Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

~**~ Happy Birthday Millee!!! ~**~

--Ayesha-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2014 at 3:11am | IP Logged

          Me: sitting on couch and eating chocolatesTongue
Karina: Helllo MotherHug
Me: Hello baby Hughow's uu?
Karina: MotherShocked like seriously look at ur face!!
Me: What happened to my cute,inno,beautiful ,faceUnhappy
Karina: u have chocolates all over ur face... u r
buddhi now stop doing all these thingROFL
Me: Nah Nah me love chocolatesTongue
Karina: i know ur obsession for chocolate okayLOL
what were u doing?
Me: Was watching Tacker's jhalak act... he is sooo
Karina: MotherrrAngry he is ur son-in-law focus on
ur salman
Me: okay chalo let's watch kickLOL
Karina: OMG YESSS... But wait...mother I'm here
something imp remember !!! we have to plan
someone's bday
Me: wait my bday was on 12th!!! more surprisse
for me? more chocolates???Tongue
Karina: motherrr Stern SmileOkay we playing game
now... Twenty questions. You can ask me any 20
questions like Virenji and I will answer them in
yes or no. If you guess before 20 I will give you
chocolates and Salmans KICK DVD
Me: Okay... I'm going to win!Big smile
Karina: Mother there is no winning You simply
have to guess okay... Are you capable of that?
Me: Oh shush... Me your mother... I am capable of
everything... Now what you waiting for...
Karina: YOU!!! Mommy you have to ask the
Me: Oh yeah Okay okay starting now...


a - Is she pretty?
k - Yes... and here's a hint... She looks like KD in
a lot of her dpsWink
a - Is it a guy or a girl?
k - I just told you SHE LOOKS LIKE KD... What am I
gonna do of you?
a - Does she love Salman?Embarrassed
k - Uhm... passLOL
a - Does she love Kryan?
k - Duhhh... She's their biggest fan!
a - Does she talka lot?
k - Likea lot!!! Like I can't even tell you in words
how much she talks
a - Waitkeeni is it your birthday?
k - oh my goodness mother... It was my bday in
June... And anyways me inno little kid who
doesn't talk much
a - okay okay... Uhm she like bollywood movies
and songs?
k - Yesss!!! And one more hint for you since your
little slow today She loves Ash
a - I think I'm on the right track! Does she have
lots of nicknames?
k - LOTSSS! But we can't disclose here or we will dieROFL
a - Uhm.. okay let me keep guessing. Does she
write stories?Big smile
k - Oh yeah Such amazing ones...Even on
whatsapp she writes one shots
a - OMG OMG OMG I know whose bday it is!!!!!
k - who you genius?
a - Its our drama queens birthday today!!!! The
only and only... urtwinnie... my amazing

Congratulations on turnng TWENTY YEARS OLD!!! You have officially joined the Buddhi club ROFL 

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Kays94 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2014 at 3:12am | IP Logged

Our very own Krystle D'Souza Heart 

Embedded image permalink 

My handsome hunk LOL ... none other than Mr. Karan Tacker Embarrassed
ps. he came with me ROFL 

Embedded image permalink


The one person you love the mosttt in this world!!!! 

None other than the chocolate boy Ranbirrr!!!! Party

One of your other favorites!!!! Tongue

And the very bubbly Kritikaaa... just like you Cool

And... last but definitely not the least LOL ROFL... Mr. Khan has arrived too!!! Only because mother Ayesha invited him... me innocent Embarrassed

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Kays94 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2014 at 3:13am | IP Logged

And your birthday can't be complete without the heartfelt wishes from your close friends Heart 

Happy Birthday Milllee finally its that day of the year when an angel was born Happy bubday baby!! have an amazing n beautiful year ahead may you get everything u want may all or wishes come true and ur life b filled with happiness and joy Its ur day enjoy to the fullest

Millle Milllee kya batao abt u ur really an amazing person I have met ur a sweetheart fun loving ,crazy girl who live life to fullest its always a fun to talk to u u always bring a big smile on my face just loved ur attitude towards life carefree girl, full of positivity n most loving friend one can have I just go on laughing seeing our whatsapp convo pinku joke,ours virika os in whatsapp,when we just goo n blabbering for irritating Karina in morning when see get shock by seeing d no of msg she got I never thought I will get along with u sooo well bt thanks to Karina for making us talk n now we share an unusual bond which I cherish forever thanx for bringing smile on everyone face ur never change for anyone bcos ur perfect d way ur such an great friend to have I have already tld u I love d crazy ,drama queen milllee we r mother daughter cum friend hope our friendship remains for years to come we can't forget the fun we had laughing talking of things only we find funny ppl think we're insane if they only knew=)) love u loads baby Have an great yeah ahead stay blessed !! love u hellla loads keep ur craziness going on :;) thanx for being such a great frnd

Too much to say for someone very very special to me!!! 
Let's start off with Happy Birthday to one of the greatest most nicest person I know... 
I never could have imagined we would ever be this close... 
I didn't know it would be hard for me to survive a day without talking to you... 
Hearing you and just getting one small message from you makes me sane
I feel normal, I feel like my day will go off fine...
You are my bestest friend no doubt... and handling me is not so easy!!!
Yet your always patient with me and always let me vent out my anger and frustration without making me feel bad!
You are the total opposite of me... like TOTAL!!!
Always smiling and always happy ready to have a good time...
No matter how angry you may be... you always end up smiling and make others smile also
You know me so well... like its ridiculous at times

In the past one year... we have gone through so much together... 
Be it through happiness or sadness you always stand strong as a wall next to me
We started talking when I was in India and after that it was never looking back!!! 
Everything started flowing in my life again...
I was happy... and I was sane... thanks to you... 

You are annoying at times... but I still love you for annoying me
You make me laugh by your idiotic nonsense all the time ROFL
I mean from demanding dirty stories from me to writing dirty stories on whatsapp LOL you have done it all
But then I have to get mad at you at tell you to get the crap of your phone so you study... my CB ROFL (does anyone know what CB stands for?) 
From our rants to studying different science classes... to our frustration of missing Virika and Kryan...
I don't think there is one such topic we have left out ROFL
For all I know... we planned our wedding, honeymoon, and our kids future too LOL
I really pity our future kids... like so much for having to tolerate you and me ROFL   

There are so many qualities in you that highlight you as a beautiful care-free person!
From always staying happy... you truly are a shining star!
I always wish I could be like you... not caring about the world and how people judge 
You live your life to the fullest... and I think your Bua knows that the most when she sees ur shopping bills ROFL poor her!!!! 
You are a great listener as well... always trying to understand my problem and help me come out of it... you tolerate me at my worst times and I thank you for that
You are the one person I know I can share any secret with... leave secret... I can say anything to you knowing you will not judge me or characterize me to be someone I am not 

This past year has been nothing but fun and joy for me!!!
From our amazing tweets to all night conversations... us daydreaming about certain couples LOL to annoying my cousin to find out gossip
You are so far... yet the closest and most dearest person to me!!!
You always know how to emberass me... but still I get happy at that... 
idk why but if someone else would do that I wouldn't be able to tolerate it... but with you everything seems fine and okay. 

So all in all... I want to say your an amazing friend, and more than that an amazing person!
I know you have been really stressed out this past month but I also know how strong you are...
I wish you nothing but the best... and hopefully this small thread of ours will bring a smile to your face because thats all I want!!! 
I love yaaa!!!!! 

Happy b'day mille...god bless you n may all ur possible wishes cum true!!!

Keep smiling!

Here are my wishes for millee... Smile

I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. 
HAVE FUN... Wink'

To a superb friend, an even more superb writer and a fabulous person that YOU are... Happy Birthdayyy Lilyyy baby Heart
Party haaard...Have a fabulous day girl!
It's been a great pleasure to be acquainted with you Smile
We shall try and make up for the lost contact ;)
Lots of love Heart
Nishu :*


hey dudeieee!!
first of all wish u a super happy birthday to u Stephen king :p 
i want to wish u a birthday full of love laughter and the things u enjoy the most 
may this year bring all the things u want and hope u find ur prince charming soon :p lol 

i really have some ROFL memories with u on the cc last year .. although some are blur now :p 
anyways ur an amazing gurl talented writer  and a looveeelyy fraaanndd :) 

be happy always Heart 
and do send me a picture of ur birthday cake :p

here u go a piece of one of my fav chocolate fudge cake without pineapples :p 

BABE Heart
Dear Millee,Heart

Happyyy Birthdayy to u dear! SmileSmileGod Bless U loadsss and wishing all ur dreamss come truee!!! Stay Safe always!Smile

Love, ur dost,
Avni.. a.k. SunitaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Thinking of you on your birthday, and wishing you all the best! I hope it is as fantastic as you are, you deserve the best and nothing less.Happy Birthday...

Millee! Happy Birthday! <33 Have an awesome day, and all the best for the coming year! I love seeing your PM's! May you be blessed with tons of happiness!! Embarrassed

Happy Birthday to the best partner in the worldEmbarrassed

~You have no idea how much i love you and what you mean to me~

  I am blessed to have you in my lifeBig smile

  20th BirthdayLOL you are not a teenager anymoreShockedBroken Heart par koi baat nahi Dil tou bacha hai jiROFL

Blow the candles cut the cake

Make a wish

Have a fun filled day

And May God bless you with Success and Happiness

Best Thing about my best partner

-You are sweet

-You are always there for me

-You are Intelligent

-You are hard working

-Kindest Person Alive

- Great sense of humor

- Love to make others laugh

- True friend

- Loyalty is your middle name

- Sweetness unlimited

- Humble and Forgiving

- Mysterious

- Tacker HolicROFL

- Imaginative

- Creative

- Introvert

- Romantic

- Happy go lucky

-Cute & HotEmbarrassed

- My best friend forever

20 Random Things for your 20th BirthdayLOL

Gift time

Here's your Gift

To The Sweetest Friend Ever! Smile You've Been There For Me Whenever I Needed You. I Can't Be Thankful Enough To You For That. Dear beautiful Writer, With Your Writing Hope You're Growing Like Never Before, And That You Never Stop Writing. Be It For Us Or For Yourself.

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing

Party Time!! LOL 

Okay Let me Begin With My Wishes. May You Live Longer & Healthier. Just As Each Day Pass In Your Life, May You Grow With More Wisdom. May Each New Day Bring In Peace And Joy In Your Life. May You Grow Stronger To Face Everything In Life. I Wish You Never Fail In Completing Any Of Your Dreams. May You Leave No Stone Unturned To Make Yourself A Better Human Being.
Happy Birthday Again Sweetheart! Heart Stay Blessed! Hug

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--Ayesha-- IF-Sizzlerz

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My favorite chocolate cake! Tongue Wink Embarrassed


Your favorite! 

Some energy drinks for me and karina for having to put up with you ROFL 

Especially for you ROFL LOL 

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Kays94 IF-Sizzlerz

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--Ayesha-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2014 at 3:19am | IP Logged

 How does it feel to be 20?
 What the first thing you did as soon at it hit midnight?
 What is something new and adventurous you want to do this year?
 Who is your best friend?
 Who is your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood actor? 
 Who is your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood actress? 
 What's your favorite food? 
 Favorite movie?
 Favorite song? 
 Dream vacation?
 Favorite place to getaway? 
 Biggest dream or aspiration?
 Celebrity you want to meet the most? 
 Your favorite television show? 
 Best moment of your life?
 Hardest moment of your life? 
 One person you can't live without? 
 Ash or Krystle?
 Tacker or Krystle? 
 Favorite interview of Kryan? 
 Kryan or Kasak?  
 Favorite book? 
 Cooking or eating? 
 McDonalds or Subway?
 Bombay or Goa?
 Getting drunk at a party or relaxing on the beach? 
 Swimming or Diving? 
 Long hair or short? 
 Blue or Purple? 
 Justin or One Direction? 
 Singing or Acting? 
 One of your favorite memories with me?
 IF or Twitter? 
 A song that you would dedicate to me? 
 Biggest fear? 
 Best part of this thread? 

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Kays94 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2014 at 3:20am | IP Logged

Congratulations again to the birthday girl... you've turned one year older!!! Embarrassed Dancing Silly I hope you get a little wiser too ROFL JK!!!! But hope you liked the small little gift from me and Ayesha mommy!!! Also a big thank you to all of Millee's friends who sent in birthday wishes... Special thanks to Ayesha mommy for making this with me Heart 


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virikamaliha Goldie

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happy birthday :)

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