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ok guys u might not know this but I am a DISNEY FREAK!!!!i mean it I love everything so to help put ppl who dont have disney channel or dont know whats going on the channel I decided to put together a small sypnosis on Disney!

ok just so you guys now this is the abbs

DC-Disney Channel
DCOM-Disney Channel Original Movies
DCOAS-Disney Channel Original Animated Series
DCOCS-Disney Channel Original Comedy Series


* pic taken from Wikipedia

The Shows

That's So Raven

TSR is about a teenage girl with pyshic powers.She has these visions where she can see what's happening in her future,if its about her friends or family she tries to help them or herself but it always tends to lead to confusion and hilarious results(BTW she hasnt told anybody except her friends and family)!Raven lives with her parents and little brother in San Francisco.She now works for a famous fashion designer Donna Cabana and her snotty assistant Tiffany.Raven also has a boyfriend who lives in Seattle(long distance relationshipWink)She also encounters Stanley ,a six year old wth a BIG attitude and he had a crush on Raven! and also a sweet little orphan called Sydney,who idolizes Raven!

1 Raven(Raven Symone)-is a teen pyshic and is a fashion designer working for a famous fashion designer.She is very cool to be with but sometimes she can be very egoistic.Her dream is to be a fashion designer and is very fashionable.

2 Eddie(Orlando Brown)-a fun guy ,a rapper and Raven's "Guy" best friend.He is very cool to be with and is girl crazy..

3 Chelsea(Anneliese Van Der Pol)-
an enviorment lover,she loves animals and plants and is a vegeterian,is very dumb(her top floor is dheela!LOL).But she is very good at heart and loves to help people

4 Victor(Rondell)-a chef and a very cool dad,he owns a restaurant called the Chill Grill ,the coolest spot in SF.Sometimes he can be cool sometimes he just embarrases Raven and Cory

5 Cory(Kyle Massey)-he is a mad money freak,he loves money and his pat rat Liono.He also hates Raven(u know bro-sis thing).He has just entered Junior High and has encounters with "The Juicer"

6 Tanya(Th'keyia)-not shown at all nowConfused.She's a cool mom ,and the most sensible in the Baxter family.She is also a lawyer gone to law school

7 Alana-Raven's former enemy(played by Raven Symone's good friend and fellow Cheetah Girl Adriene Bailon)she hates Raven because Raven got a part of a play in 4th grade and Alana didn't.Confusedanyways she got sent to military school

8 Loca and Muffy-Loca has a crush on Eddie and she is the school's bully girl.Muffy is the school's preppy girl.Both were apprentices to Alana but now worship Bianca.

9 Devon(Lil'J)-Raven's boyfriend and he loves Raven alot! and vice versa.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

10 Stanley-he had a crush on Raven,but now he doesn'tConfusedanyways he'e out to get Corey (no idea why)

11 Bianca-Raven's OTHER arch nemesis ,now Loca and Muffy work for her.she got kicked out of military school.

12 Sydney-Sydney is an orphan and when she first met Raven she was rude to her but now they are like sisters.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

This show is about twins living in a hotel!The Tipton is located in Boston,MA and consists of interesting people.London,Maddie,Mr.Moesby,Estban,Patrick and Muriel are some of the people.Zack and Cody are twins who case trouble for everyone in the hotel with hilarious plans and lies and pranksLOL.

Zack(Dylan Sprouse)-The elder brother.He is an outgoing guy.He is carefree and the troublemaker out of the two.He used to have a crush on Maddie.(still does)he is also the flirty one.

Cody(Cole Sprouse-my sweet jaanu BTW ...so back off he's mineEmbarrassed!!!)-Cody is the sweet senstive one.He is very intellegent and sometimes is dumb.But he is awfully cute and helpful.He tries to keep Zack out of trouble but also gets into it.He cares a lot about his mother.

Maddie(Ashley Tisdale)-the candy counter girl.She has a long name!(Madeline Margeret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick).She is in a Catholic school.She "hates" her job because of her salary.She has a tendency to get younger menLOL{like Zack,Zack's friend(the one with the glasses),Randall(from the day care)}She loves boys even though she's training to be a nun.Confused

London(Brenda Song)-the "air head heiress" she is as dumb as you can get.LOLBut she is also rich than you can imagine!She is Tipton's daughter and the owner of the Boston Tipton.She loves to boss people around  and shop!(she has 4  levels in her closet!Ouch).She and Maddie are friends sometimes and sometimes they are mortal enemiesConfusedanyways she is very nice but gullible.And doesn't know how to count or the alphabet .She and Maddie go to the same school

Mr.Moesby(Phill Lewis)-the hotel manager,he loves his job and the Tipton,but he's always running around trying to catch Z and C.He's very loyal to Tipton and a father figure to London.

Carrie(Kim Rhodes)-she is Z and C's mom and she is very funny sometimes.She gets stressed sometimes because of Z and C.She is also the singer at the Tipton.The most sensible Martin.

Esteban(Adrian)-has a very long name as wellLOL ,but is very cute Embarrassedand funny because of his accent,since he's from a Spanish speaking country.

Muriel-not shown in the new epi's but she is very lazy and is one of the hotel's maids.

Arwin(Brian)-has a MASSIVE crush on Carrie and he is the maintainence guy for the Tipton,he is also very unclean and weirdConfused.

Max(Alyson Stoner) and Tapeworm-shown in some epi's .Max is actually a girl and in one episode she had a crush on Zack.Tapeworm is a whiz kid and is weird.

Bob(I hate this guy BTWAngry)- Z and C's friend and is a lot like Zack. He is dyslexic

Patrick-the head waiter at the Tipton restaurant.He is very snotty and mean.

Jessica and Janice-two very pretty twins from England,whom Z and C have a crush on.

Agnis-used to like Cody...but in one epi she liked zack and then cody and now zackConfusedConfused(wow)

Corrie(Vaneesa Anne Hudgens)-Corrie is a HUGE fan of London,she loves London like crazy and would do anything for her.She is also dumb like LondonLOL

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is about Miley Stuart and her family Roby Ray(her dad) and Jackson(her brother).Her 2 friends Olliver and Lily are always there for her and are there to help her out.Miley and her family are actually from Tennese ,but they moved to Mailabu,CA.Miley also has a big secret-she is actually a huge teen pop sensation Hannah Montana ,but she doesn't want anybody to know because she wants to be treated the way she is,not like a star.

Hannah/Miley(Miley Cyrus)-a southern girl living in CA,she is a teen pop sensation and has millions of fans.A very cool girl but confued about general things in life like boys and school and friends!Embarrassed

Lily(Emily Osment)-Miley's BFFL she and Miley are like sisters,with opposite personalities.Lily loves to skateboard and is very fashionable.Very loud and a huge fan of Hannah ,but after the 1st episode that changes...her BFF is actually her idol!when she's with Hannah she's know as Lola.Whenever she's with Hannah she gets a little embarrsing

Olliver(Mitchel Muso)-a guy that has women problemsEmbarrassedLOL,had a huge crush on Hannah,but as soon as he found out who she was he likes Miley just as a friend.He is very flirtious.

Jackson(Jason Earles)-Miley's brother a very nice guy but is very dumb,he too is very flirtatious and is sixteen,but still a kid from inside

Roby Ray(Billy Ray Cyrus)-a mom and a dad to both his kids,he can be pretty funny at times but when it comes to parenting he's the best!

Amber and Ashley-two very preppy girls ,they hate Miley because of her origin and make fun of her,but Miley and Lily always backanswer

Jake-a huge TV star at Miley's school and has a crush on Miley because she is different(She is actually jealous of him and treats him normal not like a super star)

Cory in the House

This show is actually a spinoff from That's So Raven. It's about Cory Baxter living with his dad in the white house. The President came to San Fran and loved Victor's cooking and put him on the job of White House Chef.

Cory Baxter-Same as TSR. just his time he has a huge crush on Meena

Meena(Miana)-She is a "Bahavian" girl who is facinated by Amercian culture.but has to hide her new side from her father as she calls him "old-school"

Newt(Jason Dolley)-The stupid one from the threesome. His parents are senators but he wants to be a rockstar and a skateboarder.

Sophie(Madison)-"America's Angel" who is spoilt rotten. but her daddy pampers her very much. She has a way with words and can be very evil

Sam-The President's secretary her job is to make sure that everything is perfect for the president

Prezz Mezz-The President and Sophie's dad..loves her very much and is a nice political figure.

Other Shows

Phil of the Future

A show about a family from 2121 who went on a timetravel vacation and ended up in the small town of Pickford in 2004.Phil Diffy(Ricky Ullman) is a sensible,normal teenager from the year 2121.He meets Keely Teslow(Aly or Alyson Michalka) a girl from the 21st century ,who is facinated by him and his family and swears to keep a secret that the Diffy's are from the future.Phil's sister Pim(Amy Bruckner) is an evil little brat out to dominate the world.Her dream to be dictator and rule the worldConfused.Phil's mom Barbara is your average everyday mom,who's from the future!!!she has trouble doing the everyday things we do in this century(like cooking and cleaning).Lloyd is Phil's dad who is facinated by 21st century but is also very confused about how to fix the time machine.On their vacation they find a caveman and decide to name him Curtis and he's stuck with them ever since.Phil and Pim's principal Neil Hacket suspects them so he is on their tail,24/7.They have cool awesome gadgets like The Wizard(it can do anything) and they have a duplicator and a pair of glasses where you can see movies in and(I can go on!),.So that POTF for you.

Lizze McGuire

A show about a normal teenager's life in middle school.Lizze (Hilary Duff)lives with her parents and her bratty brother Matt(Jake Thomas),Her two BF's Miranda(LaLaine) and Gordo(Adam) always help her.Gordo actually has a crush on her but she doesn't know about it yet.Kate(Ashley) is Lizze's arch enemy and Ethan is a cute guy in school ,all the girls have a crush on him.

Life with Derek

A show about Kasie a girl living with her step-bother Derek and his siblings (Edwin and Marty) and her own sister Elizabeth(Lizzy) and basic school troubles like HW and dances and stuff like that.. She had a major crush on Derek's best freind Sam but broke up with him..

Naturally Sadie

A show about Sadie,a girl who loves nature and her family.

Even Stevens

A show about a brother and a sister completely different from each other.Louis(Shia LaBeuf) is a troublemaker and Ren(Christy Carlson Romano)is the perfect child.

Sister Sister

A show about Tia and Tamera(Tia and Tamera Mowry) two teenage twins who find each other in a mall.They were adopted and they live together in the same house with Ray(Tamera's adopted dad) and Lisa(Tia's adopted mom),and also with some troubles like their next door neighbour Roger!.

Animated Shows

Proud Family(animated)

A show about a 14 year old girl Penny(Kyla Pratt) with normal probs.Her dad Oscar is overprotective. Her mom Trudy is a vet and her paternal grandomther Suga Mama is not your average grandmaWink!.Her next door neighbour is Lacianiga,her enemy,who is very rich.Her 3 best friends are Dijanay,Zoey and Sticky(I think)

The Replacements(animated)

The newest DCOAS,its about Todd and Riley ,a brother and sister who were orphans until they find an ad that says that they can replace anybody in their life with someone better!.They get a super spy mom and a daredevil dad and a cool cellphone that they can call whenever they want,to replace someone,from Fleemco.

Lilo and Stich :The Series

This cartoon continues the movie.These adventures have Lilo living with Pleakly and Jumba and Stich.They look for Stich's cousins who are lost all over Hawaii.They are trapped in small balls ,and if the balls touch water,The experiment comes alive and starts to create havoc(because Jumba programed them that way)and Lilo and Stich find them and turn them good and also protect them from Gantu.

Kim Possible(animated)

A show about a teenage girl,Kim Possible(Christy Carlson Romano) who saves the world!!she is a cheerleader and a very active student(and I MEAN active..head cheer leadear,captain of the academic team,yearbook,).Her best friend (and now boyfriend)Ron(Will) is her "side-kick" and his naked mole rat Rufus is a cutie.Her mom is a brain surgeon and her dad is a rocket scientist and she has two younger twin brothers Jim and Tim .She has a bunch of enemies including Dr Draken,Monkey Fist,Duff Killigan,DNAmy,Senor Senior Senior and Senor Senior JuniorConfused(weird name),Shego are just a few to name.Kim has her own website owned by Wade(Tahj Mowry) a 10 year old super genius who NEVER leaves his room!KP has had two movies-A Sitch In Time and So The Drama.Kim has 2 BF's like ALL DCOCS(Disney Channel Original Comedy Series)Monique(Raven Symone)is a fashionable girl and helps Kim with everyday crisis like who to ask for a date!Kim's school's arch nemesis is Bonnie(Kirsten Storms)who wants to be cheer captain(Kim's position)

American Dragon Jake Long(animated)
(I wont have a lot of detail since I dont watch this show)

Jake is the american dragon and he is a half american half chinese.His 2 friends Tracy and Stud are the only ones who know his secret along with his grandfather and his mom and his sister Hannah.He has a talking dog -Fu Dog.He basically fights with mystical creatures.He has a crush on Rose who is a dragon slayer.


Shorty McShorts Shorts(animated)

This is a new show.The unique thing about this is that the cartoon's show is only 5 minutes long.Each week there is a new short,a small cartoon about anything.

Mike's Super Short show(FINISHEDCry)

This small segment is run by Mike and his sister Sally(Alyson Parker).They talk about the upcoming Disney DVD's.Disney Movies,DCOM's and Disney Shows coming on DVD.They sometimes interview the stars from the movie and give you a very brief sypnosis on the DVD extra's and the movie.

Really Short Report

Basically what Mike's Super short was was...just a bit different.

Check This Kid Out

This segment talks about kids who have a unique hobby or an achievement.

Mi Mundo(my world)(FINISHED)

I think this is just for the hispanic month celebration.This segment shows kids from Spanish speaking countries and they show their world(mi mundo).

Express Yourself

In this segment,the DC stars are interviewed and they talk about anything.From people to events to dreams to family,to holidays to current events

Sports Dreams

This segment shows kids who play different sports or games and their achievements and their dreams

Show Your Stuff

This segment has kids talk about things they collect and how they cherish their collection 

Movie Surfers

This segment talks about the latest movies in theatres and comign soon movies of Disney.Hosted by Josh,Tessa,Jeryn and Stevanna,they interview the starst or the crew of the movie

Disney 365

This segment basically shows whats currently going on in Disney.From the movies to the shows to the parks to the music,this segment will keep you updated!

Imagineer That!

Disney's way to let kids jump into creativity.DC stars encourage you to try creative things.The 7 creativity sparks are "When in doubt turn it inside out".Practice seeing the world not as it is but how it could be"."Do your research"."Shake Things Up"."Question everything"."Set up a great thinking place''."A picture is worth a thousand words-draw it out!

*The DCOMs

*DCOM(Disney channel original movies)these movies are NOT the ones in theatres these are movies made by Disney Channel.movies are listed in the years they came out.

    Northern Lights(1997) Under Wraps(1997) You Lucky Dog(1998) Brink(1998) Halloween Town(1998) Zenon:Girl of the 21st century(1999) Can of Worms(1999) The Thirteenth Year(1999) Smart House(1999) Jonny Tsuanami(1999) Genius(1999) P.U.N.K.S(1999) Don't Look Under the Bed(1999) Horse Sense(1999) Up Up and Away(2000) The Color of Friendship(2000) Alley Cats Strike(2000) Rip Girls(2000) Miracle in Lane 2(2000) Stepsister from Planet Weird(2000) Ready to Run(2000) Quints(2000) The Other Me(2000) Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire(2000) Phantom of the Megaplex(2000) The Ultimate Christmas Present(2000) Zenon:The Zequel(2001) Motocrossed(2001) The Luck of the Irish(2001) Hounded(2001) Jett Jackson:The Movie(2001) The Jennie Project(2001) The Poof Point(2001) Halloween Town 2: Kalabar's revenge(2001) Twas The Night(2001) Double Teamed(2002) Cadet Kelly(2002)* Tru Confessions(2002) Get a Clue(2002) * Gotta Kick it Up(2002) A Ring of Endless Light(2002) The Scream Team(2002) You Wish(2003)* Right on Track(2003) The Even Steven's Movie(2003)* The Cheetah Girls(2003)* Full Court Miracle(2003) Pixel Perfect(2004)* Going to the Mat(2004) Zenon:Z3(2004)* Stuck in the Subarbs(2004)* Tiger Cruise(2004) Now You See It(2005)* Buffalo Dreams(2005) Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time(2005)* Kim Possible:So the Drama(2005)* Go Figure(2005) Life is Ruff(2005)* The Proud Family Movie(2005)* Twitches(2005)* High School Musical(2006)* Cow Belles(2006)* Wendy Wu:Homecoming Warrior(2006)* Read it and Weep(2006) The Cheetah Girls 2(2006)* Return to Halloween town(2006) Molly:An American Girl on the Front(2006) Jump In (2007)
  1. High School Musical 2 : Sing it All or Nothing!(COMING SOON IN 2007!!!)

*-means that DC Stars(who are in the shows) are in the movie


    The Cheetah Girls 2 High School Musical Twitches The Cheetah Girls Halloween Town High Cow Belles Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior Read it and Weep The Luck of the Irish     
  1. The Even Stevens Movie

***info taken from WIKIPEDIA(DCOM list and statistics)

The Disney Channel Circle of Stars

These stars are stars from Disney Shows and have sung 2 great disney hits-The Circle of Life from The Lion King and A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella .Both from the Platinum  Editions.

    Raven Symone(That's so Raven) Orlando Brown(That's So Raven) Anneliese Van Der Pol(That's So Raven) Hilary Duff(Lizzie McGuire) Lalaine(Lizze McGuire) Kyla Pratt(The Proud Family) AJ Trauth(Even Stevens) Tahj Mowry(Kim Possible) Dylan Sprouse(The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) Cole Sprouse(The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody) Ashley Tisdale(The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody) Brenda Song(The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody) Alyson Mischalka(Phil of the Future) Ricky Ullman(Phil Of The Future) Amy Bruckner(Phil Of The Future) AJ Mischalka Christy Carlson Romano(Kim Possible)
  1. Tahj Mowry(Kim Possible)


DC musicians are actually the Stars.DC has its own singers to be proud of like Raven Symone,Anneliese Van Der Pol,Ashley Tisdale,Vannessa Anne Hudgens,Zac Efron,Aly and Aj Michalka,Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff.They've made music videos for Disney Hits with a 21st century spin or made their own songs.

Aly and AJ have made about 4 music videos,The most popular ones are Rush and Chemical's React.

The Cheetah Girls are also the most popular DC band.Raven Symone,Adriene Bailon,Keily Williams and Sabrina Bryan, make up this group they have done concerts and had 3 albums. 

This spot is also for High School Musical's peppy Vannessa Hudgens,her new music video is "Come Back to Me" which is a hit. Her new alum is V

Ashley Tisdale's remake of "Kiss The Girl"from The Little Mermaid is also doing great.Other songs can be found on Disney Mania CD's or Radio Disney.Her newest album is Headstrong

Other Special Events

DC Games

The first ever DC Games were held in summer,as a part of Disney Channel's So Hot Summer.The games consisted of 3 teams red,blue and green.The 3 teams competed with each other for the DC Trophy and the DC Champion's title.

The red tem consisted of captain Zac Efron,Dylan Sprouse,Shin,Anneliese Van Der Pol,Kay Panabaker and Moisis Aris.

The Blue team had Capt.Brenda Song,Cole Sprouse,Vanessa Hudgens,Jason Earles,Monique Coleman,Corbin Bleu.

The Green Team was made up of Capt Ashley Tisdale,Miley Cyrus,Mitchel Muso,Lucas Grabel,Emily Osment,Kyle Massey.

After 3 months of intense challenges.Each week DC viewers could vote online for MVP's chosen that week.The Blue Team was victorious after winning most of the challenges!

going to start soon..so watch out!

That's So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana

This special event was for one night only.In this special event The characters from That's So Raven,The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana meet together for the first time!!!!.

Raven has to go on a fashion shoot to Boston with Donna CaBana.A world famous photographer Pistache is supposed to come back after a break and her two teen male models(from a country no one's ever heard of).At Boston she stays at the Tipton!.Raven's boss give her a "sec tech" to work(a plamtop used for appointements and business stuff)But Raven messes it up.

So when she reaches the Tipton Mr.Moesby tells her that Von and CaVelt(the models) are stuck somewhere (with a long name)and Pistache is here!!Raven becomes friends with Zack,Cody and Maddie.

Zack and Cody help Raven out for a press interview pretending to be models.LOLand Raven is pretending to be Pistache!!!!!.When Donna pretends to be her too and the real photographer turn up things go haywire.Meanwhile in San Francisco Eddie,Chelsea,Stanely and Cory are setting a world record for longest paddle ball and Chelsea is competing with Stanley

The 2nd episode is when Raven finds out that her flight is cancelled for a week!.Then she has a vision about one of the twins being attacked,she tells them that one of them should be careful when they hear a bell and a sneeze.

Cody gets unlucky whenever he hears that and believes her!.They are preparing for their mom's birthday party.Raven meanwhile meets London Tipton ,whom she's a great fan of!She tries to be friends with London,but London always shoo's her off.Maddie feels sorry or her and says that she will make London look at her designs.

Maddie tries to convince London but she refuses,so Maddie has no choice but to put Raven's designs in London's closet.London makes the dress and Arwin's robot gift of Carrie goes haywire and starts attacking!!There is a bell from the robot and a sneeze from Mr.Moesby,and the robot attacks Zack who falls in the cake!.Out in the hall Hannah arrives and all 5 charcters are excited in seeing her.

The HM epi had nothing in it so so I wont even bother writing about it!Angry

Disney's other channels

Disney also has other channles such as Toon Disney.TD offers Disney's best animated shows and movies Jetix is a part of TD which has the best action shows Power Rangers,Dragon Booster,W.I.T.C.H.,The Tick ,Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Firce Go,Ying Yang Yo are just to name a few.

Playhouse Disney is for toddlers and is actually a part of DC.This "channel" helps litle kids to Imgine and Learn!Smile.Disney also works with ABC and ABC Family.On ABC on sat mornings viewers can watch DC's most populars shows.ABC family offers Jetix everyday in the mornings.

well I hope you guys ejoyed itWink

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Wow. Thanks Clap Clap

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wow i can tell ur a big fan of disney channel
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woww datz a kool description hehe hey but where is chosii in datz so raven characters??
luv ya
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WOW, u drink, eat and think Disney Channel LOL . Thanks a lot di, Embarrassed this is appreciated by all of us Embarrassed Clap
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aww thanks guys Embarrassed
yes I am a disney and Indian Telly encyclopedia....ask me anything about those 2 and I will tell u the answer)probably!) Tongue Embarrassed
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Originally posted by *ROSHNI*

woww datz a kool description hehe hey but where is chosii in datz so raven characters??
luv ya
who's chosii??I mean is it a new charcter becuz I missed like 3 mweeks of new epis and stuffConfused
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Originally posted by Tani91

aww thanks guys Embarrassed
yes I am a disney and Indian Telly encyclopedia....ask me anything about those 2 and I will tell u the answer)probably!) Tongue Embarrassed

hahahah........lol she's more of an indian telle encyclopedia.....not that much of a disney channel

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