Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


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      Hi everyone,
I don't know when i am writing stories new new ideas are coming to my mind. What i will do. These is a story based on a malyalam movie. And these is one of my favourite movie. These is starred by Mohanlal famous actor in malayalam. So these is an OS on Virman. I want to tell you all that these is not a love story of a man and girl. But it's a story between a GRAND MOTHER and a GRAND DAUGHTER. I hope u will enjoy these and will support me. So here is the character sketch
of these story.

Character Sketch:
Madhuri Diwaan:a widow living in the village in Shimla by herself. People always make fun of her because she is grumpy and depressed due to her husband's and her only child's death. Hate her soninlaw. Children irritate her by ringing her doorbell and running away.
Manvi Chaudary:Grand daughter of Madhuri and daughter of  Maanav Chaudari. She is nauhgty and prank master. She is a girl with full of life. She loves everyone around her and favourite masti is to do fun. She is from Mumbai.
Virat Vadera: A boy in the village where Madhuri is living. He is a flirt type boy. He is the neighbour of Madhuri. He is a man of masthi and full of life.
Maanav Chaudhari:Father of Manvi and love her a lot. He can do any thing for his only child Manvi.  

Here is the story begins.  It's only have one part and if any one want a extra part you can tell me and i will do my best. No more talking. Now enjoy...

                                           PART 1
A small village in Shimla. There is Madhuri living. A lady of her own rules and likes. Every one in the village makes fun of her because of her grumpy and depressed nature. But she ignores everyone and leading a peaceful life but inside she is carving for some one and hating some one most. In her house there is a door bell and children in the village makes fun by ringing it and when she comes there they will run away. But she will not remove it. To her next house there lived a young handsome boy named Virat. He also irritate these poor soul by putting loud rap music and dancing. He have mother named Vanshika and she has given every freedom to her child.
One day evening again the door bell ringed and Madhuri become angry by thinking about the children and she grabbed a knife to frighten that children. She opened the door with knife but she become stunned by seeing a girl of early 20s standing their smiling.
Manvi:What is this nani , you are welcoming your guest with knife. Is that your tradition in Shimla. Anyway I have long time to study these type of funny traditions.
With that she take all her bags and begin to enter in to the house. But here Madhuri is looking angry and amazed.
Manvi:Could you please move some Nani.
With that she entered in the house with her bags.  
Madhuri:Who are you and why are you calling me Nani. 
Manvi:Arey nani I am Manvi your one and only daughter Hema ki beti. Don't you remember me?
Madhuri:I don't know any one named Manvi and get out of my house.
Manvi:No I will not because i know you are my grand mother and your house is these. One minute Nani, wow my moms photo. She is looking so beautiful in these photo.
Madhuri:You don't touch my daughter's photo and get out from my house. 
Manvi:No way nani...
With that she run to upstairs and closed her the door behind her.
At night,
Madhuri is preparing food and totally ignoring Manvi. Manvi tries to speak with her and she is damn huangry too. But Madhuri is ignoring her and she is preparing food and eating by herself.
Then again the door bell rang and Madhuri is totally ignoring it. By seeing these Manvi opened the door and find no one their. But she saw some one running after ringing the bell . So she pretend to close the door. And she hide herself behind it. They again come and began to ring the bell but Manvi caught them and take them to Madhuri. But she totally ignored it.
Manvi:Is these nani or any iron lady. Oh i helped her to caught them and she is not looking once at me. Oh i will die now because of these stupid hunger.
Manvi then look at the three boys infront of her and she saw something with her eyes to them and they under stood it.  After sometime she wnt to upstairs and the boys come to her room via balcony.
Manvi:O0h atlast you come. 
Boy 1:But we don't know you and you are very very elder than as.
Boy2:So tell us who are you .
Boy3:And what is your name?
Manvi:Ok i wil answer to your each and every question but first i want some food. Will you please help me ?
Boy1:Hmmm ok.
He went from there and he came after 5 mints with food in his hand. She take it immediately and begin to eat it. After the food,
Manvi:Now i will answer to your questions. So answer for first question i am from Mumbai and now i am here for enjoying my life with my grand mother. And then answer for second question I am Manvi Chaudhari and you are...
Boy 1: I am Manu
Boy 2: I am Tanu
Boy 3: I am Hinu
Manu:We are living there(pointing to a near by house)with our father and we have no mother. Our father is a teacher in college and very arrogant.
Manvi:Oh i love you all and from now onwards can we be freinds.
All:Sure diii
Manvi:Then i will give you some gift ok.
All:Ok Smile
Manvi took so many gift an give to them and they bid good bye. After that she went to downstairs.
To seak attention from Madhuri  she talked loudly...
Manvi:Oh god... i am wondering about my nani's neihbours how they are handling you. Oh god why i come here i have so many places other than these but i chossed my nani more than any one .Hmmm
Madhuri:AngryStop it . I f you want to live here go away. I didn't beg you to come here naa then why are you here go from here.
With that she go to upstairs and came with Manvi's bags and throw it away out of house.  And pulled her too out of the house and she closed the door. Here Mani begin to knock the door loudly and after that she walked away from there. Here Madhuri feels ver sad after throwing her out of the house. She took one light and go to search her. After some time she found Manvi sitting under a tree. By seeing her Manvi smiled widely but she hide it.
Madhuri: Come let's go home.
Manvi:No i will not .
Madhuri:Come please I love you alot my baby come to me.
Manvi: (Smiling widely)I know that you will come to take me back.
Madhuri:Then why did you first tell that you are not coming?
Manvi:Hmm because i am your grand daughter naa then how will i come in one call. Then i will haar na.
Madhuri:Oh my sweety i love you so much.
Manvi:Then why don't you ignore me first?
Madhuri:CryBecause I am afraid afraid that u also will go away from me like your mom and dad done. You know what my daughter died because of him your dad, and he keep my daughter away from me
and treated like a slave and i lost my daughter for ever.So Manvi please promise me infront of God that you will not leave from me if you father comes to take you also.
Manvi:Cry No nani i will not. I will not go any where from you.
After that day both lived for each other. Manvi decided to change the lonely life of her nani with flowers, music and her pranks etc.
Next morning, In virat's house,
As everyday he switch on his Cd player and started to dance in high volume. After some time he heard a loud classical music from Madhuri's house. He can see Manvi's room from his room. And when he heared these music he looked towards that sound and found a beautiful name is dancing on that song beautifully. But Virat is Virat he increased the volume of his song then manvi also do the same nd it continued and but Virat can't see her face. After some time he saw a face coming towards the window and he got scared by seeing her because she is wearing a devil mask. Manvi understand that he got scared and she removed her mask .
Virat:Wow beautiful but who is she .Is she any pane guest or some thing but any way i like her. She is intresting but i will not leave you.
Manvi with her new friends started to decorate her house by planting flowers and all. 
Manvi:Hey do you know the place for buying variety flowers?
Manu:Di here there is no shop but i know one place ...
Tanu:But he will not give us ...
Manvi:Why? But we can try naa o and ask to him and by the way who is he and where is he living?
Hinu:Di he is Virat Vadera and he have a beautiful yellow rose in his house and he is living here only di.(pointing to her nearby house).
Manvi:Ok then u all go and ask.
In Virat's house, they all are standing infront of him.
Virat:No way i wil not give you and to your new dii.
Manu:Please bhai...
Virat:After she come you all are in her side and no one knows me naa. So i will not give you.
Tanu:Please bhai...
Virat:Ok then i will give you only in one condition.
Hinu:Whatz that condition bhai.
Virat:Tell your Manvi di to come and ask me then i will give.
Manu:Ok we will tell.
In Manvi's house,
Manvi:Oh he told me to come and ask him. Then ok i will go.
Manu:But di be careful he is very dangerous.
Manvi:If he is dangerous then i am also not less than him.
Manvi in Virat's house by wearing a spectacle,
Manvi:Hi i am Manvi and can you giveme that yellow rose please.
Virat:oh i want to think about it but why are you wearing that glass here inside the house.
Manvi:Oh these spects are special if we wear these spects we can't see the dresses people wearing.
By these statement hr stand up from his chair and
Virat:What do you mean by that...
Manvi:That means now I am only seeing your naked body without any dress.
With these statemen he run from their and cover himself behind thre chair.
Virat:No these is not true. I will not believe these.
Manvi:Then don't believe but i am saying the truth. I am here for that yellow rose and can you give that immediatelyy. Other wise I will sit here like these whole day.
Virat:Sure why not you can take it and please go from here i have some work(Still hiding behind the chair)
Manvi:Ok and thankyou.Wink
After some time one friend of Virat come to his house immediately with Manvi's spects. Yes they stoled that spects.
Virat:I will put it first.
Freind:No i will...
Vanshika:Why are you two making these much noice and what is that in your hand Virat. Show me
Virat:Nothing mom (But VANSHIKA TOOK IT and she wore it)
With that Virat and his friend started to run and hide.
Vanshika:Wow very nice spects and i am loving it.
Virat:Mom you can see everything clearly .
Vanshika:Haa i can
Pointing towards his shirt sleev 
Virat:Can you see these sleev mom
Vanshika:Yeah i can see . You are wearing a blue shirt naa. I can see every thing clearly.
With that Vanshika went from there .
Virat:So she cheated me. I will not leave her. Manvi you are going to see who i am.
Other side in Manvi's house,
Manvi:Nnai, what are you doing why are you removing that door bell.
Madhuri:Because now it has no use here. It is for you. I was waiting for you fro last 19 years and i know one day you will come and ring these bell. Now you are with me naa then what is the use of these.
Manvi:Nani i love you so much and diwaali is coming so we want to celebrate it with so many lights and crackers ok;
At Diwaali night,
All are celebrating with a new energy and happiness. After so many years Madhuri is in her full form. After some time Virat come their and give a gift packet to Manvi.
Virat:These for you Manvi.
Manvi:So sweet of you Virat and but why are you giving gift for me.
Virat:Because first i denied to give you yellow roses naa. that is why,. So please accept it. These are some crackers.
Manvi:Ok thanku so much.
After that Virat went from their and started to watch mANVI FROM INSIDE HIS ROOM.
Virat:Wow she is going to take that crackers gifted by me. Oh i want to see that.
After some time he heared a loud sound from Manvi's house and he rushed to their and get shock of his life. Manvi is badly injured.
They take Mmani to hospital. After some days she got discharged and Virat come to see her.
Manvi:Hey why Shimla ka hero's face is dull . What happened?
Virat:I am sorry Manvi for a funny revenge i do it but i don't know that they are original small bombs. 
Manvi:Oh that ... no problem for that and i kow i deserved it. Don't worry for that. Hey i have an idea.
Virat:Can we be friends...
Virat:Oh sorry what did you say?
Manvi :Nothing and that was my idea.  No problem we can be friends.
From that day they two become friends and friends to best friends but for Virat it is becoming another feeling feeling of love yeah he started to love her.
After some days,
A stranger come in Madhuri's house and started to knock on the road.
Madhuri(poened the door and get shock):You ,, why are you here?
Maanav:Ma i am here to take back my child.
Madhuri:No don't call me ma and your child is not here . Only my grand child is here and that is Manvi.
Maanv:I want to see her . I want to talk to her.
Madhuri:No i will not allow you to meet her.
At that time Manvi was with Virat in his house and by hearing the loud voice they both came out and she saw her dad standing and begging infront of her nani.
Virat:What he is your dad . Come we can meet him. 
Manvi:No i will not... (with that she went inside by running and breathing heavily)with that Virat get some thing fisshy but he ignored it because he know all the matter about her nani and papa.
After some days one of Virat's friend come from Mumbai and he found Manvi playing with children.
Freind:Is that Manvi naa?
Virat:Yeah how you know about her.
Friend:She was a patient in our hospital and for last three months we were searching for her because she escaped from hospital,
Virat:What noo i think you are wrong.
Freind:No i am 100 cent sure and she is amazing. A person will get half dead by thinking about these decease but she is too strong and she is a laughing machine who will laugh and who will make laughs in other's face also.
Virat:Whatz her problem?
Friend:She has brain tumour  and she is a dieing person. If we do a surgery immediately then there will be chances for her survival but she will not do that.
Virat's pov
With that news Virat become numb and he don't know what to do. Yes he want her want for his wholelife and now what he will do. He want to do some thing something urgently to get her back.
But what he will do if any thing happens to her. NoOO it will not happen. I will not let any thing happen to her. I want to be strong now atleast infront of her and he have a ditermination in his face.
In Manvi's house she is looking at her father's photo and crying and then her nani saw that she bacame angry.

Madhuri:Angry Manvi so you where cheating me like your father. Yes i know i know that you aree also same like him.
Manvi:Nani please stop it and don't say any thing about my dad.
Madhuri:Why i will say. If you want to stay with him then why you come here . I know you people are after my money. First he send his daughter and second he came . I know everything.
Manvi:AngryNo you don;t know any thing (with that he took one small bag and opened it and with that force so many medicines fall on floor) U know what nani these is meicines these are not for to survive but it is only for reducing my pain. Yes i have brain tumour
but  nani don't say any thing about my dad because he loves me a lot he loves my mom a lot and he loves you a lot.
Why nani why you always go behind my mom. After marriage she should be with my dad naa. But you where insecure insecure to give my mom to my dad and my dad understood these and he himself wrote letter to you that my mom is humiliated by him. Why?
Because he understood your feelings.
 Madhuri:What did you say? Is that true? You have
Manvi:CryHaa nani i have and dad come to take me for one operation.
Madhuri:CryThen why are you not going back baby?
Manvi:No nani i promised infront of God that i will nott go away from you. Then how i will and i know i come here to die on my nani's lap. Do you know what nani my mum is here and she will protect me. 
Manvi:CryNo buts nani, and don't send me away nani
Madhuri:Cry No you don't want to go anywhere baby.
After that day they enjoyed alot and at night in Virat's house,
Madhuri:(To virat) Tell Manvi's dad to come and pick her at 10:30 pm and she will not come by herself. So i will give her sleeping pills and after that you can take her. Give these to Manvi's dad these are my properties and these is for Manvi. And tell him to forgive for my mistakes. And atlast tell Manvi not to die when i am living like these.(Her dad is hearing all these and he is standing just behind him).
In manvi's house she is playing piano.
Manvi:Where were you nani?
Madhuri: I was just outside .Manvi eat some thing naa
Manvi:No nani i am not feeling any thing to eat.
Madhhuri:Atleast some soup my baby
Manvi:Ok nani.
Madhuri began to make soup and she added sleeping pills on it.
Madhuri:Manvi come have some soup.
Manvi:Ok nani.
Madhuri:I will give you with my own hands.
With that she feeds her and after some time she feel sleepy and she heared some noices outside.(It;s 10:15 and it's the sound of vehicle)
Manvi:Whatz that nani?
Madhuri:Nothing baby
Manvi:Nani i am feeling scares now if any thing happens to me..
Madhuri(cut her words):Nothing will happen to you . I am with you naa . Come we can sleep.
After some time she slept in her nani's lap and Madhuri come outside after she fall asleep.
Madhuri:She is asleep now and you can take her.
They all nodded and they took Manvi in strether and keep her in ambulance with all equipments. After these Virat rush to her room and take her bag and in one bag he put all his collection of rose. and a letter in it.(that's a secret letter and don't ask me anything about it) and he keep that also with her in a ditermination in his face. When he looked back Madhuri is no where to seen.
Maanav:Thanks for every thing and tell ma to forgive me to. I know she don't like to see me. Bye. I don't know my Mannu will be with me or not after these operation and with that he went away.
Her Virat is looking that vehicle and he know she will come back to him but after her dad's words he felt some thing in his heart and a sound seak  his attention to Madhuri's house. Yes she is putting that door bell for her. Now every thing is perfect.
She will come back.
Virat:I know you will come back not only for me but for your nani too.
From that day they are waiting for her...


So how was it. If you need one more part i want atleast 30 likes or  i will end in these way. If you like these please hit like button and comment on it. Hope you all  like it.Smile

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nice update u know while reading
this I fell same payal film update

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hii , its really nyc . Hmmm , cn i ask u one thing ?? Do u write this story based on any movie ?

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Awesome update...
Loved it...
It really look interesting...
Update soon...
Cant wait for the next update...

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Awesome updates
Hey dear r u malayalee
I mean keralite

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Romance is less bt i realy like this story

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like it

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