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Baaraatis Anonymous CC Thread # 36 Link to # 37 in Page 151

dev25 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 December 2013
Posts: 4314

Posted: 16 August 2014 at 10:13am | IP Logged

hello everyone and welcome to our CC Party ..this CC is only for baaraatis do whatever u want to do i dont care Cool...u r free to go mad and crazy on anyone Cool not forgot to rofl  ..ROFL

We bees are grateful  to one and only Juhi who started this CC and brought us together from all over the world. Let us continue to chat, have fun and frolic 

Juhi... Hi


Let us cherish the friendship .....


True friendship is when you walk into their house and your WiFi connects automatically. - Author Unknown (Internet, probably)

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one. C.S. Lewis

Friendship is like money, easier made than kept. - Samuel Butler

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. ~Douglas Pagels

Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with. ~Robert Brault,

Friendship isn't a big thing " it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.~Leo Buscaglia

Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.~Sicilian Proverb

Our day starts with this CC and also ends...


for the above pic

And with that, let's get this party started...

Party for the Birthday boy  also ...


Link to Previous Threads


Presenting you with the bees that keep the lights on anytime of the day or night:

Expelliarmus - Juhi

1chilly - Charu

A_BA - Aami

Areeba_blossom - Areeba

Arshix144 - Mini

Arshi67 - Ruchi

ArnavBarun - Veena

...ASB100... - Asha

AzraZaidi - Azra

Bhavikakosambia - Dolly/ Bhavika

BlueMystique -  Ridz

Bridgeofdreams - Shaimaa

Champsum - Sumaiya

Chokri_ASR - Jigs

Chotidesi - Choti

Dev25 - Mani

esamoe - Raeesa

Heavens_Flower - Re Re


JforChimpanzee - JforChimpanzee

Kclovearshi - Kavi

Kiwikali - Kali

Kurinji - Kurinji

LooneyLuna - Luna

mem1 - Gita

MsDroolKanthan - Astha, not Shlock's though

Nooro - Noor

preethi.saseeda - Preethi

rith123 - Rithika

Rulama - Rashmi

Ssyahoo - Sami

Sarikaa97 - Sarikaa

Semanti - Semanti

shree10 - Shree

sj236 - Sur

Sman - Shailaja

sudhareddy - Sudha

Tinkleby - Maanasa

tvpal007 - Cherry

vks11 - Sri

vandana.sagar - Vandana


***Apologize in advance if I may have missed anyone, please let me know and I will update.  Also if you do not want your name listed, I can remove it as pressure Smile


Some things to keep in mind (Thanks Juhi for the rules):

1) We are all friends here, so let's value each other's opinions, without personal judgments and comments. Step back if you need to...

2) Let's keep it clean, so no one has any need to come up creeping at our doorsteps, no being the basherz ya?

3) You probably don't want to share personal info here, that's what PM(s) are for ya?

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tvpal007 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 February 2012
Posts: 23617

Posted: 16 August 2014 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Here we are Big pathetic attempt at some birthday writingEmbarrassed

"Arnavji.. What are these packages that have been arriving for you all day long" asked a curious Khushi."You do have a birthday coming up...yes,but this is too much".
Arnav nonchalantly walked to the gifts that were being steadily piled up in his study and picking up the first one said" Hmm..This one has a London postmark and the sender is Mrs Ruchi.Lets check what's in it".
Khushi grabbed the package and tore it open and exclaimed"what the..A vahan rakhrakhav manual with English translations!!Arnavji.Has this Ruchi been helping you with any..err..malfunctions ?
"Khushi..just get on with the next package ".
"Arnavji ...this one has no name.Oh wow..I just love surprises"
Khushi opened the wrapping and with a big smile on her face told Arnavji" A superman underwear!!. I can't even begin to guess who this one is from".
Arnavji's face was as red as the red on the superman underwear and muttered something under his breath about women who kept raking up the past.
Khushi squealed as she opened the next gift" Arnavji..this one is a book again ...from Choti.
The title is " Dories for Dummy". Wow ,this is a step by step guide on the secrets behind the dories".
Arnavji picked up the next one from Maniji and opening it exclaimed"Herbal curry leaf oil for my hair.Thank God it's something normal".
Khushi picked up the next one and dropped it almost immediately" Arnavji..This one is from Droolji.She is the one who threatens to eat you up almost everyday.Do you think its safe to open this one".
Arnav dropped Drooljis gift in the pile named"hazardous and radioactive check" and went on to open the next one from Re Re.He blushed furiously and tried to hide it from Khushi who grabbed it and turned a deep shade of red seeing it was a picture collage of some of their *ahem* moments which they thought were private and confidential .How on earth did Re Re get her hands on these.
Arnav then told Khushi" Juhi,Charu, Aami, Mini,Shaimaa,Lady ASR,Raeesa,Kiwikali ,Nooro -,Preethi, Rithika,Rashmi,Sami,Sarikaa, Shree, Shailaja, Sudha ,Maanasa , Vandana and Cherry have sent me a huge huge gift.Should I even dare to open it".?
Khushi looked at Arnavji and said" Hume Bharosa hai..apne Writerji par aur Uske Bees par".
" Ok Khushi".Arnavji untied the ribbon and the wrappings fell away almost magically to reveal an eight feet tall cake.
" Haaw" said Arnav and Khushi together as they heard the Happy Birthday song emanating  from the cake .
" Arnavji ,you need to cut the cake now" said Khushi.
Arnav had hardly touched the cake with the knife when the cake exploded open to reveal a hair dresser,a designer and a facial spa expert.
While Arnavji was in a state of shock,Khushi quickly aided the three experts and in a twinkle of an eye,Arnavji was made to look like the Arnavji of the Diwali episode.
Re Re and her secret cameras in Shantivan quickly relayed these images to Happy Bees throughout the world.
V and Sami wrote a few gutter poems to celebrate this historic event.
Writerji left her AD to write an OS and Rashmiji posted gif after gif.
The superman chaddi gif was deleted from all posts and Droolji changed her ringtone to Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai once again.
Peace reigned in Shaadi ki Duniya and we reached the 69 CC in record time...

Thank You Bees for giving me the 1st spot here.
I lubs u all dammitHug
And Happy Birthday Hotwa

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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 May 2012
Posts: 14393

Posted: 16 August 2014 at 10:48am | IP Logged


and good friends...

One of the ground rules of life is...

So Thread 36 it is...
Lovely thread Mani...
Asha is being persuaded time and again to succumb to memory loss for... that must not be spoken about... At last!

Cherry has come out with her fantabulous drabble...

Ah Kurinji...
What do I say... It was hilarious...

Ruchi, my sweet...

Jigs... This one is for you...

My feelings on Juhi's absence...

But what to do???
AD to aisa hi he!

But still...

We need to know some seven facts in this world...



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kurinji Senior Member

Joined: 25 September 2012
Posts: 776

Posted: 16 August 2014 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Maniji dropped her hankee, just saying.

Missing Kadka OS

Before reading pliss drink dis.

Arnowji in da
pompomless, sleeveless, strapless red dainty nighty attyre Embarrassed
Khoosi in da three piece pijama polo, pijama pants wif nada and Blushing

Oops galti se mishtake ho gaya, plis (s)exchng da attyre.ROFL

Kushi restlessly watching pone tinking ReRe nd fiddling wif her fingers nd worried can she today do da wiggle, wriggle nd slide.Cry Her Arnavji entered da room adjusting his third piece of his attyre nd took the control in his hand, nd worried can be any action today.Cry

Sensing each otha sensually Arnavji huskily asked "Khoosi today action..." as Khushi was also in da same mode mood made da deal as long as she can slide he can have his action.Thumbs Up

Both happily neared da bed, Khushi comforted near da headrest nd Arnavji da opposite holding the control.Embarrassed

Kushi was wif her total feelingz nd concentration start saying,
now right... righht...
strait nd grab da cherry tomato, cherry tomato...
more tomato more... more...Embarrassed
Smirkilishily Arnavji  turned his head to Kushi nd said "Kushi can you plisss calm down while playing"Blushing

Kushi wif her blush continued what she was doing.

Arnowji lost his control on da bed, nd started shouting no no no not hit da Hotspot leava it nd focus on Scratch... now go go go to Slash, He started screaming No no no, dont attack like dat...Angry
Khushi was totally winning in dat stage said, Arnavji can you pliss hold on da control nd reduce da volume.Blushing

As game overed both went to slip tinking about otha and how dey enjoyed "it" both thought of giving a try.Tongue

Kushiji keeping her Phone on da side table thought may be after sending Dabba tomorrow she can watch action filled "Ninja
" which her Arnowji recorded and watched just den.Big smile
Arnowji too thought of da same by keeping da TV control on the sidetable, to give a try of what Khushi was enjoying, sure he will download "
Snail Turbo" in his phone tomorrow to slide, wiggle, wriggle.Big smile

Now both can have Sliding and both can have Action.


PS: "Missing" OS not because of my name was missing in the gift sender list of above Inhouse SSs post .Cry Missing third piece of the attyre in the action.Wink

Juhi, as much as I miss your SS, your Cliff updates, I miss the Kadka OS you write. I always wondered your unique way of wishing your friends with the Birthday Kadka OS which will always leave with a unbearable pain in the cheek, your tongue in the cheek writing with humor and sarcasm is missed by lot of us. Bas hope your AD get better so that we can get to see your writing again. Hug

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Heavens_Flower IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 January 2013
Posts: 7596

Posted: 16 August 2014 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Cosmic Collisions...

Once upon a time, ver...

Are you going to tell me the Sundari and Shaitan's story again mom?

Nehi Aarav, this is a new story my friends told me a few days ago...

Dad... Mom is going to tell a new story... do you want to hear it too???

Sure... I am listening...

Dad... will you come and sit by me till mom finish this story...

Aarav, let papa work... this is not a story for bade people...

Well... your friends told you and you all are big... so why can't dad hear it too...

Impeccable logic Aarav... What say Khushi???

Arnavji please don't encourage him... as it is he is becoming a junior ASR already and the world is not ready for another you...

Mom... are you going to tell the story or not???

OK... OK... where did I stop???

You never started mom... we are stuck at once upon a time'...

Ha...ha... ha...

Arnavji chup... Once upon a time, very long ago in a magical land there lived two friends... one is a snail and another one is a tortoise...

What is this magical land called? Who is the king? Who is the queen? 

Whoh... oh... slow down.. once question at a time... the magical land is called the Kingdom of Bees', the King is called Arnavji and I never got the name of the queen as the talk is always about the king???

Are the friends like me and NK uncle, mom???

Kind of...

Kind of mathlab???

See... you and NK uncle are both guys but this snail is a girl and the tortoise is a boy... girl friend, boy friend mom?


WHAT? Damn it Khushi... where did you hear this story???

Well... the be...

Aarav, do me a big favour???

Sure dad!

Please go to sleep right now and as a reward I will do something special tomorrow...

But the story is not yet finished...

I know... but I just remembered that I have to discuss an important work with your mom... so she will finish the story tomorrow... and also you are getting a reward tomorrow...

..but Arnavji did you not tell me to always finish what I started??? You are sometimes very confusing...

This is one time you are not finishing what you have started Khushi... Aarav go to sleep and you... you come with me right now...

Leave my hand Arnavji... where are you dragging me...

You will know in a moment...

Now what is the necessity to drag me to our room.. you could have waited till I finished the story...

Who told you this damn story Khushi???

Well it was Kurinji and Re Reji... they w...

Those damn bees again... 

Arnavji they are my friends... and Maniji just told us the importance of friendship and how it is as important as a bra...


Please don't scream... are you planning on bringing everyone at home to our room...

Khushi you should know better than to tell these stories by your damn gutter friends to Aarav... He is a small kid...

It was really a fun story Arnavji...

Not in this lifetime Khushi... your friends' minds are at the bottom of the gutter... remember that fixation with the superman boxer and because of you I am unable to do anything about it...

But that is ONLY Ashaji... this is Kurinji and Re Reji...

They are all the same... 

Yes we are... because we are likeminded people and a gust of wind or smell of food or even the mention of your name can bring all of us together faster than your fastest c...

My fastest???

I was going to say car Arnavji... you are as bad as Maniji... always interpreting what we say in a most inappropriate manner and then calling us gutter... Why can't you be more like Ruchiji???

What did Ruchi say???

She told us that she liked the story very much and for us to please continue... She was very encouraging and polite...

I bet she is...

And Cherryji...

She was involved in this too!!!

NO...No... her SS mind got into a tizzy but she was blushing though... that means she was thinking of something else... isn't she Arnavji???  just like you and Maniji...

She was not thinking of something else but we all were thinking of the same thing...

Really... you mean there is some hidden meaning???

Of course there is... you never tell these nonsense to Aarav you hear me...

Don't order me, Aranvji... You hear me???

Khushi this is fair warning... if you don't stop then I will be forced to take drastic measures...

Measure what?

Oh man... I give up...

You know what Arnavji??? I think you are blowing this out of proportion... my mind is in such confusion after I have a collision with you just like the Snail...


Yes...  the story say not to collide with the tortoise as it is not good for snail's health... she got all dizzy...

What the hell... What nonsense were you discussing in that damn forum...

Not nonsense but lot of sense... see snails are soft, delicate, tender and they cannot go around colliding with tortoise as they are hard... they will get a bump right???


Haan Arnavji... I thought that advice was very sound... so no collision and good for Aarav to know how bad collision is...


Yeah... all your hopes and ambitions are dashed due to collision...


Yeah... if you collide with the mighty one you are doomed...


Arnavji... stop repeating yourself... if you repeat, the bump will grow bigger and bigger...

WHAT??? What The hell??? Did you realize what your friends are talking about...

Yeah a story on how slow T 35 was moving...

No Khushi they are not... they are talking about s...

Shhh... you are going to say that 3 letter word right???


Hey Bhawaan... I get it now... OMG... Now what Rashmiji was trying to say make a whole lot of sense... She posted a picture of Di and I never got it...

What??? Di's picture too???

Yes. She was looking very pretty...

Hey Devi Maiya... this is Arnav Singh Raizada... I know I have ignored you all this time but please... raksha karna...

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...ASB100... IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 July 2008
Posts: 3794

Posted: 16 August 2014 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Thread 36!! 

Khushi's reaction:

Khushi: Koi hume chooti kato

Arnav: Thoda dard hoga LOL

Anjali's reaction:

Oops...wrong Anjali. Not that one, this one:

(Don't be misled by her smiling countenance. Just because she's not crying right now, uska ee matlab naahi hai ki she can't cry. Her tears are just preparing themselves for the grand fall--from her eyes to the bichara floor (I pity the floor actually))

Naniji: Chalo acha hai...I have an excuse to let my hair down. Acting like an SS is so tiring! 

Mamiji: Aisan kya? Then I need to get ready for the party! Uske liye, we need awar (ourLOL):

Shyam...actually, who gives a shit? Except for Anjali, of course. D'oh 

But because we don't, let's forget Shyam and...CELEBRATE!!! Party


Let's dance Baaraatis!!!! 

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sman IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 July 2005
Posts: 6783

Posted: 16 August 2014 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Congrats baraatis,...36th thread. Amazing
What an awesome job Mani, proud of all baraatis

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Chokri_ASR IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 September 2012
Posts: 7722

Posted: 16 August 2014 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
Congratulations Baaraatis on thread 36!!!  

Awesome job Mani with the opener!!!  Clap

Party it away ladies to the next thread...Dancing

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