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Blast from the Past Thread #25 Extn ** Khushi, I... ** P 119, Ep 274

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He was a young man with a hope in his heart one night not so long ago... till darkness took it away. he believed what he saw was true... and let his hope go with the light in his eyes dimming. But perhaps it lingered, a little disobedient, buried deep in a place with almost no light. His chot wrapped in the blood and throb of his heart. Till today. Till now. When at last he came to believe, not what he saw, but what he felt was true. The rest was merely that... the rest.

As the wind rose in a gust and wrapped around him and a girl at the other end of a phonecall, he said the words he had so wanted to say that night... the treasure held deep in him. ... Khushi, i love you.

His love rose in triumph and broke the barrier set by dimaag and rushed with the song of  his dil... he let it flow out and surge over to her. Perhaps that's why instantly a single tear, flowed out like a river from her eye... coursing down, racing toward her ocean.

A turnaround in the lovers' tale
No more stopping of the heart's gale
Out goes hate with a heartfelt confession
Welcome to BFTP thread 25 extension

khushi main...

khushi main woh...

khushi, i love you

To celebrate the episode that had our hearts pounding and a breeze rising and twirling through our lives, across the forum, everywhere on each thread... the words skimming shimmying dancing thrilling, setting off  goosebumps trembles and dhakdhaks, making us laugh, making us weep, making us smile and sigh... taking us to a place far far away where a boy said to a girl, those three words... we give it a thread and share here the moment and its aftermath. Come, join us, and let's hear the words again and again, one more time, here on Blast from the Past.

Credits: The Gif banners are made by Katelyn, she also gives us the music of that night. The Khushi I Love You-Rabba Ve banner is by ArshiHamesha, The welcome poem is penned by DurgaS. Text and Khushi I Love You edits by indi52. The main posts are created jointly and in collaboration by ArshiHamesha, DurgaS, indi52, Katelyn, and supriya.arshi.

Please scroll down from Rules, Index and share the love.

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Ying Yang

why, why does it bother me to leave her and go?
why, why could he not come back, believe me
never leave?
khushi, the wind carries a voice
the night takes me to a far away land
where you and
i can be together without any questions
not a single doubt
where are you? where are you?
touch me with your voice
touch me
khushi, i am okay please don't cry
khushi i...
khushi did you hear me that night
did you hear me call you to the winds
the end of our universe where it all begins
is that why you weep
don't cry, bas
khushi i love you

Ying Yang

A Confession ...




"Fear can only grow in darkness.Once you face fear with light,you win."

~~Steve Maraboli~~


Arnav who delved in the darkness after losing the light of his life , His mother , has been shown the ray of light again by the fear of losing the only light of his life , His Khushi...Today ,the moon which has the power of holding all the craters of darkness by getting light from the Sun is illuminating proudly under the visage of this Sun by marking him as hers through his confession...

The fear of losing love made him hate Love and made him hurt the only one who introduced him with this soft petal of touching feeling, murmuring his heart to see the light in the darkness, to beat in rhythm with someone whose heart only beats for him"Har bar"...[Always..]

 Today again in the captivity, the fear of distance form his loved one made him leaping through this darkness to embrace the path of light full of Love and endearment.His mind is compelling to take care of his two important people in his life ,Di and Khushi..."Di aur...Khushi ka khyaal rakhna" - [Take care of Di and Khushi...]

Yes he hates her but dying thousand times saying this one sentence...Her tears which makes him halt as always , the pearls which he broke but he's been tying those priceless, soft,and  pure nuggets in a thread of  care , affection and in his ajeeb Love... Her heart finally recognized it with his one word...her name from his mouth,..."Khushi!!!" ..That's all she wanted...hear her name from his mouth for which she was calling him over and over on the phone, running after on the airport but he didn't utter her name to give her solace, a healing bam on her wounds which he gave her and he knows that... "Khushi"... and she cries her heart out over his shoulder  by holding the phone imaging him with both hands just like always...getting strength from him and transferring strength in him...Yes he the one who hates her , he who gives her tears, but he is the one who always hurt himself in return for giving those tears "kyuon karta hoon main aisa..har bar uss ki ankhon main ansoo..."[Why I became a reason of her tears, why do I do that???]- ...Yet he is the one who can sense her tears over his heart without her saying a word... He can sense her miles away because you can realize that when you know what you are to the other person... Khushi Rona band karo..."I am fine"...yes he hates her and wants to snatch himself away from her but his part knows that she can sense and feels his pain miles away as he is part of her too... he knows she'll be worried for him...Bas...STOP!!!


The pain in him...The pain in her...the pain which they both feel for each other makes them to submits their souls to each other ...His breaking of words,"Khushi main..." ... His stammering words ,holding her tight , getting strength from her and and relinquishing himself over the moment by conceding and admitting without hesitation. "Khushi...I love you...  " without caring of Truths and Lies of Shyam or anything...just taking enough strength from her and transferring enough to her to come out of this shell of come out of this mask of come out of this darkness by spreading light around her ...Today he broke the cocoon of fear by stepping out of this shell... by cocooning her in his safe harbor of Love which is always her safe heaven...


"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out."~~Roy Croft~~


His dwindling hope of losing her in his fear makes him finally confess his state of mind without caring the truth of Shyam.It is only his belief , trust and love makes him say those words for which he did turn to go back to Khushi on Airport as he never needed evidence to confess the Love , he just needed to be needed by her..."Baat aapki hai...fadak padta hai..." to "Khushi ,I love you..."

Barun and Sanaya you just nailed it...Both are stupendous in this scene...!!!

A journey to Confession...

Ying Yang

two years ago, when this episode aired the very first time, i was fairly new to the forum, and had written several posts on crooner just on this episode... absolutely elated by what i saw on 22 may, 12 midnight. here's one of those thongs i wrote. i have edited certain references and details...

deja vu with indi52

"i am a woman in love"

he said "woh baat" in a way only he could say. after that i was left looking at her.

when i first met her she was a girl. last night i saw her transform into a woman.

what's more, a woman in love.

we followed her single tear with joy in our hearts, she cradled the phone close and she smiled. and there was a different khushi. not the one who had rushed in with her "aanchal" held out to collect the shower of stars that she believed would fall when one is in love, as per chat with devi maiyya.

nor the young woman who jangled the bangles he'd given her (the only thing he has ever given her till date) as she stood smiling to herself and said: if anyone had said to me laad governor would give me bangles and be so concerned about my welfare, i'd have never have believed them.

from that smile on, right through the walk down the corridor, remembering the incomplete "farak padta hai" moments to his submission: i love you, up to her room, i watched khushi grow into a woman.
she walked into her dream, assured and lovely in his favourite colour. tremulous smile (who says mills & boon doesn't teach you anything), but confident reach out of hand.
she looked into his eyes, unafraid. his expression changed. was he about to explain? without any hesitation she silenced him with a finger on his lips. khushi doesn't need explanations. she knows what matters. hmmm nice.

i have to say i loved khushi's version of the perfect romantic interlude. khushi, the girl, chose the physicals. the awful earrings (that cuts deep as i am a earring fiend), the tacky bag in which the precious string rested, the funny candles, the run around the pool. aw i loved that strange chase by our man. WinkLOL Smile if i can see him tied up and bleeding, i can see him dopily running after her, perhaps asr really feels like running around trees sometimes, let the boy have some fun!

but the emotions of the entire sequence was pure Khushi the woman. i loved the way she turned away from him and ran, a definite invitation to follow her there. if we found the seen corny, bet so did barun and sanaya. i looked at their expressions a zillion times to detect a false note. not one. they had a beautiful chat instead, just through looks and smiles. oh, that lovely lyrical hug, the hand moving up her hair, the remorse entering his eyes, then his intent gaze as that funny bottle and note appeared; but what really mattered were those three words. and their effect.


IPK banner credit Risha_ipkknd, Rules poster by ArshiHamesha, ASR Khushi edit and blank verse by indi52

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Texture credit: Miss-deviantE@DA and mongrelminds


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3rd Anniversary at BFTP - Gulaab, Kaanta and IPK

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telyn's Catc

Drool Corner
By Ami


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~~A Circle of Eternity~~

Atoot Bandhan



Continue from "A Connection of Heart to Soul"

Emergence of a woman through these words is shaping up a new storm behind this temporarily calmness of the surroundings .The brewing up anger in her is settling into deep concerns, concerns are raving up into realizations and that turns hopes up with rebellious desires "to be with him" no matter what , "to claim him as hers" no matter what ...indeed "ek din nafrat bhi sharma jati hai ...agar ek mauqa diya jaye..."..[Hate gets defeated in front of love eventually]... 

She is entering the temple where he broke her fast on Teej .Her each step is closer to that eternal touch of his by sipping the "Abe Hayat" which he gave her couple of months ago but she scolds at him for that "Why did you give me that ... you broke my fast", yes broken fast "mujhe nahi pata tha keh tumhara...tum behosh  ho rahi theen.."[ u were getting fainted..I didn't know you are fastening]...He never knew about Her getting trapped into Shyam's games  but he still saved her from all the dizziness of this whole game under DeviMaiya's supervision...He offered her eternal life with him and that's what he's been offering her all along either in hate or love and today she understood that by embracing each step towards it.

She is standing in front of Lord Shiv  not Devi Maiya and praying for her Arnavji's welfare as his wife... aap bas unka khyal rakhein aur haan unn se kahiyega jaldi wapas aa jayain"...[ Just take care of him and please tell him to come back soon]

Shiv,The Lord of "mercy and repentance" She is repenting for all of her actions today .Lord Shiv also has the power  vanquishing evil and  she is gathering that from Lord Shiv to vanquish Shyam's evil plot as their positions [Khushi is in between Shyam and Anjali]...while standing in front of Shiv is ringing those bells. "aap hamein chodiye...hum apni mushkile khud suljha lenge...aur haan  "humne apni dil ki baat aapke saamne rakhi,yeh baat aap Devi Maiyya se mat kahiyega". [ I can take care of myself..Don't tell DeviMaiya that I opened up in front of you]...Last time she declared to Devimaiya that she won't speak to her and doesn't have any intension to stay here but today she is here for her husband...her Arnavji...She has done every ritual under Devi Maiya's supervision and today she is completing the circle with Lord Shiv with her pure , innocent and eternal acceptance of her Love for Arnavji..."Apne pati keh liye..jin se hum bohat pyar karte hain.." and She will declare these words to the Evil later.


Khushi is asking strength for him , so he can fight with all the demons within and around him. Here comes Anjali's words with Arnav in front of the mirror..."tum khud bhi nahi jante keh tumhain Khushiji  ka kitna Khiyal hai..." and that made him realize to say "I love you.." because he just does and doesn't want any reason to do so...For Khushi here comes Naniji's words ..."hamre chotey hai na agar woh kisi se pyaar karte hain aur unke liye kuch nahi kar sakte to khudhi ko sazaa dene lag jate hain"... 

Today the soothing sound of spreading pearls make her understand the true meaning of Arnav's  pearled oceanic Love which is way deeper than anything...Which was always around her to sooth her from every storm and today she is feeling alone walking , facing the heat of it but his Love is her strength and that will light her path to find all the treasures of their moments to go through this darkness till she finds him..."hum ne aapko dhoond hi liya" ...till then he will be his guardian angel of strength..."aap hi hamari taqat thai..." [u were my strength] ...Yes she has unlocked the real meaning of Love of the man who is everything for her since from the beginning and today she wants to claim embrace him..the way he is ..


Kuch rishtey ajeeb hi Dor mein bandhey hotey hain

Takraar se shuru hote hain...Nafrat ke saaye mein panapte hain

Girte hain...padte hain...par Kaayam rahte hain

Nafrat badhti jaati hai...aur Rishtey ki gaanth aur gehri hoti jaati hai

Itni ki ek din Nafrat bhi aur badhne se sharma jaati hai

Aur woh rishta sirf ek bandhan bankar reh jaata hai,lekin sirf Nafrat waala

Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai...Nafrat ke us maahaul mein kuch to hai

Jo humse kehta hai - 

is unsuni,anjaane se,ankahe se rishtey ko ek mauka to do

Par jis rishtey ki neev hi Nafrat pe rakhi gayi ho -

Uss sey kuch bhi ummeed lagaana naadani nahi to aur kya hoga

Aur shaayad yeh naadani hum kar baithe hain

warna kyun itni nafrat ke baawjood hamein aapki yaad aa rahi hai

Kyun hum aapse ladte hain,jhagarte hain...laikin aapke jaane ke baad

Aapki hi ki raah dekhte hain, hawaon se aapki baatein karte hain...


Khushi's each line is enveloped in layers and layers of pain, yearning, forlorn and discontent but right from her Heart dipped in pure Love... which is bleeding for him only..Yes This is a merger phase from "Hate to Love"..."Main tum se nafrat kar hi nahi paya...hum ne kitni koshish ki aapse pyar na karne ke liye.."...Today she cried her heart out to clear all the dust of dust...yes she loves him , she just does ,the way he does... Fadak padta hai from both sides...

Khushi's walk was alone and she is standing alone while talking with Arnav,though at both places she is with her family but the beauty is she is looking forward  in her life towards Arnav , A man who drags her , hates her, hurts her but always stands by her and she has connected that strong   "Dhaga" thread  only with him .Everyone has their place in their life but now it's them what is the most  important to them. He spoke to family like an anchor but now it's time  for them...Love his control over himself  delivering strength to his Khushi..."I love you"...A single tear rolls down like a first drop of water on a dry land...

Yes that drop of hope, she finally opens the door of her heart and finds her Rajkumar ,right there lightening her dreams by removing her darkness of every single doubt...

She steps forward to insure him , to embrace him, to hold him in his path of remorse by accepting him as hers .Their union started with the broken pearls and today it is symbolically getting encircled in those pure nuggets which he ties around her neck by giving her ...respect and pride making her his half...his equal...and marriage got approval by both today for her dream...


but she still feels this "I love you Khushi " in a bottle  as a hint of him in a trouble..."Sab Kuch Chalte huwe , wo hum se itni badi baat nahin kar sakte...[He can't say those words in a normal condition]



                                                                       by  Durga

A look at the movie references in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
as there are plenty and they add to our exploration. If you spot one,
please do send in with your thoughts, we'll post it here.

When HAHQ met IPKKND Episode 2 

 Our leading ladies seem fascinated with this head gear. The picture above speaks for itself.
Sholay scene
There is no dearth of Sholay fanatics in our milieu. So, neither Prof.Chaudhary in HAHK nor KKG in IPKKND could resist alighting a piece of furniture, grabbing a bottle of water and shout sooocide ...
I know it's you
That moment when you know that it is your beloved at the other end of the line, without uttering a word or a whisper. That's love at poignant times.
Open hair
What's with men and their beloved's khule baal, open hair? No hesitation, a plain haq, wanting to see those locks fly open, dance freely, as they want their love to be. It's a ribbon in HAHK, it's a clip in IPKKND. But really does it matter?
Pehla pehla 
So right after opening the ribbon, Prem and Nisha dance to 'Pehla pehla pyaar hai'. But Arnav and Khushi have already finished their duet at their siblings sangeet. But why fret, they decide to preserve the song for their own sangeet. Oh, it's definitely a pehla pehla pyaar for them.
Pet pals  [as suggested by IssK]
It doesn't take long for our lovely ladies to be pally with the pets of their future sasuraal. 

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Picture credit supriya.arshi
Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
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Some other links
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The Thobda Post- An Entertaining thobda post containing poems by the blasters and picture edits based on them by supriya.arshi. This post is made on the occasion of BS's birthday on Team Sobtians thread.
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For all BFTP links vist: Blast from the Past - The Mega Index

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VMs Index

The Blasters are on a roll in making VMs. Here is the path to their VM indices. 

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
5. Wiwy's dream is fulfilled at last. She met Barun Big smile 
* * *

Music by Katelyn
Katelyn's banner

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VMs Corner 
(Special vms made by the blasters)


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W h e n   d i d   m y   h e a r t   k n o w

aarwen wonders

When did my heart know it had fallen for you? Was it when I first met you and you were nasty to me? Was it when I met you again and you dismissed god and everything that I believed in? Was it when I saw you again when I least expected it? You hurt me, mocked me. Did my heart know at that moment?


When did my heart know it had fallen for you? Was it when you first stood gorgeous in front of my eyes? Was it when you drove me mad in anger with your words? You handed me a key but I had long closed all doors. Did my heart know right then it would soon open up for you?


Through all our fights, through my tears, through those fears did my heart just smile? When you saved me that night and saved me again another stormy night did my heart cheer?


Through all the times I tried to ignore you, through all the days and those nights I fought not to adore you, did my heart just smile? When I saw you in red and held you in my arms like a porcelain breakable treasure did my heart in delight roar?


I entered your house when I thought I would go away. I saw you with another and never knew why the tear escaped my eye. You looked at me and one day my heart dreamt of sparkling stars and colorful flowers that you brought just for me. Was the dhak dhak my heart's way of telling me something?


You entered my house when I thought I would never see you again. I was safe with another then why did you start to matter more? Those times I saw you sad, those times when your dupatta beckoned to me what was my heart really telling me?

That time when I ran to you. That time when I know not why I needed you. That time when I held you and cried. You were the strength that kept my heart going.


That time when I stood unable to move. That time when I knew not how to make things better for you. That time when I wanted to stop your tears. Wish I could be the reason your heart kept joyously beating.

That night when you looked at me across the room. That night when my heart raced, and my eyes sought you repeatedly. That night when you returned my ma's payal to me. That night I wanted to know what your heart was saying about me?


That night when I could not take my eyes away from you. That night when your hypnotic gaze held me prisoner. That night when I wanted to touch you and could not walk away . What would your heart have said if I asked you?


I knew I could not be bound to another. I knew you hurt me , but were hurting more yourself. I wanted to reach out to you. My heart wept for you as it did for me.


I didn't know why I wanted you to belong to no other. I did not know why I felt this claim on you like no other. I wanted you to be mine , but you would belong to another. How my heart wept at losing you before you could be mine forever.


My heart danced when you danced with me. All those times you came close. All those times you smiled. All those gifts you gave me that told me you were longing to be mine.


My heart was feeling adventurous, boisterous, young. How beautiful you looked. How my hand felt on your waist. How it was an addicting taste. How your blush told me you too longed to be with me.


Then what went wrong? Why did my heart have to break? Why did you say all there was between us was hate?


Then why did it have to go so wrong? Why did my heart have to break? And even the why could I still not only hate?


You are gone. My heart is a lonely crying curled up ball somewhere in my chest. It needs to breathe. It needs to beat. It still hopes you will somehow magically stop it to bleed.


I am stuck. My heart can only worry about you. It is frantic. It knows what it wants. It knows to who it belongs. Is it strong enough to make everything all right?


I cry. I sob. I hear your voice and I come apart.


Don't cry darling. Don't sob my beloved. I feel your tears and come apart.


If this is what you need to hear, this is also what I need to say, my dear.. Khushi I love you..



A VM by WiwyEmbarrassed

Qatra-qatra milti hai, qatra-qatra jeene do
Zindagi hai (zingadi hai), bahne do (bahne do)
Pyaasi hoon main, pyaasi rahne do
(Rahne do, na)

[[Translation: It's given to me a moment (drop) at a time, let me live it like that
Such is life (such is life), just let it flow (let it flow)
If it leaves me thirsty, let that be so
(Just let it be)

Kal bhi to kuchh aisa hi hua tha
Neend mein thi, tumne jab chhua tha
Girte-girte baahon mein bachi main
Sapne pe paaon pad gaya tha
Sapnon mein, bahne do
Pyaasi hoon main, pyaasi rahne do

[[Translation: Do you remember what happened yesterday? I was deep in sleep when you touched me.
It made me start, and I almost fell in your arms on stumbling upon a dream.
Just let me live in this dream, and if it leaves me asking more more, let that be so!

Tumne to aakaash bichhaaya
Mere nange pairon mein zameen hai
Paa ke bhi tumhari arzoo ho
Shayad aise zindagi haseen hai
Arzoo mein, bahne do
Pyaasi hoon main, pyaasi rahne do

[[Translation: You have given me the sky to walk on, but my bare feet are still on the ground.
Life is a lot more beautiful, when I still long for you when you're with me.
Let me live in this desire. And if it leaves me thirsty, so be it!

Halke-halke kohre ke dhuen mein
Shaayad aasmaan tak aa gayi hoon
Teri do nigaahon ke sahaare
Dekho to kahaan tak aa gayi hoon
Kohre mein, bahne do
Pyaasi hoon main, pyaasi rahne do

[[Translation: (Walking) in this soft mist of fog, looks like I've touched the sky.
Guided by your eyes, look where I've reached.
Now just let me float in this mist, and if it leaves me thirsty, so it be!

(Translation credit to uploader)
Song: Qatra qatra 
Lyrics: Gulzar
Music: R D Burman
Film: Ijaazat


dear all, if you would like to post something on the front page, please do pass it to me, this space is waiting for thoughts things outpourings... it's the i love you thread after all.


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Originally posted by supriya.arshi

Episode 258

"Khushi ,I Love You"

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