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Blast from the Past Thread #25 Extn ** Khushi, I... ** P 119, Ep 274 (Page 78)

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The DOOR of Love and Hate which became a DORI in between Arnav and Khushi... A journey through this door makes this eternal love story a saga of complete FAITH with this feeling which brings joy within with beliefs and trusts in many shapes...


Door is  an element through which she entered in Sheesh Mahal...Hate...seeped in with love both sides..and he entered  her home holding her in his arms after guest house scene ...Love seeped in with Hate ...she entered before that twice in his RM with her right foot in...LOVE & HATE mixed together...Living within walls of his territory where he can keep her in red avatar and throw her out of the door in the rain...He entered Guest house ...Love and concern seeped in...He closed his door on her when Anjali brought her in...Hate seeped in feeling presence of LOVE in his heart...He comes back to bring her...LOVE &HATE mixed with ego that how come she is taking space in his world, in his heart...He opens his home door when she walks in as a winner and he gets his first defeat ...gets gelled in and intimidate her with his protective shell hovering her while closing seat belt within closed doors...and he opens the door to throw her out in the muddy show her how can a girl like her got up on his neves...seeping into HATE starting noticing her , caring her as he walks back to find her..yes she has indeed opened the door of Raizada's heart...he gets relieved seeing her safe but  LOVE to see that she does feel something too and same as him...indeed Raizada is in jail behind door...with this Dhunno...

Now she hides under these doors within chambers of his his car...and he searches for her in jungle...LOVE has seeped in with DEEP attachment which made her to bring a smile of his face by kissing his lips with her sweetness Jalaibi...and he couldn't handle that much LOVE and asked her "Hato.." just couples of hrs before..

He closed the door throwing her in the dark night feeling so vulnerable that she she has started seeing true face of ASR...and can reach to ARNAV...that easily just by her smile...How could you...???


He is getting inebriated with each step towards this door with LOVE written on it...and he saw slipping that tear from her eyes too with one droplet...right on his heart


He gets surprised and throws her out of his car ...after beating goons...but then embrace her in his HEART while resisting it in the hospital and feeling her ultimate LOVE of protection of her hand by closing all doors of insecurities for her  and both leaves from opposite doors with longing of LOVE...NO HATE


But now door has opened and she has entered so struggle starts with LOVE and temporarily  COMMITMENT with La...which ends up with seeping hate or Love just simply DENIAL...Fadak nahin padta...fadak padta hai...She opened her heart's door but his denial shatters her in million  pieces which opens the door of evil ... and this war of denial  breaks both of them...she closed the door putting blame on her and excused herself from even daring to open this door...He gets smitten and hurt even hurting her ...a door of repentance open within...but strongly more than ever.


Now destiny opens the new door bringing sun shine, and she pours her heart out which makes him open his heart but in front of wrong person...a temporary commitment door gets closed with the opening of new door of  hopes...


Both finds ways of entering and leaving this door when one fine night he smilingly opened his hidden door of LOVE for her and sees her in other's embrace...He turns around but doesn't close the door behind him...He drags her this side of the door but when he makes her enter forcefully closed it from inside she remained in but on the other side of the glass door which needs to be shattered...

Her smile made through his Glass door and he opened the deepest desirous door for her after she opens hers in her inebriated form with shaky hands...HEART BEATS with deep seeping love makes it's place within...for Hamesha


Pull and  push of this door continues till he opens his car door again to drag her out to find the cause of this glass door and the reason of putting in between em...She gets suffocated along with him behind this glass but she takes the plunge with him to get wounded and shatters this glass door...baat aapki hai..kissi aur ki nahin...


And he opens his  with his confession"I love u" ...and that breaks the locks of all doors by shattering all glasses of between them...indeed this DOOR was  DORI in between them...since Hamesha..




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Great take Faiqa. some favs in red.. that in blue absolutely brilliant.. very intriguing title and insightful write up..loved your symbolism of the dream, esp the nature elements.. the indisputable parts of their love story..

Thnx Horizon, elements are my grabbers since from the beginning...and especially natural's the avatar form in which these two live all the time...and that door is also an element through which their journey moves on both sides of the door...

that pain/ repentance in his eyes in her dream.. barun is  master in that expression...a book can be written just on that.. both in the room after he lights up teh diya and by the  pool side after chasing her... repentance is an inner fire that burns one.. a moment of great regret is thoroughly soul cleansing than many years behind the bars.. although i never really thought he needed to go into the famous 12 ft grave for a redemption..she is very forgiving too..but he needed to repent just for himself .. for the love he had for this girl.. for that he couldn't bear the sight of a tear in her eyes.. when I was watching that store room scene the first time it took me a tad few long seconds to get why he stopped in tracks all of a sudden at that door.. tears in her eyes.. it hurt him always tab se.. har baar..

Love what you said ...yes it always hurt him and I am with ya in it...never wanted Redemption as he was doing this all the time...that store room is awful ...the way he was trying so hard to explain his side...and she never lets him...awful pain for him...

It is heartening how the always resourceful khushi read beyond what he conveyed.. altho he perhaps didn't mean to send any cryptic message in that..loved all the edits esp the rabba ve ones..
thanks faiqa..

I agreed he was not sending but she knows him inside out...he is like her..will never accept LOVE that easily...then how ...itti badi baat asani se nahin...

That was the key

Thnx Horizon

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Thnx Indi
super take, sir. i absolutely loved the aaoge jab tum balma edits... beautiful colours and meshing of shots.

this ability to communicate with each other minus convenstinal means, so very key in these episodes... your explanations are fabulous. that connection which does not need 3g/4g technology but comes bundled with an emotion... called love, you hold that up brilliantly here. 

same in our real lives indi, don't you have this when inja doesn't say a word and you know exactly the meaning or when hubby  doesn't say much with strange smile...we all have this and we don't need Gs for comes with love and care and above all depth of heart's attachment plays role in it..

the phone is not reached but the message gets through anyway.

so right, shyam never learned anything, did he.

comments in blue above. looking forward to all teh takes coming up as  it all gets so so very intense.

OH can't wait reaching there especially 265-267...I will take my sweet time for exploration because after that we have a bit break..of I was watching to make sense till 270...a lot of irrelevancy and I have to find my route...back to IPK...because it seemed to me what the heck I am watching...

Thnx alwaysSmile

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"khushi I love you."

his guileless confession leaves her bewildered. Pearl like tears brim in her eayes and fall down from her alabaster cheek. She looks at the phone, can't believe what precious words this phone conveyed to her. He cuts the call, shuts his eyes to control his emotions what was creating havoc in his heart. His fingers curl wishing to hold her. His countenance looks tranquil, as if some burden lay down from his shoulder. A satisfactory smiles glints his face. his feelings, his inhibition, his credence, what finally broke through all the barriers, and found a release.

  He doesn't know what is waiting for him; will he able to see her ever in his life! Before his last breath he could tell her that he loves her. As Ranjha he couldn't finish the line before death. But today he did it. He even can't die without saying his real feelings for her. So many times he uttered loud and clear, that she doesn't make any difference to his life, but never could say his real emotions that she makes lots of fadak in his life, not fadak only, he can't breathe without her.


A mlange of mirth and sorrow encompasses her heart. khushi clutches the phone on her bosom, right close to her heart. She tries to feel him through the phone as that inanimate object conveyed the most beautiful moment of her life.

Rabba vey takes over. Tears of happiness are flowing form her eyes redundantly, mingling with her smile. She moves away from the crowd, trying to contemplate what she just heard.

The family looks relieved and relaxed. shyam who was missing for the whole time during the phone conversation, comes to cajole Anjali. He quips that she unnecessary wanted to trouble the police. As soon as he mentioned police, a thought suddenly came to Anjali's mind, that when they wanted to call police Chottey called right then, as if he heard them. Akash jests her, sure bhai did, otherwise, his di would've waken up the whole delhi city.


Where the family was rejoicing after talking to Arnav, there in a deserted dark warehouse Arnav is found tied to a chair with ropes. I just couldn't bear to see our man in such helpless condition. A hand enters the screen to take away the phone from him. He unwillingly gives him back the phone, wishing if he could talk to Khushi more or could tell her that he has been abducted. But things are impertinent for him in a gun point. A guy is pointing gun towards him. Arnav's face is taut, he looks helpless, but his ASR's signature conceited look is still there on his countenance. He is definitely the template for the confident man.


khushi is sauntering slowly across the hallway to her room. She is still in the trance of his confession.

"I love you Khushi"   his words are echoing in her ear drum. She recollects, those indelible fadak padta hai moment, which are tethered in the realm of her mind's cauldron, now are gaining form and shape and voices and rising to the surface again.

So many times he showed her that he cares, but every time he inhibited himself to tell the final word.

"tumhari sagai ho got engaged, why I don't know that" ... how indignant he was that he grabbed hold of her upper arm vehemently.

 She retorted him angrily, "apko kya fadak padta hai."

"hume fadak padta hai, kiyuki..."  the unfinished   words, he finished today,


"agar uss ambulance mein tum hote to!" ...his spirit sinked when he couldn't find her on the night of havan. She again retaliated him

"apko kya fadak padta hai."

"kyuiki..." and he became mute again, couldn't express those suppressed feelings, that fadak padta hai, kiyuki I love you.


Since the diwali night, her mind has been whirling with a confusion, why he wanted to kiss her, where he was in relationship with another woman! Today she found the answer that he loves her. She doesn't know since when he has loved her.


She comes to her room, delighted as ever. But she becomes despondent again not to see him there. On the most precious day of her life she wishes to be with him. A sad note enters in the BG makes the moment more melancholic.

 What if he is not present there in person, but his presence is always around her. The distance actually brought them even closer. Though physically they were distant, but emotionally they were adhered to each other.

A wind laden with love blows gently heralds his presence. The wind chime makes sweet noise, she is suddenly encompassed by a sensation of dj vu.. Her beautiful mind now transcends to the beautiful world of dream. Her Arnavji is here, lighting a candle incepting a new beginning of their life. khushi, clad in his favorite color red, slowly walks towards him. Though her outfit was weird, but I ignored the design, I only saw the color of love and the twinkle of love in her eyes.

After a long time, we saw a fresh scene of Arnav and Khsuhi. Barun was looking extremely tired and exhausted, but still he is irresistible. sanaya was looking as beautiful as always, even in that tent.

the-billli:Hotwa and Hotwi ;)


The romantic note of rabba vey makes the air fervent with passion. She slowly extends out her hand to him and he holds it with utmost care. Her expressive eyes, frames by fluttering coy curtains of eye lashes. His eyes look rueful, for hurting her so much, for not listening to her, for not giving her the chance to defend her, for so many sorrows what he gave her. But she doesn't want him to contrite. Because she knows how much he loves her. She keeps her fragile finger on his lips, silently telling him not to say a word,  she wants to cherish the moment. He gestures with his eyes to look some thing. When her eyes follow his sight, her face luminesces with a sweet smile . in the semi dark room Barun's almost silhouetted profile was looking so magnificent! A chiaroscuro plays on their face.

the beautiful song plays in the BG to makes their romantic moment more enthralling.

aaogi jab tumho sajna, angna  phool klilenge

barsega sawan jhoom jhoom ke

do dil aise mile"

 What a perfect and wonderful song cvs chose to depict her state of mind. Any song played in IPK, it seemed the song belongs to Arnav and Khushi, not to the original cast.


khushi picks a small embroidered pouch and finds a pearl necklace there. I remember this is the same pouch where Khushi put the stars before attempting to suicide. Her heart exhilarates with enormous joy and feelings to get that pearl strings. She knows by giving her that pearl string, he wanted to give her dignity back what he tried to snatch away on their first meeting. He comes to her and puts it on her neck with so much love. She moves her hair aside to let him put it on. One day to hurt her he put her chosen necklace in Lavanya's neck like this. Today everything is different. There is no place of hate in their relationship anymore, what is left, is just unconditional and myriad love.

 after letting him put the necklace khushi turns towards him and he moves close to her, wants to love her more intimately. And she steps back like always. This time she is not frightened of him, but she is demure in coy.

 She runs away to the poolside. He smiles sweetly to see her coyness and chases her.

Running around by the poolside, definitely not ASR. but I found it real, as it was Khushi's dream, so had to be a little filmy shilmy. I just remembered ASR's dream! How sexily he made khushi dressed! And those intimate touches on her bare body! uff I'm getting ecstatic!

Arnav catches khushi and she let him muffle her in his embrace. She pants, burying her head in his chest. His heart also picks up its rhythm, matching her erratic one and beating in unison with hers. Her sweet smile is not leaving her face for a single moment.

He cups her beautiful face with his one rough hand and slowly lifts it. He gives her a bottle where the note "I love you" is inserted. Again his face becomes sad with compunction and she again nods her head not to feel any remorse.

The message of love is conveyed through a bottle! She gets it out and her whole countenance suffuses with immense joy. She looks up to see him, but he has already evanesced and she becomes gloomy again. Her heart squeezes with sudden realization that he is not here.

I was floating in cloud-9 to see their real romance for the first time.


My heart cringes painfully to see my man tied up so brutally. Still he is looking cute and sexy even in his disheveled state. He is struggling to come close to the phone what is laying on the table. His visage crumples when he tries hard, to get the phone. But he can't reach it. Moreover he is wilting for lack of food. His eyes are turbid and he looks emaciated. His lips curve as if he is trying to utter khushi. Oh man, his mind is only preoccupied with khushi's thought only. By uttering her name he was trying to get some courage I guess. His head droops back gradually and his eyes got shut.

I wish to throttle Shyam for torturing my man like this.

The scene was so intense, but I can't hold my laughter, because it was funny to watch. It's not difficult for a young adult man to move sitting on a chair. It would be more real if the chair would've anchored with a steady thing. Anyway again I ignore the blooper. I was just enjoying my man after a long time.


Whereas khushi can't cherish his I love you for longer, because a sudden fear assails her heart. She is in embroilment; her intuition is saying something wrong has happened to him. She can sense the sinister behind those three words. She calls at his number, but this time, the phone is switched off. It daunts her, she just talked to him a while ago, then how cum he is not answering the call? khushi calls Aman and apologizes to disturb him so late at night. aman doesn't know about any deal in Scotland. khushi's incredulity is increasing. She calls at the airport and finds out that there was no flight went from delhi to Scotnad on the day Arnav flied. She is cogitating, if Arnav flied to Scotland, then why he messaged that he reached London!


Arnav fainted because of low sugar I guess. Rocky and the rest of the goons get scared whether he died or not. One guy told him that the boss said his diabetes and if anything happens to him, the boss will kill them.


khushi is pacing back and forth by the poolside. she is trying to connect all the dots, Aman doesn't know anything about the Scotland deal, nor Akash knows; any flight went to Scotland from Delhi on that day. She is berating herself, why she didn't ask him those questions! She recollects his I love you again.

why suddenly he told me that thing...woh baat?"...khushi is shying to utter the word love or she is amateur in this love business, so the word love is not coming out from her mouth easily. or the word love is too precious for her to utter. She doubts about the way he talked to her, because he never talked so meekly with her. She remembers his accusation of being in relationship with shyam.

"you don't have a character"...his harsh words still echoes in her ear.

"jino ne mujhe itna rulaya, itni taklef di...the man who made me cry so much, gave me so much pain...didn't give me a chance to prove my innocence, is now saying, "I love you"! How could he say such a big thing so easily! zaroor woh koi mushkil mei hai...sure he is in some kind of problem. If everything would've fine, he couldn't tell me such thing so easily. Is he in danger? Whether he was trying to say me something?"

She is almost sure that he is in some kind of peril.

Loved to see her as a cognizant woman. After all she is Mrs.ASR, so she has to be intelligent. But still I'm mad at her for doing everything alone. she should tell somebody about her suspicion. And who could be the better person than Akash to help her. This is very sad that the cvs literally ignored Akash's character. He is a decent actor. Don't know why cvs didn't use him properly!


While khushi was in anxiety for her husband,  Payal is trying hard to please her husband. She serves breakfast for him in the yard. But Akash is so busy that he doesn't have time to have breakfast, nor has time to talk to her properly. payal gets upset, what doesn't go unnoticed by nani. She comes to alleviate her mood and says, as chottey is not here, Akash became busy. When chottey will return, everything will be alright again. nani plans for a dinner date for Payal and Akash and commands to obey her plan. She mockingly says him that he is not eating because of the business pressure but Paayl is losing weight because of him. How Akash refute to his martinet's dadi's command! nani passes over the phone to Payal. akash starts to make excuse of work. payal also agrees not to go. But Akash actually played a prank; he wants to take Payal for a dinner date.

How sweet in laws are the Raizadas! how much they are concern about their DILs happiness! I love it when nani called Payal "Payaliya."


khuhsi comes to the police station to file a report. The police officer asks her how she knows that her husband is in danger. khushi replies, because he told her that he loves her. The police officer doesn't take her words seriously and laughs instead. He banters, "gumshuda prem kahani." though they didn't ponder her thought but wants to come to her house for investigation. khushi thinks it won't be safe and if the press comes to know about this matter, can be dangerous for Arnav. she can't take the risk and decides not to complain to police..


It was sure a refreshing episode. I think the cvs took extra care as the man returned for a day. After all he is the heart of the show and most important and crafted character of IPK.

gifs credit goes to tumblr


credit goes to the maker

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Originally posted by aarwen

Episode 263

There is something extremely and indescribably touching to see ASR, who was till not too long ago a cynical jaded man, dream about the girl he loves.. A man who a few months ago wanted to have nothing to do with the emotion called love. Who had been tormented at the idea that a girl right out of nowhere could cause upheaval in his life. He was determined that no girl could make a difference in his life. A man who even more recently was but a jilted lover and fiercely protective brother. And here he sat completely worn out, tied in ropes, with his heart still soaring at the sight of the girl he knew could not possibly be there in front of him.

His eyelids blinked open and the tired eyes came into focus. The eyebrows constricted in a fleeting frown as he registered who was before him. Kneeling in front of him was the face he longed to see, of the very girl he longed to be with. His wife. "Khushi" his incredulous relieved whisper out loud... She sat kneeling in front of him. A determined unwavering expression adorned those beautiful features tonight. The face that has unknowingly arrested his attention so many times in the past. The face he yearns to see right now.


The camera pans and reality sinks in. A man physically restrained in a dull sodden shirt, bound to a chair, limp hands.. such attention to detail in the frame, in the pose of the actor in this frame.. And on the dusty floor of that warehouse where he is being held captive, opposite him sits a woman. Long black hair cascading down her shoulders.. Flowy Chiffon anarkali in bright colors.. His mind conjured an image of her which matched how she looked when he had confessed the all important all encompassing truth of their existence.. He loved her.. Her back erect, alert, the woman leans towards the man, almost drawn into him. The wind plays with her hair and as he drinks her in even in his exhaustion he can't help smile in wonder. Khushi?

His hand stretched out to reach her. But both look down at the rope that restrains him. A strange disturbing helplessness as he stares at his inability to break free. And a glistening heartbreaking tear makes its way down her cheek. A tear had travelled the same path when she had heard.. He loved her.. Her eyes move back up to him. For now he relinquishes the fight against his restrains. Perhaps it did not matter that he could not physically touch her. For now she was here.. Khushi sach mein tum ho? A childlike innocent surrender in that question. Why does it take me back to the night when he stood looking at the galaxy full of twinkling stars and had asked her about his mother.. "Kya wo sach mein taare ban jaate hai?" Was it this belief that had sown gradually, but steadily within him thanks to the presence of this girl? And was that the very same belief that made it possible to dream about her today? He smiles.. He thought it was all just a dream..

If it was the making artist who deserves credit for Barun's look then how did the same artist not able to make this man look good in the last few tracks of the show?


Her fingers are still outstretched holding onto thin air that lay between their two separate bodies. They may be apart, but their souls have long since merged into one being.. With infinite care her hand raised to stroke his hair and rest on his cheek. Those chiseled immaculate cheek bones that once were unblemished in glory are covered in grime and sweat today.  He had completed this same gesture many times before. But she.. when had she really got a chance to show her love? On holi in an inebriated state she had cupped his face and showered him with love in the surreal way only a young girl in love for the very first time could do. He could not let himself fall for that even thought his heart repeatedly reminded him of that trusting guileless moment. Maybe subconsciously he remembered that gesture. He felt safe when she held him this way. His cheek angled itself closer as he nuzzled into her hand..

I notice his face was trusting, relaxed as if her presence meant he no longer needed to fight. Everything was going to be alright. Her face on the other hand seems all grown up tonight. A woman taking care of her man. Perhaps he needs her strength for a few minutes while he lets go and indulges in the safety of a fantasy.  But just like that night with the stars when she had not been able to tell him a lie, today tenderly she lets him know it is his dream. The wretchedness returns in those hollow eyes as her image dissolves. The few seconds of coveted interlude he allowed himself fade away with it. The hand all this while had remained outstretched, straining to hold her.. The soothing noise of the wind is replaced by the unnerving crackling of electric pulse..


He cannot bear it. Before our very eyes we see this man breaking down. His palm clenches hard and you don't think it is anything except his despair.. till he turns over that hand and slowly the fingers start to open. Within it lies what treasure.. His girl's very essence.. A single trinket.. a relic of the pom poms that were part of all her dresses. That bobbled merrily whenever she went. It had followed Arnavji. It had refused to be left behind. Not willing to stay apart from him, it had come with him to keep him company in the darkest loneliest hour..  Sometimes it was a very significant key, mannat ki chabhi, sometimes those precious pearls, sometimes a priceless anklet, her amma's payal, always it felt like the whole universe had conspired to ensure these two would remain together. Now when they had finally admitted to themseleves that they did want to be together forever, they had been forced apart. Today an inconsequential almost silly looking pink piece of bauble connected her securely to him. It was this absolutely wondrous thing called love that IPK got right each time.


How must the man feel.. when he remembers she had tried valiantly desperately to stop him from leaving. He had disregarded her truth, rejected her attempts.. Left her torn weeping alone in a crowded airport as he resolutely walked away from her..  His wife who had stayed up all night taking care of him .. Been mad with worry about him when he was only slightly ill.. She had held onto him and not let him fall.. And he had flung their framed photograph onto the road in anger.. the glass had cracked into a million pieces, just like the heart of the girl he had accused of being characterless.. Even then she had tried to let him know she cared and he had not given her a chance to explain.. Only gotten angrier and harsher at her.. When he had her hand in his he had wretched himself free. Now what would he not give to have that same hand safely tucked in his?

He had turned in the airport to go back to her, but what if it was too late now? He had let her know he loved her, but what if he never saw her again? How would she survive without him? How would her smile return? What could he do? Why were things this messed up? Oh if only I knew all the questions that he must ask himself as he closed his eyes in what felt like soul searing grief to me. A man whose happy dream of love shatters yet again.

your take on Arnav's scene made me spell bound. You captured the deepest emotion of Arnav. 
All the lines I marked blue stood out for me.

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

I loved this poem , muahhh :)

Bemurravat,Beautiful word choice...instead of Begairat how about this
"Dagabaz, bemuravvat humey kaha tha apne"
Begairat is good on Shyam..not on her is ususally used on Males
The last one is really emotive.

Durga I adored this poem a lot

Faiqa, was waiting for your response. And I am thrilled you loved bemuravvat. Big smile Thank you, thank you, thank you. Embarrassed  About begairat, I did think whether to use or not, but decided to go with it anyway. Or should I say, I took some poetic liberty here. Dagabaz, that is quite close to bewafa, isn't it? But I am glad you loved the poem on the whole. Thank you Faiqa. Hug 

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episode 261/262

both episodes seemed quite rudderless. dashing off into the events of the day without much thought or beauty.

khushi looked for ways to find asr. shyam looked for ways to bother khushi. mami for some reason looked askance at everything khushi said or did and decided to wear black gloves to follow khushi.

i have no idea who wrote these scenes or directed them, but had a feeling a lot of not senior, experienced people were involved.

we also took a side trip to the problems of akash payal matrimonial harmony. why  no idea, but the execution again felt without traction.

suddenly in ipk everyone is talking to themselves loudly as in other serials... or was it always there, i just did not notice.

liked these lines:

mami ji hum pagal nahin hain...

ebhry mad person yehi kahat hai...

262 went into the whole story of cc tv footage at the airport. how khushi knew exactly whom she had to meet, and why they were so offensive... or why she collected a visiting card while the man went on and on or how between mami ji and herself they determined exactly where to go to find the footage, i really did not get. my mind was wandering.

but yeah, after a lot of detective drama, they saw the first shots of asr in days.

i wish i could say something held my interest... really nothing. seeing the asr footage i felt sort of happy, but the four toughs that followed him, then him just going with them quietly seemed weird.

they never ever bothered to tell us how this so called kidnap was effected. what was he told? why did he follow them? who were they? how did they get in? shoddy writing. something i guess the asr khushi scenes and the cogent, caring writing of earlier days had gotten me unused to. i don't compare ipk with other serials because i don't watch them, and if it were just another one of those, i would not be here. it has set its own standards and breached them all by itself too.

shyam has taped the very important papers with ordinary tape under a baby cot? what sort of thinking is this?

on a brighter loopier note, mami ji has called all five ishtar hotels of isscatland... teehee, i recall once calling a hotel in milan and asking if there were other five ishtar hotelwas there... determined to call all. but mami is my guru, she is tracking all the big hotels in a whole country.

mano line that has me giggling: i talk... you dooj... okayj?

a little later: phront phront see bhat bhat happens. agey agey dekho howat hai kaa.

tell me this is a hint.

i also liked mano detectibh's wipe your tears, aansoo ponchh lo advice.

and c'mon of course i get why she is wearing that utterly bizarre outfit to be bond... chori ke khatir banarasi saree how to wear, haan?

alas, despite all the mano fix, episode lacklustre, directionless.

she rewinded and as he came into frame, rabba ve  faded up. it was a sad sad moment. khushi reacted to the sight of the man she loved, who had told her "woh baat," a tender scene, her face went vulnerable, she touched the screen, her arnav ji, she so needed to know he was ok. manorama felt the emotions of this young woman she had tricked and loathed and decided to call phatti saree. she put her hand on her shoulder in empathy.. but the moment khushi took note of that, she pretended to be dusting soemthing off her shoulder. lovely character note. and moment. yeah, the two mad bahus of the raizada fam, the two not upper class girls with their sense of love and family were in that instant on the same side suddenly. an ipk touch to the delving into the unpredictable shades in manorama raizada's character.
let me laugh first.
really I was feeling that I was watching some cheap kids show.
you pointed out all the silly bloopers so smartly.
yes how your cousin manoroma can wear the banarsi saree, while she was going to steal. LOL
Shyam  taped the important paper under the baby cradle. i was guffawing while watching. Is he an adult or some notorious kid!LOLLOL
this line below said it all.
 it has set its own standards and breached them all by itself too. 

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha


Episode 259-260-261

"Deceptive Phantasm...of Life"

                                                            cr ou

such a nice gif

"I am lost without you. I am soulless, a drifter without a home, a solitary bird in a flight to nowhere. I am all these things, and I am nothing at all in my life without you. I long for you to show me how to live again."  ~~Nicholas Sparks~~

Life is a teacher , a guru...and all our lives we learn different lessons. The most important lesson, life teaches us is to fight through the tests that life gives us .. not only physically but also with the experiences throughout the life. Among all the knowledge and the test one never forgets about LOVE... love that environs all these...and it is the biggest weapon or shield which guards us ,makes us feel secure ,feel ,and Nani said "pyaar toh bade bade pahadon ko hila deta hai... yeh toh Chote hain." you all sound so wise always

Since the time they have come into each other lives they have been fighting this emotion "Love" as their love is in direct conflict with the lessons they have learnt in their lives...though this love was born out of their mutual hatred ,they have realized that they are incomplete without each other...incomplete as two lonely souls calling to each other...through unspoken words that they understand ,the way they feel each other's pain ,tears...the way they try to shield each other from problems...This is the biggest weapon and shield they have for each other...LOVE... but would both of them express this openly? absolutely not..the lessons that life taught them will not allow them to...but  life's lessons has no meaning in times of desperation...So Arnav sensing her tears ...her pain on the phone ...wanted to just hold her but unable to do so.He couldn't control his feelings in front of her and uttered those words "I love u" which Khushi had been longing to hear...and how the mighty fall and how the heart has won this battle. really Faiqa di sometimes you just need one person to feel complete


Pause here:Just like she knows he can't say these words easily"itti aasani se nahin keh sakte..." ..he knew on the airport she can't accept easily"kyon fadak padta hai...kyuonle baat aapki hai..." ..."Ziddi jo ho" will come later but it seeps in here.,,,but she did just to make him relief from the pain he was going through as it was his mother's bday..a big loss of his life.Here comes "aap kya jane kisi keh cherey pe muskurahat lane ka sukh"...wish she knew that he was doing all see her smile that post kidnapping days I felt very bad for Arnav. Khushi had reason to be hurt, but he tried so hard to make it up to her. And he had been through this terrible ordeal.


Did Khushi only hear the three word spoken?? not at all.she heard his emotional state behind it and also the hint he threw behind it.what love makes u do..what love makes u understand...For him,She is a cheater, a home breaker but she is the one who had a power to tear his shell and he never could take her out of his heart since the day she fell in his arms or from the circle of this "Fadak padta hai"...And for her ..he is the one who snapped her dori of her dreams but filled every path of her with dreamy desires which she couldn't run away or deny from this Dhak Dhak effect...and now nothing matters among them ...just one thing stands out which they both yearn for each other and that is "Love..." dreamy desire.. lovely phrase.


 Now on the other side ,Love also makes you forget some valuable life lessons learnt in one's life when there is a conflict of interest comes in between the lessons learnt with the perspective that love provides the fight in one's life becomes bigger.and that suits in Anjali's case who has refused to fight and believes her husband completely even after he has been caught at wrong places at wrong her fairytale love for her husband and the love for her brother border on clinging.This is the difference between Khushi and Anjali...Khushi dreams about fantasy but Anjali lives in it. 



Khushi walks towards her room engulfing into the memories reeling and rearing up in her mind as her heart  begins to process the true meaning of Arnav's love which was there all .She gets the answers of all the recent brewing  questions of her mind which is understanding the each step of his move and today that revelation is leading her up to him who stays in her heart .While crossing that corridor...She gathers the scattered pearls and strings em together and forms a chain ...a closed loop of their moments which were bringing her closer to the facts , that everything among them always mattered no matter what...


She finally opens the door, the door that has been locked securely by the hatred , the door which had prevented her from glimpsing the truth, she opens the door and finds her Rajkumar within.and who informs her, the wind chime which she put to inform her about his arrival...yes he is here right in her heart... only you could have made this connection di.. such a nice way of looking at it.

love the spreading rays effect in the edit above

Her Rajkumar lights up the candle of hope to eliminate the darkness of  misunderstandings by spreading the light of  trust with his gentle and loving touch... She moves closer to him in his favorite color... red, the symbol of  a her pride to be his without any doubt or fear her integral and complete faith in his hand with her smiling visage by laying her hand out and he holds it tightly but with honor...The remorse reaches his eyes and the moment his lips slightly parts  away ,she puts her finger on em...doesn't need to say or convey...He is her pride and his dignity and her regrets...She doesn't need any apology ever... A smiling Arnav with glint of pleasure and gratification nods towards the a darkened recess , Khushi follows his eyes with complete trust and faith .. beautiful explanation of the seemingly filmi moments. I specially liked her not wanting him to say sorry.

Song seeps in ...

aaoge jab tum ho sajna...angna phool khilainge...

flowers will bloom in my garden ,when you will come, my love


Barsega sawan jhoom jhoom keh dil aise milainge

the rain will come down... dancing while two hearts will be united



Khushi picks up a pouch and discovers the chain ..chain of pearls..., She holds it in her hand with repletion... he was returning all of those scattered dreams of hers which he took away in their first meeting...Arnav comes closer and adorns her with the pearls by making her his as his equal ...She closes her eyes in the anticipation of his touch which always melts her...arouses her desires ...He starts coming closer to embrace her in him make her his when she strides backward as their trademark... A blushing Khushi runs out to be chased by Arnav who manages to hunt his love near the poolside where the battle of heartbeats started...Where they set challenges to kiss to love to hate ...he  captures her in the web of his passion ,in his arms right next to his remorseful heart feels pang of pain which he caused her all this time ...She feels abruptness in the rhythm of this beat and looks deeply in his eyes...He holds her face in his palm in his apology and hurt but she refrains him to feel that way... 

cr ou

He hands her a SOS, the message in the bottle,A hint..."I love you Khushi..." when mirage meets the reality and she wakes up !! mirage.. lovely choice of word.

..Symbolism and connection:We had fire [candle light], wind [ blowing curtains], water, [Pool], Sky [space with stars],...Also   they were near the poolside where  their love story saw many ups & downs ... in Indian Beliefs [which is Khushi] ...Pearls strung together meaning order and represents cosmic union , a  spiritual unity between two individuals...So tonight these two are united spiritually although not yet physically ..,Do not forget that pearls also has stood for consummation ,love and marriage greek methodology... I did not know that. hehe you know my name is of a greek godess..



And here we go to "Khuch theek nahin hai"... that something is terribly wrong. Shows the beginning of kidnap...ASR in ropes with notes of kidnapping track... He shuts his phone by closing his eyes after delivering the message ...Yes he said it finally and her reciprocation was delivered by wind to him...a telepathical connection...but the light of HOPE is right in his vicinity that she might have understood his tension too as he was frozen in that moment of hope holding that phone in his hand right next to his ear...

The ASR turns his fearless head and icy glare at someone who just took his phone... With a gun pointing at his head... he sits in that dark and terrifying place with dim lights, ready for whatever was store in ...

His state of mind gets activated ,the moment she comes to reality, he opens his eyes and stretches his hand out to grab the phone which was lying before him .He ignores the surroundings as there is a determination in those tired eyes which makes him keeping moving forward but his tied hands don't let him...but his lips only shape up her name "Khu..."... Barun's acting was so convincing here it gave me goosebumps

and she gets alert on the other side...she feels him ...calling her...the sadness seeped in her and she sits down ...wind carries the message to him and he tries one more time to reach reach to the phone without giving hope...and that urge of him makes her to get up ...starts thinking...feeling ..."humey pata hai. humara man kah raha hai ki kuchh toh bura hua hai aapke saath.." i know, my mind says, something bad has happened to you. wonderful understanding you and Indi di had of this connection. I realise so many different things from our discussions here. Makes the episodes even more memorable.

His energy , his strength goes down..seems like he successfully delivered what he wanted to and now his eyes were shutting down with his head rolling back and he goes unconscious on that chair because of his low sugar level...but  she got it ...a provocation...How come Aman doesn't know anything? ...Found out ,No airlines to Scotland that day either,  yes she got it "iska matlab hai..."..and that makes her clutching her heart ..."aap kissi musibat main hain"... wife's instinct that something is wrong..and the wrong message on the phone about reaching London...


Khushi  startles out from her dreams as her suspicions which were briefly soothing yet provoking every cell of her brain to take caution and so does ASR on the other side of the camera which shows how mentally they are connected...A hyper Khushi begins to take notes of the uncharacteristic events that were played out in the past hour and concludes that there is something fermenting under this stickiness...She finds the clue..The Clue !! ...her brain lights up...It was his tone..!! "unnki Baat Karne ka Taarika "and then she confirms it by recollecting moments of  terrace scene, bridge scene and Airport scene ,...and her minds perks up another hint,"Sab Kuch teek chalte hue, itni badi baat nahi kehsakte"... Kuch teek nahi hai, [Nothing is right and added monologue "Kya woh humse kuch kehna chah rahe they " , completely confirms it !!

Camera shifts , "kya hua iseey"...but HOPE lights the form of BOSS...yes he said provide him meds and food ... 

For filmy Khushi it is obvious that he can't say these words that easily...This is not his matter  how she reciprocated to her feelings hearing these words which two of them just delivered enough to survive through wind..."Sab Khuch theek chalet wo itti badi  baat aasani se nahin keh sakte..wo zaroor kissi mushkil main hain...humara di keh raha hai"..."Khushi I love you echoed one more time.."and that gives her signal.."Kahin unhain koi Khatra tou nahin ..." I thought it was sweet she kept refering to it as "wo baat" not I love you.. sort of made me think she was shy saying it.. felt very natural to me. If its the very first time there is a certain hesitation to use the words..


Pause here:Their communication device was off in guest house but she knew he was here and he knew she was in danger ...and today again that device is off but she knows he is in danger...

 She is in the search within as she can't disclose the news to family, tired the police but door is closed because she needs PROOF...


Pause here:The proof ...which takes her to the man who has snatched away her happiness once...on Diwali ..the chakarvyue is she started those circles of Diyas and today she encircled that address on that newspaper...which encircle Shyam in it ..meaning conection ...,That day Arnav brought Khushi out of that chakarvyue and today she is trying to take him out.But don't forget Arnav went in the circle because of Khushi .


The communication device again is in the picture...which is circling which Arnav couldn't reach to convey her but it is coming to her by the very same person who has tied Arnav from Khushi...

How did you manage to take nice pictures of Shyam di.. haha.. nice color tone.. 

But Shyam also got a straight slap in return of his victory.. He tricks with him over this phone...and holds her hand when she forbids him for touching her...He can't take this and increases his tease..."Konsa aapko Arnavji Phone karne wale hai"...another hint but she couldn't register it because of her pain...and tears flow on its accord...

 "Khushi's suspicion "Will's papers " which Shyam has suddenly stopped asking for."Aapki un main jaan atki hue thi and aura ab unke jane keh baad aapko  acahnak unki koi zaroorat nahi.."...Go girl get him...


Which delivers Shyam a message of her heart and he gets irritated with hurt and wants to know why?..."aapke aansoo sirf usske liye bahte hain jo aapko sabse zyada dard diya hai,"[Why do  your tears flow only for the one who has given you the most amount of hurt]


"aapko sach mein nahin pata..."[ you really don't know, do you???]... she keeps a victory smile as she says that. Yes she will declare this again..."hum ne sab Arnavji keh liye kiya jinse hum bohat pyar karte hain..."but she is reminding him the day of Diwali too"Dhakanain eik ho gayein though she didn't remember but He did and that makes his fall down droopy...He never learned anything from his life..did he???Any communication can't make his phantasm disappear no matter what..Love her here though My Slither is out of shape...


Lighter but important Note...Khushi nahin dukhi lagti hai...yes Mamiji has found the reason to be with this sanka in the search of Arnav... 

Enjoyed your thoughts on this episode immensely Faiqa di. Deeply perceptive. I had to see th emeaning of phantasm. love the titles you give your takes. This time I liked all you edits so much was having  a hard time ti select my favourites. The beginning paragraph and the meaning of the moments of her dream were simply beautiful. It is really so enjoyable to be reading you all during this phase. Am so thankful to get to share this happiness with you all.

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