Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2




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So...I just had this idea popping in my mind...I know its really short and incomplete but I did not want to wait to complete it...I at first wanted this idea to seep in...I will complete it as soon as I can..Big smileSmile.Hopefully.. ConfusedOuch

Dedicated to Fiza di...Embarrassed


The gate was opened by the security guards.Wearing his black coat,white shirt and black formal pants he entered inside...he was carrying a few files with himself...His face looked calm which was a contrast to the actual storm in his heart...He was angry,frustrated,depressed,sad..all summed up he did not understand how to express himself..walking his a brisk pace he entered the building..his legs were literally shaking...his heart beating painfully his his chest in anticipation of what he will find here...old memories,coming to his mind...showing the guard his card he was ushered in by him..

The gate opened with a squeeking sound...the room which was eventually dark now got filled with sunlight...As he entered his eyes started searching for the one person who used to mean the world to him..maybe still she did...He fially located her..siiting on the side of a small bed her head bowed slightly...she was reading a book...

He had last seen her three years back..The day she had left him..the day his life had become empty...How many times he had dreamt of meeting her again...How many times he had rehearsed his he will shout at her,will hurt her in the same way she had hurt him...
But look at their fate...Today he was seeing her after three years...but in the Central Jail...His lovely Arohi..the love of his life..the reason of his pain..locked up behind bars,..

Her head rose slightly feeling someone's presence and looking at the man infront of her she stood up...the book which was previously resting on her lap now fell and Arjun read the name-"A prisoner by birth" by Jeffery Archer..
"Good...the book suits your situation don't you think?' asked Arjun grimly...all his anger from the past years returning to over power all his other emotions...
But Arohi's case was different...they were standing in a difficult circumstances...Arjun was her lawyer and she was the accused..her life was in danger...Nothing mattered to her other than the fact that the person for whom she had craved for in the past three years was standing in front of her and this time there were no more obstructions between them other than their own feelings..
Her face broke out into the widest smile as she came forward and jumped on Arjun hugging him tightly..."Oh Arjun tum aa gye...I was waiting for you for so long" said Arohi ...excitement clearly vibrating off from her which was a clear contrast to the situation...

Arjun's mind was trying to process the whole thing and his anger level rose..Did she not understand what danger she had put herself into?How could she react like this in such a situation?Was she not scared of what lay ahead?he was confused..and stood there stiff ...trying to not react to her closeness...But as her words registered in his brain he pulled her back harshly...and spoke loudly...

"Matlab tumhe pata tha ki mai tumhara lawyer hoon?anger and disbelief dripping from his voice...
"Ofcourse...issiliye maine Dad se kehke ye case tumhare law firm ko diya"she said innocently...Still trying to suppress his anger he replied calmly.."Kyu?"

"Tumhe ye answer pata hai...Arjun..I love you..mai last 2 mahine se tumhe contact karne ki koshish kar rahi thi...mai USA se vapis aayi thi sirf tumhare liye"Said Arohi..her eyes growing intense...
Arjun could not take this any more..."pulling her near him roughly he shouted"Jhoot!!Sab jhoot hai!!Don't tell me that you love me dammnit..!!kaha tha tumhara pyaar jab tum mujhe chor k chali gayi thi teen saal pehle??Just because I was a struggling lawyer??Because my status did not match with yours?Because I could not provide you with the luxurious life style you were used to??Tell me Arohi"

"No Arjun...aesa kuch nahi tha aur na hi just have to listen to me"said Arohi desperately...But Arjun was in no mood to listen..All his stored emotions were now coming out of his heart..

"You know how I felt that day??I felt humiliated...I felt heartbroken...I was angry..on you for leaving me and at myself for giving you a reason to leave..but then I resolved not to be had left me for that Jai Malhotra right?The big industrialists son whom your parents had chosen for you right?I got to know it...From that day I started working hard...To become show you what a mistake you had made but see my faith the only person now standing on the way of my success is you yourself"said Arjun...

"What do you mean.."Asked Arohi in a small voice...

"My boss has told me that if I win this case..He will make me a partner in the firm...but see the situation..its not going to happen"...

"You are wrong Arjun...We are going to win this are the best lawyer I have known..."she started off confidently but was soon cut off by Arjun..
"Thats not going to happen because I am going to drop this case.." replied Arjun...his voice devoid of any emotion...
"why?"asked Arohi...her voice cracking...
"Simply because I don't defend criminals" He replied...
"I am not a criminal...I did not kill Jay...I did not kill my Ex-Fiance..."Told Arohi firmly...
"Oh toh ab Fiance se Ex-fiance ban gya??Why you killed him Arohi?Usse zada rich koi mil gya tha?"He asked mockingly..
Arohi said calmly...her mood changing.."You are going to represent me ...and we are going to win this case...because I did not kill Jay Malhotra..."she said...her expression calm and relaxed...
Arjun shook his head...He knew Arohi was impulsive,short tempered and even a bit aggressive but he could not imagine her to kill someboy...yet he had studied her case...every evidence was pointing towards her as the killer...any evidence which was in her favour was circumstantial evidence...their case was weak and Arjun wanted to hand it to a much experienced lawyer...because he was scared that he might not be able to fight it properly and any mistake from his side would result to Arohi being put behing the bars...for 20 years..with the charges of Culpable homicide leading to murder.He did not want to think that just yet...
But as days went by his confidence in himself started faltering...Arohi's dad Sudhir was a multi-millionare...then why did he chose him to represent his daughter where as he could have gotten the best possible defence to save her...
Maybe Arohi had forced him...he thought...Maybe she had commited the crime in order to meet him...His thoughts were going haywire...Arohi did not know but Arjun had beenm keeping tabs on her from the time he had got to know that she was in USA living with her parents...Her parents had never really liked him and he was hurt when he got to know Arohi had agreed to marry Jay Malhotra...the guy her parents had chose for her...
He also knew that she had been suffering from depression from the past two months and had been going for counselling...He had been getting numerous calls and emails from her but he did not reply...She had broken his heart...stomped could he ever trust her again...??

As days of the trial were passing by things were getting more and more difficult...The crown council had presented its case and it was quite strong...Arjun could feel that the Jury was already in the crowns side and he had very little chance...But each day as he sat with Arohi to discuss the case trying to keep the conversations strictly professional...He would hear her say.."We are going to win the case...Don't worry.."But it could not prevent him from having alternative thoughts...

The case went on and the last day of the trial was fixed...everyone in the audience knew that the innocent looking girl standing in the dock was going to be convicted...But Arjun still had hope...Yet the negative thoughts never left his mind...
he was sitting with Arohi...for the last time going through the points...thats when Arohi said quietly...
"I am happy that he is dead.."..
Arjun's head whipped in her direction and in a very serious tone he asked her.."Tell me the truth Arohi...have you killed him?"...
"No..Arjun...I have not...but I am happy that he is dead.."said Arohi and got up to leave...but thinking of something she turned back..."I am sorry...But we are going to lose the case tomorrow...I will be convicted and will never be able to see you..."She said glumly...
Arjun was shocked...till now she was the one giving him confidence...and now she only lost hope...Arjun could not take it...
"Why have you changed your mind now?you were so confident till now" he asked sadly...
"I lost my confidence because the person I love lost his confidence in me..."...

He was sitting in his room...Going through the last moment case details...trying to think of a way to save her...but his heart was stuck to her painful words...will he be able to save her tomorrow ?he asked himself...

Just then his phone rang...a distressed voice on the other side...and then his world changed...

"Jay Malhotra was her childhood friend...He was obsessed with her.Arohi's parents had chosen him for her but Arohi always ignored him...That was the time when Arohi met Arjun and they both fell in was going good for them until Jay returned from Oxford after completing his education and got to know about the recent proceedings in Arohi's life...he was angry and not to mention jealous...He instigated Arohi's parents against Arjun who then forced her to return home to the US...He even threatened to kill Arjun and ruin him..and thus forced by circumstances Arohi left India..."...Arjun listened to the same lines again as he had heard yesterday when Shefali had called him up to tell the whole truth...

Arjun came forward..."So miss being Arohi's best friend can you tell me what happened on the night of the murder?" asked Arjun...

"Yes...I was with her that night...Jay had been tormenting her mentally for the past three months due to her repeated attempts to establish contact with Arjun...Arohi tried to tell it to her parents but no one listened to her...that night me and Arohi were returning from work...when we saw Jay standing near our Office was late and no one was around...Jay was drunk...he tried to force himself on Arohi and when Arohi resisted,he tried to physically harm her...Arohi was screaming for help and to save her...I took hold of a rod lying on the ground...I only meant to make him unconscious or scare him but it hit his head and he fell down...Arohi panicked and took hold of the rod...she tried to take him to a hospital but he was already dead...and scared of the punishmen I ran away..."...finished Shefali...tears streaming down her face...

Arohi did not listen to anything else...the loud beats of her heart preventing any other sound to register in her mind...not even of the judge acquitting her...

She just saw Arjun's face beam with happiness and his eyes fill with tears and thats when she realised how guilty she was...for hurting the man who had always loved her...That was the time she cried...for the very first time in months...holding tightly onto a piece of paper which she had found in her prison cell early in the morning...
In Arjun's neat handwriting it was written-

"I trust you..."...

The End...

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Sneha_kmh IF-Rockerz

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haayeee i want it to complete ASAP...
Wat led to her jaill?
why she hurted Arjun..?
aww.. m already in love with Arjun <3
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Shocked... Arrey wah...Cool... Cool
...deepz... IF-Dazzler

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Congo anna
Plz continue it sounds interesting!!!!!!
aurpatel Senior Member

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Nice start plz complete tht ss which u started sonetime before ;(
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arohi ko jail m daal diya???
Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Dazzler

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The start has already filled my eyes wid tears... Cry 

Not fair yaar... Unhappy

Why everyone is running behind sad story now a days... cant u guys write something nice n feel good type stories...  Ouch

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