Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

|*| C e l e b r a t i n g 1st Anniversary of IPKKND EBP |*|

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chupke se  a h i s t a... ho raha hoon lapata
uljha s a w a a l o mein.. ab tere hi
k h a y a l o n mein
kaisi yeh c h a h a t hai roke yeh na ruke
ek pal na raahat  hai.. dhadkan gawaan chuke

Hello everyone 
First let me invite all of you to join our favourite show's 1st birthday celebration 
Yes, our beloved show 
I s s  P y a a r  K o  K y a   N a a m  D o o n...e k  b a a r  p h i r 
successfully completed one year! So its calls for a celebration 

our show was started on 26th august 2013 at 6 PM.this show, second season of the super hit show i s s  p y a a r  k o  k y a  n a a m  d o o n, starring 
Sanaya Irani and Barun Sobti, did faced lots of negative response, plus it was aired in early evening time slot.So it was tough to predict show's future but with the strong storyline the show captured love from viewers .This show made a special place in our hearts with Amazing storyline and powerful characters . 
I s s  p y a a r  k o  k y a  n a a m  d o o n ... e k  b a a r  p h i r
 proved to be a superhit in a early timeslot !
So all the credit goes to whole cast and crew of Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir special mention to AvinashSsachdev and Shrenu Parikh who gave life to Shlok agnihotri and Aastha kirlosker, and our beloved Aashlok 
8 epsodes and we are gonna finish  3 0 0 episodes, 
toh banta hai 
...d o u b l e  c e l e b r a t i o n...

And yes our forum too turns 1 today .It was a great experience to meet new members, making friends and discussing about our show . Like in every forum our forum too had lots of ups and downs, and there were our development team to manage them and keep the forum clean, though we have this complaints that Rules are strict here lol.So a Big Thank you to Dev teams and whole members of our forum. 
o n g r a t u l a t i o n s  e v e r y o n e

What are you w a i t i n g for..lets start the  c e l e b r a t i o n  and have fun!




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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir is a fresh and unique show on Indian Television
It is a show about how a women will learn slowly to stand up for their rights and go against  domistic violence !!

The story is about Anjali, a mother of three who gets beaten up by her husband, and her  husband controls and tells her how to act and what to do he himself is like that but he hides  himself and let his wife do everything and say everything, real him while he is completely  opposite His children think he is best father and they dont like there mother they think she is  the one how is being like that  Her son  Shlok is an arrogant young man who completely hates  his mother and blindly worships his father and think he can never be wrong because his dad is  god for him thats what his sister jyoti and varad also think shlok hates his mother because he  think she is the reason why is first girlfriend left him then he started hating woman 

When he meets a young girl Astha, she changes his life! He eventually falls in love with her  and gets married to her while he was actually cheating on her he married her for revenge    She enters the Agrihotri family believing that she will change this house in a good way!
But her father in law has other plans he wants to make her another copie of his wife 

After Aashta and shlok finaly confessed there love to each other Aashta finded out about her father in  law true face she saw how he was beating up his wife because his bahu sojal visited her mother and  Niranjan doesnt want his bahus to go to there parents house


 Sinds that day Aashta trying to help her Mother in law by dont letting her father in law harm her mother  in law she and her mother in law get a good bond and anjali is changing day by day she is not anymore  the robot of niranjan saying what he wants but she is still in controle of him Aashta trying to expose him  but till now her plans didnt work especialy because her husband his dad is his everything and it would  be hard to show him his baba true face 

 Shloks sister, Jyoti also gets beaten up by her husband Abhay,who is desperate for a male son and  she keeps giving birth to girls After having abortions she finally stood up for her rights because of  Astha. she runs away at that night goons where after her and sid saved her and took her with him to  his house he took care of her and fell in love with her after that jyoti went to Aashta parents and they  took care of her on her mothers birthday she returns to her parents house and tells them the truth  about abhay and he gets arrested her father getting angry and makes a plan to get him out of jail he  gives anjali papers and ask her to let jyoti sign it later anjali finds out that those are the papers that  abhay will get free from jail 


And shlok varad and jyoti get angry with there mother they cant believe that she is a woman
      abhay comes back to take jyoti with him no one stops him for taking her she calls for Aashta but  Aashta        was at office with shlok she keeps calling for her when Anjali says abhay leave meri beti Anjali  starting                                                                   talking for her daugther and granddaugther freedom!!


After abhay got out of her life she married siddarth and they are living with each other 
  siddarth mother is not happy with the marriage because her son not only married a divorced  woman  but also she has a child after the wedding niranjan is planning his plan to seprate Aashlok first by oiling the stairs and   then starting fire in his studieroom and giving her the blame

Aashta says to shlok he is lying u dont know u father he has 2 faces Shlok gets angry    
Aashta wants too show the dvd but it is empty shlok ask her to apologies but she doesnt 
                                  shlok breaks there relationship he splits the house in 2 parts 
shlok says to her she has to live on one side and agnihotris at one side but anjali takes Aashta side 
you are not alone Astha, I m with you, if anyone was right in this house alway its you,I m saying that Niranjan is wrong and was wrong always


          keep watching iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir every Monday till saturday at 6pm

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Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir is the story of an innocent girl from a liberal family and a man who hates women and has turned into a chauvinist due to a tragic past.It was d story of 2 completely different individual aastha& shlok who used to hate eachother but destiny brought them together! Aastha came to attend a event with her vridaashram friends,but they didn't get tickets coz show was housefull.but shlok's staff gave her ticket misunderstanding her as shlok's VIP guest, when shlok came to knw abt this staff blamed aastha and shlok hurts her for telling lie, which he hates.they vowed not to meet again but they happend to travel in train.shlok's wallet falls n train and TT didn't allowed him to travel without ticket.aastha made fun of him n was ready to help him, but he refused.shlok gets down in next station.aastha got shlok's wallet frm wash basin and throws it to him.shlok thought aastha was hiding his wallet to insult him.he startd to her more. Shlok, after a series of misunderstandings, holds Aastha responsible for the insult of his baba, niranjan agnihotri , whom he is fanatic about, at a cultural programme, though Aastha was not responsible for it. Shlok promises himself to take revenge on Aastha.

Aastha got a job in event management and she signed a deal for arranging niranjan agnihotri& anjali agnihotri's wedding anniversary event.she was shocked to know that they r shlok's parents.because of d deal she had to work under him.shlok was annoyed with her kiddish behavior.oneday she gets late to return home after finishing office work.shlok leaves from office without dropping her home.she got a auto and aastha felt auto driver's intention was not good.he started to misbehave with her and she startd running from him.shlok came there and saved her frm that auto driver.aastha was touched with this.later they went to kohlapur for a meeting.and in this journey both shlok and aastha were attracted to eachother. Still they were confused to give a name for their feelings!


Spending times together in office, shlok and aastha realize their love for eachother.but decides not to reveal her love for him and tries to stay away from him. But Shlok always finds a reason to make her feel uncomfortable and due to that she also shouts at him and tells him that he is her problem.on shlok's parents wedding anniversary shlok announces infront of everyone that he loves aastha and want to marry her.this makes aastha angry and she leave the place with her parents.shlok with his parents comes to her home and talks to her n alone.first aastha denies and slaps him but she huggs him n confess her love.their parents fixed their wedding, but kalindi, aastha's mum wasn't happy with this wedding coz she was scared to send aastha to shlok's home coz his mom anjali's behavior was rude towards aastha.shlok and aastha are enjoying their freedom and celebrating every moment together.oneday someone send a letter saying they should know shlok's past along with a broken mangalsutra nd bangles.her mom was worried seeing this.for a ritual aastha and shlok reaches a mandir, there aastha questions shlok abt d broken mangalsutra and letter. Shlok doesn't tell anything but takes her to mandir and marry her.but family members were not happy with the as niranjan wanted shlok and aastha got married again with all rituals.but anjali told them to start their new life after 2 days only and they had to stay in separate room



Finally that night arrived.aashlok's suhaagraath.aastha was shocked to see shlok's true color.he tells het that he married her to take revenge, for insulting his idol, baba!that he was playing a love drama with her.she was shattered knowing shlok's true face.aastha starts hating shlok.but shlok blackmailed her not to tell anything to anyone orelse he will send her father avdhoot in false she was forced to live with shlok and shlok continued torturing aastha making her life day shlok tells her to go honeymoon with him.she tried her best to cancel honeymoon trip but shlok forcefully took her with him.on d way their car broke down.while shlok was checking car she escaped from car n runs into a forest.shlok searched for her and found her but they lost way to road and had to spend night in forest.during this again they came closer.coz of abhay, shlok's sister jyoti's husband police arrested avdhoot.after spending sweet time in forest n village they finally reached road.but aastha was shocked reading about her dad's arrest news in paper.she thought shlok did that and screams at him.she goes to her home instead going with was niranjan's birthday so anjali goes to bring aastha.she comes their to wish him then told everyone about shlok's cheating.she left AM.aastha's parents were shocked knowing kalindi send a divorce notice to him.seeing this shlok forcefully kidnapped aastha from her house, but on kalindi's complaint police arrested him.aastha was in dilemma to sign divorce.on first court hearing shlok acted innocent and seeing their kiddish behavior judge order them to stay together for 6 month and after that still they are not able to get together he will allow for divorce.later its revealed it was niranjan's plan to bring aastha back to AM

Aastha came back to AM but she was not ready to stay with shlok in a room, so she shifted her staying at guest room.anjali tries to sends her back to shlok's room but didn't succeed.on Valentine's day varad planned a surprise for aashlok and decorated a place for them.varad succeed sending them their.seeing d decoration shlok remembered his first love swati and drunks.he huggs aastha thinking her to b swati.aastha was shocked hearing swati's name from shlok.drenching in rain shlok got fever and aastha was worried for she shifted her staying at shlok's room and startd taking care of him.during this she happend to come in shlok's study where shlok never let her enter.she got shlok's diary and through this she got to know him better.that his bitter past was d reason for his rude behavior and she promised herself to make shlok to his old self.and once again she startd loving her.then comes a new entry in aashlok' s life, aditi! Niranjan's friend's daughter.she befriended with aastha.since then many incidents occured with shlok which reminds him of swati.its revealed that aditi was doing that to take revenge from order to take revenge she startd to harm aastha.aastha confessed her love to shlok but he ignored her.she teased him saying I love you to him.oneday aashlok and aditi went to this journey aditi tried to kill aastha many times but shlok saved her.once while saving aastha from a mad horse, which was aditi's plan both shlokaastha trapped in forests.their they came closer.anyhow they reached home and through d vdeo recorder aastha came to know about aditi's true intention.she confronted her and aditi challenges her to prove her true intention infront of everyone. 6 month completed and aashlok were feeling sad to separate.but n court hearing they decides to stay together.aditi was unhappy with this.aastha told everyone about aditi but nobody believes her and shlok gets angry on her.once aastha saw aditi going to meet someone and she follows her.aditi caught aastha following her and kidnapped her and locked her in a old house.shlok came to know that aastha is missing and he startd searching for her.finally following aditi he found aastha and they were shocked to know that aditi is swati's sister, gayatri and she came AM to take revenge from shlok for ditching her sis.shlok was shocked to see swati in bad condition dying each moment.police arrested aditi.shlok said sorry to swati but she dies infront of him.he was shattered. Aastha supports him and cheers him up by dancing.


Drama queen aastha reminded shlok every minute that she loves him soo much.finally shlok confess his love to her in middle of the road.shlok says sorry for his bad behaviour and ties d black thread around her neck which he tied aastha on their mandir wedding.they happily consummate their marriage and becomes every couple they too startd their new life with little nokjokh, little fight and lots of love! On aastha's swikriti pooja day she witness niranjan abusing anjali and shocked is shocked to know his real side.she realized that anjali was so nice but she was doing all this according to niranjan's instruction!she decides to show his true colour to shlok.she tries to tell this to shlok but he gets angry with her and warned her not to go against his baba.
aastha and anjali patches up and supported eachother.going against niranjan aastha helped jyoti to break her abusive relation with abhay.with aastha's support jyoti confessed that she loves sidarth and niranjan fix their wedding. Shlok starts to get angry at Aastha frequently as he gets blindfolded in the words of his father, Niranjan. Irritated with this aastha tells him from now he is a stranger for him and their startd their stranger game, so she shifted her staying at jyoti's room and shlok was enjoying his freedom.during jyoti's wedding function shlok tries to woo her but she ignores him.on haldi day Sid's sister Ria bumps into shlok and start liking him.while playing stranger game aastha tells ria that shlok is her neighbour and his family is looking for a girl for him, ria believed aastha and starts liking him more.aastha completely ignored shlok whenever he comes closer to her and it irritated shlok.aastha realized that this stranger game is going serious so she stop this game herself.she says sorry to shlok and says she can't live without him then put varmala on him.shlok smiles and put that same varmala on her and says even he can't live without her.and they makes love amid d wedding function.aashlok together does jyoti's kanyadaan and jyoti leaves to her sasural .
Ria calls shlok for a coffee, to make aastha jealous shlok talks to her.ria comes to AM to stay for a day with jyoti, to meet shlok again. Aastha came to know about a DVD which has proof against niranjan, so aastha challenges him that she will bring his true face infront of shlok and niranjan says he will throw aastha from shlok's life.once aastha seesa nightmare where shlok throwing aastha out of d house.aastha huggs shlok saying she loves him.ria comes to shlok's room and she was shocked seeing aashlok hugging. Aastha said sorry for her prank and says it was all a part of wedding fun.
Niranjan plans to teach aastha a day he sees aastha and shlok romancing on staircase and saw a oil bottle in aastha's hand. Later niranjan dropped oils in stairs and pretends to fall from staircase slipping n oil.shlok remembered aastha saying oil will drop so he gets angry.he calls her and shouts at her infront of everyone! Aastha feels bad but later they both patches up! 

Aastha got CD from pawar and tells niranjan that now she will show this to shlok .anjali tells aastha to keep diyas in every room.aastha does so.niranjan saw this and he kept a diya closer to curtain in shlok's room, so that shlok can see how careless is aastha. Shlok sees that and kept it right. After aastha leaves from keeping diyas in niranjan's study, niranjan does the same, kept diya near d curtain and he himself burnt his study.all family saw niranjan trapped in fire and shlok saved him. When no one was in room niranjan tells aastha how he burnt his own study to put blame on aastha.she is shocked hearing this and tells now she will show d Cd to shlok.shlok comes there asking which truth ur talking about.aastha tells him that baba is a double faced devil and he vacant aashram.and he himself fired his study.shlok gets angry and raised his hands to slap her but she stopped him saying she is not his slave.aastha gets angry and says she will show him Cd.niranjan acts innocent and tells her to show Cd.she plays d Cd but it was blank.she was shocked seeing this. Shlok break d Cd and tells her to ask sorry to his baba or leave the house.she denies to say sorry .shlok says from now their relation finished and shlok grabs her to throw out.aastha says she wont go from there until she doesn't proves niranjan is wrong. Shlok gets angry and says fine and divided d house into 2.oneside for aastha and other side for agnihotri family! Aastha is stunned! 

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An arrogant guy who hates all women including his mother for his past. Suddenly Aastha comes into his life, they fall in love with each other and get married. On their 1st night, Aastha comes to know that Shlok never lover her at all instead played a love game with her. Shlok starts behave so rude towards Aastha but slowly he falls for her and he confesses his love for her.

A sweet girl who loves to have fun, always fights for the truth .She comes from a family where men and women are treated in same way.She falls in love with Shlok and they get married. On her wedding night she was broken to know that shlok married her for revenge but later she comes to know about his past and helped him in overcoming his dark past, in this journey she falls in love with him again and shlok too confesses his love.

A well known reputed person, head of Agnihotri family,father of Jyoti, Varad and Shlok..According to him, a woman is nothing in front of a man and doesn't have any
right .He believes that women should do whatever the men ask them
and a girl has to stay at her Law's house after her marriage and wouldn't have a placeat her parents' HOME anymore, he forces Anjali to do dirty works and presents himself as a kind person to all.

 W I F E of Niranjan Agnihotri who doesn't have a good bond with her children ,for the family members, she is a heartless mother and MIL but the truth is that she is doing everything according to Niranjan's instruction .She knows she is not doing the right things but she is scared of Niranjan.This poor  L A D Y gets punishment from her husband whenever she makes any mistakes. She doesn't share her pain with anyone. But Aastha witnesses the abuse she is facing and takes vow to S T O P  this harassment. 

Son of Niranjan and anjali whose parents are not happy with him as he doesn't work for the
family BUSINESS.He is Married with Sojal and has a little daughter Kavya.

wife of Varad agnihotri .she feels bad that her husband dont have time to spend with her.she always tries to impress anjali but she never gets appreciation in return. She doesn't like aastha because she is jealous that all loves aastha more than her and she is favorite of her daughter and husband. 

DAUGHTER of Varad and Sojal, a poor girl who doesn't have any freedom in her house because of the strict rules of Agnihotri house. Only Aastha always helps her everywhere and brings smiles on her face whenever she is sad and she loves her chachu and chachi a lot.

VARAD's love affair. Varad who is unhappy with Sojal loves to spend his time with Mansi. She is so much understanding and caring about Varad and his family. She knows the likes, dislikes and everything about Varad and always cares about them.

DAUGHTER of Niranjan and Anjali, a down to earth person and her brothers love her much.Her husband and aunt always abuses her.They do her abortion when they came to know that she was carrying a baby girl but this time she runs way from her law's house and meets a very kind person 'Siddhrath' who takes proper care of her during pregnancy and thus she is able to give birth to a baby girl.Later they falls in love with each other and get married.

Jyothi's ex husband for whom Jyothi is like a MONEY BANK. He never cares about her.
he is a mean guy who hits his wife and always abuses her.He does jyoti's abortion 2/3 times because she was carrying a baby girl.

F U N  L O V I N G guy who met Jyothi when she was pregnant with a baby girl. He takes peoper of her during pregnancy and falls in love with her. Later Jyothi realizes her lover for him and they get married.

MOTHER of Siddharth who is unhappy with Jyothi and Siddharth marriage. She doesn't want Siddharth to marry Jyothi but for her son's happiness, she accepts Jyothi as her Daughter in law. She is still not happy with Jyothi.

SISTER of Siddharth who falls for Shlok on her first meeting with him but later comes to know that Shlok is already married with Aastha that hurts her a lot.

Mother of Aastha.A strong woman who thinks woman has also same right as men.She is not happy seeing her daugther staying with Shlok after knowing the truth.She doesnt want her daugther to have same fate as she had with her first marriage but after seeing her daugther happy with Shlok she forgives and accepts him as her Son in law.

Grandmother of Aastha, a very supportive Mother in law and a positive thinker.She always supports Kalindi whenever she is in a sad state.

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Putija Chalhov


Congratulations to the entire cast and crew team of IPKKND EBP.  

We VIEWERS have traveled from fake love to  marriage to real love to Astha taking up the cudgels for reforming and bringing back the happiness of all members of the family .

 We congratulate you for becoming the slot leader and increasing the TRPs week by week and making a success of the 6.00 pm slot















Wow, a year has already completed for our very own show to have started, haven't realised when the time flew by.

 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir has been my all time favourite show, from the beginning and now to where it stands, everyone including the cast, producers, directors, script writers have done a fabulous job to bring the show to life! So a big thank you to the whole crew of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir 

and congratulations for turning oneParty

 Here's to many more years to comeParty


I'm so happy and proud that IPKKNDEBP is going to reach the milestone of crossing one year with so much negativity pondering around it in the start. 

The amazing work of Avinash,Shrenu,Geetanjali,Manish,Waseem and every cast and crew of it have made possible this achievement at this time slot.

I Am really proud to say that this is my first serial that got me hooked into with lead's sparkling chemistry and wonderful storyline that tells us harsh reality which prevails still.

Your creativity works have always surprised me. I hope this cast & crew all the very best in all their endeavours and long life for this show. Shlok,Astha, Anjali & Niranjan characters are one of its kind in Indian television. 

Their character sketches are USP of the show. I wish this Indian fiction stick to its characterisations throughout without any logic misses.

 Wishing whole cast & crew again the best of allSmile


Its been 1 year! Still can't believe my beloved show iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir...completed 1 successful year *touchwood* , and wish this show completes another milestone! 

After my fav humsafar I didn't find any other show interesting and I was not so happy with ipk2 without sarun :/ so sirf naam keliye I startd watching ebp and I really didn't had high hope from this show coz I hated avinash's previous show, that whenever mum watch that show i fight with her to change d channel LOL and I was not impressed with shrenu in her previous show havan & BHBK ;) but I was wrong! watching d first episode i was in love with d show and aastha and shlok.yes it was pehli nazar mein pyaar LOLin each episode i startd to love aashlok more n more and yes I was in shravi fanclub!

EBP is completely different frm d shows i watchd, its all character was awesome. frm aashlok to their family member to d maid, everyone was superb.and d each actors were outstanding playing their character soo well Clap .and for d first time i was a fan of male lead's hot dad ROFL Niranjan agnihotri,I loved to hate him ...and loved his nd anjali's jodi.powerful characters, that was EBP's bless! 

Aashlok Day Dreaming they r d best jodi on tv now, no doubt! hats off to shrenu Parikh & avinash sachdev for playing aashlok! They r awesome Day Dreaming

On this occasion I congratulate all d cast & crew of IPKKNDEBP, congratulations everyone for completing successful 1year Clap and special congrats to d captain, waseem sabir Thumbs Up keep rocking Hug

And congratulations to our forum too, even our forum is celebrating 1 year in IF, happy birthday to IPKKNDEBP forum Dancingmy second home! Iguess I never was active this much in any forum Ermm I was here frm day 1 and I always roam around like a ghost! Like ebp s my jaan this forum s my jaaneman LOL and frm here i met and got soo many good friends, I am happy to keep those friendship till nw, really love u all my dear friends Hug 
So its party time guys, lets celebrate it Dancing

I'm proud to b a EBP fan...long live ebp! 


Hearty Congratulations Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir 
team for completing 1 year...ClapClapClap
U guys are amazing,fantastic,talented...what to say
U guys are the BEST!!!!

First of all kuddos to the cast director.Every actor is perfect for their role.No one else can do it like them...Approve

                                            Then about AashlokDay Dreaming                                                                                                       
Their chemistry,NO WORDS!!!
Even Aashlok in a single frame make it magical!!!Embarrassed
They create a new chemistry/world in Telly wood. And their biting scene..BlushingBlushing

I must say this would be the first serial in which all characters have their own importance.Each one has a story behind them.
 And about Niranjan-Anjali,may be they are the first non-lead jodi with this much awesome chemistry.They are my second favorite jodi of this drama...

Last but not the least a big congrats & thanks to Mr.Waseem Sabir,the most talented  director we have today.


This drama is really special for me and close to my heart because I have never watched a show or discussed it as much as I do with this one...

I started watching it from mud scene and the first time, I heard chupke se ahista, I became a big fan and then I watched the scenes of other cast ,they all fascinated me, this is one of those rare dramas which have story along with romance, and that is the reason I cannot stop watching it

Love the tom and jerry relationship of ashlok, the selfish love of NA and anjali, the struggling truth of Sojal and varad, the fairytale love of sid and jyoti and finally the sweetest relationship of avdhoot and kalindi which make one believe that some relationship survive all , and good people are always good, no matter in which time period their love story happened..

Also, because of IPKKND..EBP I have found many new friends and this makes this drama more special.

So, just want to thank everyone who made it possible...

Thank you star plus, sphere origins,,Sonal Arora,Sunjoy Wadhwa,Comall Waddhwa,Siksha Vij, and waseem sabir for giving us such a wonderful story and drama. 

Wishing a very  happy anniversary  to Grace,
 Avinash sachdev,Shrenu Parikh,Manish wadhwa,Geetanjali tikekar,Shalmalee desai,Sameer sharma,Sheetal dabohlkar,Ankit modgil,Prachee shah, Deep Jaitley, Manjushree Kulkarni, Sachin Parikh, Nupur Alankar!!!


Best Aashlok, Best Shrenu and Avinash

I wish you the best Heart


Congratulations to the whole team of EBP for completing one year!
Thank you all for giving us this beautiful show.
 A special thanks to Avinash Sachdev and Shrenu Parikh for giving us a magical couple like Ashlok. You have kept us entertained!
I still remember the first scene I watched and fell in love with Ashlok
And it's "the door scene"LOL
I automatically just fell in love!
Wish you guys more success to come your way in your future projects.


Can't believe that already a year has passed !!! it feels like was just yesterday when this amazing couple started setting our screens on fire ... No doubt they have continued to that till today Wink 

Be it ashlok or Shravi, they make me fall in love with them every single time i see them Day Dreaming 

Loadzzz of love to the whole team of IPKKND.. EBP who as a team have worked together to produce such a wonderful show especially Avinash, Shrenu, Geetanjali Ma'am, Manish Sir, Waseem Sir and every other member who is working hard day and night Embarrassed 

Thank u to this wonderful show that i made new friends in the forum who are very friendly and supportive ... a biggg hug to all of u Hug 

Congratulations once again and may this show complete many more years and keep ruling over our hearts Heart 

Love Shravi and Ashlok !!!

IPKKND.. EBP rocks !! 


well i wish the entire cast a very bright future and lots of love to the EBP girls Shrenu Geeta Shal Sheetal and Jaya Jee tooTongue


Ipkknd ebp is the best for me from day one. i watched it for avinash in the beginning. but slowly shrenu's acting caught my attention and now am her huge fan. all the actors have enough space and their characters are defined perfectly.

 kavya is such a sweet heart. anjali and niranjan are great in their acting... keep rocking guys... hope you run very long... god bless..


PartyDancing CONGRATULATIONS IPKKND...EBP, CAST AND  CREW!!!PartyDancing      

Our beautiful babydoll Shrenu Parikh and handsome angry man Avinash Sachdev, Day Dreaming

they are the hottest couple with sizzling chemistry on tv...Wacko

Love them as AASHLOK!!!HeartHeart

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir entire cast and crew rocks!!!Thumbs Up

Love the entire cast,crew and director...Thank you for giving us this wonderful show!! Clap

BEST ACTORS: Shrenu Parikh & Avinash Sachdev & Manish Wadhwa & Geetanjali Tikekar & Sheetal & Samir & Prachee & Tushar & Sachin & Shalmalee & Ankit &  Grace & Ajju & Renuka ...StarStarStar

BEST SHOW: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir StarStarStar

BEST HOT COUPLE: Aastha & Shlok : AASHLOKStarStarStar WackoDay Dreaming




First of all congratulations to the whole cast and crew of EBP. It's  already one year. Time definitely flies. They say hard work pays well and each and every episode shows that. Though you all were bashed initially, you ignored it and continued to work hard. 

We all love you people! 

Keep shining!Star 









first of all a hearty congratulations to whole cast and crew for completing a year...

ashlok made me to smile with them ,cry with them,and yeah blush with them ...

i never knew i would start watching the second season of ipkknd not even in my dream ...believe me or not i was one among the fan of season 1 who mailed sp to plz change the name of ipkkndebp ,i did not like to watch this season but ashlok made me watch this season now i am over here in IF putting this msg to u i have become a craziest fan of ipkknd ebp and ashlok ...
my journey of ashlok started only from jan but have watched all the episode from 1st ...
ipkknd ebp has got a perfect team ..all r talented ...i am proud to say that i am a die hard fan of ashlok ...

dear avinash

a big wishes for ur career ..u r absolutely a talented actor ..i have not watched any of ur previous shows ..ipkknd ebp is the first for me .man u r perfect in every character ..u can easily portray a lover boy and  angry young man ..u r awesome..the way u portray ur character man i am impressed ...i won't say ur the oly hottest person in tv industry but yeah u r one among them i must admit it ...u r cool ,hot and handsome...i think many would have told u ,i wanted to tell u tht u r one among the best actor i have come across...u r a talented genius stuff man...kudos to u ..the way u express every emotions wow ...u r eyes speak a lot man ...
one request to u avi if u r reading this -plz come back to twitter and interact with ur fans..ignore bashers...

dear shrenu

 u r a cutie pie ...loved all ur emotional scenes ..u r a brilliant actress ...and must admit u r so bold in portraying romantic scenes too...u make me cry in evry emotional scenes...jst love the way u enact evry scene...keep doing the gud job love u !!!!!

dear geetanjali 

u gave life to anjali character ...u r a perfectionist u always

dear manish

u made me hate niranjan agnihotri to the core ...u r the best villain i have evr come across...

hope ipkknd ebp has a long life ...once again a hearty wishes for completing a year...Clap

with love 


Congratulations to the whole team of EBP, you guys are all doing an amazing jobClap

 !!!keep rocking!!!

 All the best for the futureThumbs Up


"Its been one year watching this splendid this one year we cried wid u ...we laughed wid u...enjoyed ur romance...Nok jhok...and u guyz make us hooked to our places in each and every scene...these characters have become parts of our lives...
Nd fr tht credit goes to whole team of Ipkknd-ebp...thnx fr giving us Astha-Shlok!! "


A serial is created by Team Work..But the Best is by VETERAN TEAM, which is IPKKND...EBP Team...

Happy Anniversary to IPKKND...EBP Team and Fans:)


Hearty congratulations to the whole cast & crew who has entertained us with this drama over the last one year with their exceptional acting skills. 

Would like write about the my most favorite. characters and 4 pillars of the show as I call NA, Shlok, Anjali & Aastha. Though I have not stated all names here, all the actors including Sameer, Shalmalee, Sheetal, Prachee, Tushar have done their job well and the end product delivered is impressive.

Mr.Manish Wadhwa: The power house of talent and actor par excellence who dons the role of Niranjan Agnihotri with such panache. This character has 2 shades to it who can be saintly to the world but a ruthless manipulator who plays mind games. It is awe-inspiring to watch him play this role impeccably and so much ease which is not easy to portray. 

Mrs. Geetanjali Tikekar: She showcases her acting prowess as Anjali Agnihotri who has been taking physical, emotional abuse from NA over the years. Be it inward defiance or fear it is all depicted in her expressions and her eyes speak volumes. 

Mr.Avinash Sachdev: A phenomenal actor and the king of expressions who breathes life into Shlok Agnihotri. He is only one who can bring vulnerability to even such a grey/dark character with whom we can sympathize. There are many layers/shades to this character which is complicated and we viewers still feel there is yet one more layer left that is to be peeled.  Hope he does not get affected by the rumors or the derogatory messages hurled upon which is part & parcel of being an actor. 

Ms.Shrenu Parikh: A cheery, bubbly  girl who brings forth her own persona to this character Aastha which is impulsive, effervescent, feisty, gutsy & free-spirited. Her forte is in the emotional scenes but she can do well in romantic, comical scenes. Her on-screen chemistry with Avi is the USP of this show and she gives tough competition to all the seasoned actors in the show. 

Director Waseem: The fearless captain of the ship who can intricately weave a social message into a love story. 

Hope the story gets much better in future and hope the authors stick to the LOVE-HATE story as they had promised earlier and not deliver a women-empowerment show . The script has lagged behind at times and needs to be tightened. If I had stuck to this show till now and keep coming back then it is due to the excellent acting of the actors. Hope they all stay humble and all the best to them in all their endeavors in future. 
May the team win many accolades which they are worthy of for all the hard work they put in.


Happy anniversary to the whole team of







             CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHOLE CREW                                                                         





" Wishing the entire cast and crew of EBP lots of success !

keep up the Good work,samazla !"


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Bhar Phir is celebrating its 1st year anniversary. I am very glad as a big fan of it.

 I congrats the whole cast and crew for their hard work.

 CVs are doing a fabulous job and the cast are amazing the way all cast portrays their character is beyond word especially Avinash and shrenu are doing a fabulous job as ashlok...

  Manish he deserve the best villain award and Geetanjali to is doing another fab job as anjali...

 The whole cast are doing a fab and amazing jobClap

I  appreciate the hard work of the whole cast as they are giving lives to the characters




Thrilled that IPKKND2 is turning one!! 

It's my favourite show & I truly believe that Shlok & Astha are the best pair on television!! 

Love watching Avinash & Shrenu create magic on screen!! 

Hope the show & the cast get all the love & success they deserve!!! 


"As an ardent lover of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir and Avi and Shrenu and its awesomely talented cast and crew led by "director extraordinaire" Waseem Sabir, I wish to say that it has been a truly unforgettable and wonderful one year filled with happy and sad moments and a passion for a show which I never thought I would feel ! 

As they say its good to be passionate about some things if they are worth it!"


Wish the whole team more success and wish this show run for many more years. 

Thank you to entire cast and team for their effort

Thank you for entertaining us we just love Ipkknd...ebp

!!Keep rocking!!


I think the biggest attribute to any success is hardwork ...

I can't believe it that for the past one year Iam glued in front of TV  sharp at six...

Kudos team EBP for all the wonderful work you have done in this past one year...Party
U guys have put your heart and soul on this show to entertain the fans
I take this opportunity to bow in front of all the cast,cvs,director,cameraman everybody who is associated with the show...Clap





LOVE U BOTH AND MY SHOWStar  It's a treat to watch Avi screens were literally on fire with ur romantic scenes...u guys are bang on...



Congrats Team EBP For Completing Great 1 Year With Real Story,Powerful Direction,Excellent Acting,Soulful BG & Unique Ashlok.


 Happy Anniversary







I can't believe my fav show is going to celebrate their 1 Anniversary.Hats off U guys.You guys are made me amazed my ur excellent acting and flawless expression.U guys are became my part of routine.Really guys I never I was watching Tele serial through tv I always felt its happening around me and I saw everything through my eyes.

EBP take a bow guys.u all R deserved this .when I saw ashlok romance i blushing like a hell.when NA acting like pshycho i feel just take any hammer and broke that phycho's bald head in to pieces.when i saw jyothi harassed by abay i felt sorry for her.when i saw NA beating anjali i cryed with her.when i saw  sojal cheif antics i got irritated.I always felt like a kid  when ever i saw kavya.Each and every cast in the show did their awesome job as a team.Guys with out U their is no more EBP thank U for ur marvalous job .Hope U all get a wonderful career.
I fell love with shrenu and avi  they are  doing a marvellous job as aastha and shlok,I love anjali aka geetanjali great acting as abused woman.Last but not least the pillar of our show Wassim sir thank very much for  our beloved show " Iss pyaar ko kya naam  doon ...ek baar phir".Its such unique show which has unique concept thanks for bring out such a sensitive topic on screen.Thank U for each and everyone who was working behind the show .Thanks lot to everyone.I wish ebp has a long life and make a great victory.All the very best U all to the core


IPKKND EBP is not just a soap but rather has become a phenomenon. The entire team of EBP has come a long way from withstanding abuses and unfair comparisons to receiving endless praises for their acting and technical skills. The leads' chemistry, the other cast, the very talented director, he music director, and the other cast deserve a loud applause for their hard work, dedication, and their beautiful story telling.

!Kudos to the entire team for being the best!
R I A N A _ 

Omgee! 1 year?? 
I can't believe my AShlok has completed 1 year of their journey!! 
Thank you so much Avinash and Shrenu for being my AShlok 
and thanks to everyone who are working for
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..ek baar phir
You guys dunno how much I love my AShlok and EBP<33
woohoo! Time for celebration!


I'm glad I saw EBP. Its close to my heart...and also...its the chance that made me meet you all and be friends with you. Love u all...

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MereMahiyaa. IF-Addictz

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MereMahiyaa. IF-Addictz

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A big thankyou to everyone who has contributed and helped in making with this Celebration thread Clap We once again would like to Congratulate the entire team of iss pyaar ko kya naam Doon ek baar phir for completing 1 Year, till now it was a amazing journey and i realy cant wait too see what this Show is gonna give us for the futher !!

Intro - .Sajnave. 

story so Far - .Bewakoof & .Sajnave.

Aashlok Journey - Asharkibiwi 

 Characters - Ariana_

Messages - Neelum.Drashti 

Taggs - starry.phoenix

vms - Tanvi. & Ayesha

Avis and creations - ipkknd ebp Greation Gallery 

Compilation/Final post & Layou - .Sajnave.

special thanks to ipkknd ebp dev team  for giving permission to make thread!


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