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.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2014 at 11:12pm | IP Logged

A corner where all the fantasies, that has been penned down by me. I, myself- Ishani. I have created this corner and, these are all my fantasies. I had been inspired by many beautiful fictional couples and one day, I finally decided to write down. As the time passed, I started many stories. Finally, I decided to keep all these stories together in a corner.

So, all my readers and those who are newly visiting, I am welcoming you in my

Corner   Of Fantasies

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.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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I mainly write on romance. And, I got inspired by some souls of love who introduced me and some of you to the beautiful world of theirs where we can actually break down the walls and imagine freely. No tension, no stress. Nothing...

Only Love.

 ManEet (Maan-Geet)
 SaJan (Samrat-Gunjan)
ArShi (Arnav-Khushi)
TaaRey (Taani-Rey)

I could write on only one, TaaRey and
ArShi.If I can manage, I will try to write on other beautiful couples too.

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.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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[Click on the name,You will be taken to the post where story has been posted, this applies for all the section.]
 My very first one shot I had tried with all my might. People gave good response. It was really different experience to fit and execute the story of two beautiful people in some few words. A simple girl and a handsome boy who are so much in love. But, there are so many insecurities and finally, one day all the doubts cleared with a  very sweet starting. A tale of two everlasting souls.

The Saturday Night

It's my second OS. A tale of two people who belongs to one world which is dangerous. There is lust, love and danger. Still, In the very first meet, they can't resist each other and fall in love with each other, vowed to stay together and hope for the best in near future. That, Saturday Night changed everything about their life. 

Their FirstRain 
This is the story on a married couple. An arrange marriage, both love each other with passion. But, none of them get time to express the feelings. One day, they get the moment they always wanted to have. They get their first rain. 

May be in future, I will write more OS. :) 

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.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Status: On Going
Genre: Romance 
This is my first story in Writer's corner section. 
Kayla is been always conscious about her body. She is bit healthy. And, being healthy and nerd, she is always been bullied. She has a talent but, due to her body issue, she kept it secret. What happened, when the sexy, hot bad boy Tayler  which is her bully come to know about her talent?

'A life changing Project..'
Status: On Going
Genre: Romance.
This is the story of an alone girl Ava James who kept tranffering from one city to another. An alone girl with no friends, a drunken mom. Her life is all dull. But, on the first day of her new school, she bumps with a very popular guy, named, Nicolas O'Brien. They get tied because of some project. And, that project just changes everything. A life changing project..

Status: On Going
Genre: Romance.
There are many quotes, shayaris, proposes you will find on internet, in your own friend circle, in your surroundings. The lovey-dovey talk. "Baby, I love you." "Shonu...I missh you." "I love you na baby.." etc, etc. We profess our love, show our affection, gratitude in some words. But, what if those words will just vanish into air?

Are all those emotions, depend on words? No. 
Certainly, No. 

Love is the most beautiful, deepest feeling. 
It can profess in words, magnificently. Words will be on shortage, if try to put the love in words.

But, when it comes to feel the love. Everything just nothing in front of that precious, amazing feeling. Words aren't important for professing your love. 

The emotions you feel for each other are enough to send the message.  And, this is what we are going to see, a tale of two people.

Taani Shekhawat, Sister of Swayam who unfortunately can't talk (dumb). She is mute, it was from the day she born. 
She never thought in her wildest dream that she will meet a boy who will swoon her world and love her unconditionally. 
Rey Singhania. 
The best friend and business partner of Rey, who's word stops when his eyes falls on her. The innocent, mute girl who can't talk but he still can understand her.. feel her emotions. 

A tale of guy and a mute girl. 
There is always someone waiting for us, who will accept the way we are, love the way we are. 

Rey and Taani will fall for each other,
This is the tale of their blooming,
Silent Love.


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.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Status:On Going
This is my very first story. This is my actually dream story. 
This is the tale of two people who loves to irritate each other, tease each other and they happens to be the boss and secretary. This is the tale of Taani and Rey who don't know each other. But, Rey is BFF of Taani's Bhai, Swayam. They are unaware to this fact. They know, they have something really special in them. They have the dazzling chemistry, unconditional love, passion. There are rapid flickers of emotions. Their journey isn't simple. There were so many complications, they have succeed to come across it.
But, now the question is left.
What happens when Swayam gets to know, about their relationship?
Will he be ok when he discovers that his BFF and his little sister are in relationship?

Status: On Going
Genre: Romance.
This is the tale of two individuals who get dragged with each other by circumstance and horrid situations. Taani is a dancer and still struggling for the career while, Rey is a superstar and love his girlfriend, Kia lot. After the night, when he proposed her, the next day he get a phone call, saying that she is getting engaged to his best buddy, Raj. Raj happens to be Taani's Bhai. Raj is a successful industrialist and outside world don't have slightest clue that he has a sister. Kia painted a false picture in front of Taani who believed her and helped them in engagement but arrival of Rey in engagement exposes every ugly color of Kia. Rey feeling betryaled planned the revenge, by marrying Raj's sister, Taani. And, their journey starts... They both felt a urge to be together with each other, but the hurt, ego, past, hate restrains them. This story shows the different colors of your relatives whom you assumed to be your only thing as a family. Rey and Taani have to fight to overcome their fear, devils to love each other, unconditionally.  

Status:On Going.
Warning: [16+ Readers are allowed.]
This is the tale of three souls.Tanaya  Eliot , a college student in an forced relationship with her drug-addicted, jealous boyfriend,Dev. One night, Dev crosses his limit which makes Tanaya leave away from him.
Rey Hardwick, a successful CEO of Oil Refinery Companies but, unfortunately an unsuccessful husband and a father. A forced marriage which comes to an end with an innocent 2 and half year old, Nick. After discovering that Kate, Rey's wife not anymore interested in Nick and Rey. She divorced and left them forever.
Nick is struggling  for Rey's attention. But, after betrayal of his own wife, he is making himself busy in work. To look after Nick, Rey needs a 24hrs babysitter. Rey's sister, Raveena gave an  advertise in newspaper for a babysitter. In search of a job and need of money, Tanaya applies for a baby-sitter and enters into Rey and Nick's lives.
Tanaya gets a complete peace and joy when little Nick becomes like a part of her life. Tanaya is a perfect and trustful woman and Rey is perfect gentleman. They both are the perfect person who needs each other in their lives. Rey gets a babysitter who can take care of Nick  and give him love like his own mother- he gets Tanaya.
But, what about Rey? When he will realize that he needs a woman which will care for him and love him? When will Tanaya will realize that she needs  safety and care in her life? They are both perfect for each other.
They think, they are attracted to each other. But, will they ever find out that the feeling which is termed as "attraction" to them is actual"LOVE?"
Will these two broken hearts can be one? Will little Nick can heal them and make them together?
And,What will happen if their pasts comes back to them? Will they be together till the end?

Ishq Yeh Kaisa Imtehaan Hain..

Status: On Going
Genre: Romance.

A story revolves around two contrasting indivisiuals . A girl, who belongs to a small town and a hunk dude, who belongs to a city. 

What will happen, If they have to tie up In the rituals of marriage? Is there any possibilities of existence of this relationship? Is there any guarantee that the two souls will ever be one? Will they fall in love ever with each other? 

What will happen, If they don't understand each other? What will happen, If they don't realize the reality at the right time? Will they live forever together? Or Will they leave far away from each other?

In this case, what will happen, If faith starts playing with them?

Let's see their journey in different types of circumstances.

Presenting You a very unique story of Two Souls.

The Wild City

Status: On Going
Genre: Romance, Supernaturals.  

A city, which is hidden ,deep inside the last part of the forest. This city doesn't even exist for humans. The city where, all supernatural power comes together. It is a very dangerous. A complete dark, mysterious, that can take away your last breath.
Then, what happens when a mere weak human enters this city?

Taani Wilson remembered only the last thing that she was running into a dark forest to save her life. The next thing she knew, she bumped to someone, her vision was blurred and then all went black. She was drawn in darkness. When she opens her eyes, she found herself  in a city which is not for the humans.

The city of Werewolves.

The more she gets scared, when she get to know that she was bumped to the most dangerous, ruthless Alpha, Rey Slade.

He is dangerous. More dangerous for the humans. But, Taani felt like she is drawn to him. She is going in a deep danger. He kills humans. But, he didn't kill her.


There is a vampire who wants Taani. Who wants Taani's blood. He is carving for her blood, her screams.
Taani had a given a chance to escape from this city. But, she refuses. She is dragging herself in a deep mystery which can take her life.

How she is going to survive with her human abilities against supernatural powers?
Is there anyone, who is going to protect her?

Answer is,
The only one person. Alpha Rey Slade.

But, why? And, mainly How?

 There is so much hidden in this city. These secrets going to affect Taani and Rey

To find out, Read and Follow.

The Wild City.  


Behind Those Eyes...

Status: On Going
Genre: Romance, Mysterious, Thriller.
Some people says, Our eyes are more expressive than our facial expression. Eyes speaks volume of your soul. Even if you are good at masking your expressions, your eyes speak the truth. 

And, when it comes to Fear, those eyes just speaks everything...

Khushi Gupta, a sweet 22 years young woman with intelligence and beauty. Her life was normal, safe and at least peaceful...

But, on one night, everything changes...

She saw something that puts her in danger. 

Khushi's simple life didn't remained normal, safe as it used to be. 
That night kept haunting her nights, stole her sleep...

She chose to close her eyes, close those horrible memories. 

With a new determination, she left everything and come all the way, to Mumbai,

for a job, for a new life. 

And, there she bumps into Arnav Singh Raizada. 

CEO of Raizada Oil Ind. 

There is something about him that just pulls her towards him. He is a complete reserved person, no one dares to cross his path. 

People says,
"That man's heart is dead. It doesn't beat anymore, there are no emotions when it comes to Arnav Singh Raizada."

Arnav happens to be the CEO of enemy's company.

Their every meet frightened her but made her curious also. 

They both try to keep themselves away from each other. But, they always end up, attracted towards each other like the two opposite poles of magnet. 

There is something connection between them...

which is filled with danger.

There are rapid flickers of emotions.

How both will survive, when they will discover each others pasts and discovers that they are connected by their past, their present and may be... future. 

In the process, will Khushi can make the dead heart again alive? 

This is the tale of those two people who can do anything for each other, you can't even imagine. 

It all starts when.. 

Arnav vows to chase behind those closed eyes...

This is my collection of fanfic. 

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I have so many people for dedication. But, I can't put all name. So, I am not putting anyone's name. Because, there are many many many people. I want to dedicate to all my readers who read my stories and bear with me, you guys are amazing. Really. I never imagined that I will ever write. I swear, yes I had a stupid dream of writing one day. That I thought in my childhood. You see, I am from Marathi Medium school and In Marathi language, the art is just amazing. That is the only language in which all the history of Maharashtra was written, it was used in the great time of Shivaji Maharaj. So, Marathi language has variations when it comes to the art of language and so. I used to be good in essays and all the stuff. But, I never tried to write in English and I admit my first attempt was really poor. I got on my feets only because you guys gave me support and didn't bash me. 

I am really thankful to all those amazing people who encouraged me, gave me support, bear with my mood swings and my legkichofying.

Thank you so much to all of you...

You guys are like my family.. 

Love you all.. :)

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