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Posted: 25 July 2014 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Hello All, this is my 25000the post - the first post in purple Embarrassed

Still editing - have to add pictures.

For AshNi, their love oozed out in even the simplest gesture of daily life like waking the beloved up... This post is to reminisce the beautiful memories of AshNi when Nidhi waked Saiyyan up... All these moments are trademark KTLK scenes!! So unique and simply splendid!!

(1) Mere pyar ki umar ho itni sanam!!

The cutest ever style of wishing Saiyyan for First Month Wedding Anniversary and waking him up!! Ashu never knew about such celebrations but was very impressed by learning from wifey that unlike his generation, her generation doesn't believe in waiting for a year to celebrate the anniversary. Their day had begun on a really beautiful note!!

(2) Nindiyaraani Saiyaan ko lage suhaani!! (lage badi pyari!!) (25 July 2012)

Remember this scene during RanJi's wedding?? Anji wished to enjoy bachelorette party with Nidhi on the night before her wedding and had called Nidhi at late night to invite her for the same. To inform Saiyaan that she is living for Anji's, Nidhi had so hesitantly woken Ashu up lest his hardstone temper too should rise alongwith him rising... And the sleepyhead Ashu had just muttered a yes then. After some time, it was so amazing to see his hand reaching out to feel wifey and getting awake with disappointment on not finding her there. How lovingly he had kept looking at empty side on bed where Nidhi slept, how he was missing her, how he had tried to divert his mind with the ipad but not able to stand missing her anymore, how he had straighaway headed to Solanki House!!

It was funny to watch Nidhi feeling shy from Ashu and trying to hide b/h Anji, having worn school-uniform which was short!! She looked so cute, screaming "Really!!" when she heard Ashu saying "Main toh bas aise hi aa gaya tha" and adding with a pause: "Kyunki ghar pe neend nahi aa rahi thi." Ashu was totally amazed seeing his childbride in that short school-uniform!! AshNi both looked so adorable in that scene and in all other that followed!!

(3) Tum jiyo hazaro saal, Saal ke din ho pachaas hazar!!

The young generation style of wishing Happy Birthday at midnight... Isn't it fun to watch Ashu getting irritated the whole evening, thinkng Nidhi doesn't remember his Birthday when he doesn't find any special preparation from Nidhi's side. In the evening only he was telling BB that this young gen. girls wake a sleeping person up at midnight & wish happy birthday and how unreasonable it was to disturb someone's sleep just to wish Happy Birthday. Though in reality, he himself was so excited about celebrating his Birthday the "young generation" way!! Yeh toh wahi baat ho gai Ashuji ki "Mann mein bhaye per mundi hilaye" He had felt so happy being woken up with a sweek peck & wished "Happy Birthday" by wifey at midnight. Instantly he had pulled her closer saying "Toh tumhein pata tha"

(4) Happy Birthday to the most handsome young man!!

What a pleasant surprise Ashu had woke up to on his Birthday!! Aankh khoolte hi dekha wifey ne bade pyar se rakha hua red rose aur apne haathon se likha hua pyarbhara message: "Happy Birthday to the most handsome young man!!"

(5) Na zatko zulf se paani yeh moti phoot jayenge... (15 august 2012)

One of the most beautiful romantic scenes in trademark KTLK style!! Ashu wakes up and feels for Nidhi on other side of bed but finding it empty, he calls her "Nidhi, jab tak tum mere saamne nahi aaogi, mein apni aankhe nahi kholoonga" Nidhi sprinkles on him, droplets from her wet hair and Ashu says: "Mujhe yeh bin mausam barsaat roz chahiye." The metaphoric language used to convey love and desire is so lovely in this scene!! Nidhi had then replied "Yeh toh bas boonda-baandi hai; barsaat hogi toh aap bheeg jayenge."

When Ashu had asked "Weather report kya kehti hai, kab hogi barsaat" Nidhi had responded "Zulfon ke baadal toh Dr. Kotnis General Hospital ki aur chale toh barsaat ki sambhavna nahi hai. Philhaal aapko boonda-baandi se hi kaam chalana padega" And when Ashu had said "Mujhe ummeed hai ki shaam tak mausam badal jaayega", Nidhi had assured him "shaam tak baadal ghir aayenge aur jam ke barsenge" Humein bhi AshNi ke pyar ki barsaat roz chahiye per last 10 months se drought pad gaya... How elysian would it be when KTLK Season2 will come and "Bin mausam Barsaat" will resume!!

(6) Phir bhor bhayee... jaago Saiyaan!! (1 october 2012)

Supercute scene where Nidhi very lovingly woke Saiyyan up with breakfast ready and geyser on; just the way all wives do on a busy working day!! She told him that she herself had prepared the breakfast as the domestic help wasn't available.

Ashuji ne toh uthate hi Nidhi per tareef ke phool barsa diye the: "Tumhare haath kya kya karte hai Nidhi...CM ki jaan bhi bachate hai aur mere liye naashta bhi banate hai. I am so lucky na!!" Nidhi had happily asked him "Toh yeh bataaiye my dear husband ki mere haath operation better karte hai ya naashta better banaate hai??" To which Saiyyan had replied "My dear wife, tumhare haathon ke naashte per ek pati fida hai aur operation ke hunnar per ek neurosurgeon!!" Also, he hadnt missed teasing her saying "Agar tumne apne naashte ka hunnar O.T. mein aur operation ka hunnar kitchen mein istemaal karna shuru kar diya toh, operation ka naashta aur naashte ka operation ho jayega!!" Hearing this, Nidhi had again tried to pull him out of bed saying "Ab agar aap dialogue hi maarte rahenge toh late ho jayenge" Still when Saiyaan was in no mood to get out of the bed, she had told him that she had already kept the geyser on... So typical of a wife on routine weekday!! Keeping all things ready that Hubby would need once he is awake!! Ashu was getting so romantic then but alas the busy wifey Nidhi... Ashuji ke pyar ki baarish mein bheegne ke bajay unko nahane bhej diya... Aur hum bhi AshNi ke pyar ki baarish ke bina kore reh gaye...

(7) Jo maan jaaye woh Biwi hi kya!! (15 November 2012)

Another scene from "One of the most beautiful romantic scenes in trademark KTLK style" category!! Ashu wasnt interested in playing card-game but for the sake of Nidhi's and other interns' happiness on Diwali, he sat with them. Got bored easily, so moved away from there and hit the sack!! Nidhi was having a winning streak and was so elated with that but missed Saiyyan in all the fun. Ashuji ke bina Nidhi ko kuch bhi achchha nahi lagta ji!! When not finding Ashu by her side, she came to check on him and found him asleep in their Bedroom. The love in her eyes was so palpable when she kept looking at Saiyyan, sleeping peacefully. She was just about to kiss him and Saiyyan had awoken... feeling her presence even in deep kip!! How lovingly Nidhi persuaded him to give her company in the game even if it was only as a spectator. What an awesome dialogue: "Jo maan jaaye woh Biwi hi kya!!"

(8) Jaago Saiyaan pyare jaago!!

On the night before AshNi's 1st wedding anniversary, Nidhi woke Saiyaan up at midnight to wish him Happy Anniversary. so coyly, she mumbled "Dr. Ashutosh... Dr. Ashutosh..." But the heavy sleeper Ashuji itni jaldi kaise jaag jaate!! Nidhi looked so typical a childwoman when she got impatient trying to wake her beloved up... Exasperatedly, she had uttered "12 baj gaye hai.. Dr. Ashutosh..." And when Ashu had awoken startled, asking what it was, she had poutingly said: "12 baj gaye hai".  How she had almost scremaed "12 baj gaye hai, hamari anniversary hai... Aap bhool gaye?? Aaj first marriage anniversary hai"
Ashu gave cute expressions when Nidhi gave him a kiss alongwith the gifts!! Per hamare Ashuji as Nidhi had said, "itne seedhe nahi hai jitne dikhte hai!!" He was all prepared for this midnight celebration of 1st Wedding Anniversary but continued as if he had forgotten the occasion and Nidhi had believed it to be true!! She was disappointed but still said that so much had happened inbetween that Ashu must have forgotten the occasion. It looked as if she was trying to pacify herself at Saiyyan forgetting 1st MA. And then Ashuji had totally surprised with her beautiful gifts. He was in so amorous mood that he had not even let her open the jewellery box. The tinge of pink on Kritika's face, resulting from natural shyness, made the scene so real!!

(9) Khush-khabari can't wait!!

On the wedding anniversay night when Nidhi found herself already pregnant. She was in a dilemma for a few seconds whether she should wake Saiyyan up and give this khush-khabri but then she decided to do that and tried waking him up. Saiyyan was fast asleep satisfied with the anniversary celebrations, so naturally, didnt wake up at first try from wifey and again the impatient wifey had almost screamed "Dr. Ashutosh!!" at which Ashu had awoken with a start!! All the scenes afterwards (only till BCP revealation) were uber-cute showing Ashu's joy; excitement; impatience, Nidhi's happiness and the excitement of experiencing pregnancy - "Duniya ka sabse achchha ehsaas." 

The difference in scenes:8 and 9 was so evident in how Nidhi almost screamed while trying to wake Saiyyan up. In the former, she was so impatient like a child!! Looked a typical childbride who wanted to wish her beloved at dot 12 midnight!! She was so excited for it and hence, so impatient too lest the right moment of celebration 12:00 am should pass!! And in the latter she was so excited to share the "Good news" with hubby like any wife who discovers herself expecting and wishes that Hubby must be the first one to know about it and share the happiness with her!!

And, the remarkable difference in scene:2 and scenes:8 & 9 is how close AshNi had come in their relationship with time. In Scene:2, Nidhi was rather afraied of Ashu getting annoyed upon his sleep getting disturbed. She had also told him "Sorry" for that and had moved out of bed as quitely as possible in order not to disturb him any further. But in the above two scenes, she didnt have any hesitation in waking him up from sound slumber; not even in screaming when needed!! As the couple grows more fonder of each other, a sense of belongingness gives more rights over the partner and this time, with all rights of a wifey, Nidhi had woken Ashuji up. In scene:9, she did feel concerned for disturbing his sleep but didnt fear for the same. Poore adhikar se(rightfully) Nidhi ne  aise zor se aawaz  dekar Saiyyan ko aadhi raat ko jagaya!! Very subtly KTLK CVs conveyed, how AshNi relationship had evolved over time. So steadily but beautifully it had bloomed and had become so deep and unshakeable!!

(10) Kaha nahi toh kya... chahti toh yahi thi (26 March 2013)

This scene included Saiyyan ki "chhed-chhad" with wifey when she woke him up!! The previous night Nidhi had declared to Ashu "Main zindagi ko ek aur mauka dena chahti hoon ki woh meri God bhar de." How could Ashu have not agreed to that?? Nidhi had woken up all energetic with new hopes on a new morning. And again like a typical wifey, she had tried to wake Saiyaan up, keeping the geyser already on. But Ashu kept asking for 5 minutes more concession everytime. When Nidhi had exasperatedly told him that since last half an hour, he had been asking for 5 minutes more, he had reasoned that he didnt get enough sleep during night. To which Nidhi told him that she hadnt asked him to keep awake the whole night and pat came his innuendo "Kaha nahi toh kya... chahti toh yahi thi!!" He uttered that as simply as it could get but the naughtiness felt!! It was so amazing to watch him pulling the comforter and cover his face then!! The change of expressions on Nidhi's face from exasperated to embarrassed was so palpable. The crimson cheeks and toning down of voice "Last 5 minutes hai haan... main aa rahi hoon 5 minutes mein wapas" said it all!! And naughty Saiyaan still gestured "5 minutes"!!

These scenes where Saiyyan was sleeping and Nidhi was awake but didnt try to wake him up are also noteworthy. So, putting them too:

(1) Yeh praan praan vaaru... Haaye aise mein niharu... Saiyaan!!

The beautiful scene just next morning after AshNi wedding!! Dr. Saiyaan had to attened emergency surgery the whole night, even on his wedding night and had returned exhausted early morning. Nidhi had to go to her Maayka for Pag-Phera ritual, so she was getting ready per jaise hi Saiyaan ko dekha toh bas dekhte hi reh gai... Toh kya hua agar Saiyaan gehri neend mein the!! The toh handsome hunk Dr. Ashutosh hi!! Perhaps for the first time she saw him this closely. and first time she saw him like this as his bride... as his newly wed wife!! Once married, that too as a new bride, al you wish for is to be with your husband; the rest of the world ceases to matter... AshNi could not spend the most imp. night of their wedded life owing to the noble profession they were in and Nidhi so wanted to be with her Saiyyan the next day but had to leave for completing the ritual. She just kept looking at him sleeping blissfully. The love, the awe, the shyness, the longing all ranged on her face in this super-cute scene.

(2) Baatein kuch ankahee si...

The scene during separation track when triste and tired Ashu had fallen asleep in his chair in his cabin and Nidhi had come to check on him when she found his car still parked in KGH parking. The ice had already melted and all Nidhi wanted was, to be called back home by Saiyyan. She too had felt very bad seeing Ashu in that exhausted state. She didnt try to wake him up but tried to remove his specs and he had awoken sensing her around. He didnt utter a word but his eyes spoke volumes... they conveyed his yearning for his Nidhi; his concern for her; his love... Nidhi too was feeling the same but had withdrawn her hands and prenteded to have come for Amar's discharge papers getting signed. Though Saiyaan had understood it all w/o being spoken. Their convo. that followed was so cute - both admitting to each other that they both knew what the other was doing with Aahna around and why.

(3) Ummeedon ke haseen mele!!

The morning on Holi festival when Nidhi wished for a bonheur looking at sleeping Saiyyan. She had already checked but wanted to get the pregnancy confirmed thru blood-test too and so hadn't shared the good news with him. So touching was to see Nidhi telling fast asleep Ashu: "Dr. Ashutosh, main blood-test karwane jaa rahi hoon. Final confirmation ke liye. Asha karti hoon ki Holi ka tyohaar hamare liye yeh khush-khabri laayega." So lovingly she had then kept looking at him, applied gulaal on his cheeks and wished him "Happy Holi."

Hope you all liked the post. Will post Part-2 of this post and "Ashu waking Nidhi up" scenes in next post.

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Posted: 25 July 2014 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
BOOKMARKED! I will read it tomorrow morning, its late night for me...Congratulations again Tupu! and Good night guys.:)

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Posted: 25 July 2014 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Res for tom morning dear
Once again congrates darlingPartyDancing

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Posted: 25 July 2014 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Res... Embarrassed

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Posted: 25 July 2014 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Congrats again will come back and edit

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Posted: 25 July 2014 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Wow ! What a lovely way to mark your 25000th post Tupu ! StarStar ClapClap Brilliant post dear.. with a remarkable analysis of the scenes that we have always been so glued to them.. ! Beautifully written n very perfect lines to title them.. ! Loved your way of signaturing the Ashni moments ... ! Big smile Clap
Be it... First month anniversary... Ranji's wedding n Ashuji saw her in uniform.. Wink .. Ashu's b'day surprise at midnight n then in the early morning... And na jhatko zulf se paani... who can ever forget those terrific moments... Embarrassed Ashu getting up by Nidhi again... n then breakfast scene.. Diwali scene with the trademark... Jo maan jaye wo biwi hi kya ... TongueLOL The first marriage anniversary scene... And then the khushkhabri... ! Beautifully woven scenes by you Tupu... hats off to you for taking us to the Ashni land once again with this loving journey... ! ClapClap 
The later scenes you have mentioned again so cherished by each one of us... Thanks for all those scenes Tupu... i am so engrossed in those moments dear... feeling so happier n rejoice... You have given us such lovely n relishing moments to relive again ! Thanks dear... ! Big smile
The later three scenes are so perfectly mentioned and then the Holi episode that took the show away from us.. !
But still i have loved n enjoyed every scene you have written by heart n i just an so thankful to you for your wonder magical efforts you have put in... ! 

Tupu... we may not be here for so long.. that why editing our comments... even before you edit yours n give us Part 2 !!! Dont wanna leave any of the comment untouched thats why did so...
Hope you will check n find mine n Swati's comments relevant to your post.. which is unedited. ! Thanks dear for everything... ! From... all three of us ! Hug

Congrats once again dear... n many thanks ! Big smile Big smile Big smile 


Edited by bawaswift - 30 July 2014 at 7:53am

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Posted: 25 July 2014 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
A heartfelt post Tupu Clap And what a way to start your journey as a Stunnerz! Heart Thumbs UpLoved your idea of recalling the most beautiful scenes of AshNi during their journey of love and ecstasy, as a daily routine. We've loved them from hearts and reading your fab post and the awesome scenes so magically woven with the songlines. Cherished this stupendous post my dearie. StarStar

I know, you're still editing but we have to leave for US, and may not get a chance so soon to come back and edit mine. So, just posting a merely simple comment to your greatest effort of reliving the AshNi moments so vividly and meticulously. Beauty is thy heart, and there lives AshNi.  Heart

Love ya Tupu, for everything and every love you have given to us. Congratulations once again, many times.  Heart Hug


Edited by Swatishubh - 30 July 2014 at 7:27am

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Posted: 25 July 2014 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
I know you are still editing... but couldnt keep quietLOL.. What a come back post!!! AwesomeClapClapClapClap

Congratulations on becoming purplyHug

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