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TAAREY..OS..Love is Blind(updated on pg-6..two post one below other)

taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2014 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Hi frds back with a... two shorts...I know problem hai mujme hii  kiu ki jab bhi one short likne jatii hu apne thoughts ko complete nahi kar patii and it becomes lengthy...and I dedicate this one completely to my cutiepie...nanhi angel...Moni from Delhi...IF id-chinudolly

Taani has broke up with Rey after the sharey conversation she hard on the rehearsal time passed NDC over every one understood Taani's POV and also appolized to her for there behaviour ..Rey is all broken ...he understood that Taani is a different girl...she can be strong , she is good management student and she can handle all situation was a useless and meaningless decision of breaking up with her to teach her a lesson regarding future career...instead it could be talked over with her...she was too depressed at that time coz of gang's behaviour ,taujii pressure and his fight with swayam regarding dance career and student's taunt...she couldn't handle it so she was depending on Rey to find a little bit peace dreaming that all will be over...they will get married and leave a happily everafter life ...which Rey took in a wrong sence...and created the drama...

Present Situation------

Its all over now ...Gang and Taani has a good relation...she is a brilliant GS and students respect her a lot...She is busy with her management studies too much as there University will get over in 3 months and they will sit in the PostGraduation Exam...and whole college is jealous about the Diva Sharon and GS Taani jori of bhabhi and nanad...even Swayam is afraid of this dashing Jodi...and yes she has made Sharon accept her love for Swayam and now Swaron as a couple known to all.

But there is no change in Taarey relation ...Taani remains cold towards Rey (though she loves him a lot)...and Rey is tiered of making Taani understand his POV and saying sorry...but Taani is now a tough nut to break...


TAAREY..OS..Love is Blind

REY-Sharon please help me...Taani koi bhi baat nahi sun rahii hai...Please Sharon kuch to kar...Please tell her to talk to me...(they both were sitting on the basket ball court in the evening)

Sharon- Rey tumhare aur Taani ke break up nai mujhe bohot kuch sikayaa hai...I understood that two people can be a great friend but we shouldn't talk in between their personal galtii maine tumahare break up plan mai saath dekar kiya hai woh galtii I will not repeat...kiu ki agar tum dono  ak ho bhi gayee Tanni will never like that u took someone's help to patch up with her...u should handle it yourself...ek cheese maine notice ki hai Taani ne mujhe realize karwaya k I should accept my love for Swayam in front of everybody coz loving some body does not show weakness rather it depicts the strength within u...but she never interfere in Swayams and mine personal space...

Rey- I understand maine galtii ki...i am repeatedly saying her sorry but woh kiu nahi samaj rahii hai...usne tumhee maaf kiya, gang ko maaf kiya , college ki sarre students ki sorry accept ki aur Jodhpur lautne ki decision se peeche haat gayii...but whats wrong with me??  Mujhe kiu nahi maaf kartii ..hai woh??

Sharon- Because college ki sarre students doesen't matter her, gang is her friends...Swayam is her bhai...( Bhai behen mai fights hotii rehtii hai..)...I have become her friend and she calls me bhabss...but Rey u were her life...nops you still is her life...I can say her lifeline ho tum woh aj bhi tumsee beinteha payaar kartii hai liya sab ko maaf karna ashan hai...but tumhee nahii...kiu tumse  expectation bhi obviously...jyada hi hogaa...woh cahe jitna bhi happy happy rahe Swayam ne mujhe bataye hai ander sai tutii hui hai...bachpan mai uski momdad gujar gayiii...aur tumse break up ke baad woh purii taraha tut chukii hai....

( Rey was totally broken...from past few days he was trying a lot but Taani was not talking to her and avoiding her...she would be chatting with the gang the RH but as soon as Rey enters she used to give some excuse and move out...Rey was fed up and really broken but the fact was that he can not bear the distance between him and Taani...he was broken some how her moving back to Jodhpur was stopped but within three months university life will end they will leave St. Louis for ever ... what will happen If she doesen't return to him...he just can't live without her...).

Rey-...Sharon tumse ak request karu...kiu ki kabhi na kabhi tum aur Swayam shaddi karogee...and u will become a member of Taani's family...just say her that if she really wants she can move on in her life...I will never be the barrier...but if I don't stay in her life...if I am not alive but still my heart will remain only for her...I can live and die both only for her...I love her and will love her forever...

Sharon- Pagal ho ?? Reyansh Singhania kabse sentimental honee lagaa kab se tutne lagaa?? Stop being depressive and think to woo her back..

(As long as I feel Yeah Shekahawat brothers tumhe mujhe ,hum dono ko badal diya...kabhi kabhi lagta hai dono ko jaduu ata hai...)

...As much as you need her she too needs you...just make her realize her love...just don't leave ...her...

Rey-I don't know I love her and now I will not tell her anything if she loves me she will return to me or else I will leave her forever and I will end my self...then she will understand how much I loved her...itna bhi kya jidhh agar payaar kartii hai to maaf kiu nahii kartiii...???


( But Rey lived her ...and harshly went to his car...and drived offf... Sharon went home thinking that she have to talk to swayam that...its high time may be they have to talk with both now coz she was now really worried)

Night- 9.00PM...Taayam's house...Taani and Swayam in the dining table for dinner Taani served Swayam but she was not able to eat ...something from morning was disturbing her a lot...she was constantly having a bad feeling...she was not feeling well...Rey's face was coming to her mind ...she was disturbed with the fact that today Rey was unusually quite... his tries to talk to her constantly was less today...he was too quite...Swayam understood...Taani was low ...and thought of talking to her...but Taani's phone started ringing...

Taani- Hello

Person- Yes are you Mrs Reyansh Singhania??

Taani- What? What are you speaking?

Person- Actually mam I am speaking from the reception of City Hospital...A person met with an severe accident in the highway...some local people brought him to our Hospital...he was unconscious with severe injury specially eyes are badly damaged ...and when we took out his dress we got his ID card which states that he is a student of St.Louis -Reyansh Singhania...and on searching his mobile we saw your number saved as ...

before the person could complete Taani started shivering she was badly shaking...her hands trembling...Swayam saw this and went to her ..he was sure something was wrong..but before he could ask Taani,,..she fell down and collided with mother earth...but Swayam took the phone ...talked with The reception that they are coming soon...then he sprinkled water on Taani's face and then took her to hospital on the way informed everybody ...Taani became silent she even didn't cry ...she was totally shattered...All reached hospital Sharon too was broken she remembered Rey's last words" .
I don't know I love her and now I will not tell her anything if she loves me she will return to me or else I will leave her forever and I will end my self...then she will understand how much I loved her...itna bhi kya jidhh agar payaar kartii hai to maaf kiu nahii kartiii...???

Swayam went to the reception did all the formalities the authorities were waiting for a signature from a family member coz his other wounds were controllable but his eyes needed a major operation or else he will permanently become blind...he was unconscious...but Rey's parents were abroad and Friends signature was invalid so swayam's signature was of no use ...Vicky and Bharat was arguing but ...of no use then reception said his wife can sign ...but according to them Rey was unmarried...but reception said that they have talked with his wife...all were confused but Sharon understood coz he knew Rey saved Taani's no as wife...she rushed to the reception took the papers to Taani and asked...her to sign...Swayam understood everything ,now it became clear to him that why Taani was called by the Hospital authority...

..Taani was trembling she was broken her eyes were red but there was no drop of tear in it...It took time for her to acknowledge what Sharon was saying...then she stood up one last time worked towards the operation theatre no body stopped her cause her look was devastating...she went inside she looked at Rey his eyes was feeled with blood ..she touched him kissed his forhead and came out...signed the papers...and went in front of the mandir of hospital and sat there like a stone looking at the idol of krishnaji...on the other hand there was a hustle bustle Operation theatre door closed...docter started the surgery...Sharon was crying like hell Simmi and Aashi was with her boys were devastated...but Swayam had a pathetic condition...on one hand his best friend his life was at stake...his love Sharon crying and his little sis was next to become dead...he was worried ..he decided to go to her...he touched her shoulder sitting beside her...and it was the moment Taani broke down completely...She was crying histerically she was all blaming herself for Rey's condition...she was blaming herself that from morning she was not feeling good ..Rey was un usually quite but she didn't talk with him inspite of seeing his pleading eyes...on top of that Sharon told everybody while crying the last words Rey said to her in the evening...She said to Swayam while sobbing pathetically

Taani- Bhai bha...i   Rey ...Reee...YYY thik to ho jayenge na?? Unhe kuch hoga to nahi...??  Bhai mai unke bina maar jaungiii...Bhai usne mere nam ke jaghaa wife likha...Bha...iii woh mujsee bohot payaar karte hai...kitne baar maafi mangiii but mai hi buriii huuu...maine sab ko maaf kiya but unse...thik se baat bhi nahiii kii...I am bad Bha...iii...sab mujhe chor ke chalee jatee hai...pehele ma papa...fir taijii...aj Rey bhi mujhe ...chor ke...( She was unable to complete Swayam stopped her and made her quite...)

Swayam- Chup ho jao Taani...Rey ko kuch nahi hoga...woh tumhe chor ke kahi nahi jayegaaa...tum dono payar ki dorri se badhe hui ho...just be strong woh thik ho jayega...tumhe ab jyada strong hona hai uske care karna hai...use payarr dena hai kiu ki operation ke baad use bohot sara care aur nursing ki jarurat  paregiii

All joined Taani and Swayam and all prayed for Rey's well being ...Sharon took her out from the mandir made her sit in the reception couch near ICU...and kept her head on her lap just like an elder sister...Taani was constanly  blaberring That Rey saved her name as Wife...he loves her but she was bad she was bound with ego that she did not reciprocate his love...but Sharon was roaming her fingers on taani's hair and did not try to stop her as she needed to ooze out her thoughts...or else she would her self Sharon knew that Taarey were inseperable and eternally bound...she laughed sarcastically in herself...thinking...

Who knew that the Shekhawat siblings will change her and her bff Rey's life in just two years  transferring them from Diva and Cool Dude carefree mode to totally a new person from where the both bffs cannot think of a minute in their life without their loved ones beside them...but she was sure that Rey will come back to life coz she knew that her bff  even cannot die...without Taani ...beside him just like she cannot die without Swayam beside her...her thoughts were broken as Taani got up and ran towards the ICU as the Operation theatre light went off and the door opened...


Please frds if you like it then hit like an comment please and if i get good response I will post the next chapter to night but at least 4 pages of comments
Pls frds your words means a lot to me

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meenu_taarey Goldie

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Posted: 29 July 2014 at 4:22am | IP Logged
firstly i m so sorry
for hell late
n secondly coming to the
i just love it
awesomely written diii
the way u portray rey and
taani's situation is fab
n here i like sharons character
too cuz in this she is
playing a awesome character
Big smileBig smileBig smile
n rey ka accident
no worry dear
taani hai na
rey k liye wo sab sambhal legi
beautifully written dii
hats off too u
take care
love uh!!!!!!!!!

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FireFlies. IF-Stunnerz

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awesome starting di...

rey Cry

taani is so scattered. hope everything settled soon.

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-SunShine IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2014 at 4:32am | IP Logged
Amazing start di
Feeling bad for taarey
Aap rey ko blind toh nahi banaoge na? Cry
please esa mat karna :-(
Continue soon

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hima_taarey IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2014 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Di... as i tld cncpt awesome h
N kyu ts banaya??? I wanted an os
Nyways... i was so awwing wen 
Rey was guilty... n talking to sharon
N then rey accident...
Best prt was saving taani numbr as wife...
This proves what she means
N taani she was feeling guilty tht she dint 4giv him
Waiting more nw...
Pls update soon

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shona25 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2014 at 4:53am | IP Logged

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..Deepkriti.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2014 at 4:59am | IP Logged
super emotionalCryCry
choti bachhi ko rulati hoOuch
okk kicking off my senti modLOL
great job diEmbarrassed

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princess1926 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2014 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Wow... Amazing ts... Kitna rulaya ...
Too emotional n senti...
Loved it...
Update next part soon

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