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Diya Aur Baati Hum
Diya Aur Baati Hum

~*~ Celebrating 3rd Anniversary of DABH ( inst. version sng pg.2 ) ~*~

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It all began on 29th August 2011 @ 9 PM , journey of Sooraj-SandhyaWhen a man supports his parents he is called a dutiful son, when he stands by his brothers and sisters he is known as role-model sibling but when the same man stands by his wife, he is again called hen-pecked. Shashi Sumeet Productions' Diya Aur Baati Hum challenges this age-old belief and tells a simple yet beautiful story of Sooraj (a small-town halwai) who goes against all odds to support his wife's (Sandhya) dream of becoming an IPS officer.  

gif credit: Rama ( thala )


gif credit: Rama ( thala )

Collage credit: Subha ( pasurYa )   
credit: Rama ( thala )


This day is very close to the hearts of all dabh fans, as it is this day which introduced us to a magical world of suraj , sandhya and their love saga.
Tu suraj mein sanjh piyaji mhaare sapnon ki tu parvaaz piyaji- as the tagline goes
suraj has taken the responsibility of sandhya's dreams and fulfilled it as well

An IPS aspirant Sandhya's dreams are shattered when she looses her parents in an accident and her brother marries off her to a less educated  innocent confectioner.
She enters her sasural  which is a completely different world to her.
New to kitchen, household chores and an orthodox  culture.

Sandhya finds it tough to adjust herself to the family, Suraj who is unaware of the reason behind sandhya's reluctancy to mingle with  the family  and accept the marriage,
directly and indirectly helps sandhya in every aspects

Bhabho  humiliates Sandhya in every aspect and when she comes to know of her education, the whole family is shattered and she is ordered to leave the Rathi Mansion ( RM), Suraj again saves her day and sandhya is given 15 days challenge to prove herself.

Sandhya faces a tougher situation in the village where she needs to win the heart of maasa to prove herself. Suraj at every stage motivates her. With her intelligence  and presence of mindsandhya wins maasa's heart

For the first time she realizes what a gem of a person she is married too. Suraj makes false excuse and brings sandhya to the college where she is supposed to be honoured. She receives the award with  pride and gratitude towards suraj

Surya face the toughest  situation  and awkward revelation of celibacy in front of the whole RP
which makes sandhya give up  to survive in the family, which adds up to the misunderstanding ofdivorce papers that accidentally comes across suraj

Suraj thinks sandhya is ready to part ways  and makes her life miserable so that she doesnt have to repent  parting from him. Sandhya is stunned by the sudden change in his behavior.
She tries to manofy him , but the more she tries the greater is his aggression

By the time sandhya had almost geled with the family, Suraj decides that she should continue her studies and not waste her time adjusting with the family. He accusses her of not fit for his family and against the wishes of his family boards the bus to Jaipur 

The bus meets with an accident and suraj feels guilty , when he comes across sandhya who survived from the acciddent  only to clear all the misunderstandings and at that juncture sandhya accepts him as her husband. and they return to RM

Everything goes smooth ,Surya open up about their individualities, likes and dislikes and come to know about each other better when sandhy forces suraj to take part in World's Top Cook, after  lot of convincing surya along with sarun  reach singapore

Intially suraj had to face lot of  embarasments, but Sandhya by his side, makes him overcome his fear for competitionsa and  he gradually wins every tough round and finally wins the trophy. It is in Singapore that they had privacy  to know each other much better and come closer. Suraj rises to a higher grade in her eyes and she enjoys her time spending  with him.
Reserved and shy surya finally confess in singapore,

Suraj's overflowing emotions dampens when bhabho requests sandy to guide chavi ( her SIL) for exams. Though not initmate  , surya share some cute romantic moments time being  when 
the greatest shock of sandhya's dream is revealed to Suraj

Inspite of knowing the aversion towards women's education in his family and society, Suraj decides to educate her further. Bhabho turns furious and tries every way to stop sandhya from studying further and insists her to take up family responsibilites.  He fails to convince his parents after many rounds of  arguments. Accidentallly he comes to know about night college and getsSandhya's admission  in night college without the knowledge of his family

Sandhya impresses bhabho with her intelligence and she is admitted in day college by none other than bhabho herself but at the cost of  another challenge , the matka challenge.
For every single mistake of Sandhya ,a pot will be broken and if all the three post break Sandhya has to give up her education

 In between she convinces maasa for inter religion marriage of her BIL and her classmate in the village , here in pushkar meena swaps her girl child and neighbour's male child, in a greed to acquire the shares of male heir of the RP.

Sandhya being  sacrificial in nature,  ignores the mistakes of her SIL and emily. In fact bhabho does the worst by causing more trouble to sandhya. Suraj stands by her like a pillar whenever she needed support

It gets tougher for sandhya when she competes for sabse bada champion along with Emily. Bhabho emotionally harass Sandhya to either choose a seperation from family or the SBC trophy. Suraj again comes to her rescue, motivates her that nothing is bigger than her dream of IPS.

When sandhya wins the challenge bhabho is unable to digest and throws surya out of the house. Suraj challenges bhabho that she will accept them within 15 days. 
Sandhya's big heart to sacrifice her jewels for her SIL melts bhabho's heart and she accepts sandhya's dream  but again at the cost of a promise that she will have to give priority to her family when she had to choose between family or career. sandhya promises the same to bhabho.

Meantime sandhya fairs well in the UPSC exams and does well in the interview too.
Sandhya realizes that she didnt take  the marriage vows at that time  and desires to relive those moments. she decides to marry him  whole heartedly  and accepts him as her husband from all aspects.  They finally consummate their marriage and sandhya leaves for training leaving behind a whole lot of sweet memories for suraj to cherish.

After facing a lot of embarasments and strugglein the training academy she wins the  Best cadet trophy.  Sandhya achieves her dream and gets posted in Pushkar balancing her family commitments and her training. She gets posted as ASP of Pushkar.  She brings back law and order in Pushkar, curbes illegal alcohol and money for votes gang. She saves a few lives from fire and earns lot of respect from public.

 RP misues the power of her designation and she is demoted to traffic department and her training mate Zakir takes her place. To get back her aura she is given a chance, to earn 3 positive memos.With the help of  Zakir, she manages to get two positive memos by  bringing traffic violations to nil and curbing bike theives.

Kavitha the  run away bride of Suraj, whom he was supposed to marry contests elections in Pushkar and takes the public in her stride. She creates problems one after another for Sandhya to finally loose her  respect  in the society as well as the elections. She creates further problems by pocketing the shop of suraj  and ill treats his manliness.

Sandhya with her intelligence gets back Suraj his shop while baby swapping is blurt out by meena herself and she is put behind bars and later released on bail. sandhya and zakir are given a new task to shift Raj kumar the terrorist  from jaipur to pushkar for execution

To know further develpment in the story watch diya aur baati hum 
mon- sat 9 pm IST 

Siggy credit: Ramya ( ramya_deepika )

Diya aur Baati...
what a truly beautiful name
for a truly beautiful show...
What a wonderful journey from then to now
full of emotions and love
which has captured our hearts
on this 3rd anniversary of this show of dreams
I send wishes and love to the actors and crew
thanking them for all they've given us in these years
and hoping they give us more opportunities for cheers and never any tears
Its been a journey of dreams
one of the bests ever seen
every turning point left us astonished
and always something new rose inside us
the hidden suspense in every track
gave that excitement I've always loved
the power of truth, righteousness and justice
has always been supported all through
the strength of support and sacrifices too
has given positive messages to all
shown the world that love can be a pathway to dreams
and that never giving up and having faith all the way
will surely lead you to paradise one beautiful day
The characters have set so many examples for us all
the perfect husband, most supportive wife
the care and support and together for life
the mother who can ignore all for her sons
but also grow to improve and widen all thoughts
and accept all people and new challenges
leave thoughts in our minds full of many good vibes
teaches us valuable lessons to always follow what's right
the uniqueness of all is really worth applauding
nothing has been presented this way before
which makes all relations and emotions seem real
makes them come alive for us to feel
when they cried we cried
when they laughed we laughed
what this show has really done to me cannot be explained
as its a too important part of my life
which will never be erased
Thank you everyone for giving us Diya Aur Baati Hum !!!!!!!!
Poem Credit : Nisha ( NISHADEEP )


Siggy Credit: Bharathi ( b2011 )

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Siggy Credit : Rama ( thala )

Credit : Sangita ( nep3 )

Lions Gold Awards 2011
Best Jodi

E24 Viewers Choice Awards 2012
Best Beta

Star Parivaar Awards 2012
Fav Nayi Soch Kirdar
Fav Bahu
Fav Naya Sadasya

Big star Young Entertainer Awards 2012
Superhit TV Star Female

Indian Telly Awards 2012
Best Daily Serial
Best Actress Negative Popular
Best Title Song

Zee Gold Awards 2012
Best Debut In Lead Role
Best Negative Actress Popular
Best Supporting Actress
Best TV Show

Cinemascapes Awards 2012
Best Show Shoot In India

Indian Television Academy Awards 2012
Best Serial Popular
Best Singer

Big Star Entertainment Awards 2013
Best TV Show

Kalakar Awards 2013
Best Serial

GR8 Women Awards 2013
Best TV Actress

Hira Manek Awards 2013
Best TV Actress

E24 Viewers Choice Awards 2013
Best Beta

Star Guild Awards 2013
Best TV Show

Indian Telly Awards 2013
Best Daily Serial
Best Actress Popular
Best Actor Popular
Best Supporting Actress

Star Parivaar Awards 2013
Favourite Sasur
Favourite Bahu
Ghar Ki Star
Ghar Ka Star
Favourite Pati

Zee Gold Awards 2013
Best Actress Popular
Best Supporting Actress
Best Negative Actress
Best TV Show

Indian Television Academy awards 2013
Best Director Drama
Best Dialogues
Best Actress In Supporting Role
Best Teleplay Drama
Best Actor Jury

Big Star Entertainment Awards 2014 
Best TV Show

Star Parivaar Awards 2014
Favorite Mazedaar Sadasya
Favorite Saas
Favorite Bahu
Favorite Pati

Total Awards : 45

 and now...

 credit : Sangita ( nep3 )

Credit : Subha ( pasurYa )

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In Custody  
Ramya and Bharthi

1. What is your real name?


2. How did you land on DABH forum? 

Not just DABH I landed in IF when i was following a show

3.  Are you a regular of the show? if yes why do you like DABH the show? 


DABH- In the Beginning - Really Good Day Dreaming

DABH- In the Middle - Ok  Confused

DABH- Nowadays - Not worth watching that much Shocked

4. Your favorite character in the show and why?

Chaturi.. Flawless

5. The character u disliked the most and why? 

A lot, better i dont mention so i can escape from egg ballsLOL

6. Is DABH the only show you watch or do you kill yourself by watching other shows? 

I kill myself to watch some episodes of DABH definitely not other shows. 

 7. What is your take on:

- the current track? No Opinion

- the leads of the show ? They are good

- the forum members? Mixed feelings

8. When DABH started, it was a journey of Sandhya's dream.. How would you term it now?

Jinxed.. Even now they are more focused on Sandya isnt it? 

9.  Any crazy instance you still remember on the forum since ur promotion as a Viewbie?

A LotShocked

10.You have been closing some threads and warning members, how does it feel? Have u had any "clash of words" with DABH members?

I dont feel good in closing n warning, I should be prepared for reasons and arguments as well. I have had quite clashes too.Tongue

11. On this special occasion, that is the 3 years celebration, what message do you have for the makers of the show? 

Just run the show with good content, throw away these Indian TV kind of standards like other shows

13. Share your DABH Journey with us so far.  

Thank You With A Rose

1. What is your real name?

  2. Why have you picked this particular username -b2011?
Just used first letter of my name and the year of joining.

3. How did you land on DABH forum? 
Present since day 1 of the show.

4.  Are you a regular of the show? if yes why do you like DABH the show?
Yes.  The basic concept of the show, characters and cast.

DABH- In the Beginning - Best

DABH- In the Middle - Best

DABH- Nowadays - Managing well but current Meena track is disappointing.

5. Your favorite character in the show and why?

6. The character u disliked the most and why?
 I disliked SV2 version of Suraj and presently Kavitha.  Most of the characters display many negative shades but still they are relatable.  For whatever reasons, Kavitha has no right to interfere or question SurYa's duties towards each other.

7. Is DABH the only show you watch or do you kill yourself by watching other shows?
I only watch DABH regularly, read updates of some shows sometimes at their high points based on IF articles.

 8. What is your take on:

- the current track?  Current Meena track is disappointing.

- the leads of the show ? Best.

- the forum members?  Best.

9. When DABH started, it was a journey of Sandhya's dream.. How would you term it now?
It is the journey of SurYa, Diya aur Baati.

10.  Any crazy instance you still remember on the forum since ur promotion as a coolbie?
Not really. Everything has been fair and fine so far. I hope it continues in the same good manner. 

11. On this special occasion, that is the 3 years celebration, what message do you have for the makers of the show? 
Congratulations to the whole team as I consider it is team's hard work that brings success and they need to be applauded for maintaining it for these three years.  DABH has been always unique in its story telling with interrelated and fast paced tracks.  They need to maintain it with as much logic as well.

12. Share your DABH Journey with us so far. 
It has been a wonderful journey so far.

Thank You With A Rose

Has it been 3 years?     

OMG!  It has been 3 years since I saw this wonderful promo of an upcoming show about an apparently mismatched couple.   I'm a sucker for how did these 2 get together kind of stories and decided to watch.  From the very first episode I was hooked.

The show was none other than Diya and Baati Hum.  And after 3 years, I can definitely say that together...we've come a long way baby.     

So much has happened, and continues to happen in this amazing show, that I'm still watching it after almost 3 years.

DABH has been blessed with fantastic performances by the entire ensemble cast, interesting tracks, and an outstanding writing team.  It's no wonder it has been ruling the TRP charts for so long.

The show has also been blessed with one of the most intelligent and friendly fans on I-F. We talk, analyze, disect, criticize......but at the end of the day we are a DABHily that loves our show. is a hearty congratulations from me to the production house, cast, crew, and fans of DABH, for reaching yet another historic milestone in their show.

Loads of love always,

Fatima (Ummesulaiman)     


Congratulations to the whole team and also fans on the occasion of completing
three years of our show successfully, remaining on top as an added bonus.

Cannot believe we have already completed three years.  We have come a long way but the show is still refreshing.

We have our highs and lows and likes and dislikes with the show yet it has been the most gripping one among others and the cast and crew are doing an amazing job.

Wishing the show much more years of celebrations in the future!!!

Bharathi ( b2011 )

Happy 3rd anniversary to the bestest show in the whole world <3 This is one show which brought so much of happiness in my life Heart Will always be my favshow ever :') Love you  DIYA AUR BAATI HUM & AnIka Heart  Day Dreaming

Happy 3rd Anniversary DABHiansParty


Happy 3rd Anniversary to the Bestest Show Ever! Party
Congratulations Everyone! 
Congratulations Anasrashid n DeepikaSingh 

Ramya ( ramya_deepika )

Rama ( thala )

How I see Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Diya Aur Baati team, please accept my heartiest Congratulations on remarkable completion of 3yrs. Thank you!

Diya aur Baati Hum is a story of a couple who overcomes many difficult bridges to help each other's dream, personals and professionals life.

Sooraj and Sandhya got married under strained circumstances. Sandhya was not able to finish her graduation as she was emotionally blackmailed to get married. Soon, she became the part of the family she does not know. In this family she struggled with her strict mother-in-law who does not accept that her daughter-in-law could become a police officer. The story showed how a husband became his wife's strength and helped her to fulfil her dream.

Main Leads in DABH

Sooraj: He is a self-made man with heart full of love for his family and his wife. He is like an umbrella, saving his near and dear ones from all the storms they ever faced.

But no character is hundred percent perfect. He has his limitations but not that something uncountable. He surely can be called mam's boy!

Sandhya: She came from an educated family, where she was her dad's ladli, with eyes full of dreams.

She became an IPS officer by overcoming all the barriers and boundaries; she became a confident, determined and intelligent ASP of Pushkar.

Unfortunately, for her family interference in her professional life she got punished from her higher official.

There was lot of opportunities where we could have seen how a mediocre girl struggled to maintain her family and professional lives successfully. Unfortunately, that didn't happen!

Somehow I feel Sandhya's character has been compromised. She as an IPS officer couldn't get over from her biasedness towards her family.

Most of Sandhya's family members except a few have a tendency of doing harmful things, and Sandhya have an unfair tendency to treat them better than the other.

 I love the show, but I still think there are lots of room to improve the main leads portrayals.


This is one show which is outstanding and which has stuck to its original story line till date. I am a witness to the the amazing journey of the show  since more than two and a half years. The numero-uno show of the Indian Television- was on the top slot for most of its on air time.

We wish luck to all the all the actors /crew mwmbers / Directors and Production house along with the Channel.

Keep up the good work..


Anas Rashid and Deepika "SoorajSandhya", including the whole cast and crew of Diya Aur Baati Hum, congratulations for completing three wonderful years of your wonderful show.


Wow, three long years and the top Indian show on the TRP charts, also the dubbing in several languages to spread worldwide for all fans, it has been superb and crossing fingers for more and more success in future :)


Each and every character has been very important, whether positive or negative, the whole story especially SoorajSandhya's lovely and pure relationship has been shown in the most fanstastic way.


The journey of SoorajSandhya was so sweet, from their wedding, trying to understand each other, Sooraj's support to Sandhya on each and every moment in her life, be it to cook, moving further in life, never lose hope, trying to adjust in an extended family, was and is still out of this world. Sandhya too did encourage him to participate in the world top cook competition and here she did support him very well, and when the confession of love happened, Singapore turned into SoorajSandhya's love land.


All the relationship has been well shown here, husband-wife, brother-sister, employer-employee, teacher-student, sister in law-brother in law, human relations too were wonderful. Where there was love, some also showed jealousy, hatred and negativity, but SoorajSandhya's true love was the all rounder winner on and on.


Diya Aur Baati means SoorajSandhya's togetherness and whenever these two were together it was magical, this couple's love was and is still there in all occasions, simple moments too has been turned to great love moments, even in sadness could see our SoorajSandhya's be side by side supporting each other, this is a great symbol of love, and may it remain like this always.


Hope to watch Diya Aur Baati Hum for more and more years, once again congratulations :)


 Ranjeeta of Mauritius

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tum paas aaye, yu muskaraye 
tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
ab to mera dil, jaage na sota hai 
kya karu haye, kuchh kuchh hota hai

Your voice is a beautiful melody that never left my mind. 

Your eyes are like a beautiful star that never lost it's shine 

and your smile is the prettiest thing in this whole world

 that never goes whenever I close my eyes.

Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho
Seene Se Laga Loonga
Tumko Main Chura Loonga Tumse
Dil Mein Chhupa Loonga

I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart

Jivan me piya teraa sath rahe,
 hatho me tere meraa hath rahe
Jivan me piya teraa sath rahe...

A Relationship Is Not Holding Hands While You Understand Each Other, It's About Having Lots Of Misunderstandings & Still Not Leaving Each Other's Hands ...

Aankhon mein pyar ka nasha..
Tere liya jaana
Tujh sa na koi meri jaan
Dil le ye mana
When you hug me
When you kiss me (Hey hey)
When you hug me, when you kiss me
My heart go zoom zoom boy

No Matter Where You Are
I'll Always Find My Way To - 
Hug You Tight 

Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.
Just Like This, Let Me Continue To Love You.

Orkut - Valentines Day Dividers

Chhoo lene do naazuk honthon ko
Kuch aur nahi hai jaam hai ye
Chhoo lene do nazuk honthon ko
Kuch aur nahi hai jaam hai ye

You Are Sweet Than Honey.
Pure Than Milk.
Soft Than Flower.
Since I Have You As My Lover,
Come To Me Near,
I"ll Kiss Your Lips Without Fear.
U"ll Say, Having You Is Treasure & Be With Me For Ever.

Saans me teri saans mili to mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi 
Ruh ne chhu li jism ki khushbu tu jo paas aayi
Tu jo paas aayi 
Saans me teri saans mili to mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi

You are so special to me,
you're my joy, my love, and my life.

  Living without you will tear me apart
cause you make my life worth living

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many many congratulations dabh
you are the best and you will continue to be so
thanks to the cast and crew, the PH the channel and all the viewers of this show
this show is a mega hit only because of team work
keep entertaining us

wonderful compliling of all contris SSClapStar
amazing contris from dabhily 
SG yours is a surprise, mindblowing dear
i never knew you have such a talent

beautiful siggies SS, RD Bka and SG
fantastic job everyone

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Congratulations to the whole DABH team .. Party

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Amazing compilation Subha.

Outstanding contributions from all, Rama, Sangeetha, Ramya, Subha, and Nishadeep.

Encouraging messages by Fatima, Neel, Manish, Anikafan, and Ranjeetha.

Thank you all for making this celebration thread beautiful.

Congratulations Diya Aur Baati Hum Team for three years completion!!!

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