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Tuesday July 1, 2014 Written Update


Sorry for the late update


Grandpa and Karthick talk - Karthick says I didn't see Sara - he didn't even attend the ceremony - Vani would know - we need to talk to him - Granpa says you are right I didn't see him either - Karthick says I think he is safe somewhere otherwise Rani attai wouldn't be this happy - so they go to Vani house and asked her about Sara


Outside Vani house Pooja waiting for Surya - she tells him I gave you time but it seems you didn't do anything - he tells her Gautham would kill me if I do anything - I am scared of him - she gave a letter to Surya and saying this is a love letter give it to your brother - Grandpa and Karthick watched the whole thing


Grandpa and karthick asked Vani about Sara - Grandpa says I have to arrange marriage for Sara - Poo and Karthick  is married it's time Sara should marry too - Vani saying he is facing problems when everything clear we can think about it - Surya is the eldest - Grandpa says I saw him with a girl outside she gave letter to him - I think he has lover - Vani says no I don't think so - Surya mumpling no I don't have any lover - Granpa says show her the letter - he gave the letter when Vani opened it was a blank paper - Surya thanking the God for saving him


Surya called Pooja - she came with her friend (both of them in motor bike looked cool) he tells her because of you my family started to look for a girl for me - she started to laugh saying maama I will look for a girl for - I have to like her too going to live in the same house - so I am the one going to look for a girl for you - Surya looked at her with are you nuts - I don't want to get married


Mano came to his father's house telling them that Jothi hide the truth from him - he feel really ashamed of his wife - one day I am going to kill her - I have that much anger inside me - her mother is the root for the whole problem - she advise her wrongly - I felt bad for the old lady but she won't change her mind - she is poisoning Jothi's mind more and more - father says marriage is like you practice - means like doctors and all others we call them practicenors daily they learn and adapt you have to do it for your wife too - she will change one day - you keep on trying

 i think i forgot the scene - Bhoomi in the police station with Karuppu - Karuppu gave the signed document to police inspector - inspector saying i can't do anything because this is your signature - Bhoomi keep on saying i know this is my signature but i didn't write anything on it - Bhoomi get a call from Vani she is asking what is going on - Bhoomi tells her that inspector didn't believe him she talk to the inspector then tell Bhoomi to leave from there that they can face Karuppu in court - Bhoomi kind of hesitant for  a moment but still leave from there - Karuppu thinking - inspector smiling so i don't know whether he is vani side or Karuppu side

( just wrote it from what i remember sorry if i missed anything else )

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Vani Rani Wednesday July 2nd 2014 Updates & Discussions

Started with Mano Feeling bad towads Poo and teeling abt his feelings...Poo went off by saying abt life and ask him smile even btwn lots of Struggles, it ll be relief, even im searching that relief in this house

bhoomi sitting alone in the home and Geeting frustration with Karuppu issue, Vani came there n console him, Finally she promised him that she ll take care of this issue and also promise that she ll return back his company to him for sure, Bhoomi holds her hand and cried!! (Such a warm scene btwn Bhoomi and Vani as Rani - Sammi at Starting, Nyc to Watch)

Rejesh gvng hot water to Selvi's leg as she is pregnant, Rajesh Mother to joins with them, Selvi ask abt Rajesh xamz result, and Extremely Happy after knwng that he passed in 1st class and asked Rajesh to meet shiva as he is waiting to offer a job by his recommandation to his known companies..Rajesh agree, Happy moments btwn Hubby-Wife and MIL

Vani in car with point, point ques Vani that Y kathir is making bhoomi to suffer w/o any offense with him alon, Vani asking him to meet kathir in jail, by taking along Bhoomi with him and said bhoomi to ask the same question, Point 1st denies as no use of it, but Vani insist.

Rajesh went to company for interview and said he was an auto driver before, MD mock with his profession as Auto driver, Rajesh get angry and leave.

As Vani said, Bhoomi and Point went to meet Kathir, and ask why he s making Bhoomi to suffer if he is hvng prbs with Vani and Sara???? by arguing kathir says all the truth(i think Point was taking video with his moblie as he kept mob in his mob in his hand at tat position) as he doesnt get sign from bhoomi, blah blah... and also says that same point as karuppu said, either surrender Sara or get him out by asking vani to get all case vapas, Bhoomi says he cant, Kathir went off in anger.

Shw ends

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Thursday July 3rd Updates

Episode 391

Madhavan (the guy who insulted Rajesh in the name of interview) calls Shiva and gloats about humiliating Rajesh and Rajesh walking off. Shiva is super happy. The duo tease Rajesh some more and hang up. Shiva calls up Selvi and says Rajesh fought and walked off. Wonder what his problem. It was a super company and Rajesh would have got 40K salary. Madhavan called me up and is very upset. Selvi is worried. Shiva hangs up and smiles slyly.

Pooja and her friend come to Manikkam's home. They introduce themselves as matrimony service providers and have come here coz Gautham gave them Manikkam's contact. Manikkam wonders why Gautham gave his contact. Pooja says Gautham told us that you are looking out for a suitable girl for his elder brother Surya. He wanted us to meet you and take your concurrence first and then get the shortlisted girls to Vani. Manikkam is overwhelmed. Pooja shows a list of profiles to Manikkam on a laptop. Manikkam asks for some time to decide on what kind of girl. Manikkam says 24k gold girl is needed. Richness not important. Pooja vouches for the same. Manikkam takes their contact number. Pooja waives a bye and goes off while Manikkam sits wondering where he has met this girl earlier.

Bhoomi and Point come home. Vani asks them about their meet with Kathir. Bhoomi says as expected utter failure. Wonder why you sent me there.  Point says he refused. Vani says does not matter. Good you met him. I assure you that your company will be yours. Relax. Don't panic. Vani says go and do your routine work. Bhoomi says please be my wife too. You seem to be a lawyer all times. Vani says I cannot explain the lawyer work as a wife. Please go. Bhoomi walks off after apologizing to Point. Vani asks Point to go the court and tells that she will join him soon.


Back home, Rajesh is irritated recollecting Madhavan's cheap words. Selvi walks in and questions him. He yells at Sura and Selvi and abuses the interviewer for insulting him. Rajesh says I don't care for the job which looks at my past and not my current capability. Shiva walks in, acts goody, apologizes for Madhavan's behavior. Rajesh I studied for Selvi but I am happy running my auto. Shiva says please don't say like that , All of us here are waiting to see you work in a company. He hands over a recommendation letter to MD of another company and assures appointment the next day without any interview. An excited Selvi orders Rajesh to accept it. Rajesh thanks Shiva and hugs him. Shiva smiles slyly which is unnoticed by all.   

Pooja and her friend Navya come to Vani's home. Surya sees them and is perplexed. Pooja walks in and introduce themselves to Bhoomi as Matrimony Service Providers. Navya says we have come here with potential girl's profiles for Surya. Surya comes running and pleads his dad not to listen to them or believe them. Bhoomi shuts him and wants to encourage the girls. Bhoomi asked who told you. Pooja says Manikkam directed us here. She addresses Surya as Sir and Surya is shell shocked. She praises Surya as a tall, well built, handsome guy and Bhoomi in all smiles. They show some profiles in their laptop and Bhoomi excitedly watches them. Surya shakes his head as a No for all profiles shown and asks Bhoomi to send them out. Bhoomi says I liked your approach. I need to discuss with my wife and then decide. Please mail me the profiles with horoscopes. Pooja nods , takes the email id and tells Surya no chance of escaping, you need to fall in this trap some day. Bhoomi laughs out loud and asks Pooja to come the next week. Pooja leaves. Bhoomi gets a call. Surya runs out and asks Pooja why this kolaveri. Pooja says I will go to any extreme to get what I want. If you make Gautham love me I will spare you.  Illata I don't know what I will do. The friends drive off and Surya stand bewildered.

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Vani Rani Episode 393 - Updates and Discussion

Episode starts with Pooja and Karupu in the car, Karupu advises Pooja not to eat outside and anything she wants can be prepared at home. He tells her he can't take it if anything were to happen to her. Pooja asks him for his phone to thank the "Hotel Manager" who had called and informed Karupu she had fainted and discovers that the culprit is Surya. Pooja decides to teach Surya a lesson.

Rajesh comes home furious and changes into his auto driver uniform. Sura questions him and he angrily tells her he is done with interviews and is going to drive auto again. Sura panics and tries to advise him but Rajesh is adamant. He leaves after asking Sura to pray that he earns well driving auto while a worried Sura leaves to inform Selvi about the matter.

Surya who as usual is resting at home receives multiple prank calls and is flustered. Pooja calls him and teases him and reveals that she is the one who arranged for the prank calls. She warns Surya to help her marry Gautham and threatens to tell Vani he is in love with Beggar Maheswari. Surya denies knowing anyone of that name and Pooja threatens to arrange 10 people to see Vani. A panicked Surya reluctantly agrees to cooperate with Pooja.

Bhoomi's manager asks Bhoomi for permission to arrange for a priest to conduct their weekly Friday prayers. Bhoomi agrees. He gets a call and goes outside to find Karupu, his henchmen, a lawyer and the court bailiff waiting to seal the company. Bhoomi argues and pleads with the bailiff but he is adamant that he is only doing his job.

Bhoomi threatens Karupu that Vani will not let this happen and he will report the matter to the Human Rights Commission if they mishandle him and his staff. The lawyer looks uneasy but the bailiff confidently tells Bhoomi all is going according to procedure and advises Bhoomi to fight the matter in court.

Karupu and his henchmen roughly throw Bhoomi and his staff out and the bailiff seals the office. A stunned and devastated Bhoomi watches this in tears. Crowd disperses and Bhoomi leaves in his car. He gets restless and has chest pains. He calls his doctor and tells him he is having palpitations. The doctor tells him to come to the hospital immediately. Episode ends with the driver rushing Bhoomi to hospital.

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Vani Rani Friday
Sorry Guys..I am running out of fever for past 2 days..Shall give a brief one..
Surya updates Gautham about Pooja's visit, Gautham and Surya visits Pooja in a restaurant and Gautham slaps her and says to stop with this. Rajesh goes for interview, again he is being irritated by the pune, and Rajesh abuses him and leaves. Pooja doing dharna in the hotel, that Gautham should come and apologise to her. Hotel Manager calls up Gautham to apologise. Gautham calls Karuppu and says that Pooja has fainted in the hotel. Karuppu rushes to the hotel

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!Vani Rani July 2014 Written Updates Archives!
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Monday July 7th Updates

Episode 394

Bhoomi is driven to the hospital and wheeled to emergency. Dr is surprised that Bhoomi is having such a high BP and puts Bhoomi through a series of tests. Test reports suggest no heart risk. A relieved Dr conveys the same to Bhoomi and asks Bhoomi to relax. Vani calls. Bhoomi chooses to ignore inspite of Dr asking him to talk. Dr prescribes some medicines and sends Bhoomi home with a list of do's and don'ts.

Rajesh comes back home. MIL and DIL pounce on him for fighting with peon and let go off a good job. Rajesh angrily barks at them - I will not work, auto is my profession and I studied and passed for you. It ends there. Can't take any humiliations. Selvi tries to convince and fails. Aru chips in, puts some mokkai and scoots unable to bear the nasty stare by Rajesh.

Karuppu's henchman informs Karuppu about Swami re-straing his hotel, customers overflowing and the couple(Rani & Swami) beaming in joy. Karuppu says it is a shame for my brother. We have to shut that hotle hook or crook. He orders his men to cath hold of a black sheep working at the hotel, thump bundles of currency and make him mix posion in the sambar cooked tomorrow morning. The adiyals agree and run to execute the plan.

Back home, Bhoomi is restless. Surya and Gautham notice the same and question Bhoomi. Bhoomi gives lame excuses and walks off to his room. Vani comes out hearing the commotion and the brothers share their concern. At the same time, Dr calls Bhoomi's phone. Vani picks it up. Dr updates about Bhoomi coming to the hospital with a high BP and he prescribing the medicines. Vani is shocked. Dr hangs up after repeating the list of do's and don'ts. The trio march to Bhoomi's room and confront him. Bhoomi bursts the truth and wails saying ellam pochu. Vani makes him sit and sits beside him. Gautham and Surya too sit close to their dad and comfort him. Vani promises Bhoomi that in 10 days time the case will come to the court for hearing and she will win it for Bhoomi and make sure the seal is removed and the business runs as before. Bhoomi is still skeptical. Vani tells Bhoomi take these 10 days as your vacation time. Relax and rejuvenate. Bhoomi holds vani's hand and cries. Vani hugs him and assures that things will fall in place.

Screen freezes with an emotional family hug.


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Sorry for the late update - doing renovation at home totally busy


Vani Rani - Tuesday - July 8


Bhoomi with doctor Vani keep calling he is not answering his phone - he tells the doc that his wife and children would worry and Vani would say this is nothing she is a bold lady - I don't want to tell them the news yet


Bhoomi went home lying down Surya and Gautham ask what happened why so dull are you sick or something - he says nothing like that and goes to his room - Vani come out and ask what is the problem S & G says appa looked troubled and not look good - doc calling Bhoomi that time - Bhoomi left the phone on the coffee table - Vani answered doc telling her Bhoomi having high blood pressure and have to be careful it could turn into to heart attack - Vani is shocked


All 3 of them goes to ask Bhoomi - he tells everything is gone -now I don't have anything I am zero - Vani says wait for 10 days I will get everything for you - take this 10 days as vacation I promise you so don't worry


Selvi wait for Rajesh to come same usual way she says I don't want my kid saying my appa is a auto driver - why he has to fight with watchman - Rajesh says I have my pride I didn't ask recommendation letter Siva gave it to me - I can get it my own - Selvi and Sura is pushing him  to go back to job hunting


Karuppu adiyal says Samy restaurant going well - Karuppu says I have to do something he says put poison in sambar and people will die - Rani and Sami will be arrested the restaurant will be closed - his adiyal arranged it with the cook to mix it - Rani is cooking and wanted to taste the sambar she keep on saying something is wrong in the sambar did  you put the powder and other things cook says yes I did the way you told me - it's nothing for me taste is ok - Rani keep on tasting nodding her head something is not right  but what


People are waiting for Sambar Samy came to kitchen and asked why the delay - Rani says I don't like the sambar taste - he says looks ok to me maybe all the other cooking make you to smell differently but Rani keep testing it then suddenly she fell


Vani came to the hospital - doc saying food poison - Vani saying do you know who did this - Samy saying I don't know but I have the cook he is incharge of everything so he needs to answer to this - Vani saying I think this is Karuppu's idea he is using someone in your restaurant - I will get the bottom of this problem


Rani wake up that moment and saying acca leave it I am ok - I don't keep on fighting with Karuppu - he does something then we do something who are we to punish them - I don't want any problems  -  Samy and Vani saying no we need to know what happened and who did this


Cook in a room crying - he saying his wife is sick and needed money someone gave money and told him to mix it with sambar - he says call the police I will confess it - Rani says we can't kill other people think about if people died their family will course you and your family - why they have to die - they didn't do anything to you - why you want to kill them - you should have told me your wife problem I would have talk to acca and helped you - cook saying when I saw the money it bliended my eyes so sorry please punish me call the police


Gautham going to call the police but Rani stopped him

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