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OS:- Devdasi- Love OR God

panchaali IF-Rockerz

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Picture edited by Mimi Gupta

Story Copy Rights are reserved on my Name..

This story is the sequel of my 

Devdasi-Love or God


200 years passed after Krishnapriya's death. People of Rajatpura still considered Her A goddess, why won't they! She still is Love of God, the idol of Murlimanohor in His temple still holding His darling at His heart. But the Goddess tag only remained the one who rested at God's chest and the other woman of the temple who was called Devdasi, again become slave of the society. After Lady Krishnapriya's death two-three generations of Devdasi had the respect of being the love of God, corrupted priests and the crooked society again started the same thing, which they used to do with them. If anyone questioned the tainted Priests' answer was ready- only Devi Krishnapriya is the Goddess as she is worshipped with the Lord, but other women are just Devdasi and the inquisitive minds getting a satisfactory answer rested in peace. None heard those ladies' cry, their screams of fret. No one cared to think, Why resting at her Lord's chest also Krishnapriya looked so sad! Was it pain of her love! or agony, which stings her heart every moment a Devdasi is made slave of the society again.

In this very temple where Krishnapriya's Lord protected her dignity, the Lord only knows how many has lost theirs in front His Krishnapriya! But when one day one soul asked looking at the idol of Krishnapriya, "If being a lifeless stone matters so much then Oh Lord Murlimanohor make my heart stone!" and that day another chapter of this temple began.

It was lovely evening in Rajatpur some devdasis were laughing well they rarely laughed, so the incident caught someone's eye.

"May I know what funny thing is happening here?" A beautiful lady of nineteen looked at the other Devdasis. She had eyes like flower, her velvety fair skin drenched with mud, and when she realized, that the ladies were laughing at her only her sharp nose went red.

All went silent in a moment, as they knew that she is the favorite of the Pradhan Purohit and also chosen to become the newest Pradhan Devdasi of the temple.

" Well um we cannot imagine Devpriya, that you have drenched yourself with mud to save a cat!" a Devdasi uttered hesitantly, but right after she completed all started laughing again.

"What do you mean by a Cat? She is a little innocent creature, got into the mud and cannot get rid of it!" Devpriya looked furiously irritated, "Lord Hari resides within every creature of the world none care think about it except the would be Pradhan Devdasi!"

The other devdasis looked at each other in fear.

" My dear ladies, no need to remorse not all get the chance to become the Pradhan Devdasi, so not all ladies in this temple can become faultless." her tone was full of pride, "People make mistakes and Lord only says Karma is the way to wash out your sin, so why don't you all do some good Karma!" She looked others after her long speech, finding them confused, she had a smile at her mind thinking, "My trick worked! Never thought Lord you are that much helpful!"

"Ladies come to my private chamber, do bathe me properly as well as this innocent cat then wash my cloths!" someone tried to protest but Devpriya stopped saying, "This is the only way to wash out your sin! You can ask your God He will answer you the same!"

"But Devpriya why would God say to bathe you and wash your clothes? You are no Goddess!"

"But I am going to be the Pradhan Devdasi, I am chosen by Lord!" She smiled, "It's okay if you don't want to wash out your sin by this way, then I will seek the help of Purohit ji to help you girls!" she put a her sweet smile, which at the same moment looked notorious also.

By mention of Pradhan Purohit all got scared, "No need to seek Purohit Ji Devpriya, we will help."

"How many times I have to tell you to call me Priya!" she yelled in frustration.

The Devdasis after washing out their sins rather washing out Devpriya and her clothes returned to their chamber late.  After their departure the current Pradhan Devdasi Puspanjali came, "Devpriya what is this? Devdasis are not your servants!"

"And you are not my mother, so I am not answerable to you!" The Pradhan Devdasi's hand rose to slap her immediately but Devpriya caught her right in time, "Did I just stop you from committing a grievous sin!" she gave a dramatic look, "Oh compassionate Hari in the name of you, yes I did!"

"Devpriya just stop this, you attitude and arrogance will kill you one day!"

"I didn't give you the right to call me Devpriya and I can see your happily ever after life without arrogance and attitude." She laughed out loud.

Tears flowed from Puspanjali's eyes then and there, "You might not consider me your mother but I know you from your childhood trust me I only want to protect you Devpriya!"

"Don't mock me! You will protect me from whom! Could you protect yourself?" Puspanjali's face fell at her query! Suddenly Devpriya burst into a fiery rage, "How many times do I have to say you Don't call me Devpriya! There is no Dev only a dirty society, and they don't want Priyas only Dasis, which I am not. I love myself more than the stone deity."

Puspanjali was just going to say, " You should not question the Lord!" but stopped as she knew it will enrage the young lady more. She knew Devpriya right from her childhood. She was inquisitive, used to ask lot of questions, but none could give her any satisfactory answers, so Devpriya busied herself in Library. Not all books were available to Devdasis, they were slaves, and books were given to them to prepare their minds ready to become that. But Devpriya read lot of books, including those, which were not allowed for a Devdasi, she read it secretly, it was not an easy task but she was born with wit and a deadly beauty. She was the one soul lady in the Murlimanohor temple who always used to get what she wanted. But when she learned that she cannot live the life in her own way, that day she named herself Priya. 

"No God will protect me as I am no Krishnapriya, so why should I be named Devpriya, let me stay as Priya only Priya!" 

She started to woo the old Pradhan Purohit from the age of fifteen. If she had to spend a life of Devdasi, then it will be of the Pradhan Devdasi. The corrupted old purohit was wooed by her tender beauty and within few years he declared her to be next Pradhan Devdasi.

"I understand the reason behind your rage as I know very well the life of a Devdasi, specially a Pradhan Devdasi, but Devpriya not all ladies in this temple get the privilege to be named as Love of God!" Puspanjali urged.

Devpriya looked back to Puspanjali, her sharp nose was still red due to anger, "Well I understand it's pointless to argue with an old lady at menopause, still I can't refrain from stating that I fancy becoming the Pradhan Devdasi! All know this except you! Its clearly readable by my closeness with the Head Priest!" She smirked, "He does what I want, he stands, sits, walks when I want! And look at my exclusive jewelries, beautiful clothes and my chamber it's the biggest and most beautiful!" she came closer to Puspanjali and hissed at her ear, " It's even bigger than you! " then adding a feline smile she said, " Being a Pradhan Devdasi also you remained just a dasi!"

"There's no glory of becoming a Pradhan Devdasi, the soon you realize the better!" Puspanjali retorted, there was a drop of tear in her eyes, which came due to constant insult from Devpriya.

"Ha ha!" she laughed out loud, "I pride at the fact that my Ekvastra will be the Holy flag to the temple. It will stay above the head of the stone deity and people will bow to it with respect!" with a proud smile she ended.

"Silly you don't you know its just beginning of a Devdasi's bad luck!" Puspanjali yelled in frustration.

Devpriya did not even care to look at her, " Sculptors will come make my idols at the walls of the temple" She looked at the stars up above the sky from her window, " Throughout the history I will remain the Pradhan Devdasi of Murlimanohor temple!" Puspanjali understood it's pointless to make her realize the reality. So she attempted to return but stopped at hearing Devpriya's voice again.

"Haripriya was the first one to become slave of the society again after Lady Krishnapriya's death. She did not know that she will be disrobed after becoming a Pradhan Devdasi, as that tradition was stopped in this temple for few generations. And sadly Haripriya's Hari did not come to save her and at last she committed suicide by burning herself alive!" She ended with her bold tone.

"Devi Haripriya became sati to Lord Murlimanohor!"

"You all can call her sati but I call it a suicide!" she continued, "There are others whose names were Priyas to God and who were made his Dasi (well slave of the society) forcefully, do you want to learn about all!"

Puspanjali did not answer.

"Then don't ever try to call me Devpriya again!" Tears came out from her eyes due to rage. Puspanjali stopped for a moment a tear of sadness fell from her eye too and she headed back towards her room.

No one was ignorant about the fate of a Pradhan Devdasi, when most loved Puspanjali and sympathized with her, all despised Devpriya. The other Devdasis secretly prayed for her misfortune but all their wishes went dead every time! When a person already embraced her misfortune without any fear how could anyone's jealousy harm her! When other Devdasis prayed to Lord to let them out from their misery, Devpriya looked upon the star and chanted to herself, "Soon you will be stone, the sculptors already started making your idols! You will be alive and ageless throughout the ages and people will adore you forever! She burst into laughter at the end. 

One day other Devdasis' secret prayers were heard. Just a month was remaining for Devpriya to become the Pradhna Devdasi, the old Pradhan Purohit died. Common people concluded she must be witch who killed the Purohit by her black magic. Each time there was a gossip about Devpriya in the temple, Puspanjali stopped it but Devpriya's becoming the Pradhan Devdasi has become doubtful.

"Now you are very happy I guess! You got what you have wanted" Devpriya provided Puspanjali a mockery smile when she came to gave her food in her room.

"Lets eat together!" Puspanjali gulped her insults realizing her condition.

"Oh I abhor seasonal sympathies, if you truly sympathize with me kindly leave me ALONE!"  She bellowed.

"See, it's not easy to change the Pradhan Devdasi now! It was the Pradhan Purohit's last wish!" Puspanjali tried her best to calm her.

The younger lady looked at the older in astonishment and then her scorn, anger, dissatisfaction started to melt away, "Is it true!" she wondered hesitantly.

"You have to eat with me, to hear the rest!" Puspanjali smiled back.

"Okay!" she kind of jumped at the food, she haven't eaten properly for days.

"But don't address yourself as Priya in front of everyone!"

"Why so!" she frowned like a baby as she did not like the idea at all.

"You know "the name Devpriya" reflects a lot in people's mind" Puspanjali continued, "By shortening your name you are making their wrong ideas strong!"

"But that's totally unfair!" Devpriya gulped a mouthful of food, "I mean how can they do that!"

"Not all has the nerve to read books from secret sections!" Puspanjali winked at her.

She grinned at getting caught.

The temple of Murlimanohor was the biggest and the oldest of the kingdom Rajatpur. The death of the Pradhan Purohit when the Nitayasumangli ceremony (Pradhan Devdasi declaration ritual), is about to happen shocked all the royals and aristocrats.  Some considered the matter if there was any fault with the lady who was chosen as Nityasumangali. But those who were aware about the perfect blend of Devpriya's beauty and wit completely denied that fact. Sometimes lust makes people to do some good. Most aristocrats including the King agreed upon the fact that the chosen Pradhan Devdasi of Lord Murlimanohor is faultless. The head priest died of course due to his old age.

Now all royals and aristocrats together decided to choose a healthy, youth Brahman from rich and acclaimed family as the next Pradhan Purohit. The king smiled then and there, hearing his counsel, "Why have not I thought about Brahman Devpratim before!"

"Your Highness do you mean the son of our Rajpurohit!" asked his Prime minister.

"Exactly! My revered Minister!"

The whole counsel agreed without any more word. Son of the Rajpurohit is one of the most learned people, and an acclaimed teacher of the kingdom. He is just at his late twenties with a handsome feature.

"This is the man who can brainwash my silly subjects!" The king thought and let out a smile.

Devpriya's attitude towards Puspanjali has changed a lot now a day, she was not the girl who says sorry easily but Puspanjali's mother like attitude and support gained her that smoothly. Listening it from Devpriya's lips she hugged her affectionately saying, "I never was angry with you dear!". Days were passing slowly, people at temple barely talked with Devpriya except some children whom she loved to spend her time with, others still were stick to the fact that she is a witch who killed their Head Priest.

The king himself went to approach Brahman Devpratim, convincing him to be the Head Priest of the Murlimanohor temple. It was quite a job as the youth Brahman had few more qualities than the counsel were looking for, like kindness, truthfulness and moral, which were quite unworthy for a Purohit in a temple full with Devdasis. But no one can do the job of connecting to people like him, so the king chose his words carefully, "Oh dear son my Royal Priest, revered Brahman I think you are not unaware about how people targeting the Nityasumangali (Pradhan Devdasi) of Murlimanohor Temple!"

"Yes my king!" bowing to him Priest Devpratim sighed, "and that matter deeply touched my heart, I try to convince people every day but I fail!

"So he is thinking about the matter seriously, which means one point is already earned!" The king thought.

"Purohit Ji, this is the matter of public belief it cannot be changed so easily! I as the King can put an order to think people as the way I think, but it can bring anarchy in the kingdom!" he stopped for moment and continued, "which I never want."  Then folded his palm in front of the young Priest, "But a great impact could be put on their minds if you take charge of the Head Priest of Murlimanohor Temple!"

Devpratim realized what the king said was true, if he becomes the Pradhan Purohit, seeing him in proper health people's belief about the Devdasi will change, but he was also aware of the things, which happen with Devdasi at the temple. He was a teacher, who just loved to spread knowledge, he did not have any interest on politics of temple or the ladies in it.

Realizing his jeopardy, the king chose his words right then, "Purohit Ji, only you can save a sinless soul! Whole world is against the would be Pradhan Devdasi Devpriya, if she commits suicide, that will be a great unjust!"

"I am ready my king!" Devpratim nodded.      

Part 2 [page 2]    (click)

part 3[page 6] (click)

Part 4 [page12] (click)

Part 5 [page 17] (click)

Poetry:- The Worshiper [genre: Romance] 

My works on Mahabharat

1.Duryadhan OS:- I - The Unconquerable One (My Thank you note at Page 2)

2. Anuraag- Karn-Supriya & Duryadhan-Bhanumati OS (click)

3. My C.N.A.T

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allseasonrain Senior Member

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Awesome Di continue soon

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will edit soon
FeistyQueen IF-Sizzlerz

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Before I read part 3, will comment for part 1&2

soulful work! i loved this so much! Heart
Devpriya is Clap The way she made her live in the midst of all dirty darkness, her attitude, her way of accepting life.. she is a true heroine in every sense!!! 
The questions she asked God, they way she decided to make her heart stone, how she decided to make her life better than worse by wooing the Pradhan Purohit! And all the while the weeping heart in her get crushed! She is bold, feisty, brave! I can go on and on about her! 

Pushpanjali is another character whom I liked! Embarrassed She somewhere reminds me of kanakalashmi, the motherly love and her caring attitude towards Devpriya! 

When I read of Pradhan Purohit's death, can't express how much happy I was! 

and when i read about the new Pradhan purohit, I felt he was like a ray of hope, a ray of light to all the Devdasis who are living in utter darkness with no hope!!! 

New pradhan Purohit's attitude towards the whole thing, his behaviour towards the devdasis!!! Second part of the OS was very soothing to read! 
The way Devpriya was shocked to find how different the new pradhan purohit is and the way she got lost in him! How she fancied of the day when she will become the Pradhan Devdasi and sudden embarrassment with which she closes her eyes! 

You have written it so beautifully that I could visualise the whole thing! Really soulful piece of writing!!!

PS: will read part 3 n comment soon! 

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panchali eagerly waiting for next part!

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Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow Di ! Oshadharon. Aagerta Chhilo Simple, And This One Has Shades !! Very Brilliant !! Taratari Porerta Likhe Phele Amake PM Koro ! Please !

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Originally posted by Radhikerani

Wow Di ! Oshadharon. Aagerta Chhilo Simple, And This One Has Shades !! Very Brilliant !! Taratari Porerta Likhe Phele Amake PM Koro ! Please !

Thank you Niamvari Radha, I mean Proteeti Hug 

will post the next update soon Smile

and of course PM you Big smile

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