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Happy "Love" Birthday to Our Rockstar, Shabbir Ahluwalia

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A star was born to sparkle..
A person who is energetic...
A guy who's full of masti and spreading love...
And creates magic.. 
He loves fun, sports & adventure... 
And always wants to explore the untouched territories...

He keeps surprising and his fans keep increasing..
He handpicks his roles and brings out the best...

Who can forget the handsome flirt and adorable bad boy, Rishi..
Or the hotheaded hottie, rustic yet romantic Milind...
And he spreads sheer cheer when we hear the name of Rockstar Abhi!

Yeah, you guys got it right!

It's our dear Shabbir Ahluwalia's birthday!

Let's join and celebrate together our rockstar's day!!!!


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Shabbir is home alone that morning. His family has gone to his in law's place to prepare for his grand birthday celebration that night. He couldn't afford to take off even on his birthday due to Abhi-Pragya track in Kumkum Bhagya. He finished his daily work out and took a shower. Getting dressed in white and black, he stood in front of the mirror adjusting his hair. He thought about calling his wife to listen to his baby boy of 2 weeks.

Before he could act on that thought, he was taken aback to notice that his mirror image is wearing a leather jacket and yellow dogtags, which he surely didn't remember wearing. Before the shock seeped in, the mirror image laughed.

"Hello Mr. Shabir oh Shabbir Sebastian Ahluwalia. It's me Abhi"

"Abhi?!!!!" Shabbir asked in horror.

"Yeah, Rockstar Abhi"

Shabbir felt dizzy and was about to faint. Abhi came out of the mirror and saved him from falling to the ground. 
Guiding Shabbir to the nearby sofa, Abhi made him sit there. Shabbir was shell-shocked to say a word, but he gathered himself. Before he said anything, Abhi took out a gun from his jacket and pointed at Shabbir.

Abhi: You are not asking any questions. You will just answer. This is your punishment for putting me through hell. You go and play my character everyday on the sets of KB, have you ever thought what I go through? I can't meet my girlfriend, my wife, that Chashmish, does her bak bak  every minute, my Daadi has me dance to her tunes, my sister always expects me to do crazy things, I have to behave so badly with my wife that India Forums hates me for it and you know what, I can't even go out and take some fresh air, my fans just fall on me like... Dude, enough is enough.. From today, you will be Abhi and I will be Shabbir. But to make that happen, you have to answer all my questions. I have to know everything about you. You live my life and I live yours. We both will be happy. But if you try to act too smart, this bullet will go straight into your head...So, shall we start?

Shabbir: Bu...

Abhi: Now you please don't start your bak bak. The faster we go through this, the better. And I always have this (points gun at Shabbir). So you want to start?

Shabbir: *nods his head slowly*

Abhi: Good... Umm...actually, do you have an iPad?

Shabbir being too shocked to say anything slowly pointed at his iPad that's on the table. 

Abhi: Thanks!

Abhi grabs the iPad with one hand, but with the other, still points the gun at Shabbir. Shabbir's still in shock, but slowly reality is seeping in. 'What in the world is happening? How can Abhi be in my room? He's only a character...'thought Shabbir. He then recovered from his shock as he recalled what Abhi said earlier about him wanting to switch lives with him. Meanwhile, Abhi finds the iPad, and sits down on a chair across from him.

Abhi: As I already know your name, you can tell me your...umm..age.

Shabbir: Is this necessary...

Abhi: Of course it is...Now TELL ME.

Shabbir: Okay, fine. 35.

Abhi: Where were you born?

Shabbir: Mumbai

Abhi: Okay, now I need some brief, background information about you- like where you studied, your parents and all that stuff.

Shabbir: Seriously...

Abhi: Yup. C'mon dude, co-operate. Otherwise this gun...

Shabbir: Fine, we don't have to get violent...I was born to a Catholic mother and Punjabi, Sikh father. I completed my education from St. Xavier's High School, Vile Parle, West, Mumbai and University of Maryland, College Park, US...Good enough?

Abhi: Perfect. Married ya single? 

Shabbir: Married.

Abhi: What's your wife's name?

Shabbir: Now, why do you want her name?

Abhi: Well, when people ask me who my wife, I mean your wife, (Shabbir's wife) I can't say Chashmish, right?

Shabbir: Point noted... Her name is Kanchi Kaul.

Abhi: Is your wife a Chashmish too?

Shabbir: What?

Abhi: Jokes *winks *. Okay, And I just need you to tell me all the TV shows and films you acted in...

Shabbir: Now this is too much... How do you expect me to remember all of this?

Abhi: (aiming the gun at Shabbir): Would this work? Or do you need even more encouragement...

Shabbir: *sighs* I'll try...Okay first it 
was Hip Hip Hurray, no..Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi, or was it Kasam Se

Abhi: You know what? You write it down all yourself.

Abhi passes iPad to Shabbir, who is evidently annoyed but somewhat scared too at the freakishness of the whole thing. Shabbir starts typing.

Abhi: And also list the...

Shabbir: I know, I'm listing the films I did too

Shabbir completes his job and gives the iPad back to Abhi
Abhi goes through the list.

Hip Hip Hurray as Shweta Salve's brother

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi as Aniket

Kahin To Milenge as Shashank

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii as Soumil Dixit

Kahiin To Hoga as Rishi Garewal

Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat - Kabzaa

Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat - Kohra as Aman

Kkavyanjali as Vansh

Nach Baliye 1 & Nach Baliye 2 as Host

Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa Guest appearance

Fear Factor as Participant

Kasamh Se as Sandeep Sikand/Sandy (Cameo)

Kasautii Zindagii Kay as Omi

Kayamath as Milind Mishra

Dhamaal Express as himself

Dancing Queen as Host

Meethi Churi No. 1 as Host

Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 3 as himself

Guinness World Record - India as Host

Laagi Tujhse Lagan as Dutta Bhau

Kumkum Bhagya as Abhishek Prem

Shootout at Lokhandwala as RC

Mission Istaanbul as Khalil Nazi

Abhi: Anything else you have done? Like achievements, your pastimes blah blah..

Shabbir: Well I hold a Guinness record for riding a bike in a fire tunnel.

Abhi: WOW!!! I am impressed.

Shabbir: And I love sports, I play cricket for Boxy Boyz, football...

Abhi: You are multi-talented. I am just a Rockstar. Good, but one thing is missing...oh yeah...what's your date of birth?

Shabbir: Well it's tod...August 10th

Shabbir was pinching himself to make sure he was not dreaming and when it hurt, he started thinking how he could stop it. He took a deep breath and calmed himself. He took a sight of Abhi pacing back and forth trying to memorize the facts. He felt like he knew Abhi. In fact, he was the one who gave Abhi's character life. He was the biggest Drama Queen and as much as he tried to act rough and tough, the simple and innocent Abhi shined through. He grinned as Abhi started reciting the words on the iPad like a child does with multiplication tables. But the image of the black shiny gun (why was it so shiny by the way?) that Abhi was casually holding, erased all images of Abhi's innocence. You don't call someone who's holding a gun, and threatening to kill you, innocent. Even if it was an Indian soap opera character. He mentally face palmed himself. 'I am scared of a TV character?' he thought. But he couldn't take any chances.

Meanwhile, Abhi was still reciting the facts.

Abhi: Gosh, this is hard to memorize...
...Until something on the wall caught Abhi's eye. Guilt struck him like a bolt of lightning.
Abhi: It is the tenth of August today.

..which meant it was Shabbir's birthday and I was... without him being at fault, Oh No'

Abhi: I'm in a good mood today, so you are free to go..

Shabbir is shocked, yet again.

Shabbir: What the... First you threaten to kill me and force me to switch lives with you, and now you let me go.

Abhi: Well...the thing is, your life seems to much hard work even to memorize. I can't act, be a host, play sports and be a family man too. That's a lot of stuff, man! And today is your birthday too.

Shabbir: Oh yeah...with a gun on my head on my birthday..

Abhi: Galti ho gayi mujhse, I am sorry... and happy birthday. 

Shabbir: Umm...well...thanks.

Abhi: I will let you go on one condition. Can you please have the creatives of Kumkum Bhagya make my life better? I mean get me out of that stupid misunderstanding and let me be with my sweet Chashmish, you know. I actually...

Shabbir: Dude, got it, I will try.

Abhi: Thanks Bro. BTW, it was just a water gun. * winks*

Shabbir laughed and hugged Abhi. Abhi walked back into the mirror magically.

Shabbir grinned at the mirror. The mirror image grinned back.

Shabbir laughed. The mirror image laughed exactly like him.

Oh, It was just imagination running wild! He had gotten too much into his character. His eyes fell on his blue-strapped watch and noted the time.

Shabbir: Shoot! I'm late for my shoot!

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Your image is loading...

To hell with destiny!Party


Life is NOW, Life is AbhiStar


Eey Chashmish!!! Heart

Kishmish jaisi sukhi Chashmish! Shocked

Don't touch it, yeh mera favorite pillow hain!LOL


Who IS she? What IS this? Yeh kiskey saath scene karwa diya yaar? D'oh

Main aise hi sota hoon! Blushing


Daadi, aapke phone mein internet hain? LOL


Tumhari didi is book ki tarah hain, kholo nahi toh interesting, kholo toh very boring! Tongue


Sharaab? Sharaab kisne pee hai. O! Cough syrup...Wink


Kya woh Tom Cruise hain?Tongue


Tum idhar aakar baithogi ya main tumhaari god mein aakar baithoon?Embarrassed


Usney tumhe merey jaisa pati kyon diya!Unhappy


Galti ho gay mujhsei. I am sorry!Embarrassed


Insaan apni kismat khud banaata hain! Clap


Waise rocking lag rahi ho..Big smile


Arey nahi aapki biwi hain! Main toh aise hi milne aaya tha isey! LOL


Chatri key andar tumhari body ka pataa hi nahi chalta..ROFL


Is dumbbell sey crime karwaogi?LOL


Aap kyun merey peeche padi hui hain?  LOL


Aap apni beti apney paas hi rakhiyeShocked


Chance mat maaro, Main kisi ko munh dikhane laayak nai rahungaROFL

Monalisa ka painting banaa raha hoon! LOL

Tum toh khoon peeti ho, yeh lo!Shocked

Yeh aayi meri Savitri!LOL

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Ego pic





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Shabir Ahluwalia , you have grown so much as an actor and i feel really happy and proud to have witnessed that! so glad and thankful you came back on television and you are now ruling many many hearts!  Here's wishing you a a very very very happy birthday and really hope and pray you continue to do well in life as an actor as ABHI , as a person , as a husband and as a father! wish you love and happiness and good health and a great year ahead! 
Lots of love

Dear Rishi,

Dude, you are still Rishi for me! You are my only connection to Indian soap world. From the time I noted Rishi in KTH, have been following you though different soaps and shows as a host. You make your characters convincing and endearing. You don't need "all-good" and "no-flaws" roles to make them lovable. You just fill life in them, by bringing out the spirit. That's why I am proud to be your admirer. Your latest, Abhi, is immensely adorable and a treat to watch. And you seem to be a fun loving person spreading joy offscreen who never fails to bring smiles around.

And it gives me great pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday. I am sure it would be the best birthday in your life to have your son by your side. Lots of prayers and love for your little one, you and your whole family!!  May life shower you with love and peace always and may your career reach greater heights!

Love you Shabbir,


Dear Shabbir

I have been following you since the first time I saw u on KTH as Rishi. U take the limelight away from others by your charm. 
U can create awesome chemistry with any of your co stars be it male or female. You have impressed me from being the spoilt brat Rishi to Rockstar Abhi. 
I always called u Rishi whenever I saw u on TV anywhere but now Abhi has taken over that place. Rockstar Abhi rocks in my heart. 
So now Shabbir here's wishing you a very Happy Happy Birthday.  A special birthday as you have a chota Shabbir with you now. 
May God Bless you and give you all the happiness in life.
Happy Birthday again.

Loads of Love and Hugs

Happy Birthday Shabbir.

 I have never watched any of your other or old shows. KumKum Bhagya was my first show of yours. But should say, you are amazing as Abhi. You just get into the legs of Abhi with ease that it is difficult to imagine anyone else in that place. You are damn funny, naughty n fun-loving too. You are so awesome as Abhi and I'm sure you were awesome as each character you portrayed so far.

You are really a rockstar. Stay blessed. Last, but not the least, welcome to the Junior rockstar.

Keep rocking. 

This one is for you ! 


A very very happy birthday 2 u  rock star shabir. May your birthday and everyday be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles , the sounds of laughter , the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer
 u win the heart of people  in every role of ur negative ya positive   may u achieve alot more success in ur life may this birthday be the best birthday ever god bless u rock star we love u 

This is for you ! 

Hello Shabbir
First of All a "VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you 

This is Veena Here...Shabbir I am not a crazy fan but i just love your screen presence in each of your show.You are a brilliant Actor..I am your follower from Kahin toh Hoga to now Kumkum Bhagya...Though me not a crazy fan of you but sill love you very much as an actor..I really was not aware how u in person but KKB offscreen segments made me to love u offscreen also

So be rocking always and entertain your lovers always in screen and in life also..Congrats for becoming papa for a cute boy

May god Bless u with all happiness..Love u always!

Hii shabbir..
This is megha here. I am a big fan of urs. You are so awesome actor.. i loved each and every role you played in every single soap.. u r really a rockstar..

Wish u a very happy birthday in advance.. may all ur wishes come true.. 

Love you rockstar..

Dear Shabbir ,
 A  very very very happy birthday to you , i wish you happiness and good health for you and your family , and hope you have a rocking day and year ahead! loving you loads as ABHI and continue to keep rocking! 

Lots of Love 

Hi Shabbir, wishing you a very happy birthday and hope you enjoy with family and friends. I am so thrilled to have discovered you this year in your star role on Kumkum Bhagya. You are an incredibly talented and likable actor, and you are so cheerful in backstage interviews too, it's always a treat to see you onscreen. Hearty congrats to you and Kanchi on the birth of your son, wishing him and your whole family much happiness in the future! 
Lots of love from your biggest fan in Canada :)

Dear Shabbir,

I am a die hard fan of you from KTH as Rishi. Your Rocking performance as Rishi has made a special place in my heart that you are still Rishi for me. You have impressed me in every role be it positive or negative. I am following your every show from KTH. You are doing fabulous job as Rockstar Abhi. Keep Rocking.

On your Birthday , I wish you abundant happiness & love. May all your dreams become reality . May your special day brings you an extra share of everything which makes you the happiest in the world. Happy Birthday !!

With lots of love

Happy Birthday Shabbir Ahluwalia aka Rockstar Abhi.. ... 
Many more happy returns of the day.. 
Kumkum Bhagya is the first serial I'm watching of you, and Im fell in love with your acting on the spot...
You are in ma favourite actor list now along with Gurmeet Choudhary , Sharad Malhotra and so on..  haha.. LOL
Keep rocking and have a wonderful birthday dear.. 
Have a blast.. and May you showered with all the happiness in the world.. 

My Gift For you.. Wink

Well, duh...because this is your birthday thread. But I like the dancing rat too muchLOL
So...where do I start? Oh, I know...

I haven't seen any of your other shows, frankly, but watching you in Kumkum Bhagya, I now want to. The way you depict Abhi is just amazing. You have brilliant chemistry with Sriti. Those winks, smiles, and frowns make your character even more realistic. The characters you have played haven't usually been the goody two-shoes type or extremely positive. In fact, many of them are negative. But you bring them to life and make them amazing. I'm proud to be your fan! And Rockstar Abhi/you will always 
be in my heart. Now gifts...

First,ek chota performance 

And now the cake

Okay,okay...I will actually give you a cake

Now presents:

Special walking presents for you...Now CATCH THEM!!

Actually, you don't have to run after them. They are all empty. Here's the actual presents:

I wish you an amazing birthday and hope that your life is filled with happiness. And now that your son or "Chota Rockstar" is born, I know that your birthday will be even more special



                                      Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed shabbir EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
                                       Embarrassed EmbarrassedEmbarrassedshabbir EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
                                                    u r  
                                                  a true 
                                             Big smile rockstarBig smile
                                      you fabulous with ur acting
                                   whether it is rishi the cool dude 
                                       milind the passionate lover
                                 abhi the drama queen oops rockstarWink
                                              u r the best !!!!!
                            wishing u many many happy returns of day !!!
                                   hope u party hard with ur  family
                                   hope u have wonderful year ahead 
                            u entertain us with ur cool andaz n fine acting

                                       with lots of love rekha!!

Happy birthday Shabbir !! many happy returns of the day Heart
i'm a new fan of yours!! You ar doing a wonderful job as Abhi
and everyone loves u including me keep it up Star stay blessed Heart
have a wonderful day filled with lots of joy!! 
with love rianne

Happy birthday ShabbirClap
May God bless you with all d happiness
in life.lovd u as Rishi in kth.
Now u r back with a bang in kumkum bhagya.
you rock man as Abhi

shabir sebastain ahluwalia real life rockstar 
just love him and his acting and the down to earth person in himthe real life rock star Smile
even though not seen ur serial from hip hip hurray which is the 1st one but afetr watching milind mishra just felt in love wid ur acting dude 
den the journey goes on watch all KTH series on youtube just for u den all the reality show the best one KK3 the real khiladi win nd make us proud once again den meethi chhooriii we saw naughty shabir just awsme and again u show you are real khiladi by taking laagi tujhase lagan dutta bahu role awsme daring den yourr venture as producer hattts off ClapClapClap
the real is all rounder thats how we see him the great sports person the sixes and fours we enjoyed in ccl omgg awsme and thegoal in football match no words 
den our rockstar is maddo about her loving wife and now the jr ahluwalia is the lucky one who got such minblowing dad Smile
we love u shabir ahluwalia keep rocking  

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             Glitter Text Generator

                                                   Boy Balloon

Precious is he and oh, so sweet, 
Tiny hands and adorable feet 
 Given to us by God above, 
 A darling son for us to love!

So , Our rockstar just became a proud  dad or as he says 'Big Brother' to a chotu sa Lil' baby boy aka Junior Rockstar! Born on July 26th , he to is a Leo like his dad! So here is just a lil post wishing Shabir and Kanchi all the love and happiness to their family of three now! The timing matched so we thought we will include this in his bday thread!!!!

"Bohot hi chota hai . khela hoon unke saat thoda
  unke gaalon ke saat , unke pairon ke saat , thodi masti ki hai 

2 mahine tak god mai nahi loonga , chahta hoon lekin thoda dar lagta hai 

Colour Mummy pe gaya hai 
Kuch Zyada hi gora hai 

par abhi tak pata nhai chalta hai , baccha hai bohot chota hai , they keep changing shape n size toh abhi toh filhaal bohot zyaada cute hai"

"I feel like i have got a baby brother , i don't feel like a father  i feel like a brother aur isi tarah hum dono bade honge , i don't feel i've grown up enough to be a father , i will grow up with my younger brother 

It feels really good , i am very blessed , everyone stayed up for the delivery and then i got so many messages from colleagues , friends , family , relatives so it feels like a festival , Naam Bohot saare hai , we are still contemplating , but im very happy and blessed ots a great moment for kanchi and me! 

  "I had wanted one of both, a boy and a girl. But all that matters now is that the     baby is healthy. I texted my friends with a little poem soon after he was born."

"Yes,  I am very happy and the feeling is really great. I am really feeling blessed. My son is absolutely fit and fine, a baby rock star has taken a birth (laughs). I am on my way for the shoot as work is also important. I was with my wife and son till I was assured that both of them are fine."

                     Embedded image permalink 
We wish the handsome Dad and beautiful Mum a lifetime of happiness with their junior rockstar! And also kudos to shabir for his dedication to his work and family!   *touchwood*

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