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Writer Lazy... Reader Crazy #Century... Hamesha na... Always *EDITED*

LOLWAsAalu IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 31 January 2012
Posts: 11875

Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Goodness... I can't believe that we, together have hit a century ClapClap Not even a year and we have reached 100 *Hats off* I' would like to present the banner made by Mints23 Hug

So as to be healthy throughout the party, I request everyone to have some juice and take your seats LOL

So, without further delay... Let the Party begin with the Great Arnav Singh Raizada playing the drums for us and Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada giving a performance on 'Desi Girl' Wink


*Whistles* *Whistles* 

Vandana: He is so handsome... Day Dreaming
LOLWA: Oye SaRun, Get out of here... we need to party, everyone is stupefied LOL
Aalu: Behave LOLWA... they are our guests Angry

*Angry ASR leaves with his wife in his arms*
Okay, enough of Drama LOL Now let me host it as a 'Real Host' LOL
Welcome to the Celebration of our First Century Hug

Let me start with how 'WLRC' started. And that is the scrap that started all of these Embarrassed
(As to why Lolwa is down in that scrap, it is because she had no sleep for 48 hours. And the cause is that she was romancing her books LOL Nothing much)

As all of you know, Lolwa is the person who spams a lot and when we got notes from Lazy, to not spam the thread, don't know from where this woman got this thought. Suddenly there popped the above scrap. LOL It was Nine in the evening when she sent me this scrap. I don't recall if I reasoned more or less this. Because this person named AALUSLOLWA deleted all her scraps some months ago and my scrap to her is no more available Ouch I hate you for this LOLWA, I wish I could take back all those memories to all of them present here.

Anyhow people, I would like to throw out my thanksgiving speech.. 

Thank You Zehra a.k.a Lazy for writing 'Love Interrupted' If not for you, I don't think this sensible idea will have ever come on Lolwa's head LOL We love you for that. I would also like to thank the IPK forum DT's, they too are one of the reason for  the birth of 'WLRC' Wink

I never imagined that this CC would get on any farther, when I first made it. But, I was wrong, here we are today on our 100th thread with more than 40 people Shocked Even I knew it now LOLI am grateful to all people here for making us reach 100th thread within 8 months Embarrassed


Now that I have presented my opinions I would like to forward the 'views and the way you joined' interview, held by WLRC team on Sneha a.k.a arsneh's suggestion, Aaluwalia being the interviewer LOL

Firstly, let's here it from the former members... Big smile
Skiran :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

Lolwa Heart and our discussions in LI Heart
I didn't even think for a minute when Lolwa sent me the link to join CC, she made me so comfortable during our chat/discussions in LI Big smile

Your views about WLRC...

View..what do I say? WLRC is the best and I am lucky to have awesome friends all thanks to the trio Aalu-Lolwa-Zehra Smile

Binimoti :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?
Lolwa (We got no more comments further because Binimoti Ma'am was too Lazy to write LOL)

Your views about WLRC...
Well WLRC thread has been one of most good that has happened to me in IF, it was very late when I joined IF, IPK ended ended few months after, I was depressed but Zee's work made IPK alive, once she was ready to live IPK forum I remember but I think Love Interrupted made all the IPK fans together and she did not leave the forum thank God. During that time I made friends like Lolwa, she is the craziest person I have ever been acquainted with, she created this idea of CC and rest we all know how crazily we discuss, chat about our life and yes Zee's writings. Although we have not met there is no verbal chatting but I feel an emotional attachment with this CC and thank you every one For giving me this feeling. Congratulation we crossed hundred although I have not been frequent in CC from few months due to my busy schedule and I am writing this on the pm itself thinking that I would not get time in future but I want to write my view and tell all of you how important all of you are.
It's some Ad time LOL Will meet you back in some seconds Wink Till then, stay tuned...

We are back, ladies and gentle girls, let us here it from the others Embarrassed

Nishu_shorna :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

I'm so glad that when i get the scrap from Aalu or Lolwa (i dont remember who scrapped me, remembering who's who was so confusing back thenEmbarrassed), i dared to be a part of a CC first time, although i havent even known / talked to anyone personally except V Appi before that, only because i love Zehra's writings and didnt wanna miss anything or anyone related to them...Embarrassed Tongue but within a few days this place became my home in I-F...Approve

Your views about WLRC...

Well, WLRC is the place of which i think of first after such long tiring days.. everyone here is crazy, bilkul paagal...Wacko(And look who is telling WackoLOL)yet u can get the best mental support if / when u feel down... whoever might present in CC at that moment, would cheer u up in a moment... Big smile Tongue and it gave me so many friends & sisters...Big smile when this CC's been started, i never thought it would make virtual world like I-F a real place... and it would be a part of my daily life to this extent... but it did...Embarrassed thanks to our Lazy writer and her Crazy readers... we get a perfect combination of SKD & AD together here...Approve love you all for this...Hug

Nirmal1992 :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

I used to spam on li thread, whn lola fwd me d link of wlrc!!...n d rest is history!!...Tongue

Your views about WLRC...

abt cc!!...
oky we were all spamming on li!! un dino ki baat hai!!...LOLLOL
i was a newbie in spamming thn..Wink thn i got pm containing d link of cc from lola..
initially i was nt very confy in talking on cc n all...n thn once i started wid d introduction n thn all d craziinesss started!!...
aahh!!,,,i miss those days!!...i cant come on cc tht much now a days!!...Ouch (We Miss you too Vibha, come back soon Embarrassed)

Vandana.sagar :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

So I was actually spamming on LI when I encountered Lolwa, MK and you spamming, and I thought want fun these girls are...I did not know you all but it was so much fun. 
Then I got this link to a CC and I was about to leave IF as I had just come out of a CC and I had no intentions of getting on to one more, but the very endearing scrap and pm from Lolwa made me changed my mind. And I said let me see what this is all about and then the rest is history, more and more people kept joining and it became a blast, so much so that I was there all the time which is when I invited Mints to join ...slowly slowly all my close friends from IF were there so it soon became like my virtual home. 

Your views about WLRC...

I have had the honour of meeting, interacting and getting to know the most special, funny, warm, witty, talented, creative, selfless, crazy, simple, loyal, genuine and humble people there who now I am proud to call my friends...rather my family. Now a day without the CC and the girls makes me feel incomplete. 
I have received so much from this CC and the members and I feel fortunate and blessed to know each one...people who I have never met ( mostly) but love and respect...hamesha. 

Dee_J :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?
I remember it was sometime around october, that lolwa had scrapped me its link, asking me to join it. I was apprehensive at first, but joined anyways Big smile And I am glad that I did. 

Your views about WLRC...

WLRC, a place which I joined less than 8 months ago, is now like a second home for me. I spend more time over there than I do with my real life friends and familyTongue You guys have given me so much of love, have always lifted up my spirits, in short have become an indispensable part of my lifeStar Thanks a lot aalu and lolwa, for opening this CC and giving me a chance to meet so many wonderful people out there on IF Hug Three cheers for completing a century...Hip hip hurray!Big smile

Iyla :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

Who led me here: I think zehra di. She had posted the link to this CC in one of her updates.Big smile

Your views about WLRC...

My view:

People here are very friendly and very simple. As crazy as simple.LOL (As Chennai's hotness is at it's peak, Iyla Ma'am did not say more Embarrassed)

Mints23 :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

Haila... now that I see, I had joined on 27th October... Lolz!! CC#6...

And then went for a surgery!! Dammit!! Meri yadaash kamjor ho gayi hai!!! Shocked
I joined WLRC in October... the sixth thread. Vandana had been a part of it for a while and she would always keep raving about it. So finally on her insistence I joined, to see a few people I already knew and lots who I am lucky enough to have got to know on IF. Met all you crazy guys, who have been ardent fans of lazy's writing which I love so much and have brightened my life since then. Then I went on a months break for my surgery, and Vandy told me how people on the CC had prayed during my surgery, in spite of not knowing me too well... I was extremely touched.

Your views about WLRC...

This place is like a livewire, bursting with energy and happiness. Every person is unique and so welcoming that a new joiner would never feel left out. You guys made my birthday so memorable that I still cant get over the fact of how much effort you guys put in the surprise! So thanks Vandy for getting me to this wonderful place, which has now hit a century! Congratulations everyone and love you all!! Let the craziness continue...

Avanti :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

vandana.sagar aka my poetica told me to join WLRC. she is a darling <3

Your views about WLRC...

WLRC is a wonderful crazzy cc. people here are funn. I really enjoyed my time here, well, the little time I spent here. Thank you all for that. :)

Ambishikha :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

Reading lazy di ff... where while seeing her post saw this cc... I was warmly welcomed here and soon become a part of the family...

Your views about WLRC...

100 threads wow... great experiance I had, it was a normal sunday I  was here only during my holidays before diwali.

Viji79 :- 

Who invited you to join WLRC? 

 V asked me if I read Lazy's work. I said yes. She asked me to come to CC. I came. I think from 8th thread. 

Your views about WLRC...

Full of wonderful, caring, loving, affectionate and crazy people. Easily my second home on IF.

Hina69 :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

Well I got to know about it from jassi(jas0308) and V di (vandana.sagar).They both invited me in. 

Your views about WLRC...

Wow WLRC's 100th thread!!! Even though i have been there for just few times.I really very much enjoyed chatting and interacting with everyone present there:)
Congo to all members of WLRC for completing a century and thanks to you for the PM

We have more... Stay tuned...

Now, let us here it from the later joiners Embarrassed

Phoenixtears :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

 A bigg hug to Vandana, my VS for introducing me here. She and every member of WLRC are very special to me, love you all Hug

Your views about WLRC...

First of all a very big thanks to creator of this CC for bringing us together! (Oh that's me! Thank You! EmbarrassedLOL)I know a big credit goes to Zehra for writing these wonderful stories. WLRC is like my daily entertainment dose.. always look forward to come here and chat with all of you! Whenever my AD acts pricey and forbids me from popping out on WLRC, its looks like something very important is missing in life! So thank you everyone for making this a lifetime experience.

Ssyahoo :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

Well obviously being a fan's of Lazy's stories was one reason :-)
Plus the great groups of gals that are on the cc 
(When asked for the people who invited... Embarrassed)
I got invited from three people: vandana.sagar, opsyellow, and Barun_Gf

Your views about WLRC...

WLRC is a group comprised of some of the wittiest, funnest, caring, and sweetest gals I know. They are always ready to welcome with open arms. Lovely discussions ranging from Lazy's stories to personal lives, one is guaranteed a gala time in WLRC. I feel so special to be a part of this group, and hope I continue to get to know you all better! I will try my best to come and participate more often, as you gals rock! Hug

Arsneh :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

I came to cc when jas provided me the link when I only chatted with her first time and been hell nervous as earlier i don't have any idea about what CC isLOL Yes yes no idea as well I had only one friend on IF
And the first person interacted with me on cc was Uthra DiLOLAur phir  vandana Di (You helped me a lot by telling about various members varna I mixed up everybody info)LOL Aalu your friendliness confused me earlier pata kyun? Kyonki tu bade pyar se question poochti thi aur sab hanste the and i was like isne hansne wali kaunsi baat poochi 

Your views about WLRC...

I was so happy to be part of CC ke dusre din early morning main aa gayi and met Kavita Di and Kiran Di I love u both the way you made me part of cc a big hug for you
phir dheere dheere sab se interact ki though kuchh log se abhi tak nai mili LOL
but jisse bhi mili you all changed my whole thinking of SNS people I never knew people be so good on IF too
but now u all bcame my virtual family and its like if I can't come to CC one day I miss you all 
also due to WLRC I talk so much ki main sizzler bhi ban gayi (Aur scraps ki count bhi increase hagai TongueBut sabse badi baat I haven't read LI before I came to CC but read afterwards I been reader of LATE and was reading REVENGE silently 
And my silence broken by Lolwa. Thank u Lolwa

Pearl_Oyster :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

In my case.. Mints asked me to join the CC and as I was already reading Revenge, I joined.Big smile
WLRC means so much more than CC to me. It's a family of loveliest people you can find on IF. Each member here is different and special in their own way. I am too grateful to myself for reading Revenge and agreeing to Mints suggestion of joining the place. :PLOL

Your views about WLRC...

Jokes discarded, I am grateful to each WLRCian for being sweet and loving to me. Embarrassed
More thanks to Zehra for penning down the best stories of IF and setting a base upon which WLRC stands. 
Now before this gets too long, WLRC is beautiful and I love it. Period. (We wonder when Pearl_Oyster would get some sense of 'Seriousness' Embarrassed)

Rizarshi :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

 It was V appi who introduced me to the CC. I will be forever grateful to her for that.

Your views about WLRC...

WLRC is the pagalkhana of IF. It can do wonders to people. If you are sad, you just need to visit the CC to change your mood. WLRC makes me happy. I get my daily dose of laughter from the CC. It has brought all the pagals of IF together.  I met many wonderful people on the CC and made some very good friends. WLRC is the best place to be on IF. 

Ragvir92 :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

And a Special Thanks to Lolwa who told me about this cc
If not I would have really missed this 

Your views about WLRC...

I recently joined WLRC
Its really a wonderful experience being here
Actually It's the first time I am a part of any cc
When I joined I really didn't expect people to talk with me so easily
I first thought it will take time for all to accept me but everyone is so welcoming here
And Everyone is so friendly and positive
We can forget all our tensions and worries 
We can talk about anything and everything (at first when I saw the title I thought we can only discuss about Lazy's stories here)

Will be right back... Wink Don't move, stay tuned LOL

Last but not the least, we have our very own 'Zehra' a.k.a Lazyleaves, let's here it from her too Embarrassed

Lazyleaves :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

A crazy Aalu duo ensured I joined the CC and the constant love and charm of the members joining the CC made me come here as often as my busy schedule could allow :)

Your views about WLRC...

WLRC, in general, makes me happy because of the constant positivity that surrounds it. No one in the group is trying to out do the other but are here simply to show their craziest side, enjoy themselves and let others have their fun too :)

I want WLRC to always be like it is - a place full of goodness Star

P.S. Too sleepy for a proper message :( (We are really glad that at least you dropped into give us this message Embarrassed)

On this occasion we miss so many members, it's really heart-wrenching to tell this. But personal life is hectic, so we understand. Hope to see them back as soon as possible. Embarrassed

I would also like to give my heartiest wishes to my Kolaveri, who is not with us today: one of the early member of WLRC. If she was here, then it would have been more special. We totally love you Kolaveri and all our prayers are with you. Hope to see you soon among us! We Miss You!Hug

We Love you Zehra Didi LOL Thank You for writing 'Love Interrupted' and now 'Revenge' and 'Love Uninterrupted'. If we owe someone, something for getting us to till here, then it is  you and no one else Hug (I am omitting Lolwa and Lazy kahaani LOL)

Some words from the most wanted and adored Lolwa...

We have  some  guests  here  tonight as well. She is as round and fair as Rasgullas. She is our celebrity's sister. We  have  arranged  extra  food  for her  since  she  did not  get  enough in LI LOL  you can  have  some leechi s ma'am Wink. Thank You for being here Embarrassed on demand LOLThere is  a chance that  saiyyu eats the  food  ( likes the  post ) and  runs  awayWinkLOL  

Other  guests   can  rock  the dance  floor  we can  play  aika dajiba  for them LOL ( I'm  talking  about  eccentrica LOL)    

Divyahet  has  delayed her  IF  break  for  the  occasion Big smile  hope  you enjoy
And  those  members who could not  make  to come  to party have  send their  love. Heart
Lots  of  good wishes  to them as well . And  for  kuchi  ku (Kclovearshi)   a  group  hug Big smile

Next, we Present to you the interview of the most wanted and adored Lolwa...Wink


Aquagal :-

Who invited you to join WLRC?

I got a PM one day (I'm soon going to become a poor memory patient, so don't ask me who PMed me because I really don't remember) and I must say I thought about it initially wondering if joining it was a good idea depending on my AD. But then I joined it nonetheless and I'm so glad that I joined.

Your views about WLRC...

I'm so delighted to be a part of this wonderful, warm and crazy CC family. You guys make me smile when I'm having a bad day. This thread has given me lots of friends who are same and yet so different. This CC is addictive and I love our regular laughter sessions here although I'm missing out on a lot of them lately. Hugs to each one of you. Embarrassed

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Miss.Zaidi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Aalu ke  dobara  aane se  pehle  sab  bool deti hu warna sab  bole  jae  gi bole jae gi LOL

*Coughs coughs*

So, yeah Miss. Lolwa who invited you to this  CC ?

No one Cry  I invited  most  of you here  and see no one  invited  me TongueLOL

Very funny, your  views  about  WLRC  ? 

Embarrassed It  is the best  place  IF  has   Big smile   This  CC  means  a lot  to  me Embarrassed  It  has given  me  awesome friends  and  I met  all you  lovely  people here . 

Whom  are grateful most  in WLRC ?

It  has  to be  Skiran Big smile  First  member of WLRC  Embarrassed  Actually when Aalu made the CC I was sure  all those who were commenting  on LI will come, but for two days  there was no one except  SK and later  binu also  joined. So, SK  was the  one  who  without  giving  it a second  thought  joined me Big smile  Honestly  I was afraid  if   opening  a CC  in  lazy ( any other member's name  or  story  )  is a  right thing  or  no. Not  my  fault,  IF  is  a place  where  we  get  warnings  for  posting  more than  5  comments  in a day (as newbie)  so  it was not  wrong  at   my  end  to think  like  that LOL and  thanks  to SK  she  lessened  my fears LOL

And  it  would be unfair  if  I do not  thank Lazy Embarrassed  as most  of  you came after  Lazy  came in here LOL

LAzyLEaves Blushing  ** dhak dhak ** LOL   big  wala  dilla tissa  to you  :*   for  writing  LI   Embarrassed and  then for  joining  WLRC , thank you  Smile  You are sweet  I tell you Embarrassed 

Okay, thank you! But I think you should be less romantic when you are being interviewed Embarrassed Anyhow, reason for  WLRC ?

I have  already  told in  6  months  half-a -year-anniversary   the  shaan e nazool ( birth )  of WLRC LOL  Because  Lazy was always  late  in updating and it was the  time  when  chapter  17  of  LI  was  posted , I think,  where  arshi  got  married.   I  felt that  one  LI   thread  was  insufficient  to discuss the  story was the  reason  to create  this  CC   LOL  It was  originally a spam chat  club  now  only a chat  club. Ya,  so  where  was I  , haan LI, I remember asking Aalu  to  open this CC  because  I did not know  how to LOL I  only knew CC  was the  place  on IF  like  we have  FB   groups, so this  idea Embarrassed  

Your  biggest  achievement  of WLRC ? 

The  best thing that  WLRC  has done  is,  it  made VS  stay  on IF Big smile  I seriously feel  that  its good that we came up with  WLRC  and  made VS  stay on IF. Just  imagine  what   a loss  IF  would have  suffered  if she had left the  forum! Shocked So  our  poetica is  our achievement LOL

Oh ya, I also think Lazy's staying on IF, re posting and her 'I love you lolwa' has something to do with WLRC LOL

Anything else, that you would like to share? 

Last but not least, I'm thankful to apna motallu LOL I wonder how would I have survived on this forum without you Big smile

Ermm... uff Allah...Aalu its hard to thank and tareef you. Okay, but I have to say Ouch

Thank you for creating the cc and always saying yes to my sane commands Cool And this thread rocks seriously, you did a mast job .. bilkul bhi nai lgta tu ny bnaya hai LOL

P.S: Mr Aaluwalia scraps I deleted not your did a lot of fuss twice once before creating WLRC and once after saiyu's PM reply LOL

Ermmm... Thank You Miss.Lolwa. We wish you reach more and more century threads Embarrassed


Okay guys, now let's have some food. What is a party without food? Wink

Saiyyu you can jump and pluck these leechi it will also make you taller Wink

Peaches for all Wink Never mind SP, peaches on plate are better than the leaches on bush Tongue


Some, Gulab Jamum Wink

Some Rasgullas to our Meeti Rasgulla Ma'am Wink

What's a party without Jalebies? Embarrassed Come on... Attack LOL

For people who prefer Wine Wink

For people who don't prefer wine Wink

That is all we have got, because if you all eat lot then your'll are gonna fall asleep...LOL So Cheers and stay tuned Wink

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LOLWAsAalu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:12am | IP Logged
*Clears throat*

So-pe, people I hope all of you enjoyed the food and the organized interview Embarrassed We still have more in store Wink 

So Crazians, now we are having a VM, for all of you made by our very own Dee Jay and now also me LOL Wink Sincere thanks to you Ma lady Big smile

Before we end the party, I would wish to thank Sneha a.k.a arsneh, for those wonderful glitter gif's Embarrassed And entirely the others for co-operating with us -The WLRC team
Wink I also, want to apologize for spamming your Inbox and at times if I was rude. 
I affirm it was unintentional, I was under too much pressure and time was not helping eitherDead  A heartfelt Sorry! Embarrassed

My heartiest gratitude to all you Crazians for letting us reach here Hug And all those who helped me prepare this thread Big smile Thank you SKiran,  for wanting me to make this thread. It means a lot Embarrassed And Vandana.sagar for coming up with the 'Awards' Embarrassed And Arsneh for giving me this idea of 'interview' Embarrassed And Pearl_Oyster for giving the 'making 100' thought Embarrassed

This occasion has become more special than needed... Thank You once again! 

Thank You Saiyyu a.k.a Rasgulla_sp  Embarrassed We are more than honoured to have you as our special guest here Hug Hope you  enjoyed yourself. Big smile

There ends our party, with a heavy heart I announce our last performance... Embarrassed


Anybody Alive? LOL

Congratulations on reaching the milestone. Let us all pray for our unity and love to prevail till eternity... Ameen...! Embarrassed

Results for the 'CC Awards' will be announced too! 


SKiran :- How do you feel to be the same color as your Lolwa Wink

Aalu :- So you taking my 'Interview' ?LOL
Oh, it's a pleasure. You know the feeling whenever you and your friend where something similar.. I feel the sameLOLWink

SKiran :- Yes! No one interviewed you...How do you feel becoming Sizzler in the 100th thread? Are you happy that your first Even thread in WLRC is 100th?

Aalu :- Hahaha... you banged your head, dint you?LOL

Ah! This is going to be memorable for janamsEmbarrassed

I am more than happy to say I am happy! You don't know what I felt while making it and while reading the appreciations from all of you makes me more than special. Thank You WLRC-iansHug

SKiran :- Thanks to you too Aalu, the creator of WLRC Big smile  Now tell me how do you feel being the 'nautanki of cc' award LOL  you beat Lolwa to it! I was debating between you two to vote yesterday Embarrassed

Aalu ;- No Thanks  for me, but for Lolwa Big smile
Darn! I was literally Shocked and 'How the, What the' ROFL I never expected that award. When did I do nautanki? I am the sane person in this CC  LOL and Lallan FIGHTER?  Shocked By which means do I seem to be Lallan, I cant believe this and Confuser Shocked ALL UNEXPECTED AWARDS and 'Runners up' for 'Hot black coffee (angry)' me and Lolwa Both... I can't believe this LOL

I am not happy for beating Lolwa at all LOL

SKiran :- LOL I am happy that you made the thread Aalu Hug Its superb Clap

Aalu :- Thank You again. But all these was possible with all of you. If there is unity everything is a success Big smile I would like to give my views too... WLRC, means a lot for me, just like each one of my friends accepted that a day without WLRC, they feel incomplete, so do I have such feelings. Kind of weird, but can't help, my Dil is not ready to listen to me LOL I love my mind, it always helps me during such times Wink A Bade wala Thank You to VS, Lolwa and Kolaveri... these people have given most of the invitations LOL My views on each of the WLRC members... not plagiarized from KiranDi, I have been thinking about this since our half year anniversary LOL Here we go in order,

Kiran Di :- You are the most warmest and nicest person I have ever seen! Your face as well as your talks bears the utmost serenity in this world Embarrassed I want you to be the same and I am jealous of your two bahu's LOL I Love You with a Damn it Heart

Binimoti :- Though, we have not conversed much, I get the feeling of a 'long lost friend' in you whenever we talk Embarrassed Your face and your talks always have simplicity

Nisha/ Nishu :- My Ex, who has taken a place in my heart forever Embarrassed I supported Bangladesh in a match and updates my status regarding it, but Lolwa thought that it was to make her jealous, she was wrong it was because of you partly Embarrassed One of the kiddish person who should be playing with her siblings but her husband LOL Just be as you are... Hug

Vibha :- Gosh, remember our talks about shaadi Wink That is when I knew how 'sanki' you are LOL I miss talking to you.. when at the beginning of WLRC, I spot you name I ignore LOL Don't know why but I was really apprehensive talking to you Tongue Later, it changed Embarrassed You are one from my favorite list Big smile Be back as soon as possible...

VS :- Vandana G Sagar Embarrassed You, are a person, whom I adore a lot... For your talents, for your words, for your supports, for your kindness, for almost everything that you are Embarrassed I say, your husband is lucky Wink so is sumer Big smile While talking to you, I try being as decent as I can, want to know why? Because, my respect for you is more than what you can imagine EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Everyone in CC love you a lot, there must have been a category called 'the most 'love' earned member' LOL You Rock Ma Beauty Hug

DJ :- Hahahahaha... Chota packetwa Wink What should I tell you, eh? I don't know.. You are talented, you are funny, you are naughty and you are many more LOL Have I mentioned that I like your eyes Embarrassed I like it just as like you Tongue Wishing you all the success in life and may you achieve your destination, you aimed Big smile Love ya...

Iyla Myla :- 'King of Chennai kuda varum padai galai paar' Wink You are one in the 'padai' LOL My Chennai girl, you are awesome in and out Big smile I love talking to you, just be the person who you are. You are Superstar fan, I am sure you chose him as your favorite because of his in and out beauty Wink Which also indirectly shows what you want Embarrassed

Mintu :- Mintu Singh! The lovely smile, the chubby cheeks! I feel for you LOL Loved you for your sarcastic and kind words... taking part in any kiddish conversations. Making sure that you never miss anyone even by mistake when you are in CC. May you VS and CD be together always, In Sha Allah! Be the person you are and keep loving all of us Hug

Avanti :- My cutie pie! Embarrassed It's sad that you bid adieu to CC, but AD is more important. Wish I knew you more than what I know now Ouch Anyways, I am sure you'll be one of the best too. Take care and wishing you all the best Big smile

Scientist :- Ah!!! What do I say now? LOL That award 'ASR (Smartest member) of CC, just is meant for you... I was pretty sure that you'll receive it Wink I am proud to say that I did vote for you Embarrassed You are indeed Smart with some tasty ingredient like witty and emotional Big smile I really adore you for the love you have for science.LOL I would also like to say, sometimes your witty remarks hurt me, but later when I think of it with your 'picture' I start Laughing LOLLOL You rock Scientist! Star Now don't apologize, okay Evil SmileLOL

Ambishika :- Not much have we conversed, but yeah I have started liking you from the time you mentioned about your father and was worried. Embarrassed I am really loving that quality of yours Big smile

Hina :- Your sanskaar is what I like, though I too am like you, I don't have the heart to be like you when I come to this CC LOL I find you cute, whenever you say 'Koi hai?' and all Embarrassed I think you are...mmm... yeah! Innocent is the word, don't know how far this is true Wink

Sneha :- You funny funny Sneha LOL I have already told you that I love talking with you. Your sarcasm is the best in you Tongue Thank you Mr.Lolwa for making Silent Sneha into Silencer Sneha LOL Be the way you are Hug Your Smile is of course the sunny smile, though I voted for Kiran Di  Wink I like you a lot, i can't use the word 'Love' because there are so many birdies who are trying to have a small piece as a proof and create a rumour LOL

PT usha :- Nice name Lolwa has given LOL My PT, you are a person whom I always look forward to talk to. I would sacrifice my sleep to talk to you LOL It's a treat talking to you Big smile 

Sami yahoo :- Wink Naughty Raizada is your work, isn't it? Just read a chapter, my age limit is too low to read your story LOL When I reach my  appropriate age, I will read, Done! Wink So, yeah I love you as much as I love chocolates. I see a chocolate in front of you and my mind goes to your Birthday thread LOL You and chocolates have a very 'atoot' bandan LOL whatever! Tongue

Rice :- My day is nothing without you, Rice! My Staple food, you are Embarrassed A very rare Smartness, you have LOL And your VM's are splendid Big smile Wish I had that talent, I love making VMs, but Sigh! CryEmbarrassed MBA holder, I like you for the fact that you have an 'MBA' in hand which is indeed an advantage for my company LOL Can't use the word 'Love' for you too LOL Just be as you are, forever Hug

KK :- Man! I love your Hindi, and not to forget your writing too Wink One day, one day I will surely read your works. So please do not remove them Angry And yeah, your sarcasm and the kind attitude you have is what I like in you and the way you move smoothly with hardly known people Embarrassed And don't be in the 'Galath family' that you have got the sense of 'seriousness' Tongue

Sara :- I can't believe that you have joined just some months back, I too have the feeling that we have known each other for some years, now Shocked Thank You for being honest. The honesty which I rarely experience from my own mates (AD) Big smile That is the only thing i adore in you, there are so many which I dislike, I will surely tell you some day LOL Love ya Heart

Chokri_ASR :- No comments... I don't know much about you except the fact that you are Kolaveri's friend Embarrassed I am sure you'll be one of the best, because Kolaveri is that person who always chooses the best. StarEmbarrassed

Ragvir :- Dude, you are so cool! Cool LOL the first time I talked to you, I was like 'Do we know each other?' LOL You never had any kind of hesitation, that surprised me a lot Embarrassed I am sure there is so much to know about you and In Sha Allah, if time permits I will surely get  to know Big smile

Anu :- Our Mami Bond ji, we miss you a lot. Your sarcasm, your kindness, your warm talks and all which made me love you to no extent Embarrassed I have always adored you, so will I till death Hug Please be back! Embarrassed

Jaswa :- My Jaswa, pata hai kitna miss karti tumhe? Pata hai, kitna dard hota hai jab tum CC par nei aati  Cry I miss you Jas, my sweetheart! Embarrassed When I meet you in real, then I will surely pull your hair out and shout at you, Beware LOL Your lovely talks, funny remarks, your drama, I miss them a lot. Bas, I love you a lot se bhi zyadaHug

Itu :- I hate you Damn it! AngryAngry How much I miss talking to you, you won't understand at all Ouch We miss you a lot! Be back please, at least a 'HHBB' Anyways, you and your edits are lovely Hug

I don't know where this is going, I hope everything is making sense... I am a little emotional at the moment, so sorry for the inconvenience..

Niharika :- You our idea Queen, is also someone who moves smoothly with hardly know people... Embarrassed Your words for your Mom, touched me a lot! I have nothing else but to tell you I Love you! StarEmbarrassed

CD :- I don't know CD, I just like you! Embarrassed Like you a lot, maybe because you love cooking, maybe because you are VS's buddy, maybe because you are really a nice person, I never figured out! LOL If I do then I will surely tell you Big smile For now bas, I love you with a Damn it Heart

Gal :- Your Boss made me like you more and more... Special thanks Wink You are hard working plus a dutiful daughter who denies marrying LOLI love you for these reasons, you are the only person I did not hit up on Wink Blessed, that you are. Gove ma regards to your boss and get a holiday for God's sake and be back Angry

LL :- Lol... we share the 'LOL' spot Wink Being a Sri Lankan answers why I Love you a lot!  

P :- Oh My P! I miss you loads yar! Cry Your anger is what I like the most and Angry always reminds me of you and only you! Cry Please be back and I Love ya Heart I don't know what to say, whenever I think about you soe kind of dread fill my heart Dead

Hawa Princess :- How I miss you on this thread, I have always been doing from the time you left us Ouch Where are you? Anyways, being a mother of 4, is what makes me love you a lot Embarrassed You are so lucky to have 4 kids...Just come back, we miss you!

Kolaveri :- My Kolaveri is the best, for all those who don't know her. Embarrassed My first ever crush Wink Even after rejecting she was never awkward with me LOL A Mom for two Big smile Your scraps make me feel special... When, today, I recollect all those memories, my eyes well up. You are the most genuine person Embarrassed You a lovable soul. One cannot reason out why you are so lovable Embarrassed You are special to each one of us in their own ways Star Our Radiant Red Kavita, please be back and we miss you Cry Aalu Loves you a lot HeartHug

Lazy or Zehra Didi :- You! I am very thankful  Embarrassed Unless for you, WLRC would be non existing! Big smile we all are very grateful for you... You are such a sweet person and a comic one too LOL And your writing is stupendous ClapClap Keep writing! I only wish you or Lolwa had opposite genders LOLYou both make a good pair Wink Don't ignore my Lolwa a lot, she is only worth of attention and Love, never would she hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally... She is one of the best of  creations from God the Almighty  Embarrassed

Lolwa :- Words fail! You are more than what English words can describe, you are more than unique. You are a person who is always ready to cheer someone up! If I wish to be like someone then it would be you and you only! I love you and I really really do Hug You can cheer a person with just a word and that's 'Lazy Blushing'  WinkLOL I love the way you care for others without even considering if you no them or no  Embarrassed I loved the fact that you trusted me a  lot, even before knowing me completely Embarrassed I love your quality of making fun of me whenever you get the opportunity, which only my family members have right of  Embarrassed I love you in and out Lolwa Embarrassed I don't know what I would be doing, without meeting you two years back Dead I would have died without knowing a person like you... I thank God The Almighty for letting me know you and by your means giving so many stuffs. Big smile I Thank You for being who you are and once again I thank my God for giving so many friends by your means. Come now, give me a very strong and tight hug which would make our 'rishta' more 'atoot'  HugLOL A Adrak (sorry for spelling LOL) strong filled 'I Love you' Wink

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Miss.Zaidi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 March 2013
Posts: 14938

Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:14am | IP Logged

WLRC Members' Award Winners

The biggest nautanki of CC

Winner- LOLWAsAalu


The jalebi (sweetest) member not bai of the CC


Runner up-vandana.sagar

The Lallan ( fighter) of the CC


Runner up-mints23, arsneh

Laxmiji ( everyone's favourite ) of the CC



The sanka Devi ( craziest WLRCian) of the CC


Runner up-jas0308

The SKD wali ( who has the most far fetched imagination) member of the CC


Runner up-Skiran, aquagal, ...lyla...

The Prakash's of the cc ( always ready to help)


Runner up- Dee_J

NK of the CC (The member who is always happy)

Winner-AALUSLOLWA, opsyellow

Runner up-LOLWAsAalu

Hello Hi Bye Bye Kumari (The person who visits the CC only to say Hello Hi and Bye Bye)


Runner up-jas0308

Aman Mathur of the CC (The member we don't see much on the CC)


Runner up-chitrajay, nirmal1992

"Hot Black Coffee"(always angry)



"Aman Ji ka Phone"(who always comes in wrong time when nobody's present in CC)


Runner up-...lyla...

"PayAsh"(most-calm member)


Runner up-mints23, arsneh, Skiran, PhoenixTears
"Vahan Rakhrakhav Pustak"(who confuses everyone)


Runner up-Viji79, arsneh, jas0308

The Sunflower of the CC (one who always has a sunny smile)


Runner up-nishu_shorna, jtmbarun, Skiran, ssyahoo

Nani (the most sanskaari ladki/takes care and talks like a mother) of the CC


Runner up-Skiran, kcloverarshi

Video mixer(makes superb videos)


Runner up-PhoenixTears

Best banner maker(makes superb edits)


Runner up-.Avanti.

Nostradamus of CC (always ready for prediction)

Winner-nishu_shorna, Viji79, arsneh, kclovearshi

Runner up-Skiran
Mami Bond Award (One who loves to investigate)


Runner up-Pearl_Oyster

Kamlesh Khabri Award (one who knows everything or loves to reports all gossips)


Runner up-aashi12

Missing Mamaji Award (One who was initially there but missing since forever)


Runner up-chitrajay

ASR (smartest member) of this CC


Runner up-PhoenixTears, mints23

Doctor of this CC (one who got remedies for everything) 


Runner up-Viji79


No Hard feelings all. All these are just for fun. We all love each other and we know it!

WLRC team congratulates all the winners and runners up... Thumbs Up We appreciate everyone whoever participated in all the preparations Embarrassed

One more request, for people's whose views aren't noted please, you all gotta leave your messages and scrap me your post link, it would make my work easier Big smile

I will end my speech here and let you all start bak baking Wink

Bata Company and Enjoy! Hug

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blackdove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:23am | IP Logged
The moment all of us waited for. Well atleast me! LOLSince the digits in 100 adds up to my lucky number!
Congrats everyone! And Zehra di, u write beautiful and you are a very sweet person.
Thank you for sharing your works in this forum.

People here remind me of one quote. And i would like to end my post with this!

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RizArshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:25am | IP Logged
Lalalu and Lolwa both of you did a fantastic job. This thread is beyond beautiful. WLRC CC is a place which makes me happy but today it made me very emotional. WLRC CC is indeed the best place to be on IF. I would like to congratulate all the members of the CC on this very special occasion. Happy 100th thread WLRCians Party 

A small gift from me to all the crazee people of WLRC:

You guys are the best Hug

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jtmbarun IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:25am | IP Logged
A Big Congratulations to all on reaching the 100th WLRC CC!!!!Hug
I'm so happy to be a member here..You are all wonderful people,,I never thought I will ever have any friend on IF but see..I got so many friends.. And this happened all thanks to LOLWA..I know I have already thank you many times..But once again Thank you so much lolwa!!!Hug
Thanks a lot to Zehra also!!!Hug
And to all WLRCian ..I love you a lot!!!Hug
May God bless you all!!!Hug

PS Aalu, Awesome thread ..Love it!!!Day Dreaming

This is the first time I tried something like this..I know for most of you it must be really easy but mere liye thoda mushkil tha...LOLHope you like it!!!

Edited by jtmbarun - 20 June 2014 at 8:30am

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ragvir92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:25am | IP Logged
                Yay We are on the 100th thread
Since Aalu gave us so much to eat I feel like dancing like this in dinner table
First of all Congrats Aalu for this wonderful thread
This is so perfect and beautiful
                                          And then 
To all the winners and runners up.
You all are really deserving and just so sweet
So this teddy and bouquet is for you guys 
                    And yes Lets continue the party and rock the cc

Edited by ragvir92 - 20 June 2014 at 12:49pm

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