Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara


Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara
Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara

Pyar Ka Dard Hai 2nd Anniversary Celebrations! Together, lets Cheers.

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Pyar KaDard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara is the story of  Aditya and Pankhuri, two people with a different outlook towards life and relationships in particular. The show started with Pankhuri who is from Kullu who believes in joint families and expects a loving relationship from her life, and on the other hand Aditya has seen his parents separated from childhood and has lost faith in relationships. But when Pankhuri enters his life she gradually brings a change by becoming his friend at first and makes him a happier man and reunites his family. The beautiful story of these 2 soul mates. Pankhuri is loved by all in her house. Aditya has also got love from all but in all while he did not saw his parents under one roof. Purushottam Diwan, Nanu of Adi, wanted him to marry Pankhuri because he believed that only she can unite his family. Pankhuri got successful in uniting Nanu's family.

Hello Everyone ,

We welcome one and all to celebrate the very 2nd year Grand Completion Anniversary of Very Popular show of Star Plus naming Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha-Meetha Pyaara Pyaara .
Today i.e 18th of june marks the completion of golden 2nd year for our show , it started on 18th June 2012 .

This show started with the concept of how two strangers become close besides their opposite point of views , habits , life styles , life and way to tackle with surroundings and gradually it became popular on TRP Charts with consecutive TRPs of above average  4.2 as it comes into Top 5 show now and with every passing week it is giving cherishing ratings with its best screenplay , story and entertainment factor which makes it unpredictable in portrayal.

The main leads of show also got awarded in Indian Telly Awards for Best Debutants of year 2012 and are also very popular on Twitter for their friendship and fun onscreen and offscreen! 

We can always read their fun tweets , leg pulling tweets on twitter and see pictures posted by them on twitter from sets of show , which shows their healthy environment on the sets.

Also , We are trending our very 2nd anniversary on Twitter as#Happy2ndAnniversaryPKDH and so hence kindly trend with us by tweeting #Happy2ndAnniversaryPKDH everytime when you tweet.

The show started with tagline of ''Kal Ki Parrvarish Par Tike Aaj Ke Rishtey'' which was very well portrayed by writers in the show , in which how two individuals met and got married which changed their point of views , specially for Aditya who got polished in his views with co-operation of Pankhuri .

Now , on this very ocassion We want to Thank The Cast and Crew Creatives of Pyaar Ka Dard Hai show and Star Plus for making a Best Entertainment Serial .

Nakuul Mehta
Disha Parmar
Alefia Kapadia
Manasi Salvi

Ashlesha Savant

Vijayendra Kumeria

Bharti Sharma
Khushwant Walia
Mukesh Khanna

Nitesh Pandey
Priyanka Nayyar

Directed by :
Kaushik Ghatak
Produced by :
Rajshree Pictures Ltd.
Written by :
Zama Habeeb
Praveen Raj

Recent Celebration Exclusive Pictures

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The story showcases the journey of the protagonists Aditya & Pankhuri who have polar opposite views about relationships.
Aditya has lost faith in the institution of marriage & relationships because of his parents' separation. On the other hand, Pankhuri believes that the right partner completes a person.

Aditya is in his early 20's and is very aggressive and impatient. He doesn't believe in long term relationship as he has not seen any examples around him. He has a modern mindset, and believes that life is all about material things. However, deep down he has a heart of gold.


Pankhuri, a young girl has been brought up with typical middle class values and has lived in a joint family. She has developed a belief that relationships are all about togetherness and giving more than taking, as she has seen people around her doing things for each other. She is soft spoken, obedient and righteous by nature. But she also does have an aggressive side when it comes to deciding between right and wrong. She always wears smile and has a cute and lovable presence. She is ambitious with a point of view.


Pankhuri's father is a soft spoken and loving person. He along with his brother runs the family business which had been started by their father. He had earlier taken the help of his brother- in -law Govardhan Nath to keep the business going. 


Ambika Gupta, Pankhuri's mother, is a housewife. She loves her family dearly. She is aware that that they are indebted to her brother, Govardhan Nath. Though she does not like her brother's indulgence, she keeps quiet to maintain peace.


Pankhuri's chacha, younger brother of Diwakar Gupta, is a typical middle class man. He is very impatient and cannot wait for the results. He is always shaky but dotes upon his family and loves Pankhuri a lot. He is always ready to do anything for her happiness. Pankhuri and Pushkar share a very friendly relationship. He loves his wife and calls himself Prem and his wife Suman.


Neha is Pushkar and Sushma's daughter. She is very chirpy and a big chatterbox, but she is also Pankhuri's friend and confidante.


Govardhan Kaneria, Pankhuri's mamaji, is an arrogant man who thinks that because of him the Gupta family is doing well. He holds some power over the Gupta family. He doesn't like to be ignored and loves to boasts of his connections with powerful people.


Kamini, Pankhuri's Mami, is a big fan of her husband, Govardhan Kaneria. She loves to talk about the power and wealth her husband has. She looks down upon the Gupta family and keeps showing off.


Avantika, Aditya's mother, is a strong lady who enjoys her power. Though she doesn't show off, by nature she wants the best of everything. All her life she has enjoyed her father's wealth. Until she got married to Harish Kumar who couldn't afford a lavish lifestyle as hers and didn't match her desire of success and status. She couldn't cope with the low income of her husband so she separated from him. She loves her son but her approach at times is too practical and materialistic.


Aditya's mamaji, he does not like to live under Avantika's dominance. He hates to take Avantika's approval in business matters too. He is always trying his best to edge out his sister and take over the business.


Aditya's mamiji comes from a small town and a middle class family. However, after getting married to Anuj Deewan, who belongs to a rich family, her whole lifestyle and thinking changed. She started to purchase investments and insurances and buy jewellery to settle her future.


Preeti Deewan, Aditya's Maasiji, is the most bitter and cynical person in the house. No one wants to confront her, as she does not care. It's mystery why is she is like this. The only person she talks to politely is Harish Kumar.


He is Aditya's father. He is a happy go lucky man. He has great sense of humour and loves to make people around him laugh. Though by profession he is a CA, he is known as a stand-up comedian. A man with middle class values who doesn't want big cars or a big house. He is happy with whatever he has. Though separated he still loves his wife Avantika as well his son, Aditya.

Purushottam Deewan

He is Aditya's nanaji and at his peak he was also like his daughter Avantika, who couldn't differentiate between right and wrong. But today he regrets many decisions he made in the past. He wants to change things but everything has gone out of his hands.


He is Nanaji loyal caretaker and is his confidante too. He has been with Nanaji for many years now and is fondly called as Shanky by all the family members. He is aware about their likes and dislikes. They treat him as one of his own and he is often seen helping Nanaji with his plans of trying to convince Adi with something or the other.

Jagdish Prasad Gupta

He has seen every up and down and understands life and relationships. A man of reason. He has held his family united till date because of his vision. All the family members look upto him, especially Pankhuri who always shares everything with him and is extremely attached to him. 

Sushma Gupta

She is as sweet as her husband. She is extremely fond of the film Maine Pyar Kiya and enjoys being addressed as Suman and sharing romantic moments from the film with her husband Pushkar. She is close to Ambika, her sister-in-law i.e Pankhuri's mother.

Sameer Despande
Sameer is very handsome, young, energetic, lovable, charming, gentle human being and pure from his heart, is a son of Mr.Despande who is a author and Mrs.Nirmala Despande who is a head Nurse. Nirmala has worked in Diwan house for taking care of Late Mrs.Purushottam Diwan who is Preeti's mother. Sameer fell in Love with Preeti and both of them married each other.
Kaira and Varun
Kaira is younger daughter of Anuj diwan who is now married to Varun dhanrajgir.

Vikram and Amrita
Vikram is a adopted son of Dhanrajgir's and hence is a elder brother to Varun. Amrita is his wife who is very kind in nature, however Vikram has grey shades in his character.

Aaisha is a lookalike of Pankhuri and she has only this quality similar to her. Otherwise, she is polar opposite to Pankhuri.

Nilofer, Nafeesha and Rukhsar
Nilofer is mother of three daughters' Nafeesha, Rukhsar and Aaisha. However, its not yet revealed that whether she is mother of aaisha or not or aaisha is pankhuri or not!.

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From Facebook Official & Personal Pages




Twitter ID:paya_lover

Twitter ID:@reshmikhanna[
Twitter ID:@ pahuni_poddar 


Twitter ID:@Faiza_wangde

Twitter ID:IamPari25 Disha's hearbeat

Twitter ID:@ TaranumUnnisa


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From India-Forums and other social sites

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for completing 2 years!!!! 2 years has been a wonderful journey for all of us. I have enjoyed this show very much and it has touched my heart. Well done you all!!!! Many more to come!!!!!

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of PKDH for completing 2 years!!!!Party.I started watching tis show for nanu ie shatimann n finally fell in love wid paya the ideal couple..Heart I have enjoyed this show very much n sum of its parts has touched my heart.. Many more happy years of celebration to come!!!!!Smile


Congratulations to the entire cast n crew of pkdh for successfully completing 2yrs.

It seems like yesterday our pkdh was started..O..God..the time flies really so fast..Thank you PKDH for entertaining us for the last 2yrs..


Congratulations and Thank you
for the entire team of PKDH It's
been a treat to watch the show
with all the ups and downsWe
love, we hatewe criticize and we
predictIt's all because we love
the showMay the show keep
going on great for longMay we
get more anniversaries to
celebrated LOVE U PAYA 

Congratulations to the entire cast
and crew for completing 2
years!!!! 2 years has been a
wonderful journey for all of us. I
have enjoyed this show very
much and it has touched my
heart. Well done you all!!!! Many
more to come!!!!!
Twitter ID:NishaCandy1

Nakul Mehta/Disha Parmar
rocks in PKDH.
Love you as Adi/Pankhu.
Hope,Pankhu will come back
and get to see magic of PAYAagain.

Waoo happy anniversary pkdh
love u nakuul and disha
Just unable to understand
current track.

Happy 2nd Anniversary of Pyaar
Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha
Pyaara Pyaara! Congratulations
to the entire team of PKDH -
cast and crew and thank you
for these two wonderful years!
Keep going strong!
Nakuul and Disha, Thank you
for portraying Adi and Pankhuri
so beautifully! Adi and Pankhuri
make me believe in love! To the
rest of the cast, Thank you very
much for playing your
respective roles wonderfully! To
the creatives and crew, thank
you for the wonderful story
The biggest thanks goes to
Rajshri Productions! Thank you
for taking up such a beautiful
concept and for getting the
best cast ensemble. Thank you
for making the show larger
than life with all the colourful
celebrations and all!
No matter what, we'll keep
loving and supporting PKDH!
May it go strong for many more
years to come!

Congratulations on 2nd
Anniversary to all PKDH
cast.You guys are just
amazing.I love you all
& thank you so much for
entertaining us.
Twitter ID:@

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Introduction : Nishadeep & *Dev.*
Layout & Creativity : *Dev.*
Main Banners and Sub-banners : *Dev.*
Dividers & Signatures Collection : Silsha
Wishes, Gifts, Video-Mixes & Signatures Collection : _AyEsHa_
Character Sketch : *Dev.* & Nishadeep
Idea : _AyEsHa_

Recent Exclusive Celebration Pictures!


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Facebook Status and Tweets! from Actors!

PKDH completes 2 yrs with all your love and lust...yehahaha. Plz continue to drool ma pets. Thank you and loads of muaahs. @StarPlus rocks!

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Yupieee finally thread s doneParty Thank u So much Dev...Hug Really u helped us a LotEmbarrassedBig smile

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Wow..the thread is looking awesome..Smile
Thank you so much Dev..Smile

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