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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

MEIEJ - RishBala's and RajBala's Epic Daastaan-E-Ishq

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"Pagalo Ki Si Nafrat...Pagalo Ka Sa Ishq...
Paagalo Ka Sa Junoon... Mil Kar Kya Khoob Nibhaya...

2 years, 648 episodes and countless memories... is how we all can describe our journey with our show. It came to our hearts as a relief and then slowly it made a mark that will stay on forever. We've had our share of joys and griefs all entwined with DVD/RishBala. DVD became the lifeline of this Forum and we all became a one big happy family.

RishBala went through various stages in their relationship from hatred, to denial...and finally confession leading to another break-up and then their bond culminated into an unbreakable bond of marriage.

The story shifted to RishBala's daughter Junior Madhubala...who fell in love with Superstar Abhay Kapoor, but as destiny would have it...she got married to Raja(marking Vivian's return to the show). Another epic tale began...and finally culminated on the 9th of August with RajBala commemorating the epic love saga of RK and Madhubala. 

We, Nautanki Times Newsletter Team would like to use this opportunity to thank all the members of Madhubala Dev Team, who supported and guided us through the course of 2 years.

Shifali, Gur, Shruti, Simmy, Ridz, Stuti, Naina, Juleka and all the Global Mods...thank you so much for being so co-operating!

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon completed a successful run of 648 Episodes...longest for any youth romantic saga.

It was the first TV show in 2012 to record an opening of 2.8 TRP.


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon won Favourite New TV Drama in People's Choice Awards.
Vivian Dsena won GR8! Performer of the Year at Indian Television Academy Awards
Drashti Dhami won Golden Petal New Face - Female
Vivian Dsena won Golden Petal New Face - Male
Indresh Malik won Chaheta Personality at Golden Petal Awards


Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami won Best Jodi at Indian Telly Awards and Golden Petal Awards.
Vivian Dsena won Best Actor (Jury) at Zee Gold Awards
Pallavi Purohit won Best Supporting Character at Indian Telly Awards


Drashti Dhami won Best Actress at Zee Gold Awards and Indian Telly Awards.

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1) Saving the Flickering Flame

Madhu brings Bappa home, and RK is not happy. He doesn't think that the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities should take place at his house as he feels that Bappa is to be blamed for everything bad that has happened to him! He does everything in his reach to make Madhu's plans of celebrating the Ganesh Chaturthi at his house a disaster, trying to make Madhu and the rest of the family realize that he doesn't trust in God any longer. 
Madhu sees RK blaming bappa for all that has happened to him, she hears him questioning Bappa about why he took his father away from him. why Bappa betrayed him. Madhu is stunned to hear this. just as RK leaves, he feels the Akhand Jot flickering, and covers it so that it wouldn't flicker. Madhu realizes Bappa means a lot to RK than he lets off. After a forced marriage and a compromised relationship it was the Ganpati track which brought the duo close for the first time.

2) The Foreign Feelings

RK has been shot and Madhu realizes that he might mean a lot more to her than the guy who married her forcefully. she forgets that he has sworn to make her life a living hell. She is confused about her feelings towards RK as she realizes that she hasn't gone through anything scarier than RK being shot. Forgetting all the wrong doings by RK, she begins to fulfill her duties as his wife. RK is disturbed, and asks forgiveness from his father in his sleep, Madhu comforts him and says that he did nothing wrong, and she is there for him. RK finally wakes up and realizes that he might have let out some of his deepest and darkest secrets and insecurities in front of her. as Madhu tries to comfort him further, he shakes her hand off of him and drifts away to sleep. Madhu sits by his bedside, not budging an inch. as the horrific thoughts of RK getting shot haunts her. The following morning, Madhu tries to act normal and as her usual chirpy self which is quite surprising for RK. He slowly remembers what had happened the previous night and how she had tried to comfort him. She denies anything beyond ordinary happening and states that she slept soundly on the couch as he slept on the hospital bed as the 'Pillow Wall' wasn't there to bother her. He asks her what had happened last night, and questions her on what he had said to her. She tries to change the subject and tries to leave the room by telling him that it is time for his medicine and tries to leave the room, and then he grabs her by the hand making her sit on the bed beside  him. they have an eye-lock and RK realizes that he might be holding her hand a little too tight, and slowly lets go. She is overwhelmed and utters that she is going to go meet the doctor and leaves the room where as RK looks on. scene shifts to Madhu leaning her back on the door as 'Hum Hai Deewane' starts playing for the first time. the lyrics apt.

"Tujh se hai hassi, Tujhse Udhaasi,
Khashmakash hai Rabba.. Roothi hoon phir bhi Raazi..
Tu hi hai maula.. Tu hi hai kaazi...
Kyaa karun main bayaan, tere ishq pe jaan kurbaan.."

3) Seema Ji & Mr.India

Madhu is yearning to take care of someone who she shouldn't be taking care of, the man who hurt her. the man who never thought twice before striking her sore spots. and yet cannot help but play Nightingale in Shiny Sarees.. joke :P .. haha ..but the point being, even Madhubala doesn't know what to make of this complex man. she is baffled yet astonished at the same time. At this point, Madhu realizes that RK is not all bad, and that he is still a child at heart who complaints to Bappa about everything bad that has happened to him. The boy crazily has kept his father's memory in his care. she is now bold enough to question anything which RK says or does without much hesitation and at the same time, she doesn't think much before expressing herself. so here we see a stubborn RK who doesn't budge when Madhubala offers to feed him. he holds his ground and doesn't want to take any help from Madhu. but Biwi scores.
truly an awe worthy RishBala scene, Madhu tells RK to think that she is wearing Mr.India's invisible watch. he gives in. a lighthearted moment between the two as Madhu is surprisingly chirpy and cheerful, and our MR.Right Kameena is baffled and mellows down. RK calls her Mr.India and in return she questions him if she is Mr.India who he is? she states that he is Seema Ji if she is Me.India leaving RK surprised. He then questions her boldness in speaking with him, and they remain mum for a couple of seconds and start laughing. awww I swear, Dimples Galore <3 then came the 'Lets Wipe Biwi's Hair off Her Cute Face cause the Darn Locks Cover Her Gorgeous Doe's' haha
 yet another RishBaliacious eye-lock which surely has stopped thousands of hearts for a few seconds. certainly stopped mine ! so I guess it is safe to say that RK felt helpless without Madhu by his side, mind you he never really let it show where as Madhu was constantly worried about him.

4) Raat Akeli Hai

At the beginning of the episode we see a concerned Madhu calling RK up to check up on him to see if he has taken his medication in time. as usual RK chides her and tells her not to irritate him from so far away and cuts the call. where as Dipali has her own plans of claiming RK. urmm for the night.. I think :/
The landline is disconnected, his mobile is switched off, and this doesn't go down well with the jittery Biwi. she sets off to the RK mansion in the middle of the night just to check up on RK. meanwhile in the mansion, RK is enjoying a therapeutic foot dippy thingie in hot water. haha. The medication kicks in, he is drowsy. and he sees none other than his Biwi singing a sensual number for him. yes our hero is baffled, cause he thought he dropped Biwi at his sasural, and yet there she was, swaying to the beats of Raat Akeli Hai.  he follows the figure. and after the song is over, he finally realizes that his eyes and the medication have played a nasty prank on him as the figure turns out to be none other than his Ex-Flame Dipali. he chides her, and warns her not to even try to get close to him and leaves for the room. when Dipali follows him to the room, RK threatens to throw the dirty foot water at her, and the bugging continues. without much hesitation RK reaches for the water, and splashes it on Dipali's face only to realize that it was Madhu.
Through out the Raat Akeli Hai sequence, all I could think of was, even in the dazed state. all he sees is Madhu, cause whether he likes it or not, he had started to seek solace in his Biwi, to depend on her for little things.

5) The First Hug

When the Bhatias found out that it was Shamsher who shot RK, they made the most of the fact that RK wasn't home, and throw Madhu out of the house just as RK was entering. he chides the Bhaitias good saying that he trusts Madhu more than he trusts anyone else in the mansion, and takes her to their room. Offers her water, and tries to comfort her. RK has made all peace with Madhu and Shamsher, and Madhu is yet to forgive her father shooting her husband, and she needs to know that RK trusts her, she needs him to assure her that he trusts her, and that is exactly what he does. he assures her that he trusts her with all his heart, and he assures her that he knows she can't ever hurt him, indirectly at least. although less words were spoken between Rishabh and Madhu, that hug, RK comforting her, offering her water said it all. knowing that Biwi has the habit of lingering on things that should have been forgotten sooner, he decided to crack a joke just to get her smiling again. Madhu thanks him for having faith in her, and in response he thanks her for cleaning his shirt with tears as the guy he bought the shirt from had advised him that the shirt should be washed with tears to keep the shine intact. who couldn't possibly fall in love with this abundance of cuteness !

6) Delicate, Handle with Care

In the room, Madhu chides RK about his sense of humor, for pulling a prank on her and the Bhatia's. she says that the joke nearly killed her, and stops herself from saying anything further and states that he wouldn't care even if she told him how much the joke hit her. RK starts to remove his sling, and Madhu is worried that he would hurt himself while doing so, she asks him if it still hurts. RK still behaves lightly about the food fiasco he had created. RK then smiles and says, that it was a very filmy thing for her to say, and closes in on her as she slowly paces backwards and hits the wall. He asks her why it matters to her, his well being. though they are not the specific words, I'm sure that is what he had meant to ask her. he says some jokes kill with laughter, and some jokes makes you laugh after death. Madhu still doesn't think it is funny. and finally he states that some questions should be left unanswered, as they are delicate and needs to be handles with care. RK says, he knows that he joked, then how did that joke effect her so much. She gathers her thoughts and uses reverse psychology on him and says that some questions should be unanswered indeed. as they are delicate, and should be handled with care. and warns him not to pull yet another stunt like the one earlier. and tries to walk away. and RK puts his arms on the wall so that Madhu can't walk away from him and asks her what she would do if he repeated the same. Madhu loses her train of thought for a good ten seconds and completely melts in his eyes. when she finally comes into her senses,she excuses herself by pretending to go and get water from the kitchen. Truly awe-worthy or what.

7) The Lakeside Revelation

Madhu goes to the kitchen to fetch a pail of water, I mean to grab a bottle of water from the fridge when Dipali pounces on her, and RK to the rescue. he warns her not to ever raise a finger on his Biwi, and treats her with his usual, "OUT..!" She bitterly obliges. Madhu on the other hand is baffled by how RK stoop up against Dipali for her, she questions him on why he did what he did and said what he said even after knowing that her father, her Mallick is the person who shot him. She asks him why he trusts her so much, she questions him on why he didn't testify against Mallick when he knew for a fact that Mallick indeed is the convict. Instead of answering Madhu, he grabs her hand and take her near a lake, where he reveals how the people in his life whom he held close to his heart, ended up betraying him. and how the betrayals scarred him. and he states that he can't stand to see such happening with even an enemy, and how could he let the same happen with her. he says that she wouldn't been able to handle that sort of heartache, so how could he let her go through what he went through. Madhu is speechless and she is baffled by his revelation. and doesn't know what to make of the man that is standing right in front of her. Tujh Main Rab Dikhta Hai plays in the BG, which are on point for Madhu's feelings at the moment. I personally feel this is an under-rated scene. this lakeside revelation revealed RK's vulnerable side to Madhu, his insecurities, his fears. which I think is a key point in RishBala's relationship.

8) Main Pareshan

Madhu reaches RK's set to hand over his mobile phone to him, and obviously the phone was only an excuse to go see her oh-so gorgeous hubby. Biwi wouldn't miss a chance to moon over her husband now would she? She sees RK romancing his Heroine to Main Pareshaan, and sees herself with him instead, on the bridge, in the phone-booth, haha.. just like the Usher song! Joke :P she finally comes to her senses when RK snaps his fingers at her and asks her where she was lost all this time. she states that she had come to the set to hand his phone over to him. RK then shows his other phone and says that what he is holding in his hand, that device happens to be a phone as well unfortunately. Madhu sheepishly says that she forgot he used to phones and leaves for the Mansion. once at the mansion, Madhu is still in a daze. while she is still amazed by the foreign feelings she has started to have about her husband, she accepts that she has indeed fallen in love with the man. She dances with RK's coat to 'Main Pareshaan' Madhu had finally fallen for the guy whom she despised and loathe with all her heart. proving that the line between hatred and love is indeed thin.

9) Madhu's Karvachaut Wrat for RK

Madhu waits for her RK to come and break her Karvachaut fast. RK had stated that he will not be coming to break her fast and if she decided to wait for him to show up, that would be a really foolish thing to do. Madhu doesn't budge. Somewhere deep down she knew that he would indeed make it, that he would come for her. the faith, the devotion, the junoon I bet had all of us praying for RK to finally show up.begging for him to show up. Madhu had gone against all odds to keep the Karvachaut fast for her husband, and Mr.RK does indeed show up. for his Biwi. Thank God for small mercies. Karvachaut is a festival for women, and when your man shows up to break your fast, which you have observed for his well being and long life, I bet it means a lot to the ladies. definitely a turning point in Madhu's and RK's love story. Clearly the Ishq and the Junoon was at its peak.

10) RK's turn to Play Nightingale

Madhu falls ill as Dipali had mixed in something with the sargi. RK worries for his Biwi's health and taunts the Bhatias saying that Biwi needs rest, and that he is not interested in fake drama. he bids them a bad night and bad dreams and appoints himself on Patidev duty. he sits by her bedside through out the night worrying about her, holding her hand and trying to reassure her that everything is gonna be well. he sees Madhu wincing in pain in her sleep and holds her hand to ease her pain, he then sees his name written in her hand in Mehendi. which overwhelms him. He then says, "Kuch nahi hoga tumhe Madhu. tum jaldi theek hojaogi.." and I can bet, that had all the girls swooning. am I right? or am I right?

11) Karvachaut, RK ke Andaaz Main

I can go on and on about this scene. RK plans on giving his wife a memorable Karvachaut after feeling guilty of what he put her through. He decorates the studio for her, and does all the Karvachaut customs with her, in order to make it up to her. Truly, RishBala at their best! The haunting music, the honest, innocence laughs the eye-locks still manage to stop my heartbeats. and for the first time ever, I felt both of them smiled with all their heart. both of them were genuine and completely lost in each others eyes. the lights, the theatrics of doing a Karvachaut RK style, in the way and setting he's most comfortable with, in a studio with the props of the film world. RK pretty much got carried away with his own feelings without realizing to what extent, and I can happily say the same about Madhu as well. This episode is definitely the peak of Rishabh's and Madhu's relationship, hands down.

These Beautiful RishBalicious Memories will be Cherished for a Lifetime.

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RK unweds Madhu

Is there anyone who has forgotten this moment? The utter shock, the disgust and the heartbreak that every single fan felt in this moment is something absolutely unforgettable. In a moment that almost gave goosebumps, RK stopped the wedding to Madhu midway and humiliated her in front of the entire chawl. A shocked, shattered and broken Madhu was left numb with heartbreak and insult.

Main kaise jeeyungi ..those words still haunt as Madhu brokedown after RK's biggest Betrayal.

Aare dewano, mujhe pehchano ..kahan se aaya main hun kaun, main hun Mumbai ka DON .. Sultan! The moment where the entire Rishbala nation was rocked as a new entry in the name of Sultan entered the show and the lives of our Madhu & RK. Having separated from RK, Madhu ended up helping an injured Sultan and gave him shelter at her chawl. The duo became great friends and Madhu tried to move on in her life. But then RK-Madhu were always the beginning and always the end.

It was a moment that every Rishbala fan had been waiting for a while. RK had sworn, he would celebrate Holi with Madhu and right at the chawl. Decked up in a dashing White Shirt-Blue denims RK arrived playing the Dhol. He found Madhu all angelic dancing in the chawl .. ! He caught her by her arm and danced the dance of passion and love. Quite perfectly the song 'Piya ke rang rang deeni..odhani' played in the background. Rishbala looked stunning together as a couple. Later, RK cornered Madhu and applied gulaal on her. Sizzling and unforgettable ..a moment to be cherished forever in time.

Despite the whole Unwedding drama, Madhu never left from RK's mind or his heart. Watching her at the studio working as a hair dresser, RK tried his best to corner her...! Agitated that Madhu was not going to melt like before, RK finally surrendered to his heart and forcibly brought Madhu to the RK mansion. When she tried to leave, he threatened to cut his veins and ended up almost keeping Madhu as a captive. Sometimes, passion and RK had no bounds.

Upset with RK having forcibly brought her to the RK mansion and having handcuffed her, Madhu ignores RK during a drive to the studio. Despite several apologizes for his act, when Madhu does not relent, RK decides to try something different. He plays the song 'Hawa Hawai' from Rishbala's fave movie Mr.India. He gets down from the car and dances all around Madhu..! Finally, he gets down on his knees and offers her a rose while bystanders watch with a smile. Another prefect Rishbala moment in time.

Can anyone forget this moment? Till then we had seen RK's junoon for Madhu but when the tables turned after a sensuous dance at a hotel. RK who is struggling with whether to trust Madhu is left stumped when Madhu gets on the terrace wall and literally jumps off the parapet wall with the lines:

'Har dhadkan chahe fanaa hona, har saans chali tabah hone, hamesha ke liye tumhari hone, lo chali main tumse juda hone'

The collective heartbeats of the Rishbala fandom stopped right at the moment. Thankfully RK held Madhus hand in time and the duo hugged each other with love and passion so wild.

It was Madhus birthday and like a dutiful hubby, RK decided to celebrate it in style. A BODYGUARD themed party was arranged and RK became his gorgeous wife's Bodyguard Lovely Singh in style Wink Always on duty, when at the party RK spotted Sultan, he fumed trying to see him eyeing his Jaan

Finally convinced of Madhu's love for him and her faithfulness to him, RK decides to officially wed Madhu and seal their bond of love forever. He goes to the chawl and surprises Madhu by proposing her in front of the world. As a token of his love, he puts a ring on her finger. Surprised by this gesture, Madhu agrees despite her doubts on RK's real intentions.

A few days before the wedding, RK surprises Madhu by taking her to a remote location. Upon reaching there, RK shows Madhu the beautiful house of Madhu's imagination. He shares how he built the house for the two of them and their future generation. Madhu is moved by RK's complete surrender and decides to go ahead with marrying RK without any apprehension.

Finally after some beautiful moments of Haldi-Mehendi-Sangeet, Rishbala get married in royal opulence. A moment witnessed by the kids of Madhu's favourite Orphanage and celebrated across the nation.

A huge cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Rishbala Kundra

Mixing work and pleasure, Rishbala head to an outdoor location. Once there, RK sulks still upset over Sultan hovering over Rishbala's life and happiness. Finally Madhu is able to cheer him up and the duo enjoy a beautiful moment under the rainfall. The love and commitment of the duo is a sight for every loving heart and reaffirm the 'Lovers Forever' notion.

As a dutiful son having turned a leaf thanks to Madhu's love and dedication, RK decides to start the Sitara Studios once again. However, he is left shocked when Sultan interrupts his mission claiming himself as the rightful heir to MK and the RK mansion. RK refuses to relent but Sultan fearlessly, walks right back into RK's life, his love..and his mansion.

Madhu tries her best to keep RK from losing his temper but Sultans repeated provocation makes RK lose his control and end up shooting Sultan at point blank range. RK is arrested for murder and Madhu is left to run helter-skelter to secure RKs release and safety. The separation hurts RK and Madhu as they suffer without the other one. Soon Madhu learns that Sultan has faked his own death and finally after agreeing to Divorce RK as per Sultan's wish, Madhu earns RK's freedom.

Aware that something was tearing Madhu apart internally, RK fakes a sequence to make Madhu open up about her troubles. Madhu shares about Sultan having faked his death and living under false appearance. RK hatches a plan to trap Sultan and at the Dahi-Handi Function, RK spots Sultan, chases him and shoots him at point blank range for daring to lay a finger on Madhu his jaan.

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Entry of RK's look alike, KRK!! A person who had his own style. But there was a fear which Madhu had all the time. There were times when she didn' get to know the person whom he is talking with is not actually her husband, her RK. The fear was increasing day by day. KRK came in front and gave the challenge that he will enter this house and RK wont be able to do anything.

A day came where RK was kidnapped and sent to Jail and KRK replaced him in RK mansion. RK yelled in the jail that he is the real RK and let him to goto his Madhu as she is in danger, but no one believed him. 

KRK and Madhu came in jail to meet RK which was KRK for Madhu. RK happiness was reflecting from his eyes, from the tears dropping. But he got another shock of his BIWI not trusting him that he is his RK. Then he yelled her name "BIWI" and then she wanted to look back as she felt tat love, that passion in his words. But sill failed!!

And then the day came where Madhu felt that the person in this house is not RK, he is KRK and RK is in jail. KRK felt that the people want to kill RK so he then shaked hands with Madhu and told her that he will bring RK back home safe.

Finally Rishbala re union. RK gave KRK another chance to live his life properly.

So a phase came were there was no producer/Director for RK. Just because of the slap which RK gave to the director, such a big change happened in RK and Rishbala life. There was a big struggle which they went through and then finally a director came in there life and it was Mehul Chopra. Though RK rejected him in one minute but Madhu had the confidence that he is the one who can make a film with RK. 

Finally RK accepted the offer and someone other then Madhu was there who had his own rules and regulations. The Producer was there, The director was there, the Actor was also there, but how can a film be completed without a Heroine. Now there was a hunt for a heroine. Many auditions happened for the heroine, but RK and Mehul was rejecting each one of them, as non of them had that face to become one. Then suddenly spotlight went to a girl coming inside the studio, wearing a red saree. As a Director, Mehul was just looking at her, the way she walked inside the studio. As a lover/Husband, RK just looked at her with love and walked towards her. Mehul was still lost seeing the chemistry which Rishbala had. Finally Mehul gave this offer to Rishbala , but Madhu refused the same , by saying that she only wants to remain RK's wife.

And who knew that there was a Heroine but that was another trap for RK. At the time of the film's press conference where the Heroine has to be declared to the press, the Heroine never turned up.
RK was all shaken up. He just wanted to end up his life, then suddenly the most awaited Heroine for this film turned up. It was non other then Madhubala Rishabh Kundra. She never wanted to be a heroine but the thing which she didn't knew that she was born to be one. 

And now a mishappening which happened with the Superstar Rishabh Kundra, His one side of the body stopped working. But a person was there who stood up besides him every moment and that was Madhubala. She motivated RK all the time, but still things didn't worked around. He had to stop working in his film due to this. The idea of the film went to Women centric. And a time came which RK never thought of was Madhu getting more attention from the audience then RK. RK started getting jealous from Madhu due to this.


All well that ends well, and the news was Madhubala is pregnant. RK took 9 months break from the film industry and gave these months to Madhu and there baby. The baby Madhubala was born on sets just like her Mother and RK named her Madhubala Rishabh Kundra. Yes it was another Madubala in there life. 


A day came of celebrations, were RK gave a huge party for his newly born daughter. But they never thought that this will be the last celebrations for Rishbala, this will be last dance of Rishbala, last few kisses to there daughter, last hug of RK and Bittu ji. The revenge was taken and there was a blast in RK mansion where Rishbala took there last breath.


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Just Like a Bullet Raja entry ! White colored Ka T-Shirt on and collar pa glasses,hand pa Gun!Just like a hero he entered Madhu life.Madhu had her tray in front of her waiting for him and their comes Raja slowly,ishstyle mai.Madhu was waiting for her Raju,the sweet simple cute Guy,but instead she got the hawt Bullet Raja!

'Madhu Hatred'

She wanted her Raju,she didn't wanted Raja.She didn't though that he was the same guy who she use to love.She wanted to be away from him.She tried so many times running away,she even humiliated him in front of everyone.But No matter how much he loved her,she never loved him back,she though he isn't the same guy who she use to love once upon time.

'Raja's Love'

He loved her more than he ever loved anything in the world.He called her his Rani.He didn't let anything harm her,if someone even touched her he would break those hands that they touched her with.He knew his Rani hated him but that never stopped him from loving her.



A very simple moment,but just to intense.Madhu was doing a ritual walking bare footed to a river , as she was walking a piece of broken glass got stuck to her feet.Raja could not see her because their was a dupatta in between them two.So Raja bended down picked up her feet and started to get the piece of glass out.The moment got intense by Madhu expressions , the way Raja was getting the piece of glass out and the SONG.


One of the most romantic moments between Raja and Madhu ever,also one of the most closes scene between Drashti and Vivian.This scene was just a treat to our eyes.The way Raja came in and Madhu getting scared of the snake and jumped into Raja arm and hugged him tightly as she can.The way Madhu was getting scared the way Raja was getting happy seeing his Rani in his arms.One of the best moments of that part was when Raja picked up the snake Madhu got on top of the bed and started running all over it as soon as he let it go of the snake and the way Madhu jumped into Raja and the way he caught her was an epic moment.The way both were looking at each other,one could not stop blushing!

'Chipkali Wala Romance'

I think the only way we could see romance between Rajbala is we had to wish some kinda animal or whatever to come and scare Madhu! So the lift was not working so raja wanted to go up the stairs but Madhu did not want go up the stairs and Raja did not wanted to leave Madhu alone cause he was scared she will run away,so he picked her up and toke her up the stairs till the 30th floor,and while they were going up Madhu saw a chipkali and getting scared she hugged Raja while she was still in his arms.It was just sucha cute and close hug . And In all this Raja again got his Rani hug and was blushing again.

'The Kiss Miss'

Raja and Madhu had a bet that Madhu did saying that she will get out of the house in 2 hours while Raja said no she can't get out of the house,so Raja was like if he wins she has to do whatever he says , so they both agreed . But in all this Raja won the bet,so now Madhu going alone to her family house raja now is going with her so both were alone in the car they stopped and both got out of car,so Raja was like he won the bet so his wish is he wants a kiss from her so he was leaning towards her Madhu got scared pushed him away from her while in this she broke her glasses,When Raja saw Madhu eyes he could not stop staring at her,he was just stunned.They went to go fix the glasses but she got eye contacts so right in the car Raja was like don't forget you still have to kiss me so Madhu was ready she closed her eyes and both started leaning towards each other they both were so close only a finger length away when Raja blow on Madhu face and did not kiss her.Madhu got shocked . He was like he is not that bad making her kiss him forcefully,he just wants his Rani love.
That made everybody go awww!

'I Wanna Feel YAA'

Raja was changing , well he was trying to change himself for her after all that has happened , Madhu herself was trying to forgive him . Their baby was on their way, Madhu was like ask whatever you want I will give , he said he only wants to feel the baby.Madhu was Scared but she agreed,Raja slowly slowly started touching her Madhu was getting nervous and scared by each touch he finally reached her stomach where Madhu hands were already their he wrapped his hands around Madhu tightly but Madhu step head.She was like no matter how hard she tries she can't forget the past!


They both were ready to forgot their past and start a new life.They wanted to get married again.It was a private marriage only Raja and his Rani.Their was no priest no nobody only them . Raja came and wore Madhu her bridle chalie on her , they both wore each other garlands,and started taking their Pharas . In each para their was a promise by Raja.A promise for a new and improved life.

'I Forgive YOU'

Raja wanted to start his life with all the past to be gone and Madhu forgives him with all in his heart.They both were in their room,Raja turned off the lights , he was like he is not able to look to her eyes after all that happened , he showed her the 7 candles he was like each candle that Madhu lits up it means she forgives him for that thing he did,even if takes their whole Life but he will not touch her until those 7 candles are lit up.Madhu walked up to the candles as Raja was saying each promise and asking for forgives for everything he did,Madhu lits each candle as she is crying when finally she lits up all 7 candles when Raja walks towards her as both are crying and both catch each other tears and collides their tear tears with each other and hugged!

'The Start Of Our Life'

As they are starting their new simple
Life,Both open the door together when Raja bends down and writes "Welcome" in powder. Both looking at each other,when Madhu enters she slips and Raja catches her.They do the RK pose,while Madhu has hair lying on her face Raja removes the hair off her face.Both stare at each other eyes.

'Umbrella Romance'

Tip Tip baras pani ,well that was the situation with Raja and Madhu but it was not outside but inside their chawl.They both were sleeping when Raja wakes up and sees the water coming in Madhu is still asleep so he tries so much for the water not touch his face but the after wins and she wakes up . Both hurry and get a umbrella so they can cover them self from the rain they sit on top of a trunk.As water was dripping both were under the umbrella hitting their heads with each other splashing water drop on each other and sleeping in each other arms under the umbrella as they show us a they are truly a
Rab Na Bana Di Jori !

Pose For The Camrea

They are becoming the next RK and Madhubala . They are going to enter the world where they belong from the start.In this we get a photo-shoot of Raja and Madhu acting as they are RK and Madhu.They did many poses but end it with the 
famous RK pose !

'Our Last Dance'

The last episode the last dance the last time we hear Hum Hai deewana.They both danced with each other like they never dances before . We heard Biwi for the one last time.We saw Rishbala in Rajbala ! It was the most emotional dance ever seen in MB,But they said it's 
 the End but it's a 
new Beginning !

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..Razia.. IF-Sizzlerz

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The whole MEIEJ team was just like a family , from the spot boys ,to the directors to the co actors and the lead actors they were all like a family . Each one of them called Madhubala EIEJ as their baby which they love so much . During every off screen segment or any celebration we could see them doing masti , dancing ,partying throwing cake at each other
putting cake at each other faces , you would not see a celebration without seeing someone face covered with cake . Seeing every offscreen moment of theirs use to put a smile of everyone face . From the beginning to the end they stayed as a family Approve A one happy family 
Here are some of their offscreen moments 

The King and Queen of Bollywood meet The King and Queen of Tellywood

100 episodes Completion 

200 episodes completion 

1 year completion of MEIEJ
(Help a NGO)

400 episodes completion 

500 episodes completion
(After Leap)

2 Years Completion of MEIEJ

GoodBye MEIEJCry
Happy Ending!


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We say THANK YOU and SEE YOU SOON.. No Goodbyes..

Here were are going to get together to Celebrate the show that brought us all together..

This show made us fall in love..

This show made us swoon.. Sigh and die..

This show made us talk about women's rights..

This show made us analyze each and every scene.. Every dialogue

This show made us talk about bonding Between  two different people they come together due to the values they were brought up with and the love and respect they feel for each other.

Some of us take a lot from this show.. For some of us it is just a show.. Regardless, we all came on this forum as a family for a show we got hooked and supported it Thur it all.

They say all good things come to an end. This is not the end, but this is the beginning. Beginning of our Love and Support. Thur this show we all got to know more than the artists we were initially supporting. 

We love and support all of you.

All the people in the background that put in the efforts day in and day out. They kept with our suggestions.. Our songs.. Our dialogues... Our frustrations  and it all.

This is the only show that got me addicted to tv and this forum... This is the only show that made me feel the need to express my views on a public forum and reach out to the PH and the director and the actors... As I was compelled to tell how awesome their job was!!!

The amazing ensemble of the cast and the crew is the USP of this show... Each has a potential to grow out of its role and reach out to the audience, touching hearts immediately!!! RishBala Remain our Hearts Forever.

I would have never known absolutely amazing people on this forum... And had not made a few friends that will stay with me for a lifetime (I'm so sure of that)...

Thanks once again!!!!

We wish to see you back soon... Together once again... And individually too...
Scaling unfathomable heights of success and achievements so that once again we connect with you and your work as we did in MADUBALA EK ISHQ EK JUNOON!!!!

Love you all!!!!


The show... started as a mere idea.. has become an icon in the history of Indian television. From the efforts of the cast, the crew, and most of all the has become one of the biggest. And lets not forget about the ladies that made us laugh, cry, and happy... the one and only DVD. They really lit the screen on fire with their outstanding chemistry. Never did we think that these two are lacking something.
We fans were very strong on this journey... still sticking with the show even during the bad tracks...and even after the star couple's death...our Rishbala. The crew for working day and night everyday...just to get us our daily matter how long they had to work. Applause to all of them. I will personally miss DVD and this show a lot...but I guess that's what the internet is for...we can all rewatch the show online. I am glad that I was a part of this journey called Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. Love you DVD and MB alway


Clap This is for the whole team of Madhubala and DVD.Thanks MBEIEJ and DVD for becoming part of my life, for giving me and all of us a  a unique show that we will cherish forever.It has most talented leads,dashing Vivian Dsena and gorgeous Drashti Dhami,who gave life to Rk-Madhubala.Also later on they played characters of Raju-Gudiya  and Raja-Madhu too.Three different couple in the same show,potrayed by DVD differently and brilliantly. They are the best on screen magical and beautiful couple,with outstanding and unbeatable chemistry. 

Mb has different concept with backdrop of Bollywood,having amazing Bgm,lyrics,songs,dialougs,along with awesome and talented cast.
Mb will remain special for us forever.
Thankyou MB team and DVD for entertaining us for more than two years.Star


i never watched indian serials MB was the first show ever
and thats bcoz this show  was translated to my language kurdish
i was hooked to this serials bcoz of RK the arrogant  superstar and rishabala 
and loved the story... evil bad boy fell for normal girl   itsnt easy to find this kind of love in TV
indeed it was an epic and unique show for me
i will  always remember DVD  like the best couple ever in the whole world
i will miss DVD together alot
hope for the best future to both of them ...


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon was an epic show and it holds a really special place in my heart.

I started watching the show sometime around the Ganpati track and by the time RK was shot in the show, I was an avid fan. I mean I seriously cried when he was shot.
And then came the most magical and enchanting phase of the show - Rishu & Madhu started falling for each other ...and God!! Was I smitten by their chemistry.

The first Love Confession was a huge was really unexpected but was beautiful and one of the best episodes.
And then there was the return of our Kamina RK ..who broke Madhu's heart ruthlessly. And me being RK's fan still loved him.
Everything about this show was good and magical except the part where they killed my SuperStar and Madhubala (and the gravity defying Bhai ).

Because of this show I came to the forum... Made so many friends and Madhubala forum became my permanent adda. Our forum was the forum which had so,so many fights - kabhi DD fans v/s VD fans ya phir BhaiBala v/s RishBala. Our fights with the Rangela channel and our non stop bashing of anything and everything. I'm going to miss all of that.

I just hope that we get to see DVD together again and I really,really wish that Karma bites the Channel back in the bu*t. 


"Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon" : An epic show, and the first show I ever liked. Drashti and Vivian one of the bestest jodis Indian Television has ever seen. A big thankyou to everyone associated with it for this wonderful show, and you guys have done an amazing job. Thankyou Drashti and Vivian for sticking to the show till the end and you will always remain my favourite TV Jodi, and I love you guys the mostest <3

And a big thankyou to the entire team again for give us Rishbala, Rajbala and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Rarely it happens wth me, tht I start watching a shw and all I knw is tht I hav fallen for the shw and the couple for happened whn i saw MEIEJ and Rishbala...I hav watched shws for an actor and for story but for the first time in life I watched a show for a couple...Superstar RK and Madhubala...

Things end but their memories last forever...Will cherish the beautiful memories of Rishbala to death...thy have a special place in my heart which can never be taken by any other television couple...

When my favorite television shw I endind I am proud to say that...

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is,was and will always be my favorite shw on television...

Love you RK and Madhubala forever...

Love you Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami...

Love u Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon...

Thanks a lot for the 2yrs of beautiful life tht you gave me...

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'' Well Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon was always, is and forever will be the Best Beautiful and My One of the Most Favourite Show
Clap I Had ever watched Star very close to My Heart Heart As I got My Dearest Superstar True Hero Vivian Dsena Back  through This Show as Our One and Only Handsome Superstar Rishabh Kundra Ahaann Cool !!

I Always Loved and Forever will Love My Most Favourite Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami's One and Only Magical, Epic Stunning, Sizzling and Uniquely Superbest Super Rocking Jodi Specially as Remarkable RishBala which made them won so many Awards specially Jodi Awards which My DVD Truly Deserved for their Hard work, dedication and Beautiful Jodi No One Can Be Like DVD They were the Simply Unbeatable, Incomparable and Full of Perfection Day Dreaming !! DVD were Simply Awesome and Excellently Brilliant in Portraying Their Every Characters In the Show whether it's RK, Krk, Raju, Raja By VD and RK's ''Biwi'' Madhubala Rishabh Kundra or RAJA's ''Rani'' Madhubala Raja Khushwa By DD, Both as RishBala and RajBala they well Greatly Rocking with Mind blowing Truly Best Perfect Acting, Expressions along with Dialogues  Star !! Kudos and Hats off to the Whole Team of Meiej Specially Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami for Doing Such a Fabulous Job that we Fans could not stop ourselves to watch the show again and again Just for our Amazing DVD no matter what the Track Was Thumbs UpThumbs Up !!

All the Best for Your Future Upcoming New shows whatever it will be i hope it to be the best shows and Superb Roles ApproveThumbs Up!! My DVD Be Happy, Keep Smiling, God bless U, Be More Successful In Life and May your all wishes gets fulfilled Big smileEmbarrassed!! Will Miss u a Lot VD and DD Ouch Make a Comeback soon I will surely wait for Your Comeback Thumbs Up !! Happily Proud to Be Your Big True Fan VD and DD Thumbs Up!!  I Love u, always Loved u and will Forever Love u a lots DVD and support u HeartHug
HeartHug!! Vivian and Drashti Rocked Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Together Made the Show Superhit  ClapStar, U Two were Superbest Awesome Twosome Ahaann Thumbs Up!! ''


MEIEJ holds a very special place in my heart and it always will. I remember in the first few months of the show how I used to be so eager to wake up and watch the show online live. How if I had class, I would always be thinking of RishBala and couldn't wait to go home to see the next episode. I remember the way the show used to make me feel. It gave me butterflies so many times! I felt everything along with RishBala. When RishBala were happy, I was happy, when RishBala were sad, I was sad. But in the end, MEIEJ was always able to make my day no matter how it was. I was a loyal fan of MEIEJ and I never gave up on RishBala or the show (until RishBala's death). I always stayed positive and tried my best to keep others watching it. I devoted a lot of my time to creating things from VMs, to siggies, to gifs, to writing on RishBala to show how much they truly meant to me. RishBala/MEIEJ saved my life. I had been struggling with depression when I came across the show. The first episode I saw was the first party where RK introduced Madhu as his biwi. From that point, I was hooked! I went back and watched all the previous episodes and came to love the show. It took my mind off of everything negative and I spent almost all of my spare time just thinking of RishBala or making things for RishBala. MEIEJ kept me busy and even played a huge role in curing me. Hence, MEIEJ will always hold a special place in my heart and will NEVER be forgotten by me. RishBala were there for me when I was at my lowest point and I will never forget that. DVD did a spectacular job in portraying their characters of many different shades in MEIEJ and it's because of them that I came to fall in love with the show mostly. Before MEIEJ, I didn't know of DVD but I came to love them just as much as anyone who used to watch their previous shows. RishBala, DVD, and MEIEJ will never be forgotten and will always live on in the hearts of many loyal fans. 
Thank you DVD for giving us RishBala and for giving us Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon...<3


Madhubala Ek Ishq El Junoon , a drama I am sooo crazy about , No matter what happened in any of the episodes I never dare to skip a sec . This drama has became apart of my life and will always be their in my heart ! The couple DVD , what should I saw about them , I love them more than anything I ever loved in the world . They were just everything to me . For these 1.5 years they were the reason I laughed , they were the reason I cried . No matter what happened to me when I just saw a glimpse pic of them together my mouth could not stop smiling . These 2 are my whole life and will always remain my whole life . I have never loved or will ever be able to love someone like I have loved DVD or MB , nobody in the world can ever take their places ! Rishbala , Rajbala , Ragya chmistry can never be made again , they each had a different touch and a different feeling and I will always love them my whole life . No matter how much I write about them it will always be less , but all I just wanna say is MEIEJ , RM and DVD , I love you guys forever and ever and ever <333 HeartHeart


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon...

sab kuch is naam hai...  I just dont know what to say... Miss my rishabala...
jaise Madhu RK ka junoon ban gaya hai vaise ye mera junoon bhi ban gaya..
kayi din din yese the ki main unke saat royi thi, hasi thi, gussa hui thi...


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