Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se
Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

|* Happy Birthday, Jyoti06 *|

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Daalmaa's Soap Gyan Ki Paathshaala !!!

Deepz, Poo, Melz and Shru walk towards the house. It was just like any other house in the area. But they were here for a reason. 

They needed a ... tutor. That too for Physics and chemistry!

: I can't believe we're doing this!

: Guys, we need to review all of this.

This wouldn't have happened had Shru actually paid attention to what was happening, and not signed us up for a presentation that we had no idea about.

They promised me a lot of kulfi if we do this well Big smile

Melz, Deepz and Poo glared at Shru. However, they decided to hold their anger in. The four of them continued to walk up to the house and reached the front step. Deepz stepped up and rang the door bell.

After a few moments, the door opened. Jyo appeared from behind it.

Deepz: Hello, we are--

Jyo: Not bad, not bad at all. You four are here on time. Now stop wasting any more time and come inside quick. I only have 2 hours to spare.

The four of them stepped into Jyo's house. They were lead into the living room, where everyone took their seats. They were about to take their notebooks out when Jyo asked them not to.

Jyo: I don't believe in teaching using the old, traditional method. You guys don't need to take notes.

Poo: Then how will we learn?

Jyo: The videos will help

Shru: What videos?

Jyo: Some shows

Melz: Oh, we're going to be watching Bill Nye videos

Jyo (looks confused): Umm, no we aren't. I have something better in mind!

Deepz, Poo, Melz and Shru watched as Jyo took the remote control from the table and switched the TV on. She kept shuffling through channels and finally stopped on one. Everyone, except Jyo, were shocked. It was Zee TV. 

Ummm, are we disturbing you? We can always come another time to study

Jyo (turns to look at Poo): Oh not at all. This is your lesson Big smile Now everyone, focus on Raghu and Shivani for your lesson on chemistry. 

Shru: We're watching Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se?

Jyo: Yes!

Poo: But we need to start reviewing the particle theory

Jyo: Perfect! This will help!

Melz: How?

Jyo: Just keep watching!

Deepz, Poo, Melz, Shru were intently watching the show waiting for some chemistry lesson to pop up, while Jyo was simply drooling over the romance.

Deepz: How does this relate to particle theory?

Jyo: Particles are made up of atoms and molecules. The particles are constantly in motion and are held up by strong forces. But, they can be aggravated using heat.

Melz: So?

Jyo: What do you think about this romance on DDBEDS?

Poo: It's alright. There's some chemistry there and leads are okay looking.

Jyo: Yes, but fans like me drool over this. Imagine that I'm the particle in this case. How am I reacting to the show?

Shru: You get excited watching it. 

Jyo: Because it gets me excited. The heat from their chemistry overwhelms me, just like how particles are overwhelmed by higher temperatures which cause them to move around fast.

Deepz: That explains why you were jumping up and down. Ermm


Melz: Okay, that's particle theory I guess. We need to cover one more chapter in chemistry. That is KMnO4. You know, potassium permanganate.

Jyo: Oh that's very easy.

Jyo grabs the remote and goes through the channels. She lands on Colors.

Poo: What's on this?

Jyo: Rang Rasiya

Deepz:Why are we watching this?

Shru: Omg, they have rain romance today

Jyo: Yes they do! Now be quiet and watch.

After what seemed like forever of watching Rang Rasiya, Deepz interrupted.

 Deepz: I don't see any relation to the next chapter.. Too much romance going on here!

 Melz : how is this even related to Chemical reaction 

Jyo: But it's rain romance 

Poo: So? 

 Shru: yes *day dreaming*

 Jyo: Come on, now you girls tell me what happens when KMnO4 is disolved in water..I expect you all to be aware of little bit basics of chemistry, *in a stern voice*

 Shru has her eyes glued to TV screen 
Melz, Deepz look confused...

 Poo : it turns intense pink / purple

Jyo : yes, thats what is happening here ...

 this time Poo joins the confusion gang of Melz and Deepz *

 Jyo : PaRud are like KMnO4 

Shru : OMG it's raining Parud Rain Romance

 Jyo (glaring at Melz,Shru Poo): "now watch carefully... "

 as PaRud run into the rain, with Rudr running behind Paro and rain pouring down..the colors on the TV turn intense pink and Purple... surprising Melz Deepz and Poo...

 Jyo (with a pride in her eyes): The rain romance takes their chemistry to a new level. It becomes unpredictable. Just like how the liquid turns into a new color, the relation between Paro and Rudra also intensifies as a result of the chemical reaction. this is called Chemistry, an intense, flamboyant, vibrant, colorful !! and that's the practical lesson, you get for today 

Melz Deepz Poo are too tongue tied to react.
 Shru's eyes glued to tv screen *

Jyo : Now girls, before we carry on with the lectures in Physics, we will have a 10 min break, please help yourselves with the coffee, cookies and snacks over there *pointing towards the snack bar on the other end of the room*

**During the break, Melz and Poo,who couldn't take this wanted to leave the session mid way, Deepz who is a sabun phankie is slowly getting interested in the lectures and is intruigued for the physics session and forces Melz and Poo to hang around. **

-to be contd...

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** After the break, session resumes .**
Jyo, this time plays a video featuring the hottest and romantic scenes of all her favorite couples on TV, ranging from Milind-Prachi, Prithvi-Meera, Geet-Mann, Yash-Aarti, Raghu-Shivani, Rudra-Paro .
Shru is glued to the screen, just not to miss those glimpses of PaRud, Deepz is now follows Shru since the list as her favz as well... Melz is yawning, Poo making a status of her train journey back home...

Jyo pauses the video and in a shrilling voice :Now girls, what is the common thing you notice in the video

Melz : who knows (mumbles under her breath)

Poo: they are all Indian soap couples *yawns* 

Jyo, Shru and Deepz glare at her, Deepz is still remembering scenes of GeetMann and Yash Arthi, Shru, who is the encyclopedia of telly soaps "Love hate stories" 

rest of them look at Shru *kuch bhi* , Jyo is mightily  impressed with her.

Jyo : "yes girls, the theme holding these couples is Love Hate theme"

Poo:but how is it even  related to physics ??

Melz : that too Newtons' 3 laws of motion *confused*

Deepz : Niruttu da..thondaravu vendam (stop it da.. don't disturb)

Melz and Poo are still wondering, not able to see the connection, Deepz and Shru are intently waiting Jyo : so girls, the theme is Love Hate and now we will apply Newton's 3 laws of motion here . 
*confusion, quizical looks, millions of questions on their faces *

Jyo :So, as per Newton's first law of motion - Every object, in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion, unless an external force is applied , so here in all these couples, the life of the male and female lead were in a routine, lifeless, boring, uniform, constant motion until an external force (read the other half of lead pair) comes into their life, after which their life is just a roller coaster, be it Paro's life before meeting Rudra or Yash's life before his marriage to Arti or Prachi's life without Milind, it's the same boring state ..but their counterparts, Rudra, Arti , Milind changed the constant motion into a roller coaster ride with variable speed and acceleration in their life and love story... 

Poo was about to get up and walk out uttering: "what non-sense..."

Deepz holds her hand and makes her sit "ruko na,.. it's interesting re" Poo rolls her eyes*
Melz is hardly paying attention, Shru is fully alert 

Jyo: Now, Newton's second law of motion -Newton's second law says that that acceleration is dependent on the forces acting upon an object and the mass of the object. in other words,it explains how an object will change velocity if it is pushed or pulled upon, which is the basis for all Love Hate stories, where pulling and pushing is integral to the couple, the more force you apply to the object, the greater is the velocity... meaning more pulling and pushing of the these girls their love story was  accelerating at jet speed, which we can see in Milind Prachi, Rudra Paro and Geet Mann, isn't that Newton's 2nd law girls !! (a pride Jyo, with twinkle in her eyes)

Poo is cringing, Melz is yawning, Deepz and Shru are alert and being the studious kids listening to Jyo's essay type lectures 

Jyo : So now, coming to the last one, Newton's 3rd law of motion, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction which is again integral and inherent in all Love Hate stories, the more the hate, the deeper and intense their love turns out to be, rudra paro who cannot meet eye to eye earlier, cannot take their eyes off each other now, the action of hatred is met with equal and opposite reaction of love, Geet Mann who couldn't stand each other, later on went to a stage where they couldn't stay apart ...this is nothing but Newton's 3rd law of motion, hatred is encountered by love, hope you all got the concept of it, it's not necessary we learn everything with machines and mechanical stuff.. our TV shows all have abundance of science in it, even tho they defy it most of the times..

"What non-sense this is not the physics we intended to take up" Melz curses under her breath and glares at Shru

Poo: Wish I had Mr.India wala watch right now (mutters in an annoyance, fake smiles  at Jyo)

  Jyo : so before we wind up the class, we will give a sneak preview into tomorrow's session, where we will be studying "Magnetism" and other basics of Physics 

Jyo, plays clippings of Rudra doing push-ups on the floor, staring deeply into Paro's eyes, she pauses the screen and continues: " those soulful eyes are magnetic, any girl's heart which is in the specified region of the magnetic field ( Rudra's  eyesight) will be attracted magnetically, intensely and strongly with a greater force and impact, to his eyes and those toned muscles depict the theory of PHYSIQUEs

Yash is doing weights with his kids hanging on either of his arms and Mann practicing Tai Chi, she pauses, and continues  :
 so we will learn more about PHYSIQUEs and topography of their flexed muscles, which give the X factor to their PHYSIQUEs. hope you all enjoyed both the sessions today, if you have any questions or doubts, would love to clear them for you. :))

Melz  in a very angry tone  " NO, we don't need any more sessions, we are done here, we came here for PHYSICS lectures  and not too see PHYSIQUES of your not so drool worthy dudes on random shows on TV" 

Poo: Exactly you wasted 2 hrs of our time with your bokwaas lectures 

Deepz who started enjoying the session mid way, stood next to Melz and Poo, silently agreeing with them.

Jyo is now very furious and was about to throw them out of her class... Shru is quick enough to take Jyo to the other side and apologize on her friend's behalf

meanwhile Melz, Poo and Deepz who came here on Shru's request get on with the task for which they came over.. they deck up the room with flowers drapes and cakes and gifts, at jet speed and turn off the lights, meanwhile Jyo calms down and decides to apologize for her earlier behavior ...Jyo and Shru make their way to the room, which was pitch dark with a little candle in the center of the table

there is pin drop silence in the room, Jyo gently walks towards the table and was about to get a clear picture of it ... BOOOM the lights are turned ... 

Melz, Poo, Shru and Deepz scream 


Jyo is pleasantly surprised and shocked to see not just these 4, but a whole lot of her friends join them, to wish her and make her birthday party the most happening one in town !!Party

Wishing you happiness

To welcome each morning,

Wishing you laughter

To make your heart sing.

Wishing you friendship

Sharing and caring,

And all of the joy

The birthday can bring! 

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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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she started off as a coolbie in Kaajal forum, and became a moderator for Bidaii forum, nd is currently the Channel Moderator for Zee . She rose to the heights of DT career with sheer hard work from CB to VB to mod to CM

She is a night owl who can sleep only if she has written essays on her fav

She loves to adopt beta and betis from different shows

she is living wikipedia of indian tv shows

She is an ace TRP and track predictor

She has special place in her heart for all those heroes who have mooch, in short, a macho man with mooch and soulful eyes 


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JoBear Many many more happy returns of the dayHug. May all your wishes come true on this day & May God bless you with lots of love happiness , prosperity , good health and success in life .Enjoy this day to the fullest Embarrassed . Bas jaldi se mini-jo ki tayyari karo -

Ever Yours Deepzz

birthday party blower emoticonbirthday cake blow emoticonbirthday surprise emoticon

Dearest Jyo Mumma,

Heres wishing you a very very

Happy Birthday

On your birthday wishing you 

absolute contentment, pleasure and delight.

Hope all of your dreams and desires come true.

May each hour and minute be filled with enchantment.

And your birthday is full of merriment! 

Hope exquisite surprises come your way...

To make your Birthday a magnificent day ..

You are an everlasting bloom in a wonderful garden 

where only love and beauty grows!

-: CAKE :-

Dear Jyo,

Wish you a year with loads of fun , excitement beautiful memories 




Hey jyotsss..
*huggiesss* I am so glad I know yu on I-F.. All our craziness in DEN..the unlimited chatterboxes..yu being the late night ullu and me thrashing yu..Jeej's tapasya to himalya hahah..I missh the dayss. Anyway yu Rock and I am glad God has sent yu on earth to keep many of us sane here inclusing me..I miss ur pravachans as well..Gaah..enuf of my is ur bday gift..Enjoy..

Jyo, I must firstly wish you a 'Happy Birthday'. Since you are a year older today I guess there will be things you want to achieve in this new year and things you want to do to make this year a better one. So..
May all you be blessed with many more birthdays to come and many each one be as better with time.
Apart, for your birthday greetings. I would also like to take to time to tell what an "awesome" person you are. I never thought you been a CM would be so cool and yet so sweet.
You're not just another friend to me but you're one of those people that I admire very much, and I'm sure there are many persons that can say to same about you.
On your birthday and always, I wish that all your wishes are fulfilled for the person you are.
Many Happy Returns Of The Day Jyoti!
With love, Amanda.

hey jyoti di , happy birthday to you. may god bless you with his almighty hands and you get a lot of success , health and happiness in your life. hope you will enjoy your day to the fullest. sorry i am not that creative like other people here and i don't know a lot of things here , so please bare with me. we didn't  chatted with each other like buddies just few interactions and i am glad to meet you . thanks for your help and guidance.Smile. hope till your next birthday we can be good buddies. once again many many happy returns of the dayBig smile. take care and keep smiling.

some lines for you
janmodine ki ar debo tumae upohaar , bangla nao bhalo bhasa hindite nao pyaar. janomodiner preeti o subhecha.Embarrassed

those who are thinking that we are sharing some gossips , i would just want to clear that i wished her in bengaliLOLLOL.

some cake for you, i hope you are not on dietWink

"Hello Jyoti! I am surprised to see you after long time! I convey you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy with your new life in a new year. Let me tell you that with every passing year, you are becoming the most wise and good looking friend that i have ever known! May you continue to put out the very best in your life."

Dear Jyo,you are d sweetest person n so friendly . you are very nice person ,warm, friendly,encouraging,loving n beautiful individual nd i'm glad to have known you.
Many Many happy returns of the day.May God fulfill all your wishes .May U have a great life. Keep smiling always! love you. Happy Birthday once again!Heart

At times I wonder what makes u special

The smile the trust or the way u care.

At times I wonder what makes u fun

The bond the memories or the way u share.

A beautiful day n a sparkling occasion

Today, I wonder what should I gift you?

You always have my support, love n care

So I gather deep emotions to greet you


Happy happy birthday jyo. Enjoy your day to the max. May you receive evry blessings that God has in store for you. You are truly a wonderful friend and person and anyone who knows you should feel blessed. I know i am. Have a rocking year ahead.

Love always Jen...

"Birthday Bring Along A truly wonderful chance to leave aside every care and simply enjoy. Have An Extra - Special Birthday."

A very happy birthday Jyoti!!! Have a super great day! Big smile

Wishing you all the great things in life,
hope this day will bring you an extra
share of all that makes you the happiest
all the joy you can ever have and may you be 
blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come!
May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come...
Shobhi (Ms.S.K.)

Its your Birthday, lets celebrate the happiness, love and memories together. Forget all worries and bad memories of past year and embrace the new exciting and successful coming year of your life.
Happy Birthday.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Jyo!! Have a rocking oneHug
Love DimpleEmbarrassed

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Jyo. May you have a super awesome day and have an even greater year ahead. May this day be filled with loads of surprises and memories to cherish forever. Have a blast with family... eat lots of cake and chocolates.

Enjoy yourself to the core. Hug

Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the begining of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!

 May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy Birthday Jyo momma!
U r the one of the nicest person i have met on IF.
I remember whenever i used to get pissed off watching some show i used to msg u and u used to find positive side in every negative situation.
Enjoy every moment of ur life
May this birthday turn out to be as amazing as you
Wishing u happy birthday once again.
Sorry for making so less birthday siggies for u :(
Love u sooo much

From ur one of bacha,

Happy Birthday dear Gagz


On this day, Wishing you lots of Happiness, good health and great fortune.

Have a wonderful day! Have lots of fun!


Jo I may not have know you long but our time in this forum together I have made a friend for life... I wish you the biggest and happiest birthday and that you remain healthy and become wealthy so your wishes and hopes come true... love sheena

Happy Birthday Jyoti! You're an awesome person and a super cool mod! I hope you have a blast today because you deserve it. Happy Birthday again!

Happy Birthday Jyo! Party

May all your wishes and dreams come true. Hope you have a fabulous day and even amazing year ahead. It's been a pleasure working with you Embarrassed

Lots of Love

Jyoti! Happy birthday yo. Hug I hope you have a blast on this special day. You deserve every bit of it. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Dear Jyo di, 
Many more happy returns of the day.. 
May you showered with all the happines in the world..
May God Bless you always.. 
You always there when we need you.. 
You are like a Big sister to us.. 
You are like a teacher to us.. 
You are like a BFF to us.. 

Di, Happy Birthday to you.. 
Have a blast..

Anba. RK aka Visha

 Happy Birthday Super Kool Mod ji aka Jyo HugMay all your dreams come true and that you succeed in all that you venture out to do !!  stay as you are, always!! Love you *Tight Hugs* Big smile 
Loads of Love , 

Wish you a very happy wala birthday Jyo HugHug

May you be blessed with all happiness, prosperity, health, love and peace, may all your dreams come true . 

NJoy your day, get pampered with yummy food, loads of gifts, enjoy you favorite shows, with no work, and have a joyful birthday with family and friends, with loads of cake and do share it with us <3

Happy Birthday Once again 


HHHaaapppYYY BBBuuudddaaayyy JyyyoooHug

Have a super duper day and fatak year ahead ,tons of lowe & best wishesHug
PS Hope You like my gifts for yaEvil SmileLOL

Hey Jyots,
A very happy bday to you gal,

God blessTongue

Hey jyoti,
wish u a very Happy Birthday!Smile Many happy returns of the day, I hope ur birthday is awesome and hope u get all u wish for. Thank u very much for everything u do for PR forum, u are an excellent DT member, thanks to u the forum is always a great place to be and have wonderful discussions on the show. also thank u for always stickying my updatesLOL
May God Bless you and may u have a fantastic year ahead!

Hey Jyo,

Happy Birthday. Have a great one!

It has been soo long since we caught up. I couldn't even talk to you when I visited Mumbai. Miss you all. We should do something like the Den again. If all of you are hanging out in some other part of the forum, let me know. Will catch up with all.

Take care.

Awwiee a very Happy Birthday to you Jyo / Gags. Hug You're one of the coolest mods I've seen! :-) I hope you have a fantastic day ahead and may all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled :-)
- Swetha

May yyou have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday Jyo ! Lots of love ..

Jyo, Jyoer, Jyoest Happy Birthday Gagori, Jonmodin er onek Avinandan. May God Bless you with health, happiness and prosperity.

Happy Birthday JyotiHug
Hope u have a wonderful day! Miss our chats...btw can u believe it I still aint watched dhoom 3 I remember u saying I defo should even though kats in it but despite it, I just never got round 2 watching it. but will try watching it for aamir onlyEmbarrassed
anyway have a wicked birthday! and don't 4gt to share ur cake with me. Embarrassed

Best wishes

Dearest Jyo, Hug

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!!!

Wishing you load of happiness and cheer always!!

Autumn. sweetest JyoHug  We started out as total strangers but I am so happywe bonded so well working together.LOL You are one of the nicest people I know. You have been so sweet to me. Wish you a very Happy Birthday !! May God Bless you with all the Success and Happiness you deserve.Hug


Hey hey J!

So, you and I go back way long! I'm so glad I got to know you during your moderation of the Sony Channel days. I thought you were going to be the Hitler types but you were the complete opposite of that and for that I'm grateful! You're an amazing CM to have in the team because you're so involved. And you're a great listener too! I think I've whined about one particular forum waaay too many times! LOL

Just remain the same always, be the uninfluenced yourself always, please! Big smile

Happy Birthday! HugHug
Hope you have an amazing day!


Happy Birthday Jyoti, may god bless you lifetime! You are a sweet person. I can talk to you about everything. You are always there for me if I needed any help or advice. You are such a sweetheart. If I did something wrong you made me understand why I was wrong and helped me. =]
I soo love you jyo. Hope you have a great time, spending your birthday with your family and friends. Love you soo much as a friend and even as a sister. I can trust you, you are really special for me jyo. You are always helping me out of troubles. You deserve to be happy! Hope you are having a great Birthday. Wishing you happiness and health in your life. Now , again I think I am talking too much. Like always!LOL Hope you are feeling well. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

God bless you sunshine.! Take care! <333

PS: I made some gifts for you.. scroll down. Hope you like them! :D
PPS: psshhttt... I love you!! <3 :D

Hey Jyo

Many happy returns of the day!
Wishing you a day full of great surprises and a fantastic year ahead.
You're an amazing person, an excellent mentor and a big support always .Its a pleasure being on your team and awesome fun too.Here's wishing you a day as special as you.
Happy Birthday!

tons of love

Happy Birthday Jyoti diHug wish you many many returns of the day and wish you get everything;re such a amazing person to work with who always motivates and inspires you every have a very jolly nature and I still remember our first conversation for KTLK Forum and you are my pillar of support from initial days! God bless you for always being helpful and lovely. Enjoy this day with your family and friends.


Oh aamaar kolkatar rosogolla...jonmodiner onek shubhechcha.
I wish you a very happy birthday jyo and hope your life filled with happiness. May you have a fantastic year ahead sweety. Just remain as you are and you know you are AWESOME. Love you loads and i would take this opportunity to say you are the sweetest DT just like kheer kadam LOL
Take care and be just as you are...lots of love

- Appy

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, JyoHug

You happens to be saasu of meri saas so obviously you means a lot to of the best DT and kickass moderator...always full dedicated toward your work and spot on with your chemistry and physic lectures WinkLOL.
 Take a break from the virtual world today and enjoy your a lot of cakes and spare some for us.. Tongue.

Have a great year ahead and may all of your secret desires and wishes come true...lots of hugs and love from moi..Heart


PartyPartyPartyHappy Birthday Jyo!! Best wishes! Enjoy your day to the fullest! Party PartyParty


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-RD- Moderator

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 24 July 2014 at 6:36pm | IP Logged






Tags/Banners : -Koeli-Appy-

Opening banner : Naz

Thank you all for taking time to make this birthday bash memorable for our beloved Jyo .Big smile
As a token of  our appreciation in sending your heartfelt wishes & Gifts , Please sport this party favor and Join in the fun !!

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Joined: 10 July 2011
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Posted: 24 July 2014 at 7:14pm | IP Logged


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perdida IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy birthday jyoti...Have a Blasttt..

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