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Monday June 2nd 2014 Written Updates

Episode 364

Rajesh fights with Shiva and holds his shirt collar. Shiva says this is too much. I am telling this for the benefit of both of you. Rajesh says Mind your business. If you talk again like this, I will kill you. Rajesh walks off and Shiva shrugs his shoulder.

Selvi comes home and scolds Rajesh for fighting with Shiva.  Sura walks in. Rajesh says Selvi has become money minded. Sura scolds him and says if she was money minded why would she marry you.Clap Aru and Shanthi stand far away and watch. Rajesh says I did not like his idea hence I fought. Sura asks details. Rajesh says Shiva has asked Selvi to go to America for training. Sura is excited and supports Selvi. Rajesh tells for that training she has to abort the child. Sura's smiles wades away into a shock. Sura says I have been praying to all gods for this child. Selvi says I understand your feeling. But understand my situation too. I have been chosen amongst so many people for this opportunity. If I complete this training, I will be given a promotion and my salary will be hiked to 1-1.5 lac. Sura says why abort for that. Star Selvi says pregnant ones cannot travel overseas.Shocked Visa will not given.ShockedShocked (Story writers .. please check the fact before making such statements..AngryDead). Rajesh says quit your job too. I don't mind. Baby is most important. Sura to agrees and asks Selvi to refuse the offer. Selvi denies saying I don't want to miss a golden opportunity. I can conceive after 6 months. I am doing all this for the benefit for all of us. Money is needed. See my family is slogging without it. Rajesh screams. Sura stops him and tries her best to explain. Aru supports Selvi and gets hit by Rajesh. Selvi screams please co-operate in fulfilling my wish. I will abort now and conceive after my return. Sura screams stop it. Don't talk beyond this. Till date I listened to whatever you said coz you were right. But you are wrong now.  Rajesh says I will not send you to work. Selvi says fine. I will not go to work, US or abort the child. You earn and give me 1.5 lacs per month. I cannot live with just 3 meals a day and untorn clothes. I don't want to forego the recognition I am getting for my qualification. I am mentally prepared to abort the child for attending the training. Sura screams Selvi. Selvi says it is foolishness to keep slogging when fortune is knocking your door. Ask your son to earn that much if you don't want me to abort. For that first ask him to study, pass the exam and get a job. Then I will listen to him. Rajesh says I cannot. Selvi says If so I am firm on my decision on aborting and going to US. Selvi walks in and bolts the door.


Night time,  Sura meets Selvi at the terrace and asks Selvi if this is a drama to make Rajesh study and go to work. Selvi says No. No connection between the two. 1.5 lacs is big money. I have never seen my dad earn from my childhood days. We grew up on my periyamma's money. This is the basic reason for the fight between appa and periyamma.  Appa had high hopes on us. I got married and lot of problems coz of it. Sara quit studying and went to earn leading into another chain of problems.  Sura says tell me what is that you are missing in this home. Selvi says nothing. But I want more. This is not about money alone. I wonder how to explain that to you. This is a big thing for our family. My one trip to US will make my job secure in this industry for my life. Sura says what if you cannot conceive again at all. Selvi says it won't happen like that. For me this child and my career are both important. Please understand me. Sura says I won't. I have always seen you as a mature girl who corrected Rajesh whenever he did a mistake.  I never imagined you can do a mistake. This is deiva kutham. Selvi says legally a girl can abort according to her will and wish.Angry Why pull God into this. Sura says is the law giving you happiness or directions to lead a happy married life.  Rajesh is longing for this baby. Please don't hurt him. I will not be myself, if I see a single teardrop from his eyes. My other son and husband are tharuthalai and now slogging in jail. Rajesh the 24k gold is everything for me. I cannot bear if he is sad. Selvi says I am upset that none of you guys are able to understand that I am doing this to keep all of us happy ever after. Sura says it is not. Try talking to your mother about this. She might die listening to this. Selvi says are you threatening me. Sura says nope. I am trying to make you realise what life is. Materialistic fortunes come and go but kuzhandai selvam isn't like that. I shall do all arrangements to make you live a lavish life. But don't abort please. I am prepared to give up my life too in return.Cry Sura walks off and Selvi stands crying.



Swami stares at the calendar.. 2nd june 2014.. he recollects the past - It is Swami and Rani's wedding anniversary. All kids have a gala time with the couple. Clap They are celebrating at a restaurant. Gautham and Surya have a cute banter on what to order. LOL Rani isn't ok with eating at the hotel. But Sara convinces. Swami orders - gulab jamoon, Kichidi, kesari, Dos, jangeri and kozhukattai. Selvi asks what is this combination? Swami says everyday she cooks for every ones likes. So today I have ordered all her favourites. I am going sit back and enjoy seeing her eat her favourite items.  Hug Indha Swami ya naanga ellarum romba miss pannarom.. Thanks you Radaan team for giving us a treat like this even though it is shown as past. We relished it.


Screen freezes with smiles on all faces. Smile

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Vaani Rani Episode 365 - June 3, 2014

Written Update
samy  thinking back what happened in the past kids gave them anniversary party - Samy order all Rani's favourites - kids tell Samy to feed Rani - he is smiling - his co worker asked why are you smiling - he says today is my wedding anniversary - worker says I will bring sweet for you - Samy says no I am smiling why I married and stayed with her 25 years
Thenu and Sara saying today is my parents wedding day - we need to make her smile - Surya saying we can cut the cake or take her to comedy film - Gautham saying I will kill you if you give me these worst idea
Gautham saying we need to make them meet each other - he is calling Selvi - Rani talking to God - we are crying you are enjoying why did I do all these for you - today is my wedding day - I only prayed for my family - why did you separate family - I am going to get angry at you if you continue to do this us
Karthick getting blessing from Grandpa - he saying I got a job in Bombay - he show them appointed order - mom saying I don't believe this - he says I attend the interview 10 days ago - I didn't think they are going to offer me but they did - Karthick says I have to fly - but parents saying you need to rent a house and we are coming with you - he says I am the only one going Poo going to stay here - Granpa says you have to take her - husband and wife should stay together not alone - he says I will go first settle in then I will think about taking her - I will take her after 1 year - Grandpa tear the appoint order
Poo and karthick look each other
Surya bringing Selvi home - Selvi and Thenu going inside - Surya saying don't mess it up - Rani asked why did you come alone - Rani praying for Selvi  saying please take care of Selvi and her baby - I can look after the baby - Selvi saying lets go to temple and do arrchanai for appa - we need to pray for appa - God is not helping me why I have to go to temple
Gautham come to see Samy - Samy yelling at Gautham - why did you came here - I don't want to see anyone - Gautham saying Thenu is in the hospital - I think she has vital fever - she is asking for you - Samy goes to boss ask permission to leave
Thenu saying pray harder we need miracle today -  Rani praying - Gautham bringing Samy to temple


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Wednesday Written Update 04/06/14

All My Expectations were failed...Im Disappointed.

Starts with Rani,Thenu,Selvi praying in temple, Rani ask reason for the visit to temple, Both Selvi and Thenu tease her as always she used to fight with God to fulfill her wishes, so as its her Wedding day, they came to temple nu.

Bhoomi came to his office and happily discussing abt an order which he got from South Africa, and discussing abt that Project with some ppl, while they shwng a Man(new character Hope so) traveling in the car

Later Thenu reveal to Rani that there is a Surprise for her, Rani ask abt it, Thenu says that they cant see her being Sad in her wedding day, so all planned to make arrangements for the Meeting btwn u and Sammi, Rani says that she doesnt believe as he wnt come at any cost, Thenu says that he ll cum, and warn Rani talk nycly and nt to fight again...Rani agrees as She ll go along with him, If once he called me.

That Man came to Bhoomi office and says that he wanna meet Bhoomi, bt his PA doesnt agree as he is in Meeting, bt this Man enter into the room and throw an agreement in front of Bhoomi and says that Bhoomi got 3crores from him and ask him to settle it..Bhoomi doesnt agree as he doesnt get money from anyone...that Man shw that Agreement to him, Bhoomi understand that it was paper which he signed bcz of Devi...that Man shouts at Bhoomi and ask him to settle the money soon and went off.

Gautham and Sammi came to temple,Sammi ask y he bring him here as thenu is in hsptl, Gautham convince him to come in as they can do Pooja for thenu and then they can go to hsptl, while entering into the temple, Sammi saw Thenu,Selvi, and Rani sitting there, before they notice him, He stares at Gautham and left from there...Gautham followed him and ask him to come in, Sammi bash him for telling lie and that too with Thenu, as usally he started scolding Vani,Bhoomi and whole family...Gautham plead him to accept Rani and promise as like Vani said that his family members wnt interfere in to Sammi family matter until he ask them to do, and Gautham abt fall on his feet, bt Sammi pushed him away and warn him to stay away and shouts at him.

Rani,Selvi and Thenu listen to the sound and came out, mean while Sammi left from there angrily, Rani ask the matter to Gautham, He says abt he convinced Sammi to come here by telling lie tat Thenu is nt feeling well nu, Rani slaps Gautham(Nenachean...enna da en chellam romba naala yaraiume adaikalayea nu) and ask y he did lyk this nu, all of them went into temple sadly.

Bhoomi came to his Room where Vani(Yipeee i feel lyk seeing my Lioness character after so many days) who is sitting sadly with a gift, Bhoomi came there sadly and ask abt Gift, Vani remember him that its Rani-Sammi Wedding day, Bhoomi abt to go by saying wanna wish her, Bt Vani stops him as She s nt in mood to celebrate as Sammi is nt here, so only im hesitated even to look at her, and says that she s scared whether if she see Rani na, Rani ll surely cry

Shw Ends

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!Vani Rani June 2014 Written Updates Archives!
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Thursday June 5th Updates

Episode 367


Vani polambufies about Swami's attitude, Rani's pitiable state and Rani's silver jubilee wedding anniversary turning into a disaster.Cry Vani questions Bhoomi why he is dull. Bhoomi says Swami's issue.

Poo questions Karthik  Why are you not talking to anyone. Karthik yells at her for bugging him. Poo asks Why are you angry and on whom. Karthik says angry on me for being a useless fellow, just eating and sleeping (VR team heard us!). Poo does not agree. Karthik says Don't show any reaction as if you have concerns for me. Karthik walks out with his bed and sleeps in the hall.  Megala scolds and asks him to go to his room. Manikkam too tells the same. Karthik angrily scolds them - don't bug me for everything and walks out with his bed.

Rani crying inconsolably and Thenu sleeping on her lap. Sara and Surya console her saying Swami will return soon. Rani snubs them off saying I am not crying for not meeting him. I am upset coz I hit Gautham.  (Rani ma ultimate piece. ROFL) Poor Guy he took efforts to make Swami meet me. But I slapped him. Surya says how could he lie that Thenu is unwell. So the slap is justified. Moreover you have rights for the same. Rani says on should not misuse the rights given.  The duo remind Rani about Vani slapping Gautham and Sara and Rani supporting Vani. Gautham walks in holds Rani's hand and apologizes for lying.Hug Gautham says I am fool to have used Thenu's name to bring Swami. Rani says does not matter. Both you and Thenu are kids for me. I am feeling bad for slapping the cheeks I pampered from your birth. LOLLOL Rani tells Gautham was very chubby and so cute in his childhood and I would be always worried if kannu patudum.LOL Gautham says your love has made that slap as most ignorable matter. Rani says words have power and if we say wrong things and it happens in real we will suffer even more.OuchOuch Gautham says Thenu will always be fine since my words are vethu. Rani says you are not vethu but indha veetukku sothu. Surya says please shut this TR movie and come. ROFLI am hungry. Rani says I like him. Surya says so what come, lets eat.

At Bhoomi's office that blackmailer comes asking for money.Dead Bhoomi signs a cheque for 3 crores and tells his manager to collect the blank papers and give the cheque to that scoundrel. Manager says don't be in a hurry. Bhoomi says I need peace. Money isn't a big matter.Star Manager says we have a lot of financial commitments. Bhoomi says I know and I am tensed. I helped her lot and she back-stabbed me. I wonder what more issues will come up.Ouch Manager says we can easily prove that they are the culprits and put an end to this. Please take Vani madam's help. Clap Bhoomi my wife too cannot help in this case. Shocked All evidences against our favour. Court considers sakshi and not manasakshi.Cry We cannot do anything legally. It is my fate. Give the cheque , collect the papers and warn him not to show his face again. Manager gives the cheque and blackmailer taunts Bhoomi. He says I will not give the papers unless this cheque is encashed Dead and walks off with the cheque leaving the manager gaping at him.

Pooja and her friend at the restaurant. Friend advises Pooja to drop her love since Gautham does not seem to respond. Pooja outright denies and drools about Gautham.Heart Friend asks how will manage your family on this love matter. Pooja says all members under my control. So no worries. Gautham walks in. Pooja goes to his table and pleads for a minute's time  . Gautham ignores her high time. Pooja says I have fallen head over heels for you from the time I saw you. BlushingBlushing I am unable to sleep too. Gautham says gulp adicha you can sleep without any disturbance.Big smile Pooja gets emotional and says why are thinking so cheap about me. Is it because of my family background. I am prepared to throw away all my properties and my people and come behind you if you just say one word.Tongue Gautham says Yei Nasai.. You are not even worth of 2 kgs of dates. You are dreaming that I will take you to my home is it. Sethalum nadakadhu. Pooja is shocked.

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Vani Rani Episode 368-Friday 06th June

Gowtham continues to tell that to him Pooja is not even worth of 2 Kg dates, and he will not make her stand in front of his family. Pooja continues that she is ready to leave her entire family and come behind him(Please no more Sara-Poo in VR. Pooja's lip sink is really horrible to watch)..Gautham says that he thought she will understand without him telling anything..Pooja says that let her be tubelight (Pavam to Shree..Pooja says that she is also a tubelight)..Pooja pleads Gautham to accept her..Gautham replies that he is in love with somebody else named Maya and she does her Grauduation in Chennai(Idhu ennada pudhusa irukku..Vendame..Innoru love triangle, Podhum Oru Rajesh Mama-Selvi-Shenbagam, Karthi-Poo-Sara, Marupadiyum oru love trainglena IF thangadhu)..Gautham says that neither his family nor his friends knew about this...He said this to her just because she will understand and get rid of him. He bids Goodbye and leaves..Pooja stands crying..

Karuppu meets Kathir in Jail..Kathir inquires as what is the lawyer telling, is his retirement only in Jail(Dei..Idhu enna Government offica da?)..Karuppu says that he shall bring a new lawyer from Delhi, to bail him out(Ullur imsai pathathunu..Country capitalendhu vera charactera?..)Karuppu says that he got 3 crs from Bhoomi with the stamp paper. Kathir says that we should have filled in 30 crores..Anyways nothing went wrong we have many papers in line with us with his signature(Nasama pochu..Bhoomi yedha neetinalum sign panniduviya?)..Kathir gives a plan to Karuppu in mute and Karuppu leaves..

Poo brings coffee and serves everybody at home...(Pl change Poo's dubbing voice, doesn't suit her well)..Karthik sips the coffee and breaks the glass..Poo questions what happened?..He says that the coffee is bad and is just like Kazhani thanni..(Better Poo, you could have just given him Kazhani thanni)..He comes in where Megala questions her what is the reason for him to behave so rudely, and the coffee tastes good. Karthik replies that if this coffee sounds good, then all your tongues have died..An angry Karthik leaves. Megala yells as what is the problem with Karthik..Balu says Fat..He inquires whether is there any problem between him and Poo. Poo replies no..She says that the coffee was good enough and she did taste it. Manickam says that he has got his angry to show with me, because I tore his appoinment order. Poo said that he should have let him go. Megala jumps in and says that had the marriage happened a year's ago and if you had possed a child then there shall not be any issues. But now its not the right time to leave you and go. If this is the reason behind Karthik's anger then nobody can help it, but if there is something else, then Poo has to find it out because she is his wife(BGM..Aww..Again a lovely Violin bit)..

Selvi getting ready to office, MKJ comes in and questions her whether she is putting make up..Selvi says to leave, he watches Rajesh walking outside the house like a kutti potta punai. MKJ tells Rajesh that Selvi is getting ready and he could drop him..Rajesh shouts that she is not going to go to office..MKJ goes in and tells Azhumunji Malathy that there is a action sequence going to take place. Selvi gets off to go to office and Rajesh stops her. Selvi questions what is wrong with Rajesh(Adi Pavi..everything is wrong with you..)Rajesh yells that for livelihood 3 meals a day, good dresses, shelter and if fallen sick tablets is enough..Now for your carrier betterment you wish to abort a child and tomorrow after 4 months you will divorce for your carrier..(Rajesh its better you divorce her). Selvi says has he gone Mad(Idhu veraiya?)..Rajesh says that she has become mad over money(Good one)..and that is the reason that she wants to abort the child in her womb..He has had so much of love towards the child and he did select name, school etc..etc..Arumugam jumps in and asks what is the name of the child, Malathy drags him upstairs. Selvi says that she wanted to achieve..and its quiet known fact that people who are pregnant cannot travel by flight(Idhu entha airlines ma?..VR airlines a), so she will abort and continue with her plans to America(VR team can you please stop this track..Its really disgusting and annoying to the core..A female let it be for whatever reason, again and again repeatedly telling that she will abort a child, creates too much of havoc)..Selvi says that neither the name he chose nor the school he chose will go waste, and everythig will be in place but only next year. Selvi leaves..Rajesh stands in anger..

Bhoomi's office a rowdy lady comes in auto(Adutha Kathir plan..)..comes to receptionist and inquires who is Bhoomi, and tells him to come outside..Receptionist informs Bhoomi that there is a lady waiting for him and she doesn't sound good..Bhoomi comes out and questions as who she is?..She yells that she did prepare tea for him when he came and asked for debt of 5 crores(Ippadi coffee, tea pottu koduthavangala nyabagam vachukannumna..Yethanai hotel server irukanga..Enakku Kashta kalam pola)..She says that he did sign a document and shows him the document..Now she wants the debt back, as there is a function going to be held in the house of whom he got money from(Enda..oru seemanthamkku 5 croresa?..Chandramandalamla seemantha hall pathurikingala?)..The rowdy lady tells him to make arrangements for the money and she requires it in hot cash and she tells, she shall collect it the next day..

Manager says that its high time that they inform Vani on this, as Bhoomi has signed many papers..and Vani shall come with a rescue plan..Bhoomi says that Vani will definitely want to save him, but everything has gone wrong with law.., so he didn't want Vani to lose a case..

Surya comes in search of charger and spots thenu running out of high fever..He comes out and informs Rani that thenu is suffering with high fever..Rani says that she did give Kashayam twice, and Sara gave her tablets but she vomitted.Rani continues that she shall give Kashayam again and she will become alright..Surya chids her that Thenu is suffering out of high fever and polambufying about her father, and what are you blabbering

Freeze on Rani's Crying face


Well Shree..Again illuvai and alluvai Katchigal for both of us..Tomorrow yet another episode of people going and telling Swami about Thenu's health and Swami screaming that its lie..Selvi telling Rajesh to get lost as per promo..and rowdy lady approaching Bhoomi for 5 crores again, and Thenu becoming even more ill..Habba..Intha sothanai innum yethanai Kalathukku?

I was happy about past 3 - 4 Friday episodes but VR team again let me down..I think Me and Shree are having life time Chandrashtamam with VR updates..

With a frustating hell episode except for Gautham..atleast to justify updates don't forget to hit the like button


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Vani Rani Saturday 7th June, 2014 (Episode 369)

Episode begins with a feverish Thenu calling for Swami in her sleep. A panicked Surya tells Rani that Thenu's temperature is really high and insists they call a doctor. A nonchalant Rani tells him it isn't necessary and updates him that she has given Thenu kashayam twice but there was no effect and Sara gave her medication which she immediately vomited. She coolly tells Surya that it must be some virus and she will be fine in a few days. Surya tells Rani and Sara off for their lackadaisical attitude with regards to Thenu's health and insists he will call the doctor then bring Swami to visit her. Sara and Rani stop him and Rani says they can console Thenu that Swami will return soon but otherwise it's best not to make any move to inform Swami as he will be angry that's Gautham's lie about Thenu's health has materialized. An angry Surya calls the doctor and leaves to meet Swami, saying at the very least he will get Swami to speak to Thenu on the phone.

Meanwhile in the restaurant, Pooja is seated on Gautham's bike waiting for him. He pushes her off and tells her off but as usual Pooja makes her over the top remarks. She tells him she does not believe his story about Maya and he threatens her and leaves after pushing her out of the way. Pooja's friend scolds Pooja for going after a guy who already has a girlfriend and Pooja tells her Gautham is lying and if she can't have him she will die.

Rajesh goes to Selvi's office and causes a commotion asking her to leave the job and come home with him. A riled up Selvi tells him off angrily and Bonda also joins in the fight in support of Selvi. Rajesh keeps shouting at them and Selvi threatens to call the security to throw him out. He ignores her and continues his rant while Selvi threatens to call the police and shouts at Rajesh to get lost. Rajesh leaves in a fury.

In MOM's house, Karthik is throwing things around looking for his file that contains all his certificates. The whole family tries to tell him to calm down and search for the file but he keeps getting more and more angry and frustrated. MOM comes and makes a lame joke that makes the whole family laugh and this triggers off Karthik who shouts at them accusing them of hiding his file. The whole family denies this but he repeatedly accuses them making all of them angry. Karthik rudely tells them all off and leaves telling them that he will be back in 10 minutes and the file must be on his table or else . . . The whole family is disturbed by his behavior.

Selvi returns home and Rajesh tells her to leave the house. Sura interferes in support of Selvi. Selvi complains to Sura that Rajesh had raised hell in her office. Sura tells Rajesh off for this. He counters by saying Selvi is acting in front of Sura and she had actually threatened to call the police on him. Selvi explains that if she hadn't done that her colleagues might have and her intention was to save him. Rajesh tells her to sign a letter that says she is not interested in going to America and Selvi refuses. Rajesh tells her to go to hell and this angers Sura. She tells him off and asks him to compromise with Selvi. Rajesh says he only wants his child and otherwise he doesn't care about what Selvi does. Sura tells him she will talk to Selvi and drags her inside. Rajesh stands fuming.

Elsewhere, Surya arrives at the restaurant to meet Swami. Swami is frustrated that everyone is using Thenu as a pawn to bring him home and scolds Surya for lying. Surya manages to convince him that Thenu is really ill and requests that Swami speak to her on the phone. A worried Swami agrees and Surya dials, speaks to Rani and passes the phone to Swami. Swami calls Thenu twice very lovingly but there is no response and finally Rani hesitantly asks Swami how he is. Swami is silent and Rani repeats her question tearfully. Episode ends Swami's angry face. Thodarum.

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Monday June 9th Updates

Episode 370


Surya pleads Swami to talk to Thenu. At the other end Rani talks and asks Swami if he is fine. An angry Swami disconnects the call and yells at Surya for a trying a cheap trick. Surya chides Rani for sodhapping, vows that Thenu is sick, dials again and pleads Swami to talk. Swami reluctantly talks and Thenu cries Appa CryCryCryWhen will you come, When are we going back to our home. I don't like to stay here. Let go to our home. Please don't fight with amma. An emotional Swami composes himself and  sternly tells Thenu - Eat your medicines and you will become alright.AngryDead You have to change your mind. You will have amma, anna, akka, periyappa, periyamma and their kids by you always.  Now on NO our home and only periyamma's home is your home. Forget that you have an appa. AngryAngryPlease erase the hopes that I will come. DeadDeadEverything is over. I will not come there and no more relationships between us.Dead Thenu keeps pleading appa appa. CrySwami disconnects and walks off. Thenu wails and updates Rani all that Swami said. CryCryCryAn emotional Rani hugs Thenu and wails.  Cry

Rajesh meets Shiva outside the office, yells at him for calling police at office, brainwashing Selvi for abortion and slaps Shiva. Shocked why beat this guy when you are unable to convince your wife. The duo get into a nasty fight and roll on the floor punching each other. Police arrives and drags the duo to the station.

Bhoomi's PA comes running to Bhoomi. Rukku has filled our factory godown with filthy smelling fishes and claims that the godown is hers. PA pleads Bhoomi to update Vani. Bhoomi says not possible since she is mentally disturbed with a lot of personal problems. Rukku calls Bhoomi , taunts him and orders him to do the necessary to change the godown to her name. A restless Bhoomi sets out. Bhoomi please change back to your old character. appa than things will fall in place.

Karthik drags Poo to the kitchen. He scolds Megala for slogging all tim e and not allotting any work to Poo. He taunts Poo for resting all time. Poo angrily asks what mistake she did. Karthik scolds Poo some more. Megala stops him and says Poo does all jobs like washing, cleaning, cooking and asks Karthik what are you doing. Karthik says what can I do. I am stuck in a group which spoils the job offer I got. Poo pushes Megala and says I shall cook all meals from now on.  Karthik walks out. Megala scolds him for acting rude when Poo is slowly changing. Karthik walks off angrily.  ss habba.. What is happening in VR.. all characters are turning topsy-turvy. Confused

Rukku calls Bhoomi and says I have kept kanja in your godown, called up police and informed that you are selling ganja in the name of granite business. idhu veraya.. sutham..Your business kaput in 10 minutes. Bhoomi calls up PA and explains something in mute.

At the station, Inspector questions Rajesh. Selvi walks in and says we are friends from college days and Rajesh is my husband. I am criminal lawyer Vani's daughter. Please let the duo off. Inspector says Rajesh is talking too much and needs some royal treatment for atleast 1 month.  Shiva says some personal conflict that bloated up. I assure it will not repeat. Selvi says I will solve it and asks the duo to apologize. Shiva and Rajesh apologize. Ins says I am letting them off coz you are Vani madam's daughter. But will not spare them If I find them fighting in public place. The trio scoot.

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