms. 
Riya seemed to hesitate for a few seconds but quickly shut her eyes and held the package tightly before letting go of the ladder. Forceful air rushed passed her as she clutched the package closer to herself. But before she knew it she felt herself being safely cocooned in his warm embrace as he held her delicate form in his hands. She still had her eyes shut tightly as he held her and looked with deep adoration. In trance he brought her closer and lightly kissed her forehead before whispering, "You are safe Riya."
Riya fluttered her eyes open and a slow smile spread across her face, as though she knew she would be safe. "Thank you da'" she began excitedly but soon changed it, "Thank you uncle," she said with great difficulty, her eyes portraying her deep felt pain when she uttered the last word. Maan noticed her ushered and low voice and felt something prick inside but he quickly put her down before he let his heart explore those feelings. 
"Alright chalo," he said walking ahead. Riya ran to the bench and opened her bag to carefully put the package in. Then she followed Maan out of the clearing, through the park and finally into the car. "Where do you live?" he asked settling beside her in the car. 
"Normally toh Khurana mansion mein magar mamma said my room is being reset toh me and mumma moved here. We stay two blocks away," she chirped away happily forgetting that the man she was speaking questioned her identity and character. 
Maan looked at her incredulously and smirked thinking they had trained the kid well that she even lied perfectly. Not wanting to incite any further talks with the little one he asked the driver to take them to her house with the help of her directions. They reached the house and she asked the car to be parked a few houses behind so her mother wouldn't be mad at her. She got off the car thanking the driver and Maan while taking her backpack and inching towards her house. Somewhere he felt guilty for shoving away the kid but his mind screamed everything was farce and she was just acting. He waited for the girl to get inside the house before he headed back home but was surprised to find her come out of the gate and stand dejected. He wondered what might have happened and whether her mother might have punished her for coming home late. He asked Mohan to drive a little further near her house to see what had happened. She stood rooted to the place, her head hanging low as the car came to halt in front of her. He lowered his window glass, wanting to know what was happening. 
"Mumma is not home yet. The house is locked," she explained her voice still low. 
Maan cursed mentally frustrated at the turn of the events. Neither could he leave the child in the deserted road nor could he go searching for her mother. He was expected to attend the evening party, as all the delegates finalizing the deal would be present. He wanted to ask if she could stay over in the neighbor's house until her mother returned but bit it back for he didn't have the heart to leave her alone without her parent although his mind told him she was just an actor. He asked her to jump back into the car while asking Mohan to drive home. 
"Hum kahan ja rahein hain?" she asked innocently as the car drove out of the locality into the main road.
"To my house. I need to change and get ready for the evening. We'll come back here right before I leave for the party and drop you home. Teekhai?" he said maintaining his rigid posture. Riya nodded and was about ask something but seeing his stern features she sat back quietly. 
The drive back to Khurana mansion seemed to take a bit longer than usual because there was some major accident on their way home. Maan checked the time to see that he hardly had three hours to reach the party venue. Cursing his ill-luck he impatiently tapped the seat waiting for the traffic to clear. Meanwhile he heard a faint rumble; he turned around to find the source of the sound only to find none. Few seconds later grumbling was heard louder and this time clearly sourcing from the person sitting right next to him, Riya. He looked at her quizzically as she smiled sheepishly before confessing, "Voh it's my tummy. I didn't have anything since morning." He shook his head disapprovingly and clucking his tongue simultaneously. He then saw her eyeing the nearby gol gappa vendor hungrily. He knew he was strict and took no nonsense from anybody but he definitely was not inhuman to emotions such as hunger, especially a small child who was hungry. 
"Tum kuch khaoge?" he asked her. Riya nodded her head incessantly before looking at the chat stall again. "Not that unhygienic food magar aur kuch," he said reading her mind. 
"Pasta!" she exclaimed without second thought. That was his favorite too he thought but his thoughts were overtaken as he looked around to find a suitable place to eat. Eyeing the place he ordered his driver to let him know if the traffic cleared while Riya and him went to pick up something to eat. He headed towards a little restaurant on the corner of the road with Riya following him while he held her hand tightly. People eyed him curiously as he walked with the child in the midst of traffic. Ignoring them, he managed to reach the restaurant earning a mild gasp from the people in it. He saw them whispering at his arrival and looked around to see what might have ignited such crude whisperings when he realized he was holding Riya by the hand and guiding her. He knew, Maan Singh Khurana, a man who kept himself away from women was holding a child could turn a few heads and hoped there was no media to give him unnecessary headaches. Not wanting to take any risk he stopped and turned around, pulling Riya into the corner of the restaurant so that they were away from the prying eyes. 
"Do me a favor and stay here while I go pick up a sandwich for you, alright?" he said shoving her into the dark corner of the restaurant before hurrying to order something to go. Riya stood puzzled at his sudden change attitude and tried to hold on to him tighter. But he just shrugged her off and went away without a second glance. The corner was a bit dark and shady so she stood silently hugging herself as time ticked by.  
Meanwhile Maan ordered a small sandwich and stood waiting for the order when he received a call from his client. Forgetting everything he stood immersed in his call while an hour passed by. He finally finished the call to see the waiter had left the package on the table. "Oh shit!" he cursed realizing he had forgotten the purpose of his visit to this restaurant and grabbed the package while making his way to the little dark corner where he had left Riya. Reaching the place he heard loud sobs, panicking the worst he rushed to find her crouched and shaking uncontrollably. "Riya!" he called hoping to calm her only to find her look at him and cry more loudly before recoiling into a fetal position. "Riya are alright? Kya hua?" he asked worried. 
"Mu- mujjhe andere se darr hai. Aur aur aap mmujjhe akele chod ke gaye," she stammered to complete in between her sobs and hiccups. "Where were all this while?"
God he had completely forgotten about her while he was on call! Ugh! How he wished he could have been a little aware of what was happening around him. "Voh I, I am sorry. I got a call and I forgot everything," he apologized. She only continued to sob more loudly. He was already facing enough problems in the office front on top of that getting this child home safely took a toll on his already high temper and he shouted, "Chup! Bilkul chup! I told you I am sorry. Now get and get going I have to attend a very important business party," he ordered sternly. 
Riya quickly swallowed her sobs and looked at him with her eyes wide. Her daddy definitely knew about her being afraid of the dark but the man in front of her seemed oblivious to that fact and on top of that shouted at her. She wondered what had gone wrong with her daddy today; since morning he was acting weird and even shoved her away as though she was never his little princess. Unable to take the pain anymore she quietly followed him to car that was waiting for them at the front. 
The ride back to Khurana mansion was a quiet one, as Maan seemed peeved while Riya looked out the window. He had shoved the food packet into her hand but didn't bother to check if she ate or not. On the other hand even she didn't touch it. They reached mansion and Maan hurriedly got out in order to get ready for he had hardly any time, leaving Riya behind without any word. She still shrank back in her seat unable to voice her pain. 
"Chalo Mohan, we are terribly late," Maan said getting into the car backseat. Only then did he realize Riya was still glued to her seat, looking away from him, her food packet still untouched. "Oh by the way, I don't know why I didn't think of this before but here," he said jutting his cell phone in her hands, "call your mother."  Riya simply took the phone dialed her mother's number only to find nobody was picking up her call. She tried again to find the same response so she looked at Maan with a forlorn expression. "Kya hua?" he asked. 
"She isn't picking up the phone," he whispered. 
"Very convenient," he said shaking his head before taking the phone from her with an exasperated sigh. They had reached Riya's house but still found it locked. "Nice," he remarked sarcastically, "I guess your parents have planned perfectly to let their kid stray into other's lives while they left to enjoy on their own."
Riya had not said a word when Maan had scolded her or commented about her but hearing him speak ill of her daddy and mumma had her blood boiling. Her daddy never spoke ill of anybody and here this man was tearing her parents apart. This definitely could not be her sweet daddy who would bend the world and bring it to her feet at her mere nod. Moreover, she was a Khurana by birth and anger, ego, pride, and self-respect ran through her blood too. "Stop it!" she said, her voice reaching the high octave. "If you keep my parents out of this conversation it would be good," she said icily. "Your job is done here so please carry on with your work," she said without hesitation and got down pulling the bag along with her. She went to quietly sit on the steps without a word.
"Chalo Mohan, do you need any special invitation," Maan barked at the turn of the events. He never expected her to reply back to him so her reply shook him a bit. Frustrated a mere child spoke back to him he growled at Mohan, wanting to get out of her presence as soon as possible.

Continued below...





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The party was in full swing when he reached the venue and people seemed to be happy to see him there. Maan gave a curt nod as he made his way through the center of the hall to where the delegates were discussing business. They were happy to see him as he sat down amongst them to discuss business. The meeting went smoothly and the delegates were pleased with the hospitality and therefore more than happy to talk business. The deal went smoothly through with the delegates approving the contract instant seeing Maan's service and integrity. Maan was very glad, completely forgetting the happenings of the day. With the deal signed all were chitchatting about business and finance when Maan saw one of the delegates looking at the watch anxiously. Before he could ask if something was wrong another one of his clients took the liberty to do so.

"Is everything alright Mr. Michaels you seem a bit anxious," Mr. Gupta asked politely. 
"Oh yes indeed Mr. Gupta. I was just looking to see if it would be a good time to call back home to speak to my daughter," Mr. Michaels replied smiling warmly. 
"Anything special Mr. Michaels?" Mr. Gupta asked curiously.
"Ah no. I had promised to be with my little princess on her birthday but due to work I am still here. So I promised her I would call and chat with her. Since it's too early in the morning back home I don't think she would have still woken up," he said a bit sadly. 
"Oh I am sorry to hear that Mr. Michaels," Mr. Gupta said regretfully. "I know how it feels."
"She is such a darling child and a very naughty one keeping her mother's hands always full. But at the end of the day when I walk up to her room and see her smiling face, somehow I feel I have conquered the world," he said smiling proudly.
Maan had just been a spectator of the conversation and at the mention of his little daughter, Riya's tear-stricken face instantly flashed in front him. Instantly he got up to the surprise of everyone, excusing himself for some emergency work and rushed out of the party calling Mohan. He sat in the car asking Mohan to take him straight to Riya's house. And as he sat back he saw a packet lying beside him untouched. He went ahead to see what it was only to remember it was the sandwich he had bought from the restaurant for her. He shut his eyes tightly in regret; in his anger he even failed to see she had not eaten anything since morning making him clutch the packet tightly in his hand. He anxiously waited to see her as he regretted his ugly actions against that little innocent soul. He absolutely had no proof that she had come to ruin in public image neither to sabotage his reputation yet he had mercilessly treated her leaving her shattered. Events since morning played in front of his eyes. He should have made genuine inquiries before heartlessly accusing her and ruthlessly shoving her away.  He knew mere apologies would hardly heal the surface wounds he had inflicted upon her. 
They reached Riya's house and Mohan parked right in front of the gate for Maan to get down. As much as Maan wanted to get down and run to her, he was a nervous wreck to face her. He was wrong and it pinched him from looking into her eyes that spoke volumes of vulnerability and pain. He had done a mistake and he was the one who needed to rectify it, so he finally managed to get out of the car holding the sandwich pack in his hand. He walked slowly into her house through the small gate at the entrance. Small steps led to the patio of the house housing a few pillars on each side. He quickened his pace to door but his heart clutched in pain at the sight in front of him. He walked closer to find her curled up into a ball, tucking her knees close to her body as she was leaning on one of the pillars with her eyes closed. He could clearly see streaks of tears that had dried on her face creating black spots on her soft and innocent face. He kneeled on the ground, kept the sandwich pack on the ground, and slightly shook her shoulder. 
"Riya," he chocked, his voice caught in his throat. She shifted in her sleep, letting go of her legs to reveal her tightly clutching the package he had seen earlier. He eased the package from her and was about to keep it down when he caught a glimpse of something written on the package as neatly as possible. A closer look revealed 'To Daddy from Princess Riya' was written in childish yet neat letters. His stomach flipped in agony as he remembered the conversation at the party. Riya had bought a present for her father and he just shoved her around as though she was a snooping imp. How very thoughtful of him, he thought sarcastically. "Riya," he called once again but this time a little louder while shaking her awake. 
Riya opened her eyes groggily, still trying to figure out where she was. Her eyes still seemed red and sunken from all the crying. She rubbed her eyes of sleep with the pads of index fingers. "Aap?" she tried to say but it came out hoarsely. She cleared her throat while sitting up and asked again, "Aap?"
"Haan. Voh main," he struggled to find the right words. She narrowed her eyes anticipating him to speak. "I'm sorry," he mumbled under his breath making her confused. "I'm sorry,"he said a bit loud and clear this time. "I shouldn't have behaved like a jerk, tying to push you away. My anger took the better of me and I didn't realize what I was even thinking," he said looking regretfully at her. "Will you please forgive me?" he said looking hopefully at her.
Riya listened to his apology wide eyed, wondering if he was apologized for him refusing that he was her daddy or just for the shouting since morning. He didn't make an effort to run to her and hug her tightly and kiss her forehead like he always did so he might just be apologizing for his angry words she thought ruefully. She wondered how long he would play he was not her daddy but quickly shrugged it off happy that he said sorry for his angry words. "It's okay," she smiled forgetting his harsh words he had spewed just a few hours ago. 
Maan looked at her shocked and surprised that she forgave him that easily. It was indeed true that children were the greatest gift of God for she had instantly forgotten everything, embracing him warmly with a smile. And this was the child he had accused a today. He shook his head smiling through his tears at his foolishness and hugged her back and somewhere he felt at home."Yeh lo," he said forwarding the sandwich in his hand while coming out of the hug. Riya instantly took the food and opened it to take a bite because she was famished since morning when she stopped. "Kya hua?" he asked a bit worried.
"Aap bhi toh nahi kaye honge, here," she said forwarding the sandwich near Maan's mouth. 
Maan was touched by the gesture but said, "Mujhe bhook nahi tum kha lo."
"Uff Babaji," she said shaking her head. "Just open you mouth," she said narrowing eyes as if threatening. He just did as told while she put the corner of the sandwich in his mouth while asking him to take a bite. She then took a bite herself and smiled relishing the sandwich while watching him slowly chew his bite. "Hmm this is so yummy," she said taking another bite before jutting the sandwich to him. 
"Nahi I'm good. Tum khao," he said shaking his head. She broke the sandwich in half and thrust it into him threatening him to finish it without heeding to his refusal. He didn't want to eat yet he couldn't stop her from giving him a piece. He watched her relish it with little oohs and aahs admiring her childish acts as she ate the sandwich. Finally when she was finished with it, she wiped herself clean and brought out her water bottle from her bag to for a drink. He too cleaned himself and settled down beside her when they heard a distinct sound of a ringing bell.
"Ice cream!" she screamed, her eyes twinkling in excitement. Just then the little ice-cream cart rolled by slowly ringing the bell. "Could I please have ice-cream daddy?"
"But what if you catch a cold?" he said alarmed at the thought of her sick. 
"Of course I won't. Aap haina mere saath. Zukaam bhi darta hai Maan Singh Khurana ko dekh kar," she winked. "Please pretty please," she pleaded with a puppy-dog face that Maan didn't have a heart to refuse.
"Magar what if your mamma scolds me?" he said remembering how he would face her mother if something happened to her. 
"Mamma will know only if daddy tells na?" she said brightly.
"Magar I cannot lie na?" he said shaking his head and smiling.
"White lies are allowed daddy," she winked. 
"You little rogue!" he remarked lightheartedly getting hold of her and throwing her up before securely catching her as she giggled uncontrollably. Maan, lost in the moment, seemed to enjoy her company and forgot his inhibitions as he watched her freely demand an ice cream. 
Riya was still giggling as she secured her hand around his neck. "Peesh daddy just one won't hurt," she pouted cutely. 
"Aw don't give me that pout young lady, I just cannot resist that," he said unconsciously kissing her forehead. "Fine! Just one alright?" he said finally giving in. 
"Yay!" she rejoiced kissing him soundly on his cheek. Maan's heart swelled in pride and love at her cute gesture yet he couldn't fathom these new found feelings. Shrugging away his thoughts, he walked to the ice-cream cart carrying her in his arms. 
He bought her a small cone. She hurriedly unwrapped it in excitement while he paid the guy who bid them good night and went away. He went to sit on the steps and adjusted her on his lap while she was engrossed in her ice cream. Before he could help it, she had it all over her face and hands yet relished it nonetheless, licking her fingers and smacking her lips in sheer pleasure of the ice cream. He smiled warmly at her childish antics in eating it. She was finally done with the last bite of the waffle cone licking the last bit of the crumbs and chocolate from her fingers when he noticed a little dab of ice cream on her nose. "Riya, I think even your nose loves ice cream," he joked swiping his index finger on her nose to get rid of the ice cream. 
"So does yours daddy," she chirped, touching his nose. Maan instantly touched his nose to find chocolate smear and looked and Riya surprised when he found her giggling and getting off of his lap. It then occurred she must have put it on his nose. 
"Ah you little monster!" he admonished, chuckling at her action. He caught her just in time before she escaped off his grip and pressed his nose with hers, smearing chocolate on her nose too. 
She frowned a bit at his action, crinkling her nose. "You got me this time daddy but just to let you know monsters are very tricky," she said with her hands on her hips. 
"Accha?" he asked amused. "Aur voh kaise?"
"Aise," she squeaked before lunging to tickle him. Although she didn't manage to tickle his funny bone, he didn't have the heart to disappoint her so he played along.
"Nahi, chodo," he pleaded while giggling away. 
"Nah daddy, that's not the magic word!"
"Okay, okay, I call it truce. I am sorry!"
"Much better," she said stepping back and smiling. 
"Chalo let's take a stroll in the park," he suggested out of the blue not wanting to end the night with her that soon. She readily agreed to go along with him for it was their favorite place to hang out. 
"Let me just leave a note to mumma in case she comes," she suggested and hurried to scribble "With daddy. Be back soon," and signed her name at the bottom. 
Maan waited for her to join him as he stood waiting in the car. She got into the car while he asked Mohan to take them to the park he had visited in the morning. 
They reached the park within minutes and it seemed a bit deserted, as it was quite late in the evening. A serene sense of calmness settled within him as he entered the park with her hand in hand. The bright moon illuminated their path as they strolled across grass and the warm breeze ruffled the leaves making a pleasant sound around them. He wondered where these newfound feelings of calmness overcame him. 
"Let's go to our secret hideout daddy," she chirped skipping down the grass. He simply followed her as she deftly led the way to the place where he had found her this afternoon. He went to sit on the bench while she hopped away to the tree house humming. 
"Careful Riya," he warned not wanting her to get hurt. He looked around and tried to rake his brain trying to reason his familiarity to this park and especially this area. He had failed to notice the fountain this afternoon but now that he had come here leisurely, he began to notice subtle changes within himself. Just as he was about to point his finger at the reason when he heard her loudly shrieking. Afraid of the consequences he ran up the tree house to find her standing like a statue. "Riya!" he shouted and hurried to her side while flipping the light switch on. "Are you alright? Kya hua?" he asked immensely worried. 
"I thought you followed me up like you always do because I am scared of the dark," she confessed hugging him tightly. 
What was he thinking letting her walk up by herself! "I'm sorry baby. But daddy is right here," he cooed, rubbing her back. That was when he looked around the room to find a huge canvas of Riya along with a splitting image of a man just like him. Shocked would have been an understatement of a feeling that he felt when he saw his photo. He simply stared at it blankly while his grip loosened around her. She came out of his embrace and saw him staring blankly at the photo and she smiled. 
"Remember that day we took that photo daddy? You changed five shirts," she giggled remembering all the chaos that had happened before the photo being taken for Maan wanted the picture to be perfect with his angel. 
A faint memory seemed to pop in his brain but even before he knew it, it vanished into thin air. His head began to throb as he tried to dig into his memories. He never remembered marrying anyone nor did he have serious relationships so a child was out of question yet this little girl seemed to speak as though he had always been living a family life. In fact, it seemed like it was a very satisfied and lovely one by they way she had painted it. He frowned trying to remember if he was by any chance dreaming for Riya was determined he was her father and his picture was right in front of him to prove she was not bluffing yet he absolutely had no memory of it. 
"Come on daddy, let's go. I wanna play on the swing," she said tugging him to the entrance. What was his photo doing here? Why did he feel an unknown pull towards this little one in spite of hating children? Had he missed the memo for being the father by any chance? It was impossible he could have led a family life, as he hated women and the sight of children made him nauseous. Yet he couldn't refuse Riya had seemed to find a special place in his heart within a very short span. He wanted a lot of answers and the only person who could give it to him would be the mother of this child. 
"Riya call your mommy please, I want to speak to her," he said seriously while helping her get down. 
"Okay daddy," she replied readily grabbing the phone and dialing her mother's number while walking to the swing. 
After what seemed like eternity she spoke, "Mumma! Haan it's me Riya. Where have you been? I have been searching for you since evening," she frowned. The person on the other side seemed to say something that made her bite her tongue before continuing, "Sorry mumma, but I am with daddy. I snuck out of school. Phir kabhie nahi karungi. Promise, pakka wala," she said all in one go pinching her throat while walking with the phone on the sidewalk. 
Maan was walking right behind her trying to register Riya's interaction with the person on the line. Random and fuzzy flashes of some incidences came to his mind but he couldn't quite seem to put a finger on it. He saw her skipping on the edge of the pavement and as if on instinct went ahead to catch her in case she fell. By the end of her monologue her muscles seemed to stiffen while she continued to listen with shock and a fat drop of tear threatened to fall from her eyes. His heart squeezed at the sight while his mind questioned this uncalled for emotion. He wanted to grab the phone and give a piece of his mind for making that little angel undergo pain but before he could even reach his hand out she had disconnected the call and stared at the phone. 
"Riya?" he hesitated wondering what might be going through her mind. "Is, is everything alright? Is your mumma coming?" She still had her eyes cast down and staring at the phone. 
"I want to go home," she barely whispered. 
"Ri'" he began only to be interrupted by her.
"Mujhe ghar jaana hai, abhi" she repeated blinking back tears. She gave him his phone and turned her back to him. Maan stared at the phone in his hand while she began to move away, her steps dragging on the edge of the pavement. He sat still on the pavement not knowing what was happening around him while his head now began to throb even more prominently. 
Riya stepped down from the pavement absentmindedly and began to wander on the street. Out of the corner of the street, unknown to her and Maan, a vehicle began to approach in top speed. The loud noise of the vehicle got Maan out of stupor and he lifted his head up only to be horrified at the sight in front of him. The scene in front of him passed so quickly that he hardly had time to react but only to scream, "Riya!" before darkness enveloped him as he clutched his head and fell on the ground. 
Riya was startled at his scream and turned to see her father while the vehicle zoomed past her, a mere few inches away from her. Hearing his loud scream she rushed to him and Mohan, who was on the other side of the park, came running.
"Daddy!" she screamed in agony. "Wake up daddy," she said furiously patting his cheek. "Daddy, look at me daddy!" she cried in vain as Mohan rushed to her side.
"Kya hua bitiya?" he asked panicking at the scene unfolding in front of him. He rushed to his boss to see him fallen, his face crumpled in pain. He immediately called the ambulance and went to get a bottle of water. Riya tried in vain to wake her father up when she heard an audible gasp. She looked up to see her mother rushing to her side, her eyes red with tears. 
"Mumma dekho daddy is not waking up!" Riya cried bitterly, looking at her mother helplessly while Geet kneeled beside Maan in an effort to wake him up. 
"Mohan!" Geet shouted, "Maan ko kya hua?" she asked desperately as she saw him come with a bottle of water. 
"Mu' mujhe pata nahi Geet madam," he stumbled. "Maine ambulance ko phone kiya hai."
"Mohan aapko pata hai na Maan ki tabyat abhi tak teekh nahi hui. Aap inhe akele kaise chodke gaye?" she asked exasperated and her tears were unstoppable.
"Geet madam voh maine socha Riya bitiya unke saath the toh isiliye," he hesitated. 
Just as she was about to say something, the loud siren of the ambulance echoed through the empty street. Paramedics rushed to the scene and put Maan on the stretcher before rushing him to the hospital. Riya explained what had transpired the whole time to her mother while the doctors hurried to check his vitals. Since he was not responding to regular procedures and his vitals were abnormal, medics feared he might have had a cerebral hemorrhage for his history already consisted of a previous severe brain trauma. He was immediately transported to the operation theater while the specialists rushed to attend him. Geet and Riya were distraught at the scene in front of them. Riya was devastated why her daddy was not waking up while Geet feared the worst and leaned on the wall adjacent to OT with her head buried in her hands. 
"Mamma, what happened to daddy?" Riya managed to ask in between her sobs. Geet, who had totally forgotten about Riya, grabbed her and hugged her tightly while she herself couldn't stop sobbing. Events of his previous accident flashed in her brain. 
Maan had left for an emergency meeting in London a year ago at her insistence. He hated overseas meetings and mostly avoided them lest he missed seeing his daughter. Since the meeting had cropped in the middle of Riya's school year, Geet didn't want Riya to miss school while Maan wanted them to accompany along. As it was one the most prestigious deals for Khurana Constructions, she had convinced Maan to fly to London for a few days to finish his work. He had reluctantly left, his eyes puffed due to continuous crying as he had to leave his princess and wouldn't wake up to see her. The meeting went perfectly well and they had bagged the deal, much to Geet's happiness. Since Maan couldn't stay a minute longer, he planned to take the next flight home and took a taxi to the airport. Unfortunately, the taxi was hit by a truck killing the driver and putting Maan into coma as he had sustained severe head trauma. Geet was informed of this sudden misfortune a day or two later for the hospital couldn't trace Maan's identity. She was distraught and didn't want Riya to go through the pain of seeing her daddy sick so she flew to London, leaving Riya under the care of Adhi and Pinky. She rushed to the hospital as soon as she arrived at the airport and was happy to find he had woken up from his coma and was responding well to their treatments. Thanking Babaji for saving her life she rushed to his room only to receive another jolt. He looked confused and curious at her presence and asked what she was doing in his room. Baffled at his sudden change in behavior she hurried to the doctor, confessing what she had just seen. The doctor performed a few tests and realized he was suffering from partial amnesia and had forgotten all the events that had transpired in these six years. The last he remembered was everything previous to Geet and Maan's meeting. So basically he had completely forgotten her, their love, their marriage, and their only angel Riya. She was shocked beyond words at the doctor's revelation. She tried to see if there were any possible treatments but the doctor insisted medicines could only help Maan revive not his memories. And since he had been a victim of a severe head trauma, there were more chances of him going back to coma if he was put under any stress. And now trying to make him remember the events of the past would only put him under more stress. Right now it was important for him to recover completely before he even tried to remember his past. Caught in a dilemma she decided to put Maan's health first and hoped the memories would come along. But as fate would have it, Maan, having forgotten his changed self after he had met her, once again went back to the angry and bitter Maan Singh Khurana. He now loathed to see her scuttling around him and ordered her to get out of his life, accusing of wanting to take advantage of his health. The mere sight of her made him stress mentally and physically, taking a toll on his health. Having no other option but to let him recoup his health before she could reveal her relation to him, she left him under the care of his friend and confidante, Adhi Sharma while cleaning up any remnants of their past in case he came across it soon before he was alright. She managed to convince Riya about moving out and silently exited his life while keeping continuous tabs on his health.        
"Nothing will happen to daddy Riya. He shall be fine. Babaji will keep him fine," she said in between her sobs, although she herself was unsure of the proceedings. 
Riya tightly clung to Geet, horrified of her father's sudden illness. As far as she knew, she had never seen him even complain of headache and now he looked like a fallen angel, devoid of any luster. She came out of the hug and walked down the aisle, confusing Geet. She walked to the end of the corridor that housed a photo of Guru Nanak. She had glanced at it while she walked in with her daddy and now she came to stand in front of it. She folded her hands reverentially and bowed her head. "I have seen Mumma pray to you and now I have come to ask you something. Please save my daddy," she said with her hiccups now increasing due to so much crying. "I know I snuck out of school and lied but please don't punish daddy for that. I promise to be a good girl and never trouble daddy. I know this happened because I took him to the park. I promise I won't even try to meet him but please make him alright," she pleaded that could melt even a stone. Geet who saw her praying incessantly let out a loud moan and rushed to her daughter.
Just then the doctor walked to them. Geet got up, "Doctor, Maan?" she asked hoping nothing had gone wrong. 
"You are lucky. You admitted him at the right time, preventing any hemorrhages,"he smiled. "But since he already had a previous cerebral injury I am going to keep him under observation for the next forty-eight hours. I am going to shift him to the ICU now," he said and walked away. Even before she could thank Babaji, Riya turned to the photo and was thanking Babaji for saving her daddy. She smiled at the sight and went to give her thanks before heading to the ICU. Riya ran ahead of her and hurriedly entered the ICU where Maan lay with wires all over him but was admonished by the nurse to be quiet so she tiptoed to her daddy and stood beside his bed. 
"Don't worry daddy, I sent a message to Mumma's Babaji to make you alright,"she whispered and smiled before slightly caressing his arms that had been poked with an IV tube. "Does it hurt a lot daddy?" she questioned with a hint of pain. "I'll make sure I spank the doctor for hurting you," she said seriously earning a chuckle from her mother. Geet sat by his bed pulling Riya onto her lap as Maan was still doused with sedatives and medicines. 
Geet didn't realize she had dozed away sitting on the chair with Riya on her lap until she was jerked awake with Riya giggling away. She opened her eyes to see her daughter laugh loudly at something and she was pleasantly surprised to see Maan also smiling with her, as they were seriously involved in a conversation. She tried to listen to their conversation peaked with curiosity but as soon as they saw her awake they began to whisper, giggling in between. She surprised to see her old Maan, conversing freely with their daughter like they always liked to do but was unsure since he had lost all those precious memories. Thinking he was just having a talk with her having spent the whole day with her and gently asked Riya to go call the doctor now that he had gained consciousness. She too was about to exit when she heard him hoarsely whisper. 
"Please don't leave me principesa*," he said, his voice weaved with deep pain and regret. 
"Daddy!" Riya exclaimed. He had finally called her they way she used to love being called. Since morning he had to her utter shock had forgotten his routine gestures towards his "Principesa Riya." He had refused to first recognize her and then didn't care to kiss her forehead before taking her hands and pressing them to his eyes. She didn't mind but it pricked her heart when he had shoved her away but all those worries flew out the window when he came back seeking her. Innocently thinking he was just pulling her leg since morning for not having met him for so long, she had readily once again become his happy child by evening when he came to apologize to her. And now when he called her fondly, she was elated beyond words and came running back to him. She climbed the chair and onto the bed tightly hugging him. "Of course no daddy. I would never leave you," she said shaking her head innocently and kissing his cheek. He instantly wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes letting his tears run freely. 
Maan struggled to open his eyes yet some strong unknown force seemed to prevent him from doing so. Even his body felt as heavy as lead when he tried to move his hands. But he felt the urge to open his eyes when he heard her softly whispering against his ears. The memories had come rushing back to him like forceful water let out through a dam when he saw his daughter near the footsteps of death. He struggled to lunge forward, in spite of the pain in his head that seemed to explode any moment, and save her only to fall on the ground unconscious. His restless mind refused to give up even when darkness surrounded him. His body wanted to succumb into it but his mind and heart were determined to swim across after a strong realization hit him about his daughter. He finally felt his resolve overpowering his physical body and he was able to open his eyes to see a hazy figure hovering by his side choking on her words, as she repeatedly pleaded guilty and promising not to repeat her mistakes. He blinked his eyes rapidly trying to focus his vision and moved his hand slowly to caress his daughter. Seeing him smile at her with a little difficulty as he felt the repercussion in his head she smiled her dazzling dimpled smile and hugged him with a loud gasp of victory. He crooned his neck to see his other love, Mishti, sleeping after what seemed like a tiring day for her. Dark circles contrasted her pale skin and she had lost an alarming amount of weight. He remembered how he had shoved her away accusing her of her fidelity back in London and bit his lower lips in shame. She was by him just the way he had asked her to be during their sacrificial vows yet he was the one who broke that promise. He wondered what his little angel had done to deserve his hatred when she had come to visit him. He decided to rectify his mistakes right that second and went ahead to kiss his little on her forehead as she began chatting with him unaware of anything that had transpired in the past year. 

"Riya chalo hum doctor ko bulayenge," she ushered hoping to distract her little baby.

"Nahi, mujhe pappa ke paas rehna hai. You can go get the doctor mamma," she said shrugging her shoulders before continuing her conversation with her father. She didn't want to create a scene in front of Maan and forcefully take Riya away. Having no other option she let Riya be with her father for sometime.
"Mmain doctor ko bulati hoon," she whispered without looking into his eyes and turned to leave when she heard his voice.
"Ek aur baar mujhe chodke jaa rahe ho Mishti?"  he choked. "Meri galti ka sazaa itna bada mat do. Mujhme himmat nahi hai." 
Geet jerked her head to look at him, shocked at his questioning. Her mind was unable to process anything, rendering her speechless. She couldn't believe what was happening and little cracks of happiness seemed to make its way through her body. She wondered if she even heard him right for she was afraid it might be her mere illusion that she saw a glimpse of her old Maan. She closed her mouth muffling her loud sob before she rushed to his side.
"Maan aap?" she asked unable to contain her emotions. 
"I know sorry is a small word compared to what you would have endured this whole year," he said regretfully. "But will you please for'"
Geet didn't allow him to complete his apology and shut his mouth by putting her hand on his mouth while shaking her head in denial. "We love you," she said smiled through her tears while entwining her hands, a small yet an assuring gesture that said it all. 
Maan smiled as he felt a huge burden of guilt being lifted off his heart. He wondered what he had done to deserve such a family. He promised himself to treasure every moment with them for once a moment gone, only it's memory survives as a token of remembrance.


so how was it sweets? i hope it made sense...

this is really a dedication to my dad who has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams be it a crazy one too! I love you dad and I am sure your guidance and support will continue until my last breath...Heart

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very beautiful os
loved it alot
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