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Posted: 22 September 2014 at 12:11pm | IP Logged

Hello guys...  okay i kind of missed wrting on current scenario's and thanks to UZMA SmileSmileSmile she kind of asked to write an emotional one and i tried one i hope i did justice ..and hope you guys will like it SmileSmileSmile

Sharon kept walking on the road alone wiping tears. She saw her phone it has been ringing from long someone or the other kept calling her, Swayam, Rey and her mother. She didn't feel like speaking with anyone. She cursed her fate which put her in situation like this. She hated herself being a loser. She failed as a mentor...may be as a girl friend too, slowly she felt Swayam was drifting away from her day by day. Thinking of him made her feel more miserable. She felt guilty, irritated, angry and helpless at the same moment. Her mom's words kept ringing in her ears as on how her emotional decisions made them lose the completion.

"You and your emotional decisions Sharon... agar mein yeh strategy plan nahi ki hoti   i dont think hum yaha tak aahi nahi pate..."

"Mom i gave my best... har cheez ko sambhalna it was not an easy task. Still i took the responsibility i wanted to fight in a fair way not by unfair means.. how could you do this... you what bhagwan hai... thats why stood by D3 team today.. and i cant even face my students Swayam... i dont even know all thanks to you "

"SWAYAM SWAYAM SWAYAM pak gayi hu mein Sharon.. What happened to my daughter who was a winner no matter what who just didnt like to lose...aaj iss ladke ke chakkar mein loser banke baiti hai... i didnt want you to lose ha maine kiya ha ii dont have any regrets over it..."

"Disgusting mom...i dont want to discuss anything..."

"Really Sharon disgusting ha.. kabhi life mein difficulty aur struggle dekhi hai... have everything Sharon every dam being honest yeh sab tabhi aate hai when you dont know the pain of not getting the thing you want..tum sab kuch easy lagta hai na... "

"You are right know what  aap sahi ho..  mujhe nahi chaiye yeh sab... rakhiye apne paas..."

"Sharon dont be silly"

She went and sat on the bench crying. She didn't know what bothered her more she didnt know why she was acting so paranoid. She closed her eyes of  karma dancing for st.Loius..  look on Swayam's face... did he know... will he believe her??  His reply for Huma's question... their dance...their closeness.. she opened her eyes not able to take anymore.. how she wished she could just remove all these thoughts..  What he doesn't ebelive her.. what if he will leave her,.. this time forever.. she didnt have courage... she didint have the courage to face him or speak to him after his rude behaviour back stage... she was scared to even think where she will be standing in life after the phone call. She kept staring at the screen crying...


Swayam threw his phone in the couch holding his hair. He was frustrated to the core. Everyone was partying and he sat in the corner looking at everyone. No one forced him to party as they knew what Sharon meant to him and tiff with her .

"Gussa mein hu...phir be im trying to make things better she doesn't even want to lift my call great... great,,,  i just its irritating,,,"

"Dude...itna problem hai tho jaake mitla kyun nahi usse.."

"Rey pls.."

"Kya pls... 4 ghante..ho gaye... Pehle Sharon aayi tumse baat karne...tumne kuch keh diya... and you were rude my brother... ab rude ho key aha moody li beta hai.. baat karna and khatam karlena baat tum dono"

"Ha mein rude tha.. because i was angry... usse ya situation se i dunno gussa uske nikal diya.. yaar kya gussa bhi nahi ho sakta mein..."

"Definetly ho sakte ho..but Swayam yeh baat hum sabko pata hai especially tumhe ki that Sharon is not involved in this.."

"Rey mujhe patha hai she is not mein not even thinking but uss waqt..  if she could have just spoke with me normally... she started taunting..Huma.. and i dunno re jo frustration tha uspe nikal diya maine..and Huma koleke bahut baar jagdah hua ..and ab bhi i know somewhere she is angry with Huma thing only..  i dont know why she keeps feeling so HUMA naam sunte hi bhadak jaati hai.. leave all that.. ab kitne baar call kiya maine..she is not even lifting... ek message nahi kuch nahi... i wanted to celebrate Rey..but with her...i dont know.. "

"Swayam tujhe yaad hai...Sharon Aashi ke saath bhi kuch aise hi behave karthi thi..."

"Ab aashi..kyun??"

"Yaad hai??"

"Ha hai..ab iska usse kya conection hai?"

"tu itna bada dhakkan kab se bangaya re?"

"Im going from here..."

"Abbey kaha jaa raha hai baith...  dekh Swayam ...Sharon bahut alag tarah ki ladki hai.. you know that..  Jis Sharon ko mein jaantha hu woh Sharon aisi hai ki jaldi logon ke apnati nahi ...agar kisi ko woh apna samajthi hai pyar karti hai she doesn't like sharing them with other ones...   pata nahi woh hamesh tumhara intensity ke bare mein bolti rehti thi pehle u know. That she will not be able to handle your intense love and stuff like that.. par Swayam jis Sharon ko mein dekh raha hu ab... her love for you is like..kabhi kabhi i keep wondering.. saala ne kya kar diya iske saath... yaar tere intensity se darti thi... ab mujhe uske intensity se dar lagta hai.. she is mad for you Swayam...past ka arrogant wali Sharon gayab hi ho gayi ..And Sharon never opens up Swayam she is like this...tumhe usse jaanna hoga..uske unkahi baatein.. sab kuch. And i think is waqt.. "

Swayam kept staring at Rey thinking about the past incidents... Sharon's protective nature...her jealousy.. her excitement when he took her for simple date... he has never thought about it.

"I will make you fall in love with me Sharon"

"Yeh mujh par hai ki  tumbhi mujhe utna hi intensity se pyar karo.."

How his simple acts of love made her soo happy...

Rey's words made him think how she suppressed her feelings when he didnt wish her on her birthday. How situations came where she just smiled to make him happy...just to be with him..but did he understand her...her unspoken words..

"mujhe uske saath hona chahiye.."

"Intelligent boy... jaao.."

"Arrey wah..thats more like mere dost and jaa usse milo.."

"I love you rey..."

" u too love u too jaoo ab.."


Swayam stood outside her house waiting for someone to open the door. Finally after a long wait kaka opened the door narrating him the whole incident. Swayam got a mini attack then and there.He just cursed himself for being such an idiot. He immediately called her for which he received the switched off message, adding some more to fuel to his fast running negative thoughts. He just calmed himself down and took his cycle informing Rey and gang about missing Sharon asking them to search some places where he rushed to his place to take the car instead of his bicycle. He threw the cycle and ran inside home to grab the keys.

The sight he witnessed there scared him and relieved him at the same time. Sharon was sitting on the floor with all cushions spread around with messed hair...puffed eyes...and with a bottle... and she was blabbering some random stuff...

"Sharon Sharon OMG... Sharon"

He went and hugged her tightly finally feeling relieved... before he could say anything more he was pushed back



"How dare you i only hug my loved ones...jaao dur"

"Yeh Swayam kaha gaya..."

She got up pushing him back...She walked in zig zag way and went to one if the room...

"SWAYAM SHEKHAWAT... bahar aao... how dare you you make me wait here..."


Saying this she threw a vase and started screaming again. Swayam went near her grabbing the bottle from her hand. It was a bloddy cool drink bottle he smelled it and...   he wondered who did this..he brushed his thoughts and looked back at angry Sharon who was waiting to kill him..

"Do mera bottle.."

"Sharon mein Swayam. Dekho tumhara Swayam..."

"Mera Swayam... how good that Sharon ka Swayam ...Swayam ki Sharon...  how beautiful..."

She started twirling... and her own world...

"Sharon kya kar rahi ho...gir jaogi.."

"Mera Swayam...that sounds so good...but ...ab Swayam mera nahi raha...woh tho woh tho...ab Huma ka hai.. "

"Hey Sharon its me...Swayam and mein hamesha tumhara hi Swayam hu,.."

"Mujhe pagal samajh ke rakha hai?? Tum mere imagination ho bas...Swayam tho uss HUUUMAAA ke paas hai... and tumhe pata hai mein Swayam ke call bhi uta rahi hu,,,"

She said smiling to herself like a maniac


"Agar call utaungi tho woh mujse breakup karlega and i dont want him to leave me..."

She said as her expressions changed into pained ones..

"HE will never leave you.."

"pakka ???"

She asked with an innocent face..

"Ha pakka Swayam tumse bahut pyar karta hai...tumse break up kyun karega"

 "Meri great MOM ke wajah se... her strategies..her plans... aur us HUMAAA ke wajah se... har waqt chipakthi rehti hai mera Swayam se... hug karti rehti hai..mujhse pehle hug karleti hai... she will take my Swayam away."

"Aur agar koi le jayega tho tumhara Swayam chala jayega aise hi..."

"Nahi... Swayam aisanahi hai..he is a very ery nice guy... i love him sooomuch u know... he loves me..but but im such a demanding girl friend na..."

"Tumhe kis ne kaha aisa"

"No one.. but i know.. instead of making things good i make things tough for him... mujhe shayad pyar karna nahi aata...but i want him..all my life.. pehle aashi uske baad ruhi...ab yeh huma sab mere Swayam ke piche pada hai..and  "

"and mein kisi ko khush nahi rakh such a LOSER>.. bad daughter..bad mentor and a bad girlfriend... "

"Sharon kya.."

"Aur woh apna ghar ka loan...bhagwan jaane..."

"Kaunsa loan??/"

"Arrey tumhe nahi pata?? My house ...our businesses are in loss ne yeh academy pe thoda hopes rakha ab woh bhi...phewww chala gaya... sahi hua.. jo log galat hote hai unke saath galat  hi hota hai...jaise huare saath hua... aur yehi mein mom ko samjati tho kya kehti..i have gone mad. I was born with silver spoon and stuff... but i did my best na.. what else i could have done..mujhe gussa aaya. isliye mein chod aayi unke ghar..."

She said throwing lot of attitude and started singing some random tune

She started smiling and taking one more sip.

Swayam sat there just observing her. He  did misjudge her if he had D3 she equally has St.lous pressure..still she tried to be with him...keeping aside the fact that she didnt tell him about their financial condition... he felt bad with in to make her feel miserable by not giving her his time. All her irrational ranting conveyed only thing.. she craved for his support and love...and he happily kept her away.

He went and took her bottle and kept it aside making her face him.


She looked at him...  her brimming tears...puffed eyes...

He slowly kissed her eyes one by one  lovingly making her forget everything else...

Resting her forehead on hers... cupping her face...

"I Love You Sharon... I Love You sooo much... and im so sorryyy"

She rested her forehead absorbing the moment

She had no idea if he was there or it was her imagination but the feel of him being with  her calmed her senses. She tilted her head moving more near to feel more of kiss him...

Sensing increasing proximity he slowly moved back. Not able to feel him anywhere near she opened her eyes to look at him.

But her eyes confused him more. He didnt want to make any wrong move as she was badly drunk.

"Sharon...tum nashe mein ho"

"Y dont you admit that you dont want m any more..."

Saying that she got up and started walking...her head was spinning she felt weird and she stood there and vomited and fell on the couch near by.

Swayam rushed to her and took her to the wash room and called someone to clean the house. He tried cleaning her  dress but it smelled really yucky. She needs a dress change. He looked at the watch it was almost 2 calling simmi or anyone else would be a bad idea. He took a deep breath and carried her made her lie on the bed. HE went and got a Shirt and switched off the lights and somehow managed to change her clothes to his shirt.

He went and checked the hall and changed his clothes and came back to check on her. He sat there for long running his fingers in her hair. She held his hand sleeping on it. She gave peck on her cheek. And settled himself beside her.


Middle of night Swayam realised that he slept of sitting and Sharon was blabbering some stuff.She turned other way pulling his hand making him lie on bed.

"I love you Swayam... tum bahut cute aur hot ho.."

Swayam's eyes widened hearing the word hot. She moved little near to hear more.

"bhagwan ji Swayam ek baba hai baba hazar baar kiss tak aake dur chala jaata hai...  y cant he just kiss me.. abnormal baba"

After somemore time

"Swayam tum waxing karte ho  kya??? Then how dod you have hairless chest?? Is it natural?? Hope natural ho waxing pe bahut dard hota hai..."

"Us HUMA ka murder kar lethi hu...  "



"nahi not 2  I want 4 kids... and  2 girls and 2 boys... sab ko mera nahi sab tumpe jaaye.. and i will love them like no one has ever loved them... abd mujhe ek doggy bhi chaiye.."

 In this way Sharon kept chattering some random blabbering giving a sweet wala sleepless night to Swayam. He kept staring at her all the night.


Sharon slowly opened her eyes to see bright light in front of her. She immediately closed her eyes to sleep more.  She played peeka boo with light for some time and finally decided to get up. The moment she tried getting up she felt like her head is being pulled back by someone . it started paining like hell. Somehow she sat on the bed looking around. It didnt look like her room and she looked at herself loose shirt...

"Yeh tho Swayam ka shirt hai whre am i??"

"you r with me.."

She looked back at smiling Swayam who was waiting with a glass of some stuff. He came and handed her and gestured her to drink. She still didnt get anything but she drank it  and gave him the glass back.

They sat in silence for long...she looking down and somewhere else with him staring at her. Finally she got back some sense...and remembered the fights...her spat with she came to Swayam's house finally gathering courage and waited for him and drank something...and..she didnt know how she ended up on his bed wearing his shirt..

"Mere kapde.."

"i have given it was washing 1 2 ghante mein ready ho jayenge"

"okay par.."

"hmm please ab woh mat pucho Sharon.."

"kyun kya hua??"

"You were badly drunk and..."


"i tried a lot Sharon par were really wild...  i couldn't help it...woh achanak se...tum aise..."

"Oh god Swayam tell me..."

"You wanted to kiss me... you told me that you find me hot...and you complained tha i dont kiss you often..and "

"What..the hell"

"i tried..."

Tears started brimming from her eyes while Swayam was enjoying her scared wala expressions...

"Im sorry for everything... Swayam.. i really am.. i ..i shouldn't have come here...i dunno how i drank...i thought it was some normal cold drink..  i already gave you lot of pain...and yesterday im sorry..."

She said trying to get up from bed..but Swayam was fast to pull her back to him...

He held her by waist making her settle in his lap.


"I Love You Sharon nd yeh Swayam sirf aur sirf tumhara hai"

He whispered into her ears...

 She opened her eyes looking at him with tears...

She  tried telling him something but he didnt let her by pulling into a kiss... she got shocked first but responded with hin seconds..forgetting the world around her..  running her fingers through his hair..pulling it occasionally..while he drew circles on her back.

He pulled out when he felt he needed some breath...

"Not my fault... i got a complain that i dont kiss often,..."

"SHUT UP..."

 She smacked him one as they stayed like that smiling...

"And we need to talk..."

"I know... but abhi nahi"

HE said pulling her wish him back on the bed and she settled herself next to him cuddling to him as her wrapped his arms around her thanking his stars...

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Posted: 22 September 2014 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
heheheheh...okkk i know its bad to laugh like tht in u have wrtiitten the scene so funny tht i couldnt stop laughing...ok om serios was well written...i love how u show sharon emotion...rey as a frend and swayam as a mature bt still lovable loverboy




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Posted: 22 September 2014 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
aww it was amazing...wish aisa he kuch show mai ho jai but aise kismat kaha hamare 
sharon getting drunk part was a shocker but amazing
she whole night blabbering giving swayam sweet wala sleeplees night was toh soo soo Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
loved it...just awesomeHug




Joined: 26 April 2013

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Posted: 22 September 2014 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Oh freak oh freak oh freak
that Swayam mujhe se break up kar dega and all her emotional words :'( and I couldn't control but cry 
How can you write so perfectly 
Thank you so much for this 
You don't how much I loved it 
It was emotional but too cute 
Specially kiss due to complain :p
I just loved it ouch jyada hi :3
Awww I want Swayam Sharon to be like this in D3 too 




Joined: 03 April 2013

Posts: 15761

Posted: 22 September 2014 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Amazing it is ...i really hope esa khutch show me b ho...
Drunk sharon ws really a treat to read...
luvd it do write more




Joined: 21 April 2012

Posts: 8365

Posted: 22 September 2014 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Amazing Os
I loved it
Sharon blabbering in sleepLOL




Joined: 05 September 2012

Posts: 2325

Posted: 22 September 2014 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Gosh how do u manage writing such a masterpiece everytime???& leave all of us speechless...I won't say amazing or outstanding cus that wud be an understatement & wud sound too ordinary...cuz this OS was extraordinary...
Coming back to Update..
Sharon blabbering random stuff
The most cutest & highly romantic was babies wala
I want two kids no 4..aawwieee abhi se sapne dekhna shuru...
And at last that kiss..*blush blush blush...*
U rock it gal...

One request next plz write something on newly married swaron..romantic & sensuous m one hell of a fan of ur writings..




Joined: 12 January 2014

Posts: 2800

Posted: 22 September 2014 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
OMG I haven't read any of your work before
and Thank God that I come to read this one Shocked
Drunk Sharon was treat to read LOL
I am in love with it Embarrassed
Seriously a very well written OS
Loved it to the core Heart
I love the way you put some funny yet beautiful scenes in it
I can imagine drunk Sharon, her pain, her emotions, her love for Swayam everything was so well described Day DreamingDay Dreaming
This scene was the highlight
OMG I couldn't stop laughing
"I love you Swayam... tum bahut cute aur hot ho.."
"bhagwan ji Swayam ek baba hai baba hazar baar kiss tak aake dur chala jaata hai...  y cant he just kiss me.. abnormal baba"
"Swayam tum waxing karte ho  kya??? Then how dod you have hairless chest?? Is it natural?? Hope natural ho waxing pe bahut dard hota hai..."
I totally loved it Day Dreaming
Keep writing such awesome stuff and if possible please PM when you will right any such stuff

Edited by Sehr_VruShan - 22 September 2014 at 2:06pm

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