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  Come and lets Celebrate
Sing a Song
for our Dearest Star
 Aham Sharma  
..Wishing him ...
Aham Sharma , an actor who has proved his calibre with some awesome performances is currently portraying Karna flawlessly in Star Plus's Mahabharat. Actor has already gained many fans with his portrayal of Epic's Angsty Hero. This thread marks celebration of his birthday .Wishing him heartfelt wishes from his fans all across the world.We are thankful to him for giving us some awesome memories in his onscreen presence. We wish this actor reaches more heights in his career.
We wish you All the Best Aham and will keep praying for your success!
A little wish from us in some words below

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Aham's Journey in Television So Far
(Information taken from Aham Sharma's AT)
credit - Maha.G
Aham made his debut with Imagine TV show Chand Ke Paar Chalo. He was last seen in Aasman Se Aage as Angad. Currently he is playing the role of Karna in Swastik Productions' Mahabharat on Star Plus.
His Journey in TV and Films

Blue Oranges as Kevin 

Karle Pyar Karle as Jass

Yeh Jo Mohabbat hai as Zorawar

TV Shows

Bairi Piya 

 as Nirbhay Pundir

 Chotti Si Zindagi as Shravan

Chand Ke Paar Chalo as Rehan
Aasman Ke Aage as Angad
Humne li hain Shapath as Dr Ajay
Fear files as Kushal

Many of  us didnt know this name before but the man slowly struggled and managed to win our hearts and made us crazzily fall in love with him. He just recieved an Award for his performance of Karna in Mahabharat. We wish this is just begining of his career and we will witness him reach new heights of success and fame. A man who believes that he is here to achieve what he wants .We wish him all the luck in doing exactly the same.

You have many more miles to Achieve. We just hope this is beginning of your success!
How Aham Sharma describes himself
"Well that's something other people can judge. I would like to believe I am genuine honest guy who wants to achieve his goals. I love to go out with my close friends. Primarily I am focused to achieve what I have to achieve in life"
 credit- JustShowbiz interview

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Aham Sharma as Karna The Great - Some of his memoirs from the show that we will carry forever.
Entry Scene 18th November
On 18th November 2013 , a young karna looks at sun aiming for his goal. An Arrow shot and some years passed . We see eyes reflecting sun's image with a determination that he will do it this time. A Man in full warrior style arrives on screen -his aura ,his presence and those eyes they together created a scene which will always be embarked in our memories forever. This was Aham Sharma's entry in Mahabharat as Grown Up Karna.
Arena Showdown 25th November-27 November
One of his favorite scene and also the most memorable scene for all karna fans-the rangbhoomi scene where Karna makes appearance to challenge Arjun's archery skills.
Those dialogues in his voice still reverberates in our hearts
"Parvaton k beech dhwani karne se pratidhwani avashya sunai deti hain aacharya,  parvat kissi ki aagya ki pratisha nahi karte"
He came that day and conquered many hearts. Everything was perfect - dialogues, expressions and the angst which won hearts of all karna admirers across the world.
That episode truely belonged to him and he nailed it to perfection.
Swayamvar Scene- Karna being rejected by Draupadi
Karna on request of duryodhana comes for Draupadi's swayamvar challenge. This episode showcased the mighty focussed archer at its best. Those eyes on his target till those words of draupadi just changes the expression of those eyes from focussing on target to the rage filled anguish.Aham portrayed Karna's angst so beautifully with just those eyes. His looking at sun and his reply to the princess stands out.
Dyut Sabha- Infamous Karna Dialogues
That infamous dyut sabha of Mahabharat had some moments from Karna which introduces another shade to the beautiful character of Karna. His grey shades appeared with his angry outburst to draupadi and calling her a Vaishya . Aham nailed the scene to perfection with his voice modulation and perfect dialogue delivery. People loved to hate that Karna that day as one actor literally breathed him in that scene.
Karna Knowing truth of his birth
His world is shattered and he is just rooted to the ground where he is standing. A man encountering most cruel irony of his fate. His subtle expressions from shock to slow acceptance and his outburst with Radha Ma is worth heart breaking. Aham did well in such high packed emotional scene. Truely showcasing delimma of Karna .
Karna Kunti Samwad- 27th May episode.
One of the best episode of Mahabharat. A scene that we will always carry in our hearts when a son faces his mother who abandoned him at birth. Everything seemed perfect that day- anguish , hurt and silent tears of Karna so very well portrayed with Aham 's brilliant and one of best performances in the show. His onscreen chemistry with Kunti Maata is worth applauding and they together brought that scene to perfection.
Karna giving his Kavach in Daan.
A episode which brings shivers down spine. One of the most heart wrenching scenes of the epic. Aham brought out a determined Danveer at this stage who just rips apart his body giving it with a smile to his enemy's father. Those screams looked so natural that its still brings tears in our eyes. Truely a remarkable episode and Hats off to the actor.
credit Mimi
Karna's valor in Kurukshetra War
No words to describe just this that a hero arrived and that too in full glory!
Karna killing Abhimanyu
Just a two minute sequence but so fresh and memorable that it is hard to leave this behind. He watched silently how his nephew was being tortured .Unable to take it any more , he goes ahead gives him silent blessings and acknowledgement that his nephew is indeed greatest archer of all times. He kills him. His conflicts so well depicted and portrayed. Aham nailed it Again!
These are some of his highlights from the show as Karna.
His Love Story
Though not emphasised much in the show but a small tribute to the beautiful saga of Karna-Vrushali.
credit- daenrysnow
Karna's Awesome BG Song
I am sure they are many more such scenes that we will cherish throughout. Everytime we hear that Karna's BG, it brings your image in my mind.
Thank You Aham Sharma for giving us this character in utter perfection!
Credit for Gif - Shruti (its taken from Karna's AT)

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^^Banner credit - Gargi ( Bamonforever ) Smile


Dear Aham sir ,

                               I have been your fan since Chand Ke Paar Chalo' , your debut show . The character of Rehan  and your smooth , nuanced performance in it was so convincing that back then had anybody told me that it was your debut role,I'd have not believed that . Your classic good looks and strapping attitude charmed my teenage eyes .

                     Then I watched Aasman Se Aage' when I get to know  from the promos that you're playing one of the main characters .  Angad is another character which'll be cherished in my memory forvever...a guy with a heart of gold & who, though a better dancer than his younger brother, always wanted to see him at the top. Stopped watching the moment Angad left the show .

                         About 1 & half years later, get to know from a social networking site that you're going to play Karna' , my most favorite character of Indian mythology . Infact for me Vasusena Radheya is not  only a character, but a God like persona whom I worship. Not only you played this extremely enigmatic, larger than life character with perfection, you also brought forth something extra' into the role, into a daily Tv soap...that I've never seen an actor achieve before . And this is coming from a girl whi has seen bits & parts of countless TV shows since she was 5 . Your attitude, beauty, inherent goodness, electric voice everything fitted in so perfectly with the invincible son of Sun, that it was a common discussion between us friends whether you've some parts of Karna in you . You are simply living the character . You radiate so much cuteness, kindness & positivism around you, my day is made the moment I see a genuine smile on your lips .

                                   Today your birthday brings an opportunity for me to wish for you all that is good, enchanting & beautiful . May birthday pleasures, large & small , make this a day you'll long recall as one of your finest , one of your best &one of your very happiest . 

                                             ~~~These words are sent to say , have such a life that is beautiful in every possible way . Love you loads & still wish I could expand my heart to love you more . God bless you . 


Birthdays come and birthdays go
and yet there is something of the magic 
of what life really is
caught in simple moments just like these 
and the true length of life we do not know
or if we will be happy and healthy or be sick, 
if important things we will experience or miss

while the rosy blossom of life does glow
upon your soft cheek
and your golden eyes do shine
with a deep perplexing happiness 
and yet our lives we do not to destiny throw
but do for deeper meaning seek
for something lasting and divine . 

Happy birthday Prince Charming , been your fan since your debut show , may God always keep you in his loving protection n shower his blessings in every moment of your life. Embarrassed


Dear Aham Sharma,

A big thank you for choosing to play Karna and playing it to such a perfection. You gave a face to my childhood hero and its now difficult for me to separate Karna from you.You have definately won my heart with some of beautiful memories of Karna scenes in the show. You have potential left to be explored. This birthday I truely wish you get more and more such opportunities where you shine as an actor. Have a great career ,this is just a start of it.May you achieve many more milestones. Wishing you a life full of happiness and success.

Loads of Good Wishes.


Happy Birthday SunshineSmile

Let the unconditional love of your family and fans grow every day, every hour...Smile

have all your wises fulfilledSmile

stay blessedSmile

Putting impression on people's mind while one play Karna is not an easy, but you did it with perfection...Thumbs UpClap

and every day you are giving your bestThumbs Up

may you grow as the actor you want to be..Smile

very few can replace the image of the BRC MB actors, and Aham you are one among them...Big smile

Feel proud to be your fan Big smile

Appreciate you as a person, you know  about my ideal Karna more than me Big smile you have read most of my favorite novels on Mahabharat 

I have heard your every interview, you try to link with the greatest epic character in every aspect of life, well that is dedication...Smile

Be this wonderful person always forever... 

May your birthday  be so special, that it lives forever in the history Star

Keep making me proud as your fan always Big smile

wish you a great great role after Karna the Great Big smile

May the flames of hope always keep glowingBig smile


Dear Aham Sir

          First of all let me wish u d happiest b'day ever from a heart full of joy pride and respect

             I wish I cud say how special u r to us but words seem less meaningful and useless to convey our heartfelt emotions The way you made us feel proid blissful awestruck and sad with the perfection and dedication in your work is beyond any words can convey You proved dat genuine and versatile talents nvr go unnoticed Better late but it will get d respect and recognition which is its due

           On ur b'day we all will pray 4 u Let God be with u at each and evry point of ur life like he had always  been and let him give you d BESTEST in evry thing May him make d stars shine only 4 u and d sky d boundry of ur achievements





Dear Aham!!!

Many happy returns of the day!!!


Karna is my all time favorite character in Mahbharata and with your portrayal especially in kavack kundal daan track you have made the character come out live.With perfect balance you have portrayed all the emotions he felt during that time.Thank you so much for that.A very happy birthday and wish you a very successful life .

Happy B'day Aham Sharma

Birthday Cake Scraps
Birthday Cake Greetings
may u get lots of sucess in ur life hope u come again in Star Plus once Mahabharat ends Embarrassed!
You are awesome as Karna although you r younger than Karna u r portraying it perfectlyClap 


"Happy Birthday my superhero! Many happy returns of the day. Wish you one more year older, one more year hotter! May you keep climbing the ladders of success. Long live! 

My Birthday wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you not only on your special day, but always.
Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your birthday is you are and will always be happy and healthy! Just be the way you are!" 

With great admiration for your commitment towards the role, wishing you all success and recognition in future. You are truly Karna in this aspect. Happy Happy Birthday Aham Sharma. I am glad to be a part of making this birthday special for you. You will always be lovable for us. 


Happy b'day to u Aham sir...Many Many Happy returns of da day...Sir ur a marvellous actor...ur portrayal of karna is jst amazing...Hope u have a wonderful, fabulous year ahead...Lots of luv n Respect for u sir...Keep Rocking n Shining lyk this way...


Birthday Message

Dear Aham,

Wishing you your happiest birthday yet,
A birthday too extraordinary to ever leave your mind.
So on this very special day of yours,
I would like to say to you,
I hope you always come across pleasure ,
In everything that you do.

On this birthday, I wish you absolute contentment, pleasure and delight.
I hope all of your dreams and desires of heart come true.
May each and every minute of yours be filled with merriment.
Hope exquisite surprises come your way,
To make your birthday a magnificent day.

Happy Birthday, Aham! 

Those Eyes of His

There is something about those eyes of his, something mysterious,
So warm and passionate they are, yet so unfathomable.

No secrets can be kept, no truth could be hidden,
For his eyes seem to pierce through the thickest of fogs.

Deep set, almond-shaped eyes in the colour resembling that of chocolate,
The kind you could get lost into even though you didn't mean to.

Merely a single gaze of his is more than enough for anyone to melt,
For his eyes are just as captivating as his voice, if not more so.

The need for words is not felt when it comes to him,
For he invokes a myriad of feelings with his deep brown orbs alone.
He speaks not and yet he delivers a hundred of words,
through those very eyes of his that touches deep inside.

His eyes acts as the windows to his heart, radiating humility and empathy,
And it's behind those beautiful eyes that lies the humblest of souls.

There is just something about those eyes of his,
That speaks to your soul and makes you feel whole.


Dear Sweetheart...
From the tym I've seen u ...I always keep thinking about u...
U r always in my mind...I ws nvr so effected by anyone...ur accent , ur beauty , ur personality , ur humbleness , makes me go mad everytym I see u...
u r just perfect ...everytym u cum onscreen , I get mesmerized...I watch your shows cuz of u...
Every charater of ur's is distinct from the other...I have nvr seen a versatile actor like u...
Earlier dis day "22nd July" ws not a  special one , but from nw on , it is one of the most special day's...
What an auspicious day it must have been when u came into dis world...
I feel proud 2 say dt I m an luv 4 u will nvr be lessened wtevr the reason maybe...
May u reach gr8 heights nd make all ur fans much more proud...
Have a wonderful day
May Allah bless u , guide u , nd grant all ur wishes...
May dis B'day be one of the most memorable one's...Big smile

Its your Birthday Dear, lets celebrate the happiness, love and memories together. Forget all worries and bad memories of past year and embrace the new exciting and successful coming year of your life.
                                        Happy Birthday.


Aham Sharma, 

wish you a very Happy Birth Day .. you are a gem of a person with a mine of talent. Your portrayal of Magnificent Karna touched my heart. Hope you touch all the mile stones of success and get all the happiness in your life. May God Bless you and you shine like a Sun 

Best wishes 

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40 40 4040















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A Small Tribute to Aham Sharma
A journey of a Star!
this special tribute to our star in a hope that he will soon rule on screen again!
Credit to my lovely friend (ArshiHamesha)
Some other tributes to Aham as Karna
credit to uploaders and thanks to candidfrisky for links
Credits- A Special Thanks to DT for giving us permissions. Thanks to VasusenaRadheya/Bamonforever for collecting messages and siggies and helping in thread.
A Special Thanks to Mally who provided me first post awesome banner. Thanks to my friend ArshiH for VM tribute and also credit to other VM uploader. Thanks to All those who sent in messages and wishes.

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Karna , probably the most controversial character of Indian mythology , a tragic hero who despite having all the fact God like qualities in him, fought lifelong against the stigma of being a charioteer's son in the cast driven society of that era . Though his life was plagued with difficulties he never gave up his ambition to get the respect &  recognition that was his to claim...May be that's why his glory remains as bright as it was 5000 years ago...

Any actor's dream role to portray, Karna's character in Star Plus magnum opus Mahabharat was probably destined to be portrayed by Aham actor par excellence !! His enchanting good looks , archer's physique , an inherent goodness & ability & determination to give his best in every aspect of his life...probably makes him a 'real life Karna' as well . 

Aham Sharma make this thousand years old character come out alive on our tv screen , but nowhere the mystery & enigma of the character was lessened . 

The immense popularity & fanbase that Mr. Sharma got within a very short span , totally deserved by him . 

Keep glowing , keep shining Mr. Sharma , you deserve every bit of the huge admiration , love & appreciation you're getting . 
                                                                  -Maitreyee Embarrassed

^^ Avi/gif credit - Gargi ( Bamonforever ) Big smile

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~Some More Dedications~




~~Few more messages ~~
Wish you a very very happy birthday AhamClap
you are awesome as Karna
May all your dreams and aspirations come true
May God bless you and give you health, success, love and joy always
Keep dazzling your fans with mind blowing performances
~~ Poojie
Happy Birthday Aham!!.. You are fabulous as Karna Big smile
~~ Redrose07
Happy wala birthday Aham,you are a perfect actor.May you be happy and successful
Dear Aham,
I've to confess that you're one reason for I started liking Karna. In fact, in the very first glimpse itself, you've glued the image of Karna in my mind because it was someone like you I've imagined him to be..Day Dreaming
The way you portray Karna is really really amazing that how much I appreciate you, it looks very less for me. Even a twitch in your eyebrows carry a lot about him. Your diction and your voice.Tongue
Words fail me if I wish to write more, for I may need a hundred page book to write about you & Karna!Star
Thanks a lot for giving me the Karna whom I wished to see.Hug
May your every wishes come true.

May you have delightful days ahead.

May your name be written forever among one of the finest actors in the world.

with a lot of prayers and wishes and love...Heart

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day
Aham wishing you many many happy returns of the day, wish u all success in life, and may your hardwork get you fruit.
The character of Karna, is brilliantly potrayed by you, my most fav character in the epic, and u do full justice to it.
Happy birthday to Mr. Aham Sharma.

Lets Start Birthday Celebrations!!




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