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The realization of love Arsh after DMG Part 9 page 27

Aashi_Shona Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 2:55am | IP Logged
Character sketch 
Armaan malik 
Same as in dmg...but here he's kinda fed up with his schedule...which is fighting and manoafy riddhima and her father

Riddhima gupta

Same as in dmg...tired handling armaan 

Shilpa malhotra
She did move on in her life and grew maturer...but along of being mature..she grew some bitterness in her character 

Sid modi

he's still the fun guy trying to move on and get over riddhima

Riddhima and armaan are engage..still convincing shashank for their wedding
Sid and shilpa are engaged too...they are trying to move on together...since they understand each other better than any other


The story will start with a leap of two years after dmg's ending and there's the twist the night drunk armaan and shilpa spend together in the rain...they got intimate with each other...and the next morning armaan woke up with  a sorry for shilpa...i'll go on a flashback for that and it's a mature few parts might be +18..i'm sorry for that 

Part 1-page 1
part 2-page 4
part 3-page 6
part 4-page 11
part 5-page 14
part 6-page 14
part 7-page 19
Part 8- page 25 
Part 9-page 27

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Aashi_Shona Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Part 1
She entered in sanjeevani Remembering her last entry in there...the silly childish shilpa...she thought...she looked in the window pane trying to point out the major changes...she was still the same in look...just that now...she prefers tying her hairs up in a bun...least make up...a simple yet classy salwar suit...her dangling earings...and not to forget her bracelet...last time she came to sanjeevani...was to have her sister's love...but forget about love...she din't even get the respect a little sister was suppose to receive from her big sister...she lost her heart to someone to never valued it...well can she blame them for it?? No...infact she never did...she blamed herself...for being so immature..and believing all...true...all the falls...made her stronger...but only she knew how weak she is inside

''come back to present shilpa...your present and future are beautiful...don't loose yourself again in that past'' she said to herself and made her way elegantly to the dean's office 

She knocked at the door gently and smiled on receiving a ''come in'' response from the person in 

She entered smilingly..''hello dr shashank'' she smiled politely at him as she felt him hugging her with a fatherly touch

''Shilpa...i'm soo sorry...i din't know who you are...when your masi told was way too were gone'' he said with a genuine look on his face

'''s not a problem..beside i'm here only for my patient...i don't want any personal issue in here'' she replied in a professional tone...she did make her mind about it 

''but shilpa...riddhima needs to know she has such an adorable little sister...i can help you'' he forwarded his help

Smiling politely at him...''well say last time i came to sanjeevani i was really hopeful...but now i am be honest...i would have had never come back...if it wouldn't have had been professional issues...i'm honest with my work...and i want it to be limited..i am in this hospital for 5 more month...then i'll be flying back to uk'' She was clear and loud...and hoped he wouldn't insist further on it 

''No problem beta'' and the topic was closed...''by the way do you a place to stay?''' 

''yes sir..don't worry...and sir can i please meet my patient'' she was back to her stern look and professional tone

He was highly impressed by the new shilpa he was looking at right now...the one he knew cared the least about her work...but this was like a completely new personality infront of him 

''you aint had such a long flight'' he said as he showed her the way to her patient 

''i am but i'll be taking rest after knowing what's the case?'' she was more gentle this time and brought back her pretty smile 

Shilpa entered the pediatric unit looking at a little child...she couldn't believe that such a little doll had cancer...she was one of the best oncologist...and she worked very earn her that list in short time 

She looked at the girl's mother looking at her with hopeful eyes

''don't worry mam...your daughter...will get back to you hale and healthy...that's my promise'' her confidence was doctor would have had the courage to give someone hope on reading the girl's case history...but she did..and she knew she will be able to do it 

She gave a last look to the girl...pecking her cheeks...and left the ward...only to be bumped with someone...''i'm soo sorry'' she heard her saying 

''Shilpa'' she raised her head and looked at the one she bumped in...she was shocked...if it was the same shilpa she knew...she was running in the corridors and bumped into someone 

''Hello dr riddhima'' she smiled politely at her 

''Hello are you??'' she wanted to be monosyllable with her...and din't know why was she back

''very well thank you...can you please excuse me...i just came here...i need to settle down a few things of mine'' she excused herself and moved towards the locker room...she din't want to spent a lot of time with staying away was the best thing she could do 

''did she just threw some attitude at me'' riddhima wondered surprisingly 
She watched shilpa leaving when she felt a hand on her shoulder

''basket what are you doing here'' he was confused as he watched her tensed look

'' wouldn't believe it...i saw...''just when she was about to say shilpa's name she saw a crowd in the entrance of sanjeevani..''you have any idea...what's happening today??'' he watched armaan shaking his head confusingly 
and they walked towards the crowd 

''sid??'' they both yelled 

''Oh damn Armaan..riddhima'' He moved to greet them politely...he hugged armaan...and showed some gesture with his head to riddhima

''It's soo great to see ya here sid'' armaan expressed his genuine reactions

''it's always great to see me'' he smiled widely at them...''so what's up with you are you guys??'' he looked at riddhima trying to guess if she's happy now...something answered his question in his mind...''why would she be unhappy??..she got what she wanted..armaan''

'' yeah yaar...we are fine...just trying to convince monster shashank for our wedding'' he said only to receive a smack from riddhima which made sid chuckle

''he's still not convinced'' he asked with an unbelievable look on his face

''Sid..that's not the matter...he's just highly protective...and armaan keeps on making bad image infront of him'' she replied with a pissed off look 

''basket don't start it...i don't want to argue again'' He was so tired of all these's like there was nothing fun in his life had to be hospital...fight with riddhima...home..think about how to manoafy riddhima...and the circle starts again 

He looked at the couple amazed with their relationship...they fought with all to get together...broke their heart...and now fighting with each other...where's the love they always claimed to have man??? he thought 

''Sid...tell us about you did you move on'' riddhima asked...she din't know what made her ask him that question...but she was always bothered about him...and she thought it to be guilt 

He looked at them smiling...''you'll have the answer to your questions...don't worry''...he took out his phone dialed some numbers

''where are you baby...i'm in sanjeevani..and i can't see you anywhere''...he heard something from the other end and replied...''okay fine..i'll join ya in a you''

The last two words did surprise armaan and riddhima...''so you guys want to meet the lucky one'' he looked at riddhima's face who got pale a bit

''yeah dude...of course'' armaan said patting his back 

''follow me'' he walked towards the locker room with a confused riddhima and armaan 

she was there sitting on the bench with her back facing the locker room entrance...she was lost in that girl's case history file

He sneaked and pulled her hair clip opening her hairs..and surprising her...she turned back knowing exactly who will be having guts to do such a thing with her 

'' silly...i tied them with soo much of efforts...and you ruined them again'' while throwing her arms around her neck and giving armaan and riddhima a full view of her face

Armaan stood still...watching Shilpa in Sid's was her...What is she doing in sid's arms...he felt his heart beating he watched her eyes close and face on sid's shoulder...Since she left...he had been asking to himself what was the meaning of the last words she said...He remember the night he got intimate with her thinking she's riddhima...but he never got a chance to confront her about it...and now she is bank...she looked different...he wondered what was soo different about her...he noticed...she was no more girly looking girl...she looked more like a grown up woman...with perfect curves...and elegance...sid's tight hold on her waist...was pissing him off..he din't know why...he knew he had to ask her now about all the questions she raised in his mind by leaving 

While riddhima's feeling was no less than armaan...she was feeling angry...she din't know why..but she din't like shilpa being soo close to sid 

''Sid...where were you...i needed you soo badly this morning'' she complained breaking the hug

''i'm soo sorry baby...i went home cleaning all the mess...but it's not happening...i was about to ask if i can stay with you..if your house is not messy'' 

'' was their home he was calling mess'' riddhima thought...''yeah but it's no more theirs''

armaan silently wished shilpa would say no to sid's proposal but formed a fist when he said...''of course can stay with me...being room mate is not new for us'' she said giving him the most beautiful smile of hers but soon it got off as she saw him...behind sid's shoulder

He knew where her attention he turned facing armaan and riddhima...''you guys wanted to know with whom i moved on right'' ...there you are...he snaked his hands around shilpa's waist...'' the one...she's all to friend...and my fiancee...we are getting married in three month'' he said in a go watching at shilpa's smile 

Armaan was shocked...he felt like someone punched him directly in the heart..and riddima wasn't any better...she was still trying to digest the fact that Sid and Shilpa was engaged 

''baby..are you done with all your works'' he asked shilpa concernly

'' yeah sid i'm done..i'll go back home in a while and sleep'' she replied while 
tying her hairs back in the bun

''no..wait for me..i'll talk to dr shashank..i need to submit a few papers of mine and get back to you..we will go together'' he said while hugging her letting her lean on him...and moved his hand in her hairs opening them again

''sid don't do that'' she said irritatedly..i hate having them open 

''but i love when i see them falling on your  face'' he said while pecking her forehead and leaving for shashank's office

RIddhima din't know what to do there anymore...she din't even want to face armaan with soo much of emotional turmoils in her...she excused herself and left the locker room

She pretended as if she din't see armaan standing there...and busied herself in assembling her things in her locker

''shilpa...i wanna talk'' he said at once looking at her trying to know whats making her ignore him

At she heard him taking his name...she left a sigh thinking...Atleast he din't forget my name 

she turned back to him and replied'' yes dr armaan...what do you want to talk about'' she was back to her professional tone 

''Dr armaan'' he said sarcastically...''i wanna talk to my friend shilpa...not to dr shilpa'' he said desperately moving towards her 

''but right now only dr shilpa is available...and please...don't say i was your friend in past...i wasn't armaan...i'm here only for my professional will be better if we stay limited till professional boundaries only'' She so wanted to slap him for calling her his friend but controlled each and every emotions of hers 

He felt his anger erupting in his heart...and held her arms pulling her towards him'' you were my friend shilpa...what's making you so angry at me..what wrong did i do to you...if you're talking about the time we got intimate...i apologized...i dunno what was the meaning of your last lines to me shilpa..i was soo lost in the pain of loosing riddhima...i couldn't see anything beyond that'' 

She pulled her arms out ...slapping armaan...''don't you dare armaan''...she watched his shocked look

''i'm not the old stupid shilpa anymore...which you will sleep around with...and say sorry...don't you even dare to touch me again'' she left the locker room controlling her tears...''i'm not some kinda of cheap din't have your senses the night you slept with me...but i was in my  never guessed why i willingly surrendered myself to you...and now you're insulting me by saying we were was always one care every single thing were only one sided...but now not never ever see that caring emotional shilpa again...the one infront of you is a stong one'' she thought leaving sanjeevani 

He banged his hand frustratedly on the wall...never ever he told to riddhima...he had been so close to shilpa...maybe he was scare...she will never understand him...he remembered the days..shilpa was reflecting all 
he was when he joined now...that shilpa is lost...but why did he see the same shilpa with sid...she was still the same with sid...he thought mentally feeling like he's loosing it all

He sneaked in Shilpa's house...and his dishes basin was full of empty coffee mugs...he knew she was pissed off at something...why wouldn't she...she faced her past today...shilpa went through a lot more than him...that's the reason of her bitterness...he entered her room and found her sitting on the corner of her window...with another coffee mug in her hands

''lemme had a verbal war with either riddhima or armaan'' he said looking at her 

''not only verbal..i slapped him'' she replied looking back at him

''you did what??''it's obvious he had to be shock...she slapped armaan

''he was holding me tight...and trying to show his soo called friendship rights on me...what did you want me to do other than slapping him'' she said it with an i-did-right face 

He sat next to her...''i think there's something wrong between them'' he said remembering their arguement

''don't let it affect you sid...i was the one who always thought armaan will move on and riddhima will realize your love...what happened in the end??...they gave a damn to us'' she tried to sound practical 

He knew she was right...''but why did you have to slap could just ignore him''

''how can i sid...he thinks my virginity worths a sorry'' she said painfully hugging sid

''it's okay shilpa..all will b fine'' he soothed her back and thought...we both know we how much we say we never forgot them...we still love them as much as we did in past but they are never going to understand it 

End of first part 

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harshiakshi Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 3:45am | IP Logged
lovely plz do cont soon

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blackkitty Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 4:23am | IP Logged
wonderful update.

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ZIKRASHAH Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 4:27am | IP Logged
Nice storyline dear. wow they are engaged. love this strong shilpa. armaan so deserve that slap. Let's see how they get over each other and their actual partner. I love arsh sooo much. thnx fr d pm. plzzz cont soon.

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LoveArsh Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 4:56am | IP Logged
Interesting update,it was awesomeee,i loved the strong shona,i m loving sid n shona bond,armaan deserve that slap,do cont soon n thanks for the pm dear :)
moonlight2630 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Simply fantastic update.
Good job shilpa Arman deserved this slap .
I like strong and confident shilpa and love Sid and shilpa bonding.
They really care for eachother.
Arman calling his would be sasurji monster shashank that was funny.
Ridhima as always daddy' baby girl  confused and over smart .
I really wana see Arman and Ridhima jealous .
Thanks for pm
Plz update soon.
shonayaa Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Yipee another arsh ff
the start was awsme
shilpa character is so strong i love it
very well written Clap

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