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Posted: 21 July 2014 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
nice take
enjoyed reading everyone's pov
enjoyed last episode
it was nice too see paro's emotion

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Posted: 21 July 2014 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hope

Originally posted by Pinot

Paro's emotional breakdown was very sudden and unexpected and very contrived.

I agree that Paro's outbrust seemed a little sudden...  if we think about it.. that is how people react sometimes under stress.. We try to hold everything to our self for as long as possible... Repeating again and again that everything is fine... Trying to live in our bubble... Deliberately staying oblivious to the reality.. Ignoring the scary thoughts... But then there comes a point where you can't hold those feelings back anymore.. When, telling yourself that everything will be fine won't help anymore.. When, all your fears hit you all at once and you lose it as you see, taste and feel reality... And what comes to your mind at that time is the worst case scenario of all this chaos making you loose even that tiny bit of strength in you... Resulting in complete break down.. That was Paro today..

Well said Hope. And I think what triggered it is Rudra's absence nowadays. CVs should have made Paro mention it explicitly. But fine. When the shooting happened Rudra was with her. She also saw Rudra's breakdown after Singh Sir's discussion. So she had to pull herself up for Rudra. Now that Rudra is back to work and is absent for long hours. Paro will think about the incidents. And the final nail was the finding of the bulllet. So I can appreciate the breakdown

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Posted: 21 July 2014 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hanan72

Episode is balanced against but I have some reservations on points!

By refusing to flee, Sunehri, to show that despite her naivety moron, that she has a bit of gumption. Respect for his family, congratulationsLOL

I agree with you Dyas, for once the face of Paro reflects a logical fear of the unknown and the loss of his happiness. CVS managed to give us a phycological reality of fear and anxiety.

By against my point of view, the absence of Ashishe and scarcity the scenes of couple begins to weigh on the serial; lately, it has only a few scattered embraces that hard 1/20 minutes. I want to see more action and more variety, and  I don't think that to romance Wink...

@Shweta beautiful Collages 
"Happiness is indeed fragile. It takes little things and can disappear as quickly as it arose a day in our life. At the corner of a gesture, a look, a meeting, a speech, a reading well-being invaded us, without knowing why or how, even without being s 'noticing, without being able to explain it ... it's just good, that's all". Lo Ferr . poet


"Happiness is given to one who has conquered his fear of life and who considers his life as a sacred spark, in continuity of ages", (precept of Tibetan life)

@SPraba  Good analysisHug

Thanks for your take, hanan ... lovely quotes. Yes, Sunehri has some gumption and some common sense ... not agreeing to flee right away, asking Shantanu to at least give it a try to get family permission. Stymied Shantanu's plans for now ... till he thinks of something else.

Paro's emotions ... I have been calling for them for ages ... don't know if that was a one off to set up the big scene for tonight ... I fervently hope not, and we get to see more of Paro's fears, esp as Rudra will be away at the border more and more. 

Ashish's absence ... frankly, for the moment, except for random lovey dovey moments, I don't see much role for him ... if he was to be around and NOT pick up on Shantanu, that would be complete destruction of his character. As long as the cvs give me good tracks with some semblance of logic, I can deal with his absence. 

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Posted: 22 July 2014 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rashika

Nice post Diya and love the collages.
Today was a mixed episode for me.
I know there has to some drama but I thought there was a little bit too much. Episode needed a little bit of light heartedness, maybe a little bit more comedy. That would have made the episode a bit more better. I did love the Parud scene and finally the fact that they are showing paro's feelings.
About the precap wondering if Paro will be suspicious of Shantanu.

Thanks, rashika ... I get what you're saying, and agree that they could have made the episode a bit lighter by increasing the Shatabdi element ... I'm actually looking forward to her dealings with Mohini and Sumer LOL 

Paro's feelings ... that scene was like manna from heaven ... such a relief to see a good emotional Sanaya scene after ages, even though it was too short for my liking. I think Paro will be suspicious of Shantanu ... I hope so! 

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Posted: 22 July 2014 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Oldestfan

Diya, UR, Hope,
Thanks for a balanced and positive thread. I see your stop watches marking everyones lap times in the episode were conspicuously absent! 

Missing T! I am sure she would have had a lot to say about the overt Guns N Roses symbolisms. I want to post a song link here, that to me, sums it up about Shantanu... A scorching cover of the Bond flick title track by Axl Rose... Live and let Die! But dont know how to on this damn iPad. Will edit on my laptop. 

This, ladies, I think will be Paros track. Logically, it should be so. She has to realize that everything is not what it seems. She is not as quick to action as Rudra is, making it quite logical that Shantanu should continue on at the haveli while she works on her suspicions and the growing list of clues. I really like that although everyone, including Rudra, is impressed with Shantanus bravery, she still found it odd to have him standing in her room. If Rudra were to suspect anything he would not leave Paro with Shantanu. So the track has to unfold with Rudra in a blind spot. 

On the other hand, Shantanu seems to have found the one thing that can throw the wool temporarily over Rudras eyes... Physically actually taking a bullet, and actually doing good! Wink A high price to pay to win his trust. Can Shantanu continue to afford it or is his budget going to run short? 

As with the best laid plans of mice and men, the resistance comes from unexpected quarters. Sunehri is not a pushover.  And neither, he will find, will Paro be either.

Another surprise on the upside would be Shatabdi in her inimitable way, being of some help to 
Paro, in her English knowledge perhaps, or some other way that can floor the viewers. The wow, who knew that factor could certainly make for some good moments.

Did anyone spot the Body double for Sanaya as she picked up the bullet! The bullet in her hands closeups! Only it was not her hand. This is a perfect example of how post prod gets afterthoughts in shots and then has to make do. They have done that over and over again with Ashish, closeups being 
alternated with long shots of a body double! Why do that! When people are shooting together, take all possible angles and work with that! They have even shown a back shot of the BD when Ashishs dialogue was still being spoken, mid sentence! How stupid is that? It was the earring gifting scene. 

Even though Paro was finally letting her fear out, Rudra seemed a tad distracted even as he held her close. That preternatural instinct, staring at the first tangible evidence of the killer, had him giving her a loving response, but with that note of distraction. 

Finally, Shantanus buttons are being pushed with Rudra and Paros love. As I predicted, everytime he sees them he will remember the price at which that togetherness came, and he will burn. 

Sona, Lovely post... I totally agree about it going to be more of Paro's track... As, if Paro tells Rudra about her doubts on Shantanu his trust on him will break in an instant... So, may be Paro will decide to keep an eye on Shantanu, trying to figure out what he is upto... The day Paro gets even a hint that he is really the Bad guy... He will immediately be kicked out of the house..

Even though Shantanu shot himself to save himself from being caught... It helped him in another way too... Looks like, that one shot gained him Rudra's trust... For how long will that stay.. Had to see... Between, I just remembered... Didn't Mr.Singh suspend Rudra form duty and ask him to talk to psychiatrist?? And even after that Rudra is going to work every day. Me confused.. What was the purpose of that scene??

@Bold, that is one awesome idea... It would be awesome to watch Shatabdi helping Paro in some way...

About BD's... Nothing much to say there... Even though I don't like having them .. I realized that they come as part and parcel of Indian teles.. Unfortunately, we can do nothing about them...Confused.. You have a sharp eye for catching the hand...

Ya, Rudra did seem little distracted... May be he was just concerned. And also confused as he didn't know what to say to ease her...

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Posted: 22 July 2014 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -himu-

lovely post diya agree that it was a well balanced episode...i loved...ya first time we are getting to see paro's emotions and storySmile
beautiful collages sweta...i loved all
where's @T and @Hope??

Hi Himu,

Thanks for posting. Missed you this weekend.. Was little busy with asli duniya. So couldn't make a post early.. Now I am hereBig smile

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Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2014 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SingaporeFan

Great Analysis and lovely Collages!
Was an enjoyable episode.It will be great to see Paro suspicious of McDimples and doing some digging on her own. Loving Shatabdi, can't wait for her to tame Sumer!! 

Of course I miss Rudra and have to be satisfied with his little appearances...Seems we have to jheelo family drama for a few more weeks till JDJ wraps up...

Thank You for posting... It was a nice episode. I would love to see Paro trying to find out the real face of Shantanu... Shatabdi and Sumeer provide the very necessary comic relief for RR.. Ya, may be we will get to see only a little of Rudra for few more weeks till Paro figures out Shantanu's secret and JDJ packs up..Big smile

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Originally posted by Pinot

Great thread.
Loved reading everyone's take. Thank you.
However, I have to disagree about the PaRud scene. Paro's emotional breakdown was very sudden and unexpected and very contrived.
For a girl who has been through much worse things in past three weeks or so -  the acid attack, the need to flee her home for another house, having to have a guard 24/7, and the worst of all, being attacked by unknown person (s) in her own bedroom while being blind-folded and with hands roped behind her back (the embarrassment of the being seen by other people in middle of love foreplay was so cringe worthy CVs.)
Paro reacted to all this being coy and a little childish. She was mainly in a teasing mood and was even trying to seduce her husband.
Suddenly she is an emotional mess and breaks down when she finds a bullet? I am not buying it!!! (nothing against the actress, Sanaya was very good in the scene)
And I know the whole forum is PaRud deprived and crying out for some!  I feel your pain, but I am frustrated with the episodes at the moment, for a different reason:
What happened to the Rudra-Mala relationship?  We had one little scene when she held his face and he has a tear rolling down his cheek.
That's it????? 
The whole premise of Rudra's characterization was based on the abandonment by his mother. The CVs need to get back to the real story, and fast.
Sorry about the rant, but I had to get it off my chest! 
On a positive note, I am enjoying Shantanu and Shatabdi is fun.
But their names are awfully difficult to pronounce!

Pinot ... thanks for posting.

I will put your thoughts in reverse ... Paro's reactions to the acid attack, being attacked in her own home, having to flee her old home ... THOSE were the contrived reactions, they were superficial and unbelievable ... I have been very vocal about that. Particularly her foray into the market the day after the acid attack to buy new clothes for Rudra, without a thought about what happened the last time she went to the market. The writers have completely ignored her emotions till now, not given them any space whatsoever ... and I am frankly furious with the way they have portrayed Paro during those scenes. 

Today's scene was much more believable. If you notice her flashback, she was blindfolded through the entire attack, she didn't see Shantanu with the gun, the first she knew there was a gun in the room was when she heard the gunshot. At the time, she didn't know what was happening, and it was all over before she knew. When she could see again, the danger was past. Today seeing the bullet brings it home to her what actually happened, and how much danger she was in. Hence the delayed reaction ... very natural, very believable. And thank God for it ... having trust in her husband is all very well, but he couldn't have done a thing to save her if Shantanu had decided to put a bullet through her at that time.

The Mala track was the worst handled by the cvs ... the foundation of the story, and they did not do justice to three of the four principal characters in it ... Mala, Dilsher or Paro. They just focused on Rudra's issues, and then made him forgive Mala at the drop of a hat. Shoddy writing at its worst ... I don't know why they whine about TRPs ... its very clear where they're going wrong. And they've abandoned that story as it resulted in the lowest TRPS ... Rudra loves Mala, Mala loves Rudra ... the end. Tongue

Rant away ... no issues!!! LOL Gave me a chance to have a vent of my own LOL

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