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Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 5:06pm | IP Logged

Hey friendsHug,

India-forums has got many great talents and their creations tempt us to adorn our signature boxes.  And with many new TV shows , TV couples and new hot hunksEmbarrassed, our addictions increase and we just want to fill our signature dabba with our latest obsessionTongue.

But it has come to the  attention of I-F Development Team and Avatar & Signature Shop Dev Team that many members are using more than 3-4 signatures and some of those signatures are way too large in size. 

Furthermore, we've also noted some stacking many signatures into one big signature and use it.  We also have come across wallpapers as signature. By using wallpapers over the size limit, the page orientation gets messed up, hence we wish to implement and reinforce rules. 

We want every members to take a look at the following new rules and abide by it:

The maximum size of a signature is 550 pixels (width)  x 500 pixels (height).

Each member is allowed to keep a maximum of 3 large (550pixels x 500 pixels) signature and another small signature. 

The maximum size of avatar is 100 pixels (width) x 450 pixels (height). 

 Members are NOT to stack a number of signatures into one big sigature and use that as a signature;

  Wall Papers are NOT to be used as signatures that are beyond the size limit.

 EXCEPTION: During special occasions like birthdays, members can get their birthday gifts  animated into one signature and use it, otherwise, its not allowed.

Anyone who doesn't abide by the rules, will be asked to take down their signatures and may face consequences by the AS Shop Dev Team .

If you have doubts or queries,  please contact the AS Shop Dev Team

Aahaana , BilliCat. , starry.phoenix

Thank you for your cooperation! 


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Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
Hello Friends,

Welcome to Avatar & Signature Shop. We sincerely hope you have a great time here. We take this opportunity share the rules and regulations developed specifically for this section with all our members to ensure a peaceful atmosphere. We request everyone to read through these rules and are hoping that all our members will abide by it.

1) Moderation - Currently the AS Shop is being moderated by Aahaana.  So please direct all your queries to me, Aahaana (Meli)!

2) Copyright - If you feel we have used images that originally belong to you and you own the copyright, kindly contact any of our moderators or admin group. Images uploaded on the forums by members are under moderation, but it is not possible to check each and every image posted. If you find any images which is against the Forum Code-Of-Conduct, kindly report it to our admin group / moderators.

And also please use copyright on your work to prevent others from stealing your work by adding (c) name/I-F 2012 etc

3) No illegal content is allowed on IF- Any signature and avatar material seen that is po*nographic, sexually explicit, graphically violent, visually offensive, and derogatory toward any nationality, ethnic race, community or religion are  STRICTLY prohibited, and your warning level be immediately raised without an explanation.

Also do remember any signature which directly or indirectly pointing at any individial member, fan groups or celebrity will NOT be tolerated. Any signature and/ or  DP war will NOT entertained. Such signatures/text and DP will be removed right away and the offender will get increase in the warning level if they repeat it despite of getting a warning from the Development team!

4) Merging/ morphing - Any morphing OR merging faces of celebrities onto existing (original) pictures from other sources are STRICTLY prohibited on India-forums.com. It highly violates the copyrights of the original picture and such activity will not be tolerated! If anyone is seen to engage in such activity will receive raise in W/L without any further question. Furthermore, those morphed creations will be removed from the posts, immediately once it comes into the development team''s attention.

On the other hand, there also appears to be a misconception with regards to the word ''merging''! As stated earlier, the terminology ''merging'' was used on the [http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1085393] thread to indicate the fusing of different celebrities'' faces onto existing original pictures. However, this in no way addresses the ''merging'' of two different pictures together to make a signature, which is a common practice in signature making (i.e. fusing together several INDIVIDUAL pictures without altering the original content).

Hence, if a member is seen to make signatures by merging individual pictures of characters from two different shows (which once again differ from morphing), it in no way breaches with the rules of the A/S section, as it is an individual voice of an artist, and the development team will not be able to issue any warning.

5) Copy/inspiration - There is no clear definition of what copying is and what isn't. The same is applied to the term inspiration. However the dev team have tried to make our own definition (credit to google uncle):

 Inspiration is seeing a process or materials and applying it as an element in your own vision in a different environment.

Creativity: Taking your inspiration and transforming it into something unique.

Copying: Trying to imitate another person's materials, style, colours and composition.

 We understand when ideas are good, it's hard not to copy/plagiarize, however, it's always better to have a vision and strive for originality than copying others work. If anyone is caught copying other member's creations, it will force the Dev Team to take strict action against the member, as copying/plagiarizing will not be entertained.

If you have been inspired someone then MAKE sure you have permission from and give credit to the original maker/creator.

If you have doubt whether your creation has been copied/inspired kindly contact the dev team instead of trying to solve it up on your own. And do not make any notes on your gallery direct or indirectly directed toward another member as it's considered as personal attack/bashing.

6) No flaming (inflammatory/insulting speech)If you are seen attacking, bashing or targeting another member you warnings will also be raised. Any speech or inference, direct or indirect, which constitutes a personal attack against another member, is prohibited.

7) Signature/Avatar Size - a) Each member is allowed to use 3 big signatures and 1 small. The size should not extend more than 550 pixels (width) x 500 pixels (height). The maximum size of avatar is 100 pixels (width) x 450 pixels (height). 

b) Members are not to stack a number of signatures into one big signature and use that as a signature.

EXCEPTION: During special occasions like birthdays, awards, multiple contests members can get their signatures  animated into one signature and use it, otherwise, its not allowed.

c) Wallpapers are not to be used as signature that are beyond the size limit.

For further details,  click on the link below:

ATTN: Signature/Avatar Size - Guidelines

8) Chatting/Spamming - It has come to our attention that there is extensive chatting going on in the Avatar and Signature Shops. Please keep in mind that India-forums.com consists of a Chat Club section for members to chat, and the A/S section is primarily to be used to share and discuss members creations.
If anyone is seen to engage in such activity following this reminder, the particular shops will be subjected to closure. Hence any sort of chatting beyond the creations in order to cross 150 pages is considered as spamming and it may face temporarily closure for 3 days.

9) Organizing Contest/Activities/Games - Any sort of contests and activitiy threads cannot be opened without receiving prior permission from moderators. Do PM the moderators for permissions.

10) Quoting - Please refrain from quoting long posts and/or multiple posts at once, as it lengthens the posts and may also alter the codes, making it difficult for the visitors/readers. If you wish to reply to a post by someone else, simply quote the member's post and delete the parts other than the ones you wish to address. You may also use @ followed by the member's name (for example: @Aahaana: your point).

 Creaters who wish to thank their supporters, please quote minimum three per post and don't spam away by quoting every single post just to say "thank you" or "thanks=)". It will be considered as spamming. 

And NO quoting of entire creations update as it slow down page bandwidth so be keep that in mind and try to avoid quoting creations.

11) Advertising through PMs - It has come to our attention that members are getting PM from unknown members with a request to visit/comment their gallery. Its understable we want members to appreciate our work and like them but kindly try to understand not everyone have time or interest to visit members gallery shop. So please respect their wish and do not spam members PM dabba without their permission. Send a PM and ask whether they want to be PMed for new updates and if they agree then send them a buddy request. 

12) Multiple ID (MID) India-forums.com Code of Conduct strictly prohibits members from having multiple IDs.  Please refrain from making MIDs, especially to bash member, vote in contests to win etc.  If ever convicted with having MIDs, all except the most active ID will be inactivated, followed by a raise in W/L to the active/original ID.

13) Report Button Please refrain from engaging in any moral policing around the AS SHOP forum. If you find anyone breaching rules or come across any issue on the forum that may require immediate attention, please use the REPORT button to report to the development team rather than trying to solve the matter yourself. The development team will look into the matter as soon as possible!

We hereby request our members to abide by the rules. Please feel free to contact any one of us with any genuine problems or issues. We will get back to you at the earliest. We wish you all a pleasant journey here, and have a great time interacting and making new friends here.

Thank You!!

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.StarryPhoenix IF-Veteran Member

FF Graphicer Head
Joined: 11 April 2009
Posts: 34853

Posted: 19 September 2014 at 10:27pm | IP Logged

How to ADD Signatures/Siggies & Avatars/Display Pictures

1) Go to the website, where the picture is, the one you want to put in ur signature

NOTE: the picture, which is saved in ur computer and u want to put in ur signature that won't work bcz location of picture should be URL address, so the picture should be from a website.

2) When u open the picture from a website, the one u want to have as a signature. RIGHT click on the Picture then click on Properties.

3) The Properties dialog box will open.COPY the Address (URL). COPY THE WHOLE URL ADDRESS.
it would look like this: http://www.imgur.com/hdhjsj

4) Then come to India-forums website.Go to DASHBOARD, then press on Profile>>EDIT. In the Signature Tab>> Comment Box Type

[ IMG ] then paste the whole URL Address & Type [/IMG]
it should look like this:

[ IMG ]http://www.imgur.com/hdhjsj.png[/IMG]

NOTE: u do NOT need space anywhere when u r typing.

You can click on FORUM CODES near to Signature Box to see how u should write URL address to put a image. In Forum Codes, 2nd options is Images and Links, in those check the 1st link they wrote, thats how you should type the IMG before & after the URL. 

5)Then you can just click on signature preview & then u r ready to go.

Note: you have to put [ IMG ] {with NO space in bracket & IMG} before the URL address and [/IMG] after the URL address. IMG stand for image. 


How to Upload a picture into a topic(India-Forums)

Since you can't directly post it from your computer, you'll have to find a host to upload it and then you can post it here.

Here is the link to guide you


Or you may use the following sites:



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.StarryPhoenix IF-Veteran Member

FF Graphicer Head
Joined: 11 April 2009
Posts: 34853

Posted: 29 September 2014 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hello Everyone,Big smile

This is a general information thread stating one of the most important RULE/SPECIFICATION related to the Number/Size of the Signatures we all are using for our profiles. On behalf of the Avatar & Signature Shop Section Dev. Team i would like to request all our India-Forum Members to please please Limit the Usage of their Signature Boxes.

According to the A/S rules only a maximum of 3 signatures (550pixels x 500 pixels per signature and one small signature) can be used at a time to prevent overloading of the page you are accessing. Please help us lessen the burden on our servers, providing us with all our favorite News/Gossip/Pictures/Videos/etc.

Henceforth, any member found violating, (i. e using more than 3 LARGE signatures) this very rule will be given a Warning PM and repeated violations will lead to Raise in Warning Levels. Sorry, but we have to follow this! Thanks

Regards & Thanks

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