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TaaRey OS (Mansoon Spl.): Their First Rain....

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:: TaaRey One Shot ::

Their First

(Mansoon Special)

[Banner By -chamkili-]

The car was speeding up on the road, the streets passed like a flickers of page. The street lights on the road were looming in the dark black car one by one as the car passed. The traffic was clear, all signals were blinking with yellow light. The sound of changing the gear, the changes in engine could be heard, it was like no one was alive in the car. The dead silence layed in the car. Taani looked at her husband, who was changing the gear roughly, making her gulp. She gripped the handle of the door as he pressed the accelerator. The AC was on full blow, she could feel her skin, completely frozen. She shivered as he turned the steering wheel gracefully, the car took sharp turn at 250km speed. She sink into the sit, knotting her fingers together tightly on her laps. She blessed herself for not forgetting to put the sitbelt.

Finally, car stopped, they both came forward but they were rescued by sitbelts. She looked down at her fingers in her lap, she could hear his breathing. The car was drenched into the darkness, they couldn't see each other, but they could feel each other. Other than his harsh breathing, there was only silence.

Deaf making silence.

She scolded herself for not listening to him. Rey had warned her to not use that car without driver. He didn't want her to drive alone to her office. The road wasn't good and the car was to be given for checking in the workshop. But, Taani didn't listened him and she drove the car to office and while, coming back her car broke down, in the middle of the road, where not a single shop was there. On the both side of the road, there was a dried dumping ground, nothing else. She had to call her husband to pick her up and the moment she stepped into his car, she met with glaring, grumpy and not-talking husband. It's been only three months after their marriage. It was an arrange marriage, and in those three months, she discovered that her husband is always busy. They also couldn't go for honeymoon because of his press conference. They are comfortable with each other. Every morning, when she prepares him breakfast, he didn't forget to kiss her on her cheek, before leaving for office, leaving her with pink cheeks.

Taani blinked as suddenly cold air tickled her arm. She looked up and saw a figure looming over her, glaring down at her. She knew, it's him. She accepted his hand which he forwarded and stepped out of the car. She looked down as he leaned to close the door, not breaking his hold on her fingers. Rey leaned back and tugged at her hand and started walking ahead of her, Taani followed him silently.

Suddenly, Taani felt the sand behind her feet, her eyebrows knotted as she looked at the ground, it was all sand. She could see the golden sand in moonlight. It was slightly tight and little bit sleepery as it was slightly wet because of raindrops. From morning, the slight visible streams of rain drops were there in the air. The news said that till night, there would be proper rain.

Taani looked up and gasped, Rey looked back at her for some moment then turned back, kept walking through sand.

The big beach house was shining with shine of sea besides him. Taani could hear the running waves, clashing on each other which made a big noise. A big smile overtook on her face. She looked at her husband who knocked on the door. He turned at her with his straight face and looked at the door, making her pout.

She always heard about this beach house from her laws and sibling of Rey. She looked around and instantly fell in love with it. Her architecture eyes roamed on the master piece. The walls were stony, long, the theme was perfect for sea and it gave gigantic effect to the house. All lights were on, brimming through sliding glass doors. She looked around, the sand surrounded the house but there was a small spiral artificial stoned way for walking through the sand. She looked at her right, ignoring her husbands knocking and peeked at the stunning ocean in moonlight, at far distance she could see the wavy reflection of glowing moon. She took a deep breath, in taking the smell of wet sand, the smell of salt and a different smell of ocean water.

The door opened and  a short mid thirty woman stood, nodding at Rey respectfully, smiling kindly at him. She turned at Taani and smiled at her.

"Welcome, Mr and Mrs. Singhania. " She stepped out from the way, letting them enter. Rey tugged at Taani's hand and pulled her with him, inside the house. Taani smiled as the breeze entered the house, lifting the curtains up, like it was peeking into the house and again running back, pulling curtains down. She and Rey stood in the exact center, looking around the house. The house was white with blue theme. The couches, walls were white. But, the glasses were tinted with blue color, some of the furniture was either white or blue.

Rey looked down at Taani who looking around in awe, he wanted to smile but her earlier action made his mood sour. He looked down at their hands, the ring on her finger, the small diamonds glistened, shinning their sweetness , love of their relationship. He remembered the promise he made to her father, keeping her always happy and safe. He exhaled loudly and removed her fingers from his. Taani's head snapped to him, a slight hurt was evident on her face. But, she knew, it was her mistake.

"You go upstairs, and get changed." He told her in stern voice, as if someone was talking to a notorious child. She gave him a small, sad smile and walked towards the stairs, climbing it. The small voice of her anklet mixed with the voice of splashing of waves. He shook his head and ordered the chef for dinner.

Rey sighted as he ensured about the electricity, the sparkling was continuously in the black sky, he could hear the roaring of clouds, even the waves were much active, bumping with each other loudly, splashing the water loudly. Rey dialed the number and started filling his parents and insuring them that they both are safe.

Taani wrapped the soft white robe around her body and looked around in confusion. The woman who opened the door for them, who was take carer of this house, entered the room. She walked towards Taani and gave her a cream colored half sleeves kurti and black leghins.

"Right, now this is only available. These are my daughter's clothe, she don't live with us anymore. Your clothes were slightly dirty so, I washed them and put them in dry area. Till that, please bear with these." The woman requested.

Taani smiled at her and accepted the clothes. "No problem and Thank you so much." She said and woman smiled at her and left her to change. Taani quickly changed into the kurti and leghins.

The material was pure cotton, soft on her skin, making her sigh. She was somehow was really comfortable. The kurti was simple, little flowers were on it, the backside had a chain. Taani frowned as it was little bit loose for her. She adjusted the top and took the towel, started drying her hair while looking out.

She was almost done with drying her hair, when there was a small knock on the door, she turned and found, Rey was standing there, with a tray in his hand. He entered the room, closed the door behind him and walked towards the table and put the tray on it, silently doing his work. Taani bite her lips as she watched him, he didn't talk to her since, he picked up her. She heard his voice for the last time, when she called him. When she narrated him what happened, he was silent for some moment and then, he asked for the exact point where she was and told her that I am coming'.

That was it, after that coming' she didn't hear anything. Expect for the order, he gave her, get changed. She sighted as she walked towards him. But, he ignored her and motioned her silently to take a seat and she obeyed. He pushed the plate towards her and took a plate for him. Taani just blinked as he chewed and checked his cell.

"Rey, I am sorry."

Her soft voice reached to his heart. But, he was too much angry for a sorry. He switched off the mobile and took another bite from his plate. Taani hadn't touched a single thing from her plate. He sighted and looked up at her.

" Look Taani, you knew, car wasn't working well. If you wanted to drive, you could have at least informed me. I could have sent someone else." Rey said, in cold voice.

Taani gulped and looked down at her knotted fingers. " I didn't want you to disturb you."

Rey frowned as he looked at her. " I care for my family, Taani. There is no such a big deal if you call me while I am working. Family comes first, no matter what.  Do you know, how worried I was? How many disturbing thoughts were occurring in my head? You exactly know, how aloof that area is?" Rey said, his voice was rough.

Taani pressed her lips into thin lines. "Rey, I am totally capable of taking care of myself. I am not a child to look after. " She glared at him.

His eyes fumed with fury. He stood up from his seat, the chair scrapped on the floor.

"Then, stop behaving like a child." Rey said as he exhaled slowly, tried to calm himself. Taani stood up from her seat and glared at him. She swiftly turned away from him and walked away. She opened the sliding doors and walked into the terrace. Rey closed his eyes as he looked at the table. Her plate wasn't even touched. It was as it is. He ran a frustrating hand through his hair.

Why can't she just listen to him?

He shook his head. He can't bear the carelessness. He was always grown up in very serious and business environment. He never had been careless. His parents were always strict with him, actually the entire Singhnias were strict with the children in their house. Like all rich kids, Singhania kids can't go on playground to play, they have to play only in the house itself, without breaking anything.

And, seeing Taani talking, behaving casually, makes him worried. She is the only best thing that happened to him. He loves her with all his heart, but he is silent when it comes to express his feelings. But, sometimes she test his patience with her clumsiness and carefree attitude.

Suddenly, there was a loud roar from the sky and suddenly, the air was brisk and in a swift moment, the heavy clouds pours the rain from them. The heavy streams were flowing. Rey could hear the loud roaring of ocean, the water splashing of waves was clearly heard.

He heard a soft sequel from outside. He walked towards terrace and he looked awestruck as Taani looked up smiling, the rain poured heavily but she wasn't minding it. She looked up and took the rain drops on her face, loving the coldness on her skin. She giggled as rain drenched in it's own unique cold water.

Rey watched Taani, fascinated, enjoying herself, forgetting herself in small joy in drenching in Rey. The tiny bells of her anklet made a sweet noise with the raindrops which were tapping on the ground, around her. Taani suddenly stopped, aware of the familiar pair of eyes, watching her every move. She whipped her head around and found, Rey was standing, staring at her. She blinked as raindrops made her vision little blurry.

Her angers towards him was forgotten. There he was standing, his strong arms were folded across his chest, the white shirt was slightly wet as some raindrops also sprinkled on him, making his chest visible through the material. She watched as he slowly walked towards her with his confident strides which made her slightly dizzy for the first time when she met him.

She gulped as he stopped mere inches away from her, letting rain drench him. Her eyes roamed on the visible part of his body. The body which she always admired. She felt guilty for making him angry. The fight made her feel bad and her heart twisted. She bite her lips and looked up at him. She exhaled deeply as she looked at his profile. The rain drops were dripping down from his hairs which were now messy. His skin glistened under rain and moonlight. She gulped and,

"Rey, I am sor-"

But, before anything could happen, he grabbed her head in his hands and pulled her to him and his lips were on hers, silencing her with his lips. She grabbed his arms as he nipped on her lips. The rain poured more heavily, their lips crashed, he invade into her mouth, their tongues mingled. Taani could feel the desires curling in her belly. Even after drenching in cold rain, his touch was burning her. His tongue caressed her lower lip she whimpered as she couldn't take his teasing anymore. She leaned forward, on her toes and kissed him with all passion she felt for him.

Rey groaned as her hands roamed on his chest, driving him crazy. He embraced her, pulling her to him, without breaking the contact between their lips. Her fingers curled on his shirt, gripping it. The oxygen was  squeezed out of their lungs. Panting, they broke their kiss soundly. Rain continued to pour heavily.

"I don't like us fighting." Taani whispered, breathlessly. Rey nodded as he touched his forehead to hers, their nose touching, they were both panting, eyes closed. Rey cradle her head in his hands and caressed her lip with his thumb.

Taani's eyes fluttered open. She gazed at him, drinking his handsome face.

"Taani..." He whispered as he closed his eyes and kissed the corner of her lips. "I love you so much..." He whispered, his lips brushed hers.

They both were panting, Rey opened his eyes and looked down at Taani who was silent, only panting a small smile on her lips.

"Say something Taani.. " He whispered, concerned. Taani shook her head and just sighted, her eyes still closed. Rey gulped, his heart was thumping loudly in his ribcage.

" Rey, I love you too.. " She whispered and slowly opened her eyes. He blinked as he registered her words. She nodded at him slowly and wrapped her arms around his neck, buring her face in his neck, leaving no space between them. His strong arms wrapped around her, their heart tumped together. They hugged for eternity, the rain was now getting beyond heavy.

Rey broke the kiss and scoop, Taani in his arms, making her giggle. He wrapped her arms around her as he walked in the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He gave her towel to dry herself and started drying his hair.

"So, Am I forgiven?" Taani asked, while drying her hairs. Rey looked at her , the white material clung to her skin as if it was a second skin on her. Rey stood up behind her as she dried her hair while looking out. Rey closed his eyes as her hair brush his face slightly when she flicked them back. He opened his eyes and stared at her. Taani waited for answer, but when she didn't get it. She turned and looked up and found him staring down at her, his eyes shinning with love. She bite her lips and looked down, suddenly feeling shy. Rey cupped her cheek and caressed her cheek with his thumb.

Her breath quickened and she closed her eyes, loving the way his thumb stroke her skin. They slowly came near to each other and Rey engulfed her in his arms. Taani knew what was coming. Rey leaned down and captured her lips with his.

The sound of the zipper followed with a soft moan. Rey pulled down the zipped of her dress till it's end, his fingers ran up through her spine, making her softly whimper. Rey again scooped her in his arms and put her on the bed, her wet long hair fall on the pillow. He looked down into her eyes, his hand trailed on her shoulder, slidding the strap a side, his other hand followed the same route on her smooth skin.

Slowly, the series of clothes followed. Taani whimpered as Rey dipped his head, kissing every inch of her body, her fingers fisted in his hair.

"Rey..." She whispered  and bite her lips as his fingers trailed around her navel. His lips found hers, Rey pulled the blanket over them. Their bodies covered with each other. The rain kept pouring. Their not only bodies mingled with each other, their hearts mingled, only beating for each other, making them one.

After some time, Taani was lying on Rey' chest, eyes closed, her palm just above his heart, feeling his steady heartbeats. She sighted as his fingers played with her hair. The rain had stopped. It was only 4am. The calm waves were clashing with each other. Taani smiled and glanced at Rey who was staring down at her.

"You know, Taani. You are the best thing that ever happened to me." He whispered and kissed her head, making her smile.

"I am sorry. I couldn't give us proper time." He whispered, looking guilty. Taani kissed his chest and put her chin on his chest and looked up at him.

"Don't worry hubby, we now know each other, more than anything. " She grinned and leaned up and pecked his lips.

"Hmm.." he mused.

"You know, this was the first time, I actually enjoy rain. " Rey said as his fingers massaged her scalp.

"Hmm.. Well, it was my first rain after this marriage. So, It was our first rain." She said, smiling.

They both smiled at each other, Rey leaned and kissed her forehead.

 "Aren't you hungry?" He asked, confused and concerned at the same time. Their food was forgotten by an urgent duty. Taani bite her lips and whispered yes'. Rey chuckled and shook his head.

"Food is there.." Rey said, cluelessly. Taani shook her head, Rey raised an eyebrow.

"This hunger, only you can satisfy, hubby." Taani giggled.

"Well, your wish and my command, wife." He whispered and leaned to fulfill his wife's sweet wish.

Okay, I got demanded to write this OS by my baby, Hima (hima_taarey). So, this mainly, sweet and little bit hot. Ouch I don't know how it is.
I am really sorry, if you find it boring.
I don't blame you, if you bash me.
Thanks for reading till this and bearing this.
Sorry, Hima.OuchCry

If anyone by mistake finds good something and mentions it in the comment. Thanks in advance as I don't have the guts to face the bashing. -,-Cry

So, sorry. and Thank you also.
If anyone actually liked it, (which is impossible),
for formality I am saying,

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Reswaa uff uff uff
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awwwsome os .i just to read a taarey os based on their married life.and  u updated this .thanku thanku thanku so much Smile taarey's  confession was very beautiful and their romance was also superb .

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Beautiful OS <3
Loved it ^_^
Keep Writing !
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Awesome OS ClapClap
Loved it Tongue

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It was not at all boring

It was amazing, I enjoyed reading it

Everything was beautifully penned down, Loved it

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I loved it
One of d best monsoon os i read
Tujhe laga kaise ki its nt good??
U picturised everything so beautifully
Wot made u think its bad??
Reys concern... realization... their love.. everything was so perfect
Then wot fr u are sorry?,
Agli baar pehle assumptions mat kr...
We will decide kaisa hai...
Pagal ishu baby!!!

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