Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi Nov 15 Update

jammy Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2004 at 10:54am | IP Logged


Todays Update.

  We are shown,a sad face of jassi, Purab seperates his hand from meenakshi's grip, He informs the mehta's that they are mistaken and that meena is just his friends. Meena says that it is not thier mistake , but his as he had kept his mystery woman hiding. Jassi listens this. Purab says that there is nothing like this and that he will intro his mystery women just now and as he turns to point at jassi, jassi walks away!!! Purab is confused as to why jassi left, meenakshi says, kya hua phir tumhari mystery women chup gayi!! Purab says that he will be back in a min. Jassi goes back to bebe and amrit, Billu asks amrit as to who was the person who was giving her problem, Amrit is confused as what is billu talking about, billu tells her that veeru told him that some 6 feet tall guy was teasing her, amrit says that what are you saying, bebe says that veeru must be wanting a drink and that he wanted to just get billu out of there, billu says that oh now he gets it and says that yes apni party pe bhi unhone aise kiya tha. nandu hears this and he rushes to the bar himself, billu bebe and amrit laugh and jassi smiles.

Purab is still searching for jassi, as to where she is also at some places meenakhsi keeps dragging him around the party to meet people of her intrest. Purab is surely uncomfortable but doesnt wants to create a scene thus he doesnt object much, but his eyes are still searching jassi. The gang comments that purab with meenakshi, Ruby says that meenakshi is just friend , gang says so what, she is a foe of jassi. Just then Purab and meenakshi are out of the thick and there meenakshi tells armaan as to where is the mystery woman, purab informs her that she will meet her soon, meenakshi tells hims that he has changed alot, it was nothing like him to have a 'chuimui si ladki' and the party and things. Purab tells her sarcastically that she has changed alot too, she was never so who used to joke , meenakshi says what happen to your humorous side. purab says that you used to not joke on everything before. he is surely upset. Meenakshi says very slowly, 'Everything is not always a joke' Purab is suprised to hear this, and says 'kyaa?' Meenakshi says kuch nahi baba.

Suprisingly jassi is able to see meenakshi dragging purab from far (must be the glasses!!LOL), she is sad. Then the live performance of band of boys happens. After the song ends. Armaan enters the party, Maria sees him she informs the gang that armaan is here.the gang says that she had too much to drink. maria against says that Armaan is there, nazneen tells veeru why did he bring so much drinks, just then even ruby maitheli says that armaan is there, Nazneen says that everybody is drunk. just then they concentrate and armaan is really there. they are all suprised as to how is armaan at purabs party.

Meenakshi is shown going towards somewhere and nandu bangs into her and spills his drinks on her, nandu says hi to meenakshi, meena says 'kya baat hain aaj tum yeh jaam chalkaaye jaa rahe hoon' Nandu is in a flirting mood 'he says 'yeh koi jaam nahi yeh to mera dil hain jo pighal ke aap par gir gaya hain' (take that ever humrous meenakshi LOL). meenakshi says that she didnt knew that a shayaar as well as a financial person can be in the same head and tells him that she is glad that such a person is working with purab and that is why she gave the contract to 3T. nandu tells her that it is her who has sparkled the shayaar in him (another photo for the backpack!!! First Pari, then Chesta, now meenakshiWink), and thanks her for the contract  Meenakshi now gets that nandu is actually flirting she excuses her self and says that she wants to wash is spilled heart!! Nandu tells her as to not to go anywhere and he will bring the tissues.

Just then jassi comes behind, her and offers her the tissues (what!! are all the waiters dead??). Meenakshi tells jassi thanks and she starts cleaning her self, she then asks jassi that how come she is here, then tells sorry to her but that she didnt mean to be rude but she didnt expected as how come the rival of 3T will be at this party. Jassi says that rival hone kaa matlaab yeh to nahi hain ke, koi rishta naa hoon. Meena tells that haan purab aisa person hain jisse har koi ladki buisness main mille to rishta kayam karna chahti hain, ab mujhe hi dekh loo!! main bhi purab se business per hi milli but ab main usse kitna pyar karti hoon!! On the other end, purab welcomes armaan in the party he tells armaan thanks for making it and armaan says that oh comeon its such a big and important party and he had to be there. Meenakshi on the other side is spilling her heart to jassi and telling her that how much she loves purab!! she tells her that have you ever seen a person who is so madly in love with someone. Jassi tells mad love is ok, but have you ever thought about friendship or trust etc. meena tells her jassi where are you, she informs her that have you ever felt happy by the presence of that one person?? When you talk to that one person one hour seems like one min, when that person is away from you one min is like one hour. She tells jassi that if you want to spend you life with someone then you should spend it with someone like that. On the otherside purab and armaan are talking, purab tells armaan that 'I dont know main kya kahoon aaj pehli baar hum log doston ki tarah mil rahe hain' Armaan tells him that its no problem and that what ever happened was a past and now they both should look forward to a new future (I didnt knew these both were getting married?? i mean what about  thier futureLOL). Armaan then tells purab as to where is jassi and he is the lucky one who stole jassi from him, purab is suprised to hear this, just then armaan corrects himself and says I meant not from him but gulmohar. Armaan goes from there. (by the way these two talks above were happening simaltaneously, I didnt wanted to confuse you guys thats why I seperated them)

Purab is then shown coming to where jassi and meena are standing. Purab tells meena so you met her after all, meena tells purab that you are forgetting that she know jassi already and that jassi is the CEO of Gulmohar, 'Main jassi ke baare main sab jaanti hoon' . Purabs says to aur bhi jaanlo, 'jassi hi woh ladki, jassi hi meri mangetaar hain. meena is speechless, she just sees jassi (boy the expression are not expresseable in words). Just then Armaan, pitches in and say that you dont know everything about jassi and she will come to know about jassi's good things eventually. meena just collects her senses and say yeah, ab to pata chal hi jaayega. Meena leaves and Armaan also goes away. Just then when its ok. Meenakshi comes on the platform and announces that she wants people to three cheer for her friend purab who has found her ideal women. people clap. She then says that purab has changed himself so much for his ideal woman jasmeet walia. Purab and jassi can understand her sarcastic undertones. purab puts his arms around jassi's shoulder as to trying to show his support for her. Meenakshi says that purab has changed so much for his ideal women and that he himself doesnt know anymore what onced he wanted . Now even nandu amrit bebe and billu cant understand some of her overtones. Meenakshi then asks to put  slow music and the first couple to dance on the floor will be jassi and purab, everybody claps. Now everybody is looking at jassi and purab, the music starts jassi is reluctant, but purab doesnt want her to give in so easily. he takes her hands and keeps them in the place and then keeps his hands on her shoulder and starts to dance with her, basically jassi is very nervous and shy and feeling very uncomfortable with people wathcing both of them, she keeps telling purab that she is not able to do it, purab encourages her that she is doing just fine (she is, belive me). But she keeps on repeating that she is not and she knows that and this is not looking good and as to why he is forcing her Confused, meenakshi is shown sulking at purab dancing with jassi. He tells her that she is doing fine. nandu sees all this from the far end, he tells veeru to get the music changed to fast. Just as jassi thinks its too much she, pulls her self away and tells purab that she cant do this with all the people looking, and the music stops and changes to a fast track. nandu comes on the dance floor and announces that this is the music guys and what are you all waiting for!! and then he starts dancing and everybody joins in. Nandu even forces jassi to dance somewhat to the now fast track, purab is standing on the side and he is sad as to the happenings and he looks at meenakshi with loads of hatred.

Meenakshi then comes down to purab, and tells him that why is he doing what he is doing? as why is he changing himself. Purab tells her that it was his mistake that he thought her as his friend but now after doing the tamasha on that stage she has proved onething that she is not his friend. Meenakshi tells him that she is trying to be his friend & tells him as to why he is fooling him self and he too knows that jassi is not his ideal women, she tells him as to what happen to those ocean deep eyes what happen to the smooth skin, the superb smile. She tells him that jassi doesnt at all looks like his ideal women and his ideal women sounded more like herself (i.e meenakshi). Purab tells her that it is not so. Meenakshi tells him to stop fooling him self (suddenly the huge hall is very small) jassi is standing behind the pole they are talking and she hears that, purab and meenakshi sees her. Purab tells jassi that its is not like as it sounds and that meenakshi doesnot mean what she says, jassi tells purab that no meenakshi is right and that she wont be his ideal women ever. and she leaves from the scene. Meenakshi comments to purab 'tum sahi bolte the, jassi akalmaand hi nahi samajhdaar bhi hain' Purab tells her that meenakshi tum meri dost nahi hoon aur tum meri ideal women bhi nahi hoon, and he goes after jassi, jassi on the other side goes to armaan sir and request him to drop her home. armaan says why and that he was talking to someone, jassi request him to drop her home and tells him that she wants him drop home please, armaan says ok and he escorts jassi towards the door, just then when they are at the door, purab comes searching jassi, armaan's hand is on the back of jassi when he is escorting jassi out, purab sees armaan and jassi leaving, just at the door then jassi turns and sees purab looking at her and armaan with sad eyes. They both look each other for a brief moment and then jassi and armaan leaves. Purab is shown looking on sad.

The End.

** By the way I think the directors read our comments here, last time I said Pink hairs YUCK!! and today they listened to my recommendations, today there were magenta, yellow and BLUE color hair!! Err but I think directors you got me wrong, these colors are also YUCK!!!!LOL


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anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2004 at 11:05am | IP Logged

Jammy u are so funny

** By the way I think the directors read our comments here, last time I said Pink hairs YUCK!! and today they listened to my recommendations, today there were magenta, yellow and BLUE color hair!! Err but I think directors you got me wrong, these colors are also YUCK!!!!LOL


Nice update and nice comment touches with your summary too.


Why should jassi listens to what she says. Does she not know what a flirt she is?

She is reacting just like how meenakshi is expecting...jassi badi galati kar rahi ho...

to top it...she asks armaan to drop her...where is billu, bebe, amrit...she leaves them all alone at the party...so mean..Angry

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HUMM IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2004 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Absolutely gr8 update !! i missed the serial half but the update helped me!!

good job! thks for the update!!!!!!!!!

navika Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2004 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Meenakshi kaaa bilkul dimak nahin hein. I think she has a mental problem.
loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2004 at 11:18am | IP Logged
ClapClap great update jammy!!!  loved ur comments!!!!
jammy Goldie

Joined: 28 September 2004
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Posted: 15 November 2004 at 11:18am | IP Logged

Meenakshi was acting very strange today and more than that jassi, I was really confused with her behaviour, She never was worried with what people told about her looks and now suddenly she is worried with what meenakshi says, I guess after listening to meenakshi jassi must have some idea that what ever meena said on stage was out of jealousy, yet she let herself down?? I dont know she was an ever fighting girl and purab was helping her with the dance and she was acting as if he was choking her?? I mean look at the dance and you will understand that they were doing just fine!!



giaa Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2004 at 11:19am | IP Logged
thanks Jammy,

great update as usual... although this whole trend of "misunderstanding" is getting to Ghisa Pitta now...Ermm....can't T and D come up with something more original or creative....I guess they are just bidding time....today's episode was too predictable!

Any waz, isn't Meenaxi's week almost up?  Now ofcourse there wilol be misunderstandings on account of Jassi leaving the party with Arman....and round and round in circles we go!WackoWackoWacko
sharmili Groupbie

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Posted: 15 November 2004 at 11:20am | IP Logged

I don't know but feeling very sad after reading this update......Does this mean soon Purab and Jassi gonna breakup and Armaan sir going to make a grand re-entry in Jassi's life CryCry

I don't want this....I want Jassi to belong to Purab only....Smile

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