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SwaRon FF- KiSmAt CoNnEcTiOn #2 LastChap-57, Pg 62. (16Oct'14) updtd. (Page 5)

surbhimathur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2014 at 9:24am | IP Logged

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-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 August 2014 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Congratulations for the new thread. Ab main bhi spam karungi jab time milega. Tongue

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prateek.007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 August 2014 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Ab muje comment reserve karne me bhi sharam aa rahi hai as i already have too many reserved comments before..I am hell inactive now a days n thats why i just skipped previous updates to read..But i'll try my best to read all updates and probably i'll comment this sunday..
Btw a huge congrates for ur 2nd thread,This FF is really amazing and passing through a glorious phase,I am really glad to read such a beautiful progress of this story..All thanx to ur efforts and ur dedication behind this work shakshi..So just keep it up and keep rocking..

Thanx for ur All PM's Dear


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piyu_swaron IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 August 2014 at 5:15am | IP Logged
the chapter was awesome
Swayam taking care of sharon cooking breakfast and all.. wow
wat plan r maanvi-swayam making
want to read more

sorry for lateUnhappy

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sakshibshah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 August 2014 at 6:08am | IP Logged
Thanks for the response.Hug
Enjoy the next update.Tongue

Recap- SwaRon met therelatives, got less time for each other, Breakfast n Academy moments.

Swayam n Sharon dropped the relatives at Airport and were coming back.. on the way to home. Sharon saw a man taking his hand cart' (THELA) and going the opposite way...she immediately spoke to Swayam.

Sharon- Swayam! Swayam!!
Swayam *startled*- Sharonn...huh...mein yahin hun...bolo...?
Sharon- Pani puriii (also called as fulki, golgappa, puchka)...wo dekho...
Swayam- Shar...wo ghar jaa raha apni shop band karke...
Sharon- No..please..please... chalo na..let's have some...please...
Swayam- But...Shar...
Sharon- I am hungry!!
Swayam- You were so tired...and now.??
Sharon- Are yeh aisi dish hai..I mean ise kaise chhod sakta hai koi...
Swayam- Goshh! Okay! Okay!

He stopped the Car..she ran out and shouted "Bhaiya" (Pani puri wala). Swayam too came out...

Sharon- Oo Bhaiya..! Pani puri kha...
Bhaiya- Dukaan band ho gayi hai...ab kal hi kholenge...
Sharon- Are please na...
Bhaiya- Nahi...

Sharon *to Swayam*- Arghh..bolo na... kaise ho tum!!
Swayam- Are haan bolta hun baba...

Swayam- Are bhaiya...dekho apka bhi kaam chal raha hai...aur hum bhi kha lenge...2 minute mein kya jayega...
Bhaiya- Acha chalo thik hai...

Both took the plates and he started giving them one by one...

Swayam was not hungry...but still he ate...the thing which made him furious that the next one was too spicy which eventually made him cough!! Sharon was okay with it and was enjoying... but looked at him in awe..

Sharon- Swayam???
Swayam- Dammit...

Sharon burst out laughing seeing him like this...he glared at her...
Bhaiya- Ye apki...akhri...
Swayam- Inko do...aahh...mujhe nahi...
 Bhaiya- Acha...aur khaoge???
Swayam- Are apko dikh nahi raha kya...nahi chahiye ab...

Sharon gulped and stopped laughing...
Sharon- I'll bring water...just wait a sec.

She hurriedly went to the Car...searched the bottle but found it empty!!
Sharon *shout*- Paani khatam ho gayaa...
Swayam *burning mouth*- Whattt!!

She came running...she thought of something and took one dry puri from the packet kept on the cart...and gave it to Swayam.
Sharon- Ruko na bhaiya!!

Swayam had one...but still he was coughing...She took more dry ones and like that he had 5! Swayam finally sighed...

Bhaiya- Ab?? Paise to do??
Sharon- Haan...
Bhaiya- Aur yeh sukhi wali ke bhi 5rs.
Swayam- Goshhh!

Swayam gave the money to him... the man went to his way!!

Sharon *light laugh*- Achhi thi na??
Swayam- Are yeah!! Fab!! Sharon...sab tumhari wajah se...huh..
Sharon- Huh..meine kya kiya??
Swayam-Tumhari hi wish thi wanted to have this.!! Wo bhi itni raat ko...
Sharon- Are! To isme kya baat hai...? Mera mann hua...had it..
Swayam *irritating*- To theekha to mujhe laga na???

Sharon was amazed how Swayam was behaving... She chuckled and instantly placed a peck on his cheek... he annoyingly smiled.

Sharon- Okay!! Ab ho gaya??? Chale??

Swayam getting close...grabbed her hand.
Swayam- not my cheek...but my mouth was burning...

Sharon's eyes wide open, as if her jaw dropped till ground. She playfully started hitting him...
Swayam- Woo...ouch! Sharr..
Sharon- Confess kya kar diya...tum to...
Swayam questioned her giving "Say next..what I..." look...

Sharon chuckled blushing... both shared a hug and went to the Car.

Sharon kept her purse on its place and went to change into her Night Dress.

Swayam was just drinking water. Sharon took her mobile and dialed maanvi's no.

Maanvi- Hey Didz...wassup???
 Sharon- Wassup??? Kal ke tickets...haina???

Sharon's loud voice made Swayam spill out some water... Sharon shrugged her shoulders seeing him.
Maanvi- Wo..Jiju ne to haan kar diya na...
Sharon- You are disgusting girl...!!
Maanvi- Chillan eke liye phone kiya to...ab bye...coz kal you are coming that's it...and I have to go...I am busy!
Sharon- Yeah...I am helpless! Phew...
Maanvi *in mind*- Yeah sahi time hai...Jiju ka kaam kar deti hun...
Sharon- Oye...
Maanvi- H..haan...listen...aap jo bhi dress pehnogi...make sure you bring your wedding dress alos...ek din you'll have to wear that!!
Sharon- What? Heavy hai wo...
Maanvi- Okay! Last day...umm...vidaayi ke pehle...plz... meri ek wish puri to kar hi sakti ho na...
Sharon- Drama queen!! Bas kar...okay...I'll take my wedding lehenga...even wear it...
Maanvi- Thankyouuu! Kaam ho...umm...kaam karna hai bye!!
Sharon- Huh! Chal!

Swayam *in mind*- Great! Hmm...Sharonn... you know I love you so much! 

He texted Maanvi
"Thanks for making her agree.. Umm...hope everything goes like planned."
" worries. Even I asked someone to help! Chill." She replied.
"Wohoa! Good job! Thankx Gn, tc,"
"Yup! Welcome. Gn,tc."

Sharon- Umm...Swayam...I am packing the bags. You go change now!
Swayam- Yes Madam.

Swayam had a shower and came out shirtless as he forget to take his shirt with the trousers inside.

Sharon,here, was done with the packing and was just thinking if anything she missed. She turned back but banged into Swayam... In result, both of them fell on the bed where Sharon was on top of him.

Sharon- Opps...sorry..wo    
Just then she realized he was shirtless! She gulped her saliva...first time she saw him like this. And his staring made her turn pink!

Swayam- Saying something?
Sharon- Wo...

Words were not coming out of her mouth... her eyes travelled t o his well toned body, the lean figure, the way his hands holding her... Swayam took the chance and rolled over... eventually Sharon was under him! She held his arms, she realized his gaze on her, the naughty glint in his eyes was clear.

Swayam- Zarurat kya hai..
Sharon- Ye kya baat hai...w..mein..
Swayam *tighetening his grip*- I am your hubby, still itna hesitation??
Sharon *looked at him*- No...aisa kuch nahi hai...
Swayam- Ok...phir??? Why turning pink, huh?
Sharon *in sexy way*- Umm...youasked me once...'Itna hot dikhna zaruri hai kya'! If I ask you the same, then??
Swayam smiled the way she answered blushing...
Swayam- Ahan...Sharon... I love this...okay!

She was controlling herself from turning crimson red... Since Swayam's hairs were wet...water drops fell on her cheek...making a way down her neck... She felt it just by closing her eyes...He kissed the way the drop trailed down...from her cheek to neck and till the neck opening of her Night dress. She grabbed his arms as he placed a deep peck at that point and also she let out a sigh...and opened her eyes...

He came up...leaned more and touched his forehead with hers... her shy smile was perfect... this made him smile too...
She pushed him a little up a bit...took his shirt... which was at her right only... She asked him to wear it... He, at that place, wore it and smiled to her.

She shifted at her place... switched off the tubelight...Swayam came beside her...and slept hugging her.

The Flight was late..2 hrs. but finally they reached Chandigarh... and even arrived at Manvi's place.

Maanvi- Didz...Jiju...!!
She screamed as he saw them and come towards them running...and hugged both of them...
Swayam- Wasssup?
Maanvi- All good Jiju...and dekho to Shaadi ke baad Didz ke chehre ki smile... aur badh gayi hai...
Sharon- Umm..Credit to your Jiju...
Swayam- Proudly accepted.
Maanvi- Wohoa!! Acha..chalo come in...bohot saari baatein karna hai...jaldi...
Sharon- Are haan !!

Sharon- I just hate flights!!
Maanvi- Kitna darti ho aap...! Aur Jiju..Didz ne pareshan to nahi kiya na?
Swayam- Are ofcourse kiya na...
Sharon- Haww..!! What I did...?? Just held your hands while take off and landing...aurr..
Swayam couldn't help but clear his throat and then Sharon got what she was speaking!! Maanvi just laughed hard...
Maanvi- Ahem ahem...samajh gaye haan..bas!!
Sharon *shy*- Umm..h..haan..

Maanvi was about to say something when a cute little girl came to Swayam...
Girl- Pata hai...aap bohot smart ho!!!
SwaRon+Maanvi were amazed...
Swayam- H...
Maanvi- Are yeh Sara hai... Didz to jaanti hai ise...
Sharon- Ofcourse!!
Swayam- Ohkay...Thankyou Sara...
Sara smiled.
Sara- Aur meine dekha tha aap Aunti ki help bhi kar rahe the...things uthane mein.
Swayam *pulling Sara*- Umm...hume help karni chahiye jab kisi ko zarurat ho... aur khud se bhi karni chahiye jisse kisi ko khushi mile.
Sara- Haan! Achamein Mum ki help karne jaati hun...jaise apne bola.
Swayam *smile*- Sure! Jao...
She went.
Sharon- She is so cute...
Maanvi- I know...
Swayam- I too agree... adorable.
Maanvi- guy!
SwaRon laughed.


2-3 days passed being busy... But also they enjoyed everyday... the fun, Sara also used to do masti and teasing used to be on top!

Day of Maanvi's Marriage.

Lady- Sharon Sharon..
Swayam was coming from the room when he heard the Lasy's voice searching for Sharon.
Lady- Beta Sharon kaha hai?
Swayam- Maanvi ke room mein hai may be.
Lady- Ye fulon wali plate Sharon ko de dena...hum sab bahar hai...Maanvi ke sath. Tumlog bhi jaldi aana..
Swayam- Ji thik hai...

He took the plate...and first went to the room...took a paper and pen and wrote something on it and then hid it between the flowers.
He came out and found Sara there..
Swayam- Hey..Sara!
Sara- Hello.
Swayam- jakar Sharon ko dedo andar...
Sara- Thik hai...par mujhe fir chocolate chahiye...
Swayam- Haan promise.

She went inside the room and handled the plate to Sharon.. Sharon saw the paper inside it, she took it and read.
"Shar...busy rehna chhodo..come now!" Sharon smiled... and Sara was leaving but her small dupatta came into her legs and she fell down on the floor with a thud...and even got hurt on her hand...

"Aaan" She cried...
Both heard her...but Swayam didn't understood...

Sharon saw her..."Saraaa" immediately went to her... Swayam heard the voice and came inside in a hurry!!
 Sharon made her sit on the stool beside.  
Sharon- Saraa..bachii... you...
Swayam was shocked, blood was oozing out from her too much... and she was crying badly...
Sara- Aa...h...
Swayam- Sharon!! First aid...go fast!!
Even Sharon had tears in her eyes..
Sharon- Bacha..kuch nahi...just wait a sec...

Swayam held Sharon went to take the Aid box.
He picked her up in hands... he didn't even care about the blood staining as his Kurta was getting all red. He even wiped it with hands...and the sleeve...

Sara *cry*- Bohot dukh ra...raha...hai...
Swayam *wipes her tears*- are strong..don't cry...

He blowed air on the wound and just then Sharon came. Swayam made ?Sara sit on his lap and Sharon took out the Cotton and Bandage...

Both of them gently cleaned the wound..and applied the ointment and covered it with bandage...Sara stopped crying a bit...
Swayam- Mein paani lekar aata hun...
Sharon- Hmm...

Swayam came back and a smile came on his lips seeing Sharon..the way she was loving her, caressing her head...her hand...blowing air... Wiping her tears...
Swayam *in mind*- You are so perfect! You made her smile so easily...

Swayam- Sharon...water...
She made Sara drink it...
Sara- Thankyou..ap dono ko.
Sara hugged Sharon...she hugged her tightly too...Swayam  gently wiped Sharon's tears and nodded a NO to tears!
Swayam- should go out...
Sharon- But Sara..?
Swayam- I am here with her...for sometime then both of us will come... and vaise bhi I'll have to change.
Sharon- Yup fine. Jaldi aana...take care.
Sara- Bye

Sara- Mujhe ek baat nahi samajh aa rahi...
Swayam- Haan say...
Sara- Mein apko kya bulao...Jiju boring hai...Sw..yam aapka sachhi wala naam hai na?
Swayam- Haan..wahi hai.
Sara- Ummm! Han..SAM!!
Swayam *smiled*- Sam...! No problem...
Sara- Yeshh!!

She just hugged Swayam tightly... he too responded tightly...
Sara- Mera haath dukh raha hai...
Swayam- Hmm...thoda sa pain to hoga hi na...but Sara is strong na!
Sara- Haan!!
She broke the hug.
Sara- Shari...bahar hai...mujhe bhi jana hai..
Swayam- Shari?
Sara- Haan...Sam aur Sara aur Shari...!! Hum teeno...

Swayam was actually stunned... the way she excitedly spoke the names if they are one. Though it was unknowingly spoken but it touched him... he caressed her and gave a peck on her cheek. She smiled.

Sara- acha...aap change kar ke aao...fir hum bahar chalenge...plzz...
Swayam- Okay! Don't go anywhere...I am coming.

Everyone got to know about the injury but it didn't become a big issue.

Maanvi- Go and change Didz... vaise bhi you promised!
Sharon- Ziddi!!!
Maanvi- Are go!!

Sharon went and chaned into her Shaadi Lehenga... even Swayam was in his wedding attire.
Swayam looked at her...she was so pretty like glamour was on its peak even though the make up was less with few jewellery!

Sharon- Swayam??
Swayam- You looking the same beautiful...
Sharon- You are no less!!!

Swayam kissed her forehead...she kissed his cheek...
Swayam- Huh??
Sharon- No dumbo!!
Swayam chuckled as she blushed.


Vidaayi time;

Maanvi *cry*- Mumbai se door ja rahi hun..iska matlab ye nhi ki you won't meet me...
Sharon *teary*- Ofcourse! We'll defo meet... *hugs her*
Maanvi *hug*- Jiju...
Swayam- Bless you! Congrats and yeah...less pranks okay.
Maanvi- Haha...yes!!

Maanvi went off... SwaRon went to their room.. She immediately hugged him.
Swayam- Hey...
Sharon- Love you...
Swayam- I too... and I am here baby... and humari gadi hai...let's leave...
Sharon- Abhi..???
Swayam- Are I told you road!!
Sharon- But humari flight thi na...and it's evening now...
Swayam- No flights!! Cancelled..and packing?
Sharon- Hmm..I did... but change?
Swayam- Time nahi hai.. Car mein baith kar hi jana hai..okay... ?

She nodded and as they wanted to meet Maanvi's parents just turned to the Door to find Sara shedding tears.
Swayam- Hey...come here...

Sara walked to them..both sat to match her level.
Sara- Mat jao na...
Swayam- Jana to padega..Office hai...
Sara- Mujhe ap dono ke sath rehna hai...
Swayam- Fir Sara ke Mummy Daddy akele ho jayenge...haina?
Sara- Hmm... *crying*
Swayam placed his hand on her cheek...
Swayam- Fir apko unko saath rena chahiye na... hum ayenge aapse milne...
Sara- Pakka?
Swayam *tears*- Hmm...promise..
Sara- Aap kyun crying... don't cry..nahi to mein apko jaane nahi dungi...
Sharon- Hehe...
Sara wiped his tears and kissed his cheeks.
Sharon- Sam n Shari wants Sara to smile always...okay...
Both tickled her...she laughed...
Swayam handled her Chocolate box...she jumped in happiness...and hugged both of them tightly...
Swayam n Sharon took their bags and bid bye to everyone including Sara. Maanvi's mother thanked both of them...
Sara had tears but smiled and gave them flyingkiss. Both pechek her cheeks and lastly they left.


In Car;
Swayam *thinks*- Sharon...sorry I had to lie...we are not going Mumbai..!!



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sakshibshah IF-Dazzler

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Cliffhanger released! It was PANI PURI...LOL And as a whole how was the Chapter 45th! ?? 

Liked it? Was it boring??? 

Plz give your views by LIKING n ALSO COMMENTING. It really means a lot. Hug

Wud luv to see ur reviews on this. Embarrassed

Just wait for the next one... um...its...ok ok! I won't tell... you'll have to wait!! Big smile 

Add -SwaRonWorksPm-  to ur buddy list for PMs.Smile Scraps wil also be sent so keep checking if you don't recieve PM. Smile

DEMAND- 38+ likes n satisfactory comments!!! Spamming allowed after 3 pges of cmmnts only.Smile


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zk456789 Goldie

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Posted: 23 August 2014 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Me first again yeah
update was awesome as always
now eagerly waiting swayam sharon ko kaha le ja raha he
omg kahi honeymoon par to nahi ja rahe ye dono Wink
next update please jaldi dena
will eagerly wait
thanks for the scrap
do update next chapter soon

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Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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really sweet update yr...

paani puri part was simply wow Sakshi...
loved it...
sarah is soo cute..
now eagerly waiting..aakhir swayam sharon ko lekar ja kha rha h...
thanks 4 d scrap..

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