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FC: Ganesh Hegde Cap.Cont,new MOTM n DOTW (Page 7)

Celina7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 September 2006 at 12:25am | IP Logged
btw awesum sig of G manai hunni Smile

Xx..£uvñëët..xX IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 September 2006 at 12:32am | IP Logged
Thanks Celina! and haha yeh Tanya its great to c u here Big smile
Funk'n Desi IF-Dazzler
Funk'n Desi
Funk'n Desi

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Originally posted by luvneet

Thanks Celina! and haha yeh Tanya its great to c u here Big smile

same yaarHugHug

doly_455 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 September 2006 at 4:13am | IP Logged

G - Ganesh Hegde

<>document.write('Aelina,') IndiaGlitz   [Sunday, October 30, 2005]

After playback singers, now it's the turn of a choreographer trying his luck at cutting a music album. We are talking about Ganesh Hegde, simply put as 'G'. Ace choreorapher Ganesh has been making the stars dance to its tunes for years. Now its his turn to dance to his tune and steps in his debut album 'G' that has been extensively promoted since a fortnight before it released. Half the big wigs from the industry have stood up [literally] to promote G and now everyone waits with bated breath to see what's in store when the album has finaly arrived. The songs are written by Manoj Santoshi and Vicky Sharma while music is given by Ganesh himself.

1) Main Deewana (Original and G-Mix) [Ganesh Hegde]

Everything about the song sounds completely different from what you would have heard so far. A different rhythm. Different musical arrangement. Different style of singing. Different sets. Different choreography. Different costumes. Ganesh is a revelation as a singer and dances like a GOD. His moves have to seen to be believed while his choreography is simply heart stopping. Rhythm is great and gels well with the mood of the movie. The song has been designed to project G as a complete package and the team succeeds in doing so. The number has to be heard 3-4 times for its nuances to be grasped and once you have done that, it is impossible to look back to anything else that is mediocre. This is indeed a love song with a 'difference', howsoever clichd it may sound! G-Mix of the track comes up in the end and makes for a great finale. The beats are mind-blowing and the rocking musical arrangements make it a hot favorite. This one should soon find a place on the top of the charts!

2) Aa Bhi Ja [Ganesh Hegde, Kailash Kher, Sonu Kakkar]

Sonu Kakkar's beginning to 'Aa Bhi Jaa' gives an impression as if you are going to hear a Nadeem Shravan next. But within a matter of seconds, the feel of the track changes as Ganesh Hegde joins in. The song is an amazing blend of Indian, western and Sufi music that results in a song bringing in a new sound altogether. Kailash Kher too chips in between the track and is good as usual. The song is not everyone's idea of a hummable/foot tapping track but is of the kind that grows on you as you hear it repeatedly. Sonu Kakkar crooning in the background gives the track an amazing lounge feel and the song only gets better and better as it reaches its end. Just like 'Main Deewana', this one too boasts of some finer nuances that are explored only after you have given it a dedicated hearing a few times. Because this is when you would note that even the portions from 'Kaa Karoon Sajni Aayo Na Baalam' [Swami] have been fused into the track!

3) Zindagi [Ganesh Hegde]...........love it.

After a couple of songs that make you listen to them hard comes 'Zindagi' that is a smooth sailing number. Just like a cool breeze, it too makes a soothing impact and makes for a quite'n'peaceful hearing. Ganesh sings the song in a subtle tone while the music too relegates to the background while allowing Ganesh to hold center stage. If 'Main Deewana' and 'Aa Bhi Jaa' were all about bringing a different sound, then 'Zindagi' follows a conventional path but does that quite well. A song that would be surely liked by many.

4) Kabhi Kabhi [Ganesh Hegde, Asha Bhonsle]

Want to hear a song belonging to the R. D. Burman stable? Well, just log on to Kabhi Kabhi' and you would have a heavenly journey once again. Inarguably a shining part of the album, mainly so due to the presence of Ashaji, it is a romantic duet with ample dose of melody. No doubt Ashaji steals the show with her performance but Ganesh too doesn't fall much behind. He tries to come across as a modern day Kishore Kumar and ends up a little like Amit Kumar, but never mind as the song works in totality. This is one track for which a music video should be seen soon on the small screen!

5) Khabon Mein [Ganesh Hegde]

After a couple of sober tracks 'Zindagi' and 'Kabhi Kabhi', one would have thought that the next one would be a dance track, just like the opening number. But that's not the case as 'Khabon Mein' comes next which is yet another soft song. And are we disappointed? Naah! Because things only become more and more exciting with every passing song. A love song, 'Khabon Mein' sounds so much like a song from a Hindi film and showcases the talent of Ganesh Hegde as a singer-musician. A plesant sounding number!

6) Jaa Rahe Ho Agar [Ganesh Hegde]

It is just impossible to imagine that 'Jaa Rahe Ho' is sung by the same man who had crooned 'Main Deewana' and 'Aa Bhi Jaa' at the beginning of the album. A soft love song that touches your heart, it boasts of some beautiful and meaningful lyrics. Ganesh sings as if he is a pro with at least a couple of albums already behind him. He sings this sensitive love song with a lot of feeling and comes up trumps. This is one of his best rendered songs in the album.

7) Aa Jaane Jaa [Ganesh Hegde, Suzzane]

'Aa Jaane Jaa' continues the good work done by Ganesh in the rest of the album. A song about asking your beloved to trust your love and get back in your life, it may not be as impacting as the songs preceding it but is still listenable. Suzzane comes in background and does well.

Ganesh Hegde is yet another choreographer doing something wonderful in a different field of art. If Farah Khan did it with direction then Ganesh does it with singing and composing.


Rating: ****

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doly_455 IF-Rockerz

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Ganesh Hegde: A Mangalorean who 'Rock's the Natio

[With input from various sources]

November 23, 2005

World's beauty queen Aishwarya Rai, though brought-up outside Mangalore, cherishes her Mangalorean origin, and her routes have brought much fame and flavours to Mangalore. She has made every one proud and indeed every Mangalorean would be proud to proclaim this fact to others that 'Aish is a Mangalorean'.

So are Sunil Shetty, Shilpha and Shamita Shetty, and other few Mangaloreans who have acquired good reputation in Bollywood.

The other talented Mangalorean handsome guy too is on the verge of making a big name and has already started 'rocking' the nation through his versatile talents and achievements. Yes, Ganesh Hegde has so far been an un-sung hero, but soon he will be exposed to the top level in this glittering glamour industry.

Many do not know that Ganesh Hegde is Bollywood's biggest money grosser when it comes to Bollywood live concerts across the world. Hegde not only choreographs and acts, he is actively involved in the stage direction, skit screenplays, audio editing and playback singing. He's done almost everything in his debut album right from starring in its promotion video, choreographing and directing it to rendering the songs as well as doing the music.

This 'little wonder' has the Big B, SRK, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and every other Bollywood star acknowledging that Ganesh Hegde is the superman of dancing. G is not another Karan Johar multi starrer but stands for Ganesh Hegde's new album.

Sushmita Sen has Ganesh to thank for her sultry "Mehboob Mere" from Fiza and "Kambakht Ishq" gave Urmila her sex bomb image. Yana Gupta became India's sexiest import with "Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo". Bollywood heroes also follow his steps - Hrithik turned rubbery in "Its Magic" and Salman waxed his chest in the super hit "O O Jaane Jaana".

Ganesh began dancing at 15 and he's done more than 100 stage shows which include performances like opening acts for Michael Jackson's and Shaggy's concert in Mumbai.

In his latest video "Mein Deewana" Ganesh Hegde shows off all his 1 million super dance steps, all of which make us insanely jealous at how a human being can move his body in so many wonderful ways.

It is a known fact that choreographer Ganesh Hegde has a tremendous star-following in the industry which was evident in the many stars who recently came forward to endorse his debut album, 'G'. However not many are aware that the mastermind behind the album with whom Hegde has shared a great relationship over the years, is none other than superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is known to go out of his way to help his friends out. In fact, it is believed that besides being responsible for ideating the mystery campaign of 'G', which generated a great deal of curiosity, SRK was also instrumental in roping T-series for the music rights of the album. "It is true that Shah Rukh has been closely monitoring the countdown to the release of my singing debut and has been actively involved in the album. He's like an elder brother to me and was very keen that the album remains a closely guarded secret right up to its release date. In fact, it was he who took the initiative in striking a business deal with T-series for marketing the album," confirms Hegde.

According to Hegde, when he told Shah Rukh that he was not too confident about handling the business prospects of the album, the latter offered to take up the responsibility. "I was perfectly confident about the creative aspects of the album from composing the music to its look and execution but I was totally oblivious of how to go about its marketing. That's when Shah Rukh stepped in and asked me to stop worrying about the business possibilities. He is a friend whom I can always count upon," says an emotional Hegde.

Meanwhile the music video industry is abuzz about how Hegde achieved the feat of having so many stars endorsing his album. Says Hegde, "People consider it something of a feat that I got 17 stars in five days to speak on the album. Even my cameraman, who has had to wait for four days in the past to get a star on camera, was absolutely delighted but I attribute it to the sheer goodwill I share with them. I have never asked anything to my star-friends in the past 13 years of my career and when I asked them for this, they told me it was not becoming of me to ask them. Instead they asked me to walk in with a camera and shoot them at any time," he recalls.

The pre-release hype about the album notwithstanding, this is not Hegde's first attempt at singing.
According to him, he has done back-up singing for several artistes including SRK and Hrithik Roshan, during their stage shows abroad. It was at one such concert with Asha
Bhonsle that the veteran singer asked him to give singing a serious thought. "I sang and performed to Kishore Kumar's 'Paanch rupaiya baara aana' (CHALTI KA NAAM GADI) with Asha-ji at this concert which was held in London. She was absolutely thrilled and asked me to consider singing as a second option," he recalls.

'G' is a compilation of eight diverse songs in the voice of Ganesh Hegde, two of which are duets, one with Asha Bhonsle and the other with Sonu Kakkar (of 'Babuji Dheer Chalo' fame) and Kailash Kher. Hegde has sung and composed music for the album besides choreographing and directing its two music videos. The first video will be premiered exclusively on Channel V today and Hegde is all excited about it. " 'G' stands for everything that is good and great in life. The album is a perfect representation of the title," he enthuses.

Ganesh Hegde had his first experience in stage and choreography as a 15-year-old setting up the stage for his school and college Annual day celebrations. He showed an extraordinary feel for dance and rhythm and was spotted by a troupe choreographer.

Since then, Hegde has choreographed over 100 Stage shows and songs for over 15 movies. This includes major performances like opening acts for Michael Jackson's Concert held in Bombay in Nov 1998 and Shaggy Live in Concert in Bombay.

He has also choreographed for Diana King for the Femina Miss India contest held in Pune in Jan 2000 as well as the Apache Indian live in concert, Indian tour Apart from this, Hegde has been dominating the choreography scene for the awards nights held in Bombay every year. He is the choreographer of choice for all the major awards ceremonies held every year for excellence in cinema namely Filmfare awards (past
10 years), Zee Cine awards, Screen awards and Sansui awards (past 3 years).The IIFA Awards 2001 Held in South Africa as well as the Bollywood Awards 2001 held in New York also had Hegde as the choreographer.

Hegde won the Bollywood Award 2001 for best choreography for the song "Mehboob mere" from the movie Fiza. He has received award nominations for his songs in the Hindi movie Movie: Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya song: "Oh Oh Jaane Jaana"(Filmfare Awards)
Movie: Fiza song: "Mehboob Mere"(Filmfare, Screen, Sansui, Zee Cine and Bollywood awards) Movie: Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya song: "Kambakht Ishq" (All five awards)
Movie: Lagaan song: "O Mitwa". He has also choreographed the song "Khallas" in the movie "Company" released 2002 which has become a major rage among the Indian moviegoers.

Hegde quickly became the choreographer of choice for the Indian entertainment industry's biggest money grosser i.e. live concerts in US, UK and Canada. Hegde not only choreographs the acts, he is actively involved in the stage direction, skit screenplays, audio editing and playback singing.

As a live concert choreographer, Hegde has directed large-scale concert tours for top Indian Hindi film stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Urmila Matondkar and the list goes on.

He choreographed Hrithik Roshans first ever stage performance in Calcutta, India in December 2000 and the second show in Delhi February 2001. The show was an absolute hit. This was followed by Hrithik Roshan's show "Hearthrobs", held this year in major cities of US from May 2002 - July 2002. The reviews on the show gives due credit to Hegde who also performed in the show for his introduction act. Hegde was also the

choreographer responsible for the immense success of the Lagaan: Live in Concert held in October 2001.

Hegde is now set to put another new feather in his cap. He is a singer in the making and has already started work on his first album. His music videos will be directed by him and that is something to watch out for.

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thx...the one were his winking is a hawt pik
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ya i liked tht 1 too
i also liked him in the red shirt......
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Originally posted by luvneet

awesome articles guys! Thanks! Clap

Btw i'd love to join in this club.. i luvvv Ganesh Hegde.. hez such a HOT dancer, choreographer.. its amazing.. and his songs arent too bad either! Theyre great.. he can sing too! lolz

Btw Nimmuuuuu Hug and Tanyaaaa Hug heyy guys! lolz we hav similar tastes aye? Embarrassed

omg if your real name is luvneet then that is a very sweet name

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