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The Red String Theory ( chapter 15 updated on page 49)

goody2shoes Goldie

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Posted: 12 August 2014 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
* Hi guys, ok so I like to write and since I've jumped on the TaSha Ship I decided to dabble here. Let's see how this goes :) 

It's AU (alternate universe) so aside from names I have taken nothing else from the LTL world. As disclaimer I would add, I own nothing from LTL, but the rest is all my doing. But above and beyond that I hope you enjoy this.* 


chapter one: page one

chapter two: page two

chapter three: page four

chapter four: page six

chapter five: page eight

chapter six: page ten

chapter seven: page thirteen

chapter eight: page sixteen

chapter nine: page nineteen 

chapter ten: page twenty-three

chapter eleven: page twenty-eight

chapter twelve: page thirty-four

chapter thirteen: page thirty-eight

chapter fourteen: page forty-three

chapter fifteen: page forty-nine

The Red String Theory


The red string of fate also referred to as the red thread of destiny or red thread of fate is an Eastern Asian belief originating from a Chinese and Japanese legend. According to the myth a red cord is tied around the ankles of those that are to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The magical cord may be stretched or tangled-but it can never break.


Chapter 1: It always came back to you

Date: 6 June 2014
Time: 1.24p.m
Place: Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire
Mood: Carpe Diem


He was now urging her, a quiet plea. Pathetic really. How had she never noticed how childish he sounded? How had she failed to see how pitiful he was? How had she dismissed this before? She laughed. An actual laugh. She was certain all eyes that were on her, grew ever more curious, but she was past the point of caring.


This time she cut across him, he had placed his hand firmly over her wrist and had pulled her in close, as he often did when she teased him and he'd had enough. His voice now edged above a sharp whisper. She forcefully removed herself from his grip. Not batting an eyelid. She grew annoyed at him. Irritated. She wanted to slap him. Oh how wonderful that would have been. Now she really wanted to laugh.

It was weird seeing him look at her with that same intense gaze, hearing him say her name in the same reserved tone he always used, feeling him touch her purposefully the same way. All the things that had once upon a time made her heart melt, her stomach somersault and made her swoon in his arms, were all telling her one thing, and one thing only: to run.

She turned around deliberately, in complete control not caring about tearing her Ritu Kumar designer lengha; she never liked it anyway-way too showy and far too uncomfortable.  She turned to look at his guests. His guests, she looked, but had never noticed before, they were all his guests. It was always all about him. Always.

How had she never noticed that before? It was his idea to have a large reception out in the open, it was his choice to have a live band, his decision to have a summer wedding; in spite of her hay-fever. Every fine tuned detail; from the napkins to the timing of each speech was all his doing. Even the doves. Especially the doves. All for his wedding. She now smirked. Indeed, Leela was right; he was a grade A arse wipe.

Leela, moved forward to grab the white rose bouquet from her- white because, he had insisted it so. While she spoke, clearly and certainly:

"Ladies, gentlemen, children, loved ones, friends, and strangers alike, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sajh-ing and dhaj-ing to attend what you assumed would be a grand wedding. Thank you. You all look beautiful. Except you..."

She pointed to the far right, towards a young beautiful woman in red;

" look hot. Which is why follow my advice and stay away from the groomsmen. They're all jerks. Every single one a kamina, trust me, I know."

He stepped forward, she was surely crossing a line now, but she was quicker and moved away from him carrying on with her speech. She would have her say today. She would. She had rediscovered her voice, or rather was beginning to and today nothing would stop her;

"Thank you, but today I am not getting married." She paused, she noted the gasps and raised eyebrows, and couldn't help but internally laugh.

Damn I could give Karan Johar a run for his money. Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, epic wedding scene my lovely tushie' she thought to herself, before she continued:

"There may still be a wedding; I don't know is it now legal to marry yourself?" She enquired, looking directly at him, provoking him. For some unknown reason she found a new zest for mocking him. It felt good, well honestly; it felt therapeutic.

Why am I only just discovering this?' she amused internally before continuing with her apologies:

"I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this change of plans may cause. But do not fret, I trust that the buffet and drinks reception will still run as planned."

Leela nodded, in agreement.

"Please enjoy yourselves, eat your hearts out, get drunk, sing and dance and then have another drink on me. In short, Mauja hi mauja' folks." She rejoiced.

She now turned to look at him; his ears red from what she knew was utter embarrassment. But she couldn't care less. Not anymore anyway.

"I'm not marrying you."

"Like Hell! What kind of mazaak is this?" He towered over her, Leela stepped forward to her aid, but Nakusha stopped her and her family;

"You have every right to be angry..."

"Really?" he growled folding his arms.

"But I'm not going to apologise to you,"


He was flabbergasted. In all the years that she had known him, this was the first time she saw him lost for words. Literally. She turned around, leaving him completely unsure as to what was happening. As she walked away from him, not before flashing his mother a huge smile, and her never-to-be-father-in-law a wink, she could have sworn she saw him pinch himself, just to check in case he was dreaming, and she smiled once more this time to herself, at the new lease of life she'd been given.

They; his family-especially his mother-didn't take it very well. But who would? Her son got ditched on his wedding day-nay the wedding moment. Everything was in place, had she fallen weak at the last moment, by now she would have been his wife. Another one of his trophies.

She didn't know what happened after that, she had just left; she didn't even go back to her bridal chamber. Leela had already packed her stuff; it was in the car along with the note saying;

You took your go live your life. You've earned it ;) xxx'



Flight 306 to Paris, is now ready to board.'

She was pulled out of her thoughts by the announcement. Presumably there would have been a fight. Bloody noses and black eyes but she wasn't worried, for she was now going to live her life and the first step was Paris. Yeah she was off on her honeymoon, alone. And she couldn't be happier. Two first class seats all to herself, she was definitely winning already.

As to the rest well she had a motto for that now-one she had borrowed from a stranger who she had met all but three times in her entire life. But each time it had felt as though she had been given a new lease of life. A motto he lived by; he swore by. It was odd, that she thought of him now, as she boarded her plane and buckled herself in. Not odd that she thought of him, but odd that she thought of him now, as she embarked upon a new chapter of her life.

"Carpe Diem" she whispered, as the plane took off.

She smiled, picking up the complementary magazine, flicking through it absent-mindedly her thoughts drifted back to her stranger. He had probably settled in the suburbs now, married, with a kid or two-naturally his first born being a son, completely immersed in a homely lifestyle, with a routine. He'd be waking up to the same face daily, falling in love all over again, with each good morning. All the things he had mercilessly mocked, but she knew he was destined for. All those things that he had hated, that he claimed he was running away from. All the things that less than twenty-four hours ago she thought she was so close to gaining. She shook her head, resting it back she gazed out of the window into the dark night and sighed.

And what of the rest? What will she do now? Well she had a motto;

Que sera sera.'



"Excusez- Moi, pardon"

She had fallen asleep, how peaceful had it been, she could have sworn she was floating.

The steward hovered over her. Nakusha opened her eyes and saw the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. He spoke again in a thick French accent;

"Sorry Madam,"

"It's fine, something wrong?" She asked

"We have a request from a fellow passenger on whether he can be upgraded; unfortunately the flight is full, except for..."

Nakusha smiled,

"This seat," She pointed to the large empty spot near her;

"Oui," his cheeks flushed, Nakusha couldn't help but smile more, he looked so young, possibly one of his first commercial flights.

"Ce n'est pas un problem..." she lent in to read his name tag;

"Francois" she finished, as she saw his face extend into a genuine pearly white smile.

Damn he has the most perfect teeth too. Clearly his folks got genetics right.'

No sooner than a couple of minutes later Nakusha heard him return accompanied by the passenger.

"Here you go Sir,"

She had returned to looking out of the window again when she heard the voice that she had been yearning to hear for a while now, as he spoke in the same nonchalant way:

"Thank you,"

This makes four' she thought as her stranger settled beside her. 


So what is the verdict my jury? Shall I abandon or press on? :) 

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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reserved.. I. ME & MYSELF..will be back..

heyyy naila.. congrats and press on.. brilliant!!! have to read it but so glad you started... me smiling..  latersss..
 sorry I was doing other bits and pieces.. but have to say..  what a treat it was to read your  lal dhaga! 
what   I found interesting was your explanation  in the start.. the legend .. the popular saying behind it.. had a great ring of celebrating universality!  the bond spells of eternity.. so have to say as many of  like to believe it applies neatly  to  tasha's eternal love ..
 However.. rather  fancied this contemporary naku..  honestly it did remind me of the big fat indian/pakistani wedding.. KJ style..  with all the glittery feel to it..
Naku.. seems a  rich lardki.. does  that prove helpful to take  the decision.. ditch the groom and jet of to Paris... just wondering? waise you made me brush up on my French1
she seems a bit of a romantic.. makes me wonder.. why does she chose Paris? heard its the city of love... I have this feeling that the man she's running from.. is going to end up sitting next to her.. I CERTAINLY HOPE IT IS.. and i hope.. he takes her for a rough ride on the plane..  and sorts the clouds in her brain..
listen.. Naila absolutely loved the style of writing, light hearted , zany, and of quite different..  but  I was at ease immediately  with the two lead characters.. dutta and naku.. suddenly  your story title makes sense, along with  tasha!
waiting for the next chapter..  the beauty of Laagi forum ,is  readers are hungry for  creative writings.. so  great you came forward to share your fantastic writing talent.. now waiting for more.. much love hammie. 

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tahera57 IF-Dazzler

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Hi Naila,
Thumbs Up please cont...

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FASSBEN Senior Member

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HI Naila

Loved the first chapter. Nakku walks away from her wedding day and goes to Paris on her way to Paris a stranger sets besides her who Is he let him be Dutta.

Pls do continue really soon

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Wowow,  Nailaaa is this you? Big smile    but why do i sound surprised, you are doin what comes naturally to you,  your forte lies in writing.  You are too good in expressing the myraid thoughts n emotions, wild crazy dreamy etc etc..,  See i know u so well  LOL  
Unlike some of us You are too good to  be just reading n pressing like.  But tell me is there someone who prompted you,  humm bata bataa ..  Wink
Ok ill get back to the writing itself a little later, let me soak in the joy first, thank you so much Naila Approve

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goody2shoes Goldie

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

reserved.. I. ME & MYSELF..will be back..

heyyy naila.. congrats and press on.. brilliant!!! have to read it but so glad you started... me smiling..  latersss..

I am waiting with baited breath ;)

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goody2shoes Goldie

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Originally posted by tahera57

Hi Naila,
Thumbs Up please cont...

Aww thank you Tahera, the next update shall be soon. I'm trying :)

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goody2shoes Goldie

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Originally posted by FASSBEN

HI Naila

Loved the first chapter. Nakku walks away from her wedding day and goes to Paris on her way to Paris a stranger sets besides her who Is he let him be Dutta.

Pls do continue really soon

Aaah Fassben, *SPOILER ALERT* : lol no time will tell soon enough, and thank you for liking it :) 

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