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::Happy Birthday Rosy::

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It's the Birthday of a Very Very Very Special Friend.. Sister.. Guide.. Enemy..

I actually don't know how to define the bond we share..

We fight.. We laugh.. We argue.. We tease.. We cry

Gosh! What would I have done if I hadn't known you LOL

Aare jaanemen aaj toh aapka Birthday hai toh senti talks chod

Aap aaye humare zindagi main toh zindagi bahaar aayi

Phool khilne lage

Panchi gaane laage

Yeh vadiyaan.. Yeh asmaan.. Yeh hawaien

Khoobsurat se geet gungunane lage..

Aap toh humari saari dil ki baaton se waaqif hi ho ji

Ab aapse kya chupa hai


Aaj tera Special din hai toh thodi bahut Nautanki toh banti hi hai

Yaar Wish you a very very very Happy Birthday

May all your wishes come true

May this be a kick start to an Amazing Year ahead

My Good Wishes are always with you buddy

Yeh le Sans bhi kuch bolna chahti hai

Happy birthday Rosy U r one of my best friends of IF to whom

 I share my problems, concepts, happiness

I still remember the day I got to know you as a reader n was happy to see

a person from my profession I wish you all happiness in life n

blessing of all gods present over the world N I wish to see you as a CA

on ur next birthday So close ur eyes now n

make a wish N meri taraf se cake khalena

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A vei vei vei Happy Happy Birthday to you Rosy Smile 

I havent known you for a long time but I just know that you are an amazing person. . .Sweet,Warm and Appreciative Embarrassed 

I wish this birthday becomes one of the best birthdays for you and You shine to success. . .May God shower all his love and blessings on you and you get everything you desire and deserve Hug 

Happy Birthday Heart


Many more happy returns of d day!!Party

Hope ya have a wonderful day aheadSmile


Wish u happy bday
may u live long n full fil ur Dreams

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Rosy. May you have loads more and enjoy this day to the fullest with your loved one :) Hug Heart

Fatima :) 

hey dear...happy bday...

i dont knw u personally...but njoy ur bday..nd have a blast...:D



On this special day i wish you all the luck and a great year ahead..


Wishing u a very happy birthday dear.. May ur dreams get fulfilled nd d almighty showers his blessings on u throught ur life. Have a rocking day nd enjoy to d fullest Smile


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By Mansi

By Rachel

By Surbhi 

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The Best Gift Ever

"Hello... Yes doctor... what?? Really I am soo happy to hear that thank you soo much doctor" I was in cloud nine to hear this news me sharon swayam shekhawath is going to be mother and bring mine and swayams sign of love to this world. Automatically my hand caressed my belly lovingly and I tuned pink at the thought of carrying the small angel in my hand soon.

I just wanted swayam by my side to cherish the moment but he had gone to Singapore for the business meeting and would be coming back after 2 days. First i thought of calling him and giving him the good news but i knew my darling hubby soo well that as soon as he would hear that he is going be father he would leave all his work and come back to me.. I dint wanted that. For me still work comes first. So I decided to wait to tell him until he comes back.

I was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen I suddenly realized that its swayams birthday after two days. I thought perfect then I would say him on that day. it would be a great gift for him.Which he needed from a long time I knew it soo well even though he dint tell me about it. he loved kids a lot. And now I know I can fulfill his wish. I was continuously blushing thinking that how would swayam react hearing to the news and how are they going to say about it to their parents... I was soo lost in my thoughts that i dint realize maa (swayams mom) entering to the kitchen.

"Kya hua sharon kahan khohi hui ho swayams ki yaad aa rahi hai?"maa asked me... I just smiled at her and nodded in a yes she just smiled back "swayam bohoth lucky hai jo use tumhari tarah biwi mili hai jo use itna pyaar karthi hai and haan hum bhi bohoth lucky hain jo hamein tumhari tarah beti mili hai"with this she took me in her embrace I just loved her a lot she was like my mother too caring and sweet she was the one who would guide me always and she was more like a friend to me. I wanted to tell her that she is going be dadi but stopped myself because I wanted to tell about it first to swayam.

"Maa swayam parso aa raha hai aur usi din swyam ka birthday hai tho mein soch rahi thi ki uske liye kuch surprise plan karthe hain whats say??" I told with enthusiasm as I knew the answer soo well because my maa never stopped me from doing anything instead helped me all the while. "haan beta idea tho accha hai tho kya socha hai tumne party denge ya get together karenge? Ghar mein ya restaurant mein? Khana hum hi banayenge kyon ki swayam ko humhare haath ka khana bahuth accha lagtha hai aur unse itne din humhare haath ka khana bahuth miss kiya hoga.. mera beta kitna pathla hogaya hoga" I chuckled seeing my maa she was soo innocent always tensed about her children I thought its true how much ever we grow old  we will remain as kid for our parents and suddenly my thought drifted, even I would care for my angel in this way and a smile spread over my face. "Sharon... tum firse kahin kho gayi bolo na beta"

"Haan haan maa mein soch rahi thi ghar mein hi celebrate karthe hain waise swayam ko parties pasand bhi nahi hai aur wo thak bhi gaya hoga na journey karke so mein soch rahi thi ki sirf humhare friends ko bulathein hain taani aur rey tho aayengi hi aur haan maa khana hum hi banayenge"

Theek hai beta hum aise hi karenge swayam ke papa aathe hi honge hum khana laga dete hain..

We had dinner and also told our plan to papa he liked it.he is just too good I felt, after discussing everything we left to our room.

"Good night maa good night papa" saying this I walked towards to my room.

I missed swayam it was the first time i stayed away from swayam for such a long time. The day would however pass but nights were difficult because I had got the habit of sleeping in his warm embrace. I stood phasing the window thinking about him my phone started ringing and suddenly my face lit up because I knew very well that it was swayam whole day he will busy in the meeting and at night only we would talk to each other and I knew that even he was missing me...

I picked up the phone "hello swayam kaise ho? kaisa tha tumhara din? meri yaad aayi? mein tumhe bohoth miss kar rahi hoon"I told all this in one breath swayam just chuckled and finally spoke  "aram se sharon pehle saans tho le lo... mein theek hoon.. tumhe bahuth zyada miss kar raha hoon.." we went on talking for hours and I dint realize when I fell asleep


The bright rays of the sun disturbed my sleep.. I woke up and freshened up and went down stairs papa was reading news paper I wished him good morning and went to kitchen and found maa cooking something the aroma was soo enchanting I went near her and hugged her like a small kid "good morning maa sorry late ho gayi aur nashta apko banana pada" maa just smiled her priceless smile "utt gayi meri bitiya rani chalo koi baath nahi beta tum roz tho naashta banathi ho tho ajj meine bana liya ab chalo naashta karthe hain"

I just thanked god for giving me such a loving falimy... and joined maa and papa

After breakfast papa went to office.. me and maa started the preparations of swayams birthday first I called gang and invited them maa prapered the menu I ordered the cake and the whole day went by with the preparation we were soo tired that we went to sleep early. Tomorrow is the special day I thought and slept thinking that tomorrow swayam will be there by my side.


The bright day began and we got busy in the final touch up and cooking.

swayam would reach home by 8 in the evening so we called everyone to be there at home by 7.30..and strictly ordered that no one would wish him the whole heart was racing as if it would jump out at any moment with excitement... I was feeling something which was unexplainable I was too happy that finally swayam would be back and was also nervous how am I going to say him.

Finally swayam arrived as soon as he entered we all shouted in chorus "happy birthday swayam..." He was left dumbstruck I soo very well knew that he had forgot his birthday as always. Everybody wished him one by one he asked blessing from maa and papa his eyes were searching for me I knew that and finally his eyes met mine he was left numb by seeing me in blue black netted saree he always loved to see me in Indian  ataire  I walked slowly towards him.

I was by now standing right infront of him... I just blushed with the way he was looking at me..finally spoke happy birthday swayam... and hugged him tight he reciprocated and held me tight in his arms I was carving for it and now I felt complete.. he nuzeled in my hair and spoke "thank you sharon for arranging this surprise for me.. I missed you soo much my love.." I spoke still in his embrace "I missed you too"

We heard someone coughing from behind we broke apart and found rey grinning ear to ear " tum logon ka ho gaya ho tho hum cake cut karlein mujhe bhook lagi hai" we chuckled at this and moved towads the cake

Swayam blew the candals and cut the cake fed everyone and the celebration went on with delicious food, some dance, loads of fun and laughter the party came to an end. i thanked everyone for coming.. everyone left after bidding good bye and good night.

I asked maa and papa to go and take rest as they were tired... and also asked swayam to freshen up as he must be tired by the journey. I just cleaned everything. And walked towards our room I felt "now finally time came when I will say swayam" I was nervous but happy too..

I entered the room and found swayam searching for his shirt he was looking hot being half naked it was difficult for me to resist "swayam kya doondh rahe ho?"I asked drawing his attension swayam turned around just looked at me lovingly I walked towards him... and put my arms around his neck "so someone is looking hot!!!" I said.. "ahhh not as much as you my love" he winked at me saying this my cheeks turned red... "aww mein mar jawan tum aur bhi zyadha hot laghti ho jab tum iss tahar blush karthi ho" I just hit him playfully "waise sharon mera bday gift kahan hai huh?" swayam asked me looking straight into my eyes.. I felt as if I was drowning in those oceanic orbs...

I thought this is the perfect time to tell him "swayam dethi hoon par tum pehle apni aankhe band karo" he closed his eyes without any further question. I catched his hand and took him in front of the mirror.. as I wanted to see his expression...swayam standing behind me my back touching his bare chest... and asked him to open his eyes... swayam opened his eyes and asked "what is this sharon where is my gift" i just lifted his hand and placed it on the belly and blushed. Swayam dint understand at once but later he realized and his face lit up he turned me around "sharon kya sach mein"I just nodded in a yes "I am soo happy sharon thank you thank you soo much for giving me such a wonderful gift sharon I am just soo happy" he lifted me in his arms and twirled around I was soo happy to see him like this.. I put me back on my foot and hugged me soo tight "you cant even imagine sharon how happy I am"I just smiled widely "me too swayam I love you". he said "I love you too sharon" cupping my face... and placed his lips on to mine the soft touch of his lips sent shivers down my spine the kiss turned out to be long one and slow too pouring all our happiness.. finally we had to break apart because of lack of oxygen

Swayam pulled me closer and whispered in my "this is the best gift I ve ever got and I would ever get thank you soo much sharon" in response I just hugged him tightly.


Rosy I don't know it turned out hope I justified it well I am waiting for your response





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A Walk to Remember

Cool winds were blowing rejuvenating the soul from inside.The leaves rustled on the trees breaking the silence of the mystic night.The lights in some houses were still on.The moon peeped through the clouds playing hide and seek with stars.
        We were walking on the street in silence.I pulled my shrug more closer to myself and folded my hands across my chest as it was starting to get a bit cold.I looked at Swayam.He looked lost.There was something which was making him unsettled. . .I could just tell it looking at his face. . .Suddenly I felt the urge to hold his hand and look in his eyes.But right now I couldn't bring myself to give my thoughts a face of reality.So I turned away my gaze from him.Off late we were having a lot of fights,a lot of misunderstandings,arguments. . .To be frank it was exhausting and more than that it was scary.We have been through this phase during our trial relationship which in the end resulted into break up.I dealt with it back then because I myself didn't give my hundred percent to our relationship but now I cant afford to loose Swayam.He rules my heart. . .He has become the reason of my exsistence. . .The source of my smiles.
        Three days before we had a heated argument and Swayam left saying "This has to end because I cant bear it anymore."I was shocked.I couldn't decipher the meaning of his statement. . .What had to end?The fight or the Relationship?There was no trace of him since that night but finally one hour ago he called me saying 
"Come Down Sharon.I am waiting for you outside.We gotta talk" and we were here walking on the street.He hasn't spoken one word and even I havent dared to break the silence. . .Too scared to hear his potential words which can turn my world upside down.
We reached the park and sat on the wooden bench.I looked at him and said "Atleast look at me Swayam!"in my heart and just then he turned towards me as if he heard me.We looked at each other.His eyes held Love for me but there was some other emotion too which I was not able to read.
"Sharon"He finally spoke breaking the ice between us.I looked at him and my heartbeats raced erratically.
"Off late we have been having a lots of fights. . .For the first time I really don't know where this relationship is heading.Sharon. . .This is life and in our lives what we want and what we get isnt always the same thing. . .The stress between us from past few months is troubling me.I cannot live like this"Swayam stopped and looked at Sharon.She was staring at him blankly.Tears brimming in her eyes threatening to fall anytime.Swayam's heart ached looking at her,but he had to do this.For her betterment,for his betterment.He turned his gaze away from her and stood up from the bench taking two steps ahead.
"Sharon,I want to end this. . .I want to end this relationship"He turned to face her and there she stood numb and frozen.Tears rolling down her cheeks.
I think I would have loved to die with the feeling,the satisfaction that I spent my life with Swayam. . .My last days with swayam. . .That I took my last breathe in the embrace of Swayam's love. . .But living without him was like living in Hell. . .It was unbearable for me.
"Sharon I know its difficult,I know we have spent the most beautiful time of our life together but I think Its time to let go.. .Let go of this relationship. . .let go off the tags of being boyfriend and Girlfriend. . .I cant take it anymore."
That was it.I turned to leave not able bear his words tarnishing our love when he held my hand.I stood there not having the strength to hear his words let alone face him.
"Look at me Sharon"Swayam said softly.
I finally turned and was shocked to see the sight before me.Swayam was sitting on his knees. . .Tears brimmed in his eyes and he said the words which changed my life.
"Sharon I want to end this relationship so that we can start a new one,We fight for each other's time so how about if we be with each other every day and night?We have arguments and we get away from each other. . .What if we do not have an option but to see each other,live with each other even after every misunderstanding every argument?Sharon I have realized that we fight for only one reason. . . To be with each other. . .So what if I make you mine forever?"
"Swayam . . ."I gasped listening to his words.
"Will you marry me Sharon?Will you give me the honour to be addressed as your husband?Will you be mine?Swayam said looking straight in my eyes.
I was stunned.Any adjective will not be able to capture the beauty of that moment.My muscles relaxed but my heart was thumping in my chest.
Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes Swayam!I will marry you.It will be my goodluck to be known as your wife.I love you Swayam!I love you so much!"I clucthed his shirt hugging him tightly and he hugged me back.
"Thank You so much Sharon!I LOVE You!I love you a lot!Sorry for manipulating you bit."Swayam said smiling and winking at me.
"Shut Up!"I frowned as I realized he was tricking me with his words.
"Haww. . .is this the way you talk to your would be husband?"Swayam said widening his eyes.
"Oh please. . .We arent even engaged yet. . .remember?"The Diva'in me replied back.
"Is it so?"He raised his eyebrows and took out a emerald ring from the side pocket of his jeans.
I was shocked,surprised,happy and what not when Swayam asked "MAY I?"
I just nodded smiling through tears. . .Too choked with happiness to find words.That was Swayam. . .My Unpredictable Swayam.He slipped the ring in my finger and thue green emerald shone in my finger absorbing all my worries in its gleam and radiating happiness which reflected on my face.I looked at Swayam teary-eyed.He cupped my face and wiped the tears and kissed my forhead.
"My fiancee is not allowed to cry. . .Did you get Soon to be Mrs.Shekhawat?
I blushed and smiled widely hiding myself in his chest.
"Sharon?Why are you standing there?Come he just slept!"
My trance broke with Swayam's words. . .Three years ago on this same Day he proposed me and co incedentally we got married on the same date and today we have a small family with me,Swayam and our four months old son with all the happiness in the world.I walked upto Swayam and took Aarav from him he smiled at me and said "Happy Anniversary Janam"
I sat beside him and rested my head on his shoulders and kissed his cheeks saying "Happy Anniversary Shona".And thanked God for gracing me with the unconditional love of Swayam Shekhawat.

By Chaitra

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Ishq-e-Zulfein Tongue

Sharon was drained emotionally and physically with the Dance Mania. She breathed a heavy sigh sitting in the room waiting for results. Somewhere she didnt want to think of them. She had faced the toughest competition in her life dancing against her own friends..her own dream D3.. dancing against Swayam. She wondered how his one assuring smile gave her more strength than anyone else in the world. They had their own set of misunderstandings, fights, arguments, had hurt each other but they stood by each other. Sharon felt suffocated listening to the discussions going around. "Competition ...competition God it is sooo irritating.. "

She ran to corridor to catch some fresh air. She remembered her NDC days .Thinking of the time they had corridors like these.. their secret celebration. How much ever she wanted she couldn't stop herself from thinking about the results...her mom ...debt..and xyz. She was tired of calming herself. She felt so low. She wanted to be calmed.. taken care of...  she didn't like being this independent hot headed head of St. Louis academy.

"Mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai...  you always do like this to me u know..."

She went on with her ravings till she was pulled in to an empty room by some one. Her screams muffed as someone covered her mouth.  It was dark and she panicked and came to protective mode and bit the person's hand and kicked and punched him hard.

"Ouch.. Sharon...mein hu..God..."

"Kya... Swayam "

She bent down to look at his face clearly. Poor him he hit hard where and she she didnt know..

"Sorry Sorry Sorry...lagi tho nahi"

"lagi tho nahi..koi aisa maar tha hai kya.."

"Aur koi aisa daratha hai kya?"

"Mein tumhe...auch...surprise dena chatha tha...tumne "

"Sorry na... aao yaha baito.."

She made him sit and went back to search for lights and switched it on and came back to soothe him of his pain.

"Dukh raha hai...??" rubbing his cheek..


She moved little forward and gave a slight peck on his cheek.


"Hmm thoda pain baaki hain aur yaha bhi bahut dukh raha hai"


"hmm "

"itna greediness hato..."

"Arrey yaar  yeh had hai.. anyways corridor mein kya kar rahi thi"

"Tumhe miss kar rahi thi.."


"Ya...infact im missing D3... hum jab saath mein hothe they yeh tension sab kuch bhi kitna acha lagtha tha... now.. tension.. is tension..."


"And i don't have you also... with me"

"You always have me Sharon"

"I know par yeh humare saaath hi kyun hota hai why cant things be simpler"

"Hmm   agar cheezein simple hothi hum life ko seriously nahi lenge... and.."

"Bass baba type baatein apne muh mein hi rakho.. "

"Okay... kya hua.."

"I don't know acha nahi lag raha hai Swayam... yeh competition har waqt bhagna...  tumse jagde karna... this tension... i don't know how it is gonna turn out..i just want all this to end... i nead some peace"

"Me too...   all this is tiring me too Sharon... but it is the destiny... agar destiny ne kuch galat likha bhi ho...we shuld fight it back right..."

"And result jobhi  ho..we will stay right.."

"Koi shak.."


She said settling herself in his warm embrace. She didnt feel like leaving this paradise. But she had to be with her team during results so does he. She tilted her neck to see his lovely smile. They got up all set to go. She went and hugged him tightly once again.  She was pulling out of the hug that's when she noticed it...

Rather them. She didnt pull out of the hug... she kept staring at it. Or rather them..


"Sharon... Sharon...dum gut raha hai..."

"Ha. kya"

She pulled out of the hug staring at him

"Kya hua aise kyun dekh rahi ho??"

When Sharon didnt reply he waved hands at her.. he checked him self found nothing wrong.

He shook her finally...

"Sharon u ok??"

"Ha  ha im fine totally fine,..."

"Humhe chalna chahiye.."

"ya... chalo."

While walking in the corridor Sharon's mind had played all sorts of creative magic in her head.

She went and sat on the chair thinking about it.

She got jerked as she heard her name. She went back to her team brushing her thoughts off.


Results got announced. Surprisingly  inspite of winning the amount or not both the teams got satisfied with results. She and Swayam had both succeeded(i don't know how.. so pls assume off)

She had congratulated the team and enjoyed with her friends for long and returned back to her home. All the way even though she was enjoying she kept looking at Swayam for which he teased her a lot.

After a tiresome day she fell on the bed and very fast she got drowned in her dream land


When Sharon opened her eyes she found herself draped in heavy lehenga. And sitting on the bed. She looked her sides she saw bed decorated with flowers.

"Meri shaadi ho gayi??"

She thought thinking...

"Kisse?? Meri shaadi??"

She looked around the room to familiarize herself. She is in her own room.

She looked at her own hands... mehendi.. and Swayam written in one hand,..

"Swayam se meri shaadi ho gayi aur mujhe yaad bhi nahi... kab..abhi tho dance mania hua..."

She pinched her self and she did feel it..


She was thinking in confusion when she heard someone noises. She covered herself in dupatta and blushed to herself  thinking Swayam.

It is not like she is gonna face him for the first time but ya first time as his wife. She didnt know what sort of  thing is causing those butterflies dance in her stomach. She held her breath as he called her name softly.

She closed her eyes as her slowly took the viel off.

"Sharon ...look at me..."

She  gathered courage and slowly opened her eyes to face him.

What she saw blew her senses off. She saw Swayam with white hair full white hair not even one black hair... She didnt feel like she saw Swayam she felt like she saw Abdul Kalam.

"Swa.. Swa.. Swayam"

"Shaorn "

He tried holding her hand for which she backed off..

"Tum mere Swayam nahi ho"

"Mein hi tumhara Swayam hu.."

"Nahi tum Swayam nahi ho..."

"Sharon mein hi hu.."




 She woke up with a jerk all sweating. She looked around her she is in her own room... dressed in night clothes...

"Sapna tha yeh..oh god..whats wrong with me"

 She sat  pulling her hairs.

"Agar care nahi kiya tho sach bhi ho sakti hai...OMG no mein yeh honae nahi dungi... i will not let this happen"

Determining to herself she took her phone and dialled Swayam.


Swayam woke up as he felt his head buzzed in real not in dream. He saw his phone ringing. He saw it to see 30 missed calls from Sharon. He woke with a jerk and called her back

"Sharon tum tum teek ho...kya hua itni subah..sorry i was sleeping"

"Im good... Swayam i want to go out with you"

"huh,.. we are going out with each other na Sharon.."

"dumbo woh nahi...mujhe tumhare saath bahar jaana hai akele time spend karna hai.."

"Oh aisa...  chalo chalte hai...mein kal 10 mbaje aunga pick karne waise weekend hai..lets go for a movie or lunch date.."

"Nahi...mujhe do din bas tumhare saath kahi bahar jaana hai.."

"par Sharon..."

Just then he heard  doorbell.

"Ek minute Sharon"

He went to see and got surprised seeing Sharon there.

"Sharon tum yaha is waqt"

He said giving a shocking wala yawning expression.

She came inside without answering it and sat on the sofa.

"Ha tum kuch keh rahi thi.."

"i want to go on a holiday with you..."

"Holiday..sach mein..."

"jhoot mein..."

" ek kaam karte hai hum sab goa chalte hai...kitne time ho gaye hai sab time spend kiya hi nahi,..what say,,,"

"MR. SHEKHAWAT... mujhe tumhare saath time spend karna hai...sab se saath nhai... kuch socho.."

"OKAY... lets go to goa...akele..."


"Ha waha ghum sakte hai saath mein adventurous trips refreshing rahega.. what say"

But she is thinking needs his time in indoor not adventurous trip.



"Mein thank na nahi chahti...i just want to sit and relax... idea tumhara farmhouse chalte hai"

"Mera farmhouse"

"Ha jaha taani ka engagement hua...acha jagah hai..."

"Ha are you sure,..i mean waha kuch nahi hai.  Hum just ghar pe baite rahenge..."

Good yess i need that only she thought.

"Ha chalega,...pls Swayam.."

"Okay...okay... mujhe koi problem nahi hai..  just that tum bore ho jaogi"

"Dont worry na hi mein hojaugi... na tumhe bore ho ne dungi... i have my plans u see"

"Oh really... can u enlighten me with them..."

"Surprise hai...  bas yeh samajh lo ki... tumhari girl friend se royal treatment milne waali hai..."

She said  wrapping her arms around his neck with a smirk.

"Cant wait..."

"Chalo let me go now  shopping... i mean packing karni hai... kal subah subha nikal jaayege okay"


He said not leaving her...


"pata hai mein roz good morning kiss se uttha hu... dreams mein kiss milta hai aur mein ut jaatha hu...aaj hum saath hai tho...u know..."

"i don't know..."

"i will explain.."

He said coming near. She pushed him back and ran showing loser wala sign.


"char bags??"

Swayam said looking at her luggage.

"Ha tho.."

"Sharon hum do din ke liye jaa rahe hai 2 mahine ke liye nahi"

"Shut up and keep them in car and drive"

She said making her way to her seat.

"Ladies "

He mouthed putting all bags in car.


After 3 to 4 hrs of drive they reached the farmhouse. After dropping all bags inside.

Swayam held Sharon and literally did all kind of swings.

"Kya kar rahe ho  Swayam"



"Waise mera surprise kaha hai...royal treatment and all.."

"thoda aur sabar karo.. lets catch some sleep for some time what say"

"as u say"

They went and settled on the bed as Swayam pulled her with him. They slept in each other's arms for sometime . Sharon woke up and slowly tiptoed to other room with her bags and started preparing schedule for her task of the weeked.

Swayam's hair care.

She took out two bags  of hair products and accessories. And kept them mixed

"Kya kar rahi ho"

"Swayam tum ut gaye"

"Ha par yeh sab"

"Woh mein"

HE went and glanced at the products. Hair oil conditioners drier...

"Sharon itne baalon ka...dont tell me... tum holiday ke naam pe yeh sab karogi"

"Mein woh..."

"agar tumhe beauty care karna hai tho mere saath kyun aayi...royal teartment what not... mein kya karunga..."

"ha sorry... hair care hi mera plan tha... par mera nahi.."

"tumhara nahi tho aur kiska Sharon mera?? "

He said with a sarcastic tone...

She nodded with a cute expression on her face.

"You are kidding right"

"No im serious..."

 Swayam took a glance at the hair products once again. He looked at Sharon and started moving back infact started walking back

"Swayam suno tumhara"

Sharon walimg towards him

"NAhi mujhe nahi karna yeh sab"

"Swayam pls it will be relaxing also"

"NAhi mujhe yeh ladkiyo wala care, sorry Sharon"

HE started running to save his dam image in his own eyes. He just couldn't take the thought of him sitting with face pack hair pack applied all eww...

She ran behind him screaming at him to stop.

Sharon couldn't run further. And she couldn't find Swayam anywhere .

"Mein tumhe chodungi nahi Swayam"

She stared coughing... fake one ythough... she started coughing falling on ground. Swayam who was hiding in one of the rooms came running to her

"Sharon Sharon... tum teek ho...astma. oh god"

She suddenly pushed him down and sat on his legs

"What the yeh sab natak tha,"

"Ha and u are gonna chup chap do what ever i say"

"Sharon please "

"Nothing doing"

"But why??"

"Why?? Tumhare sir pe 12 white hair hai patha hai..."

"Kya?? Pagal ho gayi ho"

"nahi maine soothe waqt count kiya...pura 12 agar ab care nahi kiya tho yeh 12 100...100 se 1000 banjayenge..."

"Sharon aisa kuch nahi hai... and white hair hi tho hai...jhad jayenge"

"Shut up..."

"Sharon please itna zid kyun kar rahi ho"

"Tum zid kyun kar rahe ho...manjaao na pls"

"Log hasenge mujhpe..."

"Yaha aur koi hai???"nahi na..kisi ko patha nahi chalega

"phir bhi Sharon plsss"

"Swayam pls..."

"Sharon agar white hair badna hai tho badne do yaar par yeh haior care wagerra nahi..yeh sab ladkiyon ka kaam hai"

"I don't care what u think... agar nahi karoge tho... tho mein haat pair bandlungi tere.."

 "Kyun ki mujhe apne suhag raat pe Swayam ko dekhna hai abdul kalam ko 

nahi Samje tummm"

She bit her tongue...and closed her eyes in embarrassment

"Kab..dekhni hai mujhe..??"

"ab...ab... kuch nahi"

"tum ne waha tak soch liya??"

"Shut up Swayam... "

She said turning red

She tried getting up but he was too fast for her and he pulled her back

 literally making both of them fall..

"tho kya keh rahi thi tum"

"kuch nahi chodo mujhe..."

"aise kaise... "


"acha chido mat.."

"phir tum hair care karvao"

"teek hai but mere kuch conditions hai agar manzoor hai tho"


"ab maine tumhara jitna long nahi socha but meri bhi u know choti choti khwayishein... like a good morning kiss... and good nite one... u know aise chote chote..."

"Aisa kuch nahi milega..."

"Soch lo phir abdul kalam hi milega.."

"You ..."

She started hitting him... and hugged him tightly...




"Hmm deal... as long as i get my Swayam u know when "

She said kissing his cheek and ran back as Swayam laid on the ground ...  smiling to himself of the royal treatment he is going to get.

"Oh Sharon i LOVE YOUUU"

by Varsh


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TannuVsmSwaRon Goldie

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Surprising Temps

The car came to screeching halt suddenly.

"My day is very very bad today." Thought Swayam

Swayam and Sharon had a major fight at night and all his efforts to manaofy her, calling her, texting her, getting her flower, chocolates etc. were not working. Above all he got a full dose of scolding from his dad at office in morning as he couldn't concentrate on his work..

Now when he planned special evening for Sharon and he thought of spending some quality time with her, his car ditch him.. He looked at the nothing in particular in complete disbelief.. Can things get worse?

"Swayam I'm going." Sharon's angry tone broke his trail of thoughts.. He saw her stepping out of the car and storm away..

"Sharon! Sharon! Wait. I'll fix this up." He called her trying to stop her but she kept walking..

He locked his car and ran towards her before she got another reason to fight..

"Sharon stop na" He grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.. After pulling her he realised that he jerked a bit too hard.. And to add to it out of nowhere a car passed by in high speed making Sharon stumble and fall on Swayam..

Unable to control sudden push.. Sharon crashed into his chest and they both fell backward on the grass right beside the road.. Swayam's back hit the ground with Sharon on him..

He immediately wrapped his arm around her waist trying to hold her in place.. Her face was hidden in his chest and his shirt crumpled in her fist.. She was still trembling in fear but stopped as he creased her back with one hand trying to sooth her.. She slowly lifted her head and looked at him with the fear still written on her face and her eyes yet closed.. He pushed her back at bit more forward to get her face closer to his.. Their fast breathing was hitching on each other's face.

Taking the advantage Swayam rolled over making Sharon jerk open her eyes..  She looked at him horrified.. He gave her a half grin at first and then having her so close with her hot breath teasing his senses he leaned in further.. Looking at his intensified gaze and him inching closer her heartbeat raced.. She closed her eyes surrendering herself..

He freed his one arm from her waist and bought it up to her face creasing her cheek with his thumb.. His mere touch was sending shivers down her spine.. She held onto the shirt right next to his chest crumpling it mercilessly.. He loved the feeling of her baby soft skin.. He slowly rubbed his thumb over her lower lip feeling its softness to which as a reflex she kissed it.. A smile spread over his face at her action.. He traced his finger back to the cheek tucking the loose strand of hair and slowly bent forward to kiss her nose.. He moved down in an attempt to tease her by pecking her on the side of her lips making her crave for more..  He let his lips linger there for a bit longer not wanting to stop.. She arched her neck in anticipation waiting for him to minimize the distance between them and waiting to fell his warm lips over hers but instead of feeling the warm breath she felt a rush of cold with, felt him going away.

Sharon opened her eyes and frowned only to see him smirking back at her.. She pushed him hard in his chest indicating him to moved away and got up earning a laugh from him..

Sharon had no idea why she was angry at the first place.. She has always loved Swayam making it up to her.. She took small steps walked ahead but at the same time wanting Swayam to hold her.. But Swayam knew her in and out.. He made no such attempt.. He stood the with his arms crossed over his chest and smirking back at her.. This made her pout in anger and furious as he still didn't budge an inch..

"Aaah" Sharon screamed holding her ankle.. He panicked listening to her scream.. He was about to rushed to her side but stopped a second.. All his doubts were cleared seeing her face..

"If two can play the game." Swayam thought. Her walked to her and bent down to look at her ankle.. "Is it paining too much?" He asked concerned.. She just nodded positively with a pout on her face.. He held her ankle making her sit on a stone by the road..

Sharon made a painful expression closing her eyes and twitching eyebrows a bit.. Swayam mentally chuckled watching her cute antics.. He first adored her as he love it when she did just a bit more to grab his attention.. He smirked inwardly and caressed her ankle little bit twisting it causing her real pain.. She winced in pain and looked at a giggling Swayam..  She smacked him in his arm n stood up glaring at him where as he had a good laugh..

Their car was still not starting n there was no mechanic available anywhere around.. It had started to get darker Swayam said " umm I think we'll have to spend our night in the hotel up the road." Sharon just nodded as she feared the increasing darkness.. As Swayam walked Sharon clung on to his arm and walked with trembling feet.. She inched closer and closer and he sensing her fright wrapped his had around her shoulder protectively..

"2 rooms please" Swayam asked at the reception..

The man at the reception looked through his register "Sir, we have only one room available." Swayam looked at Sharon for confirmation.. They didn't have choice at this hour of night.

"Okay.. How much?" Swayam asked..

"We have hour rate if you want to spend only a few hours." The receptionist said glancing towards Sharon.. Swayam stepped in front hiding Sharon behind him..

"We need it for tonight" Swayam said through a glare.. And on his reply the reception guy gave them a goofy grin..

Sharon understood what the receptionist was thinking about but chose to stay silent. Swayam passed the keys to Sharon and proceeded to pay..

Sharon shivered at sight of room.. It was decorated for a honeymoon couple.. There were these florescent lights around and flower decorated abruptly.. She just stood there at the entrance with a terrified look.. Thethought of spending a night in the same room with Swayam got goosebumps all over her body.. Not that they hadn't spent a night together in the same room before but in such kind of a room would be.. Awkward..

Swayam entered frowning at the man and showering him with flowery word *sarcasm to be noted* but stood rooted to his place right next to Sharon with the same shock written all over his face.. He looked at Sharon who stood there not wanting to look at him.. Sensing the awkwardness he tried to change the mood..

"Sharon andar toh chalo.. Poori raat yahan darwaaze pe khade rehne ka irada hai kya?" said Swayam chuckling..

Sharon looked at him not knowing what to say "nahi.. woh.. main.. woh"

"Ab yeh main.. woh.. main.. woh karna band karo aur andar chalo"

Just as Sharon took another step in..


It was a screech which actually sounded more like a loud moan from the adjacent room.. Sharon gulped in a huge lump petrified.. She turned to Swayam who's condition was no less.. Swayam being to the first one to react closed the door and stood facing to the door for a minute trying to get back to normal.. He took a deep breath in and the out and put up a smile on his face so that Sharon would get paranoid and rile up..

He turned to her trying to look as relaxed as possible.. She still stood the same way but as she saw him smile, she too tried to smile back with a fake one though.. She found this a bit too inappropriate for them to stay but alas they didn't have a choice.. He walked to the side table to have a sip of water that would help him relax his nerves a bit.. She slowly stepped in and thought of getting her feet a bit of rest as they had actually walked a long way down.. He poured a glass of water..

"Sharon.. Paani?"

"No, I'm fine.." she said softly..

She sat on the bed *creek* came a sound making her jump off it and Swayam spitting out the water he was about to gulp.. It was a bed with rusted springs adding on to the not so welcoming atmosphere.. Swayam had started coughing and Sharon was yet again standing there dumbstruck.. Both looked at each other for another second and couldn't help but burst out laughing..

Sharon said still giggling "yeh jagah hai kya?! God its so creepy"

Swayam walked upto her "Aa Aa Creepy nahi Honeymoon suite my lady"

And they both shared a giggle once again.. He stood in front of her and held he by her shoulder

"I'm really sorry Sharon.. Pehle toh fight phir car aur ab yeh.. Main yeh aaj ki shaam special bana na chahta tha aur ab yeh.."

Sharon placed a finger on his lip in attempt to stop him and moved a bit closer "Hey you don't have to say sorry.. Car aur Yeh jagah tumhare haath main nahi tha it just happened.. So its ok.. And waise yeh shaam alag toh hai.. Romantic ke jagah Adventurous ho gayi hai.." and she giggles.. Swayam to joins her..

He places a hand parallel to her jawline cupping her face "You know I love you so much"

"And I love you too" she says lovingly before stepping forward and wrapping her arms around him.. He just pulled her closer into a hug.. Both stood like that for just a minute longer.. they broke the hug but didn't move back much and kept looking into each others eyes.. Drowning into the pool of love they saw there.. Swayam inched forward and placed his lips on her forehead giving her a deep long peck to which couldn't help but smile wide..

*bang* *bang*

Their trance was broken with the loud bang on the door.. Both jerked up and looked at each other tensed.. Swayam moved forward when there was another bang.. He slowly opened the door to find the receptionist stand there in a hurry and people running down the passage at the backside of the hotel.. Looking at the entire chaos Swayam was all confused and got a bit worried as he had Sharon along..

"Aare niklo yahan se police ki raid padi hai.. Bhaago jaldi"

Without thinking twice Swayam steeped back held Sharon by her hand and pulled her with him.. She was clueless as to what just happened.. They ran down the door way with the others..

"Swayam hum bhaag kyun rahe hai?"

"Police ki raid padi hai.. Chalo jaldi"


Before she could say anything she was pushed by another lady trying to run ahead.. Swayam caught her by her waist and helped her stable up and start running once again.. Soon they were out of the hotel.. Swayam held Sharon's hand in his protectively not removing his gaze from her even once..

They both started walking back to their car still looking behind if any of the cops followed them or not.. Both were panting hard for breath.. It was surely a long long run..

"Chalo.. Wapas.. Ca..Car ke yahan.. hi chalte hai" said Swayam trying to catch his breath..

"2 minute.. ruko.. saans.. toh le lo"

Both stood there for a few minute till their breath got back to something close to normal and started heading back to their car.. It was already passed midnight and there was no other vehicle they could stop..  After about an hour or two they had finally reached their car..

Swayam immediately unlocked the car so that they could just go and sit.. It had seriously been a tiring evening.. Both crashed into their seats and sat there sipping water that they by god's grace found in the car..

Sharon rested her head backwards and closed her eyes to relax a bit after such an adventure.. Swayam glanced to his side and kept looking at her.. The sweat beads still rolling down her temple.. He bent forward an switch on the a/c as Sharon had turned all red after the run and then the walk.. She had patted a bit of water over her face due to which there were still a few droplets rolling down her face.. teasing her neck and disappearing in the neckline of her dress.. She was yet controlling her breath a bit.. As she composed herself she felt his gaze and turned to look at him.. He still looked at her with the same intensity.. She felt all the blood rush to her cheek.. She loved his intensity but at such time it was always hard for her to look into his eyes..  He held her chin and made her look at him moving closer in the process.. She looked at him and as he came closer she closed her eyes in anticipation.. As he inched a bit more she felt his hot breath on her lips and parted them slightly.. She could feel his gaze on her lips even with her eyes closed.. His slid his hand from her chin to her jawline.. And soon enough his lips touched hers.. It started off with a small peck but as passion, desire and love took over their moved in sync.. Her one hand travelled up his chest to his nape and into his hair while the other travelled up his chest and pulled his collar getting him closer.. His other hand travelled up her arms to her the back of her neck pulled her more into him.. Both were letting out the passion they left for each other.. He deepened the kiss not wanting to let go off her so soon.. But they had to part off a their lungs were devoid of oxygen.. Swayam still didn't pull back and continued placing soft peck on her lip while she blushed at his this gesture..

They rested their foreheads over the others.. Sharon still couldn't help but turn red over the moment they just shared.. Swayam was grinning looking the redness on her cheeks has he always felt proud about it.. Even after such a long time and after sharing numerous kisses till date the red colour had not left her cheeks..

"Rest.. You need it" he said huskily with all his concern..

She smiled back at him and caught hold of his hand that was on her cheek.. She removed it from there and wrapped her arm around his while resting her head on his shoulder.. She snuggled closer making herself comfortable where as he smiled back at her cuteness and rested his head over hers..

Both closed their eyes not sleeping but taking in the warmth and feeling the peace that they were at.. They knew it would be a long night but they didn't mind as far as they had each other by their sides..


by Sanskriti and Tanvish

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