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~*~ [Happy Birthday *Shruti*] ~*~

gk_09 IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 10 May 2005
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Posted: 06 July 2014 at 3:38pm | IP Logged

"I am soo sweet, i am soo chilled...I am someone's deepest love, that she remembers and thinks about me, across all seasons, her day starts and her day ends with me...She has an unconditional love for me, wants me to be with her, always frozen oops chilled ! "
(Kulfi ki prem bhari daastan ...)

Jillu (listening to the radio): but who are you da and who is your loveConfused ..

Munni : Jiluu will you turn off the radio i have to watch YHM's just 2 more hours ..IshRa Day Dreaming

*Yuvi glares at Munni*

Meli (in a stern voice):  Shut up girls! You don't have to fight over what to watch when it is Brazil vs Germany match  *hmph*

Yuvi: actually I need to know what's happening in RR, haven't watched in ages ..Disapprove 

 Meli, Jillu, Munni (all at once, still continuing their work) : "Shru se poocho" 

 Jillu tapping her foot and anxiously waiting, turns the radio volume up

"Hello I-F Waasio... Salaam Namaste aur Sat Sri Akaal, this is me Gurprit, your favorite preet aka dost aka yaar and your one and only sanest RJ in town." 

Yuvi  : "Whatever." *rolls her eyes*

Meli: "Jillu, don't you hear enough of Gur all other times when she's hanging out with us? Turn off the radio!"

 "NOOO!" Jillu shouts," I've asked Gur to wish a special someone on our behalf"

 "So friends dosto we will be talking to a very very special guest, who is turning a year older." 

"Dhoniii," screamed Munni 

*others gave a confused look, Meli who is completely immersed in FIFA thread jumps up*

"OMG it's Dhoni's birthday in few hours...Jillu up the volume da!"

"So any guesses guys regarding who that very very special someone is? "Gur continues.

"Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!" Melz and Munz  chant together.

"Well, let's find out," Gur continues, "I'll be calling that person, while we play a lovely song for our special friend."

****Tum se hi  song plays...****

Phone rings




"Hello?" A female voice answers.

"This is your favourite RJ Gur, calling from Kulfi with Gurprit. Is Shruti home?"

"OMG GUR! Did you read the latest spoiler for YHM?" screams Shru right into the phone causing a mini turbulence in Gur's ears.

"Huh? Shru! Happy Birth ---"

"Raman's going to be in more trouble. Ishu and Ruhi are going to suffer."

"Does Shru realize she's on air?" Jillu asks shocked, hearing what's happening on the radio.

*Yuvi taps Shruti's shoulder and gestures about her being on call, Shruti straightens up*

"Yes Gur, you were saying something, I am having trouble with my phone, I hate this service... they are useless people.. I need to call the tech service.. You know I have to ... "

*Shru was cut short by Gur  before she ends up ranting on her favorite mobile service*

"Shruti from all of your friends  here...we would like to ..."

"I am sleep deprived ... I need pizza and kulfi, almond and pistachio wali and you know what Alok Nath is coming up in a new show, Saavdhaan India. Episode is very heart wrenching."

* Gur shakes her head... Meli and Munni give up on her sigh !!, 
Yuvi is trying to be calm and get Shruti to concentrate on her interview , 
Jiluu is being annoyed each moment.
Yuvi successfully manages to get her attention to the phone. *

"Shruti, you there, we would like to take a moment to wi..."

"SNS tops the TRP charts again Shocked.. and I need to have more of butterscotch milk shake re and when will FIFA endSleepy ...  I am sleep deprived .. kiddo is playing with me (kiddo is Shru's doggy) .but i want to have ice cream now  .. do you know BALH and 2 MBs are ending ..."

" there ...this is Gur."

"Yes Gur I am here, my phone is just acting weird know what I need sleep but why can't they end old shows nice it would be if someone gets me a kulfi now right NOW...  Doli show on Zee is soo Ermm Wahi shared new pic on Insta Big smile !! Aahil and Sanam are soo cute, they have an eye lock today Day Dreaming"

*Yuvi, Jiluu too gave up  now..
Gur tries to get Shruti on call one last time*

"Shruti we have to wis..."

"OMGGG SanIsh segment after so may days Dancing ... I need to take caps now,... can someone get me some ice cream when it is raining ...btw did u see Sanyu's free fall OMG that's soo scary  Shocked if not ice cream can I have some pizza or kulfi? ... this week JDJ's theme is international dance forms...but I am sleep deprived.Ouch.. finally Kokila's memory is back  and poor Abhimanyu's death this week Ouch "

"Hello friends,  Shruti's telephone line is hacked at the moment and we are having a problem connecting with her and wishing her happ.. "

"Gurr you know what .. I have been playing along with you ... I know why you called me ... was just trying to annoy you ... which I love the most." ROFL

*Gur sighs and gets back to the thing she was supposed to do on Jiluu's special request!*

"So  Friends , me Gurprit on behalf of all of us,  wish Shruti a very Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday Shruti "

Melz, Jiluu, Yuvi, Munni: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHRU !!

Shru thanks Gur and the rest of us and continues ..." you know what i want kulfi it's my birthday and I deserve loads of cakes and ice creams don't I...and i want to watch RR while having kulfi... and then have to watch ...but at the same time i am feeling sleepy ..."

"Shruti...not sooo soon babe,  since you dared to annoy the most sanest RJ in town, you will have to pay for it...On behalf of the Kulfi with Gurprit team, we have planned a blind kulfi date for you "

Shru who could hear nothing beyond kulfi date asks, "who is it Gur? and Kulfi date sounds yumm!"

"Shruti, we said 'BLIND' as usual you couldn't hear nothing beyond Kulfi Confused so get ready right now. The details have been messaged to you ... and enjoy your birthday with loads of kulfi and your special date "

Shru hangs up the phone and Gur continues with her show ...

to be continued ...

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Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 06 July 2014 at 3:44pm | IP Logged

So here, we have what few of her buddies think, would be an ideal date for Shruti from Bollywood !!


I think i would like her to date Aamir Khan because he is a perfectionist and whatever lil i know about Shruti she always wants to be perfect in whatever she does. So i guess it will be good if one day she gets and opportunity to date with the perfectionist himself.


And which Bolly celeb wud be Shru's ideal date - Farhaan Akhtar ...he is witty , he is polished and is a foodie plus Shru can be typing /talking gibberish while he can be all sense LOL and he is kinda sexy too  EmbarrassedLOL


Ranveer Singh - she's just too uptight (or so I think), Ranveer would bring the funny side out in her Wink


An ideal date for Shruti from Bollywood will b the new Ek villlain boy Siddharth I feel .. Shruti is shy and reserved types and so is Siddharth EmbarrassedEmbarrassed .. so yeah they can make a good khayali pulao couple TongueLOLLOL


my choice for ideal date for Shruti is: Johnny Lever... the blind date she got chatting to over the internet...and he's so excited to meet her and romance her:

How did this pan out and who was the lucky one to be Shru's blind date ???


Well,  Shru is back from her blind kulfi date. She is in a happy and joyful mood!

Gur is back from her radio station, everyone jumps on Shru with all questions as who turned up as her blind date.

Shru who is still relishing on kulfis says, "RK"Day Dreaming

"WHAT !! u serious? RK! omg! I can't believe you must be kidding," Melz shakes Shru. 

"Yes it's RK, he got me so many kulfis and ice creams and even butterscotch Milk Shake Day Dreaming " says Shru 

Melz : No WAY , RK Can't be your date *hmph*!

Munni : RK as in Ranveer Kappor Shocked

Yuvi : Munni it's RANBIR Kapoor how many times should I correct you...

Jiluu: wow so it's THE Ranbir Kapoor 

Shruti : No re it's the other RK Embarrassed

everyone looks confused Confused

Shruti : Why are you all confused? ... it's THAT RK...wait I took pictures of him for you guys!

A very excited and impatient MMJYG runs to check Shruti's mobile and instantly become SPEECHLESS.

At that moment, the door bell rings. 

Shruti : That must be him! 

Shruti jumps excitedly and runs to open the door. MMJYG remain in shock. They hear Shruti squeal in excitement. They run to see what's happening. 

They see someone on his knees giving something to Shruti

Munni : Is someone proposing to her?!

Melz: No no, it's something else

Yuvi: OMG that's him! 

MMJYG get closer to see what was happening

They were surprised. Shruti's special person had got her a box of kulfis!

Shruti (turns around to see MMJYG): Now you know why I love him! My RK is the best. Only my RK will get so many kulfis for me Embarrassed I mean my ...














MMJYG go back to what they were doing earlier
Jillu turns on the radio and a familiar song starts playing
The house is suddenly filled with the music. 

Melz: JILLU! Can you turn down the volume?

Ignoring everything else that is going on, Randhir and Shruti continue to stare at each 
They drift into flashback where they run towards each other in  a very slow motion...

Randhir: Shruti if you love me so much for what I do for you then why don't you give me a reward?

Shruti is confused

Shruti: What reward?

Randhir points to his lips. Shruti gasps. 

and here's what follows...

They both are lost in their world, while MMJYG cringe and are baffled at the sight Confused 

Once they come out of their ShruDhir land, a blushing Shru accepts the gifts and wishes from her friends who attended the surprise Birthday Party with Kulfi's contributed by Shru's RK  PartyParty

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munnihyderabad Moderator

Joined: 20 May 2005
Posts: 33802

Posted: 06 July 2014 at 3:48pm | IP Logged

Seven Shrupedia facts about our great GM *Shruti*:

*She joined India-Forums on 26 April 2006. Her journey started as a coolbie in KZH forum, later on as viewbie in Randhir forum and was promoted as moderator in Kasturi forum. She became global moderator in 2009 as a token of appreciation for her hard work!
 She is currently veteran DT member of current DTs! 

*She is known as soap-show-pedia among her friends because she has all of the latest spoilers, upcoming track and cast, segments, story, and cast details in her finger tips!

*She may look strict and scary but she is a gem of a person when we get to know her.

* She is number one KULFI person on this earth. She eats Kulfi for breakfast, lunch and dinnerStern Smile.

* She is a nightowl and blabbers about being sleep deprived every dayLOL. Late to bed and late to rise keeps a person Shruti wealth, wise and ShrutiliousTongueLOL

* She drools on Rudra of RR, her heart beat fast for Prem/UD of KZK, empathize with Raman Kumar Bhalla, smiles seeing Abhi of KKB, fangirling seeing Robbie of Kasturi, loves Arjun of PR and doesnt mind flirting with Aahil of QH!! Day Dreaming*what a long list of her crushStern Smile, this is just expSilly

* She is the biggest spammer of I-F hence the title spammer-queen. 

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Yuvika_15 Moderator

The Chappal Free Head
Joined: 25 July 2005
Posts: 29863

Posted: 06 July 2014 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

Happy Budday ShruuuHug

Have a foodilicious one and here's wishing you tons of success and the best of health
,wealth and prosperity always !

Tons of Best Wishes & Hugzzz

PS! See gift below!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Shruti... Do all the things you'd like to do! Yes, have your cakeand share that too!

Have a Wonderful Birthday!


Happy Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day, and stay AWAY from IF this week! You need a break yo!

LOL who am I kidding. IF would fall apart without you ROFL 

All jokes apart, I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and with your kiddo and I pray you have a wonderful wonderful year ahead! Love you lots!


Hey Shruti...happy bday...God bless ...

lots of luv..Reshu

Happy birthday shruti.

Many many happy returns

Happy Birthday Shruti
all the best and hope you have a good birthday
this year
All the best and have loads of fun enjoy getting a year older Tongue

On your birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams become a reality. But even more than that, may it bring you loads of true love and friendship. Have an amazing birthday!

PS! See gift below!

Shru a very happy birthday!!! Hug Keep rocking and rolling!!!

Many many happy returns of the day ShruuuHug Hug ... May all your wishes come true on this day and may God bless you with lots of love happiness and success in life and career ..  May you continue to reach greater heights of success and enjoy your life with full spirit ... Enjoy your day to the fullest Partyand dont forget to share some cake and chocolates with us in our regular khopchas .. hmphhh Tongue ...

I m a bit lazy to write the usual emotional essays on our bonding and all u know ROFLROFLROFL but u know you are a spl friend to me and probably the first person to welcome this poor soul on IF when I made a typical newbie spam post  ROFL .. I hv a proof too here  ( hi,i m new )  Evil SmileLOL.. So our equation goes years back .. feels like writing a essay on punarjanam kathas actually ROFLROFL .. But that intro post says it all... u will always remain spl for me probably because you were the first one to welcome me in this alien world of IF TongueLOLLOL... God bless you and love you a lot  for always standing by me and being a grt buddy on and off IF HugHug

Many many happy returns of the day dear Shruthi...May God's blessings be always showered upon you Heart
PS! See gift below!

Wishin you a very very Happy Birthday Shruti
may you be blessed with all happiness, hamesha & forever!

here's lil something from me to you, hope you like it :)

Best Wishes: Shikhu

PS! See gift below!

Wish you a very happy birthday
May life lead you 2 great happiness
and hope dat
all your wishes comes true!
enjoy your day

Happy Birthday, Shruti! You've been an extremely generous GM throughout my time on I-F. I still wonder how you manage so many things, all at the same time! On your big day, here's wishing you a lovely day, with an even lovelier year ahead! Party hard babe! 



Wishing my ST a MANY MANY MANY happy returns of this day. May god bless you with immense happiness joy. Enjoy yourself to the core and have a great day and even greater year ahead. 
Keep Smiling and shining where ever you go. 

I m really lucky to have a friend like you to trouble. LOL God bless u with loads of thofe aur dhamake. Have a blast today. IT IS YOUR DAY. Enjoooy <3

I'll give your gift later. Wink


Bada bada happy wala bday Shru... you are just awesome!. Such a gem of a person.. always ready to help someone in need. Our chats are always a treasure and ur help is always appreciated. I truly value our friendship...

Wish you all the happiness you truly deserve and hope you have a blast of a day. Mere liye ek cake slice be kha lena LOL


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supercool3 IF-Veteran Member

Crazy Creatives Lead
Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 11660

Posted: 06 July 2014 at 5:12pm | IP Logged

Hey Shruti,

Wishing you a very very happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day...

may you have a wonderful year ahead 



Happy Birthday Shruti!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! May all your wishes come true! Eat lots of cake and other sweets!! Best Wishes! StarStarStar

Hi Shruti,

Wish you a very happy birthday.
Hope you get all the happiness in life and may all your dreams come true.
Have a Blast in this special occasion.

You are indeed one of the most hardworking Mods on IF and any you achieve everything you want to in life.
Take Care

PS! See gift below!

I guess we know each other from almost 6 years.. lives in same city, but never met... she is a gem... she shouts at me, fights with me, but she is sweet (thank god I m not diabetic.. Tongue), caring and always there for her friends (even at 2 am in the morning)...
Many many happy returns of the day.. Happy Birthday Shru... 
hope we meet sometime may be in next 50yrs... Tongue

Varsha Smile

Shrutiii :D
Happpyyy Birthdayyy! 
Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!
&& i hope you remembered me lolz ahaha the one who PMed u Gazillion times a week LOL 

Eat lots of cake and good food and get presents!
Hope u like what I made for you!

Love Prii

PS! See gift below!

Awwiee a very Happy Birthday to you Shru. Hug You're one of the coolest mods I've seen! Approve

 I have interacted with u in SR CC and ur such a sweet & helpful friend. Big smileEmbarrassed

I hope you have a fantastic day ahead and may all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled :-)
- Swetha

Happy Birthday Shrew ,
May your world be filled with sunshine, smiles and flowers ! Happy Birthday ! Eat lots of Kulfis and Halwas without gaining an ounce of weight .Embarrassed
P.S I will hunt for a bakri to make u a custom ordered sigg . LOL . IOU 

Hey Shruuu!

I first met you back during DMG days. I initially found you to be a bit intimidating, but you were very welcoming and made me feel home at the Siddhima AT. 

I never really understood how you manage to watch so many shows and it still amazes me even now.
All that being said, you're a cool person and someone who is fun to talk to (even when you're going on about some random show) 

I hope you enjoy your day to the max and may your year be filled with all the happiness in the world.


V aka Jillu

p.s. I hope you don't kill us for the thread

Happy Birthday Evil GrannieEvil Smile

Wishing you a very happy birthday! I cannot wait to see your reaction to the birthday surprise we have for youWink LOL
Ok, that aside, I just want to wish u a lovely day! Your an amazing friend and I've gotten to know u a lot over the last few years. I remember our earlier interactions were quite formal with me pestering you about DT stuff. and then we got chatting over our common love for UV... who can forget the earlier days of DEK - we used to spend hours drooling over Ashish Kapoor he was a hottie as UV but sadly the show went down the drain. Ouch 
haha shruti remember how u got the name evil grannie, becos of ur scary PM u sent...the title was so scary and inside all u wanted was for me to vote in a thread for a contest...u nearly gave me a heart attack, isliye after that I named u evil grannie!  and that name shall remain from now on... LOL
anyways hun have a lovely birthday and make sure u eat lots of kulfi and mangoes!
lots of love from
Yuvi Dada

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Shru HugHug

Have loads of fun with kulfi, pizza, ice cream. cake, milk shake and family, friends and kiddo.. Have a meethaas bhara bday and year ahead !

Shru you are an encyclopedia of TV jagat ,..i remember that long PM chain which continued over 8 months where we literally discussed everything on TV ROFL you talk so much as in you know LOL .. which is so much fun  ROFL
may be your brb duration should be shortened lol LOL

chalo once again a Very Happy Birthday, btw you know, share your bday with Dhoni,Day Dreaming


Happy Birthday SP Party

Going to keep this short and sweet since you might be planning to murder us after this thread LOL Thank you for being such an awesome friend and mentor. There's probably not a day that goes by when your remarks haven't made me smile. You're truly a gem SP <3 And I love you for that! I wish you only the best for the future. May the coming year be filled with kulfis, unlimited crushes and countless hour of daily soaps gossip - which reminds me, we need to gossip over YHM o.O

I made you a little something, which you can find below Embarrassed

Do have a piece of cake on our behalf. Have a blast!

Lots of Love Hug,

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Dearest LM Hug.

I am not going to write any long message as I know SB will have plans for LM so enjoy your day and have lots of fun.

You know how much you means to moi and you are one of my biggest support system. Me lobes you...I hope you likes your gift Tongue.

Hugs, LK

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gk_09 IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 24724

Posted: 06 July 2014 at 5:56pm | IP Logged

From Spammers Toli

From -RD-

From -VishaD-

From vidya0906

From starry.phoenix

From -Koeli_Appy-

From QH_DDEJ_Fan

From Aahaana

From Anonymous Buddy

From Munni

From hinz

From GK

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gk_09 IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 24724

Posted: 06 July 2014 at 6:00pm | IP Logged







Disclaimer: If the above members are no where to be found after July 7th, the suspect is *Shruti* Wink

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pinkpearl5 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2012
Posts: 9414

Posted: 06 July 2014 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
A very happy birthday, Shruti! Hug I hope you have a fantastic birthday! <3 God bless you! Big smile You are indeed a very friendly and sweet person to talk to! Smile And of course very understanding as a GM! Star I admire and appreciate your work greatly as a GM on IF! Embarrassed Thank you for everything you've done for us on this site! Smile Enjoy your day! Star
This is such a sweet and beautiful thread! Clap Seriously...what a gorgeous thread! Big smile <3


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