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PhAb/JayGun Shelter|Tere Sang Beete Har Lamhe Pe Humko Naaz Hai

Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 11:51am | IP Logged
AbhayPhulwa Appreciation Thread #30

This thread is open to all. If you are a crazy PhAb fan or just starting to fall for them then you are most welcome here. 
Discuss, drool and dream about PhAb endlessly here!

Newbies: Welcome aboard! Hnope we get to see more of you each day and our little PhAb family keeps increasing. :)

Oldies: Congrats! We made it this far. Better see you around everyday. ;)



1.    All the discussion carried out here should be related to the characters of the show only.

2.    This is a PhAb/JayGun Appreciation Thread so if you don't have anything nice to say about them I suggest you stay out.

3.    You can discuss about Ajay & Sargun but no bashing or any personal remarks.

4.    No bashing of any character/ actor or any other member.

5.    Criticism is allowed but it should be constructive and in a healthy way.

6.    Keep personal chatting to a minimum.

7.    Follow the IF's COC. 


Banner: Allbut1  

Credit- Ameres

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Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 March 2008
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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 11:53am | IP Logged
PhAb Journey

Character Sketch

Text Credit: Vita93 & Ameres

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Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

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Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 March 2008
Posts: 21667

Posted: 20 June 2014 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Shatru's Entry in show

Abhay's meets Phulwa for the first time as Shatru. 

Drunk Shatru, Phulwa saves Shatrughan from drowning.

The villagers attack Phulwa and Shatru saves her.

Shatru instigates Phulwa to play a game. He sees her laugh for the first time. (6.00) 

Shatru win's Phulwa's trust by putting the gun to thakur's head so that they can escape. (4.15)

Abhay-Phulwa first hug as Shatru-Phulwa.

The phamous Shelter scene. 

Kabila gang suspects Shatru of poisoning Phulwa, she slaps him(7.30)

Phulwa makes Shatru eat food. (7.00)

Shatru meets Aarti, ACP Abhay revealed. Phulwa & Shatru talk.

ShatruPhulwa talk, ACP Abhay Rai Singh Intro

Phulwa dresses up for Shatru.

Phulwa Shatru marriage celebration

Phulwa Shatru double meaning talking. Shatru thinking like ACP Abhay and Phulwa unaware happy.

ACP Abhay revealed infront of Phulwa. Phulwa left heartbroken.

Abhay humiliates Phulwa infront of the entire village. Phulwa broken.

Abhay arrests Phulwa. Abhay in jail mistreats Phulwa harshly.

Abhay revealed as the illegitimate son of Thakur. Phulwa more shocked.

Abhay taunts and insults Phulwa in jail. Phulwa calls him Shatru as she still in shock. (8.00)

Phulwa back with a bang! In yo face Abhay scene. :P Entry of Roshnijee. (9.00 &16.00)

The court trial.

Abhay Phulwa marriage announcement

Abhay Phulwa marriage saga

First Day-

Second Day-

Third Day (Phulwa under ghongat revealed)-

Fourth Day-

Fifth Day (Abhay angry on Arti, Aarti supports Phulwa)-

First day after marriage.

Abhay gives divorce paper to Phulwa (11.20)

The namarad and divorce drama

The supposed attempted rape.

Phulwa scared of Abhay. (9.00)

Abhay Phulwa police station, Phulwa  dressed up as bride. (3.40)

Phulwa decides to show him that despite being her husband, he should never abuse his right and scare her to his bidding.

Phulwa blamed for stealing. And she retorts back leaving them speechless.

Abhay talks about his mother with Phulwa.

Abhay Phulwa confront over the old lady land issue.

Abhay becomes Joint. Comm. Phulwa gives donation on behalf of Thakur. 14th Dec

Jewelry selection and AP picture scene 15th Dec (5.35)

16th Dec

Maha Episode. 18th Dec

Abhay feeds cake to Phulwa. She bites his finger and more!

Abhays act on 'Ek Haseena Thi' aka Devdas act and Phulwa supporting him.

Abhay confesses his love for Aarti, Phulwa broken. 21st Dec

Gauri fiasco, few AP scenes. 22nd Dec

Gauri drama continues, the famous 'danda' scene. 23rd Dec (17.50)

AP in station, Phulwa gets Gauri bailed out. 26th Dec

Abhay confronting Kul, says sorry to Gauri 27th Dec

The terrace scene, Abhay carries Phulwa to room.

AP cute yoga scene. (2.15)

Abhay hungry, Cute kitchen and apple scene. (11.35)

Phulwa cooks for Abhay, happy to see him happy

Abhay mesmerized on seeing Phulwa dressed for the party. (12.00)

The awesome drive, walk back home epi!

The fire, Abhay saving Phulwa and realization for Abhay. Best hand holding scene @19.00

Phulwa waking up to see Abhay sleeping holding her hand, Dr. Loves speech and Phulwa realization. (@8.10)

Abhays confusion and inner turmoil. (@ 7.30)

Abhay at station, AP's wait, their practice, Abhay goes to meet Phulwa in hospital.(@8.30)

AP's cute moments, Abhays first gift for Phulwa. (@0.00) AP's phone convo (@15.00)

AP remembering the moments spend together. Abhay confused over new feelings. 

Abhay decrortes Phulwa's room. (@4.50),  AP think about each other ORP play on radio(@10.05)

Abhay resuces Phulwa after kidnap in the jungle. Maang, AP scene.(24th Jan)

Abhay saves Phulwa by sucking out poison. (25th Jan)

Phulwa pronounced dead. Abhay repents. (26th Jan)

Abhay brings Phulwa back from the dead by the power of love. (27th Jan)

Abhay confronts Thakur about kidnapping Phulwa (30th Jan)

Abhay confronts Thakur, AP chai scene (31st Jan)

AP breakfast table 1st FEb

Abhay hears Thakur truth. Abhay broken. 6th Feb

Abhay in hospital, Phulwa asks Thakur for help. 8th Feb

Thakur agrees to help if Phulwa becomes his servant. 9th feb

Abhay wakes up after the accident. AP scene. (10-Feb)

Abhay fills Phulwa maang. 15th feb

Abhay in hospital, Arjun decides to help Abhay, AP scene. 22nd Feb

Abhay back home, Arjun observes them. 23rd Feb

Money drama 24th Feb

27th Feb

28th Feb

29th Feb

1st March: Abhay moves his hand

2nd March

5th March

6th March

7th March

8th March

9th March Cute Shaving scene

12th March: PhAb SR

13th March

14th March
16th March Last Epi

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Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 March 2008
Posts: 21667

Posted: 20 June 2014 at 11:56am | IP Logged
AbhayPhulwa Terrace promo
Abhay talks about his mother  
Phulwa accused of stealing
Special Epi promo
Phulwa challenges Abhay
AbhayPhulwa marriage promo2
Abhay-Phulwa marriage promo1
Divorce paper and Abhay
Phulwa Shatru sweet promo
Phulwa-Shatru Promo
Phulwa dressed as a man 
Grown up Phulwa


JayGun's Masti on Holi 

SBB- PhAb dream seq

25-1-12-News24- Phulwa is dead Seg

TV9- Abhay cries, JayGun interview

Seg- Kya Wapis Laut Ayigi Phulwa

IBN7 Seg- Phulwa Par Ayi Aafat

SBB- PhAb meeting in Hospital 

SBB-Fire incident and PhAb meeting in hospital

SBB Seg- PhAb drive scenes

E-24 Seg- Phulwa Ne Manaya Christmas 

TV9- Abhay rekindling romance with Phulwa

Tv9 Gujarat - Christmas Celebration on Sets of Phulwa

SBB- Phulwa Ka Mission Jaipur (complete)

SBB Seg- Phulwa Pe Laga Chori Ka Ilzam 

IBN7 Seg- Phulwa helping Old woman

TV9- Phulwa 200 epi celebration 

Phulwa 200 Epi celebration (alt link)

TV9- Phulwa Success Party

IBN7 Seg- Phulwa 200 Epi Celebration 

E24- Phulwa ki success Party

SBB Seg- Abhay attempts rape on Phulwa

TV9 Seg- PhAb Marriage Promo shot

IBN7 Seg- Kaamyaab Hui Phulwa Ki Chaal

SBB- Dacoit Bani Dulhan 

TV9 Seg- Phulwa Bani Dulhan 

TV9 Seg- High Drama in Phulwa-PhAb marriage 

SBB Seg- Kya Ho Jayegi Phulwa ki shadi?

SBB Seg- Majbori Ka Naam Shaadi 

E24- Kaun Karga Phulwa Ki Madaad

E-24 seg- Phulwa Abhay court trial

SBS Seg- Phulwa in love with Shatru 

SBB Seg- Magic on sets of Phulwa 

SBS Seg- Phulwa gets a tatoo 

IBN7 Seg- Phulwa ko hua pyaar

SBB- Phulwa ki love date 

SBS- Ishq mein hai bada risk

IBN7 Seg- Phulwa ki shaadi ka jashan 

IBN7 Seg- Phulwa mein Maha Twist 

IBN7-Phulwa Shatru Play Dandiya

IBN7 Seg- Masti Mein Dabang Phulwa&Shatru

SBB Seg- Shatru saves Phulwa

SBB- Phulwa&Shatru off screen masti, drunk Shatru

SBS- Tees Maar Khan Phulwa

TV9- Daabang of Tellywood in Phulwa 

TV9- Phulwa-Shatru groove to Chamak Challo

TV9-Grown up Phulwa

Young and Grownup Phulwa together

Sargun's Interview- Jaipur Visit

IBN7 phulwa-abhay-katrina fan

 TV9 Ravi & 200 Epi celebration party

IBN7-dailymotion link of 200 epi celebrn-badli-badli si phulwa

TT Sargun & Ajay Interview

TT PhAb Marriage coverage

Sargun Interview

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Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 March 2008
Posts: 21667

Posted: 20 June 2014 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Video Mixes



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Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 March 2008
Posts: 21667

Posted: 20 June 2014 at 11:58am | IP Logged


Link to Previous AT's

AT 1
AT 2
AT 3
AT 4
AT 5
AT 6
AT 7
AT 8
AT 9
AT 10
AT 11
AT 12
AT 13

AT 14

AT 15

AT 16













AT 29

Phulwa Creation Gallery

Phulwa Picture Gallery 

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Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

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