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Rishbala os: UPSIDE DOWN

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                                                   UPSIDE DOWN


Hi guys!! I have written my 1s OS on rishbala! Hope u all will like it!

Dedicating this OS to all the wonderful writers in this forum!!

here goes a simple story!!! 

"Why God? Why? Why you did this to me? Why this cruelty? Why you have snatched my parents away from me? "Ahhh" I screamed & cried in agony!!

You had left me all alone? I hate u God! I hate u Mama & Papa!! I hate myself!! I hate everyone!! I screamed in pain. "I have no one to love me, to care me or to protect me in my life!! "LIFE" No! I don't want this lifeless life anymore! Mama, Papa!! I m coming to you!!" I know you wont like me doing this but at the same you know I cant live without you! I love u Mama, Papa! Take me with you! I don't know how long I was crying looking at the sky! finally I dashed my tears away from my face & moved towards the edge of the cliff!


Yes! I m gonna do this! I m gonna kill myself! I cant turn back & face this world! I have lost everything! I m so lost, so lost! That's it!

Come on Madhu! only one more step then everything will be alright! I forced myself towards the tip of the cliff! I shut my eyes tightly to control my fear gripping in my heart! "Good bye World"


Oh! Why I dint hit the land hard? Why am I hanging in air? Who is holding my hand? I slowly opened my eyes & lifted my eyes to see what is stopping me from my death? My brown eyes met with grey eyes! Who is this handsome man? Why he is pulling my hand up?

"give your other hand" he shouted at me & I oblige but why? I don't know the reason, do I want to live??! I was just staring him & he forcefully pulled me up & made me stand on my foot & I was in his embrace to make myself steady! He slightly moved me away from him but still he was holding my arms & looking at me murderously but why? Did I do any harm to him? No! then what's his problem? Why don't he let me leave the world soon!


"OW" he blows a tight slap bringing me out of my chain of thoughts!

"Why did you slapped me? Who are you to slap me? What you are doing is wrong!" I shouted at him.

"WRONG?? Then what you are doing is absolutely right?? He questioned me with fury.

"Of course, what I did was wrong but it's not any big than what you were going to do" "how could you try to kill yourself??" "do you have any idea, how much this will affect your loved one's" "do you once thought about ur parents before taking such steps, you have hurt them so badly!! Suicide is not the solution for any problem!! Life is to live not to kill!!" he raged at me.

PARENTS!! If they are with me then why will I be standing here... & getting scolding's from you..

Oh why.. oh why..?? why they left me??

My eyes started pooling on hearing about my parents!! My legs ditched me to stand & I abruptly sat on my knees & cried out loud.


Soon I could feel a hand wrapping around my shoulder & the man who saved my life was consoling me & I buried my face in his chest & hold him tight with my hands!! I could feel the solace from him!

"Hey! Please! Please! Don't cry! I know, I shouldn't have slapped you but I couldn't control my outrage! I m so sorry! So sorry! He pleaded.

I released myself from his grip & looked into his eyes!!

"Thank you for saving my life" I mutter. He looked at me surprised.

We remained in silence for a while & then he asked "Come I will drop you at your home safely & I wont say anything to your family but don't try this again"

"I don't have a family or a home, my Papa had faced a huge loss in business & he was bankrupted & ..." I started crying again.

"&??" he waited for me to complete.

"& he had an heart attack & he passed away 2 days before!! I whispered with tears flowing from my eyes constantly.

"Your Mom?" he asked.

"My mama & papa are true lovers! I let a faint smile. My mama also died in heart attack the next moment my papa passed away!! They left me all alone!! I don't have anyone to live in this world" "all over" I sadly replied him.

"So that's the reason for your this f**king decision" he asked in disbelief & closed his eyes for a second & run his hands through his hair to control his anger.

"Nothing is over! you are still alive & safe! This is gonna be your new beginning! Face your problems & fight over it!! Im here to help you! Give your hand" he said hopefully.

"Yes! Suicide is not a solution for any problem, I m not gonna act like a coward anymore, I ll face the world & fight my problems" I said confidently & took his hand & stood up with new hope.

"That really nice" he said with a smile & hugged me in a friendly manner & I hugged him back!

"if u don't mind u can stay with me in my house until you stand on your own" he offers politely.

"Um.. okay!" I accepted immediately because I trust him to stay with him after all he saved my precious life. He was shocked & surprised but dint say anything & he took me to his car.


"Hi, I m Rishab kundra aka RK" he gave his left hand for shake & in right hand he was holding the steering.

"Hi, I m Madhubala aka madhu" I shake his left hand with my left hand & we smiled pleasantly.

We remained silent throughout the drive & he stopped his car in front a huge mansion "RK mansion". He parked the car & quickly came around to the passenger side & opened the door for me.


We both stepped into his house & I could see no one in his house.

"this is my hide out" & come I will show you your room" he gave his hand to me.

"Um.. ah" I stammer & my eyes are searching for some elders in the house.

"What??" he asked confused.

"um.. your parents??" "wont they question you for bringing a strange girl to home.

"I m an orphan, Madhu" "I don't have anyone like you" " I had lost my parents when I was 4 yrs old in a car accident & I was brought up in an orphanage & I studied MBA & struggled a lot to enter into the business world but now I m doing good in my business with God's grace & my parents blessing" he briefed his entire story to me with pain in his eyes & I started with my waterworks again.

"hey! Why are you crying? , What's wrong?" he questioned with worried eyes.

"No! I m sorry" "you had lost your parents at a very young age but you are here owning your own empire" "I m so proud of you & so ashamed of me!!

I m 21 yrs old & I couldn't stand on my own & took such hasty decision, I m too weak" I shut my eyes to stop my free flowing tear falls.

"Madhu! You are not weak! You are too strong to face death but I want you to be even more strong to face the world" he consoled me with his warm words & I m overwhelmed & I run into his arms & hugged him tight & a moment later he hugged me back.


"Come I will show your room, you go freshen up & come, I ll wait for you in the dining table"

"But I don't have anything to change" I asked.

"Don't worry! Time being can you adjust with my T-shirt & track pants? Then by evening I ll take you to shopping & you can buy dresses & whatever stuff you want" he asked.

I nod my head in reply & gave a smile to show my gratitude & he smiled at me.

After shower, I got dressed in his cloths & headed towards the dining table & he was waiting for me near the kitchen counter!

"Hi" I murmur.

"hi" "you look fresh & lively" he said in an appreciative tone.


"Can I ask you something?" he asked me.

Oh! What he want to ask??

"yeah! Sure!" I replied.

"Why did you accept to come with me readily? How could you trust a stranger? You are not afraid of staying with me alone?"

"Because you "slapped" me" I replied.

"What?" he asked confused.

"Yes!! I trusted you because you slapped me! You dint act nice to attract me! You were true to your own knowledge! You saved my life! You gave my hopes to live! I m no more alone! You are my medicine for my pain! You are an angel in my life! You are my God's sent Gift! Thank you so much for everything!! I hugged him with happy tears flowing from my eyes & he hugged me back.

"I m so glad to hear these words from you & I m also no more alone!

But I really feel guilty for slapping you hard! I have never ever touched a girl but I sl..."



"Why did you slapped me" he asked with wide eyes.

"Now you no need to feel guilty for slapping me because I slapped you back" I said as matter of fact.

"Yeah! You are right! Now I feel much better but my side is burning! You really slapped me hard" mummy!! Its aching!!

"So you do" I snaps.

"Sorry! I wont hurt u ever again in my life" he said with eyes full of promises.

"Sorry! Even I wont burn ur cheeks with my fire filled hand!!" & we both laughed.

"Come lets have dinner" he moved towards the table & I sat opposite to him.

"you know to cook" I asked.

"Yeah! I know to cook! Do you like my paneer pulav & gobi fry"

"I love it" I smile.

"Thanks" he smiles back.

"Can I ask you for a favour?" I asked hesitantly.


"I m a graduate!! Could you get me a job for me!

"you don't want to study further?"

"Yes! I do want to study further but I want to earn first & later I can proceed with my MBA plan"

"Oh! You wanna do MBA!! That's nice!! Then You are joining college to do MBA & after that if you wish to work you can work in my company" he coolly replied.

"No! I don't want to trouble you anymore, please" I tried to reason.

"You are not troubling me & I have enough wealth to afford for your studies"

"why you wanna do this to me"

"because I can" he replied


"End of discussion madhu" he cuts me off & pointed his hands towards my plate to eat.

"Okay!" I murmured & went back to concentrate n my food.


"Madhu, you go take some rest & get ready by 6pm, we will go to shopping & will have the dinner outside"

I nod.


After shopping we had our dinner in a restaurant & headed straight to his mansion.

He carried my shopping bags for me to the room.

He was about to leave my room but I hold his hand to stop him & said "Thanks RK"

"Anytime Madhu" he smiles at me & I reciprocated it!

"Madhu, make yourself confortable & please don't cry anymore! I cant see you crying!" I could see pure concern in his eyes.

"I promise you I wont cry anymore" i hugged him happily & he hugged me back.

"Good night. Madhu! Tomorrow is a new & happy beginning for you!"

"Good night RK"


Days passed & we became more closer!! I joined the same college in which he studied MBA 4 or 5 yrs ago!! He use to drop me to college & evening his driver will pick me & I will cook dinner for him & in week end he will cook for me & he will take me out to cinemas or for a walk in beach!! Slowly We came to know about each others likes & dislikes!! I find him to be a control freak & over protective! I don't know why he was being so protective & showing so much care & concern towards me! May be I m his only companion & yes! He is my only companion too!! Even I care a lot for him! Sometimes I feel jealous too when I see any other woman close too him!! I like him a lot from the moment he saved my life & I m attracted towards him too! Who will not like this handsome Greek God!! but I couldn't figure out my inner feeling for him I don't know whether its just attraction or more than that!! now I rarely think about my parent though they are still very close to my heart!! I cherish their memories but I dint shed any tears after I promised to RK on my first night at his place.


"Madhu... Wake up & come with me" RK gently calls me near my ears!!

"Umm.. RK where you wanna take me at this time of night? Go & sleep peacefully & let me sleep" I sleepily replied.

"Ah! I squeal. Now I came full awake because He was carrying me in his arms & taking me to the terrace!

"RK.. what are you doing? Put me down, now" I shouted at him.

"Don't shout Madhu! I m not kidnapping you, I m just taking you to the terrace to show you something" "Don't you trust me?"

"I always trust you RK & you know that", " if you want proof I can slap you.. what say??" I teased him.

"No baby no! keep your soft steel hands with you" he showed fake fear! Then he landed me safely to stand on my foot & I bend down to see soft rose petal path leading to the other end of terrace & we walked hand in hand to the gazebo which was decorated with colorful lights & balloons.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR MADHU" RK whispers near my ears & I turned in utter shocK & surprise.

"you remember??'

"I could never forget anything related to you"

"Cut the cake Madhu" he loving says whipping my happy tears.

oh black forest cake! My favorite! He knows that & he knows my birthday too!! How sweet!!

He asked me to make a wish before blowing the candle.

What wish I can make? I know! I know! I want you RK till my end! That's my wish!!

I blew the candles & cut the cake!!

he took a small piece a cake & he fed me & I fed him back & I launched myself & he embraced me!!

"Madhu.. look at those two stars twinkling brightly in sky, those two are you parents watching you happily for you being happy in your life & wishing you happy birthday madhu, they are with you Madhu.. Always" he says holding my arms.

"YES!! They are with in me in my heart!! I love you Mama!! I love you Papa"

"Thank you so muck RK" I hugged him tight to cherish the moment.

"Okay! Where is my birthday gift??" I asked him pulling out from the hug.

"Oh baby! Do you think I ll forget it? This is your gift" he showed me a huge gift box placed near the table where we cut the cake! I rushed to open my gifts & he was watching me lovingly!!

He has gifted me a platinum chain with a diamond pendant, a matching earing to go with it, a platinum bracelet, an anklet, an Ipod, a teddy bear, a snow glow in which a man carrying a woman in his arms like how RK carried me to the terrace, a key?? OMG! a car key & finally a SAREE!! Its really a lovely pink & purple double shade saree. I love it! I love everything!!

"Madhu, do you like your gifts??"

"What like?? Seriously RK I love all the gifts!! Thank you so much for everything! You made my day!! This is my best ever birthday" I hugged him once again & we stood there for a long time hugging but I don't know how long.

"Madhu.. can you come with me to temple today morning?? & I want you to wear the saree & all your accessories which I gifted you now & also I want you to drive me to the temple with your new car"

"Of course RK! I will come with you anywhere!!

"Thank you"

"Thanks to you too"


"Madhu.. Wake up!! You sleepy head... wake up!!" I blink my eyes twice to adjust to the light & I turned smilingly towards RK who was kneeling on floor beside my bed.

"Happy birthday once again baby!"

"Thank you" I smile.

"Go get ready fast! We are going out, I guess you remember where we are going"

"Yep! Give me 10 mins"


"Madhu... are you ready??" RK knocks my door.

"yeah! Coming" I rushed towards the door & opened it!

OMG! he is looking damn hot in his white shirt & blue jean!!

"Madhu... you are looking so beautiful in saree!! You have a lovely sun kissed skin!! I m in awe at you!!" he praised my beauty whole heartedly.

"RK.. are you flirting" I tease him.

"ha ha.. seriously you are outrageously gorgeous & stunning.

"So are you"

"Come lets go" he let his hand out for me & I took it & went with him!!

I drove the car to the temple which is nearer to the cliff where we met first!!

RK & I prayed to God & he has arranged a special puja for my birthday.


After the puja ends we started moving but suddenly he stopped me by holding my hands & I turned to look at him.

"Madhu.. I want to give you one more gift to you"


He took a velvet box from his pant pocket & opened it for me to see!!

It was a Ring!! A heart shaped diamond studded ring!!

I moved towards him but he went on his knees & said "on the day we met you said I m your Gods sent gift but actually you are my Gods sent gift!!

You are my angel!! You are the center of my universe!! I LOVE YOU!! I want to grow old with you!! I wanna make a perfect happy family with you with lots of babies!! WILL YOU MARRY ME??" By the time he complete his confession I started shedding tears!! Without answering him I ran out of the temple & headed towards the cliff.


"Madhu.. stop running" he shouted & ran back to me.

I stopped at the edge of the cliff.

"Madhu... please! Stop crying! Why you came here!! If you don't like me you could say that to me!! I wont force you!! Please.. stop crying!! I cant see tears in your eyes!! He begged me closing his eyes not able to see me & I could see his painful face.

"I LOVE YOU RK" I shouts on top of my voice & its echoed...

He opened his eyes in surprise & I ran into his arms & hugged him tight.

"I love you RK", "I love you so much", "I cant even imagine a life without you!! You are my lifeline!! "you are my everything"

"YES! YES! YES! I WILL MARRY YOU!! We will live together forever & we will make a perfect happy family but not more than two kids" we both started laughing & I slammed my lips on his lips & started kissing passionately showing all our love for each other!! Then we broke the kiss to catch some breathe. He took the ring from the box & slides it in my ring finger & kissed on my knuckles & I kissed him on his cheeks.


"Madhu.. u could have told me this in temple itself! Why you ran here!! For a moment I thought... um.. I got scared!!

"RK.. I m sorry for scaring you but that's not my intentions! Actually I started liking you right from the first day I met you here.. slowly I started growing feeling for you & later I realized I was truly madly & deeply in love with you & thought to confess my love to you here.. the place which changed my life "UPSIDE DOWN"!!         




Thank you all for reading this simple story!!

Please do hit the like button & comment your views!!  


-sudha  Smile





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hi where are you??  long time no see

nice os
ending was superb with upside down
loved this line .. started with my waterworks again.

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thanks for the pm

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nice os

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wow another OS
please keep writing dear

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fianlly am on the first page to give my comment, it was not a simple story, i liked it so much, a very beautiful story, written very nice way.

do write more sudha

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Originally posted by kajal99

hi where are you??  long time no see

hi kaju! i was in a family trip!! only yesterday i returned home!!
missed u & the forum too!!
hope u r doing well!Embarrassed

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mind blowing superb awesome OS

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