!! Joyeux Anniversaire to King of Acting ~ Aditya Srivastava !!

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Hello, Salaam, Namaste !! Big smile

Hello my zombies. LOL  Where are you guys? You need to wake up again! Wink

After all today is 21st July ! Wink

And we are here to celebrate the birthday of our dearest prince charming who has been accused for killing millions. Embarrassed

The man who has the power to kill with his charming looks & deadly smile! Blushing

The man who is the powerhouse of talent ! Whether HE is Super-cop or terrorist, lawyer seeking for justice or rapist, ghost or romantic hero, he proves himself as Mr PERFECTIONIST ! He never fail to amaze us by his various expression. Fans call him MASTER OF EXPRESSION. Star

He is not only a great actor, a wonderful & humble human being too. Big smile

Our day is incomplete without seeing him. We love him to death. Embarrassed

Any Guesses who is he ? Wink I am just kidding you guys...LOL

Everyone knows it ! Embarrassed

He is none other than



Stammers, Shimmers, Ribbons and balloon
Feeling so Happy when knowing about the noon
Curtain, Crockery, Cutlery and Furniture
Decor the Venue with Passion in manner
Lights and Music participation with Determination
Management to Employees worked with Dedication
Food is Simmering with Aroma and Taste
Cake is coming with a Smile got Praise
Guest are coming with Gifts and flowers
Those Items feeling Proud with such round of Applause
Faces and Voices fills with tons of happiness
Walking and dancing gives them huge Greatness
The Clouds whispering with Sky while Moon started to Sing
Winds blowing with chilling while Stars illuminating the Shinny ring
The Action started when Spot Light Glowed
The Man of moment appear with ease and sooth
He came to the Spot having wishes of all Pals
He did not forget to Thanks the Non living Calls
Everything Celebrating the Date either Motion or Motionless
Because its our Dearest ADITYA SRIVASTAVA Birthday nevertheless!

If there is any Joy you wish for
God grant it may gladden your way
If there is any blessing you long for
May that be your Gift for Today
If there is any help you want for betterment, comfort or cheer
God grant it be sent on your birthday
To stay with you year after year!


   Your Cake  

Khushyun ki baarat hay chai
ADI sir ki salgirah aayii;
DAYA, DANESH nay dhoom machai
SATAM aur NARENDRA Sir's nay shaan barhai;
HRISHIKESH aur ABHAY bhi aayey
VIKAS, AJAY ko sath mein laye;
Rung binrangy gifts bhi laye;
SINGH sir nay bhi waqt Nikala
Aa kar function ko kiya dubala;
Ghar walun ki Toli aayii
Dost aur Fans ki Jori aayii;
Sub nay mil kr Cake Khilaya
ADI Sir ka Birthday aaya...Dancing

Please Come & Join the

and wish him on his special day

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 "Beauty gets the attention , but PERSONALITY gets the HEART !! "

All-Star, Attractive, Amazing Marksman, Admirable, Amiable, Aggressive, Artistic, Agile, Authoritative, Awesome, Addictive, Adorable & Amiable
Best, Blinder & Brave
Charming, Cute, Chivalrous, Courteous, Charismatic, Caring, Combative, Compassionate & Cool
Daring, Decent, Dashing, Debonair, Dominant, Diligent & Down-to-earth
Extraordinary, Elegant & Exceptional
Fearless & Firm
Gallant & Gorgeous
Humble, Handsome & Headstrong
Inspirational, Imposing, Impressive, Intelligent & Innovative
Jovial & Joyful

Loving, Loyal & Lithe
Naughty & Noble
Prince charming , Protective & Powerful
Respectful, Royal & Rock-star
Suave, Stylish, Stellar, Stunning, Sharpshooter, Steadfast, Selfless, Striking, Sober & Sweet
Top Notch, Tough, Triumphant, Trustworthy & Talented
Virile, Valiant, Versatile, Vociferous, Vigorous & Vibrant
Youthful & Young

    and what's not !


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Be it Congeniality, be it Duplicity
Or even Ferocity

Aditya Srivastava is the Epitome of Versatility!

There are quite a few things which separate good actors from great ones; and one of them is versatility, the ability to perform a variety of roles explicitly or subtly different from each other. ADITYA SRIVASTAVA is one such outstanding actor who's not only stepped into a plethora of varied roles throughout his career, but is capable of doing so without the slightest twinge of discomfort, as clearly seen in each of his works.

He played Puttilal, the child Phoolan's cruel and mercilessly abusive husband in BANDIT QUEEN. He abuses child Phoolan physically & sexually.

He gained widespread recognition for his role in SATYA where, apart from serving as the narrator in various parts of the film including begining, he plays Commissoner. Amod Shukla's protege Inspector Khandilkar who executes Shukla's ideas in the field and avenges him by slaying Satya and his diabolical minions.

He also played the short but memorable role of a responsible assistant police commissioner named Aditya in SAATHIYA, with Shah Rukh Khan.

The film examines the impact of female foeticide and female infanticide on the gender balance and consequently the stability and attitudes of society. Its storyline bears some resemblance to real-life instances of gender imbalance and economics resulting in fraternal polyandry and bride buying in some parts of India. Aditya's character has no name in the film rather he is addressed as Raghu's uncle. He raped the only female character, Kalki mercilessly like others in the cow shed.

A drastically different and tragic character follows in PAANCH, where he plays a certain "Murgi", the guitarist in a group of five apparently wayward and music-loving friends who enter a series of misadventures in pursuit of money to get their album released, with deadly consequences. He is the one to retain moral fiber and reluctance to join the infamy right until the climax, making for a truly captivating and enriching performance.

In MUDDA - THE ISSUE, he portrayed Harpool Singh, a rustic but fatherly political figure in a village who actively clashes with the ruling political head, MLA Balli Tai to usurp her.

He also played the manipulative and swindling solicitor Kamlesh Mathur in EK HASINA THI, who tricks Sarika into confessing a crime she'd never committed.

In BLACK FRIDAY, a striking film based on the tragic story of the 1993 Bombay blasts. Aditya portrayed the role of Badshah Khan, a henchman who had left Bombay & gone into hiding & was found by the police later on. Betrayed by his own people and left without cover to hide behind, he realizes the error of his ways and decides to become a police witness.

He played the patriotic and valiant adjutant Lt. Colonel Pradeep, next to Amitabh Bachchan's character of company commander in LAKSHYA.

In DEEWAR, he stepped into the shoes of Ejaz, a ruthless Pakistani officer who goes out of his way to make the lives of a group of Indian prisoners of war a living hell. We see him beating mercilessly Maj. Ranvir Kaul (Amitabh Bachchan) in the beginning of the movie.

But all the positive and honorable traits he portrays in the aforementioned roles vanish like ice in a furnace as he steps into the toxic shoes of Dr. John Sanga in DANSH, a notorious doctor who rapes Maria (Sonali Kulkarni's character) multiple times while having her bound and blindfolded before meeting her several years later; his cover is blown due to subtler non-visual clues she observes and is forced into confessing his atrocities.

In DIL SE POOCH KIDHAR JAANA HAI, he plays Avinash Srivastav, paired opposite to Vani Tripathi and one of a couple who get separated following the infamous Mumbai riots and meet several years later, with him becoming a cop and realizing that she's now a prostitute. He narrates his experience of playing this unique character in an unusually elaborate and heartfelt interview on IndiaFM.

"I was running away from the role but then it has turned out to be such an enriching experience in the end. Shrirang, the director of the film, had seen Satya and as per him, he had written the script keeping me in mind as the central protagonist. He was sure that he wanted to cast me in the role."


He played the role of Karan in GULAAL, a fiercely independent individual and the illegitimate son of a Rajput King who harbors a deeply felt loathing for his father, while maintaining an outwardly calm appearance.

In MOHANDAS, Aditya played the role of Harshvardhan Soni is a fiery committed lawyer from a small town in India. He is a college friend of Mohandas. He took this case of stolen identity to court with the intention of hauling up the usurper. He is a fighter till the end. A desire for justice burns in every human heart and he fully represents that.

In KAALO, he portrays the role of Sameer, a commoner who sets out on a journey home back to his village and ends up saving a twelve-year old girl named Shona from the titular character, an evil desert witch.

Apart from this long lists of movies he also acted in small impressive character in movies like Dil Se, Sanshodhan, Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa, Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar & Raakh.

In DIL SE, he is Meghna's (Manisha Koirala) brother & a terrorist who beats Amar (SRK) for liking Meghna & plans to blast in Delhi.

In SANSHODHAN, He is Chunni Singh...not a big role...he's present throughout, but doesn't say much.

In DIL PE MAT LE YAAR, he is Tito, a Dubai returner who has an affair with another guys wife.

In RAAKH, he plays another negative character.

He acted in other languages apart from Hindi- ALWAR & NAALAI are two such movies of this genius actor. In Alwar, he plays a character of a police officer where in Naalai, he plays a negative character.

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His versatility does not confined to the silver screen, it flourishes in Tellywood as well.

Though Aditya does not act so many serials like he acts in lots of movies but television gives him popularity most due to the character of Abhijeet in CID.

His multitude of talent made a humble beginning of an episode in BYOMKESH BAKSHI - KAHIN KAVI KALIDAS, where a very young but buoyant Aditya was seen as Madhumoy Sur in a cameo as one of the suspects in a murder, leaving a surprisingly significant impression upon the audience.

Aditya played the role of nefarious man on the brink of death due to experimenting with supernatural forces. He prolongs his death by killing persons with a long lifeline as he has to score a settle from his past life by killing the man who killed him in his previous life.

He played the character of Rashid Gul, the dreaded terrorist who kills Kundan because he is going to inform the police about Rashid. Kundan dies in his mother's arms. Mother watches a news flash that Rashid has escaped from prison and is on the run. She recognises Rashid as her son's killer and is shocked to see him seeking refuge in her own house. Threatened at gunpoint by him, mother has no choice but to lie when the police come to her house asking for him. Rashid suffers from malaria and she and her daughter, Usha, tend to him day and night. She cannot get herself to hate the man who killed her son, and soon, there emerges a mother-son bond between Rashid and her. She asks Rashid to surrender to the police so that he stops leading the life of a fugitive. When Rashid is going to surrender, he is shot dead by the police.

In RISHTEY - HIGHWAY as Vijay, a rough and aggressive man involved in the cruel business of human trafficking, whose icy heart thaws when he falls for a young lady, Veera whom he had abducted in the course of his usual dealings. His gradual transformation in the aforementioned role is stunningly acted with well-balanced bouts of bluntness, subtlety and emotion.

Another wonderful performance of Aditya Srivastava is shown in 90s comedy serial - Yeh Shadi Nahi Ho Sakti. He plays the character of Mr. Daruwala, a drunkard mega flop director. He willingly goes along with Golcha to make one flop film so that Golcha can lose some money to avoid taxes.

His further role in serials is equally, if not more, impressive. STAR BEST SELLERS, 9 MALABAR HILL, NAYA DAUR, AAHAAT & SATURDAY SUSPENSE PEHELI are few serials where he acted.

Aditya initially joined the show for a single episode in the role of a reluctant criminal named Paresh in STOLEN GUN Episode (1998), who steals the ACP's gun and attempts to shoot down his callous ex-boss before being stopped in the nick of time by ACP Pradyuman.

Another well-known but notorious role of his is as the perfidious rogue Rocky in the infamous 2009 episode, BEHRUPIYA, where he kidnaps Abhijeet and uses plastic surgery to infiltrate the C.I.D team, successfully hoodwinking most of them until the climax where he's exposed by Daya and delivers him a near-fatal gunshot before being slain by the real Abhijeet.The episode largely  focuses on red herrings as the team searches for the doppelganger in their midst, and subtle signs are used to indicate Rocky's infernal presence, a vile creature lurking behind Abhijeet's mask upon his face, and once again Aditya proved his prowess by carrying out this demanding role flawlessly.

But none of those were as popular and widely appreciated as his portrayal of Senior Inspector Abhijeet in B.P Singh's now-famous crime thriller C.I.D., a dynamic character he's been bringing to life onscreen for over 16 years now.

A capable police officer battling complete memory loss and trying to find his identity was how Senior Inspector Abhijeet was introduced in the serial CID on 21st July 1999 Case of Stolen Dynamite. The intelligent way in which ACP Pradyuman convinces Abhijeet to get back into his former life and comes out from the emotional turmoil that Abhijeet undergoes.

Senior to Daya, second in command to ACP Pradyuman and a police sharp shooter whose anger is legendary just as his quick silver retorts regardless of the rank of the person interacting with him forms the character Abhijeet. He sauntered into everybody's heart. To many others he was a slice of reality in the uniformed forces solving crimes daily as their jobs. Sr.Ins. Abhijeet displayed his skill as a team player & leader in the absence of ACP Pradyuman. His loyalty & dedication towards his work inspires his juniors. His daring attitude saves his country, countrymen & his colleagues' life many times. Duty always comes first to him. He never think twice to give resignation when he finds himself guilty but ACP Pradyuman never accept his resignation as every time his innocence is proved.

In spite of 16 glorious years of CID as Sr Ins Abhijeet, he silently repent through the years for his mother's death. She dies as he could not identify her due to memory loss. Memory is the Achilles' heel of him. Many times, Abhijeet becomes in trouble due to his memory & sometime his own trusted colleagues (ACP Pradyuman, Daya, Dr Salunkhe) have to mistrust him. Many times the goons try to use his memory loss against CID but all the time, Abhijeet comes out with flying colors.

 Not only is he seen selflessly plunging head-on into the most dangerous of situations and clashing with everyone from amateurish criminals to the most ferocious monsters in existence in order to save the lives of innocents and his beloved teammates (and very often his own) but he's demonstrated a further stunning display of his versatility by portraying a variety of undercover roles while in the shoes of Abhijeet. One of the more early and popular examples of the same is seen in the episode, The Case Of The Undercover Cop, where Abhijeet disguises himself as a drug peddler and ventures into some of the most vicious and perilous ghettos of Mumbai to expertly mingle with a cruel gang of smugglers and going on to bust up the entire racket. In the 2010 case Khoon Ki Holi, where after surviving a close call with a masked thug named Sonu, he disguises himself as the same and goes on to save the day in the climax. The outcome of the combat isn't immediately revealed and his masquerade is uncanny enough to trick the foes, his teammates and the audience alike. From truck drivers, waiters, peons, salesmen, low-lives and barbers to doctors, librarians, junkies, hippies, assassins, auto drivers- all kind of character he's portrayed in course of the show. Near about 70 episodes till now he portrayed different disguised character and surprisingly all this instance we couldn't find any traces of Abhijeet.

Abhijeet's understanding of Daya is legendary. Every nuance in tone or body language alerts Abhijeet and he is always there for Daya. In turn reciprocated by Daya every time Abhijeet is embroiled in a controversy. Be it the case of the Accused officer when Abhijeet faced flak for accepting bribe or in the case of the two Abhijeets when an imposter was looting people using Abhijeet's name, Daya was silently supporting Abhijeet. Saving him from the stone throwing public or the press, Daya was always sure that Abhijeet could do no wrong. Abhijeet is Daya's conscience whenever Daya is in trouble and thinks of taking creative steps to solve the situation. The case of the Dishonest Cop has Abhijeet reminding Daya not to solve the murder case dictated by emotions. He is the one by Daya's side when the girl Daya had decided to marry turns out to be a traitor and had betrayed him to the drug lords. He doesn't allow he rto talk to Daya knowing that his friend would breakdown in front of all. He becomes impersonal in his investigation whenever Daya is implicated all the while supporting his friend emotionally. Both are ready to sacrifice their own life for each other. We get to see a glimpse of this in the overrated episode of Abhijeet in Coma, where the former doesn't even think twice before standing as a shield for Daya while in the episode of Behrupiya, Daya's life is in danger to save Abhijeet.

 A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.That is indeed a fact that the two of them prove every moment.

Abhijeet & ACP Pradyuman's relation is another wonderful relation shown in CID. ACP Pradyuman always helps him to come out from his memory loss & loves him a lot as ACP sir once said - "maine tumhe humhesha apne bete se jyada pyar kiya hei". He also said - "tum to jante ho mere baad agar main kisi par sabse jyada varosa karta hoon to woh tum ho". And Abhijeet never let him down. "jaan de dunga magar aap ka varosa nehin tutne dunga". Abhijeet never mistrust ACP Pradyuman even when the world goes against him. He always stands for him. Once DIG Samsher Singh offered him the post of ACP of CID by shooting ACP Pradyuman in reply Abhijeet said to Daya - "Daya, Samsher ko malum nehin ke Abhijeet beek nehin sakta aur ACP ki office ka rasta Pradyuman ka laash ke upar se nehin jata". Who can forget that scene of Akhri Chunauti Part 8 where Abhijeet tried to save ACP's life by blackmailing him to put gun on his own head. ACP Pradyuman trusts him most & mistrusts him as well whenever Abhijeet becomes suspect of any crime. Abhijeet never complain about it rather he said - "ACP sir dil se nehin dimaag se sochte hei". Though there is only one case till now where ACP sir said - "magar Abhijeet mere dilne iss jhoot ko sikar nehin kiya...mujhe pata tha tum aisi galti kar hi nehin sakte...bina kisi wajah tum kisi mujrim par goli chala hi nehin sakte". Though ACP Pradyuman shows doubt openly on Abhijeet in maximum case, but he silently believes Abhijeet. We can easily understand that from ACP Pradyuman's expressions. And Abhijeet always proves himself innocent. ACP Pradyuman knows very well that Abhijeet can do anything for him even he can sacrifice his life also. Once Freddy said to ACP sir- "Abhijeet sir to aapke liye apni jaan vi de sakte hei", ACP replied - "issi baat ka darr hei Freddy mujhe". Abhijeet understands ACP Pradyuman more than others & he always dare to question the ACP when others can't think about it. We see another touchy scene for this two in Abhijeet Ka Inteqaam II where Abhijeet was shot lying on the road, Daya holds him in his arms and tries to revive him by calling out to him & he appeals to ACP to call him to consciousness as he would never disobey ACP, ACP calls out to him and a few seconds' later Abhijeet gasps and consciousness is regained. In Rahashya Dweep IV episode we see again their sweet relation & we can't forget Abhijeet's dialogue - "aap hamare liye anmol ho hum appko khone ka khatra nehin utha sakte". They share a perfect father-son relation.

Dr. Salunkhe and Abhijeet initially have a no nonsense professional attitude towards each other. It slowly changes from great trust  to sarcastic humour as time moves on. It charges due to Abhijeet's soft corner for Tarika. Dr Salunkhe starts mistrusting & misbehaving Abhijeet in recent time.

A friendly relationship existed between Asha and Abhijeet. The only woman officer till date to have had the distinction to call the two officers by their name Abhijeet , Daya and sir was a formality of respecting rank and nothing more.

The officers who enter CID, regard Abhijeet as the quintessential senior. He is like a star to be followed and a senior to be emulated. Specially his scintillating bonds with Freddy, Vivek, Sachin, Tasha, Purvi, Vineet & Rajat are well known. Apart from Daya, the relationship he shares with Freddy is long standing and crosses many boundaries.

From the beginning, whether it is Manu (Case of Missing Father, 1999), Vikram (2005 few episodes), Shreya (Nanhi Gawah, 2009), Daksh (Raaz Bad Uncle Ka, 2012) or Sia (Abhijeet Ke Inteqaam, 2012), Abhijeet shares wonderful bonding with the kids. Special mention to deaf & dumb orphan Shreya. Abhijeet shares special bond with her in Nanhi Gawah episode & in the end he wants to adopt her but her uncle comes to take her. Abhijeet argues with ACP & Daya but they don't permit Abhijeet to adopt her. 5 years later she becomes in trouble due to her uncle but Abhijeet along with CID team save her. At last Abhijeet adopts her.

Abhijeet still remains the enigma whom all want to solve or understand yet few can get close to have even a couple of questions answered. His dedication to his job and his proximity to ACP Pradyuman and Daya puts him always in the line of fire. Many a times he has played with his life to get at the truth. Viruses, bombs, headaches have never been successful in deterring him from executing his job honestly and with lan.As The ACP said it once, Abhijeet manages to prove his worth in spite of hundreds of Agniparikshas that he has had to face till date. He has come out of it every time, untouched, unmoved. And who better than Aditya Srivastava could portray this dark yet subtle, brilliant yet challenged by fate character of Sr.Inspector Abhijeet? Its very rightly said, Actors don't choose characters, rather characters choose actors for themselves ! Sr.Inspector Abhijeet has Chosen the Master himself, Aditya Srivastava.

 Nobody can successfully step into the shoes of a character without imbibing its soul into themselves the moment the director says "action". Literally, they more or less become that person for a short amount of time, fully understanding what the character is and what its personality is like. Often, a good amount of research and more than large amount of rehearsals and takes are required to bring out the desired performance. With all the factors combined, it is a physically and psychologically stressful experience. The fact that Aditya Srivastava not only has such a vast range of strikingly varied characters under his belt, but has done them with surprising ease and touching humility, goes on to show that he deserves every bit of the enormous respect he's earned from his ever-growing fan-base and why he's one of the most versatile, talented, artistic and underrated gems in the Indian film and television scenario.

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I was not sure what I felt,
Nor was I sure about tomorrow,
Where it would land me up in,
Still I knew I had something in me, from none I can borrow.

I was not sure how I took the task
Yet I believed I could accomplish.
A task not so easy, of a cop
Now the same role, I relish.

Post playing as a vile and vicious one
I knew I could do this too, alright.
With my hopes and prayers, I set my foot
To play the role in Stolen Dynamite.

Quite easy as then the seed was planted.
Little I knew that the roots would grow deep
I gave my soul, my heart to the work I did.
For I knew, I would never let it fall steep.

Here I am now, in that chosen path
Where I was destined to plant my feet,
To tread on and carve my own way. And now,
I see Abhijeet in me and me in Abhijeet!

There was a time when a young boy from Allahabad had shifted to Delhi for making a career in theatres. His destiny brought him to Mumbai very soon and the next big thing that happened was an offer to enact the role of a cop in a show named CID. However amusing the character be, it was just to be a matter of some days that he would have been essaying that role. Little did he know that fate had some other plans for him! Little was he aware that the character would become a new identity for him in the coming years!

The character was that of "Senior Inspector Abhijeet", a valiant CID officer who never feared a challenge. Somebody, who wouldn't mind facing a hundred goons all by himself, was what represents Senior Inspector Abhijeet. Needless to say, that with sheer smartness and courage, he would of course come out of it victorious. But then something happened that changed his life once and for all. A group of unidentified criminals attacked him and left him in a state close to death. Although thanks to the ACP and his then subordinate Daya, his life was saved, but he wasn't really alive any more. A man who had lost his memory completely and when all the attempts to gaining it back had failed, one wouldn't call his condition to be "alive"! To an extent that the lady who called herself his mother, dies with the disheartening feeling that his own son doesn't recognize her, one is bound to feel sorry for his own self.

As difficult it might sound, essaying the character of Abhijeet, Mr.Aditya Srivastava has been absolutely flawless since its inception. The transition from Aditya to Abhijeet was just a matter of time! The very first episode "The Case of Stolen Dynamite" aired exactly 15 years ago, saw the astounding actor stepping into the shoes of the helpless officer Abhijeet. Helpless he might seem to others, the episode goes on to show how he continues to possess the qualities of a diligent cop that he used to be before the incident. ACP Pradyuman notices how Abhijeet still possessed the courage that made him stand out among all other officers and decides to re-appoint him in CID all over again. This is how, Abhijeet started with a new beginning in his life. Or shall we call it the rebirth of Inspector Abhijeet?

Ironically, the episode was aired on July 21. This is the very same day that is celebrated as Aditya Srivastava's birthday.  Was it a mere coincidence or something more than that, we do not know.  All that we know is that the role that Aditya Srivastava was about to play for the next few days only, went on to continue for more than 15 years and still counting. Today, Abhijeet is just another name that Aditya Srivastava doesn't mind being referred to. He has given his 15 years to Abhijeet, has lived his life, has seen his ups and downs himself, has found a home outside home, a family who has been by his side through thick and thin. Abhijeet and Aditya, although different from each other, remain incomplete without one another.

Today, we have not just one, but two reasons to celebrate - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADITYA SRIVASTAVA and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SENIOR INSPECTOR ABHIJEET!

Yaad hai aaj bhi gujra hua woh kal mujhko
Ek ajnabi ki tereh  mila woh jis pal mujhko
Kehne ko toh wo sirf ek kirdaar tha naya
Jisko nibhaane ka mauka kismet ne mujhe diya.

Na jaane kya tha usme jo is dil ko bha gaya
Aur dheere-dheere jaise main usme samaa gaya
Yun toh nibhaaye aur bhi kirdaar maine magar
Uski daastan thi auron se zara hatkar.

Seene me tha toofan uske aankhon me ek kashish thi
Farz ke naam per mit jaana,bus ek yehi khwaaish thi.
Uljha  hua tha wo ateet ki dhundli yaadon mein
Kuchh anjaane rishton mein kuchh mushkil haalaton  mein.

Sachchai aur imaandari ki ek misaal tha who
Saahas aur soojh-boojh  me bhi kamaal tha who
Uska her ehsaas mujhe apna sa lagne laga
Phir to jaise woh mujhme, aur main usme dhalne laga.

Yun toh mile the hum bus kuchh hi din ke liye
Per dekhte hi dekhte barson guzar gaye
Socha nahi tha ek din aisa bhi aayega
Jab naam uska meri  pehchaan ban jaayega.

Yunhi  saath uske jeevan ka safar tay karta gaya
Aur har din us kirdaar me ek naya rang bharta gaya
Nibhaaya nahi balki maine jiya hai uski zindagi ko
Uske her imtehaan  ko,har ghum ko har khushi ko.

Yun toh humdono hain ek duje se kaafi juda
Phir bhi  jaane kyun lagta hai jaise wo aksh hai mera
Meri bhi thi chaahat kuchh karoon desh ki khaatir
Auron ke liye jiyun aur maroon desh ki khaatir

Usne meri  har dabi khwaaish ko poora kiya
Kayi khoobsurat rishte diye,ek  naya  parivaar diya
Usse milkar to jeene ke maayne badal gaye
Manzilen badal gayi,raaste badal gaye.

Auron ke liye beshaq woh  hoga Abhijeet
Per mujhko toh wo mera hi ek roop hota hai prateet
Ab toh uske bina jaise meri pehchaan  adhoori hai
Aur uske zikr se hi hoti meri  kahaani  poori hai.

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"People fall in love without reason, without even wanting to. You can't predict it. That's love!"

It's true! Blushing

There are 1000 reasons or no reason for which we love him. Embarrassed

We love his handsomeness.
We love his addictive million dollar smile.
We love his attractive voice.
We love his humble, loving & down-to-earth personality.
We love his attitudes.
We love his dedication towards work.
We love his jovial & joyful nature.
We love his versatile acting.
We love his various expression.
We love his expressive eyes.
We love his amazing style.
We love his angry look.

We love the way he brings alive all characters.
We love to see him in romantic role.
We love his daring action.
We love Harshvardhan Soni.
We love Sameer.
We love Avinash Srivastav.
We love Abhijeet most.
We love Abhijeet in disguise.
We love his friendship with Daya sir (on screen & off screen).
We love his onscreen & off-screen bond with Satam Sir.
We love to stare at him.
We love to pamper him.
In short, we love everything about HIM!

 If we start describing all then one post...huhhh...150 pages would be insufficient LOL Embarrassed Words fall short to describe why we love him most. Blushing

So here, we focus 7 best reasons for which maximum people love him most Wink

Why suddenly 7 only ? Confused

He was born in July, 7th month Tongue

"Beauty doesn't last forever, but a beautiful personality does!"

I stare at you with awestruck eyes
And I feel from my heart 
Freshwater from its melting ice
From your sheer warmth 

And then you smile wide 
Almost grin like a lovely kid 
Casting your popularity aside 
Humble you live yet charm exuding 

You could have been the prince 
Dressed exquisite with maids fleeting 
But simplicity is thy name I rise 
In thy name I salute and aspire to reach 

From the golden ball of fortune 
Earned from severe struggle
To have us seen you is a lilting tune 
Of happiness that will last forever 

Though your sway has royal extravaganza
Your love is straight , simple and true
I extend your hand in warmth 
And I need no more in life

What more can I attribute to you 
Than that you're the best actor ever
And the best man chivalrous , lovable 
And your personality the step to strive for

Though your career has been dotted with negativity 
When I see you and hear you I realize 
That I know no one more respectful to the ladies 
And a daughter you beckon us

You talk no more about yourself 
You shy away from the flashing camera lights 
But well isn't that justified ?
The brightest diamond is found in the darkest of mines!

They shine like a beacon of truth and hope
In a world tainted with the darkness of crime
For enemies, full of rage beyond any scope
Leaving no doubt, of justice it's now time
For the innocent and close, they twinkle and shine
Gentle and merciful like the morning skies
With their charm and magic our hearts they entwine
My humble tribute to his angel and killing eyes!

When we look into his eyes, we tend to lose our thought ! Blushing

Look into his Angel eyes
One look and you are hypnotized
He will take your heart and you must pay the price
Look into his Angel eyes
You will think you are in paradise
And one day you will find out he wears a disguise
Don't look too deep into his Angel eyes
Crazy about his Angel eyes
Once he took my heart and now I pay the price!

[Lyrics taken from ABBA Angel Eyes song]

So, Don't look too deep into those Angel eyes! Wink

His smile is so adorable & addictive. Its million dollar smile. Its drop dead smile. He kills thousands of fans everyday with his smile! Blushing

Oh no. Don't smile. You'll kill me Dead
I fear the Grim Reaper, like hell he is. See? Wink
Once drew nigh to adobe, Ne'er catechizes for Tea LOL
Conducts our soul to afterlife unescorted by fee Big smile

All being Urban myth; but your simon pure smile Smile
Catches me red handed by pink elephants each while Day Dreaming
It grosses over Bouquets and adulation from local and exile Tongue
You flash it on screen and we are to this place; Immobile...


The voice that enthralls millions,
The voice of wisdom, purity and command
So commanding like the army chief,
No doubt he is, of all the hearts, the thief
Can anyone wrong in identifying it?
Nor can any deny such a thing, amazingly indulging
That very voice can make a change,
Any change for the voice, to him, is a gift!

His voice makes us tremble inside. Embarrassed
Do you want to feel it ? Wink Then check the following link Embarrassed

If Versatility could be personified
If Perfection could be exemplified
None other but Aditya Srivastava could be proclaimed
As the epitome of versatility famed!

Pita-samaan varishth ka sirr ooncha karnewaala ek qabil beta,
Anaath bachchi ko dil se sahaara dene waala ek pita;
Aurat ka har mushkil mein saath dene waala ek pati,
Kitna bakhoobi nibhaate hain aap har woh naata...!!

Ek imaandaar inspector ki aankhon mein bhadakte sholay,
Ek dost ke liye aseem pyaar aur vishwaas;
Ek aatankwaadi ke dil mein palti tabaahi ki aag,
Desh ki suraksha mein tainaat ek senaadhikaari ki aas...

Ek aam aadmi ka burai se ladhne ka prann,
Ek khatarnaak aparaadhi ke kaanpte hue haath;
Dard ke aansoo, kabhi pyaari si muskuraahat,
Waqaalat kar ke kabhi sach toh kabhi jhooth ka saath...

Dil chhoo jaati hai aap ki har woh adaa,
Apni anokhi awaaz, apne har shabd se aap har roop sajaate hain;
Kahaani mein aap ka yogdaan chahe bada ho ya chhota,
Har kirdaar ko aap apna bana jaate hain...!!

Humaari shubh kaamnaayein humesha aap ke saath rahengi,
Aap apne hazaaron rang hum par yun hi barsaate rahein;
Aap ki khoobsoorat adaakaari dekhne ke avsaar
Humaari zindagi mein baar baar aate rahein...!!

How can one give almost 60 expressions in 1 minute ? Shocked
Aditya Srivastava can!

In some faces they have the charm they say
To captivate, to enrapture , to entrap and still
The hearts of millions in one hold
One such is thine, Oh God of Acting

Mostly you are the strict, commanding senior
Yet you manage to convey the subtle touches of sentiment
Always the faithful friend, talking with eyes, all things
In the Universe, And for one a son, inseparable
Resisting, Giving in and loving infinitely.

And once in while a funny side, that makes 
My sides ache in memory, Your serious humour
Does such wonders with all that those eyes
Convey, Disguises are not just draping cloth,
But diving into the skin within seconds minute
And once in a while, the angry young man
Burning like untempered steel, makes beads of sweat form too.

And in one such times , a hardened criminal, but with force
Who later turned in a witness,Such torture, fear show in your eyes
But yet you struggled to live, opposing in bravado those who
Entrapped you to violate law, crossing its narrow seams
The gullible Badshah Khan

And then , a Police Inspector, fighting the law and 
Protecting his love, fiercely, his anger flares,like lightning 
Strikes, The society shuns thee, but none he let 
Touch his pure love, the man of character, yet great temper
The man who all sought to love, Avinash

The guy on the highways, abducting girls
Once like the iron , hard and unmalleable, then 
Melts in the showers of love, complicated
Fighting his emotions like they were his enemies,gives in
For extreme innocence is then revealed
One character immortal, Vijay

Grey shaded , a political victim and a leader
Throwing his dice, in utmost intelligence, yet
The unfailing brother, tender,whose victory is attained
Quiet, furious, calculative and yet Loving,
The Hundred shades of Grey- Karan

A driven criminal by circumstances forbidden,
Lays in the lap where his best friend and victim lay
But endearing brother, for his once living sister
Understanding that forgiveness  requires much strength than murder
Finally agreeing to surrender, and fearing death
Soon collapsing in surrender, in a heaven, with a mother to grieve
Heart wrenching and yet starkly real, Rashid Gul

To describe your roles, emotions, infinity is less
For the journey has not been conventional nor stereotyped
Expressions delivered to perfection, finessed by strength
The positive as powerful as the negative
The smile as disarming , as the anger heart thundering
It is not without weight that your emotions fly
You know what effect it has on us, don't you?
Oh Master of Expressions, dear Adi Sir?Embarrassed

No matter whether its Aditya-Daya or Abhijeet-Daya, their friendship is legendary! Fans used to call them together as DUO & love to see them together only. We love to hear a 'daya' from Abhijeet and a 'abhijeet' or 'boss' from Daya.

Aditya ne jub Sr. Insp. Abhijeet bankar CID me rakha kadam,
Ek sahakarmi aur sahayak bankar Daya, saath rahe hardum.
Senior Junior ki jodi ki anokhi dosti ka huva janam,
Ye parde ke aage ki dosti, parde ke peeche se thi... Mehsoos kar chuke the hum.
Hayee! Kya kamaal hota tha jub yeh karte aakhon se baatien,
Vyvahaar me itni sahajata hai sacchi dosti ka saboot ye hum samaj jaate..
Abhijeet Daya ki dosti ke jo beete hai 17 khusnumah saal
Toh ye Aditya Dayanand ki Dosti ke jaadoo ka hai Kamal!!!

Woh hai ek shaqs hum sab ke liye hi khaash hai jo
Yun toh hai door lekin phir bhi dil ke paas hai jo
Woh  jiske chehre par koi khuda ka noor hai jaise
Jiski qaabiliyat ko dekh dil magroor hai jaise
Hain jiske phun ke sab qaayal woh ek phunkaar hai aisa
Nibhaa paaye na jo wo kaun sa kirdaar hai aisa?
Woh chaahe toh fanaa karde apni qaatil nigaahon se
Aur madhosh karde apni un dilkash adaaon se
Hai apne naam ki terah hi roshan shaqsiyat unki
Sharaafat,saadgi aur wafaadari hai milqiyat unki
Hai kaafi ek jhalak jinki dil ko bahlaane ke liye
Ek muskuraahat hai bahut har ghum bhulaane ke liye
Na jaane kaisa juda unse yeh rishta chand saalon mein
Ab toh shaamil hain wo har pal apne khwaabon-khayaalon mein
Kaash ki apni ye deewangi ab na kabhi ho kam
Unke didaar bas yunhi hame hote rahen hardum...

Stealthily you crept inside my heart
Where no one even sneaked in the past
Neither you knocked, nor you called
You just came, sat and kept my breath on hold
How it happened, I wonder till date
Gradually, on which I pounce, you became that bait
You started reigning my thoughts 
And I began liking you a lot

Today, your fiery eyes don't scare me
Instead, have become the mirror that I want to see
Your flying hairs entangle my grey matter
Your single gesture is enough to make me flatter
Your gentlemanly demeanour teaches me to be grounded
Your every performance leave me astounded
Your magnificent smile delightens me every time it shows up
Your husky voice electrifies and charges me up.

Your dexterity on the gun is treat to eyes
With every act your stature only rise
When you look into the camera, my heart skips a beat
Your murderous looks always radiate killing heat
You seldom turn up at social gatherings
But when you appear, I subconsciously, start to sing
Your sharp answers, my ears have got accustomed to
Your bewitching expressions, I tend to lose into

When you grimace in pain, my heart aches
My heart beats diminish when your life is at stake
When you cry, I too weep
I get worried when you collapse in a heap
When you laugh, my world gets enlightened
Your strong confrontation to life help my faith to tighten 
When you disguise, I could see but not find you
Versatility, to this extent resides in you.

Today, you seem to be the world to me
The ocean, in which I like drowning in
The star, that shows me light in the dark
The enchanter, who, on me, has carved a permanent mark
The magnet, that attracts all and sundry
The artist who is always hungry
Fascinating as a rainbow, dangerous as a whale
Your charm is something that can never stale.

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Birthday wishes come but once a year

The Gifts of love goodwill & cheer
A touch of love to show we care
Comes to you at this time of year !!!

Birthday wishes from us to you
To thank you for the things you do
A symbol for all the good you do
A token of love from us to you!

A wish, a wish upon the star
By the candlelight the gift of love
Another year has come & gone
Older now but wiser yeah

Through the years you have improved with age
Like the finest pearl of the modern day
Birthday wishes to you upon this day
May your dreams be filled with
The deepest love upon this way !!!

May God Bless Your life today,
With so many beautiful things;
Sunshine, Love & Laughter
The Joy that friends can bring.

With Happy thoughts & smiles
And nothing to bring you tears;
We pray for no-one to hurt you
Or cause you to have any fears.

For when the day has ended
And long shadows softly creep;
We pray that God will bless you
With a night of peaceful sleep!

A smile from me,to wish you a day...that brings  the same kind of happiness and joy...
that  you   bring to us..

May you have all the joy your heart can hold, All the smiles a day can bring, All the blessings a life can unfold, May you have Gods best in everything. Wishing u a Happy Birthday from ur die hard fan!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADITYA SIR. If we had one wish for you on this special day it would be: May the best of your past be the worst of your future. May you have miles of smiles in the coming year. We wish only the best for you today and throughout the coming year.

Wishing you a very very happy, healthy and joyous birthday Aditya sir..may this new year bring more happiness, prosperity and fame in your life. Thank you so much sir for portraying the role of Sr. Inspector Abhijeet..17 years and still you are making me falling for you each and every time I see you onscreen.. Words fail short to praise your vast ocean of talent, finesse and splendor..Wish you many many happy returns of the day Sir..


For every candle you blow on your birthday you will get bundles of happy memories and tons of happiness. Big smileEmbarrassed
Wish you a beautiful happy Birthday. Clap Clap

Now cut the cake please Tongue

Here's a little poem... I m singing for u Tongue
Please bear with me LOL

God gave a gift to the world when you were born
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person's need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than himself,
someone who touches each life he enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you've done.

May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.

ClapClap  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADITYA aka Abhijeet Sir  ClapClap

Hope u enjoyed it LOL

StarStar  May a happy bright star always light your path. Embarrassed Embarrassed

Happy B'day! StarStar

Wish you a Very Very Happy Birthday Adi sir. You are indeed one of the most genuine and humble person I've ever encountered and one with undoubtedly the most wonderful smile and personality. God Bless you always sir with lots and lots of happiness today and always. A very Happy Birthday !!

I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories. Happy Birthday. You are the greatest actor and kindhearted, charming, greatest personality. May God bless you with wonderful times ahead. Happy Birthday and thanks for being always in us, in our heart. I wish you a very Happy and warm Birthday. Your performance has touched all of us, our heart and refreshed the heart. May you get all you desire. With a new year of your journey, shall come more challenges, opportunities and greater success. May God bless you. Happy Birthday sir. You are an amazing and inspiration an idol personification with the greatest heart. May God pour his love and warmth on you, in all walks of life. I wish you a very happy birthday. With a actor like you, who cares and supports with such a vibrant zeal, life and world turns in to so much fun. Thanks and wishing you a very sweet birthday. Each day my inspirational, you learn new things, Each phase is like life's new innings. Sometimes you get chances, sometimes you choose, In this game of life, a smile is always with you. Once again wish you a very happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day sir.

A very very Happy Birthday Adi sir Big smile Hope this day will b amazing,colourful,delightful,joyful & as wonderful as you areBig smile I really don't know d reason,why you are so special to me Tongue you are.Day Dreaming
Just an appearance of urs  make me happy nd your smile make my day Big smile I love ur simplicity, dignity, honesty, versatility, politeness, innocence & all other qualities. Smile For me you are the best and you will remain so Star On your birthday m wishing you happiness to the extent of your heart's desire Hug May you have many more years of joy,peace & success ahead

Be your birthday as special as you are may god bless u and grant u with lots and lots of happiness have lots of fun happy birthday!

Because it's your birthday
this very special
be sure to celebrate
in every special way
because it's your birthday
be sure to wish upon a star
think of all us who
know how wonderful you are!

Ugta hua suraj roshni de aapko
Khilta hua phool khushbo de aapko
Hum to itni dur hein ke kuch vi nehin de sakte
Denewala duniya ki har khushi de aapko!


You are amazing actor, amazing person! God bless You Sir !

My Birthday wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you not only on your special day, but always.
Have a blast... enjoy...Party  Dancing  you rock Aditya Sir. ...

A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around sun. Enjoy the trip... HAPPY B'DAY!

Wish u a very very Happy Birthday Aditya sir.
Many many happy returns of the day.
U r doing a fantastic job in CID.
Love u from bottom of my heart.
May u get all success and happiness in ur life.
Again Happy Birthday.

On this very special day of a very special and benign person, I wish him all the luck for a smooth sailing and prosperous life ahead. May Lord fulfill all his desires and shower his blessings upon him. I pray to God to give him more name, more fame and moments full of joy and happiness. May his charismatic empire expand and he scale new heights on all the fronts of his life. Sir, wishing you a long, gifting and glorious life ahead.

Thank you sir for entertaining u and mesmerising us with your versatile acts and promising performances till date and wish that God keeps you fit and healthy so that you can carry on doing the same in the future as well and that too with the same enthusiasm.

Always keep smiling, sir.
Wishing u a very Happy Birthday Sir!

Long live Abhijeet, long live Aditya Srivastava !

It's a special day, a day of utter happiness, enough to make me enlightened, make me jump all over the crowd and shout "It's my Adi sir's birthday today. It's the day my inspiration, the greatest actor and the perfect being was born"
It will not make any difference to the crowd, but it will to me!
Because you are special for me.
You reside in my heart- In a special place meant for you which is filled with utmost respect and pride.
I like about you being humble and kind...
I like about you being the most brilliant actor,
the man with beautiful expressive eyes, the man who can convey all without words.

the man as gentlemanly as you
the actor as brilliant as you
the true being and the best as you
and this day is a special one
because on this day you were born..!
the greatest actor Aditya Srivastava born..!

keep smiling..
be always healthy
may your this phase of life
bring immense happiness and love for you
may you get everything you deserve..!

Hi Aditya sir,
since the last 17 years ,
you have been an integral part of CID portraying Abhijeet's role so beautifully that you have been an inseparable part in our lives..SmileSmileSmile
a big thank you from me for  magnificently and  outstandingly portraying Sr Inspector Abhijeet's role...

Thus 21st July is one of the most special days in my life.. SmileSmileSmile
my weekend can never be complete and happy without watching CID
and the truth which cannot be changed is CID is incomplete without you...Smile

i am truly honoured to have you in the CID team...Smile
 you are an epitome of expressions and i appreciate and applaud your eloquence from the bottom of my heart... Star
i am inspired by your dedication and passion in whatever you do.. thank you for being such an amazing personality...Star

wishing you a very very very happy birthday Aditya sir...Party
may the years ahead bring even more joy Smile & may God bless you with eternal peace, happiness SmileSmile & success to you in all your endeavors... Smile

Happy Birthday Adi sir... Party

Happy Birthday to the lovely Sir of my dreams. Let's celebrate this special day of your life and party like there's no tomorrow.

Today will be remembered
In so many lovely ways,
One more year of happy days!
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

"Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of you' to the world."

HeartHappiesst Birthday to You Sir! Heart

birthday wishes come true

Stay Blessed Sir & Party Hard !!

It may sound repetitive but for me Aditya sir is like god, when life becomes hopeless, when some situation comes in life that it feels like there is nothing positive around, its only Adi Sir who can bring smile on must face and can bring hope in life.
Happy Birthday Sir, may you get happiness and success ahead in life.

I wish you a very very happy and memorable birthday. We are truly honoured to have you in the CID team. May God grant all your wishes and bless you with happiness, peace and success in everything you do. Wish you a very warm and happy birthday... May your ways continue to be pleasant and all your paths be peaceful. May the year ahead get you many successes... We love you Sir... Once again A very very happy birthday Sir... God Bless You...

Dearest Adi Sir,
A very Happy Birthday!!
You are the one because of whom I was attracted to CID and I still am!
Thank you so much Sir for giving the industry such an awesome actor in you!!
Love you Sir!!

Wish you a year full of happiness and good health.
Wish you a very very Happy Birthday..

I Hope You Have An Amazing Day Because You Are Amazing! StarStar Thinking of you on your birthday, and wishing you all the best! SmileSmile I hope it is as fantastic as you are, you deserve the best and nothing less. Happy Birthday Big smileBig smile

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy and success you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY sir Big smileBig smileBig smile...keep smiling you Heart Heart

Happy Birthday, Aditya sir! May you have a wonderful day full of happiness and joy with your loved ones. You're undoubtedly one of the best actors our world has ever been graced with, and a most amazing and inspiring human being. God bless you with infinite happiness and success and grant all your wishes.

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Aditya Sir. You have no idea how much you mean to me sir. Your mere presence, your smile and just you, is enough to sooth me when my heart is tormented. I've been agitated at times with you and at times I felt like rushing into the TV and fall on your legs for the wonderful actor you are. Sir, every single role that you have essayed in CID as Abhijeet has a special place in my heart and specially your divine smile in Abhijeet Ka Inteqaam 2, did a miracle to me. So depressed as I was, I just logged in and switched to the episode and this particular smile of yours in the hospital, made me just smile. Thank you so much, sir for whatever you have been to me right from the beginning of my journey with CID. Thank you so much for giving us Abhijeet. May God bless you with happiness and success in your career in abundance and May you rock as Abhijeet forever and ever and rule the hearts of many more millions.! Happy Birthday Aditya Sir.!! Love you so much.!

21st july...a very special day for me...i keep on waiting for this day throughout the year...more than my own b'day LOL...and honestly starting before 1 month from the date, i get my parents highly irritated with myself till the day arrives...the special day...the b'day of the special someone...Happy Birthday adi sir Party...may god shower all his blessings on you...may u get all the success and happiness in life...with every candle u blow, all ur problems blew away...may the smile always glitter ur are now a integral part of my life...u seem just like a family member...our prayers, respect and love are always with u...i also want to thank u making my life more beautiful with ur entry to it...u r a inspiration to me...i hope our this unique journey never ends...again wishing u a very happy hard and have a blast...have a rocking year ahead...and ending with:


Love you...!

Aditya Shrivastav - This name defines personality, charm and enchantment. The only actor in the show that fascinated me at first sight...Wink  My first episode was "Revenge of the criminal", and it goes without saying that the actor held my attention for rest of the episode...  He was mind boggling, in other words quite a spell that he unfurled...Day Dreaming

In the wake of that, engrossment developed. I watched him in golden era and i must say, his surpassing acting and carrying out of an action enthralled me without exception...Heart   It was not late that i became victim of his magic...Big smile

There are scores of examples that give a rundown of his magnificent pursuance and classic adroitness i.e The case of Impossible Murder, Stolen Dynamite, Flashback, Talking parrot, Khoon ki holi, Abhijeet Khatre main and Abhijeet ka inteqaam etc

Above all the episode that created deep affection and is closest to my heart is Khatre main masoom. Finest epitome of his excellent performances. Completely bowled over by his rendition. All in all perfect portrayal of father-daughter relation...

Hence, skills of this actor are laudable and worthy of praise. Person of note, Pillar of CID, Kahuna in acting, Top brass and how else we can refer to him? He is born with incessant titles. Wink Big smile

I am at cloud nine because its As sir's birthday today...Dancing

I Hope You Have An Amazing Day Because You Are Amazing! Thinking of you on your birthday, and wishing you all the best! I hope it is as fantastic as you are, you deserve the best and nothing less..

Let God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you
with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity for you
Wish you a super duper happy birthday...

I don't know what to say, words fall short for him! Aditya Sir is such a marvelous human being, a magnificent actor and a great guy. On this special day, all I can say is May God bless him with all the happiness of the world. He truly deserves them. Its sad that a man like him hasn't got all that he must have got. But better late than never. Aditya Sir, may you keep smiling. May you keep entertaining us for many more years to come. May you get all that you wish for. May you remain the same great man that you already are. Love you sir. I feel privileged to have come across you. I find myself lucky to be your fan and having met you a number of times. Embarrassed Thank you for everything. Thank you for smiling and making my day ! You keep flaunting that smile Always ! Big smile Happy Birthday Sir.

A very Happy Birthday Aditya Sir. You are totally an amazing actor. We want to see you in cid for  many more years. God Bless You and once again Happy Birthday Sir! Big smile

Sir your birthday is indeed a very special day for me and for all the CIDians! Every year we feel even more excited to see you become a greater and more amazing person! I will always love you sir! A very happy birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Aditya sir!!! Party

You are just a amazing person, and a great inspiration to me. You have never known me but it feels like you guide us through your compassionate nature and dedication to your work and the super-awesome human being that you are. I have never known a person like you. Thank you for being in our life. Thank you for meeting us every week though through tv screen. It was just because of you, i came to IF and then met many wonderful people here. So there is one one more credit for you, giving me such a wonderful friends for life. Be it your Abhijeet, Harshwardhan, Insp Khandilkar or even Karan each and every avtar of yours has given us so much to cherish for. You simply are a rock-star sir and believe me you hold the topmost position in our hearts.

I wish you lifetime of happiness, love, admiration, healthy and beautiful life and everything best the world has to offer.. Just need one promise from you sir - Always be there for people like me, because life without you seems unimaginable.

You illuminate my heart like sun in the daylight
Your mere presence is enough to make my heart delight
In varied roles you came in front of me...
Each time to fill my heart with excitement and glee
Today, on your birthday I pray to the almighty
To always keep you content and happy!

Wishing a very happy and blissful birthday to our dearest Aditya sir! It's been 17 incredible years with you bringing Senior Inspector Abhijeet to life on the screen every single weekend, and you still keep bowling us over with your amazing and exceptional performances. You are a true legend and there simply aren't enough words to cover your infinite ocean of talent, finesse and splendour in its full glory. You are the only actor that I have seen that brings emotions and expressions to life. You will be forever in my heart and we wish to see you grace CID with your flawless and majestic presence constantly. Aditya Srivastava has a place in my heart as well as in my life. His smile is the sign of royalty. Aditya sir really has a beautiful smile a really million dollar smile. For me CID is nothing without his versatility as this is what makes him special. He is the sign of perfectionist. My weekend can never be complete without watching CID. As for Abhijeet sir you are the master of disguise & the expressions of your eyes are treat to the fans. He is one of the reason I watch CID. His braveness, dedication & loyalty always inspire his fans alongside me as well to behave in that type of manner only. Abhijeet's bonding with ACP sir and Daya is outstanding. I can't describe the emotions that he portrays when he is with them. It's just so admirable. His bonding with kids is also extraordinary like the time he spent with Daksh from Bad Uncle or Sia from Abhijeet Ka Inteqaam. His extra special bonding with choti Shreya for Nanhi Gavah is really pleasant to see as he eventually went to adopt her and officially become a dad. Abhijeet sir only because of your expressive eyes that I love you so much. May God bless you with everlasting happiness, peace and success in all your accomplishments! 

Wish you many happy returns of the day Sir.
Keep smiling.. Good luck..
Wish you a year full of happiness..

Happy birthday to u Aditya sir Big smileEmbarrassed
Wishing you loads of happiness and love Smile
May your birthday and everyday be filled with the warmth of the sunshine,the happiness of smiles,sounds of laughter,the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. Big smileBig smile
Have a wonderful year ahead.Keep rocking

Abhi sir or Adi sir,

You hold the special place in my heart. Permanently.
Happy Birthday to u! Thanks for never leaving CID after the initial 20 episodes as was the plan!

Wishing u many more happy and prosperous years.

Hello Aditya Sir, I just want to say that you are an amazing person and an outstanding actor, you are master of expressions Big smile I wish u alot of blessings and happiness throughout your life and may u acheive whatever you want in your life. Happy Birthday Sir Smile
Millions Of Greetings! Thousands Of Colours! Hundreds of Wishes! Kg's Of Cakes! Lot's of Smiles! That's What I Ask God 2 Give U Through out ur Life!
HaPpY BirthDay..

A very Happy birthday to one of the best actors I have ever seen. Smile
Hope you have a great day and hope you keep entertaining us for more and more years to come. Big smile
Happy B'day Adi sir.

once again

from all your diehard fans!

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