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SwaRon FF- KiSmAt CoNnEcTiOn #2 LastChap-57, Pg 62. (16Oct'14) updtd.

sakshibshah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2014 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Unbelievable !Shocked 2nd Thread of this SwaRon FF.! OMG! TongueEmbarrassedShocked [Spamming people thanks to u alsoTongue]

So happyyy! Thanks to each n every reader...who made me write more n more, who made me continue a simple story till long, actually who made this possible ! SmileHeart Love you all like loads n loads! Hug Thankyou so so much guysss!!! Heart

Here I present the 2nd Thread of SwaRon FF.

Keep showering your love n support like alwaysss! Big smile 


*Blue part Hyperlinked*
Thread 1- Chapter 1- Chapter 43

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Add -SwaRonWorksPm- to ur buddy list for PMs of any of my work.Smile


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sakshibshah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2014 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
Thanks for liking the previous Update.
Enjoy the next one.

Recap- Confession, SwaRon's Intimate Moment.

 Both were sleeping peacefully...when someone knocked the Door. Sharon heard that and got up.
She opened the Door..and found Nandini there...

Sharon- Maa...aap itni subah...kuch problem hai kya?
Nandini- Problem nahi hai...but abhi Swayam ke Uncle ka phone aaya they are coming at our met you both...
Sharon- Abhi ??
Nandini- an hour...aur they'll be here for about2 days...
Sharon- Acha okay...mein fresh hokar niche aati hun...
Nandini- Sorry beta...but I also can't help...I should not say but these relatives are irritating actually!
Sharon *giggles*- Are no problem...I am coming...

Nandini too giggled and went down!

Sharon hurried up with everthing... wore a simple dress...and firstly called out for Swayam.

Sharon- Swayam! You just get up ok...I am down...Uncle aane wale hai...(Imagine any...Chacha, Mama, etc)
Swayam- Sharonn...listen na...
Sharon- No! Mein jaa rahi hun...Mumma ki help karne...

She just went down to Nandini.

Swayam went to pick the Relatives from Airport.

In Mansion;

They all were sitting in the Drawing room... Uncle and his family chatted with Sharon for long which seemed boring for everyone... Breakfast, Lunch...because of all this Sharon couldn't go to the Academy but made Swayam leave for Office so that he doen't suffers with Pending works...

Swayam even dialed Sharon's phone but she didn't had time to answer it.

Nandini- take rest...subah se you are doing work.
Sharon- Arey..I am all fine... yeh relatives are more can we ignore them...
Nandini just kissed her forehead... and she smiled.
Nandini- Hope jaldi they leave...
Sharon chuckled.

Sharon found 5 missed calls...3 Swayam's rest Simmi... Sharon called Swayam but unfortunately he was busy with some foreign Officer. She messaged Simmi about her being busy.

The whole day passed like a working day!
After Dinner... the relatives made Swayam Sharon n others sit with them and just do time pass.
Swayam was turning sleepy, he even wanted to spend time with Sharon.

Both were sitting together only.

Swayam *in mind*- Ek week ke baad Maanvi ki Shaadi...wo to thik hai...but these people...Shaadi mein aaye bhi yahan rukna hai.. Goshhh!
Sharon looked at him...
Sharon- Swayam...
Swayam- Haan...
Sharon- You are so tired...go and sleep na...
Swayam- Aren't you too?
Sharon- No!! You got that...Swayam Uncle won't say anything...
Swayam- I don't even care...
Sharon *glare*- Huh.. you going or not?? Maa is also getting furious like you...
Swayam- Ofcourse hongi na...tum hi ek ho jisko...

He stopped from saying further when Sharon turned her face to other side. Even she wanted to be with Swayam but it was just that she was not showing. Her expression were clear of dissapointment.

Swayam *softly*- Come with me...
Sharon *looking at him*- But...
Swayam- Chalo...

Both got up making an excuse...

Sharon- Tumhe lag raha ki I am enjoying only not with YOU! I may be silly like abhi 23 days hue hai..sirf...
Swayam- Sshhh... It's not at all silly...

Sharon just buried herself into him...he too hugged her tight, kissing her head.

Sharon- sleep...sab bahar hai... who Papa ki medicines bhi dena hai...
Swayam- Means you are going...
Sharon- Don't behave like a  kid... Love you..Good night!
Swayam *smile*- Love you...

Sharon left...Swayam shrugged his shoulder...and made an irritated face thinking the Uncle n Aunti!


Next day;

in their room..
Sharon was sleeping when she shifted to side he sleeps... but didn't feel his hand or he himself there... She, yawning, got up...

Sharon- Huh...Swayam? Ab ye kahan hai??

She checked the Study Room, Bathroom but no...he was nowhere... she was looking in other room when she heard some sound from the Kitchen. She directly went there and saw Swayam doing something...

Secretly, she went behind him and ruffled his hairs...  He immediately turned back in shock...but sighed seeing her...

Swayam- God Sharon!!
Sharon- Hehe...mmm...tum yahan?? And kya kar rahe ho??

She moved to the plateform and found Sandwiches in a plate and Coffee for two.
 Swayam- Breakfast!
Sharon- Aww...but yeh achanak...

He came infront of her...making her move close to him...
Swayam- Kyun apni wife ke liye itna nahi kar sakta...??
Sharon- But jab use kaam ka pressure ho to he should take good sleep!
Swayam- If his better half works for can he stay like that...
She lovingly held his hands...
Sharon- Itna pyaar karne wala hubby sirf mera ho sakta hai...
Swayam *smirk*- Aur koi deserve bhi nahi karta...

Swayam sweetly kissed her...she hugged him softly...
Sharon- Vaise...Good Morning... hum chalte hai...definitely nahi to koi hume dekh lega...
Swayam- Morning baby! Chalo...


Both had their breakfast...and the daily routine started. Today Sharon decided to go Academy and start the Admissions since Swayam n the Gang already had spread the news about this one.

Swayam reached his Office after he dropped Sharon.

Simmi, Vicky, Neha met Sharon..

Sharon- Guys!! Wow! Tumlog yahan??
Simmi- Yes babes...
Sharon- Come na sit..

Sharon- Admission and all will take time...hope sab jaldi settle ho jaye...
Neha- Hum helping you Sharon.
Simmi- remember you were aksing me to join this as Instructor..?
Sharon- Haan yaa!!! Please!!!! Say!!
Vicky- Chill... hum is hi ke liye aaye hai...
Sharon *Happy*- OMG! Wow!! You guys...thankyou thankyou...

All hugged each other..
Sharon- So guys...mein tumlogo ko tumhara work and department de deti all check it first..

Sharon was all ready for her work. She handled them some papers and all. They went to study them.

Sharon called Swayam.
Swayam- Hey...bolo...
Sharon- Swayam!!!! Guess what... Simmi, Vicky, Neha ne meri Academy as instructor join karne ka decision le liyaa!!
Swayam- Great! is...
Sharon- Pata hai I am feeling so relaxed!! Actually Admission open hone mein one hour hai...I am doing all my work which I'll be in need of.
Swayam- Oh my! You are perfect..chill... ok...I am busy... I'll be there at 9.
Sharon- Yup! bye.

Sharon- Yeh sab Swayam ke wajah se possible hua...Bhagwan...thanks! You gave so many happiness to me! 
Swayam- Everything happened so I see Sharon just like she was before. Thankyou God for the happiness which she is enjoying and I am feeling content by seeing her.

Swayam was sitting idle when he received Maanvi's Call.

Swayam- Hello Maanvi...
Maanvi- Hy's going?
Swayam- Sab acha hai...and what about you..?
Maanvi- I am perfect! But meine kuch kaam ke liye phone kiya...
Swayam- Ya ya say...
Maanvi- You are coming after 4 days na? Can you come before it...tomorrow?
Swayam- Kal??? Aisa achanak means..?
Maanvi- Umm...actually I know Didz nahi mangei isliye I am asking you..I so want you both here...2-3 days before. Please..please...
Swayam- Are...haan okay...but day after tomorrow?? And tickets and all...?
Maanvi- No..tomorrow only!! Vaise you don't worry about all that tickets...I did that pehle se hi.. :P
Swayam *chuckle*- Means yeh sirf formality huh... great! Kal nikalna hai...freak! Send me all the info asap!
Maanvi *laugh*- No no...ofcourse puchna zaruri hai na...aap aur Didz..ahem...busy rehte hoge na...Yup yup sure!
Swayam- Hmm...bohot busy...but kaam mein!!
Maanvi- Aww...
Swayam- But then I want you to do just one thing...
Maanvi- Are shoot...
Swayam- *****
Maanvi- Ohhhoo... Jiju Didz...I got it!
Swayam- Areh! Now do that...and make sure she agrees to it.
Maanvi- Pakka! Vaise you well..!
Swayam- Thanks Thanks!
Maanvi- Acha byee!! See you both soon.
Swyaam- Bye...


Evening time;

Sharon- What.!! Swayam!! How can you..??? Means...kal..? Are you...Goddd!
Swayam *calmly*- Hogaya Siren ji??
Sharon- Shut up!! And you are so calm..??
Swayam- Final ho gaya say...had your lunch??
Sharon- Haan...
Swayam- What about Dinner?
Sharon- After Uncle Aunti leaves for Lucknow. *loud* And itna kaam hai...fir bhi kal ke liye haan kaise bola tumne???
Swayam *shout*- Sharon!!
Sharon- Hmm... okay...
Swayam- Huh...we have to drop them so I'll pick you at 9 sharp.
Sharon- Yup..come soon...Neha, Vicky, Simmi already went.
Swayam- Yup! I'll be there asap. Bye.
Sharon- Bye...

Later, Sharon changed into the Dance Outfit as she thought Dance will be the best to pass her time!

She chose a fast, loud dance number... She went on practicing infront of the mirror! Furious dance moves, killer steps, the whole Rehearsal turned engergetic... she was all sweaty...

Swayam opened the door of the Hall as it was unlocked.
Swayam- Sharon...
She heard his voice and slowly ended her dance...and even stopped the music.

Swayam went to a side...picked up a cloth...and came to her...he gently cleaned her face by that cloth... She sighed.

Sharon- Thanks...
Swayam *order*- Panting like anything...sit here for 2min...
Sharon- Hmm...

Both went to the chair and sat on it...
Swayam- Vaise admissions start hue??
Sharon- Haan...kuch kuch students ne register karwa liya hai, I told them about their schedule and also informed them that ki jab classes shuru hongi...message pohoch jayega...
Swayam- Umm..great then...
Sharon- Mumma ko bata diya about going tomorrow..she agreed.
Swaaym- Ok...but tumhe kya hua?? Looking tensed, tired?

He shifted the chair towards her... she looked at him.
Sharon- Areh no..abhi Dance ki..
Swayam- Mein jab se aaya smile nothing...? Then?

She got up and moved some distance... he too went behind her...
Sharon- Bas Swayam... tension hai...means Academy ko handle karna...and...
Swayam made her turn towards him...
Swayam- I know tension is obvious...but you are so handle everything so perfectly... just relax... aaj se hi Admissions shuru ho gyae...sab acha me...okay...?
Sharon *smile*- Haan...I I do trust you...
Swayam *smile*- And yeh tiredness ko door karne ka bhi way hai... 
Sharon- Kya?
Swayam- Just...take a short nap!
Sharon- Have you gone mad??
Swayam *confused*- Huh...?

Sharon started smiling...and simply, went closer, kept her head on his chest and also wrapping her hands around him... He couldn't help but hug her back with a smile.

Swayam- Okay..i sleep??
Sharon- Not sleeping...but the fact is agar ek minute bhi mein aise rahi na to I'll sleep...for sure! And mujhe iski aadat ho gayi to..ho jayegi actually!!
Swayam- And meine tumhe chhoda nahi to...??
Sharon- Ummm...yo phirr...Uhh..I don't know!!!
Swayam *chuckle*- Aadat lag jayegi...sleeping ki...
Sharon *tightens the hug*- Ahann...sleeping ki nahi...tumhari... jis way mein you embrace me..uski..and ek aadat to hai hi...tumhare pyaar ki...
 Swayam- Yeh addiction na safe, healthy hai...
Sharon- I know! This can never be harm to me...
He smiled and broke the hug...
Sharon *disspointent*- I felt so broke the hug!!
Swayam *naughty*- Umm...pehle let the relatives leave...busy schedule khatm hone to do.. fir...
Sharon *blush*- Let's leave!!!


Swayam n Sharon dropped the relatives at Airport and were coming back.. on the way to home when...



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Heyo!!! 2nd Thread ka 1st Ch. means...Chap-44 !!! Okayyy! How was it???? I know less SwaRon..but story buildup needs this! Hope I made it SwaRon-ish! Embarrassed

Please please HIT LIKE n COMMENT. 

It means a lot. Encouraging factor!Smile

Keep guessing what happened nexttt! LOLWink

Demand- 37+ likes n comments satisfactory!

Add -SwaRonWorksPm- to ur buddy list for PMs.


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Incorrect Goldie

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Congratzzz sakshi for the new threadParty
And meee firstDancing
I loved the update 
Ua jus amazing deaClap
The irritating relatives n swaron was a treat to readLOL
Sharon's academy and the gang as instructors was too GudBig smile
Swaron r going somewhere
Eager to c dem spending some quality time with each otherEmbarrassed
And maanvis wedding too
Hope the wedding leads to some romantic moments of swaronWink
Wanna read more
Update soon dea

p.s. u have a res to unres


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Hey Sakshi, first of allCONGRATS FOR THE NEW the is just PERFECT yr..yup nandini is right..these relatives are irritating..sharon is really doing a great job..happy that swayam is taking Care of her..making breakfast nd all..lovely..what's the plan that swayam made with manvi...wanna update soon.thanks 4 d scrap

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zk456789 Goldie

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Congratulations for the new thread
the chapter was awesome
thanks for the scrap
do update soon

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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Addictz

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congozz 4 d new threadParty
and d update was beautifulClap
Swayam taking care of sharon cooking breakfast and allTongue
wowwieeeDay Dreaming
so maanvi's wedding nowTongue
and wat plan r maanvi-swayam makinggWink
continue soonishStar

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surbhimathur IF-Rockerz

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Swayam sharon ko privacy kab degi tu sakshi! Relatives are sucha pain in such situations XD But i loved the cute small scenes in between, kitchen wala was cuteee and woh wala toh bahut super tha after rehearsals when sharon hugs swayam saying that it relaxes sweet. Some surprise is in store for us i guess...maanvi ki shaadi se related...i think swayam is planning some alone time for him n sharon. And ab cliffhanger :O what will happen toh nhi ruk gyi unki?
Update soon!
Congratulations for the new thread btw :D Gajab kar diya tune toh...chha gyi ;)

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