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IshRa OS: when you say nothing at all-part9 pg34 (Page 25)

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Next day, Raman wakes up to see Ishita waking up Ruhi to get her ready for school.

Ruhi kisses Ishita and wishes her good morning. Raman hugs Ruhi and apologises for shouting at her in the night.

Ruhi smiles and they both hug as Ishita looks on happily.

Everyone finishes the breakfast except raman and ishita.
Raman had a video conference call to attend hence he was late for breakfast while ishita wanted to wait for raman so she too didn't have.

After sometime, raman is about to leave for office when ishita stops him saying "breakfast toh karke jao. "

Raman remembers last night's events and had the strong urge to ask her about their meeting but he decides against it telling himself that it doesn't matter to him.

He replies her "mujhe bhook nahi hai. Office me kha lunga kuch."

She walks towards him, holds his hand and makes him sit at the dining table.

He shouts "kya zabardasti hai? Ek baar bola ki nahi khaana to samajh me nahi aata kya?"

She gets irritated and she firmly tells "aur maine bhi kaha na ki aap bina khaye yahan se nahi jayenge! Pehle sehat fir kaam!"

He was amused seeing her care yet he was hurt about her hiding the last night's meeting with subbu.

They both have their breakfast silently. She wonders if she should tell him about subbu but then feared he may not like her talking about subbu.

As they both leave the house and go towards their respective cars, ishita realises her car tyre got punctured.At the same time, Subbu too arrives there and sees and offers to drop ishita as his office is in the same direction as her clinic.

Raman doesn't like it but he thinks to wait and see if ishita would like to accept his offer.

Ishita looks at raman who pretends to be unaffected. She refuses subbu's offer saying "thanks but no thanks! Ab humare raaste alag hai."

There's a wide smile on Raman's lips on hearing this.
Subbu doesn't understand to which ishita explains "meri manzil ruhi hai aur iss safar me main aur raman ek saath hai."

Both Raman and Subbu are confused at her words. Ishita realises what she said and she covers up saying "I mean that I need to go to Ruhi's school for some work so Raman will drop me as his office and Ruhi's school is in same direction."

She pats herself for being able to manage the words.

Raman feels slightly happy that she chose to come with him and not subbu.

Ishita sits in Raman's car and Raman starts the car. Raman asks her why she didn't go with Subbu.

Ishita senses that raman wants to know something else from her.

She replies "maine kaha toh tha uske saamne uska rasta aur mera rasta alag alag hai isliye."

Raman feels a bit disappointed which she notices.
She asks him "aap kuch pareshaan lag rahe hai? Kya Subbu..."

He interrupts her quickly as he hears Subbu's name saying "mujhe tumhare uss ex-boyfriend se koi matlab nahi hai! Tumhe usse baat karni hai karo! But mujhe uske bare me kuch nahi kehna hai!"

Ishita looked into his eyes deeply as he avoided hers and she knew that he would never meet his eyes with hers whenever he would tell lie.

She knew somewhere subbu's presence is affecting him which he's masking by faking anger.

Later in the office, Raman is totally frustrated with the way Subbu's entrance has complicated his relation. His fear of losing ishita was becoming stronger.

In frustration he shouts at the employees including Mihir for silly reasons. Mihir is worried about Raman so decides to confront him.

Mihir enters the cabin but Raman is in no mood to listen and tells him "mihir, tu ja! Thodi der akela rehna chahta hu."

Mihir doesn't listen to raman and he comes inside and takes the seat opposite raman saying "sorry bhai! Main aapki har baat maanta hu lekin iss waqt aap kisi pareshaani me hai aur main aapko akela nahi chodke ja sakta hu!"

Raman gets angry and shouts "areh problem hai to bhi meri hai! Main sambhal sakta hu! Har koi zabardasti karta hai! Meri koi apni marzi hai ya nahi?"

Mihir could feel the pain behind Raman's anger. He waits for a few minutes till Raman calms down and then says "bhai, aapne humesha apnon ka har haal me saath diya hai. Aaj aapko saath ki zaroorat hai. Plz mujhe bataiye ki baat kya hai. Shayad hum milke sort out karlenge ye problem."

Raman tells him "batane ke liye kuch bacha hi nahi. Pata nahi wo kabse mujhse batein chupana shuru karne lagi!"

Mihir confusedly asks "kaun bhai?"

Raman continues "teri bhabhi! Tu janta hai na ki bala ka bhai wo subbu amma ke ghar rehne aaya hai. Aur ishita aur subbu..." raman couldn't continue.

Mihir understands what raman was feeling. He instigates him further to know his inner feelings for ishita.

"Haan mihika ne bataya mujhe. Par isme problem kya hai bhai?"

"Problem kya hai matlab? Ishita ka ex lover hai wo aur ab humare ghar ke saamne rehta hai. Roz uski aur ishita ki mulakat ho jati hai kisi na kisi bahane se!"

"Toh kya bhai? Ishita bhabhi apne aap se jaake toh nahi mil rahi hai na use? Aur phir aap bhi to shagun se milte the na ishita bhabhi se shaadi karne ke baad bhi!"

"Areh meri aur shagun ki baat alag hai! Main shagun se sirf adi ke liye milta tha."

"Jo bhi ho, par bhabhi ne aapko kabhi nahi roka na shagun se milne par?"

"Teri bhabhi hogi mahan. Main sirf ek insaan hu. Mujhe nahi acha lagta ki meri biwi ka ex lover usse mile aur baat kare!"

"Kyub bhai? Aapko bhabhi pe vishwas nahi hai? "

"Aisa nahi hai yaar! Ishita pe mujhe khud se bhi zyada vishwas hai. Main galat ho sakta hu par I know ki meri ishita kabhi galat nahi ho sakti!"

Mihir smiled on hearing "meri ishita" from raman as hee noticed a slight smile on raman's face when he said that.

Mihir says "fir kyun pareshaan ho rahe ho bhai? Waise bhi bhabhi sabse zyada ruhi se pyaar karti hai aur wo ruhi ko chodke kabhi nahi jayegi. Toh automatically aapko bhi nahi chodke jayegi na."

Raman's face turns sad on hearing this as he says "yehi to problem hai. Ruhi ke wajah se wo mere saath hai. Par uske dil me to main nahi hu. Shayad subbu abhi bhi uska pyaar hai."

Mihir says "aapka matlab hai aap issliye pareshaan ho ki bhabhi aapse pyaar nahi karti ya isliye ki aap bhabhi se pyaar karte ho par darte ho ki shayad unke dil me subbu hai?"

Raman seems to be lost in his own thoughts as he tries to register mihir's words.

Chancing this opportunity, mihir asks "bhai, sach bataiye. Aapko subbu ka waapis aana isliye bura laga kyunki aap ko acha nahi lagta ki bhabhi aapke siwa kisi aur ke baare me soche. Haina?"

Raman remembers all the interactions between ishita and subbu and in subconscious mind, he confessed to mihir "nahi acha lagta! Ishita meri biwi hai. I can't see her with someone else."

Mihir asked "par kyun? Do you love her?"

Raman doesn't reply to mihir. Mihir asks him again the same question but raman is standing still lost in thoughts.
Finally mihir walks upto him, shakes him a bit and asks "bhai, aap maan kyu nahi lete ki aap bhabhi se pyaar karte hai. Kyun khud ko hurt kar rahe ho apni feelings andar dabake? Kahin aap bahut der karde aur ishita bhabhi ko kho na dein!"

Raman breaks down finally accepting his feelings as he says "haan haan! Pyaar karta hu main Ishita se. Nahin chahta tha ki zindagi me kabhi dobara kisi se pyaar karun. Par ishita ke saath ladte jhagadte kab pyaar hogaya pata hi nahi chala!"

Mihir feels happy that raman finally realised and confessed his love for ishita. He hugs him saying "I'm so happy for you bhai. You deserve to be loved and there cannot be anyone who will love you more than Ishita bhabhi."

Raman blushes a little which fades out soon turning into sadness as he says "pyaar? Ishita? No! I don't think ishita would ever love me. I have hurt her many times. Yes she cares about me but she cares about everyone. She's staying with me only for the sake of ruhi!"

Mihir tries to make him understand "it's not like that bhai. Waqt ke saath rishte badalte hai aur feelings bhi! Ishita bhabhi bhi aapse pyaar karti hai I'm sure about it. Bas aap dono ek dusre se bolne me hesitate kar rahe ho ye sochke ki kahin iss baar aapka pyaar reject na ho!"

Raman is still unconvinced. Mihir says "bhai, aapne kabhi apna haq jataya hai bhabhi pe jo unhe lage ki aap unke apne ho? Jab tak aap apne feelings jataoge nahi toh kaise samajh me ayega bhabhi ko?"

Raman says "kyun? Wo bhi to bol sakti hai na. Kisi book me likha hai ki pehla step mard ko hi uthana hai?"

Mihir smiles and explains "bhai! Dil ke mamlon me aap ekdum buddhu ho! Aap try to karo apni dil ki baat kehne ki. Atleast bhabhi ke liye kuch khaas karo aur fir dekhna ki kaise wo aapke kareeb aajayengi!"

Raman thanks mihir and thinks to follow his advice. He requests mihir not tell about their conversation to anyone including mihika. Mihir assures the same.

At night, raman is thinking about mihir's words and wonders what can he do to let ishita know that she's special to him.

Ishita enters the room and sits on the other end of the bed. Raman asks " ruhi kahan hai?"

She replies "apne room me so rahi hai. Bahut thak gayi thi sravan ke saath khel ke."

She switches off the light and goes to sleep as even Raman lies down on the other end of bed and tries to sleep.

Its a sunday morning and ruhi insists ishita to take her to park.
As Ruhi was playing with her friends, Subbu comes there coincidentally to meet his friend who came with his son to the same park.

Subbu sees ishita and meets her. As they both engage in general talks, Raman comes there with ice cream to surprize ishita and ruhi but seeing her with subbu, he gets angry and throws the icecream away.

Ishita and subbu notice Raman when ruhi runs into his arms.calling out "papa".

Raman takes Ruhi into his arms and says "chalo beta, hum ghar chalte hai. Bahut dekhliya!" Saying so, he walks towards his car when ishita runs behind him.

Raman makes ruhi sit in the car and asks ishita "main ruhi ko leke ghar ja raha hu. Tumhe aana hai to aao ya raho apne purane aashiq ke saath yahin pe!"

Ishita gets a mixed feeling of anger and hurt as she looks at Raman not understanding the meaning of his words.

Seeing Ruhi, she decides to remain quiet and speak to raman after reaching home.

Once they are in their room, ishita locks the door and looks at raman who's standing still folding his arms and facing the window.

She goes to him asking "kya bakwaas kar rahe the aap waha park me? Bolne se pehle sochte nahi ho ki kya bol rahe ho?"

He remains silent not moving an inch from the place he was standing. This irks ishita as she demands "mujhe jaanna hai ki aapki problem kya hai? I...I can't understand what's on your mind! Kabhi aap jo care karte ho mere liye,aapke liye mere dil me aur izzat badh jaati hai...aur kabhi kabhi aap aisa kuch karjaate ho ki aisa lagta hai ki aapke saath ek pal bhi nahi reh sakti!"

Raman finally replies "haan kyun rahogi mere saath! Sirf Ruhi ke karan bardhaasht kar rahi ho na mujhe. Dil me to ab bhi subbu hai!"

Ishita is astonished at his words. She gets teary eyed as she wonders how can raman even think that she still loves subbu when she only loves raman.

Ishita manages to say "mere dil me kya hai aur kaun hai ye aap nahi jaante ho raman!"

Raman couldn't bear it any more and says "haan, kaise jaanunga? Tum to mujhe kuch batana hi nahi chahti thi na. Isliye chup chupke subbu se milti thi!"

Ishita feels like the world had stopped rotating. She felt her heart had stopped beating as she heard her husbands accusations.

Raman becomes emotional saying "I know ki maine kabhi tumhare liye kuch nahi kiya. I know ki tumhe maine apni patni to maana, lekin tumhare hisse ki khushiyan nahi di maine. But fir bhi tumne mere liye aur mere parivaar ke liye bahut kuch kiya hai. Yet being your husband, I cannot see you with any other man ishita!"

Ishita looks on as he continues "I never thought that I'll love someone again in my life because I always believed that true love happens only once in our life. And though I did love shagun, but after you entered my life, I learnt the meaning of true love. Then I realised that true love wasn't what I felt for shagun. That was a mere infatuation."

Ishita tries to interrupt when he stops saying "aaj baat karne ki baari meri hai ishita! I'm not doubting on your character or on the trust that I have on you. But I do not like my wife's exlover meeting my wife at midnight or in park hiding from everyone. I can understand ki tum shayad ab bhi subbu ko bhula nahi payi ho..but tum atleast dost samajhke mujhe bata deti!"

Ishita understood that raman had seen her meeting subbu at midnight and probably he has misunderstood that she has feelings for him.

Ishita explains to him about their meeting and the conversation that happened between them.

Raman feels relaxed on getting his misunderstanding cleared.
Ishita notices it and asks "aap bhi na raman! Ek to khud aapne kaha tha ki aap subbu ke baare me kuch nahi sunna chahte. Isliye maine socha aapko batake pareshaan na karun. Aur aap ho ki khud ka imagination use karke pata nahi kya kya soch baithe! Main aur subbu? Ayoo!"

Raman feels bad and says "sorry yaar! Aur karta bhi kya? Jab bhi tumhe uss subbu ke saath dekhta tha, mera khoon khaul uthta tha!"

Ishita looks into eyes deeply as she asks "kyun? Kya hu main aapke liye?"

He too looks into eyes saying "zindagi"

Ishita smiles through her tears on listening this. Raman cups her face, bringing her face closer to his as he says "i love you ishita. you're mine and only I have the rights to scold you or hurt you or love you. I dont know ki tum mere baare me kya sochti ho par I'll respect your decision whatever it maybe."

Ishita closes her eyes letting out the tears before she meets his eyes again saying "kitne waqt se main ye sunne ke liye intezaar kar rahi thi raman. I love you too!"

They both hug each other emotionally with tears of happiness finding solace in each others arms.

Raman teases her saying "faltu me kitna pareshaan kiya tumne. Pehle boldeti apne dil ki baat to ye sab hota hi nahi!"

Ishita looks at him cutely faking anger saying "main kyun bolti? Aap bhi to bol sakte the na. Humesha chillate rehte ho mujhpe par ek I love you bola nahi gaya!"

"Acha? Abhi kisne bola tha I love you?"

"Wo to aapne subbu se darke bola na. Aapko laga subbu mujhe aapse door lejayega!"

"Main aur subbu se darr? Apne dimag ka surgery karwao! Din ba din chota hota ja raha hai! Kaash sach me subbu tumhe le jaata! Atleast mujhe tumhari faltu ki baatein sunni nahi padthi!"

"Haan tabhi to aapke mote se dimaag me ye choti si baat nahi samajh me aayi ki aapki biwi aapse pyaar karti hai"

"Toh? Aaj tak bhagwan bhi samajh nahi paye ki aurton ke mann me kya hai toh main to firbhi insaan hu!"

Ishita makes faces at him and leaves from there saying "samajh to main nahi pa rahi hu aapke abnormal behaviour ko!"

Raman smiles to himself thinking - 'abnormal ho ya normal-jo bhi hu tumhara hu ishita! And I'll not let any third person to come in between us.'

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Hayee...finally raman ne bol diya
Super update der
Loved it
Thankx for the pm dear...

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Thanks for PM.
It was so nice and lovely part.
Mihir was so nice that he makes Raman to understand his feelings towards Ishita,it was so nice.Smile
The conversation of Raman and Ishita was so nice.
Finally,Raman confess his Love to Ishita ,it was so lovely.Embarrassed

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Yeah Ishra has confessed..!!

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Lovely finally the confessed it was really sweet

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sweet and lovely.superb update dear.
waiting for next update.
thanks for the PMSmile

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NYC.I loved the line" 'abnormal ho ya normal-jo bhi hu tumhara hu ishita!" cho chweet.

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