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Arshi FF: Fighting Fate (TVK 2) Thread 4 - COMPLETED

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Fighting Fate


Here I am once again with the sequel of  The Valiant Knight, titled asFighting Fate.  There are many reasons why I decided to come up with sequel. Most important one being, I didnt want to compromise on the ending of TVK1, but at the same time I was very distressed that the characters had gone through quite a lot and they deserve proper Love Story. 

I would like to share something about TVK1 as a parting note to that phase, I usually take a day to write an update but last chapter alone took me more than 5 days. And the letter, took me for about 2 weeks. And the most devastating part was the end where Arnav goes into isolation, those 10 lines took me an entire day and there were several moments, where I had to step away from the computer as I couldnt write a letter and I had no idea how many times I cried, I angered myself for taking up this challenge.   

Many including Me, was upset for the end I have chosen for Arnav; but as a writer, as someone who volunteered to motivate abused women, and as per the need of the story, the focus had to be on Khushi at that time. I dont mean to underestimate Arnav's pain at all. 

I have to confess that I hate to separate Arnav and Khushi in any story but that ending was needed and my heartfelt thanks to everyone for understanding and respecting my decision even though you all didnt wish for the separation.

This piece is not going to be as emotional as TVK1 but emotions and outbursts do definitely come into picture when appropriate so save those tissue boxes. 

The TVK1 blog is getting ready, once done, I shall update this post with the blog info.

If you happen to stumble upon Fighting Fate,  you need to first read 
The Valiant Knight - 1 (click the title) to understand their past. 

Sit back and enjoy the trailer: 

Thank you all once again for joining this story...



Chapter 13 [Scroll down]

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Fighting Fate


You will see the real ME you have known, only when you swaddle me in your arms... 

Khushi hardly slept for an hour, woke up to the mind hammering alarm to get herself ready on time, as God Knows what might tick the husband who holds universe of You-are-Firedvouchers. Squinting her eyes she checked the alarm ringing to 4am. She sleepily wrote numbers in the air calculating 4-5 to get ready, 5-6 to reach the restaurant; 30 mins walk, 30mins ride. She sighed lazily, getting up from the bed.

The next one hour, her feet hurtled from one corner to other corner, taking little bit more time than usual to get ready keeping certain someone's preferences.

August 9, 2014.

Absolutely no time to spend with you the asli wala must be waiting to burn me out. But I will miss you...

Oh last thing I have to... have to share with you. Acha laga when you replied last night...First SMS after years...Gussa hee sahi, par kuch toh likha...

Oh lastly, you should have seen your face when I asked you to bring tomatoes...One day ASR, I will make you shop for vegetables you hate...Just wait and watch...

Shoving the diary underneath her pillow, dunking corner of bread between her lips, grabbing her belongings, she rushed out to exit to lock the house.

Arnav who was on his way back from his jog stopped by the compound gate and questioned startling her in the morning darkness, Where are you going at this hour?

Bread dropped to the floor, clutching her heart, she took rapid breaths to calm her fears when he reached her in a split-second. The subtle trembles he didnt fail to notice and the concerned words spilled out involuntarily, Kya Hua?  

Koi aisa darata hay kya? She exasperated walking past him to leave.

Maine kuch poocha tumse! He questioned again in his usual imperious tone.

Keeping her hands on her hips, Khushi pounced on him, To watch premier show of Kadoos Raizada in a theater called Delektable Morsel. Want to join me?

What the...He almost charged on her when she stumbled backwards.

You were the one who asked me to be in the restaurant by 6. She fumed, her eyes burning with lack of sleep, that he didnt fail to notice.

Noticing her shaking in rapid breaths, something unknown, inexplicable feeling of gut-wrenching started nagging his mind, and his protective instincts brought best out of him, Get Inside.

What? Are you firing me without checking if I reached or not?

Shut Up and Get Inside. You will leave when I am ready to leave.

Khushi instantly gleed, her eyes shone in anticipation running towards his bike, Are you giving me ride today?  

He stood staring at her, thinking that he never knew before that she could be this crazy. He wondered if he know anything about her at all or if she changed so much that he is finding it difficult to relate to Khushi he had known.

Khushi, Inside NOW! He said taking deep breath of control..

The moment she heard him call her name, she turned alert because unlike last few times, this time there was so much concern in his hoarse voice, and she didnt want to do something stupid and ruin the moment she cherished at the very second.

Obeying him, she walked past while he started walking towards his door only to stop and check on her.  As she was about to step inside, she decided to reveal, something has been bothering her since last 2days.

Digging her nails into the wooden door, she hesitated for a moment before she gathered her strength, hoping he won't speak rudely. Ek baat kehni thi.

Pushing his palms into his track pants, He turned to face her to listen keenly. He couldnt refuse, watching her lashes flutter in hesitation.  

Assured of his attention, She spoke softly looking directly into his eyes, You address everyone with their names except me. Can you continue to call me Khushi like you did now without any Ms, or Ma'm. Itna toh maang sakthi hoon, haq hain mera!

A moment paused in comely silence! While she anxiously waited for his reply, he watched the restless hope brimming in her eyes. Get Inside Khushi.

The words were uttered, too fast and very dictatorial but does that matter? It certainly didnt for Khushi. She smiled as a meaningful glance exchanged between them. Though no expressions evidently crossed his features but he conveyed much more than she expected with his simple Khushi. And she was its going to her senses wake and overactive for a very long time. She smiled one more time, biting her lower lip to stifle the crazy grin that was about to spill, unaware that she is drawing his eyes to every move she made, be it coy drop of her lashes or a subtle quiver of her lips.

Arnav stood there for a moment after she left, waiting for the smile, the grin, and the little tug at the corner of her lips, to be registered for eternity. 

And they all did without his permission!


Before Arnav could knock on the door, Khushi came out readily locking the door, all excited leaving Arnav totally flabbergasted.

Chalein? She gleed adjusting bag on her shoulder.

He scrunched his nose in confusion wondering how did she know his presence without him knocking on the door.

I understand your confusion. I saw you wearing shoes through the living room window. She informed feeling proud of her brilliance.

What? Are you..Are you stalking me?

Tooba tooba...I wouldnt dare. I know you would fire me if I do that. I was just following your moves, although they are not quite entertaining. He made a face giving her dirty look walking past her towards the gate.

She hurried her feet wondering where he is going when his bike is parked inside. As she reached the gate, Khushi stopped short and glowered at Arnav watching him lead her to the cab waiting outside.

His eyes glinting slyly, Arnav stood by the back seat to open the door when she strode towards him saying, Let it be! I am not used to the princely treatment in the recent memory.

His eyes were ablaze, and he retreated his hand execrating the taunt in her statement. Shouldnt you be blaming yourself?

Her lips twitched and suppressed trying her best not to respond to provocation and as an afterthought of the mission at hand, she threw a dazzling smile saying, But I can get used to it once again if you are planning to do it for life time.

Throwing a poker face at her, he tapped on the car to depart while he walked back to his bike.

Khushi quickly folding her hands into Namaste and craned her head out so that he could hear him...

Oh Lord, you never gave me anything I wished. So here I am for the first time asking you something that I dont wish to happen..Please please please DO NOT burst the bike tires. Always keep them healthy and rolling.

Arnav stopped and turned back giving her frown of amusement at her squeals.

Did they burst? They should have been by now...She yelled from the car pouting and scrunching her nose.

Armav quickly turned away to hide the upcurve of his lips muttering Unbelievable!

And an ear to ear grin escaped watching him follow her in distant.


A truck load of fresh vegetables, meat, and fresh catch of seafood unloaded as Arnav watched Khushi standing few feet away observing everything keenly, which seemed like she is taking notes mentally. As much as he tried to show his indifference to her presence, she persistently acted casual and he knew that she is trying to bring normalities into their lives. She didnt hesitate to step forward and introduce herself to the vendors, asking questions and understanding the whole routine. Amidst this, Arnav noticed something very peculiar the way she introduced herself folding her hands into namaste even to people who are unaware of the culture.

So seafood is delivered every morning, isnt it? Khushi questioned breaking Arnav's line of thoughts, to which he replied with a tight nod.  

Come with me. He said sternly leading the way to the freezer room soon after the vendors left.

The resolve and the conscious plans he initially made to prove her wrong, to make her realize that she took the worst decision of her life going away from him, started to crack somewhere from the moment he spotted her scared stiff in the morning. He initially wanted her to deal with the tough situations like managing the produce shipment and the load of goods by herself just to wear facade that he doesnt care for her anymore. But the lingering thoughts of how horrified she turned hearing even such familiar voice of his, didnt allow him to burden her with unknown strangers and unfamiliar tasks...a flock of unsettled vibes started creeping his resolute mind, breaking all his resolves to prove her guilty of her decisions. Unknowingly, a soft corner seeded by his heart took over the stubborn mind, suggesting him to go little easy over her and thus ASR couldnt help but tone down his anger until the cloud of restlessness clears away.

Opening the giant metal doors to the freezer room, Arnav waited for her to step in and soon followed her closing the door behind them. Arnav grabbed a log book that was hung on one of the metal racks and started explaining how to log the supplies everyday after the vendors leave.

There was so much calmness in him when he dealt business or a matter of fact any task at hand, and most importantly he seemed to forget that he challenged her, and that he is supposed to make her life miserable. She smiled sheepishly at that thought.

You with me so far? Came his stern voice as he scribbled something on the paper.

Uh..woh, no actually I am confused. Can you repeat what you just said? She couldnt come clean that she heard nothing he spoke, deeply engrossed in her own little evaluation.

Dreaming about bankrupting me with your generosity?

No no.. I was listening to you. Sachi..

He gave her a suspicious look and started briefing one more time but not before saying, Stick your brain to your head! I wont repeat it again.

Mins passed, Arnav went on from corner to another, sometimes demonstrating how to check for the quality and sometimes listing the people to reach if product is not upto the mark. Suddenly, in a momentary silence, he could hear a low stutter sound. He paused and turned around to find her shivering with her fists bunching her little dress on her sides.

A nervous grin broke out, her jaws clapping to each other, She took slow steps to him as though her bare legs are frozen. Can we log all of this standing outside? She stuttered..

Ofcourse, if you have x-ray eyes to see through that metal door.

I am cooold. She pouted.

Who asked you to wear kid's clothes? He turned around continuing his work.

Kid's clothes? How could you? I know you like this dress. I have seen you chec...

He turned around cocking his brow into frown.

OK! You didnt! I was checking you out! That's right, It was me!

His frown got deeper,shutting down the log book, he piqued and strode towards the exit door and opened it for her.

Thank You. She squealed and rushed out for warmth mumbling something and the next thing she heard is door closed behind her. Mission accomplished! She sighed singing time for garma garam coffee.


Arnav finishing up the conference call with Aman and Executives, rolled his fingers on his temples reading the details about the small company that Aman suggested to take over.

Sorry for not knocking, hands are quite full. Khushi said in mischievous tone as she entered with 2 mugs of coffee.

Leaning back against his chair, he noticed the mugs and then looked at her not quite favorably.

Kya hai yeh? He asked in imperious tone as she walked around and placed the mug next to keyboard closer to him.

She took deep breath smelling the coffee...The nose tickling garma garam coffee, specially made by Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada...Ta..Da...She bowed down dramatically settling down herself on the near by chair.

I dont drink Coffee. Take it from here. And close the door before you go. Mujhe bahut kaam hain. Dont bother me.

There is no one here yet. Its boring to be alone in that kitchen. I will be quiet. I promise. Let me sit here until everyone shows up.

Then you have to sit until tomorrow.

Kya? Kyun? Did you fire everyone?

Shooting daggers at her, he threw the calendar to her lap and continued with his work. Khushi slapped her forehead realizing its Wednesday and the restaurant is closed on Wednesdays.

As she promised, she remained quiet watching him but as mins passed Arnav started to feel awkward with pair of eyes watching him over his shoulders. And her stretched out bare legs are not helping him either. He needed to either parcel her in a blanket or send her out of sight.

Dont you have any work? He asked with his eyes glued to the papers, trying to concentrate what the hell they had it written.

NO. I am all yours...sniggered Khushi.

Furrowing his brows, not relenting to her provocation, So can I assume that you are going to rock the menu tomorrow, without letting lobsters eat away the mangoes?

Khushi straightened up, scowling at him. I got the point. I will go after coffee.

Good. And dont leave the kitchen until you prepare every dish twice. First round to practice and the second to prepare without referring to the recipe..

Every dish? twice?

Finish it before 5.

Awww...Its only 8 now..You want to keep me in kitchen for 9 hours?

So that you would stop chewing my brain.


Excuse me?

I think you are keeping me here because you would miss me if I leave home.

Shut Up and Get Out! And listen carefully if you dont cook each dish twice, next in line of fire is your best friend Stan! Now leave.

Oh Dear God, Though I hate you for several reasons. I cant stop myself pitying you. I wonder what pains you must have taken to fill barrels of anger in him.

What The? Arnav jumped in his seat ready to murder whomever she is calling frequently.

OK OK Chalti hoon but not before you drink coffee.

Take it away from here. Nahi Chahiye! He was flipping the pages of the contract and suddenly stopped, remembering the moments attached to those words. The memories that took back seat over the years, that were faded in their minds were once again reminded by their hearts. He paused for a moment to compose himself before lifting his head to look at her sitting few feet away.

Khushi who was doing bak bak until then, became utterly silent, with her lashes on the floor, her fingers drawing circles on the cup. How much was slipped out of the hands. The question that she asked herself remembering the monster and the night, clearly reflected on her face. There was slight quiver on her lips and high-strung flutter on her lashes.  

HE SAW IT ALL.  He saw her withholding every bit of agony that her eyes couldnt hide, not from him.

The time came to standstill, the air around them constricted pushing their hearts to reach out each other. But Khushi didnt allow her vulnerable heart to reveal to the man who can read her into deep down abyss with slightest hint. Before he could do just that, fear of breaking down made her stand up from her chair to leave the room at loss of words.

When she tried to take his mug away, he picked it and took a sip of the hot beverage with his eyes glued to papers, bringing a pleasant smile on her face.

He resumed his concentration on the words listed on the file that seemed to be meaningless at the moment and she knew him too well to understand that he is hiding his own aching heart.

She silently walked out leaving him alone to gather his own peace. Time to give some space!


As soon as Khushi left him alone, he grabbed his mug and headed out of his room to take a walk outside the back door. He must have walked few feet but quickly turned around to check if she is doing alright as she left his room gloomy. And what he saw astonished him. The lady running the empty kitchen with genuine smile on her face and humming away an unfamiliar song is way different from the one who sat with drooped shoulders a while ago.

Disturbed and perturbed, Arnav retreated his steps and walked out the back door to have a little walk to himself, absently wondering How could she act different?

His restless feet paced across the length of the space, as his mind turned agitated questioning the smile she wore at the time he uttered those words, that brought alive the forgotten memories. If he was not wrong, she wore nothing but a plastic smile to stifle the quiver on her lips. The smile that didnt reach her ears, that is way way different from what he just saw in the kitchen.

Is it all real? He couldnt decipher.

The man who never allowed any thoughts to ponder when he savoured her coffee, this day absently couldn't help pacing unrest, unable to understand the question mark in front of him, when he should be relishing the bittersweet taste after 3 painful years.


May be a simple beverage but somewhere deep down he knew he fell for her the first time she prepared it when he went to acquire her business. He didnt know that he developed an unknown craving to the take-me-for-granted beverage, until they started living together and spending their mornings sharing millions of things over few sips. And the craving seemed to be irresistible at the moment, if not talks, silence would do to start with. His heart chided taunting him how much he missed it all while his mind urged him to get one glimpse of her to confirm if the smile is a smile or a plastic stretch. And before he knew it, he followed his feet wherever they wanted to take him.

Liar! He knows exactly where he is heading to!

Leaning against the kitchen door, sipping coffee, he watched her in silence doing quite a lot of things at the same time, that seemed impossible to keep track on. Drinking coffee, battling with measuring cups, flipping recipe sheets, running around for the ingredients..etc..etc...& etc...too much to even list. ASR eyes got tired, giving up & forcing them back to the lady and not the tasks at her hand.

Dressed in ruby pink shirt dress, her waist accentuated with thin white belt tightly wrapped around it, her hair that was tied into high pony in the morning was let loose, part of it cascading on her shoulders giving a beautiful contrast to her ivory skin and the dress.

His heart skipped a beat and gone breathless watching her long nape being curtained away with the spontaneous swing of her hair from one shoulder to the other. Hair styled shorter than he had known, She stood lean and slender clad in summer fabrics that hugged her like second skin. She had grown thinner. He noted!

Leaning her elbows on the counter, with one hand feeding her drink, and other hand calculating measurements on the paper, She seems to be in her own world, oblivious of his presence.

A lopsided smile tugged over his lips as he remembered that all those years back, they talked nothing sensible and the most attractive part of the brewing sessions being her laughter, the shrink of her brows over the rim of the cup, and the breathtaking teeter nods she would give from time to time, ofcourse not to miss the teasing flutter of her brows. For a third person, it would be simple gestures of a conversation, but for Arnav Singh Raizada they were the LIFE poured unconditionally into his dry life, skipping his beats with every wink and limitless smiles.

You like what you see?

Arnav snapped out of his reverie by a loud chortle. Excuse ME?

Baingan! See how I carved it. Shoving Baingan almost on his face, She said oblivious of what he assumed of her question.

Arnav rolled his eyes boring them at her, as she stood with one hand holding the baingan and the other tapping the rolling pin on her shoulder, swaying side to side, fluttering her eyebrows. And the mischievous glee on her face was something to die for.

Freaking distracting! He thought with his famous frown and walked past her to drop the mug. Go Home!

Kyun? Now what did I do?

Nothing! thats why I am asking you to go.

Kya kar...

He interrupted her turning away flustered...I mean..mera matlab...Ab mein kya boloon?

How do I know? but whatever it is dont say it from that heated brain...She

Just shut Up and leave.

But I dont want to go.

Khushi? Drawing his brows together, he threw an infuriated look.

FINE! Call me cab. I got used to little bit of luxury in the morning. And make sure you hold the door open for me until I sit. If you agree to these conditions, I will go.

You are going and that too without any ifs, buts and stupid conditions...Quick Hurry Up...


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lalarukh IF-Rockerz

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awesome update...beautiful saying...y i am all of sudden feeling romantic shantic with the saying will see the real  me u have known ,only when u  swaddle me in ur arms...hyeee wah wah...too good...

awee poor khushi her breaking down of hours...4-5 get ready ...5-6 reach reminds me of my study time...i used to break hours like this ...7 -8 chap 1 8 -9 chap 2  and so deeps u took me to my student life :) short how close to reality approach...

loved her talk shawlk with dairy...the asli wala must be waiting...hehehe...awee she noted down it was his first message though gousa wala hee sahi after long..and i am sure she going to make him buy all sabzis too...i have no doubt on her writing deeps...

aweee i simply loved the scene...where she got afraid of sudden his voice...and i loved it even more...the way arnav noticed her can he ignore her fears...thats a brilliant piece of writing deeps...and her hilarious reply  going to watch premier show of khados raizada ...hehehheLOL

ufff i simply loved this caring and in concern raizada...go inside...aweee so sweet...shut up and getinside...y his anger  it sounds music to air...:)...i am loving arnav loads here :)...loving his protective instincts here...

i loved her ...itna tu maang saakti hoon,haq hay mera...ufff...thats so touchy...
and he sweet enough ..he watched her restless hope in her eyes...and said get inside, deeps ...ur this girl re lived in just this simple gesture of his...just a name khushi from his mouth...brought back happiness to her...such a simple girl...such a simple wishes she having :)..Arnav stood there for a moment after she left, waiting for the smile, the grin, and the little tug at the corner of her lips, to be registered for eternity. 

And they all did without his permission!...wooow ..beautiful writing deeps...

hilarious scene ...she watched him from living room window...and all set to leave...i loved her ...though nothing enteraining his dirty looks..good to see her all chirping...she is back into life...REALLY?...but yes with him things seems going in pretty  right direction...her small prayer...and his unbelievable...all brilliant timing deeps...amazing grip on ur writing ...too good..

okk so the crack has started ..i knew it no one can break his inner walls..its going to be he himself ..he is thinking after seeing her scared form ...this chap turning out much to grasp from it...he is ready to tone down his anger untill the clouds of restlessness clears away...hmmm very thought provoking para deeps...arnav is gem...he is always ready to help out...his care and concern all right was impossible for him to over look...something that striking...the morning incident forced him to start thinking in new direction...its fantastic the way u have shown arnav and his thoughts...

the freezer room scene...where arnav looks  totally professional ...and in real she was checking him feeling cold...and his remarks on kids clothes..i am loving khushi...she has not  forget her aim to win him back for a sec ..her counter replies to him...hilarious...

the famous nahi chahiay brought back smile ...but for them...memories...HE SAW IT ALL.  He saw her withholding every bit of agony that her eyes couldnt hide, not from him...loved his gesture of picking up the coffee...but khushi...her pain un imaginable...

arnav is observing loads here...he is in deep thoughts..he is in constant noticing phase...he watched her in kitchen...who the real ..the one who trying to smile although its not reaching her ear or the one lost working in kitchen singing ...loved her attire and the way he went back in living the moments with they enjoyed there gup shup times and all...and her teeter nods...and teasing flutters of her deeps bauhat hee fit likha hay...loved it to loads..skipping his beats with every wink and limtless ...i simply loved his thoughts on her...for arnav.singh .raizada...its life poured unconditionally into his dry life...fantastic wordings deeps...

how beautifully u have blended her light flirtings...with his intense thought wt u see...i mean the baigan...hehehe...too good...such a beautiful blend of emotions deeps...we can laugh out load...but we cant miss the person who has started  noticing her in new light...arnav khushi throughout the chap complimenting each other...some time his sharp words and her quick  light replies...sometimes she in thought process and he observing...and some times he observing and she in her own world...there r much deep meaning to whole chap..other than light moments...

brilliant piece of writing...i am trying to learn wt ever u trying to actually bring out from here...seeing the intensity of ur writing i so wish ...i ll be able to grasp the meaning properly...loved it to the core...u r awesome 

p:s congrats on new thread...may u have many many many many more :)...may ur hardship be bestowed with THE BEST :) u my friend

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For the new thread.. This is the proof for your talent... Clap


You will see the real ME you have known, only when you swaddle me in your arms... 

This line belongs to both... Real Arnav is masked with the anger and arrogance  and Real Khushi is masked with completely different khushi he never knew.And they can be themselves only in each others arms.. 

4 to 5 to get ready and 5 to 6 to reach restaurant.. Wow.. what a planning.. 

First SMS... how can she forget to write about the first sms she received from him after so many years.. Anyway.. this diary writing habit that Khushi developed is very sweet for me.. to listen her inner thoughts.

Oh man these two are unbelievable... An over protective and yet indifferent Hubby... and over sankiness and yet sweet wifey... Although they both are broken completely inside for different reasons... Although they both are wishing for same thing called togetherness for eternity... There are many stumbles that are stopping them to reach for and grab the fruit called love.

To watch premier show of Kadoos Raizada in a theater called Delektable Morsel. Want to join me?

I laughed so much after reading this sentence... it's so hilarious...

Can you believe it... Arnav is obliging her every request without a word.. is he really want her to go away.. is he really want to show she is not worthy enough for him... Is he really not loving her anymore... Lies.. All Lies... 

Let it be! I am not used to the princely treatment in the recent memory.

Shouldnt you be blaming yourself?

But I can get used to it once again if you are planning to do it for life time.

Once she was overwhelmed with his princely treatment... now she is craving for that... And he is absolutely right... it's really her who lost that tenderness... who lost that warmth.. who lost that love... 

Oh man.. she is unbelievable... she is wishing for .. to get his tires burst... 

Coffee.. garam garam Coffee... once again doing it's job to bring back two hearts together... to erase the boundaries amidst of them... 

And the famous phrase Nahi Chahiye... I thougth it brings good memories for them.. but I don't understand why Khushi became gloomy...

Is it all real? How much his heart is wishing that.. all of this is real...because .. he can't take anymore heart breaks...

And he is checking her out... and when she asked... do you like what you see... dammittt. I too thought she is referring to the looks of her... but .. she is asking about the stupid eggplant...

FINE! Call me cab. I got used to little bit of luxury in the morning. And make sure you hold the door open for me until I sit. If you agree to these conditions, I will go.

You are going and that too without any ifs, buts and stupid conditions...Quick Hurry Up...

Does it matter.. about Ifs and buts... all it matters is.. they matter for each other... What matters is they Love each other... and the Love their hearts.. holding is.. so precious and valuable...  Really these both are so wonderful and inspirational to many who thinks they are in love... 

And Deepu... you did a tremendous job again... Another fabulous update... Amidst of the busy schedule you have now... youa re coming up with awesome updates... you are really an amazing writer.. Clap A star Star...

Sorry for the short comment Deepu.. because today is Sumu Birthday.. I have to rush to prepare his favorite sweet.. by the time he wakes up... 

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dii... i wish you add such millions and millions of threadSmileSmile  in every journey of your on this forumBig smile

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my comment on chap 12

comment for chap 13

13 is said to be unlucky but ... you proved it wrong ... this 13 brought new luck to arshi and our lives with grt smile and content happiness ..

dii... it was a bang on update...

dii. u have a great sense of humour plus a grt skills to put things into perfect place. you are an engineer to raw tools, making them a perfect machine.

dii... I always appreciate the things you add in the updates.. it's not always about the couple but the environment and surroundings also are so intensified and tempting that sometym I feel that heaven must not e that beautiful, how beautiful is the world you created...dii hats off to ur genious and brilliance filled brain...

Dii for you:

Kya mangu mein aapke liye

Maangu jo har khushi mile aapke liye

Hansi rahe hamesh chehre par apke

Jaise rahe khoosbu phoolo ke pass mein

Mile na koi gham jis raah par chale aap

Ho pure har tammanna ho pura har khwab

Har kahe gunje aisa aapka jaha mein naam ho

Mehnat laye har kaam jise se jude aap ho

Duayein mere saare ye qubool ho jaye

Mil jae aapko har khushi jo aapke dar pe aaye


now about the update:

You will see the real ME you have known, only when you swaddle me in your arms... 

Aww... dii ur first lines always make me go in a dreamland ... How well u put the story of a entire update in a single sentence... just hats off to every thought that comes out of your brilliant brain and incredible heart..

dii... this update was seriously a superb as usual but accepting the truth after many days it was all positive showing up the dawning sun that is soon going to shine in their lives.

Every update has its best ingredients ... and same was with this .. it was all a kind of dessert for us...

Love you dii... the way u pen each and every emotion ... feeling... expression... turmoils... all are just outstanding.

Khushi... she is really an inspiring figure as a women for us... along with you.

She smile in worst fought strongly for the things she find of worth and that is her strength that today she  started getting sme positivity in the dried realtion of her marriage...

Khushi... was mature since we started reading her... coz tym made her learn thing before her age... But ... she has gained this maturity more and more with every step in this journey either its being silent.. being composed ... being sensible... being outstanding business entrepreneur ... dii.. her charcter has gained maturity plus reachd greater heights with every passing day... hats oof dii.. for creating such a wonderful character.

Khushi's diary part... gosh I really love it , how she share all her feelings that she wished to share with Arnav in this nonliving dead pages...

Oh lastly, you should have seen your face when I asked you to bring tomatoes...One day ASR, I will make you shop for vegetables you hate...Just wait and watch...

My face started gleeing the most reading her bosiness as a wife and how she dream to make him shope the veggies that he hate ... wow dii excellent articulation of the feelings of a longing wife for small small happiness she is kneading for her future with her husband..

Itna toh maang sakthi hoon, haq hain mera!

Aww... this remind me of IPKKND tym wen Arnav says her haq hain tumhara biwi ho mere... aww dii... u never miss chance to refresh the best memories of past... and I really love wen I start feeling that this is just excellent ... and no one can beat u in terms of thinking and articulating the words that have a great feeling and meaning wrapped in it..

Get Inside Khushi.

wow.. he really said showed his care ... and how he read her fears and sply wen she gt scared .. how in an instant he read her... dii u rock... it was something like so precious that can not be counted and measured with tym.. dii I felt goosebumbs on my skin as I read it...

ok now I will share something that I feel for Arnav since wen ever I read him as more sensible person ... with very every shot he hit.

What makes Arnav of TVK and FF different from all we read??

Answer is that he is shown as the real man .., who really care and love his lady.. secondly he is more sensible as even he is angry with her for the past but he is not going overboard but is like a coconut as I said earlier .. who seems to be hard from outside bt is so soft frm inside ... he can never let her get harm and suffer... and even he can break his promises that he made to himself of not melting down easily.. he is really a great man dii.. I may have faild to say the exact feeling but its totally different what we can expect from a normal person...  


OK! You didnt! I was checking you out! That's right, It was me!

Aww.. was she really checking on him... and damn damn she accepted it... really I liked her innocence and mischeivious nature that is making Arnav melt a bit.. and I really feel this is all new for me to read such side of her byt I am  really loving it... as she is a finest lady who is going to win her husband not by her weaknesses but with her love and innocent charm.. I really liked it...

And her stretched out bare legs are not helping him either. He needed to either parcel her in a blanket or send her out of sight.

Ayeo our Arnav is also gtng seduced by his wife... something very new.. is is really so ... or m reading something wrong... Its Arnav Singh raizada .. that have still the control to stop himself either if it was nay other person it would have been impossible to ignore the epitome of beauty sitting opposite to him...


Best thing I always liked about him that since the beginning he never failed to get her.. he always can learn more of her even in her silence.. in her smile.. from her eyes.. from her moments... god dii.. how u manage to put such deep feelings.. I am really going to get a hard tym in my future...

but for Arnav Singh Raizada they were the LIFE poured unconditionally into his dry life, skipping his beats with every wink and limitless smiles.

I really liked this update ... as here for the first tym Arnav not evn for once was angry or with agony ... infact he was so calm and easy goibg plus caring and composed with her...

Dii how to say.. I fyd today's Arnav again a best man ... coz.. he just took away my heart again with the way he dealth with her today.. keeping all his heartbreaks and agony on side to rest and explored her  feelings and emotions and expressions ..

FINE! Call me cab. I got used to little bit of luxury in the morning. And make sure you hold the door open for me until I sit. If you agree to these conditions, I will go.

How she started openly showing her right as a demanding wife and he too didn't even utter a word in anger .. infact I was shocked in beginning wen he asked her to get in her house and let her to restaurant the tym he was to leave plus he called a dream .. m I dreaming or is he really Arnav ... but to be true ... I love him damnit and he really proved that its not only his personality but also his sensible nature and aura that is attracting us...

Ok so overall it was a fadu update and I am really so happy ... this was a totally a positive update... without any visible scars of past that can give us a single tear...

I not only enjoy the parts wer Arnav and khushi are together to share themselves ... but I laso enjoy reading the way they work specilayy in the freezer room ... the way how engrossed they get in their works... how sensibly they handle the things ...  and how today after years she shared a cup of coffee with him...

How he notice her every single change from her attire to her nature... as she was never that demanding and chirpy plus mischeivious  ... did he missed something ...

Dii ... you are really a fantastic and magnificent and marvelous writer... god bless you for ur future and present...


Yu he nahe mein is sager mein doobe hoon

Gehrai tere dil ki mujhe kheech rahe the

Wafa ki talash yu he nahe ki maine

Aankhe tere har baat ka ikraar kar rahe the

Hain gehre nahe ye gehrai samandar ki

Gehre tere jheel se aankhe mujhe doobo rahe the

Mein aye shayad khud ki khatir

Par tere har saans jaise mujhe bula rahe the


Kaise ye pal aaj badla hain is kadar

Hoon aaj khush mei dekh bus tujhe pass mere

Aankho ki chamak tere dil ko sukoon dene lage

Aaj  jaise jindagi sadiyo baad pher se muskurane lage


Kab tak rahoon tujhse rootha mein ye sochta hoon

Tere baatoon ki gehrai mein ab doobne laga hoon

Kho na jau ye darr bhe hain kahe is dil ko

Par tere pass ane ki talab lagne lage hain mujhko


Tere aankho ki hansi ab jo labo par sajte hain

Na pahuce jo aankho mein aaj bhe mujhe dikhte hain

Hai aaj bhe chehera tera he dil mein jo basa hain

Bus saath tere rehne ko pher se dil kehta hain..


 Please bear my extremely free flying thoughts...

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jduke IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 April 2013
Posts: 7663

Posted: 10 August 2014 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
                 LOL...Loved Kushi's time table...4-5 to get ready, 5-6 to reach the restaurant; 30 mins walk, 30mins ride...when is mission pataao Mr. Kadoos Raizada time slot Wink?
              "Get Inside Khushi". To me this sounded like Get inside my life Kushi without exit doors LOL. I Love this caring Raizada Smile. "I saw you wearing shoes through the living room window."...Did she see him only wearing shoes or everything else too...:).Can she peek into his bedroom Wink?
             "I was just following your moves, although they are not quite entertaining." LOL...Kushi gone nuts LOL
           "Please DO NOT burst the bike tires"...Don't worry Kushi, Arnav got tubeless tries to keep your mind and heart at peace. "Kid's clothes..."...Kushi are you trying to seduce Arnav? Angry
         Never knew Coffee can play such an important role in A & K life Smile.TVK quote of the day - Everybody start drinking Coffee / Tea with your spouse for a wonderful day...every day Tongue.
        "You like what you see?" Any doubts...he loved those uncovered long legs and petite waist Wink. Kushi keep wearing kid's clothes. Looks like they are thawing Arnav's stone cold heart.
         I absolutely enjoyed reading it and thanks for early update. My monday started with a big smile  after reading this.
Kushi watching Arnav and enjoying the stunning view LOL
Arnav -> Kushi

Edited by jduke - 11 August 2014 at 3:01pm

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