Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

~HBD Amazing Barun Sobti - Our Reason For Celebration Always!~

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With sweet smile and almond eyes


He just came and captivated  ...


With those stunning looks and husky voice..


He gave us absolutely no choice..


With those moments of pleasure onscreen..


We got a sparkling diamond we have never seen...


Lets Celebrate  the Exuberance,

the Joy,

the Delight,

the Awesomeness..


Lets Celebrate...


A name so familiar to millions across the world. He has amazed us as the grey shaded Swayam Khurana, villainous YuvRaj , Goofy Shravan Jaiswal, and the  magnanimous character - Sauve  Arrogant Handsome man Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR! 

When words stand still, his eyes speaks volumes. Dribbling hotness from the ever charming smirk. The owner of an animated face that emits multitude expressions in few seconds. The third Sexiest Asian Man  of 2013, an actor who had  enthralled a larger audience with his acting. Overall the


He came on our screen and took our hearts away forever. It has been 1.5 years since we saw him onscreen and since then his fans have been waiting for his return with a bangThis wait has made their love more stronger as we gather again to celebrate his birthday with more and more excitement, wishes, prayers, blessings and unending love from the heart.

For the Actor who surprises everyone with his fan following and still being our own Humble Sobti..

Words may fall short for our love & admiration for our Barun!

Lets begin the party! 

Please do join the twitter trend on August 21st and  shower your love & wishes for the birthday boy.

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August 21st 1984, Barun was born to a Punjabi Sikh family in Delhi and finished his schooling in St. Marks school. He was a sports enthusiast right from childhood. He loved soccer and was a cricket player for West Delhi. After completing his schooling he started working for Jindal Telecom at the age of 17 where he worked for seven years as an Operations Manager. His friends were persistent that he should try a hand in acting with his good looks though he wasn't much confident of the outcome. Over time he convinced his family and himself to get into this field and decided to move to Mumbai to try his luck in acting. It was not an easy decision. But despite the odds he had to face, he decided to take a risk to pursue his dream.

He landed his first role with the help of his actor friend Karan Wahi. After much trials and tribulations, he started modeling for print advertisements and TV advertisements such as Ford Figo, Reliance and Hero Honda.The pressure was high and due to setbacks at one point he almost decided to give up the idea of acting once and for all. But then destiny played it's role at the right time and he got a major break in tv thereby setting off his successful acting career.

As it is said right things happen at the right time, he got married to his childhood sweetheart Pashmeen Manchanda in 2010 after some years of long distance relationship. With his family's confidence & support, along with his hard work and perseverance, he gained mammoth popularity and emerged into a shining star showcasing his unassailable talent.

Lets take a walk through some of the cherished memories we have of this brilliant actor. Barun Sobti, presented to you in different avatars onscreen...which made us all fall in love just like that with him forever...

A Young Promising newcomer made his debut with Star Plus show Shraddha as Swayam Khurana. With his short stint as Swayam he was able to grab eyeballs of viewers even with the subtle grey shades which clearly proves his natural tendency to carry out any role in the flow. Shraddha didn't last for long but an actor had arrived for all of us back then.

Barun has so effectively displayed negative shades on our Television screen that it is difficult to imagine that such a cute face can be also so deadly and dangerous Raj of Dil Mil Gaye. A drug Addict on the show, Barun managed to bring out menace of a Baddie onscreen. No doubt that playing a negative role has been so dear to our Sobti that he always mentions that he wants to do negative roles more.

Who can forget that endearing mischievous smile of Shravan Jaiswal of Baat Hamari Pakki Hain, a rich spoilt brat finding his love through a beautiful heartfelt journey from a directionless irresponsible boy to a responsible and caring husband. Barun managed to win hearts of audience with this one for sure. It was just start of his craze and more was yet to come. Shravan still remains favorite of many especially with his amazing comic timing and innocence winning hearts.


Soon Barun had to create history on Television with iconic character of an Angry Young man on our screen. It was Arnav Singh Raizada of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon which gave Barun an opportunity to showcase his brilliance as an actor. Arnav's complex character would have been a challenge for any actor but Barun's subtle portrayal of Arnav's deep emotions cast a never fading image on our minds. ASR is an iconic character the history of television has ever witnessed. Who can forget brilliant one liners of Arnav, the famous.. What the!

Barun Sobti got first breakthrough in Bollywood through Madmidaas's Production Main aur Mr. Riight. The movie is slated to be released soon  it has already garnered buzz through Barun 's immense popularity and his much awaited comeback on screen. His character of Sukhi will be of fun filled struggling actor who has heart of gold and is a big fan of Salman Khan.
Barun Sobti's second movie venture with Mitali Ghoshal's 22 yards, much awaited for Barun's big entry into Bollywood, is a totally unconventional movie for cinegoers. In a cricket crazy nation this movie offers a different insight into the game with Barun's character of a cricket agent Ronajith Sen with different shades, angsty protaganist making a comeback forms the very plot of the movie.

Recently Barun Sobti got a big breakthrough with John Abraham's production Satraa Ko Shaadi Hain. He plays Naresh Sinhal an IT guy all ready for arranged marriage with his choice partner from a matrimonial site. Film showcases journey of the groom and bride among those tense days of wedding hungama and fun.

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The biggest treasure in life is when one appreciates and acknowledges who we are.
Here are 
30 such treasures which Barun earned from his fellow actors and industry people...

"Barun is extremely talented and got his head firmly on his shoulders. Experience of shooting with him was nice and it's very pleasing to watch him on screen. He is sweet and unaffected by his popularity. He is pretty nonchalant but at the same time has a level of confidence that is kind of oozing from him. I think he will become a big star in Indian cinema. He is absolutely fabulous."


"Barun is very focused in his work. His performance touches your heart. He is not just another actor you meet on shoots. He is a gem. His honesty and sincerity makes him a complete man and a complete friend."

"Barun is a talented boy with a good soul. He is not just a good actor but also a good human being. It was great working with him." 

 "Barun is a thorough professional. We managed to strike up a good friendship. Now he is abrother to me in real life too."

"Barun is a very good actor, he is director's delight. He is a humble guy with mischievousstreak in him. He is such a good friend and family."

"Barun is an understated actor with a lot of subtextHe is very good looking and I really like his work. He is very easy-going and approachable. He is a simple guy and despite being so popular, not fussy at all. "

"Barun is a handsome man with good and nice body. I enjoyed designing costumes for him. He has become a dear friend."

"Barun has a boyish look but is very hot and sexy. He has loads of attitude to carry off the designs and is confident of his body."


"Barun is a very good and fun loving actor. He is a great guy and has everything right about himself. His talent is just about everything."

"Barun is a sweetheart. He is fun and completely a director's actor. He is extremely hard working and has got everything it takes to take him a long way in BW."

"Barun is one of my favourite co-stars till date. I am very fond of him. I think we have brilliant acting chemistry."

"Barun is a great actor and a friend. He is the nicest guy I have ever met. He has a very huge fan following but I don't think he understands his stardom and that is a very nice phase to be in."

"Barun is a professional actor through and through. He would work without raising any complaints. He is very down-to-earth and pleasant guy." 

"Barun is always laughing, a free guy on the set but suddenly transforms into the intense broody character. He has got a very cool personality which he transforms on screen."

"Barun is a confident and happy guy with conviction. He is not publicity-savvy or money-minded like any actor. He is clear of what he wants in life."

"Barun has been a man of few wordsHe is strong headed about his goals in life. A thoroughprofessionalwho in his own sweet ways created a lively environment on the sets."

"Barun is my favourite TV actor. He is a family guy. He takes time to open up to people but is someone who makes you feel comfortable and cared for."

"Barun is a natural and very giving actor. He is an awesome persongood human being and so much fun to be with."

"Barun is a fabulous actor and I am proud of my brother. Our scenes come spontaneously to us. He is fun and takes good care of me." 

"Barun is fantastic. He is like a long lost brother that I found on the sets of IPKKND. It is so easy to connect with him."

"Barun is one of the TV actors I have always admired. I loved him in the show Baat Hamari Pakki Hai."

"I used to relax after busy day of shooting schedule by watching IPKKND. I used to watch it forBarun Sobti."

"Barun is my brother and I know I can count on him. He is one of the few actors who has on-off button of acting." 

"Barun is a sweetheart and my favourite co-star till date. He is sweet, caring and a fun guy to work with."

"Barun is the best person I have ever met in my life. I am proud of how far he has reached and so much love he gets from all around the world." 

"Barun is a fun, lively guy and a superb actor. I would love to be paired with him again."

"Barun was really good but I could not do justice to his role on DMG. So I insisted for him to be in BHPH. There, he clicked so well and how!"

"Barun is very talented and different from actors you meet. It was like an icing on cake workingwith him again. I look up to him."

"Barun is very nice and sweetHe has this quality of getting lost anywhere and everywhere in hisown world. It's fun." 

"Barun is genuine, cool and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is grounded and loves what he does. I do not think I have met someone so dedicated."


Each word we utter may not seem meaningful to us. But some lines of Barun have turned out to be very thoughtful and impactful without his own knowledge.
Here are 30 such quotes which show his insight into life...

"I want my work to do the talking for me. I believe that being honest to oneself and one's work is all that matters."

"I'm the kind of person who'd rather talk in-person."

"All you can do is not be proud, not be high on the success. All I can be is thankful to the people. You just have to stay focused and grounded."

"Fame will become a hindrance if you let it."

"I am pretty happy with myself. I am not saying I am flawless but I am content with the way I am."

"It is perfectly human to be hated sometimes."

"At the end of the day, I am just an ordinary guy who goes to work and does a slightly more glamourous job than others."

"I feel nervous and shy when I get attention. I do not feel like a star!"

"You do one thing that people don't agree with and they forget those million good things...but such is life!"

"People have opinions, but don't have enough information."

"I respect people, but the point of having no role model is that everyone has his own story. I would have to carve my own path."

"I work in my own way and there will always be criticism which I respect."

"You can't change what time has in store for you as the only constant that I've known is change. Other than that, I think being yourself helps."

"People perceive things the way they want to perceive them"

"I am looking forward as well as looking back at the time gone. All is good and there is nothing to complain about."

"It is the rule of life to leave behind the past and move on. I love to live in the present."

"Taking decisions is important " whether they are right or wrong. If a decision is taken in time, even a bad one can turn into a good one in the long run and vice versa."

"If you can't do justice to your heart you can't do justice to anything else in the world. "

"I keep giving myself reality checks. I know that nothing is impossible but instead of dreaming, I thought hardwork would be a better option."

"I do not chase success. I am clear about what I want to do and how I would like to do it."

"I do not know what love is. All I know is to do the right thing for my partner and I have a partner who will do the right things for me."

"Marriage is great. It feels good to be with the person you love and know that you've got themforever."

"I am not under any pressure to excel. I just concentrate on doing my job well, and if you are under any kind of pressure, you cannot ever perform well."

"Take work as it comes, take life as it goes."

"In relationships, people are willing to accept more rather than give. These things can't be accounted for when you're in love."

"If I were to crack a joke and make people laugh, that would make my day."

"I don't have the competitive state of mind. Hence I am never jealous of anyone else's success. It is not cool to think like that."

"Success is very relative but that doesn't mean that we should stop experimenting."

"Live your heart out and do what you feel like doing. Don't be forced and just be yourself. Don't try too hard."

"I believe I will get what I deserve."

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B a R u n  S o b T i

The name is incomplete without his army, the crazy fandom that just goes gaga over the mention of his name be it online or in newspapers and magazines, TV or Radio. It would be an understatement to call this as a celebrity fan following, rather it's an impeccable accomplishment by an awesome actor and a wonderful human being!

Some are like candles, lighting up the space, scintillating the brightest of the faces, inspiring the minds, kindling hopes in the heaviest of the hearts, finding roots in a split second. No wonder he is one such person, who spreads joy, brings on a smile when he is onscreen, and inspires a lot of us to see the world with a calm demeanor  and in a positive soothing light. He is an art in himself when he performs, and  off screen, each of his genuine words capture our minds, make heads turn to listen, and end up smiling at the delightfully simple thought it provokes. See him Act, listen to him Speak, see him Emote, there ... there you have a lot of hearts, joyfully springing up as fireflies around that one ray of beaming light! There a fan is born, who will follow his works, wait patiently for them, dream about his success, and rejoice when he succeeds.

It is a pleasing rarity to find a star who doesn't pretend to be one. Perhaps that's exactly how Barun the person charms each and every person who discovers him!

"Joy"... that's a gleeful smile, right! Yes of course, until you see how Barun could enact a smile that never showed up on the face, but let the viewers feel the throbbing joy at heart!

"Fear"... that is an emotion to be screamed, but not when an actor brings out fear as the invisible shadows crawling into the realms of mind!

"Love", "Pain" or name any emotion... portrayed with remarkable nuances, the huskiness in the voice...making words poetic!

And when you sit amazed at the subtle elegance, there he can surprise you again with a shriek "oh teri ki..."!

So, can we really be blamed for being Crazy fans of him?

Being "Crazy Sobtians"? Nah... That's how he makes us feel!

He is unique in being full of diversified shades...from being calm, composed, and mature in his views and ways, to being goofy, funny and witty in his talks and gestures. So is his fandom! Diverse yet held together by the unifying force - Barun! This fandom definitely believes in the saying "variety is the spice of life". The degree of admiration for Barun varies from just being a viewer who likes to see him act out brilliantly on screen, sharing genuine criticism but never fails to appreciate, some viewers who give a stern smile and silent note of appreciation, to the fans with extreme degrees of crazy, intense admiration like making VMs, making millions of edits of his pictures, tweeting, texting, talking, drooling on his old videos, discussing with folks on each and every move he does, what he thinks, capturing each moment of him on screen, as if trying to capture a sea of emotions in a hand full of water, thinking of his shows and films, and having a nonstop Barun film running in the head all the time - 70 mm, High Definition, you name it and we have seen it in our dreams!

The pure adulation rises from the sheen and sheer genuineness of Barun, on screen and off screen. Yes, and we Crazy Sobtians take pride in proclaiming that we belong to all age groups - like a rainbow, from both ends of the spectrum! His fandom ranges from the small school going kids who think of gifting him their favorite chocolate and teddy, thinking of what cartoon he likes to the sixty plus year old mothers, mentors who have experienced  the various shades of life and performances to judge honestly that "he definitely is one among the best and deserves to succeed". Awe inspiring indeed!

The Sobtian Saga goes on and on...they certainly believe in doing all that they can as a token of thanks and a note of promise that "we are there with you ... always"!

From asking " Social networking sites??", we fans have taken a sharp rather amusing U turn to sign up in all websites, graduating to twitter and almost every entertainment site, just to be in the "Barun world"...such is a magic that the man has spelled over us! The irony is that while HE chooses to remain so low profile, avoiding self-boasting and self-promotion, entirely refraining from social networking sites, WE end up extending our profiles to all available sites follow all those who mentioned his name, appreciate all those who extends their comments on him and literally share a rapport with all the people who are almost near to him.

Did it ring a surprise when Barun was voted the 3rd Sexiest Asian man in the 2013 list!? No...Not really, for the media who knows how much his fans can strive for even a small snippet on him.

When the fans are ready to stay up late just to see him live on screen, search every media to hear more about his future works, that isn't just craziness! It includes the nervousness of watching from close quarters, the journey of someone from our family climbing up the ladder of destiny to success. His one update, one picture, rejuvenates the whole fandom to pep up their spirit even though they haven't seen him for more than a year and a half on screen.

 When he said "I don't believe in the term 'fans', according to me they are very sensible people and I would like to thank those intelligent people for watching me", it was great to see a young actor at the beginning of his career staying grounded and not swept away by the glitz and limelight.

It has been great to hear Barun's co-actors and crew always indicating  something about his fandom. It surprised everyone when even John Abraham the real hunk of B-town himself stated about Barun's huge popularity. We were surprised and why just us, in Barun's own words he too didn't expect to hear this, that too from the well known heartthrob John Abraham!

Indeed... Barun has got an army of fans , so tuned we are that, we find ourselves liking each and everything he likes, or how else do you explain the smug smile on our faces when our favorite teams in IPL or English Premier League loses to Barun's favorite teams! The moment stars or crews casually spell the name "B-a-r-u-n", we act as if charmed by some magic spell. What follows is a twitter/FB march into those persons' profiles, following them, wishing them, and letting them know we love Barun and of course them too.

Wait a minute! What if it's Barun who says about things he likes and people who are close to his heart ... they definitely dance into our hearts and takes a permanent spot admission then and there! When he sings "the screen door slams, Mary's dress a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays..." our minds auto pilot into opening another window and downloading those songs, follow those singers.

Ringtones, wallpapers, screen savers, desktop screens... Barun finds a place in our daily lives...the latest being the Candy Crush Saga! All it took was one interview from him saying that he likes playing Candy Crush, that now the proud fans have either started playing it, or stopped scolding kids who play it all the time.

You get to know you are talking to Ruble's fan when the strict vegetarian knows all about Keema Paav and Sushi! And Chole Bhatoore - no prizes for guessing that it's Jeff's favorite! And again no prizes for guessing who Ruble and Jeff are!

From suggesting his name, pet names, or his characters' names to every new born baby that we know (that's how we get their parents to roll eyes when we suggest Shravan and Arnav as if on a loop in pod), to learning crafts of visual media and doing mini journalism even - the Sobtian Saga continues!

Ask any of the actors or even the crew he has worked with and we receive a sweet smile while talking about him, not even a word of contempt or even a little scrunch on the eyebrows. The fun loving charismatic prankster  has spelled his charms over them too! Ask any journo, RJ or anchor who has interviewed Barun, and they will have a story of their own to narrate! They are always in for a surprise! They will interview him and after the article hits the web/stands, they will just be amazed to see how one unassuming star they met has got such a humongous fan following that their timelines are all spammed! Or they will already know how meticulously his fans follow him, and expect to see a "star" with all the starry attitudes, but will be so pleased to have met the ever humble, sweet, Barun Sobti.


 We love, admire, adore and  wish him that he reach his own pinnacle of success setting himself as a benchmark for comparison, unique in his own way! And we his crazy fans will be with him, support him and pray for him as always "Hamesha"...

Dedicated to  all ardent Barun fans for your unending loyalty and love...


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Thanks for all the years of enjoyment you have given to me and all the rest of your many fans!! You are truly a person we can admire for devoting your time and efforts to many important issues. Thanks for staying true to yourself and your beliefs..
I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy Birthday to you!

Wishing you happiness
To welcome each morning,
Wishing you laughter
To make your heart sing.
Wishing you friendship
Sharing and caring,
And all of the joy
The birthday can bring!
There couldn't be a better day
To take a chance to say,
That you are wished a joy and luck-
Be happy everyday!

Name: Kavita
Happy wala birthday mera hotwa Heart You are the best for me hamesha Hug I will always be your fan... Waiting for your movies. May this birthday bring you a lot of success. I love you damn it :*

'' Barun  Sobti you are my hero ... Happy Birthday to you...Lots of Dua's  and love for you ... you are very loving and simple person... your honesty always reflect in your eyes...that I can read ...Best of luck for your future projects and your career...always live a long , happy , safe and successful life ...that's you deserve...LOVE  you a lot my hero...''''Bangladesh , Akorshi''

Wish  you a very Happy Birthday, Barun! May your day be full of fun and frolick and may your year ahead be great as well!

Wish all your new ventures that you are rooting for, fall nicely to your liking and hope you reach the pinnacles of success.

All the very best for your films, hoping they will do well and make you happy!

Miss seeing you on screen, looking forward to seeing your films in the cinema's!!!

Best wishes always,
An ardent fan,
Deepika from USA

Wishing you a day as special as you are...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARUN!! Big smile

May all your wishes come true...
Hope you have lots of bright and happy days throughout .!

From one among the many Sobtians..waiting for your comeback,

I never knew I can fall for an arrogant, rude character...
I never knew I can learn anything from such character...
I never knew I can speak hindi well until I tried to dialogues for the character in my dream...
I never knew I can sit and wait for an article for his update...
But I know one thing, I can wait for your come back even it takes my lifetime...
I also know, I am madly, crazily in Love with you Barun Sobti...
Happy Birthday Sobti...
Celebrate 1000 more Birthdays...
With love ShilpaHeart 

A very happy birthday Barun Sobti. Party

Always be happy and keep smiling!

You are an amazing actor with a golden heart. May God pour his love and warmth on you, in all walks of life.Big smile

Wishing you success in everything you do Barun!

Eagerly waiting to see you on silver screen Embarrassed

I love you with all my heart and I hope you have the best birthday ever and all your wishes come true!

Once again happy Birthday Barun! Big smile

With lots of love

Barun Sobti darling you are so special to me..but i am not good with words to wish you with my own words..Tongue
so heres a msgs from the internet thoughLOL but the feelings are true..Approve

You are sweet loving & caring,
I wish you always stay the same.
May you have a happy & a joyful life.
I wish you a very sweet & a warm birthday.
May God always keep you Smiled.Embarrassed

Happy Birthday Barun.. miss u a lot..

may u get all the success and happiness in ur life

OhhMyGod! What's the date ? it's 21st of August!

Someones Birthday! Wink

        Yes Today is the Birthday of 
     Heartthrobs of Millions Hearts King Of tellywood
Arnav of Ipkknd who left everyone Speechless with his character , One Liners , Intensity , Passion and many more in the list. 
Yes I'm talking about Barun Sobti-Name is Enough! 

Happy Birthday to the most loveable , adorable and down to earth star on this planet.
      May this birthday brings you Prosperity , Joy , Happiness and Success to last for the whole year.
Happy Birthday Barun Hug

 It's Been two Years now , we've been waiting for your MAMR Movie which is your debut'We are dying to see you! *Ohh Tons and Tons of thanks to that Crew member who leaked out that MAMR clip LOL* Can't wait anymore to see you on silver Screen!

    Best of Luck for Satro Ko Shadi hai , Every single Picture of yours drives us Cucking Crazyyy!

               I love you Barun , I never had this type of Obsession for any Celebrity LOL

And a HugeHugeHuge fan From Pakistan !

Once Again Happy Birthday. I wish every day finds you Smiling! Stay blessed!
With Lots of Love
-Areeba Nadeem -Pakistan-

Happy Birthday Barun!! 

On your birthday today, I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement, and beautiful memories! May you be blessed with wonderful times ahead. I love you, and may God shower you with even more joy, happiness and success! Many many happy returns for the day, Barun! And Happy Birthday once again!!
Lots of love, Mariam xxx

Wish you many many happy returns of the day Big smile

You have entered into new decade of your life...may this be as happy and fulfilling like your past years.
God bless you with health , wealth and Happiness...ALWAYS !!Smile
Extremely eager for all your films ...cheers for your Birthday Star

Happyyy birthdayyy Barun Sobtiii

Happy Birthday Barun Sobti..! 


I hope upcoming endeavors of your life will be the most wonderful ever. . Hope you are having the best time ever with all the new adventures and projects.

Wishing you  all the success and pleasure of your life and the best banners which can gear your dream towards a bright future.May you have success in every possible way.

I'm so proud to be your fan...Wish to see you in many  spell bounded roles  to bring the best  in you  and to show the world your true talent and God given gift . You have a caliber to face any challenge in any possible way , just need some right platforms and tools and that is what I am wishing for you as always.Always keep your simplicity intact with you because that is what makes you unique than others...Keep smiling with your expressive and deep eyes on this special day and ever to bring a smile on our face.Hope you enjoy your special day with your friends and family.Wish you all the luck!  As Always!!

Take care,


Happy Birthday Barun SobtiDancingPartyHeart

May u get the world's happiness & success in ur life 'n' careerSmile

God bless u with good health, love & warmth and many more films or tv shows though we would also like to see u on screen once again with Sanaya Irani in films, tv shows and ad filmsSmileHeart Waiting for that Sarun magic to happen on screen sometime soon in future and also waiting to watch ur upcoming filmsSmile May u be blessed abundantly throughout ur lifeSmile Love u hamesha Sobti boyEmbarrassedHeart

may god bless u.
missing u a lot.
please come back soon.

Happy Birthday BarunBig smile
May you get all the success and happiness in your life...Stay blessed and keep smiling :)


Name : Harshu

Barun,Barun,Barun! Embarrassed
I have no words to describe you! 
Such a outstanding person you are, down the earth you have always been! 
I love your eyes! So deep they are! They speak more than words Embarrassed Your funny iv's are those who heal depression, watching them again again on YT is an habit now LOL
And day by day I fall for you more and more! 
Waiting for your movies Barun! And yeah congratulations for your fourth project !

Today, as the world celebrates The Barun Sobti's Birthday! moi. too here wishing you a Very very happy birthday and a prosperous year ahead. This day is very special for all of us! 
May you get all the happiness in the world as you deserve it all. We all fans Will always be their by your side... we love you loads Heart 
And please please come back soon!

Happy birth day Barun Sobti !!!

May all ur wishes come true !!
Hope you have a successful career in Bollywood SmileSmile

Hey Barun Heart
 Happy Birthday dear.. Party
You are very special to ways i cannot explain.Embarrassed I noticed you on  during the darkest times of my life...when any and every thing around were left with no meaning. Your presence on screen gave me my "that" Smile back...and there has been no looking back than.!!
You are my reason to Smile...nd i would always remain indebted to you for giving me my smile back..along with lots of new friends around the world..Big smile
We all are a bunch of "Dignified" Fans of yoursEmbarrassed...and i am sure each & every fan of yours has some "special" connection with you. 
On your's wishing you success for what you choose to do in life..Have a great year ahead..Hope this year brings to more recognition & success in your career.
Love you Hamesha..Hug
Isha (B.S.I_Love_You) 

This below msg is from my Friend nd IF user  Divyahet
here is my wish for our handsome hero BS.Embarrassed

Birthdays are a new start; 
fresh beginnings, a time to start new endeavors with new goals.
I wish you successful year and a very happy life.
 May you have an amazing today and year.

Hi Barun!

So it's that time of the year again, and we cannot wait to tell you how special you are! 
Happy Birthday, Barun. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Heart
Keep inspiring us with your hardwork and dedication, and stay the same beautiful person that you are.

With lots of good wishes and love,

Dear Barun. 
My heartly birthday wishes to you. May you get all the success in life. 
Stay bless and good luck with your projects. 
I really miss watching you on the screen, but at the same time I am looking forward to see what you have in store for us.

My crazy friend: OMG today's date!!!!! *_*
Me: Aaj date kya hai? ._.
My crazy friend: 21st August... Day Dreaming
Me: Achcha toh mai naachu? Stern Smile

That was my reaction 3 years ago when one of my friend who was a Sobtian before me was behaving crazy on your birthdayLOL Little did I know at that time that this date would later be my most favourite date ever, more than my own birthday. EmbarrassedThat 21 is now my favourite number only because of youuu Heart So you turning 30! Have lots of fun of this special day Barun. May God grant you a lot of love, happiness and success for the wonderful person and brilliant actor you are Heart Never change coz you're just perfect the way you are... I will always love you jab tak hai jaan and even after that <3 You are really very special for me, not just an actor but one of the people I love the most in the world! :* I feel so proud to be a Sobtian. Keep smiling and have a blast! Sending lots of regards to you and Pashmeen :) Cheers! 
Love you love you love you love you my jaan!!! Heart

Nirvana from Mauritius

Kya boloun ab? A down to earth actor, a doted husband, a devoted son, upmost, an amazing person, all incorporated in one sums up to you, Barun Sobti. Sometimes, we (most precisely, us the Sobtians) are overwhelmed with a weird evangelical zeal and are convinced that the shattered world will never be glued and restored unless all living  humans know you, hotwa, you! I just want to convey from everyone out here who have liked Barun for even a second, and those Sobtians who are away from IF, that we all love you to infinity- those infinities that are larger than other infinities. Your praises are undoubtedly stars that cannot be fathomed into constellations!
We know that you probably will never come across this message or this thread, but still, a wish that takes root from the heart is transported to the person, Happy Birthday hotwa! May you get all the success you deserve and may god bless!
-From Pari, Deeshma, Lavinee and, Deepshika!

Wish u a Very Very Happy Birthday Barun sweetheart... May god bless u loads of happiness and success ...enjoy the special day of ur life and hv a blast..misssing u so much.. eagerly waiting for ur movies.. pls come soon waiting to see u on silver screen.. Busy in life .. didnt hv time to come here often... but still love u the way I always loved and will love..ur name still make me feel lost in u and ur one look still kills me ;).. Stay blessed jaanu.. love u..take care !!

Happy B'day Barun Sobti

Many Many Many Many Happy returns of the Day!!
Hoping that this year brings much more succes joy n happiness in your life!! 
U came into my Life at a point where I had lost every reason to laugh or even Smile.
n now the only reason I m able to smile n live my life is because of u
U r the best thing that ever happened to me.U r just simply PERFECT
A Perfect Human being,actor,husband,son n the list goes on and on and on...For me u r a very good teacher as well
U taught me many things about Life that ,no1 till date was able to teach me be it my teachers or parents or freinds..
U r my Idol n I want to become exactly like youEmbarrassedLOL
The way u stay away from the negativity still dont fly high, ur humbless politeness ur ability to love people around u..everything just makes me respect u much more n more n more
U have every single quality that a girl looks in a guyStaru r like a Prince Charming for meLOL 
n to top it all U r the most amazing actors I ahve ever seen
Be it ur expressions n ur eyes doing the talking dialogue delivery,
Everything just leaves me awestruckDay Dreaming
Keep Smiling n stay BlessedEmbarrassed
n never ever Change :*
Love youHeart
Ur biggest admirer

Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye,
Baar Baar Dil Ye Gaaye,
Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal,
Hai Meri Yeh Aarzoo,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You..

A very very Happy Birthday Barun Sobti Smile. May God bless you and may you achieve everything that you want.
Love you so much. Will keep supporting you and your work till the end of my life. 
May Satra Ko Shaadi Hai, 22 Yards, MAMR and all the movies that you do be a big hit. I for sure will watch all your movies.
I saw you in BHPH and found you extremely cute and then came IPKKND and i was mesmerised by your charming look, your intense eyes, english accent and then is when I fell in love with you and you became my favourite actor forever. No one and I mean it no one can take your place in my heart.
I seriouslly deeply wish the best for you.
Your extreme talent and hard-working attitude has made me a Forever Fan of yours.
May you always get the best in life. We all Sobtians love you as much as we used to when IPKKND was On-air and will keep loving you Hamesha Forever.
Once again a Very Very Very Happy Birthday to you. Hug

"Loving you is my Job that i'll never quit"


Happy Birthday to our handsome hunk Barun Sobti!!
May your bday be filled wth many happy hours
May you have a special bday n marvelous year ahead.
You are an amazing actor love seeing u onscreen u just bring a life to all character u play.
 you r really an amazing person very kind heart love ur fans n always in touch wth dem
Hav a blast wth ur family and friends
Keep rising and shining.
Loads n loads of loveBig smile


DancingDancingHappy Birthday Barun.PartyDancing
Miss you so much but I love you more than that.Heart
Whatever you do in your life,I'll be always there for you.Approve
I'm in love with the humble & amazing person that you are & your looks are just bonus.Wink
May you get all the happiness & love in the world.Hug
God bless you & your family.Big smile
Stay as you are Barun.Always.Cool
Love you Hotwa.Blushing

A Very Happy Birthday to the man who makes me smile, cry, laugh, blush, whose mere mention makes me happy, whose smile brightens up my day and who means soo much more to me that words fall short to describe my true feelings for him! BARUN SOBTI .. this name can melt me <3 One of the most amazing and genuine person ive come across..i truly miss his gorgeous face on my tv screen. And my baby is turning 30!!!! Celebrating 30 years of Sobti-ness ;) ahhh Barun..what more can i say about this man..everyone who knows me knows my love for him :P I am jus waiting for you to hit the silver screen and i am very sure you'll rock it coz you are one super talented person everyone knows that!! :P 
Lastly, jus always be the same babyy :*
Hiral (-BarunSanz-)

"Happy Birthday to the most hottest guy on telly land. You are truly a gentlement, and may god keep showering blessings to you. Happy Birthday Barun, my hubby Heart"
-Sanam (your wifeyy Wink)

Hi Barun Sobti 
Happy Birthday dear.. I hv loved you in the show IPKKND.. You were the star & soul of the show.
All the best for your movies .. Hope they do wonders for you.. Stay blessed.. You will be always loved. Embarrassed 
Happy Birthday ..

Hey Barun !!
Its your birthday today ?? =)
But you're getting younger day by day =O
Anyways, you were my first TV crush !!
I have so many memories in school regarding you !!

I don't know if I still love you the way I used to before(Its not like I was never a true fan)
but I wish you all the happiness in life and wish you success !! May you get to do more big banner movies, but I would like to see you on TV rather than movies!

Hakuna Matata!

Barun sobti won millon heart with his look, great talent and wonderful personality. He is a perfect blend of soulflness & attitude, maturity & naughtiness, smartness & goofiness, look& intelligence, sensibility & a prankseter, shy & confident, stylish yet simple.He is balanced, releastic in attitude & apporach. He is unconventional & trendsetter. As an actor he is drenched down audience with  his capaviating & natural acting skills . A magnificent appeal;he is just a delight to watch onscreen.In romantic scenes his eyes are magical enough to hypotinze audience . His gergrous eyes, meldious husky voice, vivid expresson, perfect body langugae make him complete actor. With each character he grew & emerged as finest actors. He is so humble to accept  adulation & calls fans dignifed. He does not let fame to loose his focuse instead he take it luv & admiration to do gud work. His fans luv him boundlessly, heartily & emotionally. He has an aura to create frenzy and make him irrestable. inspite of out of sight he manged to stay in millons hearts,  forever with sweet, adroble nature & abduance of qualites . His one pic and small bytes, make his fans day bright. Eagerly waiting to see him on silver screen& see him climbing stairs of success more and more .On his 30th b'day wish him glorious and rocking year ahead. 
Wish him warmth of sushine &luv. May God shower him abduance of blessing. Wish him sucess and gud luck of new begning. With him health and wellness.wish him terrific years with rocking performance. Just luv him and remind him in prayers.

The man who gets younger in each birthday. My dream man BARUN SOBTI.
U r a gift to the world. I hope u have a beauiful year. May all ur works end in success. Enjoy the day. Wink

My hands are actually shaking while typing this because it's about you!!LOL My dearest crush<3<3 Ahh I love you so much Barun<3 And I wish you the happiest birthday evaaaHug You are the only celebrity I loved that much and one which I relished watching both onscreen and offscreen!! I hope you get much much much success at the movies because you deserve nothing but the bestClap I miss your acting and offscreen segments a lot and the hangout with Miss Malini literally made my yeaaar!:D Just wanna have you back so that everything gets complete, because you not being onscreen has created a void in me:( I'll always be crazy about youuu<3 Always do what your heart tells you and be healthy, happy always!Embarrassed Oh, and I can't, can't friggin wait for you to pronounce my name in Satra Ko Shaadi HaiBlushing When you do, I'll faint and never wake up, I'll need CPR 'a la Arnav' to get consciousness backWinkLOL TONS of hugs and kisses!! xoxo

From a lifetime Sobtian, 

wish U a very very very...
many many many more happy returns of the day Barun...
Big smileHAPPY B'DAYSmile

Name: Deepika

Happy Birthday Barun Sobti!! Love you always!!! Enjoy your day. Lots of luv to you and Pashmeen!!

Many many happy returns of the day, Barun Hug. May God always bless you with good health, happiness and success always. You're the most humble and  down to earth person <3 and this quality makes you different from the others. Love you loads my ASR! Heart


Happy Birthday to my precious and gorgeous Barun Sobti aka HotWa!

Wish you all the success and a long happy and healthy life!
We love you the way you are don't change!
Always remember that we love you no matter what
Stay blessed and keep smiling!
With love, hugs, and kisses ~ crazyforsarun

Hi Barun!

Mally here, an ardent and a super crazy fan of yours from Bangladesh. Actually this is my first ever birthday wish for you.

Wishing you a very happy birthday! May you have many more. May God bless you with what you want and deserve and hope you gain more success in the forthcoming years. I hope that this day will bring you lot of happiness in your life. 

I had first seen you in BHPH and since the first episode of yours I found you really cute and good-looking and I must say you rocked it as Shravan. After that, one day I saw you in one of the IPKKND promos. I squealed so loudly and I literally started jumping like a crazy person :3 No one could have essayed the role of Arnav Singh Raizada better than you :) You and Sanaya made this show reach another level. You are the epitome of perfection and also the king of expressions.

For me the best feature of yours are your eyes and your priceless smile which makes many of us go crazy and all gaga over you.

Despite being immensely popular you are so down-to-earth and that' makes me love you even more <3. You are my favorite actor and no other actor can ever take your place. 
I hope your Bollywood movies will be released soon and I know you will do wonders in Bollywood just the way you've done in Tellywood.  You're truly a phenomenal actor and an amazing person. If you read ever this wish then I'll be the most happiest person ever! :3
So once again happy birthday! May all the days of your lives will be filled with happiness and joy :D Stay blessed and healthy. 

On this special day, I wish you an amazing time Barun because you are a simply amazing guy! :) Always remain that crazy, goofy and as wonderful you are. Thinking of you and wishing you loads of good wishes and happiness because you are worth loving and waiting for. 
Love you so much, Krystal.

In the journey of your life, may your joys double and your success triple, may your sorrows halve and your failure disappear. Wishing you a stress free life. Happy Birthday!
I've sent you three balloons with three wishes for you on your birthday. First, I wish that this Birthday teaches you something new and beautiful. Second, I wish that you have a day that you'll remember forever with a smile. And third, I wish that such days keep coming in every single day.

I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Love you Barun Sobti

Kinza From Pakistan

Happy Birthday Barun!!!!!
Haven't seen you in a while onscreen...missing u loads!!!!
Hope you come back soon and all your movies release soon.
Have a blessed life along with your wife n family
Love you loads:* <3
- Daisy Honey

A very happy birthday Barun.Hug
I wish you a very successful and blissful life, regardless its personal or professional.All the best and hope you get whatever you wish for!"

Hi Barun,
Happy Birthday Hotwa !! 
May this birthday bring lots of happiness and joy to you
May your movies be successful
I miss you on the Tv screens
Please fulfill my wish i wanna see you again in a new season pf Ipkknd with Sanaya
Hotwa you sizzled on the TV screen with your hot looks
I love you Barun
Once again wishing you Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

wish u a very happy birthday my darling star Barun Sobti
may god guide u in each step u take!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you...

Dear Barun,

May your Birthday bring you all the joy your heart can hold, all the smiles a day can bring, all the blessings a life can unhold. 
Wishing you a day of overwhelming joy in everything you do. 
For you deserve the nicest things the world could offer you.
A very very happy birthday wished specially for you, to bring you special luck in all you plan to do. 
Hoping that you have a really extra-special day, one that makes you happy in every possible way.

Wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors Barun, and in the coming years, may your happiness grow, and your dreams be fulfilled even more; for you are very special and you deserve the best. Wishing you abundant love, success and happiness in life.
Happy Birthday Barun! Hug
Stay Happy and Blessed Always! Heart

Loads of Love,
Divya - Nairobi, Kenya.

Happy Birthday Barun Sobti! Heart Sending you lots of love and good wishes :) You are a fabulous actor and a wonderful person. Always stay the way you are. Stay blessed. We all love you and miss you a lot. Do come back soon with a bang! Keep rocking Star

Love, Ayesha

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.
Wish u many more happy returns of the day Barun Sobti.

Wish You a very very happy birthday.

Dearest Barun

Many happy returns of the day. May u be blessed today and always. I just want to take an opportunity to let u know that u have given me a reason to smile in the darkest of times. May u have a smile on ur face always and may darkness never even touch u
Hena from Pakistan

Happy Birthday Barun Sobti
I really wish you could read this. Embarrassed

Anyways wish you many many returns of the day. May the brightest wishes on your Birthday shine every path of yours in good and in bad times. One single wish is never enough for someone as special as you! But I wish you with warm of my love. Wish you success in your future and career. Heart

I really loved you as Arnav and miss you loads.

You are really sweet and charming.

Love ya Heart

Keep Rocking!!!

Annie loves you

Happy birthday

i hope dat u ar having a blast ASR aka barun sobti

Wishing you a Very Very Happy Birthday Barun !!
May God shower you with all His Blessings !
May you succeed in all your endeavours !
May all your wishes be fulfilled !
May God bless you and your family always 
     with health, wealth and happiness !Heart


Dear Barun Sobti,
Baar baar din yeh aaye
baar baar dil yeh gaaye
tu jiye hazaaro saal
yeh meri hain aarzooo
Happy birthday to you

On your birthday, may god always endow you with the most precious things in life: health, love, joy, peace and prosperity.

May u achieve success beyond its bounds, may this year god showers u with all his blessings & love. You deserve the best.

Wish you a  happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

Live a long life.

Jyotsna Reddy
Telangana, India

Happy Birthday 

Many many happy returns of the day... 
Miss u sooo much on the screen...
Been waiting for ur movies... ATLEAST ads... Something to please our hearts n eyes...
May u get all the success in ur life...personal n professional...
Love u

Hi Barun,

You are a super amazing actor and person.  I hope you continue to stay grounded and be positive.  Your smiles always brighten up our days.  Wishing you health, love, success and infinite happiness!  May all your dreams come true!  Have a wonderful time celebrating with your friends and family.  We all have been missing you and your tremendous talent.  We're eagerly waiting to see your movies.  All the best to you in Bollywood.  I hope you'll continued to be inspired and overcome any obstacles that come your way.  Stay blessed always!  Have a happy happy 30th birthday!  Take care.


Happy birthday Barun!! Wishing you a blessed, prosperous and happy life! May God shower you with immense love and may you achieve what you have set out to achieve. It has been a while since we have seen you, but the wait remains all the worthwhile because we know you are going to shine like a star when you make your appearance. This is a fan's confidence in you. Your acting is incredible. The subtle facial expressions without underplaying or overacting is what makes you stand out and your amazing way of modulating your voice is icing on the cake. 
Looking forward to praising your acting skills!!!  
Have a blessed day with your loved ones and may you always remain young, joyful, humble and happy at heart!!! Have a fabulous year ahead!! 

Kavita Patel- Nairobi, Kenya

happy birthday barun:) 

Wishing u a very very Happy Birthday Barun Sobti Party

Happy Birthday Barun...

Many Happy return of the day...

Wish you loads of happiness and success in your lifeSmile

Dear Barun, wish you a very very happy Birthday!
May you have a long life filled with happiness, success and love of your near and dear ones.
Hope this birthday brings you all the luck and more work and achieve the success you are destined to!
People like you are very rare and I am happy and proud to be your fan. Hoping to hear great things from you soon.
Love you always,

"I wish your birthday is filled with a sunshine of joys, rainbow of smiles and rainfalls of laughter. I also pray that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Wish u a very Happy Birthday to the shining star Barun Sobti"

Have a blast!!

Ariyansha Sharma {New Zealand}

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Sharayu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Mr Barun Sobti , 
What can I say about you seriously?  WHAT THE? LOLWords fail to describe you and how much you're precious to all your fans.Embarrassed

I still see you as the epic Arnav Singh Raizada, the best versatile character we have got till date.Day Dreaming You made us stayed glued to our screens for 1.5 years with ASR's anger 'what the' 'get out' 'DAMMIT', Arnav's sweet caring and loving side...Day Dreaming
You made ASR real and epic for me. 

On YOUR day I wish you loads of love and success that you deserve. May God bless you always and fulfill all your wishes...wishing you a very Happy Birthday Barun...I know that you're not the kind of person that show up his feelings but definitely your family loved ones and friends NOT TO FORGET your fans will make your birthday extra special because you're very special to usEmbarrassed...

Thank you for bringing some light in our lives...YOU TRUELY DESERVE THE BEST!!!!!! Your unique and magnificient acting and sweet personality touched us HAMESHAEmbarrassed
Have fun DAMMIT!!!!!! Eargerly waiting you to see you come back JALDI!!!!LOL

I wish you happiness through good and bad
I wish you strength and I wish you courage
I wish you for all your dreams of tomorrow
I wish your having faith they all come true.
I wish for you nothing but good things and lifetime of happiness and joy.
Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.

Happy Birthday Barun!
With lots of love and best wishes

To the guy that has
the kindest chocolate brown eyes,
the most genuine spirit
the passion to succeed,
and the know-how to do just anything he puts his mind to...

Here's wishing A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most





and  Rocking...


Have a great day... Barun Sobti!!!

Wishing you all the success in your life...!

he's not the only guy
in the universe,

but he's the only
one that matters.





Dear Barun,
Wishing that this Birthday and year ahead brings you a lot of Success. Waiting impatiently to see my Hero on the Big screen.

May you get a lot of Happiness, Health, Wealth and the Best in Life coz you are the BEST and deserve only the best.

Miss you a lot but guess "Sabar ka phal meetha hota hain"

Have a fabulous time with your near and dear ones on this your Special Day. 

Lots of love
Melanie (Melfns)

Happy Birthday Barun, , 

wishing you a lot of success and happiness in life. ALL THE VERY BEST.

Have a faadu birthday you hottie Wink You're the only guy I frankly love in this industry and I wish you health and prosperity on this birthfay of yours! All the best for everything. Cheers! From Luna.

Happy Birthday Barun 

Dearest Barun :)

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face... Hope you love your new age. It loves you because it looks good on you :) A VERY VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! GOD BLESS <3


Happy Birthday Barun PartyParty wishing u an awesome day n may all ur dreams come true.. may god bless u.. u r awesome.. enjoy n have fun  PartyParty

Happy birthday barun...may you long long live and u get all success in life:)

Wish you Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Barun Sobti ! Party

May your Birthday and everyday be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

I Hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead.On your Birthday.. I Wish May all your Dreams and wishes fulfilled on this day you get all Love, Luck and Success   Wish you get success in everything you do and reach all those heights which you desire..We Adore you for your Simplicity & The Way you are. We are always there to Love & Support you and We'll Keep Loving and Supporting You. Embarrassed 

Have a Wonderful Happy Healthy Birthday and Many More to Come.
Happy Birthday Barun! Hug 
Love You Loads


Happy Birthday Barun Sobti

I wish you luck, happiness and riches today, tomorrow and beyond.

As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. As you look ahead to tomorrow, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you!

I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not just on your special day, but on every day of the year!

I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy Birthday to you!

I love u loads Barun Sobti

Happy birthday Barun Sobti !! I love u so much ... Missing u very badly on screen and especially as ASR ... No one even knows how much crazy I am for ASR !! 

Love u dammit .. Enjoy this bday to the fullest Smile

Happy birthday to you Clap
Happy birthday dear Barun Clap
Happy birthday to you Clap
Many greetings. To you Clap
Happy birthday happy birthday 
Happy birth day to you Clap 

Happy Birthday Barun, hope we see you back on TV

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Barun! May life lead you to great happiness and success and hope that all your wishes comes true!
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln
You are one of the best examples of this saying because of the way you touch people's hearts through your characters onscreen as well as your genuine and warm nature offscreen! Stay blessed Barun! Enjoy your day!!

Happy Birthday Barun Party
Wish you a peaceful mind, joyous heart and a successful life.May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges to success. May all your dreams come true, success kiss your feet . You are a gem of a person and I'm so proud to be your fan Embarrassed 
Lots of love

Happy birthday BARUN 
the most handsome, hot greek god 
wish u a long long life with ur loved ones

"My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish." (RASCAL FLATTS-My Wish)

Barun, the above words are not my own words but that's is exactly what i wish for you. May God showers you with all the joy that you wish for and may he showers you with his blessings. May you have a fantastic birthday and may more to come... Happy Birthday Barun! Love you Hamesha!

Barun Sobti I Love you dammit! May you get all the happiness that your heart desires! Can't wait for your moviesjaan! All the very best for your future endeavors, and hope this new year and the upcoming years are the best of your life. Miss seeing you onscreen. Please come back! Love you loads Barun. Keep smiling and stay blessed hamesha. Heart

On this special day I wish you all the very best , all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today,tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come. ...Happy Birthday Barun Sobti!!!

Name: Heena

Wishing you a wonderful birthday Barun Sobti Embarrassed May Allah shower you with happiness, health and only good things :) Have a funtabulous day hotwa! ;) Love you Heart

Is it SobtiBoy's birthday? YaYaY..Many many happy returns of the day Barun !! The spell that was casted by this man during IPK days as the ruthless-sexbomb ASR, the caring and irresistable Arnav is what stops me from moving away from him. Its been so many months since we last saw him in action on-screen but has that affected his fandom and saw a decline of the craze girls hold for him? NO! I belief there's something about him that makes him so special and separates him from the rest. He has it all that takes to be a successful actor..amazing acting-skills, killer looks..but what matters the most is the down-to-earth, humble guy he is! His crazy off-screen antics, silly little jokes he cracks every now and then, the child-like laughter and the goofball he is..makes one fall for him again and again! :)

Barun, just wanna wish you all the luck, success and happiness in the world. We are dying to see you on-screen. Miss you so much that it hurts now ! In the words of ASR "I wish tumhe duniya ki saare khushiyaan miley.." <3 <3

Happy Birthday Barun Sobti Anna. I wish you achieve all the success in the world.

Many Many many many many Happy returns of the day !!
May God Shower you all his blessings and we all pray that you reach the height of success!!
Love You!!

Dear Barun Sobti,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hope this new year in your life brings much deserved success and happiness. Hope you reach new heights of success and sky will be your limits. Miss you a lot onscreen and hoping that we will see loads of you onscreen in this coming year. Stay Blessed always with your loved ones.Your fans will always be by your side and awaiting for your comeback.
Loads of Love,

Let the GOD decorate each 
reaching u with wishes of Success, 
Happiness and prosperity 4 U, 
Wish you a super duper happy birthday.

For the world, i's just another day,
But for me today is the best day of the year!
Happy Birthday

My Birthday wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you not only on your special day, but always

On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy Birthday Barun 

Happy Birthday Barun Sobti !!! Heart May God always bless you with a beautiful and healthy balance between your professional and personal life, no matter how hectic your professional life becomes. Hope you are your content self no matter what and how you proceed in life.  May God bless you with lots of moments of togetherness with your loved ones. Wish you get lots of roles that keep you excited and keep you creatively satisfied. May God shower you with all that is good for you and your loved ones. Keep smiling always - The Barun Way !!! My only crush & my only love in celluloid Heart Happy Birthday once again and last but not the least - Hope you rock the year, Being Barun !!! 

Happy Birthday BarunBig smile 

may all your wishes come true and each day be filled with laughter,warmth,care and tremendous amount of success.
We all miss seeing you on-screen, you have been an amazing actor. Any words would be less to describe the kinda work you do. The little moments off-screen and your co-actors opinions about you makes me fall in love with you all over again. Everything about you is lovable, the way your smile,walk, your laughter, your smirk, your naughtiness, the aura around you and most important of all the way you care for the people you love immensely. No matter how many every wishes i send it will always be less. Have a very happy life ahead.

With lots and lots of love,

Dear Barun,

A very Happy 30th Birthday! May god bless you with everything you desire. May you live long, remain healthy and stay happy always.

Everyone here must be calling herself [or himself Tongue] the biggest fan of you, but having such a huge fan following needs talent. Its not really common that an actor is popular and never boasts about his success. You are seriously an inspiration for all the actors. I've never seen a person so humble and down-to-earth in a normal life, and you toh are an extremely eminent actor! Your attitude stands you out of the crowd. Clap

Seedhi-si-baat, I'm in love with you - ever so deeply and truly! When my friends tease me that I love a person who doesn't even know about your existence, I just smile and say to them, that My Barun knows everything! Big smile  For you not knowing me, my love for you will not be ever affected! I love you more than anything! Hug

Just stay the same Barun Sobti. Never ever change. You were, are and will always be The Best. Big smile
Wish you good luck for everything you take up in your life! May you do thousands of movies and may you win lakhs of awards and we get infinite moments to proudly say that we're "Sobtians" Approve

Waiting for your movies' release. I know they'll be faaduu! Big smile

God Bless you! 
Happy Birthday once again!



Dearest Barun...

On Your Birthday I just want God to Bless you loads and loads of ...

Success in Your Professional life...
Everlasting Joy and Happiness in your personal life...
Never ending Love of Your Family and Loved Ones...
Infinite  support, love and care of your millions and millions Fans from across the globe...


happiiee hero...:))
hope u'll comeback u..:)

Many Many happy returns of the day to my ASR..
one and only BARUN SOBTI <3

U are away from our eyes,but not from our hearts Heart
Stay blessed always..Thts only I cn wish for you cox u already have many wishes from your family and friends and fans..Embarrassed

hi Barun
wishing u a many many happy returns of the day dear
god bless u . may god fulfill every wishes . have great year ahead. lots of loves to pashmin di !!!
tc n missing u lot if possible plz do come in kapil sharma show for promotion of urs movie...
n all the best for urs movie

shreya kapoor.

Happy Birthday Barun Sobti!

May you have a happy, healthy, peaceful, successful, wonderful life ahead!

It's a pleasure to see you act. Eagerly waiting to see your projects continuously on the big screen but will settle for two films per year. :D.

God bless you and your family!

Have a great Birthday and a year!


You are truly an amazing person <3 I'm so proud to be fan of yours Hug you are the only star who treats so nice to their fans :) you always do something to make us happy.On his birthday wishing you all the health,success,prosperity,love.,luck n everything in this world.Happy Birthday to the man who has conquered the world with his sure talent, who believes in love and spreading happiness,
who taught me to love, RESPECT and challenge yourself..

A man with the cutest smile and a very big heart---Barun Sobti

People come and go but there are few who make an everlasting impression and affect other people's lives in a good way. Only very few people are blessed to make such an impact in another person's life without being aware of the happiness they spread
Barun Sobti you are one of those very few...
 i just wish all the happiness of the world for you...
you know what you are the only celeb with whom i feel i'm connected with some kind of a platonic relationship... you are my first and last love whom i'll remember always dear...
May happiness always follow you like your shadow!!!
Love u Barun Sobti
Your fan

Happy Birthday to our handsome hunk Barun Sobti!!

May your bday be filled wth many happy hours

You are the first television actor whom I got attracted to. I have always admired you in all your shows and you have always proven yourself to the others. I just love how you interact with your fans and how much you love and care about us. We are indeed proud and honoured to be a fan of you. Big smile

Happy Birthday Barun! HeartParty Love you always and always forever and ever! Heart

Love u loads

A very very very Happy Birthday Barun HugWish u a wonderful and a prosperous year ahead...i have started loving u as ASR ,Cool and then i fall in love with Raj,Sravaan ..Embarrassed And now i m airing for the dat when i will gonna love   Sukhi ,Ron sen,Naren etc etc...Big smile  May u get more movies with  big PH and may u get more and more success and in mu life ..thats all i can pray for u...

With loads of loveHeart


hi Barun
Wish u a very very Happy Birthday...hope u get all success and happiness in ur personal and professional fronts...


You are the sunshine in my life. not even  single day goes without seeing you. Stating myself as official married you and getting weird glances from other. Barun Sobti the man of one kind. Love u to the core. The day you took off the coolers and got down for the helicopter. haiyee mein toh  maar gayi.  Love u like  anything Sobti.

May god Bless with all sucess, Good health all the thing u want. Stay blessed

..Sruthi.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

happy birthday Barun!!!

wish u a wonderful and happy day and a totally amazing 30th year! hope and pray that ur blessed with good health, happiness and success, that u get everything u want from life and more and that ur always surrounded by ur love and all ur loved ones. u have such a rare gift and yet r still so sweetly down to earth and grounded, ur whole fandom loves this about u and we'll always wish and pray for only the best for u. and i hope this never ever changes, this love and respect and frenzy u inspire in ur fans is truly a beautiful sight and u thoroughly earned it all :)  

everything in the universe aligned so perfectly to give us u as Arnav Singh Raizada and brought u into my life, and i will always be grateful for that! will never get over ASR, he is an impossible perfection and that was ENTIRELY ur doing. ur such a nuanced, subtle actor, everything seems real every second ur onscreen. and u have that total commitment to be in the moment and yet make it so layered, so complex that i simply cant look away. so i absolutely know that ur future work will also speak for itself, it will say a million more things for u and i will spend an eternity enjoying it and analysing it and still never get bored. 

i hope this coming 12 months is a turning point for u, that we finally get u back onscreen, that ur films do exactly what they should and showcase ur talent to perfection ~ i have high expectations and i know u'll more than meet them. i also hope u never ever change who u r for anybody, ur kind of rare and i would hate to see u become anything other than urself. love u so much, miss u every day but so happy and excited that the beginning of it all is now in sight! all the very best Barun for this milestone year, and for every single thing u do i hope and pray u r blessed hamesha :) 

Barun Sobti.. You was quite new for me 3 years back .. Honestly, I have no idea who was you. I'm not a fan of daily soap. I heard a lot about you from my sister and from there I started to build up interest in knowing you. Your IPKKND was the first time I saw you on screen. OMG!! Man do you have any idea how stuning and outstanding you acts? You was so natural and the way you deliver the dialogues was way too awesome. Starting from that point.. I started my phangiry LOL I watched your Baat too. On this occasion I would love to wish you, many many returns of the day. For sure God have spent a lot of time in creating you. May all your wishes come true and stay contended. With lord grace everything will go smoothly in your life. Stay bless always Barun Sobti. Once again Happy Birthday Sobti..
Happieee B'day Barun bhai..!!!!! :) :)

May God bless u n i hope u'll have a great year ahead..

Keep smiling always :)

N once again...

Happy birthday barun god gv u lots of happines n mk successful in ur life

A Very Warm Happy BirthDay Barun Sobti...Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day...Wishing U Happiness, Success, Health, Wealth & lots of Blessings on your special day and always...Have A Wonderful Day

With Love

A Very Happy B'day to you Barun dear. May God bless you in the coming year and always with a lot of success and happiness and good health in your life. May you get all that you wish for. May God bless you always and keep you and your sweet family in peace, love, good health always and forever. Many many Happy Returns of the day Barun dear.

Happy birthday Barun Sobti.. Party 
wish U All the Success & Happiness in ur LiFe... stay blessed keep smiling always.. Heart.. Im ur fan forever.. love u barun Heart..

Wish you a very happy birthday Barun Sobti.

Also wish you success in all your movies.

IPKKND shall always be close to my heart.

To a man who needs no introduction,
It feels like ages since I  last saw you on screen,
Emoting so naturally and sweeping us all off our feet.
And yet, you're so close to my heart
It's as if you never left.
The dhaks dhaks are incurable,
I'm the first to say.
And coming from a doctor,
I hope that carries some weight :)
Sobti, Hotwa, our Mr. Humble and my Mr. Sexy,
Keep doing what you do best.
I hope this year brings you all the success.
And something tells me it will
That our drought of Sobti goodness will finally end.
Until then, keep smiling,
and we fans will do the same--no matter what anyone says.

Happy Birthday, Barun.

(ps. I love you dammit.)

Happy Birthday Barun... ! wishing you a wonderful day full of happiness , smiles and love .

May all your dreams come true... may you stay healthy , happy and blessed always. May today, tomorrow and all the days and years to come , bring you  success , glory , peace and abundant love. 

You are the charm that makes each day special, just by being you! 

May you scale newer heights, greater summits, astounding ovation, and joyous moments in all the days to come.

For the sublime person who  gives us reasons to celebrate and sing a delightful  melodious sonnet always ... for a person who brings happiness to everyone he meets, may you always have a happy life as marvellous as you.  

Barun, you make us proud! Once again a very Happy Birthday to you.

Smile  ~ Jachu

It's not that you look good ... You look great and you don't need my testimony to prove that ;) 
It's not even that you act brilliantly !! ... You do !!! Arnav Singh raizada the unforgettable one is proof enough of that ! But .. 
Baat ye hai kee Bhagwan Ji aap jaise log roz roz nahin banaate ...
Toh hamare dil se dua hai kee aap ko koi chot na lage .. Toot phoot na jao ...
Coz Aisa hua toh is duniya ka and Hamara Bahut nuksaan hoga ...
Bas !! Is liye .. That is our only wish on your birthday !!!
Swasth rahe ... Mast rahe and vyast rahe ...
Happy birthday

My wish for you is to wish you a very very Happy Birthday so that you can wish every wish youwish!!  Happy Returns of the day Sobti!

Barun Sobti...Waiting for your films. Come back soon Barun Sobti.


Happy Birthday Barun!! Wish to see you soon on Silver Screen. Good luck for your Bollywood career.

Happy Birthday Meri Jaan Barun Sobti


Sparkles in your eyes,
Sound of our mutual sighs,
Your smile is so innocent,
Your laugh is magnificent,
You drive us crazy each time,
You possess the aura that's sublime.
You'll be the only one for us,
Without any doubt any fuss,
We love you unconditionaly,
We are bound to you devotionaly.
Barun we are with you everywhere,
Boy you are always in our prayers.

Love you Barun Sobti.

From--Shehnaz,Sana,Isha,Dipthi,Ishq,Geetha,Hari,Pallavi,Aruni,Jobi,Japonica,Afsha,Niru,Adi,Polly,Aditi,Vasu & me Priya & all the Barun's Movie Thread Chat Club members.


Din Dhal jaye .. Raat na jaaye ...
Aap toh na aao .. Aapkee yaad sataye ! 

Dil ke ho pass aap itne ... Ho badi door ...
Hum dil se aap humse pareshan ... Dono hai majboor ..

Rehna tu hai Jaisa tu ...
Thoda sa dard tu,thoda sukun,
Thoda sa resham tu humdum
Thoda sa khurdura ... 
Kabhi toh ad jaye ya lad jaye,
Ya khushboo se bhara,
Tujhe badlna na chahu,
Ratti bhar bhi sanam,
Bina sajawat,milawat 
Na jyada na hee kum,
Tujhe chahen Barun,
Jaisa hai tu...

Hum aapko samjhawan kee ... 
Kee aapke bina na Lagta jee ... 
Hum Karen intezar Aapka ... Barun Ji 

Pal pal dil ke pass aap rehte ho ... 
Aap samjhoge deewane hum bhee iqraar Karen ... 

Yaad aa rahee hai ... 
Aapkee yaad aa rahee hai ... 
Yaad aane se aapke na aane se jaan jaa rahee hai 


Sun rahe hai aap ... Miss kar rahe hai hum ...

Aapko yaad karte karte jayegee raat saari ... Aap
ke Gaye ho apne sang neend bhee hamari !

Dil tere bin kahee Lagta nahi ... Waqt guzarta
nahi ... Haan ... Haan yehi fandom hai ;)

Aapakaa Aramaa, Aapakaa Naam, Meraa Taraanaa
Aur Nahii
In Mast Nazaroon Ke Sivaa, Dil Kaa Thikaanaa Aur
Jachataa Hii Nahii, Aankho Me Koi
Dil Tumako Hii Chaahe To Kyaa Kiijiye O Mere, Dil Ke Chain
Chain Aae Mere Dil Ko Duaa Kiijiye

Aap na jaane kis jahan Mai kho Gaye ... Hum bhare
duniya Mai tanha ho gayee ... Status na koi post ... Na jaane kaun se des jahan
aap chale Gaye ... Is dil ko laga ke thes ... Kahan
aap chale Gaye !

Yaad teri aayegi...hum ko bada sataayegi...ab yeh
doori hamari jaan leke jaayegi...

_____From Vasu,Shehnaz,Jyotsna & PriyaBig smile 

Teri har ada mey hai,
Ashiqana asar,
Ye aankhe Dekh kar hum 
saari duniya bhool jaate hai,
Barun Barun Barun Barun Barun,
Naam hi kavitha hai mere liye,
even the brightest star, 
does not shine, 
as bright as your smile,
and twinkle in your eyes,
when you smile barun.

Credit- From Vasu,Shri,Dipthi & All members of Barun's Movie Thread Chat Club. Big smile

Barun sweetheart...yeah you're out of our sight,
Rest assured boy you ain't gonna out of our mind,
Just your smile is enough to make my day bright,
Mere thought of your's & inside something ignites,
Me & friends talk of you,only then ends my night,
I wait countless days for your glimpse & single byte,
I'm with you,trust you & love you with all my might,
I know you're gonna emerge like a dark horse,right!



 I don't have vms, gif, aviation, but have a honest heart who wish u bright future

        whether active or not on twitter, fb or India forum, but luv for u is unforgotten.

Out of of sight but never out of mind u graved in heart and mind forever.

Just one glimpse of your make me crazier.         

One update on your project make my day brighter.

Your childish smile is cuter   ,

One pic of your make my day sweeter.              

With hot look u r prince charmer,

With your real life story u r sweetheart.

Acting skills proves you are  natural, and onscreen u r fascinator.                 

With magical eyes and melodious voice u make wonder.

In romantic scene u r work as killer.

Just imagining to see u onscreen make my heart faster.

Waiting to see u back onscreen eager.    

On ur b' day wish u glorious future,

May u rule world by success and adoration.                   

May u climb success of stairs, surprise people as a actor.

Wish u and  Pashmeen luv and sound of laughter.

Wish u togetherness and luv life forever.                

Will Remember u in my prayer, luv and luv u bass ever.

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