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Mayan n Rabir ff [Play Date] -Completed Last chap @pg 49 (Page 35)

hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2014 at 12:14am | IP Logged
ohh god the last part was great,
now atlast their plan was a success... hope all goes well even for Rabir...

great work

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hapo Senior Member

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Posted: 13 August 2014 at 12:29am | IP Logged
Ur awesome saranya...
I mean it was so good...
Mayan reunite and all credit for rabir...
Kabir taking advantage was so cute...
And rabir duo of not accepting their love for eachother...
Finally this s for uClapClapClap
And ya ll b waiting for ur nxt update eagerly...

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enthusiastic IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 August 2014 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Wow so cute saranya
I love gunjan n mayank finally together
I like so much noughty kabir
Thanka for the pm
Update soon

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.giggles. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 August 2014 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Wonderful update. Hope Gunjan realizes Rachana is not at fault & forgives her.

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saravathi Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2014 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Chap 14
Rachna and Gunjan reached hostel the next morning.Rachna was eager to know what happened between Gunjan n Mayank but she was scared to ask Gunjan.There Gunjan was so happy she always shared her happiness n everything about her to Rachna,She wanted to share this too but her ego stopped her.Both the girls remembered their happy times together n turned to other at same time with tears flowing on cheeks.Rachna moved forward to her but Gunjan's mobile rang suddenly n she picked it up,Seeing her shocked Rachna ran n held her shoulders.
Rachna:Gunjan who is that what happen
Gunjan:Daddy,Rachna Daddy
Rachna:Gunjan say what happen to uncle
Gunjan:Dad got heart attack again,he s serious now
Saying it she hugged Rachna n cried.
Rachna:Gunjan, Uncle will be ok,We should go home first
Gunjan:Really will he be ok,
Rachna:Trust me he will be fine,If he see his daughter he will even jump , first lets start
Gunjan text to Mayank saying she s leaving home n both girls hurried to busstop.Before the girls Mayank reached the bus stop along with Kabir.Seeing Gunjan crying Mayank put his arm around her to comfort her.
Gunjan:Mayank,I want to see Daddy.Rachna said he will be ok If he sees me
Mayank:Yes Gunjan lets Go soon come with us
Rachna got in to car,Kabir drived it while Mayan sat behind.Kabir was quite tensed to meet Gunjan n Rachna family again.Rachna whole way was praying for Gunjan while she dozed off on Mayank's arm getting tired of crying.They finally reached the hospital and the girls held their hands and ran on steps.
Kabir:Mayank lets not go n create problems
Mayank:Yes you are right
Gunjan cried she want to meet her dad n so the doctor allowed her to go in.Rachna stood out consoling Gunjan's mom.After a while Gunjan came out wiping her tears n she looked so depressed
Rachna:Uncle ji fine ?
Gunjan:He is fine Rachna,you go college I will see you there
Rachna:What are you blaberring how can I leave you n go,Have you lost it
Gunjan:Yes I lost everything,I cant study anymore Daddy is more serious he took promise from me that I should get married before he
Rachna shut her mouth with her fingers
Rachna:Uncle will be fine,just stop it
Gunjan's family went to meet her Dad while Rachna took Gunjan where the guys stood.
Mayank:Gunjan uncle fine right?
Gunjan stood silent remembering her promise to Dad.Rachna understood her n held her hand.
Mayank:Rachna atleast you say what happened
Rachna:Uncle is fine but
Mayank:But what?
Kabir:Aaah the same dry expression Mayank cant you get it she s breaking up with u again man
Mayank cupped Gunjan's face n looked in to her eyes
Mayank:You really going to leave me again
Mayank held her more strong n it hurt her.
Mayank:Oh God the same dialogue,for what the hell u came back in my life again
Rachna:Mayank leave her,I say leave her
Mayank left his hold n turned towards Rachna
Rachna:Cant you see what she is going through now,You think she s happy?
Kabir:You girls never understood how it hurt us
Rachna:It hurts both,its not our decision its our family's.We are cornered why you guys not getting it.
Gunjan fell on the floor n cried more,Mayank could not see her cry n he wrapped her within his arm n both cried.
Mayank:Am sorry Gunjan,I should have understood ur position,Rachna was right,You r hurt more than me,I support your decision,We cant risk Dad's life for our love
Gunjan:I love you Mayank,I love my Dad too am sorry
Rachna:What Kabir why are you silent now?
Kabir:I am sorry,You girls were right
Rachna:We were not right the first time but now I want all of us to be right
Kabir:What you mean
Rachna:We must make Mayank n Gunjan get married with blessing of their parents
Kabir:How is it possible
Rachna:It is,I have a plan
Rachna says her plan to all 3 n the four share a group hug.
Gunjan:I think we should execute the same plan for Rachna Kabir marriage too
Rachna n Kabir echanged weird expressions,
Kabir:Actually Gunjan we are not committed as you think
Gunjan:What ?
Rachna:Yes Gunjan we lied to you,so you both will patch up
Mayank n Gunjan were shocked to hear it.
Kabir:We are sorry guys,We had no other choice to join u guys,You really made for each other
Mayank:Oh you guys when you both going to realize that you deserve each other
Gunjan:Rachna loves you Kabir,Dont listen to her,I know her more
Kabir:Rachna loves me ha ha,Joke of the year What Rachna
Rachna:Yes Kabir s right Gunjan,Its over it was only acting
Rabir immediately turned other side n cleared their tears.
Gunjan: Rachna pls
Rachna:Enough Gunjan you go be with your Dad,We have lots to do
Mayank kissed Gunjan's forehead n bid her bye.
Mayank n Kabir reached Rachna's home.Rachna was more tensed about her parents reaction.
Rachna:Mumma they are my lecturers,They came to meet Gunjan's dad n I brought them here to stay
Rachna's mom:I have seen you both before
Mayank:Aunty ji,We came for Rachna's sister wedding
Rachna's mom:Haaan Yes you both danced so well n you are my son in law friend too,How will I not help you,You can very well stay here.
Kabir got blessings from mom,n his mom blessed him,Rachna was surprised by Kabir's behavior.
Rachna came to give food for Kabir n Mayank but Mayank avoided food n he slept.So Rachna served Kabir dinner n Kabir for a while imagined her as his wife.
Rachna:You like the food
Kabir:Yes so nice,Did you prepare it
Rachna:Yes my mom always say am best in parathas
Kabir:Your future husband is really lucky Rachna
Rachna:Who knows who he is?
Kabir:You have any idea how he should be
Rachna stood up from the table a walked a while
Rachna:He should be more tall
Kabir:More than my height
Rachna:Your height s enough n short mustache full shaved  same like yours
Rachna:He should treat me like a queen Kabir,He must be my good friend first.
Rachna saw Kabir starring at her
Kabir let out his hand n Rachna was surprised she shyly placed her hand on his.Suddenly It became dark bcoz of power cut
Rachna got scared to be in dark n held Kabir's arm.Kabir walked along her to balcony for some light.
Rachna:Thanks Kabir,I hate this darkness
Kabir:Rachna there are so much beauty in darkness he pointed out the dark sky n the shining stars,If it was not dark we would have not known the secret of stars
Rachna:From when you started to feel this much Kabir?
Kabir looked at Rachna's face which was shining like star in that dark
Rachna:Come to earth Kabir
Kabir:Have you ever realized how beautiful you are?
Rachna:Whats wrong with you now,I think I should go now
Kabir blocked her path n leaned over her n took the clutch on her hair n her hair fell on her shoulders.It was giving goosebumps to her.
Kabir stood so close behind her but didnt touch her,He blew his breath near her neck.Rachna turned  her face to him to shout at him n they stood in the same distance.Rachna could not speak now her lips which had tasted his lips several times now was getting pulled by attraction so she bit her lips to control her.
Kabir:Power came We should go now
Rachna ran from the balcony to her room n she threw pillow on the mirror which reflected her image
Rachna:I hate you Rachna,What are you doing,you again going to hurt him ?You know Your family will never accept it,Then why you going week before him,come on Rachna you should be strong before him.You should not be alone with him again whenever you both alone he s taking advantage of you,Dont give him that chance again.
Kabir's thoughts "Whenever I see her am lost my ego dies before her,I Love her so much I cant cheat me anymore pretending like I dont love her I need her back,She is not like before she became so determined n she plays a safe game too,I must soon find a way.
Next day Rachna woke up late n came out of her room in same night dress.She searched for the guys everywhere,n finally found Mayank.
Rachna:Morning Mayank,Had a good sleep?
Mayank:Yes Rachna hey is that Gunjan's house
Rachna:Yes you want to go there
Mayank:Not now,soon I will
Rachna:Very soon,N today we should start our plan you remember
Mayank:Ya ofcourse hope all goes good,Ok I will get ready to go hospital,Gunjan will be waiting
Rachna:Where's Kabir
Mayank:He was with your mom in kitchen
Rachna to herself :Kabir in kitchen,oh god what s happening
Rachna ran to kitchen with full of  excitement.She was surprised to see her mom sitting n Kabir in apron running all over Kitchen he was cutting vegetables on one side boiling milk,Preparing dough he was managing everything.
Rachna's mom:Rachna come see what's your sir doing,he s not letting me do any work
Rachna:Kabir whats all this,Enough I will do you go clean yourself
Kabir:You go bath first,Breakfast will be ready soon.Mom taste this
Rachna's mom:First class, Rachna you better learn cooking too from your sir
Rachna:Too funny you both get out first
Rachna's mom:Come Kabir atleast let her clean
Kabir:Sure mom
He giggled at Rachna n left the kitchen.
Rachna to herself "I must learn cooking from him shit let me check what he did
Rachna tasted every dish he mad she felt it so yummy n secretly ate more spoons.She heard someone clap from behind n found it was Kabir
Rachna dropped the spoon in tension .Kabir laughed n came so close to her which made her to shiver he bent before her took the spoon n placed t on table n,left the kitchen smiling.Rachna smiled after he left hitting on her head.

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saravathi Goldie

Joined: 29 July 2013
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Posted: 15 August 2014 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cuteangelasya

Tremendous update...
Overall best, superb... n am spellbound...
Very nyc saranya...n rabir kiss..."OMG!!!!" I ws like this (lol)
N mayan hug too cute...
U won't believe this...I read this thrice...just can't get enough...
Continue soon,,,,,,
So mayan patching n rabir splitting...interesting...
Eagerly waiting 4 the next...:-P
Thanks a lot dear glad to know u enjoyed t

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saravathi Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2014 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sb1410

Very nice update
Thanks dear
parmarA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2014 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Me first again wow

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